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Sayuki Saitou
Jap. Voice Ayane Sakura
Eng. Voice Monica Rial
Name Sayuki Saitou
Kanji 斉藤桜雪
Romaji Saitou Sayuki
Species Human
Status Alive
Personal Status
Sexuality Bisexual
Birthdate Astrological Sign Taurus.svg May 20
Age Part I: 12-13
Part II: 15-17
Gender Gender Female.svg Female
Height Part I: 155-156 cm
Part II: 166 cm
Blank Period: 169 cm
Weight Part I: 35 kg
Part II: 43kg
Blood Status B
Home Village Land of Fire Symbol.svg Land of Fire
Home Country Konohagakure Symbol.svg Konohagakure
Affiliations Konohagakure Symbol.svg Konohagakure
Sanbiki Flower Mountain
Allied Shinobi Forces Symbol.svg Allied Shinobi Forces
Profession Head of Chūnin Exams Proctor
Assistant Director of Konoha Children Mental Health Clinic
Director of Konoha Fencing Army Team
Leader of the Nine Squad Division Team
Member of Hokage Candidate
Previous Profession Heiress of the Saitou Clan (Former)
Classification Medical-nin
Team Team Yuuma
Konoha 11 (Anime only)
Fourth Division
Property Protector Team (Anime Only)
Twisted World Team (Anime Only)
Ghost Of A Hanged Man Team
Team 3 (Anime only)
Eight Man Squad (Anime Only)
Nine Man Squad
Hanabi Rescue Team (Movie Only)
Partner Sakura Haruno
Neji Hyūga
Takeru Akiyama
Hinata Hyūga
Yasu Koizumi
Sayaka Saitou
Kazuki Shiraki
Kiyoshi Nishimura
Kita Matsuzaki
Arata Ueno
Former Partne Minami Kurosawa (Deceased)
Clan Saitou Clan
Hyūga Symbol.svg Hyūga Clan
Household Sano Saitou (Grandfather)
Miyu Arima (Grandmother)
Suijin Saitou (Father)
Hina Seika (Mother)
Sachiro Saitou (Uncle)
Yui Koeda (Aunt)
Water Daimyō (Uncle)
Saburo Saitou (Brother)
Sayaka Saitou (Sister)
Hitomi Saitou (Adoptive Sister)
Sawako Saitou (Cousin)
Sakoya Saitou(Cousin)
Salita Saitou (Cousin)
Neji Hyūga (Husband)
Shou Hyūga (Son)
Sora Hyūga(Daughter)
Saki Saitou (Niece)
Sumi Nishimura (Niece)
Saori Nishimura (Niece)
Sayori Matsuo, Inari (First cousin once removed)
Shion Yoshida (First cousin once removed)
Sakuya Yoshida (First cousin once removed)
Rank Part I: Genin
Part II: Chūnin
Blank Period: Jōnin
Academy Degree. Age 12
Chūnin Prom. Age 14
Jōnin Prom. Age 18
Unique Trait Can manipulate the ground
Highly resistant to Genjutsu and Poison
Kekkei Genkai Flower Release
Chakra Nature Nature Icon Lightning.svg Lightning Release
Nature Icon Fire.svg Fire Release
Nature Icon Water.svg Water Release
Nature Icon Yang.svg Yang Release
Nature Icon Yin.svg Yin Release
Jutsu Body Flicker Technique
Chakra Enhanced Strength
Chakra scalpel
Chakra Transfer Technique
Cherry Blossom Impact (Game Only)
Creation Rebirth (Future)
Fairy Enhanced Chakra
Flower Release: Buddha lotus shield
Flower Release: Eight Tails Of Butterfly (Game Only)
Flower Release: Light Bloom (Anime Only)
Flower Release: Feral Hunt
Flower Release: Flower of Hell
Flower Release: Flower Scroll
Flower Release: Ground Strike
Flower Release: Hanger
Flower Release: Petal Fall
Flower Release: Rose of thorns
Flower Release: Teleporter
Flower Release: Swarm of Butterflies (Anime Only)
Flower Release: Sway Vines
Flower Release: Sword Stab
Flower Release: Wisteria Ghost Wife (Manga Only)
Four-Corner Sealing Barrier (Anime only)
Fenghuang: Immense Network Healing
Meditating Sound Formation (with Minami, Kita, Kazuki, Sayaka, Kiyoshi, Arata, Yasu, and Takeru)
Mystical Palm Technique
Rope Escape Technique
Silent Killing
Telekinesis Fire Flower Formation (with Yasu and Takeru)
One Foot Tap Technique
Tools Antidote
Explosive Tag
Military Ration (Anime Only)
Odourless Poison Mist

Sayuki Hyūga (日向サユキ, Hyūga Sayuki, née Saitou (斎藤)) is a kunoichi of Konohagakure's Saitou Clan. She is the wife of Neji Hyūga and formerly the heiress of the Saitou clan. She is also the childhood friend of Minami Kurosawa. When being in the Saitou clan she was chosen to be the heiress by a kannushi. The kannushi told them she would be the best choice as she will become the strongest member of the Saitou clan later in the future. Throughout her childhood she always wanted to be a great Jōnin. She never really worked hard for it, this is also the reason why she lost her position, she was bullied and teased for being too weak. After coming to realization she started to get close to her brother, looking up to him, she thought her brother would be a great "mentor" for her. She continues to train with him to become at least independent herself and reach her goal, trying not to upset her father. However this wasn't an easy job, she trained day and night trying to master the "Flower Rope". With her ambitious personality, In no time she was able to get a hold of the "Flower Rope". She, later on, joined the academy at 8, and after, at 11-12 she joined Team 4 along with Yasu Koizumi and Takeru Akiyama who used to be in the same academy class as her, the team was led by one of the next generation's Sanin, Yuuma. She and Minami trained under the daughter of the legendary Sannin Shoko, Sayuki eventually got recognized as one of the strongest kunoichi.



Sayuki is the second daughter and the third child of Suijin Saitou and Hina Seika. Sayuki was born with the privilege of wealth and nobility and because of this she is considered the princess of the Saitou clan. Even though she is considered a "princess", she would still be treated the same as everyone by other kids her age and adults outside of her clan. Though, servants in the Saitou clan and the branch family need to respect her, including the main family. This is a tradition of the Saitou clan where a person that is chosen to be the next heir/heiress needs to be called royalty, there is a theory that she might be called a "princess" because of her relation with the Water Daimyō or simply, she's from a royal family. She was born loved and was chosen to be the family's heiress, various members of this clan had spend a majority of time on her and helping her train but though due to her lacking too much, her father decided to change and discard the idea of believing the kannushi, this has led her to be the former heiress of the Saitou Clan. Currently, her cousin, Sawako Saitou is the heiress after the fight with Sayuki trying to get the heiress position. Despite becoming the former heiress, she would remain as the "Princess" of the Saitou clan. Her dad is upset and disappointed in her, her dad didn't hate her though as seen with him making her favorite food for her making up for him not visiting her when she's sick, her family is very much love able, her mother is a great cook and loves her children but her dad is just strict nothing much. Sayuki just wanted to be a great ninja. She usually trains with her big brother to gain her dad's attention. She was neglected. She doesn't talk much at home because she was seen as weak by many kids her age, She got bullied and teased, people threw rocks at her multiple times. At 3, she met an unknown boy that helped her from the bullies. She was surprised that society outside actually has good people, she was immediately attached to him platonically because it is her first time seeing an actual kind person. He gave her a cherry blossom hair clip as a lucky charm. Though they only talked for a bit and were separated by his father. She still got bullied but she used her strength to fight back resulting in failure every time. She locked up herself in her room for a various time though a lot changed after she met her "first" friend Minami Kurosawa, she was around four years old at the time they met, they both met while Sayuki was being bullied/teased and Sayuki was trying to fight them back while seeking for help. Minami was helping and defending her by hitting them with her Universe Ring, scaring the bullies away and giving them pain. Minami was Sayuki's "first" friend and someone who speaks up for her aside from the unknown boy who gave her the hair clip. It was really cold at the time so to return her favor, Sayuki wore a red scarf on Minami. Their foreheads touched with one another as a sign of their friendship being created, they made an unbreakable strong bond together as time went on. Sayuki doesn't like to open up about her getting bullied and teased to her family as a kid. After a year, she meets Neji Hyūga. What they didn't know is that they met when they were three years old once. They do have suspicion that they met each other before but never talked to each other about this. This time they start becoming friends, which later leads to Sayuki meeting Hinata Hyūga. She later enters the academy learning basic stuff, she is interested in school so her grades are high. A year later, the Kagura Ceremony took place again, Sayuki went to the shrine and after everything ended, Sayuki and Sayaka stayed behind after a kannushi called them, he introduced himself, "I am Jizo and both of your lives depend on the decision you make on Hitomi. One day, you guys will be executed by Hitomi in front of everyone. Hitomi Saitou." Sayuki asked why would she execute them in front of everyone, he told her that both of them are going to be executed following an attempt to kill Hitomi by poisoning her tea (which had naturally been proposed by one of her maids in the first place), everyone wouldn't believe them and Hina is also dead because she was poisoned. Jizo explained how she would start embarrassing them both and start framing them so they need to build trust between everyone first. Jizo released them. Both of them stared at each other and they both knew exactly how Hitomi felt about them because Hitomi had been ruining their status and trying to kill them since they were 8 but no one noticed. Despite Sayuki and Sayaka hating each other, they both still share a mutual feeling. They both hate Hitomi with passion. A few years later, Sayuki was seen celebrating her birthday with a few of her close friends without inviting Hitomi, when Hitomi knew this, she took advantage of the situation. Hitomi went to Sayuki asking why she didn't invite her. Sayuki told her how she was ill and she didn't want her, Hitomi sighs in relief and told how she thought she didn't invite her on purpose. Sayuki told her how she would never do it. Sumiko, her maid, brought Sayuki flowers. Hitomi wished a happy birthday to Sayuki. Hitomi left. Sayuki clenched her fist. Sayaka got up and stood next to her telling her how Hitomi wanted to make her look like a bad sister for not inviting her because she was "adopted". Sayuki told her she already knows. Sayuki cancelled the party but later on her brother's girlfriend whom she admires, Nishi Shio, had sadly jumped off the bridge committing suicide in front of Sayuki late at night after Sayuki's ninth birthday due to her illness, which she didn't believe at first thinking it was hallucinations but she remembered how Nishi told her she was suicidal and wanted to end herself due to predictions of her life span by quoting "A lot of mushrooms had been growing on my head lately..." but Sayuki thought she was just joking and brushed it off. Crows were cawing everywhere. Sayuki jumped in to save Nishi but Nishi had already passed away. Sayuki tried carrying her back but on the way back, she was attacked by a basilisk and other deadly creatures, Sayuki was traumatized seeing Nishi getting eaten by them. Basilisks are one of the most deadly creatures to every exist in history. Sayuki was injured by them but managed to escape. Sayuki explained everything to her family after this. "YOU COULDN'T EVEN SAVE HER?!" Saburo yelled as he shaked Sayuki. "N-no! I tried saving her...PLEASE STOP. I CAN'T PROCESS WHAT'S HAPPENING RIGHT NOW." Sayuki explained. Hina and Sayaka held Saburo back, Hitomi was smiling at the back. Sayuki angrily walked to slap Hitomi which resulted her being scolded. On the next day, Sayaka comforted her and cheered her up. From that day on she gets traumatized when seeing bridges, getting illusions in her head on how Nishi jumped off the bridge, it is never confirmed if she had ever overcome it. She wasn't able to speak to Nishi about her plans and how she was doing now, Sayuki and Saburo were extremely upset but decided to let go, knowing lives are meant to be ended in some way. Sayuki hated the number nine from that day on. Minami told her nine is a bad-luck number that sounds like “suffering” in Japan. After graduating she is assigned to be in Team 4, her teammates included Yasu Koizumi and Takeru Akiyama. After practicing with her team and teacher she improved a lot, but still very average for her age. She is close to Minami, Neji and Hinata in their childhoods to the present (except Minami). Something devastating happened during the Fourth Shinobi World War, Sayuki saw Minami killed in front of her own eyes, right in front of her. Minami had saved Sayuki from being killed.


Sayuki's personality is ambiguous during her early appearances. At school Sayuki is a calm girl who has a warm smile and strong-willed with a bright personality but most of the time she can be blunt and sarcastic. Everyone in her surrounding often tells her she gives off serene vibes. She is easygoing and an optimistic person with high hopes for her goals. She is really brave and loyal, she is sharp and also rough. Sayuki carries herself well. Sayuki possesses proper savoir-faire and presents herself in a graceful, respectable manner. Even though she's like this she is still considered an introvert. Throughout the series, she remains vigilant and calculating, quickly acclimating to various environments to survive in the Shinobi World. She's resourceful, determined, and definitely a headstrong girl. Sayuki is extremely intelligent and shrewdly observant. She is capable of understanding a person's nature and adapting her behavior accordingly. Sayuki has a lot of stamina and strength for a girl, she can keep up with team work too (talking about her in Naruto Shippuden) yet she can also be kind and compassionate. Sayuki also has no reluctance to do whatever she feels like. This also applies to her inclination and appreciation of her people, as shown in her continuing willingness to raise Ayumi's pay and strong resolution to find a way to restore Yudi's fangs and tongue. Throughout the series, she has conveyed her indifference to what others think of her, and refuses to conform to the nobility's ideal, as shown during the Fourth Shinobi World War and the Heiress Competition. Sometimes, her determination to be independent ends up working against her, and she has been known to overwork herself to the point of making herself sick as shown that she usually trains a lot. Sayuki tends to put less consideration into her own needs and ends up putting the people around her at a higher priority, meaning she places anyone precious to her ahead of herself and takes action when the situation requires attention. She doesn't like to be involved in crowded areas and prefers quiet places. She is someone who can take very good care of herself and have a strong-mediocre sense of self discipline. She's a strong-willed woman that is willing to take any risks for the fact to be adequately proven. She likes to overthink a lot most of the time though she is incredibly kind and cares a lot about everyone in her surroundings too, She likes to annoy Neji when they meet as a kid in a minority of the time meaning she only does it when she's bored which is almost never since she doesn't get bored easily but though she does get matured in Naruto Shippuden, she's a person who usually is cheerfully calm and selfless. She is not energetic at all, she's only energetic with Hanabi. Sayuki does not rush things. She likes to make friends, she stated herself she doesn't like to compete with anyone, she's also confident in what she believes in. According to her mother, she is seen as mature, dependable and practical. Sayuki often judges people on how they treated her most of the time. She inherited most of her personality from her mother and her independent personality trait from her father, she also inherited her father's intellect. She is caring towards her loved ones. She enjoys eating ramen with Naruto when they are free since they both are obsessed with ramen, but though Ramen isn't the only thing she loves, she also likes Dango, Mochi, snacks, onigiri, takoyaki, omurice, Pocky, etc but she doesn't seem to gain weight (she doesn't eat a lot) which is why she tried eating a lot more, she is insecure about her body which kinda affects her appearance, she stated. She has a deep and relaxing voice. She is not so talkative when it comes to group talking too, she prefers listening to someone more than blending in with the conversation. She thinks more than she acts most of the time and her eyes are how you tell she is thinking hard, her eyes move in lots of directions. She is shown to be reliable, determined, courageous, and smart too. She is a good teammate and a good friend willing to help at times. As a reputable, high-ranking noble, Sayuki possesses a certain level of haughtiness. Though she exhibits proper grace and savoir-faire in public as the duke's daughter, she is also known to have an unpleasant temper in multiple occasions. She is also a very cunning individual who has developed the ability to deceive others in order to survive. She loves all pets to be honest but though she has a phobia called "Zoophobia" and it's very serious she couldn't stand next to any animal at all, this is a fear she overcomes later in mid Naruto Shippuden, she would lose to Shino in a fight actually (as a kid). She has this phobia after Nishi's death. Minami and Neji described her as having honesty, dignity, modesty and good manners. She's also just like Naruto, she's scared of ghosts. Sayuki likes to argue when she opposes to something so she definitely gets anger issues easily. She also likes making assumptions about people on her first meeting with them. At home her hobbies are just reading, training, drawing, and being alone (well not exactly alone, she still has her bodyguard/assistant). Her personality at home and school is far from being similar. She is far quieter at home, she doesn't like to interact with anyone except those who's she is close with including her brother, bodyguard/assistant, and mother. She isn't the type to open up at all, she is just a cold and a serious person with anger issues. Though she is very mature at home most of the time, she thinks that she has to be responsible for everything she does because she's in a noble family. Whenever she's mad she doesn't like to hesitate to do what she has in mind including trying to hurt a person, she also has a scary and fearful death stare. She is also surprisingly good at being flexible, she meditates and does yoga sometimes, she doesn't have patience on many things and loves to use violence but though she is a pretty honest and a straightforward person. With Hitomi, Sayuki loves to pressure Hitomi and loves to see her face of defeat, Sayuki and Hitomi manipulate each other in a majority of the time. Sayuki can get really mean sometimes with Hitomi. If someone else gets what she loves she would be jealous and selfish, Examples: She has a crush on someone but he got with her friend, she would be jealous but though she would respect their relationship and them. She doesn't show it often. She is the type of person to do things she thought would be great for her, in missions she's more of a follower than a leader, Sayuki doesn't like being in charge instead she would prefer doing things together and equally, she doesn't like to have too much power. She had a crush on Neji due to how she admires him, she loves serious and mature men. Though she'd never went crazy for him and put her dreams before her feelings. During the Fourth Great Ninja War she played a big role in healing a lot of people (Though her medical-ninja skills are under Sakura and her skills are barely shown in the anime). Her personality wasn't like how she acted in missions nor school, she was more like her home personality mixing with 90% of her school personality, she was mature, fierce, compassionate, serious, confident and selfless (she can be very selfish too as shown fighting with Obito and Madara). She is usually blunt and sometimes short tempered too, it is a personality trait she picked up from her master, Tsunade and Shoko. After Minami's death, Sayuki has been driven by rage to seek justice and exact vengeance on those that severely wronged her. She suffers from frequent nightmares about Minami, unable to overcome the grief and pain from losing her. After the war, Neji asked Sayuki on a date saying he had been waiting for these moments for a long time and had been liking Sayuki for over ten years, not too long after Naruto and Hinata's wedding, Neji asked Sayuki to marry him and she said yes, after a year they had their first daughter, Sora Hyūga and two years later they had a son named Shou Hyūga. After being a mother she gained her maturity and a responsible personality. She's like Sakura and Kushina as mom. Her teammate, Takeru loves to tease her about marrying the guy that usually insults her for fun but she just laughed along. She deeply cares about her family, willing to do anything for them. She is surprisingly good at cooking and loves to cook Shou and Sora's favorite food for them to eat and make bento lunch for them. Overall her personality is just unpredictable, she changes her personality a lot. She just started sticking to one personality after getting married.


Sayuki is a tall girl who has fair skin, blue jewel eyes, abnormally long straight silky silver/white hair to her waist with bangs in front that is also parted above her forehead both in Part 1 and Part 2. Her eyes are described as soft. She is quite slim and slender but though she is still healthy and fit with an hourglass body shape, she has a bit of a muscular body type because she likes training. She wears her forehead protector on her waist. For her, she usually doesn't wear tight clothes, instead she wears comfortable/baggy clothes so she can hide how skinny she is. The thing is that no one pointed out her weight, she just likes to overthink. Her teammates noted that her face looks cute. During part 1, she attempted to cut her hair because Yasu, a fellow teammate in her team, almost got killed while trying to save her when her hair was pinned by arrows from the enemy, although Yasu stopped her telling there's no use in cutting it.

In Part 1, Sayuki wore a low-collared white blouse with black edges. Accompanying this are black gloves, regular shinobi sandals, She wears black puffy hakama-styled pants. In Part 2, She is seen wearing a short white kimono with shorts (not visible). It has black trimmings and flower patterns in the same color as the trimmings. it has a black and white obi tying it together as well as tassels. At the back, there's a bow like most kimonos. She wears long black standard shinobi sandals to somewhere under her knees making her skin unexposable. Sayuki wears the standard Konoha infantry flak jacket and assorted clothing during the Fourth Shinobi World War. In the last, she wore two outfits. The first one, a sleeveless gray qipao shirt tied with a white obi with black shorts accompanying a pink half-knitted apron tied around her waist with her bandages (along with a holster) and her shinobi sandals. She also wears long fingerless gloves on both her hands. The second she wore a sand-colored sweater since it's winter with the same color with the coat while her high boots are brown. Though later she wore another winter outfit after feeling bad for her mother who she knitted a poncho for her on her date. She wore a white knitted poncho sweater with a navy pleated long sleeve button ruffle coat underneath. Since it's cold she wore white gloves and brown boots. A few years after the Fourth Shinobi World War, In Sayuki's adulthood/ Boruto: Naruto Next Generations, Sayuki got married and currently, she has a black headband over her head to hold her bangs. Sayuki is wearing a plain black dress with balloon sleeves, sometimes she was also seen wearing gloves and lastly to complete off her outfit she wears long black standard shinobi sandals. She has and wore the Universe Rings Minami gave to her before she died on both hands. Normally she dresses well, preferably in a mature, modest and classy way.

(I would be honored if someone helped me in describing these clothes clearly)


As a kid, Sayuki was viewed as weak by many people. She lacked Ninjutsu, but after her brother tried helping her and suggesting she train with him, It helped. After a while of entering the academy, she learned a lot of things and this also helped her get close to her brother. During the time she practices with her teammates, her teacher stated she is amazing in combat-skills but though she should be more courageous to hit her teammates in a battle, she is still determined and tries to change herself. Poison also has no affect on her. Sayuki and Sakura then went under intense training under Tsunade in Medical-ninjutsu and with Minami and Shoko in combat. Before deciding this, Tsunade offered Shoko to take Sayuki in but Shoko denied. She started it off averagely but it doesn't seem she is getting close to Sakura's Medical Ninjutsu. She has monster strength compared to some of her friends. Tsunade and Shoko described her as hard-working and compassionate, Sayuki values her goal a lot and works hard to accomplish her dream of becoming a Jōnin. She is helped in this goal by Tsunade and Shoko's influence, who trained her to have a contempt for losing and an unbending will; she will place herself at risk so that others don't need to and to assure her allies' victory. Two years later we see her improve a lot in Medical Ninjutsu and her Ninjutsu, she was also able to master her Kekkei Genkai, Flower Release/Flower Rope properly. She became more independent on her own without slowing her team down, Sayuki subsequently proved her worth. In the time skip, she became a Chunin and improved her skills even further than average. At 16, she created her own technique, which is named "One Foot Tap" that allows her to manipulate the ground with just one foot tap, at the max level of this technique, it allows her to easily destroy a whole village with this technique. This is similar to her Flower Release: Ground Strike. She was also able to destroy 4/5 of Kakuzu's heart. Following in her master's footsteps, others remarked that Sayuki and Minami, just like Sakura would inevitably surpass Tsunade and Shoko, During the Fourth Shinobi World War, she apparently was able to play a big role in helping people and fight enemies including defeating one of the Akatsuki members with the help of her teammates, Yasu and Takeru, Sayuki was capable of single-handedly defeating 100,000 zetsus in a blink of an eye, destroying Madara's Susanoo's ribcage without even flinching etc, her team gladly survived through the war. Her father and others praised her skills. Two years after the war, Sayuki, having been recognised by Hamura Ōtsutsuki as the Princess of Crimson Blood, proves to be crucial in the destruction of the Tenseigan, she was able to destroy a major part of it and she also eventually reached her goal in life, being a Jōnin. She celebrated and cried with joy after being promoted. She was able to go from one of the weakest students in class to currently surpassing Tsunade and one of the strongest kunoichi alive, rivaling Rock Lee (with his 8 gates). She is now a capable and a strong kunoichi with the potential to become the strongest member of the Saitou clan, she defeated her cousin, the heiress of the Saitou clan, not once but twice in both the Taijutsu battle and the Ninjutsu, Flower Rope battle. Sayuki took her down easily without struggling. When being this strong, the Sixth hokage gave her the position of the Director of Konoha Army Detection Team, she has the power to lead 1000 Chunin-leveled shinobi. Around the era of the Seventh Hokage, Sayuki's talents made her, the Seventh Hokage gave her the role to be the Head of Chūnin Exams Proctor, managing every single phase. Sayuki's strength is enough to destroy buildings or upend the earth. When used against living targets, Sayuki can break bones, rupture organs, or even kill with a single strike. Sayuki was shown to be a prodigious fighter, having a strong natural aptitude for combat, especially in Taijutsu. Sayuki was already introduced to have superhuman characteristics, like extraordinary senses, a heightened sense of smell, immense willpower and great intellect. Her naturally obtained abilities go so far as to allow her to outsmart and catch Konan, one of the most powerful Akatsuki members, off guard and nearly land a fatal blow on her with nothing but her intense emotions. She was able to easily take down many enemies without the help of others. After recalling the secrets of the Flower Rope, she learned from her father as a child, she would've defeated Konan, an Akatsuki member, if Konan hadn't been killed by Obito, a feat which many believed only a Kages could do. What's most impressive about Sayuki is her unprecedented growth rate even in the midst of battle, something that shocked Hagoromo. Her strength further increased upon training even further, Sayuki has proven to be able to hold her own against Naruto in his Sage Mode in the next generation, with Sasuke acknowledged to be of the same caliber of a high Kage. At the end of the series, despite not becoming the strongest Kunoichi/Shinobi one cannot deny her extraordinary strength and growth during the course of her journey.

Physical Prowess and Chakra Control

As a kid, she deeply lacks speed, her speed as a kid is very much below average even under her brother's training she would still not improve. After joining Team 4, she takes the lesson to try to improve speed, even if she doesn't want to, she has to improve it more, the Flower Rope uses speed and Taijutsu mainly, Yuuma helps her train in his free time in secret. He wanted to make sure Sayuki doesn't slow the team down, he taught her the body flicker technique and the silent killing. Yet Sayuki wasn't able to handle any of those and Yuuma didn't give up on her, he put her through intense training every day too long to push her forward. She comes home exhausted daily without saying anything about the training. In about four years of her hardship, she seemed to be able to use Silent killing, as for the body flicker technique she wasn't able to use it, Yuuma made a theory that maybe it's because it included Ninjutsu, Yuuma then told Sayuki that Takeru wanted to help her in Ninjutsu but well after two years she used Ninjutsu formally this also boosted Sayuki in both the Body flicker technique and her silent killing, she was seen using a lot of the body flicking technique with her Flower Rope in the Fourth Shinobi World War so that means she is getting a hold of Ninjutsu. Shoko also trained Sayuki in speed in the time skip; she hopes her two students can surpass her one day. In the Boruto series, it has shown that she can use Ninjutsu really well.

As a Genin, from her intense training with her skilled brother who is amazingly good in Chaka control and being in the Saitou clan she can be advanced in Chakra control. When Neji fell off a cliff, she jumped to save him and was able to save him and used her chakra reserve along with her Flower Rope to climb back up. She was able to hold her own against Takeru, the strongest member of the team, by Part II of the anime, Sayuki's chakra control was strong enough to be able to help perform the Four-Corner Sealing Barrier. Her chakra control improved incredibly, She also probably inherited her amazing chakra control from her mother, Hina. The Saitous are also famed for their excellent chakra control because the Saitou clan is one of the descendants of Hamura Ōtsutsuki. Because of her training under Tsunade and Shoko for over two years, her chakra control expanded massively, becoming a vital part to many of her abilities. By building up chakra into her fists and releasing it on contact with a target, a fellow member of her team described her as scary when she released her powers. Sayuki's strength is enough to crush buildings or upend the earth and indeed crush the 5 nations all together. Besides, she can send chakra all through her whole body to lift greater mass, and improve her ability to withstand crushing blows. She and Sakura are famed to have similar abilities because of their training with Tsunade and Shoko. Among other things, her physical attacks are also enhanced to the point that she could damage Jigen with one blow, breaking one of his legs off. She can also transfer this chakra to others. As an adult, Sayuki is highly resistant to Genjutsu, she teaches herself how to split chakra reserve, won against a 9 tailed jinchuuriki and Susanoo armor and her Flower Rope attacks are able to create shockwaves.

When she met Hamura, Sayuki inherited some of his chakra (just like Hinata) since she is a part of the Saitou clan's main house and it's heiress beside it's "Princess" rather like Hinata. It is the strength and virtue of her chakra that draws in Toneri Ōtsutsuki. It is additionally because of her being the part of the Saitou clan's main house and direct bloodline from Hamura that she can touch and discover the Tenseigan with Hinata, in spite of the fact that she can't annihilate it by just her and Hinata, so instead she held Naruto and Neji's hand to provide them allowance to touch the Tenseigan and for them to annihilate it, since anybody without the Hyūga, Saitou and Ōtsutsuki bloodline can't touch it. Using Hamura's chakra, Sayuki was able to spread chakra all over her body and lightened her weight to the point she can float. This gives her extreme speed. This mode is called "Fairy Enhanced Chakra".


Sayuki has strong potential for Taijutsu, she loves Taijutsu, when it comes to hand-to-hand combat she wanted to show that she can do more than controlling the Flower Rope/her flower release. Just like the rest of her family, Sayuki is physically capable at fighting. Sayuki has also shown to be able to kick down an opponent with a single kick. She could be seen coupling her kekkei genkai and taijutsu a lot. According to as Yuuma stated, Sayuki is the best Taijutsu user in the team, she was able to take down extreme enemies just by using Taijutsu coming out unharmed, like for her brother he quoted "Sayuki, your Taijutsu has been getting better and better every day! One day are you planning to surpass me with just Taijutsu?!" she usually takes Taijutsu to practice a lot more seriously than most other practices. Her love for Taijutsu helps her Flower Rope more, many people think she only got it from her father but it's not very true, Taijutsu takes practice and potential. By age 14, during the time skip, Sayuki was able to master her Taijutsu with the help of Shoko, it improved to the point she was able to destroy and rupture Kisame's organs and his arm, though not enough to fully slaughter him. Sayuki has her own signature move that she uses frequently for defence and attacking in a trivial situation, she uses the Sayuki Martial Arts or S.MA for short. S.M.A. is designed for close-quarters combat and self-defense, prioritizing grappling, grabbing and hold techniques. The objective of this battling style is to cause the submission of the enemy as soon as possible, using for this reason a few movements to immobilize, neutralize and facilitate their capture. It too has techniques that allow the fast disarmament of the enemy in the time that they carry a weapon. For attacking in a trivial situation, she uses Muay Thai techniques like the roundhouse kick for example, she also uses flying spin kick fighting style (like Yuzuha from Tokyo Revenger). In the Fourth Shinobi World War, she was able to shatter Madara's Susanoo's ribcage on her own with a single kick which surprised HSayukiirama and Minato whom were with her, they praised her for her skills by calling her a "monster, 化物 bakemono ". HSayukiirama knew exactly who she was because of her fighting style, Sano's granddaughter. HSayukiirama and Sano are best friends, this goes to Miyu and Mito too. "Oh? So this is Sano's granddaughter and Tsunade and Shoko's student? She's impressive,.." in another scene, Jiraiya and KakSayukii observed Sayuki and Shoko as they train. "This girl is going to be extremely dangerous and utterly powerful if she keeps this up." Jiraiya said, KakSayukii nodded in agreement.

Flower Rope uses Taijutsu, but Taijutsu is hand-to-hand combat, how is it possible? Flower Rope is just like Taijutsu but with ropes coming out of your wrist so I would think it's a bit of a Taijutsu technique? she just uses ropes instead of her hands (if this is wrong please correct me :DD)


Nature transformation

Sayuki can use Lightning Release, Fire Release, Water Release, Yang Release and Yin Release

Sayuki's main weapon in battle is the Fire release and later on in Boruto, Lightning release. In the Fourth Great Ninja War, with the Fire release she was able to cut through her opponents, she, later on, uses her water release too but mainly her Flower Rope, the Flower Rope have different Jutsus, overall 15 with Sayuki owning 12 of them. As a minor, Ninjutsu isn't really what Sayuki desires, she lacked it very much but put it aside as this leading to her losing her position as the family's heiress, Takeru, one of her teammate who mastered the Fire release offered to help her on it, after a while, she improved a bit but doesn't seem to be doing anything that much. In two years we see her use Ninjutsu more formally. Without the help of Takeru we wouldn't see her use Ninjutsu more often at all. Well this really got her to master the Flower Rope perfectly with being one of the best Flower Rope users in the Saitou Clan (by the Boruto series she's the best user). In the Fourth Shinobi World War, we see Sayuki frequently uses Ninjutsu a lot more, this also helps her get used to using Ninjutsu and the Flower Rope though a lot on her Flower Rope but well after the Fourth Shinobi World War we see Sayuki getting better in using Ninjutsu to the point she mastered it. It is still hard for Sayuki to defend herself using the flower rope but have to say she is still amazing in targeting enemies in the sky or from a far using Flower Release: Ferret to hunt them down, when she's in danger, as defending, Sayuki uses Flower Release: Light Bloom (in the anime adaption) and the Flower Release: Rose of Thorns to defend herself or she would use her signature move, the S.M.A but while using Ninjutsu she usually employs Flower Release: Sway Vines and Flower Release: Sword Stab. Sayuki can use her Fire Release to cut her opponents and blow them away with fire. Sayuki always use Fire Release offensively, typically by kneading chakra in the body into flames that the user breathes from the mouth. Sayuki can create one to several blades of fire, which are capable of slicing through her target with ease. With Water Release, Sayuki can also create water within her body with chakra, which she expels from her mouth. In the anime, defensively, Sayuki uses Water Formation Wall, with Sayuki surrounding herself with water to be protected from harm. And for Lightning Release, she can create lightning with her hand that is usually combined with her punch. simply give the opponent a large electrical shock without impaling them.


Unlike many shinobis, Sayuki specializes in chakra control but not Genjutsu, this is passed down from her mother which is also passed down to her daughter. Though unlike her mother, she was still able to use Genjutsu. She can only use three genjutsu techniques, Flower Release: Wisteria Ghost Wife, Hiding with Camouflage Technique, Hundred Blooming Flowers Technique. Her using genjutsu (Flower Release: Wisteria Ghost Wife) is only shown in the manga which is upsetting. In the manga, we see her use the technique often on missions. Her technique allows the user to control a white bride's veil which is shaped like a wisteria flower and put it onto the opponent after this it will stop the opponent from moving. The wisteria veil would hang from the top of the opponent's head to their chest. It will bring them into the genjutsu world where they are tortured with rose thorns everywhere. This forces them to walk on the thorns and feel real pain. She keeps calm when using genjutsu which helps. She also uses the Hundred Blooming Flowers Technique often. Sayuki utilises a special poison that slows down her opponents' reaction time, allowing her to evade their attacks while conducting her own attacks with a kunai. She uses this poison as part of her genjutsu that creates illusory flower petals to surround her opponents, and that Sayuki herself dissolves into the petals, allowing herself to attack her opponents virtually undetected.

Sayuki can also use Hiding with Camouflage Technique to camouflage herself.

Medical Ninjutsu

For her Medical Ninjutsu, she was seen to learn it under Tsunade with Sakura and Ino in the time skip, Sayuki was able to master it by part two and she was also seen to able to heal immense injuries in part two and the Fourth Shinobi World War (During war, she is seen to heal Neji when he has a fatal wound and almost died that cannot be healed by people who were specialized in Medical Ninjutsu like Sakura). She is a fast learner when it comes to chakra control, though she and Sakura still have a big difference in Medical Ninjutsu. In other words, she's still useful and this is all thanks to her amazing chakra control. Sayuki can also tell the severity of attacks and wounds from observation, heal fatal wounds, and is able to aid in and even lead surgeries. Her medicinal expertise also extends beyond the standard medical ninjutsu as she can also concoct poisons and antidotes and lace weapons with them. During her mission to stop Team Sachiko, Sayuki was able to use the Healing Resuscitation Regeneration Technique alongside her Minami to prevent Aiko from dying, a technique that typically requires four medics, as well as backups one for when they tire out. Even though she never unlocked her Strength of a Hundred Seal like her master, Sayuki assured that if Minami survived through war, she would unlock it at 19 theoretically. She never intended to learn Medical Ninjutsu in the first place so she wasn't upset at all. Shoko sometimes leaves Sayuki to her mother. Despite Tsunade retiring as a Hokage, Tsunade wanted Sayuki to learn how to summon Fenghuang. Tsunade told her that she should sign contract with the phoenix and that she has the summoning scroll if needed. Sayuki learns a lot about Medical-ninjutsu from Tsunade so learning to summon Fenghuang is taught by Tsunade and not Shoko. She and Sakura would also train together sometimes. Even though she finally achieves this, she would still not reach Tsunade and Shoko's nor Sakura's level of Medical Ninjutsu.

Saitou Clan Techniques

Flower Release.png

Being a part of the Saitou Clan meaning Sayuki has the ability of the Flower Rope or the flower release which is used by the Saitou clan mainly and it's a Kekkei Genkai, she possessed a power allowing 2 ropes of flower ropes (Flower Rope) to come out from her wrist and the flower rope is very much poisonous and extremely sharp too but it looks soft since it's literally flower. When it cuts into someone, in a minority of time the venom goes through their body and gets a little of chakra from the enemy's body and transfers it to her (Something like chakra transfer but forcefully without physical touch), the venom can make them lose energy or even faint (most likely faint) in less than 2 minutes. The flower rope has extreme strength support and can hit the enemy hard when being whipped. This kekkei genkai uses chakra too and if a very large amount of chakra is inserted into it or its technique, it is most likely to kill a person. The medical ninjas can't possibly save someone if the venom goes into the body (like restoring energy and reviving someone who is going to die because of this kekkei genkai), there's a way tho, People in the Saitou clan all have a bottle of watery medicine that is a kind of a purple liquid chemical substance that helps regain energy, this is called Shīkurettohīrā (シークレットヒーラー) they can automatically activate it out if they wish to do so, it is not limited on how many bottles they have. The length, most of the time, is unlimited but the speed of the flower rope and the length is usually based on the user's health. People who have this ability are usually really flexible since this ability uses lots of movements, The Saitou Clan needs to practice using Taijutsu, it helps a lot when using the flower rope including Chakra control. Sayuki mainly depends on her Flower Rope and Taijutsu most of the time since she mastered both decently and it's easier for Sayuki to use them. Sayuki mainly uses cherry blossoms, roses, and lotus and never really seen to use other flowers or plants. Sayuki learned 12 techniques which were deemed to be powerful, normally members were only able to learn 5 or so. If she'd succeed in Senjutsu, she would have been able to use all of the techniques like her father. The side effect of using this ability too much is that your wrists will get hurt but this rarely happens to Sayuki.


Sayuki is a clever girl. She graduated the academy at the top of her class alongside her classmates Ino, Sasuke, and Shino. She was able to outsmart Shikamaru on multiple occasions. Tsunade usually assigns Sayuki on missions that involve high class mysteries and she was seen to succeed most of the time, in a mission to solve the hanged shadow mystery, she had an amazing teammate duo with Neji solving it in just 2 days. Her strategies in battles are above average too and had been complimented by lots of people. She was capable of luring lure Kabuto and Madara in her traps. Eventually, she became the world's 2nd most intelligent person behind Shikamaru. She was able to beat Shikamaru in Shogi multiple times. She was able to figure out that Sasuke and Boruto had come back to the past in just a glimpse. She is extremely intelligent and has extensive knowledge on a wide breadth of subjects, including literature and political affairs. Jiraiya once mentioned that Sayuki is so sharp that she can read an entire situation from a single sentence or glance. She planned 20 steps ahead from everyone and planned everything before the situation happened. She could guess what people did by just looking at their face as shown to where she already knew Sayaka and Hitomi's plans against each other. Sayuki is a fast learner, mastering subjects she had not had any training in in her childhood rather quickly and setting up elaborate schemes to not only destroy her adoptive sister on a personal and social level, but ruin her in the most humiliating way possible. Though, a lot of people tend to say that Sayuki only inherited her father's intellect since her father is one of the smartest people in history. Sayuki is a keen analyst, able to easily deduce an opponent's strategies and weaknesses soon after a battle begins. During her Chūnin Exams finals fight, she easily calculated Ume's movements and figure out the Matsuzaki clan's most secretive and most deadly technique's secret even though no one had told her this. Despite ultimately being out-witted in her fight against Ume, she was praised by the jōnin Asuma Sarutobi who called her "an excellent strategist". She has also shown to have keen senses, able to tell when a Water Release technique is being used, as well as when Kita was attempting to use the Blood Release: Gore Ball. She is also apparently very studious as since marrying into the Hyūga clan, she has become well-versed in its techniques (or least the knowledge of them) and helped develop a new technique. Even though she had already knew a lot of its technique since she was a kid, she was still able to create a new Hyūga technique. Jiraiya once described her as having a very keen intellect as she was able to quickly understand the process and reason behind the puzzling zoo system Jiraiya had created for them. Sayuki’s keen intellect is one of her main weapons. She was shown to have high skill in acupuncture, as she can disable an opponent by hitting them at a precise point on the body with a senbon. Because of this, Sayuki can cause immediate death or a temporary appearance that looks like such. Further showing her advanced knowledge of human anatomy, Sayuki has a lot of knowledge about Konoha's history and other things such as each clan's history. Sayuki also knows a lot about herbalism and flowers, as she usually collected plants and herbs for Nishi, when she was still a kid, for medical purposes and, as a teenager in Part II, could already easily distinguish between them by appearance. She was revealed to be a fairly good strategist as well, and has constantly relied on performing poorly on purpose so her enemy will underestimate her and leave themselves wide open for attack.

Intellectual Abilities in the Naruto Highschool Modern Shoujo AU

She is incredibly perceptive and meticulous, where she is shown to be very accurate almost all the time since she was able to study the exact personalities in others as shown when she deduced Yuri Koizumi's fear of strangers. She picks up on situations very fast as she deduced that Rina Shimada was Naomi Koizumi's admirer, that Salita was in danger of an attack by a stalker and saw through Minami’'s façade of being healthy as she was ill in the survival test.] He also knew Shikamaru was still on the island during the survival test just from seeing a communicator that she had and picked up on Temari and Ino being a spy for Team 4 and outsmarted her by sabotaging her camera and making sure she'd steal the leader card before making herself the class leader. The greatest display of her intellect was when she figured out the plan of Team 10 and Team 7 during the same test. She was a skilled master in the art of manipulation, knowing which people were scheming and who she could use to get the game to run in her favour, eventually winning the test for her team. This incredible act surprised Arata Ueno and Kazuki Shiraki, who had a surefire way to win the test. Sayuki's plan earned her praise from both KakSayukii Hatake and Shoko Senju who were both surprised by how the test played out and questioned why she tries if she doesn't want to advance.  A further display of her Intellectual Abilities is when he deduced that Hitomi the "VIP" during the test on the Cruise ship and devised a double-layered trap to hide the identity of the "VIP". She also manipulated Hitomi to break down using Minami and her team which later used the opportunity to reveal her true self for Hitomi to follow her orders. During the sports festival, she figured out that Hitomi Saitou leaked the information to Nami, while she didn't interfere in the test but she blackmailed a student to record a footage of Nami telling their class about the foul play plan against Minami Kurosawa, which prevented Minami from kowtowing. She figured out the Double Date trick that was proposed by Minami just from coincidentally seeing Kazuki and Minami together in Konoha Mall. In the Mixed Training Camp, Kazuki planned to expel his older sister's assistant, Himari Tachibana, by using class 2-D students to purposely fail the exam and drag down Himari with them. The expulsions did not happen as his sister and himself both paid a "lifeline" for their respective ally. No one figured out Kazuki’'s plan except Sayuki Saitou. Also during the Old Maid game, she deduced that Naruto was cheating by marking the "Joker". Most notably, Kazuki Shiraki, Naruto Uzumaki, Sakura Haruno, Minami Kurosawa and Sasuke Uchiha have all hinted that Sayuki is clearly one  of the smartest student in his class and most likely the world alongside with Shikamaru and that they could have effortlessly gotten into the upper classes. Her intellect has been shown to even surpass that of the mindset and ingenuity of Arata Ueno who is considered the third smartest in the year level. Her actions in the survival test even caused Yasu to question what drives her since she has proven that she is more than qualified to be a part of the student council, Sayuki decided she’ll finally accept it. Kiba was also amazed by her plan, quickly pulling one over on the other classes even giving her praise. She was able to find one of her classmates's secret account without any clues within 1 minute and 23 seconds by gathering information from the past that has nothing to do with accounts, she also found a way to text her partner offline by just giving her access to her google docs together.

In the manga, even with the limited results she allows herself to attain, under the watchful eye of KakSayukii, he hinted that she might even be academically smarter than even Arata Ueno with her suppressed showings, which is notable as he is exceptionally excellent in her academics. Minami readily agreed with KakSayukii's statement after seeing her entrance exams results, questioning if she got some questions wrong on purpose. She was also able to come up with plans in a Yasu amount of time that he would never be able to do so herself, finding herself depending on her for assistance numerous times. Later, in a conversation with Sayaka Saitou, Sayuki states there isn't a single question she can't solve ever since she arrived in the school. This is especially remarkable as the school deliberately added questions from university level and above which the likes of the brightest student's minds such as Shikamaru Nara admitted he couldn’t even understand what the question was asking and Kazuki Shiraki failing to answer the questions in time.

Other Skills

Sayuki can summon Fenghuang, a legendary Chinese phoenix, able to aid her in battle by Sayuki is also a capable long-range combatant, sometimes short-range able to easily block Rock Lee's Leaf Whirlwind with her punch, much to the latter's surprise, and in the anime, Sayuki used her Flower Ropes with taijutsu to defeat several of Konohamaru Sarutobi's shadow clones and was able to defeat Konohamaru himself. Sayuki also has good teamwork, and has been shown to easily be able to adjust to her surrondings. Sayuki mastered tactician and precognition, she is also an expert in spying.


Databook Ninjutsu Taijutsu Genjutsu Intelligence Strength Speed Stamina Hand seals Total
Childhood 0.5 2 0.5 2.5 1 0.5 1.5 0.5 9
Part I 2 3.5 1.5 3 2.5 1.5 2.5 3 19
Part II 3.5 4.5 2 4.5 4 2.5 4 3 27
War Arc 4 5 2 5 4.5 3 4 3.5 30.5
New Era 4.5 5 3 5 5 5 4.5 3.5 35

Based on the supplementary guidebooks:

Databook Ninjutsu Taijutsu Genjutsu Intelligence Strength Speed Stamina Hand seals Total
First 1.5 2.5 1.5 3.5 2 1 3 1 16
Second 1.5 3.5 1.5 4 2.5 1.5 3 1.5 19
Third 2.5 4 2 5 3.5 2.5 3.5 3 25

Part I

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Prologue — Land of Waves

Main article: Prologue — Land of Waves

In the anime, while the graduates of her Academy class are being assigned to teams, Sayuki hopes that she will be on the same team as either Hinata or Minami. Her luck seemed bad that day, all of them are in different teams, Hinata is in Team 8 and Minami is in Team 12. Sayuki was assigned to be on Team 4 that included Yasu Koizumi and Takeru Akiyama. Minami was a bit worried about Sayuki because she knows Sayuki doesn't have a great relationship with other people aside from her, Hinata and Neji and she also remembered how Sayuki told her how she thought Yasu was creepy and Takeru was cocky. As Yasu walked up to Sayuki from behind, she told him he shouldn't do it no more because she doesn't like it when people do that to her. As they walk and follow Yuuma, Minami walked up to her from behind and tried to scare her. Sayuki giggles and asks if she's satisfied with her teammates to which she nodded, though Minami said she would rather have Sayuki as her teammate.

Chūnin Exams

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Sayuki and her team were then introduced in the Chūnin Exams arc. Despite how recently they graduated from the Academy, Yuuma enters Team 4 in the Chūnin Exams being held in Konoha; Sayuki agrees to participate because she wants to change herself. When meeting Neji, she rushed to towards him, he told that his team is trying to avoid drawing attention to themselves so that the other competitors will not team up against them. Sayuki apologized and went back to her team. In the first phase is a written test, the participating genins were tasked with completing the test by cheating, while being sure not to get caught. The participating genins are given a written test with ten questions. Sayuki was very much relieved that she studied a lot, when browsing through the test paper, Sayuki found it easy. Sayuki was still worried about whether Yasu was able to do it. Sayuki finished nine questions easily and hoped for the best. Before being given the tenth question, genin are warned that if they answer it incorrectly they will never be allowed to take the Chūnin Exams again. Sayuki froze and got worried, she wasn't sure herself about the answers. She prays for her teammates. Sayuki trusts her teammates that they were able to do it. Team 4 was able to proceed to the second phase.

For the second phase, Team 4 has been assigned to enter the Forest of death to take part in a 5-day survival exercise. Team 4 has received the Scroll of Heaven, their team is tasked to obtain the Scroll of Earth from another team and arrive at the forest's center before the phase ends. After entering the forest, they went to a quiet place and quickly tried making a plan, while discussing. A team from Kirigakure who had the scroll of earth had overheard and tried to steal their scroll but failed, they fought for a while but Team 4 escaped to somewhere else. Though after discussing they finally went against their opponents, they got the Scroll of earth from an opponent's team coming from Kusagakure. Not much was shown in the anime and manga about them fighting.

A lot of Genin teams had passed the second phase, the standing genin teams take part in one-on-one combat for the preliminary matches. For Sayuki's match, Sayuki is up against her older sister, Sayaka. She didn't want to fight her sister since she already knew her ability couldn't even compare to her sister's since she's older, both were shocked. Neji grinned and told his teammates the fight is obvious that Sayuki will win since she's stronger and that it would be one of the best fights. Throughout the fight, they used the same Kekkei Genkai aka the Flower Rope, Sakura questioned KakSayukii about Sayuki and Sayaka's kekkei genkai and why they have the same surnames with similar faces. KakSayukii explained that they are blood-related sisters, the scary looking one is Sayaka and the worried looking one is Sayuki. KakSayukii said that the Saitou clan is one of Konohagakure's noble clans with a powerful kekkei genkai and members from that clan are usually very strong-willed since they are trained from a young age. Sayuki used her flower rope and slamed Sayaka on the wall, Sayaka used the Silent Killing to try backstab Sayuki with a kunai resulting failure, she was kicked by Sayuki. Sayaka lunges at Sayuki with the Flower Release: Sword Stab, but stops short of actually killing her with it. Not even 5 minutes, everyone already knows who's winning and who's losing. Sakura questions KakSayukii about Sayuki because of this. Sayaka's ability to handle the Flower Rope has gotten better, Sayaka surprisingly has speed which helped her a lot, Sayuki on the other hand is more flexible. Sayuki pierces Sayaka's heart with a lightning-infused kunai, Sayaka though escaped but was badly damaged, she then collapses. Sayaka stood up and claimed she hasn't lost yet. After fighting for a while, Sayaka seems to be submitting herself while Sayuki went on serious mode, this seems like Sayuki would win. In the anime, Sayuki used the Flower Release: Swarm of Butterflies, an advanced technique of one of Minami's technique (Sayuki was taught by Minami) on Sayaka. After a few more rounds, They declared Sayuki had won, she was confused about how she could win this, everyone was very much shocked. Sayaka is usually always winning and is arrogant about it. They never really talked at home nor at school, they are just like strangers, if they do, it's guaranteed that they would argue. Sayuki decided to try to talk to her after finishing the Chunin exams. Neji walked up to Sayuki and praised her for her skills for winning while putting his hands on her shoulders. Sayuki wishes good luck to him in his future match.

While watching the remaining matches, she came across Neji vs Hinata's match. She overheard what Neji said to Hinata, Sayuki didn't know how to react since she's on both sides but this time, Sayuki did not stay silent, Sayuki started to shout ridiculously. She's seriously furious at his words, seeing Hinata cry crushes her soul but then Naruto started to encouraged Hinata which made Sayuki happy, Sayuki was upset on how he badly treated Hinata encouraging her to back down and forfeiting during their match Sayuki was surprised how Hinata was positive about winning. While observing, Sayuki had to watch Neji try to kill his own cousin, she wanted to tell a nearby Jōnin observer to stop the fight immediately but then she saw Guy and other observing Jōnins holding him back.

Sayuki was later on observing Yasu and Minami's match which turned out to be a disaster. They were brought to the hospital and the place was being repaired. Sayuki and Kazuki escorted them. After they both gained consciousness, Yasu and Minami were informed by Kazuki and Sayuki that their match was ruled a tie, and that therefore neither of them will continue to the final rounds. Sayuki and Kazuki looked at each other with a sad face. Minami asked what was wrong, Sayuki sighs and told them that their injuries are fatal and will take a long time to recover.

At home, before training for the final phase, Sayuki went to Sayaka's room and tried talking to her. The last time they talked well, not exactly talking, they were arguing, they disliked each other a lot but in today's battle made Sayuki realize Sayaka probably cares about her. After entering Sayaka's room, she saw how messy it was and Sayaka looked exhausted with dead eyes laying on her bed. Sayaka didn't care and the only thing she said was "What are you doing here? Why are you here? What do you want from me?" with a tired and low but aggressive voice, Sayaka was confused because this is the first time Sayuki came to her room. Sayuki told her she wanted to talk to her about the Chunin exam but Sayaka refused and told her to go back to her room instead. Sayuki starts by saying "Well I can, but you have to tell me why you've gone easy on me?" Sayaka sat up and was mad so she shouted "BECAUSE I WANT YOU TO REACH YOUR GOALS AND BE A Jōnin FASTER YOU IDIOT!" before Sayuki can say anything, Sayaka jumped off the bed and ran to push Sayuki out of her bedroom and locked the door causing a whole scene by banging it out loud, Ayumi, Sayuki's bodyguard heard and ran to helped Sayuki, before going back, Sayuki summons Kaori and told her to bring a glass of water to Sayaka. Kaori did what she said and then Sayuki and Ayumi both went back to Sayuki's room, Ayumi told Sayuki that she needed to practice for the final phase and so, Sayuki went off to train with her brother for a long period, this also made Sayuki improved many times better than before. In just one month Sayuki had been able to even defeat her brother and learn more things about the Flower Rope, her brother stated she would win if she kept this up. He tells her she had to still control her Flower Rope properly if she wanted to win, when Sayuki heard this she had no hope of winning. Before the finals began, Sayuki helps Neji in his training to perfect his techniques. She was seen using her Flower Ropes to help Neji perfect his techniques, commenting to him that he has surpassed all kinds of human capabilities while hoping not to get paired up with him. Sayuki assured her she'll win no matter what.

In the anime, Team 4, Team 16 and Team 12 were seen visiting Lee in the hospital, escorting him and leaving flowers hoping he would recover.

When the final phase started she got paired up against a kunoichi from Iwagakure named Ume, real name: Kami Matsuzaki. when hearing Matsuzaki, she looked at Kita and asked her if they were related. Ume said they're relatives but never really close. When the fight started Sayuki used her Flower Rope to strike onto the ground and teleported to the back of Ume, Sayuki was trying to learn what her weakness was but she seemed to fail. Deciding that she must stop her before she can win, Sayuki used her Flower Release: Rose of Thorns to fight her while she prepares to use her Flower Release: Flower of Hell. Ume destroyed half of the battling arena and created a massive chaos. Sayuki was lucky she used her Flower Release: Rose of Thorns because she would've been killed if she didn't. Despite the constant attacks by Ume, Sayuki is able to utilise her Flower Release: Flower of Hell. The observers were gapsing about her being able to use this technique at 12. Ume used one of her most deadly Matsuzaki technique, Blood Release: True Several Buddha Clones. "Forfeit Sayuki! This technique is going to kill you no matter how strong you are! This technique allows her to create clones of herself and don't even underestimate that it's just normal clone..." Kita yelled from his seat. Sayuki thought it was really unfair for her to go against a trained 16 year old.

In the anime, One of Ume's clones quickly absorbs Sayuki blood making her unable to make explosions as well as Sayuki's followup Flower Release: Swarm of Insects, but Sayuki succeeds in blinding another Ume. She tries to attack this blinded Ume from behind, but it mysteriously blocks her. Sayuki notices that one of the other Umes saw her attacking the blind one and guesses that they share vision. Outmatched, she decidef to backout so that she can make a plan; she decide that their only hope is to split up the Umes and fight them one at a time, something she likely won't be able to do accomplish without genjutsu. In the manga. since Sayuki isn't good with genjutsu, Sayuki decides to use her Flower Release: Wisteria Ghost Wife technique, which draws the Umes to her location. Sayuki holds them off while the genjutsu is prepared: he obscures the third Ume's sight; she binds the fifth Ume to the wall; she attacks the first Ume, the second Ume, uninhibited until the genjutsu is finally cast.

While the Umes are caught, Sayuki stabs them with her Flower Release: Sword Stab and believes they, and by extension Ume, are dead. As she took a moment to relax herself, the fourth Ume attacks her from behind, severing her left arm. The full Six Buddhas - with the three she defeated restored by the fourth Ume - face Sayuki. After a prolonged battle, Sayuki retreats into her Flower Release: Rose of Thorns and made a barrier around herself. She managed to insert 80% of her chakra into the technique, she defeated four of them in one go. She was extremely exhausted. Ume proceeds to destroy the stadium; SAyuki punches the falling debris above her, creating a shockwave strong enough to destroy it to protect herself and the other spectators. She later on uses Flower Release: Buddha Lotus Shield to absorb the debris, she took advantage of the situation and used Flower Release: Petal Fall so the debris can fall directly on Ume.

During the fight, the remaining Umes took the spikes that Sayuki used to kill the other four Ume, and stabbed Sayuki's throat with it, Sayuki was able to survive it but forfeited and the thing is that Sayaka went to watch Sayuki's match in secret but Sayuki noticed, after coming back from being treated, she rushed to her sister's seat and apologized again and again but then Sayaka smirked and went back to her usual self, being cocky while saying she already knew Sayuki wouldn't even pass. "If something was to happen to her, I guess I could see myself getting pissed enough to kill everyone and set the entire Konoha Village on fire, mercilessly destroy every living thing until there was nothing left but Sayukies." Neji mumbled loud in enough for Sayuki to hear. "Hey hey hey! Don't you dare try to kill me." Sayaka yelled back to Neji. Sayuki smiled and just let her be, she noticed her mother was also there watching her match which cause embarrassed on loosing in a stupid way, coincidentally it was Takeru's match. Sayuki decided to watch her teammate's match, who also won in the second phase, as expected. It's obvious he would win because he's one of the strongest Shinobi in the Konoha 11 circle and of course stronger than both his teammates and so there's a high chance of Takeru winning, Sayaka asked Sayuki to bet if he would lose, Sayuki bet 10,977 Yen (1097.7 Ryō) that Takeru will win and Sayaka also bet 10,977 Yen (1097.7 Ryō) that he will lose, and the results were as Sayaka predicted. Takeru lost. (Rip Sayuki's money) Sayuki jokingly quoted "Ahh that's such a shame I lost, I thought he would win since he's one of the strongest Shinobi in our circle plus he defeated a Junchuriki who had full control over her tail but well I'll give you your money at home." Sayaka said not to be upset because another Chunin exam will take place and Sayuki, Yasu and Takeru can be a team. Sayuki and Sayaka both observe Neji and Naruto's match, she is surprised and states this is the best match she has seen so far, this time Sayuki encourages Neji to win and she was seen admiring Neji skills. She was shocked to see Naruto win but praised his abilities anyways. After Neji and Naruto's match, Sayuki was later on seen comforting him and sitting by his side as he was recovering. When HiSayukii comes in, Sayuki respectfully leaves so they can get their privacy while trying not to get involve in their family problems. When HiSayukii left, Neji thanked Sayuki for always being there for him and hugged her. Later as they talk, Neji felt comfortable around Sayuki and trusts her a lot so he decided to bring up his father as a topic asking Sayuki if she wanted to know the full story about his father's death or not, Sayuki on the other hand did not know what to say, Sayuki asked Neji if he's ok with telling it. Neji nodded and Sayuki told him to go ahead and talk out his feelings, Neji told Sayuki that his father had died protecting Hinata's father, HiSayukii Hyūga. In doing this, he selected his own fate and then Neji gave her the letter written by his father before his death, as Sayuki read it, Sayuki shed tears feeling bad for Neji. Sayuki then tried to brighten Neji up and told him to stay strong and positive for his father. Sayuki got up and offered water for him. Neji told her that she is the first person he told.

Konoha Crush

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When the invasion started, Sayuki was rendered unconscious by Kabuto's genjutsu, when Neji first saw Sayuki unconscious, he rushed to her and tried to wake her up. Kiba, who was also awakened by Tenten explained what happened and Sayuki confirmed everything he said. In the anime, two Kumogakure ninja attempt to kidnap an unconscious Hinata during the confusion caused by the invasion of Konoha. The Hyūga Elder sends Neji, Sayuki, Tenten, and Kiba Inuzuka to rescue her. Once they catch up with them, Neji and Sayuki team up to draw the Kumo-nin away while Tenten and Kiba escape with Hinata. When Neji was being attacked from behind, Sayuki rushed to reflect their attacks and saved Neji. They were able to defeat one and injure two of them, but were no match for Sekiei's abilities and can only keep him busy until HiSayukii arrives to defeat him.

Several days after the invasion is successfully repelled, Sayuki attends the Third Hokage's funeral alongside her friends and family.

Search for Tsunade

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When Tsunade returns to Konoha to become the Fifth Hokage, Tenten asks Sayuki to come along with her to tell Neji after his training that Tsunade is back. They both ran and were out of breath at some point when they reached Neji. Neji questioned both of them if they were alright, they both told him good news of Tsunade returning back and asked him to check her with them. Sayuki was saddened he was not interested but respected his option and returned back with Tenten talking to each other on the way. Sayuki asked Tenten what it's like being teammates with Neji with her replying that it's fun and interesting because he is always there for her and Lee, Guy too.

Spirit Sisters Mission

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Sasuke Recovery Mission

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Neji and her teammates were left in a critical condition due to their injuries and near death. Konoha eventually sends the Medic Corps after the Recovery Team. They were found, brought back to Konoha, and a team of medics mend his wounds using the Healing Resuscitation Regeneration Technique. Yasu, Takeru and Neji were put in the same room. Sayuki plans to visit them and give them flowers, she approaches Ino to ask her what kind of flower she should get for Neji and her teammates. Ino told her roses are one of the best hospital gift ideas as the pollen in these flowers are inside and are not exposed. Sayuki brought roses and visited them while they were in the Konoha Hospital after their failed attempt to stop Sasuke Uchiha from defecting from Konoha. She went to the hospital with Tenten and Lee because they both want to see how Neji's doing too. When she saw how badly hurt they were, she freaked out and felt sorrow for them while telling them to get better. Lee and Tenten left while talking about their conditions. They talked together outside while Sayuki was inside looking after them, Lee peeped looking at Neji as they talked. After a while, they heard a glass shattering, they rushed into the room. Neji took Sayuki into his arms and pointed a piece of shattered glass at Yasu. Sayuki was confused and asked Neji what he was doing, he told her not to talk and told her it's dangerous to stay there and she needs to leave immediately, he pushed her and told her he would cover her from behind. Sayuki told him to calm down. Yasu woke up followed by Takeru who was placed across the room. When he saw Yasu woke up, he hugged Sayuki tightly and told Yasu to get away from Sayuki. Lee walked into their conversation stating how they are already causing commotions when waking up. Lee asks why Neji was acting like this, Neji told him he saw Kidōmaru in Yasu and was worried about Sayuki's safety. Tenten laughed and told him he was probably just imagining things. Tenten said sorry to Yasu for Neji. They put Neji to bed and left. Tenten asked Sayuki if she was scared, Sayuki said that it was a confusing situation for her but she's fine. Tenten told her how Neji really treasures Sayuki, she told her to look at how desperately Neji was trying to protect her even though he was injured and is in a poor shape. Sayuki explained how she didn't really hear him that much since his voice was so hoarse. Tenten added saying she didn't catch anything herself too but she does know the fact Neji tried protecting her from Yasu or so the "Kidōmaru" he thought. As they talked for a long time, a nurse told them Neji asked to meet Sayuki, Tenten pushed Sayuki and told her to go on, Neji was being held by a nurse while he asked if Sayuki was okay. Sayuki rushes to hug Neji and thank him for the unnecessary protection and lead him back to bed while rearranging the flower vase.

Save The Hot Spring's Water Mission

Sayuki and her team were assigned to catch a culprit in the Land of Hot Water who had been putting poison in a lot of the hot springs that patients with illness had drank. Sayuki first planned to investigated one of the hot springs that had been poisoned, Team 4 had been given a map to search where each hot springs are on their own, on the way on finding the hot spring they wanted to investigate, Sayuki was surprised how many guards there are trying to keep the hot springs safe. Sayuki had a suspicious feeling inside her about a specific guard. Sayuki asked and tried flirting (on purpose) with one of the guards while asking if the hotspings they wanted to go are open for them to investigate, Yasu tapped on Sayuki's shoulder and told her it's written on the map that they are not allowed to enter when people are changing the poisonous water back to medicine water. Sayuki walked away and told them that they'll have to sneak in, making both Takeru and Yasu worried but still agreed. Yuuma told them not to do anything stupid and he'll guard them outside. While investigating, Sayuki suddenly stepped on a "something", she smiled and ask Takeru what it was, in response he answered "A packaging for cold medicine?" Takeru made a theory thinking someone drank it after being the hot spring while Yasu made a dirty joke saying it's c*ndom making Sayuki face palmed and told them that why should people drink medicine if the hot spring's water is already a medicine, she told Yasu to stop making those jokes while being on a mission. Takeru didn't say anything, Sayuki told them that she'll keep it. Not so long later, Sayuki suggested Yasu and Takeru to eat first since it's lunch time. On the way there, Yuuma explains how he saw a person was wondering around recklessly and being really suspicious. They later bought food and discussed how the "Packaging for cold medicine" Takeru said was the poison. Yasu explained what happened while investigating to Yuuma. Sayuki told them that the poison was used by the culprit. Yasu and Takeru were shocked to hear this but then Yasu asked how she knew this was the poison, Sayuki reminded them how she flirted with one of those mysterious and suspicious guards, she told them how she saw the other half and decided to keep it to see if they would find more after investigating. Sayuki took out the other half she got from the "guard" to show Takeru and Yasu. Yuuma knew all along because he ploted this with Sayuki. Yasu told them they needed to go back and confront the "guard", Sayuki suggested they would go back to see if there's more in other the hot springs and if the "guard" is there, Sayuki explained that it's lunch time so a lot of people don't pay attention the hot springs and the "guard" will not be there, they all sneaked into another hot spring but after a bit of investigating they heard footsteps, Takeru blamed Yuuma for not staying out there guarding. Yasu told Sayuki and Takeru that it might be the people who's trying to change the water to medicine water so they should hide while Sayuki said it might be culprit because it's lunch time. They all hid just incase it's some innocent people changing the water while on lunch time, what they saw was the same guard that had the poison package, this made Sayuki told them that's the culprit, Sayuki jumped out of the place they were hiding and used her Flower Release: Sway Vines to capture him, Yasu sealed the place. It was a success. The culprit asked why they were in there when it's lunch time but they ignored him. They went back to Konohagakure as a success.

Academy Student Lead Mission

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In the anime, Sayuki is put in charge of a team of Academy students (Aika, Ezumi, and Hajime) to teach them survival skills. Very little of their exercise is seen, but Sayuki does teach her students how to build shelter, she is also seen to explain how shelter is one of the main survival skills that helps them protect their bodies from excess exposure from the sun, cold, wind, rain, or snow.

Property Protector Mission

In the anime, Sayuki leads the Property Protector team on a mission to the Curtain Village. This team included Sayuki Saitou, Kiyoshi Nishimura, and Kazuki Shiraki. Their goal is to make peace and catch the thief in the Curtain Village because there were a lot of Daylight Robbery Records and deaths considering most of them needed money for survival. They were given a large amount of money for their two night stay there and helping the people in the Curtain Village. After arriving in the Curtain Village, Sayuki had a weird feeling, their surroundings were quiet. Kazuki was in charge of keeping the money safe, so she let him keep aware of the money. A bit later, a mysterious shadow person tried stealing the money but luckily Kazuki kept aware. They all did not have enough speed to catch the thief, the thief tried to slaughter Kiyoshi but Kiyoshi managed to escape. Kazuki released poison from his mouth to, Kiyoshi covered himself up just incase he got infected. Sayuki tracked the person freely since any kind of poison can't affect her. He finally revealed himself and fought with them. Kiyoshi began by manipulating beams of electricity overwhelming him with sheer numbers. Kiyoshi created several beams and shoots them at the enemy. Deeming Kiyoshi a failure who could never defeat a powerful enemy like himself, he easily escaped all of the llaser beams. Kazuki tapped into the his Shiraki chakra and, revitalised, clSayukied with the enemy. When the smoke cleared, He emerges and Kazuki lies defeated. This, however, was only a fake body his chakra created, he was able to lure him according to Sayuki's plan from the beginning, Sayuki burst from the ground beneath the enemy, defeating him with an uppercut. "You've only defeated one of us..." he said before passing away. They all escaped just incase first. After a bit later they start seeing a few inadequate housings. As a result they tried to look for a house that would give them information but unexpectedly they heard people scream in a frightened voice saying something like "Please don't rob me! I have nothing left!!" Kiyoshi explained everything to the villagers, the villagers told them everything about the thief. Some of the villagers offered Sayuki's team to stay and investigate for free. After a day of investigating, the records of robbery were still increasing as usual. Unfortunately the mission was a fail. Before leaving, Sayuki gave everyone enough food to eat for survival.

After Sayuki returned home, Sayaka stood in front of the door confronting why she was drugging Kiyoshi. Sayuki stood there in silence with a blank face, Sayaka told her how Kiyoshi used to hate her but after this mission, Kiyoshi told Sayaka how Sayuki was cool and kind, this made Sayuki laugh and walked away. Sayaka later on face palmed and rolled her eyes while saying Sayuki was rude. Sayaka hurried and caught up to her, she told Sayuki that they should embarrass Hitomi in front of everyone, Sayuki asks her how they should do it. Sayaka explained that Hitomi in amazing at learning things like poems and embroidery. Sayaka wanted to avenge her future self, "This revenge is beginning faster than I thought it would be." Sayuki said. Ayumi knocked on the door calling out Sayuki to eat dinner, when Sayuki left with Sayaka, Ayumi was confused and was surprised they got along. While waiting for the food, Hina questions how Sayuki's mission was, Sayuki told her it was a fail. Hitomi heard it and laughed. Sayuki asked what was funny, Hitomi told her how she can't complete a simple mission and expects to become a Jōnin. Sayuki sarcastically mumbled "It's still better than Lady Non-Shinobi who is too lady-like enough to join the academy and become a shinobi." Hitomi's faced turned anxious and so she clenched her fist. Sayaka offered to recite a poem before the food was served, Hina was surprised she knew poems and allowed her to do it. Sayaka continued as Sayuki recited the poem. Suijin smiled and is happy that they are studying hard. Hitomi stopped them and told them she learned the poem when she was four, she told them that there is also a responding poem. Sayaka assured her it does. Hitomi asked to recite for them because it's not widely known. Sayaka and Sayuki giggled as she recited the poem, Sayuki asked her if she was aware that it was written by the Second Hoshikage (二代目星影, Nidaime Hoshikage, literally meaning: Second Star Shadow)'s younger brother, who was attempting to assassinate him. Sayaka smiled as Hitomi felt for their trap. Hitomi was scolded and criticized for this because it was a prohibited poem until a few generations back because it contained metaphors cursing the family. Hitomi trembled. Sayaka whispers to Sayuki on how she thought Hitomi would have memorized the whole book so she took advantage of it. Sayuki knew it before she told her. After eating, Sayuki left to train.

Ghost Of A Hanged Man Mission

Sayuki, Minami and Neji are sent to Fushigina Yado (不思議な宿), Arata was later assigned to come along. Fushigina Yado is an inn owned by Arata's relatives located in Sunagakure, they were sent there to solve a mystery about a ghost of a hanged man in the unused guest room at the inn that customers had been blabbing about. Tsunade noted they can still have fun without solving it because it is just to see if the ghost was real or not. After arriving, the inn was shaped in a U shape. Arata's relatives came to welcome everyone in the inn. Arata introduced everyone, the eldest sister is named Akane Ueno, her younger sister is named Ayane Ueno. Later on, they all went to their room which are the last two rooms on the second floor. After they all settled down in their room, they all went down to have dinner first. Neji told them they should go to the hot spring first because he's not going. He later made up his mind to go again after getting bored in the room. On the way there, he met Sayuki so they walked together and talked on their way to the hot spring. When taking the bath, it made Neji dizzy. Sayuki and Arata carried him back, Minami asked what happened and Arata told her everything and told how pathetic he was. Neji rested in the room instead. Sayuki tried inviting him to listen to the full story of the ghost of a hanged man in the unused guest room at the inn but he told Sayuki he had to sleep, Neji apologized and told Sayuki to go herself. Sayuki went downstairs. Neji was confused why he heard drums and when he turned over to look at the time, he noticed it's not even eight o'clock. Arata's sister, Akane told the story as she quoted "A long time ago, a gloomy customer came to stay. He was put in room seven in the main building. He told them that he didn't need meals or room service and just stay away but he'd already paid in advance, and it was the busy season, so he was the perfect guest. Then that evening, a piercing scream echoed throughout the inn." Sayuki flinched and was a bit scared to hear this but Akane still continued. "The guest in room seven had hanged himself, and his body was swinging in the wind. Apparently he had embezzled money from his village and ran away. Ever since the incident, guests staying in room seven all said the same thing: There's something in this room. I see shadows at night and the ninth guest in that room, in the middle of the night, he suddenly succumbed to an unknown illness." Akane told them that, that's why her grandmother asked for an exorcism and had the annex built, her grandmother wanted to stop any bad rumors from spreading. Sayuki wondered where room seven was and asked Akane, she told her that room seven was in front of them (remember that the inn is shaped as a U). They live on the first floor and were told to stay away from the second floor. Akane told everyone not to tell anyone she told them. Neji was seen to hear everything through the window too. When Neji was about to close the window, it was around eight o'clock when he saw a woman walking out of the inn with a kimono but decided to just close the window. In the morning, Minami's face was blue, she said to everyone that she saw the ghost. Minami held onto Sayuki in fear, she told everyone how she woke up in the middle of the night and when she turned over in the room across hers, she saw a hanged shadow swaying back and forth. She quickly hugged Sayuki for comfort, Sayuki believed Minami and then she told everyone that it's rare seeing Minami panic like that. Sayuki sat down to talk about the ghost more, she wanted to drink water but she accidentally saw a cup written "Akane" and noted it in. When Ayane knew that Akane told everyone the story they both argued leaving Sayuki saddened. Neji asked Sayuki what was wrong and she asked Neji what he thinks about Minami's story, with Neji denying that it's not true, Sayuki then tells herself that she is mistaken herself too. Neji was confused and what did Sayuki meant by that and so Sayuki got closer and whispered that she saw the hanged shadow too because when Minami woke up she did too and there she saw it, the hanged shadow swaying in the dark, Sayuki thought she was mistaken but Minami saw it too. Neji was unconcerned and said Sayuki only mistook it for something else, Neji told Sayuki yesterday Arata said "The ghost, when examined.." and then Sayuki continued by quoting "was just withered flowers?" Sayuki was confused on what exactly she saw. Minami walked into the conversation questioning what they saw to Neji. Neji told them that it's about time to investigate. Minami sadly can't come along as she already promised Akane that she'll help her with her homework. Sayuki told Minami to depend on her. Sayuki and Neji start by investigating in Minami and Sayuki's room first, he asked her how big or small it was but Sayuki said it was neither. Neji asked her what the shape was but sadly Sayuki did not remember. Neji asked her what the color was but Sayuki said she doesn't know and it was only a shadow. Sayuki told Neji that it looked like a human shadow against the light. Neji said that at night, the only light source would be the moon and Sayuki agrees because the moon was actually bright last night. Before Sayuki can ask any questions, Neji interrupted and asked when they stopped telling stories and went to bed and Sayuki answered ten o'clock. He asked more, that when were the shutters at the time and Sayuki said they were closed. Neji told her that if the shutters are close there would be no shadow. Neji suggested they would go to the main building and take a look at room seven. Sayuki agreed. When they got to the main building, they saw Ayane at the first floor doing the laundry which they stopped her. They asked Ayane to show them to room seven, but she opposed. She said that Akane will get mad at her if she does this, Neji bluntly forced Ayane to tell them if the room is still used for guests but Ayane told them that guests don't use it because they only use the bath and the dining hall in the main building. Ayane told them that it is used for storages only and she asked if she can go, Sayuki and Neji thanked her but before they finished she ran away. Sayuki and Neji walked away wondering why they couldn't see Room Seven. While wandering around, Sayuki saw two stamp cards while Neji saw two balls, one of the stamp cards had "Akane" and so did one of the balls. When they reached the main building, Neji stepped on mud while later questioning Sayuki if it rained last night, Sayuki assured him it did. Neji said that to see the shadow against the light, both the east and west windows had to open. Without investigating any further, Ayane told them they needed to eat lunch. While eating, Ayane and Akane finished first, as usual. Sayuki thought of how their relationship is way better than hers with her sister. Minami asked Sayuki if she had figured anything out but sadly she had not, Neji added that they just started looking into it but he has a theory. Arata was upset he was left out of the loop but Neji shouted at him where he was the whole day and he hadn't see him at. Arata said he was at the hot spring because he had the chance to enjoy himself but before anyone could say anything, Akane suddenly showed up with a yukata, she asked if it looked great on her, Sayuki and the others looked amazed and complimented her. She showed off on how her parents bought it for her at the start of summer break. Arata whispered to Sayuki on how the patterns were good making Sayuki question him what was bad and he answered it was the obi, he told him it was an imitation then Sayuki undoubtedly thought it was radioactive. Sayuki and Arata talked about how the butterfly was a separate part from the obi. Arata told Sayuki that it can't be called a yukata making, Sayuki frustrated with his useless information. When Neji was relaxing and thinking of an idea to solve the mystery with Sayuki, Neji felt a shadow behind him (where the door to the other room is left open by Akane) which made Sayuki and Arata confused by what he meant, Neji said that he is maybe cursed by the hanged shadow too. Later on, Neji invited Sayuki to the hot spring to think about the situation more carefully. While thinking about Minami and Sayuki's fevered minds and withered flowers but as he thought to himself, he feels like something is missing. After arriving, Sayuki reminded that they will go back together. When changing, Neji noticed that Arata is there too which he was surprised because he was just chilling in the dining hall and confused how the heck he got there so quick. As Neji bath, he couldn't think of anything that would appease Sayuki. When Neji got deep in his thoughts, Arata asked if he was dizzy again but Neji asked Arata if there was any events last night but Arata only said that Neji got dizzy, Neji asked if there is anything else and he told Neji that they told ghost stories together, Arata then continued that he had more flowers than hand but Neji asked if there were anything official. Arata said there was a summer festival which made Neji shocked, Arata reminded him that there were drums and asked if he heard it, Neji remembered last night where he was confused why there were drums, it made sense now. He quickly told Sayuki they needed leave. He told Sayuki that the hanged shadow was probably just a yukata on a hanger. Sayuki was confused on why the yukata was there and why someone would open the windows specifically so they can see it hanging but Neji told he it wasn't so they can see it but to dry it because it was wet and the windows are opened to let the wind in so it would dry faster. Sayuki asked why and Neji reminded her that it rained last night, she told him she knows that but why was it hanged in room seven. Neji told her that it hanged there because no one would she it being dried making Sayuki confronted him how they saw it, Neji told Sayuki that it was only to hide from the rest of the family, Sayuki then again questions the reason, Neji then again told that it was Ayane who hung it to dry the yukata, Neji said that Ayane was envious of Akane's yukata and wanted to try them on but he's sure Akane wouldn't let her try them on and this made Sayuki confused because they were sisters and seen to have great relationships. Neji reminded Sayuki how they both saw "Akane" written on the cup, "Akane" written on the stamp cards, and "Akane" written on the balls. Sayuki got an idea of what is currently happening and ask if Akane is trying to make sure everyone know what's her and Ayane wouldn't ask Akane to lend her the yukata but then again, Ayane still wanted to wear it so she secretly took it and wore it to the summer festival last night. Sayuki didn't know that Ayane went to the summer festival at all and so Neji told Sayuki he saw someone leaving the house around that time. Neji said Ayane wasn't around the time they were telling ghost stories making Sayuki agree with him. Neji told Sayuki that around that time she had ran into trouble at the festival, it started raining. It didn't last long, but the yukata was soaked and Ayane remembered that they were gonna play with fireworks the next day, she knew exactly that Akane is going to wear the yukata then and she had to find a way to dry the yukata in just one night without Akane finding out. Sayuki continued and said that the family uses the first floor of the main building and annex so it's out of the question. She couldn't use the dryer that late at night either and so when everyone is asleep, she snuck into one of the most distant room in the main building and hung up the yukata to dry but bad luck befell her again, with the windows open, the moonlight made it look like a hanged shadow and even worse Sayuki and Neji began looking into it. Neji assured himself that the shadow behind the door was Ayane too. Neji continued on how Ayane returned the yukata in the morning unlike Akane, she goes on morning exercises everyday so putting it back was an easy job for her. Sayuki felt bad and suggested they should keep it away from Akane before they cause any more trouble but then again, Sayuki thought on their relationship on how they do not get along making her remember of Sayaka. Neji told how it was normal but Sayuki responded on how she always wanted Sayaka and her to get along. Neji mumbled to himself that the Sayaka, Sayuki wanted will just be withered flowers. Their mission is completed.

After getting back to Konoha, they told Tsunade about everything that happened. Sayuki explained how it's only a rumor that it's haunted and that it's not true.

Royalty Escort Mission

In the anime, Sayuki, Sayaka, and Kita are sent to protect and escort the princess in the Land Of Snow from Kabuto. When arriving for less than a day, the kingdom was attacked. Sayaka uses her Flower Release to try and capture Kabuto with Kita trying to help her while Sayuki is tasked to guard the princess for her safety in the course of doing that he fights and defeats an opponent who tried to execute the princess.

Konoha Plans Recapture Mission

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In the anime, Sayuki and the rest of the Konoha 11 are charged with halting the schemes of Gennō. When Genno successfully planted explosive tags all throughout the village in a chain-effect, Sayuki used her Flower Release: Feral Hunt to track down where each ones are. After Sayuki finds the trap, Neji compliments and acknowledges her. After, Sayuki, Sakura, and Ino were sent to examine a corpse that was believed to be that of Gennō. They conclude that it is not actually him. Ino told Sayuki that she would use her Mind Body Switch Technique on the real Gennō while Sayuki uses her Flower Release: Feral Hunt again. Before moving onto his next plan, he tried attacking Ino, Sayuki and Sakura while they examined it. When Sakura was targeted by him, Sayuki jumped to help her and ended up injuring herself instead. Whilst Sayuki was injured, Gennō took the chance and ran away and decided to plan more explosive tag. Sakura tried chasing after him but stopped by Sayuki. Later when meeting Neji, he was enraged about this and this led him to use his gentle fist to try to kill him.

Sayuki Rescue Mission

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When Sayuki was walking to invite Naruto to eat ramen together, a masked guy appeared in front of her, Sayuki asked if he needed anything. Though without saying anything to her or responding to her question, he attacked her without hesitation leaving Sayuki unable to react to anything. She didn't have enough time to use her Flower Release so she instead used her bare hands. Sayuki could tell by the way he was fighting, he is an S-ranked criminal. Sayuki was too weak to defeat him. Sayuki regretted walking in a quiet alley, she was too curious. He knocked Sayuki out with a carotid artery punch. Sayuki deemed unconscious and was taken to a Chinese water torture cell in a warehouse. When Sayuki gained consciousness, she was chained up, the man revealed himself telling her that he is the son of the man that had been killed by her mother Hina. Sayuki didn't believe him at all because she knew her mother was too innocent and kind to do this. He told her he couldn't just kidnap and kill Hina since there are many people in the Saitou clan's house and he would be caught so he instead kidnap Sayuki. He never intended to kill Sayuki at all because his goal was to get revenge on Hina and torture Sayuki. Sayuki got dipped in water and was continuously tortured. A while later, Team Guy arrived to rescue Sayuki. They were assigned to get Sayuki back and capture everyone involved in kidnapping her. Tenten and Rock Lee fought off the guards and the people there while Guy and Neji broke into the warehouse to save Sayuki back. The kidnapper expected to see Hina with them but played along while buying time so Sayuki could get tortured longer. Sayuki was unconscious and weakened. Guy and Neji charged at the guy and did not hesitate to ask where Sayuki was and tell them to free her but was stopped by him when he pointed a gun at Neji, Guy panicked and tried to protect Neji telling them that they should have a fair fight instead. Guy and Neji didn't want to kill him because their goall is to only capture him alive and get Sayuki back. Neji questions whether the kidnapper can even fire the gun that he is now aiming at him, though he clarifies it’s not for him to shoot rather for Neji. The man promises he won’t lay a finger on Sayuki again and let her live her life if Neji shoots himself in the head. Guy told Neji not to and told him to attack him instead, though without any shadow of hesitation, Neji simply takes the gun and aims it at his head and pulls the trigger. Guy gasps and begs him not to die before him and he would be lonely without a fantastic student like Neji. Neji remarks there are no bullets so asks the man for one, though he knocks the gun out his hand. Everyone in the warehouse laughed at Neji and called him stupid and dumb. Neji enraged and was about to attack him but Tenten and Rock Lee alongside with Team 7 interrupted and attacked him. Everyone in the warehouse started fighting and attacking them, KakSayukii told them that he will handle the guy and the rest go find Sayuki and capture everyone in the warehouse. While dealing with the men there, Neji stumbled upon a cell and decided to break it open, he saw Sayuki being chained up and tortured. He broke everything there making Sayuki break free from being tortured, Sayuki is at her limits and falls, Neji immediately rushes over to Sayuki after she breaks free. He holds her for a moment, asking if she's alright. They both gaze at each other before Sayuki thanks him. Neji carried her in a bridal style and went back to tell everyone. They are also both seen afterwards, watching everyone fight while Neji's arm is still supporting Sayuki. He helped end a few men while balancing Sayuki, he didn't put her down fearing she would be caught again. After the enemies were defeated, Sayuki told Neji she can walk on her own despite being unconscious for a long time, Neji insisted that he would continue to carry her but Tenten told him she can walk on her own.

Back at home, Sayuki questions her mother about her killing someone. Hina straight up told her everything and asked if she was alright, Sayuki told her that she's alright and didn't know what to say but then left and went to her room. She didn't believe what her mother just said and was surprised. Sayaka was in her room, Sayaka got up and asked if she was okay and changed the subject to her learning embroidery, Sayuki told her she had already learned it. Suijin is going on an S-ranked mission soon and is going to be gone for a few months. Jizo told Sayaka that in the future, Hitomi was earning trust from Suijin by giving him the embroidery and embarrassing them because they were the daughter of Suijin but had never gifted him anything. Sayuki went to her drawer and showed her the embroidery she made, Sayaka took out her embroidery too. Sayuki and Sayaka went to give the embroidery to Suijin while hiding it in their gloves. Sayuki and Sayaka gave it to Suijin and told him to have a safe trip, Suijin asked if she was okay because she was kidnapped and he told how he would punish and kill the kidnapper, Hitomi trembled. Sayuki finally figured out everything. She sniffled sarcastically; blabbing on how she was so scared. Hitomi asked Suijin if killing the kidnapper was too excessive and that they probably just captured the wrong person or just wanted to see Sayuki in private. Sayuki faked crying, mumbling on how she could've died and kidnapping is still kidnapping. Hitomi told her that it wasn't life-threatening because she had already come back alive. Sayuki smirked and had a disappointed face on asking what she meant when she said it wasn't life-threatening and how she knows it for sure. Sayuki asked if she knew the kidnapper. Hitomi told her that she only heard it from someone, Sayuki continued to question who it was, Sumiko whispered to her and Hitomi told her she was only talking about the results, and that in the end she didn't die. Sayuki continued to pressure her telling her it was her luck and how she could've died if her friends didn't rescue her. Hitomi sweated and told her it's true but it's hypothetical. Sayuki explained that if it happened to her, she would've gotten seriously worried even if she'd stood in front of Sayuki unharmed. Sayaka nodded. Sayaka added how they both would be scared that something like that will happen to her in the future and they would be so worried if she went out next time because she doesn't have any fighting skills so it's better killing off the kidnapper. Hina cut them off and changed the subject to how amazing Sayuki and Sayaka's embroidery is. Hitomi watched while trembling with hatred and anger. When going back to their rooms, Sayuki heard Hitomi slam the door while breaking most of her stuff. Sayuki enjoyed seeing her like that and went to her room. Sayaka rushed into her room a bit later explaining how Hitomi is behind her kidnapping session, Sayuki was reading books and drinking tea. Sayuki told her she already knew that's why she kept pressuring Hitomi a moment ago. Sayaka sighs because Hitomi had already planned their deaths.

Sunagakure Support Mission

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In the anime, Sayuki and the Konoha 11 are sent to help the Three Sand Siblings defeat the Four Celestial Symbols Men. Shikamaru, their team leader, assigns Neji, Hinata, and Shino Aburame to clear out the areas and after a while he assigns Sayuki to assist them. Sayuki was able to save a few people from them, Team 4 was able to kill one of the Four Celestial Symbols Men. When Neji was in danger, Sayuki does not hesitate to come to his defence and after, Ino feels she contributed little in the fight and, back in Konoha, asks to train with Sakura to be a medical-nin, which Sayuki also wanted to learn to try to help people. Sakura agreed but Ino is dismayed when Sakura reminds her that she will be her junior during the course of their training. Though, Sayuki seems fine with the idea.

After Sayuki got back to Konoha, she and Hinata decided to see Naruto off for his training with Jiraiya for two and a half years which Sayuki told Hinata that she is going to miss Naruto a lot during his training time. Sayuki and Hinata head back and bumped into Yuuma, Yasu and Takeru. Sayuki asks what happened, they told her they were playing to train with Yuuma but doesn't know where to do it because they need huge spaces. Sayuki thought to herself and remembered her family owned Sanbiki Flower Mountain, Sayuki told them that they can practice there without her family's permission. Takeru and Yasu looked at each other and was shocked, they asked to assure if they're hearing things. They never thought Sayuki's family would own the mountain since it's where all the summoning animal are originated. Sayuki told them she barely visited their because of animals. They thank her and asked if she wanted to train with them for at least 2 years with Team 12 and Team 16. "Training?! Of course!" Sayuki said as she followed them.


In Naruto's Footsteps: The Friends' Paths

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In the anime, about two years after Naruto leaves to train, another Chūnin Exam is held. Sayuki and her team decided to participate. When pulling lots, Sayuki got the first room, Yasu got the third one and Takeru got the second room. All of them are seated in different rooms and are tasked to get a combined score of exactly 100 points on their written exam despite the separation. When Sayuki entered the room she saw Minami, Neji and Hinata, she looked relieved seeing people she is close to in the same room. As time passed, Sayuki struggled to see what her teammates would choose, she wanted to use her Flower Rope to teleport but she doesn't know if it's allowed or not. A bit later Neji stood up and then after more people started to look around, She stood up and discussed with everyone, Sayuki asked if Teleportation is alright and Neji told her everything she does is alright just not unauthorized fighting. Sayuki used the opportunity to cheat and teleported to Takeru on the second floor first and she landed under his table, when Takeru saw her he flinched but though she quickly whispered to let him do the 50 points question, Sayuki didn't stay to tell him the answer because she knows he's smart enough to know and she told him that she will take the time to tell and help Yasu with his question. Sayuki immediately teleported to Yasu and landed on his lap while she was still sitting on her one knee position, it must have hurt Yasu a lot, She's glad both of them didn't get out of their seating because she would be spotted by everyone and it will become chaotic, but then it wasn't what Sayuki expected, Yasu started to scream and it caught everyone's attention, everyone rushed to question her and there she told everyone what she did, She told everyone to do the 50 points question next she will go back to the second floor to help tell others to do the other 50 points question and then finally she'll tell her room, the first room to do the 0 points question. It worked! She tried to help Yasu with it and went back to her room, after the results, a lot of teams passed, including Team 4. A race to Sunagakure was then issued where only the first 30 teams to arrive would qualify for the second exam.

Sayuki's team arrived before time. Those who passed the first exam are tasked with a new objective: reach the Demon Desert within three days to participate in the second exam. Sayuki, Takeru, and Yasu do so and are given the same exam they were in the last Chunin exam, in the forest of death: obtain a scroll from another team. Each team was each given either a Heaven or Earth scroll and were required to obtain the missing scroll and bring them to the main building of the Demon Desert within three days, Again, Team Yumma got the Heaven Scroll and are tasked to find the Earth scroll. Team 4 searches for their enemy, they were encountered by a team from Iwagakure. The team used genjutsu on Team 4, when awakened, they were separated from each other. Sayuki was trapped inside a dark place, Sayuki did not know where she was so she couldn't use her Flower Release: Teleporter. Instead she used her Flower Release: Light Bloom so she can see the way. After walking for a while, Sayuki noticed the ground is sand, this stops her from teleporting anywhere. Sayuki was attacked by one of the teammates from Iwagakure, when being attacked she was still using her Flower Release: Light Bloom so this helped her, the enemy's eyes were very much temporary damaged and this led Sayuki to attack her using her Flower Release: Sway Vine. One hand Light bloom so she can she everything in the dark and also maintain the enemy in the same place while her eyes are damaged while the other hand she uses the Flower Release: Light Bloo,, the opponent got whipped until she flew to the other side of the current unknown place. Sayuki ran to her and asked her if she had the Earth Scroll with her saying she doesn't and both realized they have the same scroll. Sayuki demand then that she needs to show her the way out immediately. The Iwa-nin told her to pierce through the "ceilng" and Sayuki did. She used her Flower Release: Sword Stab, to her surprise Yasu and the other Iwa-nin were there, they helped Sayuki out and the Iwa-nin who fought with Sayuki out too. Later after they talked, Sayuki, Yasu, and Takeru regrouped and continued finding other team opponents.

They then came across an Ame-nin team. The team mumble words while they pressed their two hands together, Sayuki was confused on what was going on but then their heads started to ache very badly to the point they started to go berserk and rolling on the ground, Sayuki quickly realize it's they have been manifesting as killing intent, they all screamed and shout because of their pain, Yasu used his Nendougan on them making then stop for a while, this led Team 4 to have time and attack them within seconds, Takeru was furious, he started burning them in fire. Sayuki told him to stop because they might die, as the Ame-nin team started burning for a bit, they forfeit and gave Team 4 the Earth Scroll, Takeru did not stop. Sayuki became more worried, the Ame-nin team said they would do anything just to make him stop. Takeru requested they would teach him to do those sound techniques, they agreed and Takeru let go. Sanna, one of the Ame-nin they went against, gave them a scroll with writing on it explaining all they need to do is to remember everything in there and chant it quietly then press their two hands together just like they did. While getting back to the building, As expected, Team 4 had successfully did it Sayuki was overjoyed, she thinks that she's getting closer to her goal and her teammates are very much happy for themselves and Sayuki too.

When getting back to the main building, they were attacked by Team Taichi, Team Taichi used a barrier shield formation on them, and Team 4 was very much trapped in it. What makes matters worse, an unknown acid rain started to shower, Sayuki used her Flower Release: Buddha Lotus Shield to suck all the acid rain and cover everyone. While covering them, Takeru told her to use her Flower Release: Teleporter so they can get out but Sayuki said she can't because she needs to cover everyone from the acid rain and she can't use two jutsus at the same time plus the ground is sand too. Takeru used his Fire Release: Hand Melt to try melting down the barrier but it did not work. Sayuki worried they wouldn't make it in time, anger she stopped using her Flower Release: Buddha Lotus Shield and punched the barrier really hard. The barrier broke and finally let them out, making both Yasu and Takeru mutter "Strong...".

After some time later of fighting with Team Taichi, Team 4 was found by one of the Chunin proctors, who brings them back to where all the other genin are Foregathered they announced that the Chunin exams were canceled leading Team 4 and the others to be upset; reports on the contributor's performances will be sent back to their villages and their promotion is left to their Hokage/superiors, Sayuki had hoped she will be chosen but out of honesty she thinks everybody deserves to be a Chunin out of all the hard works they have all been through, after going back to the village, surprisingly the Hokage, Lord Fifth, Tsunade had promoted Team 4 to be chunins because she had seen how much Team 4 had grown from the last she saw them and how passionate Team 4 is to be Chunins and reach their own individual goals.

Part II

Tenchi Bridge Reconnaissance Mission

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Two-and-a-half years after Naruto left Konoha to train, Sayuki and her team made their first reappearance after Team KakSayukii and Team Guy returned from the successful saving of Gaara. She appeared again after Naruto and his team returned from their failed attempt to retrieve Sasuke and then there we go, She met Sai for the first time, everyone was talking about how much Sai looked like Sasuke but she was confused about how they were similar especially their personality, it's nothing alike and she thought it was hilarious to see girls simp for him but after knowing him for a longer time both Sai and Sayuki started becoming great friends. Sayuki hasn't seen Naruto for years and after seeing him, he grew a lot, both Sayuki and Naruto were 166 cm which makes them equal. Not as well long afterward, Sayuki, Neji and Kita are sent on a mission to suppress ninja forces which was a success. Not much was shown in the anime adaption nor manga. When resting, Ino used her Body Mind Switch and contacted Kita, he told them both that he needs to go back to Konoha as soon as possible, without further explanation, he left. Sayuki knew something was off. Later, On the way back from their mission they encountered Kakuzu and Hidan. They got isolated from each other leaving Sayuki with Kakuzu and Neji with Hidan. Sayuki was fortunate that she didn’t battle Hidan. From Kakuzu's perspective, he sees money in Sayuki. "You're from the Saitou clan right? Yeah I heard it's the richest clan in the whole world, i'm lucky to encounter a member." Kakuzu said hinting he's going to threaten her family for his own advantages. Sayuki used the Silent Killing Technique to kill him from behind with a blade. Kakuzu was fast enough to deflect it, Sayuki quickly bent down and released her Flower Rope from her rist and used the Flower Release: Ground Strike to strike the ground and push him away. Sayuki used her Flower Release: Rose of Thorn to create a barrier and release millions of spikes. got stabbed by multiple spikes, he proceeds to use his Earth Grudge Fear and then uses his Lightning Release: False Darkness to pierce through Sayuki's barrier resulting failure. Sayuki stopped using the barrier because her chakra is running out quickly, Sayuki instead went on a hand-to-hand combat with him, she shattered earth with her punch (leg). Blood hushed down her face as she battled Kakuzu. Kakuzu was aggressive and wanted to kill Sayuki badly, he combined his Wind Release: Pressure Damage technique and his Fire Release: Intelligent Hard Work, the Strange Mask Exploding Flame was formed. Kakuzu's attacks created a powerful blast of intense fire, Sayuki remarked that she couldn't handle this much and would rather die. Naruto's voice echoed throughout her head. Sayuki reminded herself she needs to see Naruto become a Hokage. Sayuki used her Flower Release: Sword Stab to stab Kakuzu but was blocked by his Earth Release: Earth Spear. Kakuzu, who still has the spikes stabbed in him, pulled out the spikes and started throwing them back at Sayuki. Kakuzu tries to toy with Sayuki, binding her movements to the point that she cannot use her hands to break his Earth Release: Earth Spear technique. Thinking Sayuki is defeated, Kakuzu moves closer to finish her off. Sayuki takes that opportunity to release chakra from her entire body, giving herself an opening to use Flower Release: Flower of Hell, she bit herself and caused explosions everytime her blood fell onto the ground. Kakuzu starts attacking Sayuki from afar and used his Lightning Release: False Darkness, firing it directly at Sayuki's heart. However, Sayuki, guessing that Kakuzu is aiming at her heart, is able to dodge enough to prevent being struck in a vital place. Kakuzu used his Wind Release: Pressure Damage, increasing their speed and strength so that Sayuki won't be able to dodge and attack him. Sayuki realises she can't avoid it and allows herself to be hit by the tornado. Sayuki then personally locates Kakuzu with her Flower Release: Feral Hunt and delivers a fatal blow. Sayuki crushed 4/5 of Kakuzu’s hearts. Neji held out against Hidan; since his revolution Hidan couldn’t get his blood. After Neji’s battle with Hidan, Neji hurried over to find Sayuki who had just defeated 4/5 of Kakuzu’s hearts. The 2 Akatsuki members had fled so it gave the 2 the time to settle down. Sayuki was in a fragile state. Sayuki collapses of exhaustion, but is caught by Neji whom held her close and gave her balance. Neji and Sayuki were on the verge of death due to serious injuries. Sayuki didn't want him to die, so she used her lifespan to temporarily heal Neji. Konoha finally sent a medical team to the two after hearing that they had encountered the Akatsuki. Neji and Sayuki were founded and brought back Konoha. A team of medical experts used the Healing-Resuscitation-Regeneration Technique to heal Sayuki and Neji's wounds. After recovering, Sayuki learned that Kita's mother passed away during their previous mission.

Akatsuki Suppression Mission

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After being told about Asuma's death, she broke down in tears, this is the second time she has witnessed someone's death that's close to her, she was later on seen at Asuma's funeral, mourning his loss. She felt like she wanted to avenge his death by going along with Shikamaru, Ino, and Choji but knew she couldn't. Neji and Sayuki saddens that they let Kakuzu and Hidan go.

Three-Tails' Appearance

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When they come across the Three-Tails during the course of the mission, Sayuki is assigned to a team responsible for sealing it due to her excellent chakra control. While at it, Sayuki was attacked by an unknown masked man, when being attacked she fought for a while. She was supposed to help everyone defeat Team Guren by now but after fighting for a while she was enraged for wasting her time, she used her Flower Release: Sword Stab and inserted a large amount of chakra and then she stabbed the enemy making the enemy puke out blood. Sayuki made a death stare when stabbing him. Sayuki rushed to help everyone and got there in time. They are interrupted by Team Guren before they can complete the Four-Corner Sealing Barrier with Hinata, Ino, Sakura, and Shizune. When Team Guren is defeated, they are recalled to Konoha.

Itachi Pursuit Mission

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In the anime, News reaches Konoha that Sasuke has killed Orochimaru. Realising that this is a good opportunity to try once again to reunite with Sasuke, KakSayukii combines Team 4, Teams 7 and 8 into an Eight Man Squad with the mission to find either Sasuke or his assumed target, Itachi. The squad split up, Sayuki used her Flower Release: Feral Hunt to track them. When they split up to search, Naruto, because he's a target of Akatsuki, is given a protective escort in the form of Hinata, Sayuki, Yamato, and Bull. Their group encounters Kabuto, who offers them intel on Akatsuki and its members, his thanks to Naruto "inspiring" him to overcome Orochimaru after absorbing his remains. Kabuto escapes and they later regroup with the rest of the team. Kiba is able to find Sasuke's trail, which they begin following.

Tale of Jiraiya the Gallant

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As they near Sasuke's location they are intercepted by Tobi of Akatsuki, who prevents them from progressing and who is invulnerable to their attacks. Sayuki and Naruto look at each other and recognize who he was. He was the akatsuki member who put them under genjutsu the other day. They warn everyone to stay aware and be careful of their surroundings when attacking him because he's strong and almost unbeatable.

Fated Battle Between Brothers

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As the group continually tries to attack Tobi, he dodges the attacks with ease. They make repeated attempts to kill or capture him, but every attack passes through him without sign of damage. Sayuki tried multiple techniques on him but failed each time. Tobi attempts to use a hidden jutsu to attack the teams, but fails at it. Eventually, Zetsu comes to tell him about Sasuke and Itachi's fight. Tobi leaves when he receives news that Sasuke has killed Itachi, and Teams 2, 7 and 8 try to reach Sasuke before he does. Sayuki tried tracking where they were. Unable to find where Tobi has taken Sasuke, they are forced to return to Konoha.

Six-Tails UnleSayukied

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Team Yamato and Team 4 are assigned by Tsunade to go and protect Hotaru on her way to the Tsuchigumo village.

Pain's Assault

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Sayuki is present when Naruto and Yasu are informed that Jiraiya died while investigating the leader of Akatsuki, Pain. She and Sakura defend Tsunade when Naruto blames her for his death, Shoko grabbes Naruto by his collar and threatens to kill him if he dares to saying anything bad about her mother again, Sayuki and Sakura stopped her. And then again when Shikamaru tries to get out of helping decipher one of the clues that Jiraiya left behind, aware that Tsunade is grieving over Jiraiya. Sayuki went back to her house crying alone. She was heartbroken and never knew she was so attached to him.

When Pain's invasion of Konoha begins, Sayuki was still in her house training with her older brother, she was extremely confused about what was happening, after rushing outside with her family, excluding Sayaka because she's on her mission with Kiyoshi, Arata, and Ayato as Team 16. Sayuki told her brother she would stay behind as she witnessed a young girl getting crushed by a boulder asking for help. Sayuki carried her to safety and healed her. While Sayuki finds more victims, she stumbled upon a pregnant woman having trouble to move, she helped her and carried her away from place. Villagers were saved by Tsunade with the help of Katsuyu. Tsunade is exhausted by the effort, Shoko summoned Suzaku in order to help save the villagers. so Sakura and Sayuki looks after her while Naruto fights Pain. Sayuki saw Hinata fighting Pain, Sayuki was planning to stop Hinata and fight Pain but Sakura said not to and forced her to stay back since it's very dangerous and could lead to death. She felt guilty and worried about not helping her best friend, a bit later Sayuki saw Hinata getting badly injured. She forced herself into the battle and helped Hinata out. While Sakura was healing Hinata, Sayuki spitted out everything she wanted to say at the moment and well she quoted "HINATA!! I'm begging you, please don't die please don't, You're so important to me, This isn't right, I want you to live! HINATA! IF YOU DARE DIE I WILL NEVER FORGIVE YOU! YOU STILL HAVE TO LIVE TO SEE NARUTO BECOME A HOKAGE!! and marry him..." Sayuki was sobbing and shouting, but after a while, Hinata finally woke up, Sayuki started to aggressively hug Hinata and Hinata was smiling, Hinata thanks everyone and especially Sakura for saving and healing her. Happiness didn't last long though, Everyone was informed that Naruto was fighting the last Pain, Sayuki and everyone was seriously worried and shocked worrying he will die, but later on, Naruto returned safely and was told he defeated Pain, at that moment everyone celebrated his victory of happiness, "From being called a monster to a hero" Sayuki quoted.

Past Arc: The Locus of Konoha

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Sakura, Sayuki, Shoko and Shizune stay with Tsunade as the village starts to rebuild. In the anime, they give Tsunade's various visitors updates on her condition.

Around the time Sayuki was 6, She, Neji and Minami were playing in the snow. Sayuki is saddened that her father doesn't want to train her. Neji notices that Sayuki is unhappy so he quickly makes some snow figures, only to find them unuseful. He asks her what's wrong, and Sayuki, once again, snaps out of her daze and says that she will be cheerful and won't let anyone worry about her. She then jumps enthusiastically, only to find herself stepping on Minami, who was lying in the snow. Minami scolded Sayuki for stepping on her just when she was enjoying herself. Sayuki asks her why she was lying in the snow, and she answers that she is making a mark of her living in the snow. As Minami continued to explain, Sayuki creeped off and threw a snowball at her face. Sayuki told her that she just wants to be a target for throwing snowballs, and this triggers Minami. She and Sayuki then engage in an intense snowball fight while Neji stands nearby cheering them on. Later in the day, Sayuki lies down on a hospital bed, her face flushed with her fever. Neji was crying because he was sad that Sayuki's energy was gone, and Minami just said playing with snow is hard for a princess. A nearby nurse tells Sayuki that as long as she takes her medicine and rests in her bed, she will get well fast. Sayuki asks her where her father was, and she answers, saying that Suijin is busy since he is a highly important shinobi for the village. Minami and Neji all assure her that Suijin will immediately come when he hears that her daughter is sick. This made Sayuki worried about their health since they were very close to her. Minami and Neji told her that they feel fine and they can stay for a little longer. Later, they were shown to be sick and Sayuki calling for the nurse. As the three laid down in their beds, Minami then realized why she was seeing hallucinations of snowballs flying around her earlier. Sayuki asks Minami and Neji why they didn't go to other rooms. Neji says that it was better for the sick people to stay in one room to prevent other people from being infected. He then announces that he and Sayuki sleep together sometimes in his bedroom, making Sayuki blush. Minami was shocked from hearing that, and she prepares to go to other rooms. As if on cue, Yuuto, or in this case, Lord Yuuto comes in, angry that Minami threw snow at the princess, making her sick. Minami tried to make an excuse, saying that it was human nature to throw snow at other people, but Yuuto didn't take it. He ordered Minami to turn around so that he could give her a whipping, and just as he was about to do that, the nurse came in to stop him. As Lord Yuuto turns around and sulkily walks away, Minami shivers and says that she will stay in the room, otherwise she will get killed when he returns. Neji, however, was amazed and tells Minami that Lord Yuuto was his hero and didn't know that he was Minami's grandfather. Minami tells him that she was an orphan and was Lord Yuuto's adoptive granddaughter, so she wasn't related to him by blood. Sayuki, however, sees this visit from Lord Yuuto as love and tells Minami that he must really care for her. Then in came HiSayukii, Neji's strict and "scary" uncle. Neji was amazed that his uncle came to visit him, he still didn't like the main family still. While Sayuki and Minami tremble in fear. Neji asks his uncle why he was here. HiSayukii asks him if it was weird for an uncle to visit a sick nephew, and Neji says that he will catch a cold from him trying to not to show that he dislikes him and wants him away. HiSayukii then asks him if he thought he would lose to a lame sickness, and Neji answers no. HiSayukii then tells Neji to "murder" this sickness quickly, then he leaves. The moment he closes the door, Minami and Sayuki immediately let out a sigh a relief, saying that HiSayukii was so scary that their fever might have gone down. Neji, on the other hand, was happy and concerned at the same time that his uncle visited him and said that he will kill this sickness immediately. He and Minami then went to sleep. Sayuki could, however, and she questions when her father will come to visit her. Later when the three were eating, Sayuki didn't want to eat anything. The nurse was worried, but Sayuki still wouldn't take a bite. Minami and Neji were concerned too, saying that she had to eat a little bit and that she would get uglier if she didn't. Then they overhear two servants talking about how Suijin had not visited Sayuki. They said that Suijin must have been afraid that he would also catch the sickness if he visited, so he was afraid to visit his daughter. This makes Sayuki miserable and Neji mad, and he tells the servants to be quiet. Minami says that she is thinking better of Suijin, for he was still doing his job even when his daughter was sick. This helped Sayuki feel better, and she was sorry that she felt alone and miserable earlier when she had such great friends. Later in the night when the three of them were sleeping, Sayuki's stomach suddenly growls really loud, earning a sarcastic remark from Minami. Neji asks Sayuki if she was hungry, then rings the bell for a servant. Chicken rice porridge with Youtiao is then brought in for Sayuki. Sayuki was very excited, for chicken porridge was her favorite sickness recovery food. Despite that, she immediately spits it out, for it tasted really bad. The door opened, and in came an embarrassed Suijin. He told them that he made the chicken rice porridge because he was sorry for not visiting Sayuki earlier. Sayuki was touched by this and began to eat the rest of the porridge. Suijin, Minami, and Neji were surprised by this, for they thought Sayuki had said that it tasted bad. Sayuki looked up, and with tears in her eyes, said that it tasted really bad. Minami and Neji were relieved to hear that she was eating something. A couple of days later, Minami, Sayuki, and Neji looked up into the winter sky. Sayuki was disappointed that they all got better in such a short time. Minami asks Neji if he was disappointed because he couldn't sleep with the princess. Neji replied that he can sleep with Sayuki anytime, but he wanted to stay in bed with Sayuki and Minami, forever and ever. Minami says that they don't need to be sick in order to stick with each other; they can play anytime. They continued to look into the sky, Sayuki invited both Minami and Neji to come play tomorrow. Neji told her he wanted to train to become stronger and protect them, this gives Sayuki and Minami high determination to train and become stronger.

A few days later, as Naruto was training, Sayuki was seen peeking over him behind a tree. She remembered what people said if she played with Naruto. She rushed home and asked her parents if she could play with the poor lonely boy. Hina and Sakku looked at each other asking why she's not playing with Neji or Minami, she answered that they were busy and can't play, her brother is busy with missions too so he can't play with her, her sister wouldn't even talk to her, Hina and Sakku and told her to do whatever satisfies her. When Sayuki heard this, she rushed out and went to where Naruto was. When she reached the place, she saw no one there. She was saddened and intended to go back home and read books. When she turned around, Naruto surprised her by hanging upside down on a tree. Naruto asks why she was here, Sayuki stuttered while saying she wanted to be friends with Naruto. She didn't talk much because she is a bit shy. Naruto lit up and was delighted. He asked if she was serious and if she didn't have any conditions. Sayuki nodded, Naruto quickly grabbed her hand and pulled her while running towards the village, Sayuki stopped him. Sayuki told him she'd borrow her aunt's Cloak of Invisibility so they can have fun without anyone seeing them. After granting access to the cloak, they both had fun running around the village and eating food. The night ended with Sayuki promising she'll bring Minami, Hinata and Neji to play with him too.

Five Kage Summit

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Sayuki and Shoko was informed by Minami and Sakura that Tsunade is in a coma and that there's nothing that can be done to bring her out of it. While Sayuki, Minami, Sakura and Naruto talk, they are approached by Tazuna and Inari, who have come to help rebuild Konoha. They ask about Sasuke, who which Naruto avoids going into detail about so as to spare them and Sakura a discussion about Sasuke's defection. After Tazuna and Inari leave, they receive news that Danzō Shimura has become the next Hokage and that he has ordered Sasuke be killed as a traitor. Sayuki refused to believe that he had become a Hokage, Minami stated he can't really become one because Tsunade is still in a coma and she would probably wake up very soon, this worries Sayuki. Sayuki didn't want Sasuke to die too because she knew it would leave some of her friends heartbroken. Naruto, Minami, Sayuki and Sakura approach Sai to ask him how they can convince Danzō to change his mind, but Sai is unable to help. Omoi and Karui of Kumogakure overhear them talking about Sasuke and they ask for information about Sasuke, wishing to kill him for his role in Akatsuki's capture of Killer B. This news upsets Sakura greatly to the point of tears, so Naruto leads Omoi and Karui away to spare her further distress. Minami told them they have no choice but to kill Sasuke. In the anime, while Sayuki and Sakura watching over a comatose Tsunade, Shoko cried grieving over her mother thinking she wouldn't wake up forever. Shizune confirms what she heard about Sasuke working with Akatsuki, which once again left Sakura on the verge of tears and hoping that Tsunade would awaken soon so the situation with Sasuke can be resolved. Sayuki comforts her and told her that there's a bit chance she would wake up and become Hokage again since she's a strong-willed kunoichi, Sayuki's words managed to cheer Sakura up.

As a request from Sakura, Sayuki and Sayaka accompany her along with Sai, Kiba and Rock Lee to the Land of Iron in order to search for Naruto and confront him. When they find him, Sakura attempts to tell him that she loves him and that, because of this, he no longer needs to fulfil his promise regarding Sasuke, who she claims she no longer has feelings for. Sayuki and Sayaka was surprised by this and didn't know what to say, everyone thought Sakura loves Sasuke, Sayaka was shocked and called it a plot twist. Although, they were just playing along and knew she was lying. However, this enrages Naruto, who rejects Sakura by telling her that he hates people who lie to themselves. Sakura then insists rather angrily that it's true and that he should start worrying about himself rather than Sasuke. Naruto still does not believe her and informs her that he wants to save Sasuke for his own reasons, not for Sakura. Sayuki never intended to believe Sakura and told her she's bad at lying and should stop manipulating Naruto into thinking she's inlove with him. Sayaka nodded in agreement. Sayuki and her team tells her it would have been better to simply tell Naruto the truth about Konoha 11's decision and that she's underestimating him by not doing so, but Sakura adamantly says she couldn't do it.

When Kiba finally locates Sasuke, Sayuki has him give her precise directions to where he is. Sakura then attempts to knock out the team with sleeping gas, but is initially stopped by Sai, who has guessed that she plans to personally kill Sasuke. When he attempts to detain them on KakSayukii's instructions, Sakura asks Sayuki to help her use sleeping gas because she's the only one close to her who she can trust with it, Sayuki asks why and Sakura told her she wanted to kill Sasuke on her own. Sayuki didn't want to betray her team and deny multiple times but Sakura kept pushing her. Sayuki agreed to do so. When Kiba, Sayaka and Lee engage Sai, giving Sakura and Sayuki a chance to use the sleeping gas. They proceed to where Sasuke is and Sakura announces her desire to join with him, even if that means helping destroy Konoha. Sayuki asks her if she was serious and Sakura nodded. Sayuki whispered to her and told her about what she said before she agreed to Sakura. Sayuki finally understands why she is doing this and followed along. To prove her loyalty, Sasuke instructs Sakura to kill the badly-injured Karin. Sakura approaches her, contemplating how best to strike Sasuke, but is alerted by Karin that Sasuke is attacking her from behind with Chidori. Sayuki ran towards Sakura. KakSayukii arrives in time to stop him and, aware of what Sakura was planning, volunteers to be the one to kill Sasuke so that she won't need to, especially when he holds himself responsible for not preventing the situation as his teacher. Sayuki's hatred for Sasuke increased tremendously. Sayuki wanted to kill Sasuke but knew she couldn't.

Sakura and Sayuki heals Karin's injury and, in her unstable mental state, joins the battle. Sakura starts attacking Sasuke from behind, but ultimately can't bring herself to harm him and cries at her own failure. Sensing her, Sasuke grabs her by the throat, takes her kunai, and prepares to kill her with it, but she is saved by Naruto. Sayuki charges towards Sasuke and uses her kunai to try to kill Sasuke resulting in failure. She still left a deep scar on Sasuke's face because he didn't notice her charging towards him. Sakura is shocked that she came close to being killed by Sasuke, and is further shocked as Sasuke confesses to killing Danzō and plans to do the same to his former teammates and the village. After briefly fighting, Naruto and Sasuke talk and conclude that only they are suitable to fight each other, which they will do at some future date; Sakura is upset once again that her resolve isn't as strong as theirs and she decides to trust Naruto and Sasuke in fulfilling her dream of Team 7 having a happy ending. Sayuki told Sakura that she had always been strong, just that people in surroundings are much more powerful. After Sasuke leaves with Tobi, Naruto passes out from the poison of Sakura's kunai and a panicked Sakura gives him the antidote. Sakura then uses an antidote to wake Sai, Kiba, Sayaka and Rock Lee up. Sayuki asks if they were alright.

After returning to the village, everyone in Konoha 11 including Sayuki decided it would be better off killing Sasuke before he involved the village with any war. One of Sayuki's friend, Ino was heartbroken about this news since she was a kid she had a crush on Sasuke, this made Sayuki feel bad for her so she comfort Ino with Tenten, Sayuki wasn't really the type to just understand everyone in her surrounding perfectly but she still handled the situation wonderfully. When Naruto came back to the village together with Sakura, he demanded that managing with Sasuke be cleared out to him. Tenten got irate and told him that this should not be something he embraced on his own, which none of them would fairly stand by and observe. Sayuki told him that she concurred with Tenten. Despite this, Naruto solidly expressed that he would be the one to handle Sasuke, which he'd tell them everything when the time came, he asked if Sayuki would come to eat Ichiraku ramen with him and Sayuki agreed randomly with mixed feelings that aren't able to be expressed, while eating ramen, Sayuki asked Naruto if he was serious about handling Sasuke by himself, Naruto nodded and then they both ate their Ichiraku ramen silently with an awkward face while Sayuki tried processing what will happen next in the future if he was honest with his wordings, she was worried but didn't know how to stop him because of his stubbornness. After, she was introduced to the Water Daimyō by her mother.

When Tsunade finally wakes from her coma, Sayuki was informed about this by Sakura and Shoko. Sayuki rushed to Tsunade to greet her back to which Tsunade hugged her telling how much she missed the village and her students.


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In the anime, Sayuki is part of a team of reinforcements sent to Tonika Village to help Team 7 in the fight against Kabuto Yakushi. Sayuki and Hinata made a plan and attempted to stop the Nine-Tailed Naruto Clone from taking chakra from Naruto, but they failed and they were both saved by Neji which made Sayuki question her worth later on. Naruto eventually defeats it and they return to Konoha.

Genjutsu of the Past: Twisted World

In the anime, Sayuki, Minami and Naruto are sent to find a missing princess. While investigating and finding her, they came across Tobi, a member from the Akatsuki. While Sayuki, Minami, and Naruto fight against Tobi, Tsunade sends Neji, Yasu, and Hinata to assist them. Sayuki, Minami and Naruto got caught in Tobi's genjutsu. After a while Neji, Yasu, and Hinata finally found them. In the genjutsu, it is focused in the past on Sayuki, Minami, Naruto and Nishi. They were sent to a world where it's focused on Nishi's mysterious and unsolvable past. Nishi is the friend of Sayuki, who had come to see her as a sister and continuously saw her as a cheerful and cherishing friend. In any case, the truth is that Nishi has continuously been broken, abused by her as far as anyone knows loving parents and afterward her uncle, all of whom Nishi murders starting with her parents. After knowing this case, the three finally learned that this world is twisted and full of people's untold secrets, though no one knows that her parents and uncle were actually the bad people including Sayuki, Minami, and Naruto. They realized that this has not happened yet and will soon. They all later encounter a fifteen years old Nishi, Sayuki asked why she had turned to this type of person. Frightened, Nishi answers in a confused and cold tone since she doesn't know what Sayuki is talking about, at which point she walks away with her shopping bag. Sayuki made a plan that she will get her parents out of the house in order to protect them while Minami and Naruto hide in the nearby valley to catch Nishi. Not too long, Minami and Sayuki were confused on why they heard fighting sounds, they followed the sound and afterwards, Nishi stood in the midst of a veritable hellscape of flames, blood, and corpses, and turned to face Naruto and Minami, uncovering herself. Realizing that Minami and Naruto were the people she saw earlier with Sayuki, she chuckles through blood-covered teeth, stepping on Sayuki's body. She clarifies to Minami and Naruto that her parents were brutal people. Her father sexually assaulted her while her mother attacked her for being jealous which led to their joy fading, so she murdered them. "This is why you're suicidal since you're 8...?" Minami asked in a frightened and angry tone. After asking Naruto and Minami who they were, she explains that they had come here to spare her from getting to be a killer and being executed by the hokage. Nishi, entertained by this improvement, charges at Minami and Naruto. Still lively, Sayuki catches the trade, and attacks Nishi, launching her at a wall. Sayuki, blinded by anger and devastation, quickly attacks Nishi with her Flower Rope. Naruto asks Sayuki to stop telling her that friends shouldn't fight each other, Sayuki told him to shut his mouth and that she would kill him if he continues to interrupt her. Be that as it may, it does not stop Sayuki, who is presently burning the memories of Nishi in order to slaughter her. Nishi was about to stab Minami but the scene changes to where Sayuki is surrounded by spider lilies, Minami appeared out of nowhere, as Sayuki rushes towards her and attempting to question if she was alright, she perished and was stabbed by the spider lilies and died brutally. The scene went back to where Sayuki was hurt by Nishi. Though after snapping out and realizing Tobi is using them to go against their people by revealing each one's secret, Sayuki stops. Later on, they were brought out of the genjutsu by Neji, Hinata, and Yasu. Tobi left after being called by his comrades. Together, they continued to find the princess as it was a success.

Paradise Life on a Boat

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Sayuki was with Sakura helping her prepare for the Fourth Shinobi World War. Sayuki heard about Neji being appointed as the commander of the clan on the front lines of the impending war, Sayuki was rather shocked thinking Hinata would be in the front line since she's from the head family but still knew Neji was stronger, Tenten suggested the girls, including herself, Hinata, Minami, Ino, Sakura, Sayaka and Shiho to gather up in a girl's club/girls night out at Yukiniku Q. Choji was upset he was not invited, Sayuki laughed and quoted "Ara I think Choji only wanted to go to eat the meat there!" in her mind. A bit later he comes up with his guy's night out at the same place. Both of the team discussed Naruto and about how they met each other which is in the Chunin exams, Everyone had fun but Hinata seemed depressed but then when Tenten brought up Sasuke in the conversation, Sakura was getting sad and upset in the corner of the room making Tenten said that there's two depressed girls in the room, Sayuki tried cheering Hinata up asking her what was wrong and tried making her gain back her appetite but she denied saying she's fine and not upset at anything at all, she quickly ate her meal and so Sayuki smiled and added more meat to her bowl telling her to eat her, however, Tsunade just walked into the room asking what they were doing making everyone shocked including the girls and the boys, Tenten responded saying they were having a girl's club and somewhat Tsunade wanted join making Chojii say Tenten was bold of how she just casually invited Tsunade. Sayuki and the girls talked a bit with Tsunade and after they all headed back to their homes. At home, Hitomi asked if Sayuki needed any maids and she could send one for her, Sayuki smirked and told her she needed more maids for a long time now. Hitomi told her she'll send one in a bit. Sayaka asks Sayuki why didn't told her if she needed more maids and that she could've send her more maids rather than having Hitomi's maid. Sayuki laughed and told Sayaka that Hitomi is sending maids to spy on her only. Sayaka called her insane and asked her why she wanted to get spied on. Sayuki told her that she will pressure the maid to do unlimited work to the point she can't meet them. Sayaka smiled and told her she'll join the fun "game". A few weeks later, While talking to Sayaka in her room, Sayuki called out Ichika, the maid that Hitomi send. Sayuki scolded Ichika for not learning to get the correct water temperature for the tea and bringing her bland cookies. Ichika explained how sugar had been rare these days. Sayuki asked her if it's okay to bring awful cookies to her master if it's rare. Sayuki continuously scolded and criticized Ichika; Sayaka looked away trying not to laugh. Sayuki told Sayaka to follow her, Sayaka followed her. Sayuki ordered Ichika to get out and clean the hall stairs in front of her room. Sayuki showed Sayaka 3 huge piles of scented oil explaining how it became popular after people wanted to make their food smell sweet, Sayuki spended a lot on it. Sayaka was shocked because they were extremely expensive. Sayaka asks her why she bought it because it's impossible to use it all, Sayuki told her she's going to give it to all of the maids and they would somehow side with Sayuki and Sayaka. Sayaka called for Kaori telling her to give out the scented oil to everyone. While eating breakfast, Suijin got angered telling them how bland the food is without sugar. Sayuki and Sayaka looked at each other and realized. They smirked at each other. The maids had all sided with both of them. After getting back to her room, Sayuki put her mind on learning and creating a new technique because the Fourth Shinobi War is near and it would be a big help, she thought to herself if Shoko and Tsunade would help her do it. She called for Ichika again and asked why she still can't brew the tea properly. Ayumi smiled and wondered how she even worked for the Saitou clan. Ichika glared at her, Ayumi slapped her. Sayuki raised her hand with her cup hanging recklessly on the tip on her finger, it fell and shattered, It was an expensive teacup. Everyone was shocked. Sayuki ordered her to sweep it out, bring a new tea pot in five minutes. Ayumi told her it's almost dinner and suggested not to drink more tea, Sayuki smiled and told her she it's alright and she'll just let Ichika drink everything. Sayuki thought to herself, she was the one who poisoned her mother in the future and so she framed Hitomi of doing so Ichika asked if Sayuki wanted revenge and that she'll help poison Hitomi which led to Sayuki to be framed for trying to "murder" Hitomi, Sayuki laughed and told herself it's like a child's play. When Ichika entered her room with the tea pot, Sayuki ordered her to drink everything and finish cleaning the hallway. Ichika made a death stare as Sayuki walked out. "You vulgar little... who are you to order such a thing?" Ichika mumbled. Sayuki smirked and said "Go ahead, Ichika. Show us your true colors. After taking our future into account, i'm detemined to use you for the first part of my revenge."

Nine Squad Preparation

Sayuki was assigned into the Nine Squad Team as the leader by Tsunade, it included Minami, Kita, Kazuki, Sayaka, Kiyoshi, Arata, Yasu, and Takeru, basically Team 16, Team 4 and Team 12. This squad is for attacking and killing Madara, together they all practice the Meditating Sound Formation together, this Formation was originally from the Ame-nin team in the Chunin Exam brought by Takeru Akiyama. They all advanced it into an S-ranked technique in no time, they all worked hard. Very little of this Arc was shown in the anime, especially in the war itself. The team ought to remember what's written in the scroll before the Fourth Shinobi World War, the techniques that were involved into this formation are: Sayuki and Sayaka's Flower Release, Minami's Universe Ring and Wind Fire Wheels along with her Butterfly Release, Kita's Blood Release, Kazuki's Smoke Release, Takeru's Fire Release, Yasu's Nendougan and his weapon scroll, Arata's Earth Release, and Kiyoshi's Storm Release. The Spirit Transformation Technique was also included but no one was able to use it. These techniques individually are already S-ranked. A month before the war started, everyone managed to put their techniques together. After this, we see Kita suggesting everyone go to a shrine and pray for safety. After praying all together, everyone was later on seen in the Yakiniku Q eating and discussing their plans together. Kazuki suggested they would invite everyone instead of just them. Everyone agreed because they wanted to know what happens during the time they were training. After everyone agreed to eat together, they all eventually challenged each other to play a round of a game called Truth or Dare. Naruto asked what it was and Tenten explained that it's a game mostly in verbal party game requiring two or more players. Players are given the choice between answering a question truthfully, or performing a "double dare," both of which are played by both players. Sakura went first and asked Ino the question with her answer being "Dare", Sakura smirked and dared Ino to oink like a pig which left Ino no choice but to do it. When it got to Sayuki's turn, the last to do it, she was asked by Kiba. She answered dare. Kiba told her to take a cup of alcohal. Sayuki told him it's illegal to do it at a young age but he told her that it's just a sip. Sayuki has an extremely low tolerance for alcohol and hates alcohol a lot. Sayuki took a quick sip and drank it all knowing she would become intoxicated, after that she puked in disgust and drank water immediately. She had a headache the moment after. Neji was worried about whether Sayuki was alright or not. Kazuki told everyone that since it's finished and everyone is done eating, everyone should head home. During the time Sayuki became intoxicated, Neji, Hinata and Minami told Sayaka that they will help carry her home. Sakura wanted to come too but Sayaka told her that they have enough people. When they got there, Neji told them Sayaka that she can go to her bedroom and they're going to put Sayuki to bed. While doing the process, Neji and Sayuki stumbled upon a scene where they came face-to-face. Neji was a bit surprised and blushed. Sayuki asks if he has a fever, touching his forehead. Neji told her he's fine and told her to sleep. Neji left and went back to Minami and Hinata. In the morning she did not remember a thing that happened after everyone went back home. She didn't bother asking her sister either. Sayuki was seen training to the point she almost fainted, she went back to her room. Ichika went into the room behaving suspiciously like if she's guilty of something. Ayumi came into the room telling Sayuki that Hina is going to join the Fourth Shinobi World War, Sayuki got worried, Sayuki just finished training and is stressing out the incoming war lately. Ayumi scolded Ichika and told her to pour Sayuki some tea since she's stressing, Ichika hesitated which angered Ayumi. Ayumi asked her if she's trying to hint her to pour it herself. Ayumi told Sayuki to look at her disgusting attitude. Sayuki didn't scold anyone and told Ayumi to drink her tea to calm herself down while she's trying to see what she can do about Hina and the War. Ayumi was shocked because Sayuki didn't scold Ichika. Ayumi told her to drink the tea or else she would not stop stressing. Sayuki did what she said, before drinking it, she sense poison and smirked. A plan came into her mind, she drank a bit of it and told Ayumi it tastes odd. Sayuki felt to the ground and fainted. Everyone was seeking for help. Hina told some high class shinobis to find her as quickly as possible. The doctor reexamined Sayuki, but she has not been fatally poison. The doctor explained that the symptoms are light because she consumed a small amount and explaining how it was fortunate. "Well that's because I only pretended o drink it." Sayuki thought in her mind. Hina asked why she was asleep for so long. The doctor explained how her body must've been exhausted from countering the poison and training too much or just had been stressed out. Everyone was worried and was surrounding Sayuki telling her to tell them when she feels ill and must make sure to rest and eat well, her friends and family including Hitomi in the back trembling. Everyone was badmouthing Ichika. Sayaka was panicking and told Kaori to bring Sayuki honey water. She took a sip and told Sayuki it's safe to drink. Sayuki asked what happened to Ichika. Suijin answered that they reported her to the Daimyō, and sent out some people to find her. Suijin reassured Sayuki that she would be caught soon and told her not to worry. Sayuki asked if Hitomi is alright. Hitomi flinched stuttering while saying she's alright. Sayuki told her she's the one who sent Ichika to her after all. Sayuki sniffled sarcastically explaining how she could easily be the victim if she had kept her around. Without letting Sayuki finished, Hina told her to focus more on recovering herself because there's an inpending war soon. After this everyone left. Sayaka stayed with her, Sayuki stretched and asked her what was happening when she fainted. Sayaka laughed and told how the whole Saitou Clan was turned upside down and the rumors are everywhere. Sayuki requests Sayaka to spread rumors saying that the culprit is someone in household who hates Sayuki. Sayaka is good at this so she did it perfectly. Sayaka asks Sayuki is she knows who it is, Sayuki knew exactly it is. Sumiko. Sumiko is like a mother figure to Hitomi, she helped Hitomi in all situations. Saburo got back from his mission and rushed to Sayuki. Saburo asks if she's alright. Sayuki reassured him everything, Saburo invites Sayuki to go downstairs and eat, Sayaka followed along. While eating, Saburo questions Hitomi is she was alright because she looks swollen. Hitomi flinched and denied it. Saburo gets irritated about Ichika and sent more shinobis to find her. Soon it was night time, Sayuki went out to her balcony gaze the star, she saw Neji and was shocked. He apologized for entering her room late at night. Sayuki scolded him for just standing there because he could've been seen. He asked about Sayuki's health, he apologized for not coming because he was busy. They talked for a few hours and he left. In the morning, Ichika was seen returning while wearing a cloak, Ayumi freaked out. Sayuki told her that Ichika is her guest and told her to leave them alone. Sayuki asked Ichika why she was here without finishing "her task". Ichika trembled as she asked if there was really a way for her to live. The scene changes to where Ichika was tied up by Sayuki, Sayuki grabbed her hair and asked her how she feels seeing the girl she tried to murder "come back" to life. Sayuki asks why she's crying like she's a victim. Sayaka entered the place and told her she shouldn't even do something so wicked at the first place. Sayuki smacked her. Sayaka wanted to give her a beating but Sayuki stopped her. Sayaka questions that why and that all the things she had done to Hina and Sayuki including herself, she tried to kill the three of them. Sayuki reminded her of their plan. Sayuki told Ichika she'll give her another chance. Sayuki told her she knew her intentions all from the start, ever since she started to serve her. She sensed that someone had assigned her to keep an eye on her. Sayuki told her if she accepted her proposal, she would let her escape to another country with everything to guarantee her freedom, but in return she must do what Sayuki and Sayaka say. Ichika asked if she wanted to know the culprit who sent her, she told her she knows who it is. "I always knew you were smart but how did a smart girl like you end up making the wrong choice?" Sayuki said. Sayuki reassured her everything about her safety when telling her to come to the Saitou clan's house tommorow. Sayaka gave her money to make her decent looking and they both left. Sayuki and Sayaka left in relieved because Hina can't get killed. In the morning, Sayuki was seen guiding Ichika telling her that the carriage Sayuki prepared for her is full of money, food and everything she needs. Sayuki told her to go look around and check. When Ichika walked into the main room, everyone started freaking out while yelling out Ichika's name and that she's back. Ichika was captured. Sayuki walked into their conversation and told them to wait. Sayaka told everyone to wait and listen to what she has to say. Hitomi trembled in fear. Ichika explained everything to everyone and revealed the culprit is Sumiko. Sumiko grit her teeth and attacked Ichika. Sayuki explained that she remembered that, that day, Ichika was anxious and acting weird so she decided to ask what's on her mind but she couldn't say anything, she told Ichika that if something bothers her she can tell Sayuki. Ayumi was confused if she had said that because it's not in her memory at all. Everyone started to whisper. Hitomi was crying as Sumiko attacks Ichika. Everyone was trying to stop her. Sayaka smirked while looking at Sayuki enjoying everything. Hitomi was trembling. Ichika told everyone that she only did it because Sumiko had threatened to kill her family if she doesn't. Sayiki blamed herself on purpose to let Ichika go as promised while smirking at Hitomi. Sumiko is just like a mother to Hitomi but Hitomi wasn't able to do anything because she's just a coward. After everything happened, Sayuki, Sayaka, Ayumi and Kaori guide Ichika to her carriage. Ayumi was angered by this because Sayuki forgave Ichika easily. Sayuki and Sayaka laughed at her words, at night, the carriage groom told Ichika he would go to relieve himself, after a long time, Ichika got out after waiting to long. Her luggage disappeared and was later on eaten by wolves. On the next day, Sumiko was brought to the court, there were so many requests of forgiveness for Sumiko. The judge asked if she will forgive the accused for what she did, everyone whispered saying she will. Sayuki smiled at Hitomi and said no. Hitomi trembled in fear. The criminal has been sent to jail. Hitomi was about to faint, Sayaka laughed and asked her if she has thought they didn't know, Hitomi fainted.

Fourth Shinobi World War: Countdown

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Sayuki reminded herself that her mother Hina wanted to join the Allied Shinobi force, Sayuki tried to convince her mother to not join because she might lose control and kill everyone. Though she didn't succeed because of her stubbornness.

Fourth Shinobi World War: Confrontation

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When the Fourth Shinobi World War began, Sayuki was placed in the Fourth Division with members including Chōji Akimichi, Dodai, Matsuri, Sagan, Temari, Tessa, Yukata, Sayaka, Saburo, Gaara as the commander and Shikamaru Nara as the proxy commander. The division is used as a defense for the supporting units, as well as a support for the other main divisions themselves.

After Ōnoki gives them the signal, Temari and Sayuki direct the rest of the division to charge. As the war ensued, Temari attacked the Third Raikage with the Wind Release: Cast Net technique. Sayuki helped her attack him with the Flower Release: Rose of Thorns. Their technique successfully slSayukied and stabbed him, and then Temari straight away ordered the Sealing Team to move in right away. The Raikage, however, incapacitated the sealing team before they're capable of doing anything. Temari and Sayuki tried to revise their strategy, however Dodai explained the Third's skills in more detail to her, noting that they would need a much stronger, long-range Wind Release approach to defeat him. Sayuki questions if the Flower Release can defeat him, before the Raikage could attack again, Naruto appeared on the battlefield declaring that he has such a technique. Sayuki watched on as Naruto's Rasenshuriken didn't incapacitate the Raikage and later warned her division to concentrate to Dodai's commands and flee whilst the Raikage breached the reinforced wall, however the shinobi who have been seemingly exasperated by the truth that nothing was working against the Raikage opted to ambush him. After the failed ambush, Temari told the wounded to be taken to the medic group and for the rest of the forces to fall back. Sayuki healed some of them. Sayuki clenched her fist and charged to attack the Raikage, she was able to rip off his leg but failed to defeat him. When the Third Raikage was finally sealed, Sayuki mobilises with the rest of the division towards where Gaara was fighting the Second Mizukage.

On the way, in the anime, Sayuki and her team received a word to go back to the Third Raikage's location to guard the seal from more reincarnated shinobi. Upon returning, Sayuki was horrified to see amongst the group of reincarnated shinobi was one of her old bullies from her childhood, Aina. Thrilled to see Sayuki again, Aina surprisingly found out her long feelings of affection towards her. While shocked by this, Sayaka stated that some people regularly play jokes simply to get the attention of one they are too shy to openly talk towards, Sayaka also randomly laughs because she remembered the time Minami avenge Aina back with her Universe Ring. Sayuki told her the only girl she would date is Minami and no girls compare to her. Sayuki also added that Aina is her bully and made her childhood worse than hell. While rejecting Aina's feelings, Sayuki did admit she loved being around a person who actually cared for her and saved her at her lowest times, unhappy whilst she discovered she died. Aina eagerly requested if she would say she loved her just for her to go to heaven in peace whilst she heard she had died, in which she denied ever saying she loved her. She then requested if she had lived, if she might have gone out with her wherein she at once rejected the concept and started laughing, she told her if she would have survived, she would bully her back for revenge. A blushing Sayaka already found out that Sayuki already favored a person, a clever guy who cared for more than anyone. Sayuki, pretty amazed at her knowledge, quickly retaliated, claiming that there has been no person that she favored and would only favor Minami. An angered Aina, claimed that she knew who it was and asked if it was the boy who protected her from the bullies. Sayuki laughed and told her she only liked that guy platonically and that they were already separated and never talked ever since. Having heard enough, she accepted Sayuki's rejection, Aina's past regrets were let go and allowed herself to be sealed. After saying her goodbyes to her fellow Konoha and Suna-nin, Sayuki and Temari were approached by the reincarnated Torune Aburame. Temari remembered him from the Kage Summit, Temari warned her team to be careful. She quickly attacked him, only to show Torune was an insect clone. Sayuki backs out and sets a strategy plan which worked.

When the real Madara Uchiha made an appearance at the battlefield sending meteorites crSayukiing towards earth, she appeared to have sustained no harm as she inquired about Ōnoki's state. Sayuki was able to hit him, making him fly 70 feet away. Though Madara did not get hurt but acknowledged her strength.

She, later on, got contacted by Shikamaru's dad, Shikaku telling her she needs to go aid and provide the Surprise Attack and Diversion Platoon some support saying they got attacked by the Akatsuki and Sayuki does what he said but on the way there she was stopped by one of the Akatsuki, Deidara. She didn't know what to do so the only choice is to fight, she was able to slice both of his arms out and injure him, after dealing with him for quite a while she was thinking she needed to back out because if it continued she thought she would easily die, luckily before backing out both her teammates came to help her out, together with their teamwork they defeated Deidara. Soon after defeating Deidara, Nishi was reincarnated making Sayuki tear without knowing, Sayuki hated how she had to fight her loved ones. It seems like Takeru and Yasu already knew about Nishi since Sayuki used to tell them about Nishi, none of them had the confidence to fight Nishi, Takeru and Yasu knew how much she meant to Sayuki but still encouraged Sayuki to fight. Sayuki struck at Nishi with her Flower Release: Ground Strike first making the ground break apart and Nishi lose balance. Takeru added with his Fire Release: Candle Finger Needles, while fighting Sayuki was talking about how sorry she is for not listening to her when she told her that she wanted to die, She wanted to say she would comfort her and be her therapy when needed, Nishi responded saying it jumping off the bridge was her choice and she was just opening to Sayuki to make her more get comforted when needed, Nishi complimented on Sayuki's skills and abilities saying it improved a lot since the last time she saw her train with Saburo. Nishi used her claw release, which is almost the same as claw creation technique, Nishi successfully scratched Sayuki's leg. Takeru told her not to go easy on Nishi. After a while of fighting with her injured legs, it ended as Team 4 all defeated Nishi and Deidarai before Nishi disappear Nishi tells Sayuki to take care of herself and that they will meet in another life and Nishi told Sayuki that they will once again talk about circumstances at school. Sayuki heals herself and the scar was gone.

Shikaku told Sayuki and the others, everything is alright and that they don't need to continue to provide support to the Surprise Attack Division. Yasu looked exhausted, Sayuki told him to rest a bit but he denied saying he's alright and they needed to go back to check on the First Division but later on after walking for a bit he fainted and collapsed onto the ground making both Takeru and Sayuki worry. Sayuki decides to try to heal Yasu since it would take too long to take him to the Medical Tent. Sayuki successfully healed Yasu after some time, both Takeru and Sayuki were relieved.

Fourth Shinobi World War: Climax

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After being informed by Inoichi Yamanaka from Allied Shinobi Forces' Headquarters that Naruto and Killer B were battling the "masked Madara", Sayuki and the rest of the Konoha 11 surged to their help as quickly as they could. Afterward, Tenten arrived with her division which was reported by Darui, she stood nearby the remainder of the Allied Shinobi Forces as they arranged to confront their resistance by trapping the Ten-Tails which turned out to be a disappointment. With their endeavor to immobilize the Ten-Tails finished in failure, Sayuki tuned in, as Shikaku conferred what would be his last fight procedure through Inoichi as a Followed Tailed-Beast Ball was sent rushing towards HQ. Afterwards, Yasu reminded them that they were still within the middle of the fight and that they didn't have time to waste. The Ten-Tails afterward started its move.

Thereafter facing various attacks from the Ten-tails, Sayuki became exhausted and breathing heavily, Sayuki later tried using her Flower Release: Teleporter to try and sneak to get near Obito and Madara but her chakra wasn't enough. Sayuki wanted to fight Obito and Madara alone, with her selfless desire she lied and asked Yasu to use his Chakra transfer technique on her. Before Yasu did anything, Takeru knew what she was going to do, He told her it's useless because Obito and Madara would destroy her before she would touch them. Sayuki was later seen to be with Hinata, Naruto, Minami and Neji. Sayuki loved how both Neji and Hinata were able to risk their lives protecting Naruto. After she used her Fire release to try cutting down the Ten-tails, she created several blades of fire. She saw it was going to use Wood Style: Cutting springs on everyone and so Sayuki tried to escape it using her physical strength, Later Yasu came to her aid, Sayuki asked for him to use the chakra transfer on her again and told him the reason this time. Sayuki saw Hinata trying to protect Naruto which made her extremely worried and so she rushed to them, trying to help them out. Neji used his Byakugan and saw through the arrows so he protected Naruto, Neji got stabbed by the springs and has a serious injury, Sayuki saw through everything making her shocked and unable to express anything for a while, she fell to her knees and cried uncontrollably, she took the opportunity to confess how she feel about him in his moments while trying to heal him, Naruto was finding the medical team, Many thoughts rushed through her head, "Is Neji going to die like?" "Am I going to succeed in this healing?" "Why am I starting to lose more people?" Sayuki ignored those and put her heart into healing Neji, she succeeded in it and she was happy she had great chakra control. Sayuki quickly hugged Neji, gratefully because he survived a life and death situation. Neji had a big wound and Sayuki promised to treat it after war ends, hopefully they would survive. She realized what she said a moment ago and pretended it didn't happen. She said to herself thinking how Neji almost died and all she did was talk about her feelings. "I'm selfish huh?" Sayuki quoted. Neji and Sayuki look at each other and smile before Neji thanks her while holding her hand. Later on, Hinata then encouraged Naruto not to join Obito, Naruto thanks Hinata. Naruto, later on, provided everyone his Kyuubi chakra, Sayuki felt more powerful and energetic. Sayuki was tasked by Yuuma to use her Nine Squad formation on Madara. Yuuma asked Ino to link the members down so they can know. After linking everyone's mind, Sayuki, Minami, Kita, Kazuki, Sayaka, Kiyoshi, Arata, Yasu, and Takeru gathered together and started their formation, they first start meditating then Sayuki and Sayaka created a very large and powerful circled-shield using their Flower Release: Rose Of Thorns, when everyone started meditating too, the shield started moving up and started spinning around allowing everyone to move their bodies freely without getting out of the shield. When they started to attack Madara, everything was going smoothly since Madara was very much going berserk rolling on the ground because of this technique, Kiyoshi used his technique on Madara. Later, Sayuki and the others were able to cut Madara's right hand and injure him (permanently) causing him to immediately use his rinnegan and Susanoo to break the technique, the team was doomed, Sayuki was about to poison his body and stab him at the time but was stopped by Madara. Minami was the only victim of Madara that was stabbed because she tried protecting Sayuki from getting stabbed by Madara. She protected Sayuki by hugging her, Sayuki carried Minami's bodies and the formation broke, they respawn back to their body. Blood dropped onto her face and Sayuki freaked out and screamed while lifting her head on her shoulder for balance. She broke down in tears and cried worrying Minami would die, everyone didn't have enough chakra at the moment because they all inserted too much chakra while fighting Madara and maintaining their bodies in the shield so everyone tried finding the medical team. Sayuki continues to try her best to heal Minami as soon as possible, it was pretty much too late to save her because her injuries were fatal. Everyone had their last talk with Minami. The last words Minami said to Sayuki was that Sayuki needed to complete her dream and that Minami couldn't be with her anymore and this too will be the last time Minami would protect her, she told her that she hopes to see her future daughter/son while being in heaven. Before passing away, Minami told her to take both her Universe bracelet and both her fire wheels and that she would keep her Universe ring so that Sayuki can feel like Minami is actually with her. Sayuki did what she said. Everyone silently mourned her death with a broken heart. Sayuki held Minami's head so their forehead could touch and kissed her forehead, it was a goodbye sign from where they met. Later, Sayuki was seen giving up and losing hope, wanting to faint but Neji holded her hand and told her to go back to her optimistic and positive self.

The First, Second, and Third Hokage arrived soon afterward and, along with Minato, erected a barrier around the Ten-Tails to confine it. Sasuke arrives shortly after the Fourth, intent on joining the Allies so that he can protect Konoha. Sayuki is surprised by Sasuke's sudden arrival and asks him of his intentions, and is dumbfounded, as with the rest of the Konoha 11, by his declaration that he will be Hokage. Sayuki laughs and calls him pathetic.

Birth of the Ten-Tails' Jinchūriki

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When Tobi, real name Obito Uchiha, becomes the Ten-Tails' jinchūriki, Sayuki was later on seen with the other members of the Alliance charged towards the Uchiha and the Ten-Tails again as revenge. With the situation later turning grim as the Alliance was trapped in a barrier with a Tailed Beast Ball-firing tree, Sayuki, and the other shinobi soon found themselves shrouded in the previous Version 1 mantle again. With the circumstance afterward turning terrible as the Alliance was caught in a barrier with a Tailed Beast Ball-firing tree, Sayuki, and the other shinobi before long found themselves covered within the past Version 1 mantles once more. Sayuki intended to use her Flower Release: Teleporter but everyone including Sayuki founded themselves out of the barrier once again, getting away the near-fatal attack thanks to Minato and Naruto's action, Sayuki surprised Naruto was able to master The Teleportation Technique but Hinata told everyone this isn't Naruto's chakra which lead Sayuki to confusion, she, later on, learned it was Minato's doing. Sayuki then thought to herself how the Teleportation Technique was able to bring everyone out while her Flower Release: Teleporter can't. The Ten-Tails changed into its last form, the God Tree, and ravaged the Alliance. Sayuki was able to elude its chakra-absorbing attacks. Later on the five Kage returned to the battlefield, and charged towards the God Tree along with the rest of the Shinobi Alliance. HSayukiirama Senju at that point had Ino link up everybody telepathically. Whereas his words come up short to motivate anybody, Naruto's senjutsu-enhanced Tailed Beast Mode combined with Ino's telepathy caused his feelings and individual recollections to be exchanged to everybody, impelling them on. and her comrades afterward helped Naruto with wresting control of all the tailed beasts' chakra from Obito's control in order to halt the Shinju from sprouting.

Sayuki and the rest of the Konoha 11 break through Obito's defences using the Rasengan Naruto had created giving him and Sasuke the opportunity to attack Obito directly with landing a final blow. Successfully everyone stopped Obito, but though their triumph is brief lived as Madara was able to resuscitate himself through the Outer Path: Samsara of Heavenly Life Technique, and Guruguru showed up on the battlefield propelling a reestablished ambush. Sayuki regrouped with Yasu and Takeru, as the group saw Gaara, Sakura, and passing on Naruto fly over them from over. Sayuki wondered where they were going. When seeing Team 7 preparing to battle against Madara, the remaining Konoha 11 (along with Sai and Seira) raged and wanted to avenge Minami. Team 12 and Sayuki especially. Sayuki summoned Fenghuang; Yasu summoned Shinjitai; Takeru summoned Tora; Yuuma and Kita summoned Genbu; Shoko and Kazuki summoned Suzaku; Ayato and Kiyoshi summoned Seiyu; Arata and Sayaka summoned Byakko; Sakura and Sayaka summoned Katsuyu; Naruto summoned Gamachiki; Sasuke Summoned Aoda; Seira summoned Okami for the first time with the help of Yurei; Sai used his Super Beast Imitating Drawing technique; The konoha 11 (along with Sai and Seira) followed team 7 to attack Madara. Sensing Madara coming, KakSayukii reminds them of their first lesson as Team 7: the importance of teamwork. When Madara is brought back by Black Zetsu using Obito's body, Sakura launches the first attack. She is stabbed with a Truth-Seeking Ball and is saved by Naruto (who grabs her) and Sasuke (who cuts the rod Madara stabbed her with). Shoko rages and attacks Madara, though failed. Madara, now in possession of two Rinnegan, ascends into the sky and, despite Naruto and Sasuke's attempt to stop him, casts the Infinite Tsukuyomi.

Kaguya Ōtsutsuki Strikes

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While the world around them falls to the Infinite Tsukuyomi, Sasuke uses his Susanoo to shield Konoha 11 (along with Sai and Seira) from its effects. When they emerge, they find Madara has bound the world's population with God: Nativity of a World of Trees and trapped them all within perpetual dreams. Madara confronts them and insists that he has ended all conflicts and that only Konoha 11 (along with Sai and Seira), as the only remaining opposition, would seek to renew the cycle of death that plagued the world for centuries. As he's talking, Madara is stabbed from behind by Black Zetsu, who transfers to him from Obito's body to convert him into Kaguya Ōtsutsuki, Black Zetsu's true master.

Kaguya, the origin of chakra, now has access to the chakra supplies of everyone trapped in the Infinite Tsukuyomi. She wants konoha 11's chakra as well, so she transports them to one of Kaguya's Dimensions: a sea of lava. The heat causes the scroll to burn up, but Naruto sends a shadow clone to catch them. Because only Naruto and Sasuke can defeat Kaguya, they are forced to watch from a distance; the whole konoha 11 (along with Sai and Seira) are mortified when Naruto uses the Sexy Reverse Harem Technique on Kaguya, and then mortified again when it works. Konoha 11 (along with Sai and Seira) teamed up to kill Kaguya, every attack that is sent, Kaguya blocks it all. Kaguya eventually relocates them to her ice dimension and then banishes Sasuke to another, separating him from Naruto. When Kaguya tries to attack Neji from behind, using her speed, she was able to take a notice and immediately lifted and carried Neji teleporting him to another place.

When Obito regains consciousness and is caught up about what's been happening, he offers to help retrieve Sasuke and requests Sakura's help. Naruto's collaborative clone attack forces Kaguya to retreat to her desert dimension, where Obito and konoha 11 (along with Sai and Seira) secretly follows, taking Sakura and a Naruto clone along with by syncing his Kamui to it. Kaguya, believing the clone to be the real one, and that he is alone, attacks it and manages to dispatch it before returning back to the ice dimension. First, Shikamaru used his Shadow Imitation to restrain her movements with Ino using her Body Mind Switch Technique to help. Yasu and Tenten used to weapons to trap Kaguya, Sayaka and Sayuki both try wrapping Kaguya with their flower rope, Sayuki uses Minami's Universe ring to heat and seal Kaguya in a barrier, before Kaguya got into the barrier, Kita released poison inside the barrier. Kazuki turned the ground into lava. They were let think they trapped and killed Kaguya but a few minutes later, Kaguya forcefully bursted out and broke out of Shikamaru and Ino's techniques, which leads shock to everyone. Yuuma and Shoko along with Ayato began their old formation. They all manipulate 3 chakra natures together (Wind, Water and Fire). After this, they were able to scar Kaguya. The plan ends with Kaguya seeing an alive Naruto in the ice dimension. With Kaguya out of the way, Obito begins piercing through her various dimensions with Kamui while Sakura and Sayuki heals the stress this causes to his body. They finally locate Sasuke, but Obito is unable to keep the portal open long enough for Sasuke to run to it. Obito teleports them back to the dimension where Naruto is and sacrifices himself to save Naruto from Kaguya.

Despite his death, Obito's spirit is able to briefly return to allow KakSayukii to use Susanoo, which he uses to save Sakura, Kiba and Arata from one of Kaguya 's attacks. Yuuma, Shoko and Ayato along with KakSayukii and Might Guy said goodbye to their childhood friend in a disappointed and upsetting voice. When Kaguya creates an Expansive Truth-Seeking Ball to finally kill them all, KakSayukii, Might Guy and Ayato, realising that this is their last opportunity, forms a plan of attack: The five teachers pierce through her; Naruto, Kita, Kiyoshi use shadow clones to exhaust some of her countermeasures; Neji and Hinata use their gentle fist and Byakugan against her; The Saitou sisters use their flower rope wrapping her; Okami (11 tails) aiding Seira; the rest combining their attacks and KakSayukii uses Kamui on the rest. Sakura punches her with Hinata and Sayuki along with Sayaka from beneath. Kaguya is defeated, the tailed beasts are removed from her body, and she is trapped alongside Black Zetsu with Six Paths — Chibaku Tensei. Everyone was relieved about this, Yasu and Arata whines that it took so long defeating Kaguya. As Sakura, Sayaka and Naruto panic over how they are going to get back home, the Sage of the Six Paths summons them all back from Kaguya's dimensions and congratulates them for their victory.

The Sage of Six Paths explains how Naruto and Sasuke can end the Infinite Tsukuyomi, but Sasuke has plans before that: starting a revolution by killing the tailed beasts and Five Kage, which he believes will change the world for the better. Everyone was too exhausted so they stayed behind with an unconscious Sakura who was knocked out by Sasuke while Naruto and Sasuke left to fight. When Sakura finally wakes up later that night, KakSayukii and Ino tells her that Naruto and Sasuke have gone to have their last fight. They all locate Naruto and Sasuke the following day at the Valley of the End, both having lost an arm and unable to move. Hinata rushed over to Naruto and fainting seeing him loosing an arm. Shino and Kiba took care of her. Sayuki and Sayaka offered Sakura that they would help heal them. Konoha 11 (along with Sai and Seira) comes together for good, smiling and laughing. Everyone returned to their villages, They brought back the dead and bury them. Sayuki was later on seen attending Minami, Inoichi and Shikaku's funeral and all the other deceased.

Sayuki kept her promise to treat Neji after war ends. Later on she was seen in a room treating Neji, she took off his shirt while unwrapping his bandages agressively, Neji yelled in pain and told her to becareful, "That's nothing. It's nothing compared to the pain I felt when I thought I would loose you! What would I do if I didn't save you..." Sayuki healed him while crying resulting a success removing his scar and the pain. Neji apologized and the two sat in the room for a while before leaving.

Blank Period

After the Fourth Shinobi War, Sayuki, Sakura, and some of her friends got promoted as Jōnin by KakSayukii alongside Takeru, Rock Lee, Kazuki, Arata, etc. She celebrated with joy. Hitomi wasn't happy at all. She had thought they were weak enough to die in War. At home, Ayumi informed Sayuki that a maid told her while she was cleaning her room, she saw Hitomi smiling while reading a letter, she told her she can't read because she doesn't know how to. Sayuki knew exactly who it is. Lady Nami. Nami had always helped her in her plans so it's pretty obvious they write letters to each other and she also hates Sayuki. Sayuki ordered Ayumi to tell Sayaka this too as she smirks, Hitomi was later on seen downstairs with her friend, Sayuki laughed uncontrollably, she thought Hitomi didn't have any friends, Sayaka asked if they should go downstairs and annoy them. Sayuki said they have to meet up with Team 4, Team 7, Team 8, Team 9, Team 10, Team 12 and Team 16 (excluding the team leaders) for the special academy graduation. Kaori whispers to Sayaka asking her if it's a special day that Hitomi is having such a big party. Hitomi stood up and asked both of them when they are going to be back, Sayuki told her they are probably not going to come back home. Sayaka whispered to Sayuki while walking away asking when Hitomi cared so much about them. Sayuki told her something isn't right and she feels uneasy about the situation. Hitomi's friend started calling them vulgar, rude and ill-mattered. They criticized Sayuki and Sayaka explaining that Hitomi spoke kindly to them. Hitomi was anxious about Sayuki's answer. Kaori started cursing them, Sayuki worried and told Sayaka Hitomi is doing something weird again but she doesn't know what she's going to do. Sayuki couldn't calm down looking at Hitomi's face. When they arrived, Sakura ran to hug her after witnessing Sasuke's leave. They came a bit early. Sayaka accidentally reserved 20 seats thinking Sasuke would join, while watching the academy students graduate, Sayuki looked at the empty seat next to her thinking about Minami. After it ended they decided the go and to Yakiniku Q celebrating peace and celebrating some of the people there being promoted. They split up and went home afterwards, Neji asks if he can come, Sayuki nodded. Sayuki, Neji, Sayaka, Ayumi and Kaori decided to walk around a bit since Hitomi still has an ongoing party. The sun was about to set. Sayuki again, felt hidden intentions behind Hitomi's party. When they head back, a girl start badmouthing Sayaka for her bracelet saying that she had never seen a design like it before so maybe it's common for people with bad taste, Kaori whispered to as loud as they can hear telling her it's maybe too rare and expensive for her to see such design around. Sayuki told Sayaka she'll stay with Neji outside, Sayaka head back to her room, Hitomi asks Sayaka was inside, Sayaka opened the door reminding herself to keep her guards on like she promised to Sayuki, she saw Hitomi with Suijin. Hitomi told Sayaka the three of them needed to talk, Sayaka asks what they need to talk about. Hitomi shoved and push Suijin off. The bracelet Kiyoshi gave her was snatched when Suijin tried grabbing Sayaka. Sayaka set aside the books she held but it was too late to use her Flower Rope, Suijin can't use it too because it was sudden for him and he let his guards down. Hitomi screamed and yelled for help framing Sayaka for pushing Suijin down the stairs. Kiyoshi appeared and took her away then disappeared to thin air. Sayuki and Neji rushed to call the doctor. Everyone started talking about how Sayaka pushed her father and ran off, Sayuki slapped one of them and told her it's not true and should not listen to trSayuki blabbing, Neji stopped her. Everyone was confused since they all knew Sayaka wouldn't do such thing and there's no reason for her to do so either. The ladies who were in Hitomi's party back Hitomi up and made matter worse. After a doctor told everyone that Suijin will wake up eventually, Hitomi was in fear. When Sayuki saw this, she knew from one look. Neji was on Sayuki's side, understanding the whole situation. Suijin was not regaining consciousness, the doctor told them he may have the rest of his life in that condition. Sayuki started trembling, Hina cried. Hitomi fakes crying and leaves the room, Saburo asks if it was really Sayaka. Hitomi made a fearful face and asked how it matters since Suijin had been in a coma, Saburo is going to be the head of the family temporarily too. Hitomi suggested that they lock Sayaka up which angered Saburo resulting him in slapping her. They say Sayaka is arriving at the capital in the morning. In the morning, Hitomi puts on a fake attitude asking why she pushed father off the stairs. Sayaka cried on purpose, saddened that it was all true. Sayuki was cringed at Hitomi. Sayaka told her how she thought it was a made-up story so she didn't believe it. Kiyoshi stated there's no way Sayaka is guilty, Sayuki stopped them and told them they'll settle it at the court. Sayuki prays for Sayaka's safety. Neji told her not to worry because her fate is yet to be ended. Everyone looked worried for Sayaka. Hitomi explained how she saw it with her own eyes that Sayaka pushed Suijin and ran away. Hitomi pointed to her friends who were in the party stating they saw it as well. They stuttered while agreeing, Sayaka raised an objection. Sayaka explained that she wasn't there when it happened and therefore it wouldn't be possible for her to push Suijin off the stairs. Hitomi laughed and asked her if people would believe such a shameless lie. The ladies told them she saw Sayaka and Sayuki return home, Sayuki supported the statement, Sayaka told her they both returned home but left again. Though Sayuki didn't enter the house. Hitomi told the judge to give them his verdict, Sayaka laughed. Sayaka told her she has evidence. The evidence is a credit statement. Kiyoshi gave it to the judge and explained that it was what happened that night. He told him that after planning their trip together, with Sayaka who just returned home though they were in a hurry and failed to prepare cSayuki and therefore they had to put the bill on the tab using their family name. Kiyoshi told them that he picked it up on their way here, just to be safe, not realizing it was going to be helpful. Hitomi shouted that she could've done it after pushing Suijin. Kiyoshi told him to check the date and time on the statement. He read it out explaining that it was written at 11 o'clock on the day the incident took place and even Sayaka had set off right after the incident, it could be impossible for them to reach that place at that hour. He had also submitted their transit pass for his reference, the judge told them it will take some time confirming the fact so the trial will continue on the next day. Hitomi was angered by this. Hitomi told them to wait and that she has more evidence, she told him that she had Sayaka's bracelet where she found it at the staircase after Sayaka pushed Suijin off. The ladies recognized it and told the judge that Sayaka said she bought it and saw her wearing it. Sayaka laughed and showed them the bracelet on her hand. She told them she wouldn't replace the a bracelet Kiyoshi gave to her. Hitomi told them the transit and the bracelet could've been all fake evidences prepared by Kiyoshi. Kiyoshi asks Hitomi if she had proof that the one Sayaka is wearing is fake and the one she's holding is real. Hitomi didn't have any evidence. Hitomi was enraged, mumbling why no one believed her. Sayuki told Hitomi Sayaka would never try murder Suijin and she wouldn't gain anything from it. Everyone was whispering rumors which made Hitomi shiver in fear. Hitomi cursed them in her mind non stop. Everyone sided with Sayuki and Sayaka believing Sayaka wouldn't do that to her own biological father. Nobody was on her side, Hitomi asked the ladies that went to her party and asked if they saw it, they snitched on her saying they only did what Hitomi told her to do. Hitomi told them she saw Kiyoshi teleported and took Sayaka away. Sayuki asked her how because the only people who were specialized in teleporting techniques (that can teleport wherever they wish too) are the people who mastered the Flower Release: Teleporter and both Sayaka and Kiyoshi didn't. Sayuki requests the judge for Hitomi's mental health check which made Neji in the back trying to hold his laugh. She explained that Hitomi is talking about things she couldn't see and she's getting worried for Hitomi, she continued saying she remembered that on the day of the incident, the young-ladies didn't attend the coming-of-age ceremony but they partied till dusk. It was not a birthday party nor an anniversary so she felt they were not getting on so well. Sayuki smirked and said that what if it's simply not a party. Kiyoshi told them he remembered that there was an illusion-induced drug secretly distributed in high-class society, he said that if the drug was the sole purpose of the party, everything would make sense. Hitomi enraged and stomped the ground while yelling they have no proof and only said what she saw. She told everyone that Sayaka pushed her father and Kiyoshi let her away. She claimed what she saw wasn't an illusion, the ladies in the back defended themselves saying they don't have the illusion-induced drug and that they only stayed because Hitomi told them to stay there a little longer. The judge questions if they saw the culprit, they told him they didn't see the culprit but they did see the back and long silky silver hair of someone so they explained that maybe it's Sayaka getting inside the house. They also said that another girl who looks like Sayaka with blonde hair was also there at the same time. Everyone stared at Hitomi. Hitomi was messed up and claimed it was her sister who pushed her father down the stairs and only said what she saw. Hitomi shouted at Sayaka saying she pushed Suijin off the stairs and disappeared with Kiyoshi. The judge told everyone they may need to investigate the illusional drug of the ladies who attended the party. The trial ended and was continued at the same time on the next day and they're having a temporary break. Yui rushed to hug Sayaka while crying. Sayaka took Sayuki to a quiet place, she explained that she had been saved by Kiyoshi because the bracelet Kiyoshi gave will signal Kiyoshi if something happens to Sayaka (he cast a spell on it). Sayaka told her how if she did put her guards up against Hitomi and hadn't left her room, Hitomi would've heard her voice and knew she was there so she would've push Suijin anyways and screamed to make everyone come running then claim that she ran to her room after pushing Suijin. Sayuki realized why she held the party, she'd had witnesses at the whole house who'd take her side. Sayuki told her how the moment she replied to Hitomi was already too late to avoid the situation. Sayaka told her that Kiyoshi gave her the bracelet and came to her aid without even knowing who would be there to see him. She explained that she went on a "secret vacation" with Kiyoshi, they were at a place where people temporarily rest before crossing the border. Sayaka told them she teleported them there. Before leaving, Kiyoshi made sure they kept the credit book. Sayaka also told Sayuki how she saw herself on the newspaper, though it's impossible for some people who saw Sayaka travel believe it since it takes half a day to a day to reach the place. Before Sayaka can explain how lovely their vacation was, Hitomi fainted but no one bothered to help and they ignored her. After coming back home, Sayuki and Sayaka were welcomed by everyone, the maids were all in chaos trying to prepare warm water and meals for them. Sayaka apologized and told them she should see her father first, Sayuki and Hina followed. Suijin realized that he had treated his daughters wrong all these times. When Hitomi went out to meet Nami, Sayuki suspects something is off. In the morning, everyone was at the court, at the same time. When Hitomi went out to meet Nami, Sayuki suspects something is off. The judge declared Sayaka innocent and the culprit is Sayaka. Hitomi was arrested and was sent to Lord Sixth, KakSayukii Hatake, the ladies were arrested too for 3 months for their fake evidence. Hitomi will be in jail for at least 20 years. The court ended. Sayuki didn't let Hitomi go so easily. She went home and grabbed some information quickly. After a while, Hina was seen screaming for the doctor claiming Suijin had woken up. When questioning who pushed him down the stairs, he answered it was Hitomi. Hitomi's sentence had been reduced from 20 years to 5 years. When passing through the room that Hitomi was locked in, she heard Hitomi say "Lady Nami... why? Are you just going to leave me here and betray me after all we planned?!" At that moment, Sayuki figured out what she doing and regretted locking Hitomi in her room instead of jail. Hitomi can write letters to Nami and figure out something out. The next day, it went as Sayuki thought, when Sayuki visited HItomi, she wasn't there and the only person who was there was a maid of Nami whom had similar feature to Hitomi. Sayuki quickly tried calcuting her moves and gather information from the guards.

KakSayukii Hiden: Lightning in the Icy Sky

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A year after the end of the war, Sayuki is part of a Konoha platoon sent to the Blood Prison in anticipation of an attempted jailbreak by the Ryūha Armament Alliance. When they got there, Sayuki helped save kids and trapped them in her shield to keep them safe. Over a year after the end of the war, when Naruto starts spreading unsavoury rumours about KakSayukii Hatake's relationship with Kahyō, Sayuki is one of the many villagers to pretend to regard KakSayukii with disgust. KakSayukii hits Naruto when he discovers that Naruto is the source of these rumours, Sayuki giggled while Hinata looked like she actually regarded KakSayukii with disgust.

Shikamaru Hiden: A Cloud Drifting in Silent Darkness

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Two years after the end of the war, Yasu and Sayuki talked to each other about Shikamaru's strange and cold behaviors laterly. Sayuki said that he is probably stressed out. Sayuki then told him how Shikamaru has been busy helping the Sixth Hokage with paperwork since the war but he is bored with his desk job and insists he is doing the work until Naruto becomes Hokage.

Later, Sayuki overheard Hinata telling Neji that he's in love and shouldn't be avoiding the feeling. Sayuki is curious about who it is and eavesdropped. "Maybe she isn't your sun, but she's your moon. Appearing in your darkest nights, she saved you." When she heard him agree, her heart dropped and her face turned dismayed. Trying to play along, Sayuki walked into their conversation with a bright smile and smirk asking Neji who it was while guessing random girls. Neji was surprised that Sayuki heard what they were talking about, he started off hinting basic things without telling her the name. He told her they were childhood friends. Sayuki didn't know what to say after she realized what he said. Minami, a dead person, came to her mind. She misunderstood everything he said, Hinata on the other hand straight up told her that Neji liked her causing Sayuki to run away being embarrassed. Hinata told Neji to chase after her, he did what she said. After catching up with Sayuki, they talked for a while, Neji quoted "You're my first love which is great but you being my last is beyond perfect." which made Sayuki blushed. Neji asked her if she wanted to go stargazing and gaze at the beautiful moon at night. Sayuki told him she loves to gaze at the night sky and it would be a perfect idea. Later, she and Neji slept next each other, reminiscing about their past when they usually sleep together. Neji asked Sayuki "The moon is beautiful isn't it?...just like you" Sayuki smiled and said that she can die happy.

The Last: Naruto the Movie

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Sayuki makes an appearance in this film, set two years after the Fourth Shinobi World War. In this film we see Neji asking Sayuki on another date during the Rinne Festival, with her saying that she agreed to do so. Takeru smirked and teased them, Yasu never intended to tell Sayuki his feelings at all thinking Neji would be a better option than he is, he later on, congratulated them with a painful smile. Sayuki first intended to wear her sand-colored sweater with the same color with the coat and her brown boots but after knowing her mother had already knitted a poncho sweater for her and prepared her clothings, she felt bad wasting her time. Sayuki decided to wear what her mother did for her. She was seen wearing a white knitted poncho sweater with a navy pleated long sleeve button ruffle coat underneath. Since it's cold she wore white gloves and brown boots. Sayuki is upset that she had to throw away the outfit, she is approached by Toneri Ōtsutsuki, who requests to take her clothes because it would be a waste throwing it away. She awkwardly gives it to him. After this, Sayuki suggested they would have their first date in a specific place. Under the cherry blossom trees. The same place they met when they were five years old. Sayuki hopes to meet the guy who helped her, she was really grateful he helped her. She has admired him since then because of his courage and kindness. They had a quiet and relaxing picnic under the giant cherry blossom tree. Neji told her how he remembered a girl from his childhood. Sayuki gave Neji the pair of dragon-and-phoenix chopsticks she bought as a gift. Neji was later on seen accepting it and using it. Not too long later she was notified that Hinata's sister Hanabi was kidnapped by Toneri Ōtsutsuki, and were assigned on a team to rescue her, she joins with Naruto, Sakura, Kita, Sai, Shikamaru, Neji and Hinata on a mission to rescue her. KakSayukii informed the team of the imminent crSayukiing of the moon onto the Earth, and asked that they do what they can to stop it incase Toneri was connected in any way. They followed Hanabi's trail and were led into a cave. Night time comes, everyone as asleep, Sayuki was still awake thinking off a plan on how they can find Hanabi faster but was inerrupted by Neji. "Your not asleep yet? Early to bed and early to rise, makes a women healthy, wealthy, and wise." he said. She told him that he should sleep first, Sayuki smiled watching Neji as he sleeps thinking back to when they usually sleep together. Sayuki was tired and decided to think about it on the next day. She fell asleep next to Neji. On the next day, while traveling through the cave, they were caught in genjutsu formed from their own memories. Sayuki dreamed of herself happily playing with Minami as a kid, she recalls her fight with Sayaka and their relationship. Furthermore, she remembers the first time she met the unknown boy under the cherry blossom tree, and how it was a happy time period for her, with this it led her to remember the time where Neji saved her in a bridal style while she hugged him so she doesn't fall. Though again, she was able to break free from her Genjutsu followed by Sakura. Further advancing through the spring, Sayuki, Neji, Sai, Shikamaru, and Sakura notice Naruto and Hinata were left behind but before they can decide anything, they are attacked by the Moon entrance's Gatekeeper. Sayuki had been worried about both of them but they had no choice but to fight, Sayuki used her Flower Release: Sway Vines trying to strangle it. With their combined efforts, they managed to defeat it with Sakura striking it along with its inner organs. After Naruto is brought out of his depression by Sakura, they continue ahead. Hinata and Sayuki are held back by Toneri, who expresses his desire to marry Hinata and wants Sayuki as his concubine. He explains that he has taken Hanabi's Byakugan for himself in order to carry out Hamura Ōtsutsuki's decree to destroy the Earth, after which he can create a new world with Hinata and Sayuki's help. Sayuki told him to go find other girls and that they both have partners.

They both refuse to cooperate and vow to save Hanabi on their own, to which Toneri observes that they don't know where Hanabi is. Sayuki told him that she could easily find Hanabi with her Flower Rope. Naruto and Neji interrupt them and defeat Toneri, who turns out to only be another puppet. Toneri tells Hinata and Sayuki that he'll return later for their answer. Naruto, Hinata, Sayuki and Neji reunite with the rest of the team and exit the underground passage, arriving in what they later discover is the Moon's interior. They split up to explore the surrounding landscape, with Neji spending more time with Sayuki. He now displays a greater interest in her thoughts and well-being. As she is about to confide in him what Toneri told her and Hinata, the rest of the team locates them and asks Hinata and Sayuki to look at a crypt they've found. There, Hinata and Sayuki are confronted by another member of the Ōtsutsuki clan, who shows their visions of how to stop Toneri and who introduces them to Hamura himself, who asks them to save the Earth.

Sayuki and Hinata discussed their answers. When Toneri comes for Hinata and Sayuki answers, Hinata gives the finished scarf to Naruto, they both say goodbye to Naruto and Neji. Before leaving, Neji kissed her and gave her a ring that he prepared for her before coming to the moon, the ring was really originally planned for her but this time he planned a small Tsar Bomba in there to kill Toneri and save Hinata and Sayuki. He told her to remember him forever and he won't force Sayuki to be with him if she doesn't want to. Neji told Sayuki to take care of Hinata too. This leaves Sayuki in tears but wipes it quickly. She was heartbroken seeing his disappointed face. They left with Toneri. Upon seeing Naruto and Neji being hit by Toneri's attack, Toneri immediately put them to sleep. After they wake up in Toneri's castle, Hinata and Sayuki check on Hanabi to make sure she's alright and locate the Tenseigan that Toneri is using to control the Moon's movements against the Earth. Sayuki used her Flower Release: Feral Hunt to help. Hinata spends her time making yet another scarf, Sayuki understands Hinata's heart and wants to make one too, when she has a chance they slip away to try to destroy the Tenseigan. They are found by Toneri's puppets and Toneri himself detain them. Hinata tries to reason with Toneri that Hamura never wished to destroy earth, but he doesn't listen, Sayuki shouted at him giving more reasons but it was useless. After which Toneri destroys Hinata's new scarf, that is actually meant for Naruto, and places Sayuki and Hinata under his control. After being placed inside a picture frame, Hinata shed a tear over her regret about "betraying" Naruto, Sayuki was left heartbroken and she could not stop crying, she missed Neji so much and was thankful for the ring he gave her.

Hinata is forced to go through with a wedding ceremony, but as Toneri is about to kiss Hinata, Naruto and Neji interrupt their wedding. After Toneri leaves with them, Naruto is able to release them from Toneri's control, at which point Hinata and Neji apologise to them for their earlier behaviour, though they state they already understand and forgave them. Toneri becomes distracted by his own awakening Tenseigan, allowing Hinata and Sayuki to escape with Naruto and Neji to the primary Tenseigan's location. Because they possess Hamura's chakra, only Hinata and Sayuki are able to destroy it. However, Hinata lacks the raw strength to do so, Sayuki was able to destroy a major part of it but not the whole Tenseigan. Hinata must instead channel her chakra into Naruto so that they can destroy it together. With the Tenseigan gone, the Moon's movements stop and the puppets that the rest of the team is elsewhere fighting are rendered inert. The team reunites with them, bringing along a rescued Hanabi. Sayuki hugged Neji for a really long time and spilled out her feelings. Neji removed the bomb from Sayuki's ring.

After Toneri's defeat, the group heads back for Konoha. Later, as Naruto began dating Hinata, Naruto asked Sayuki for dating advice, Sayuki told him to just be himself while trying to upset Hinata when he's on it. Sayuki lastly told him if he made Hinata sad, she won't forgive him and will kill him. Sayuki was seen with Hinata, she questions if she should also make Neji a scarf. Hinata nodded and agree. Sayuki spent her time making a scarf for Neji as a thank you gift for his ring. Sayuki was later seen attending Naruto and Hinata's wedding with everyone else wearing a white and puffy long sleeve mini dress along with white wedding heels and holding Neji's hand while blushing to clue they were dating, people there, except Hinata and Sakura were surprised and shocked about their relationship. Ino teased Sayuki and Neji asking when they both start liking each other. Sayuki gave the scarf to Neji while crediting Hinata for it because she inspired her to do it. Neji thank her for it. Sayuki is also seen talking with her teammates. Sayaka rushed towards her with an arrogant and shocked manner saying she knew it all along that they both like each other. She was seen having fun with everyone and wishing Naruto and Hinata to have a long and healthy relationship. After, she was taking pictures with Ino, Sayaka, Hinata, Sakura, and Tenten. After taking the picture, Sayuki was saddened about Minami not being about to attend Hinata's wedding. Sakura and Neji comforted her.

Sakura Hiden: Thoughts of Love, Riding Upon a Spring Breeze

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Sayuki, Sakura, and Ino Yamanaka opened a clinic within the Konoha Hospital that would assess and treat children's mental health six months after the war. They go to Sunagakure to advise Suna's medic-nin on opening a similar clinic. On the way there, the three begin gossiping about the various relationships developing amongst their friends. Sakura then asks Ino and Sayuki about their own love life and she shyly reveals her crush on Sai, while Sayuki kept quiet, Sakura then repeats what she asked to Sayuki making Sayuki shy. Sayuki told them that she had liked Neji since they were kids, making both Ino and Sakura shocked. Sayuki asked if Sakura still liked Sasuke with her assuring she still does. Ino tells Sakura and Sayuki she plans to confess her love but is unsure which type of flower to give to Sai to express her feelings, lavender or a flowering dogwood. Sayuki told Ino that she definitely suggests a flowering dogwood because it reminded her of her hair color and tells her goodluck making Ino say that it was for Sai not her.

The three kunoichi meet a Suna shinobi who escorts them to their conference with the village's doctors. Afterwards, however, they are summoned before Gaara, the Kazekage, who informs them that Sasuke has been to Suna. Gaara repeats to them the conversation that Sasuke had with the terrorist group two days earlier, which he (who was surveying the group anyway) witnessed with his Third Eye. Sayuki, Sakura and Ino insist it has to be someone disguised as Sasuke, but can come up with no practical explanations for the man having Sasuke's chakra signature. Following a progress report about their programme, Ino invites Sakura and Sayuki out to tea with her, Sayuki happily agrees while Sakura declines because she has paperwork she wants to do.

When Sayuki, Ino and Sakura return to Konoha, they inform KakSayukii about the situation and KakSayukii shares their belief that it is an impostor. When, several days later, rumours of this impostor's actions start to spread, KakSayukii sends a message to Sasuke to ask if he knows anything about it, though Sasuke doesn't reply. Sakura becomes concerned about this and confides in Naruto, who hypothesized that Sasuke finds the rumours too ludicrous to give them any attention. A few days later, KakSayukii informs them of rumours about Sasuke's activity that have been reported by Sai. Ino is more concerned by the risks Sai may be facing and anxiously questions KaskSayukii on Sai's safety but Sakura steers things back to what the rumours mean for Sasuke. KakSayukii decides to team Sayuki, Ino, and Sakura up but Sayuki had gotten sick regarding she has a fever leading Sayuki left out for a while. At home, Yasu was seen visiting Sayuki for escort.

Konoha Hiden: The Perfect Day for a Wedding

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At first, Sayuki is like everyone else, she struggles to find something that would be great for her best friend's wedding. Yasu helped Sayuki thought of a gift for them. First they tried going into stores to find something valuable, they came across decorated wine glasses, when she asked to buy it, the shop owner had said it had been reserved by a guy called "Takeru Akiyama". Sayuki was quick to realise who it was, coincidentally, Takeru walked into the store shocked to see Sayuki holding his item. Takeru told her she can have it but she denied saying that he got it first. Sayuki walked out of the store with Yasu both wondering what to do next, they walk together discussing and so Yasu told her that he wanted to go to another store where there would be less people going there, after reaching the place they saw Sakura and Ino arguing and fighting over a picture frame, they decided to stop the fight but the fight was too intense, Choji told them that it would be better if they leave the shop first and not involve, Choji told them that he will do a cooking competition to prove that Ino and Sakura would make a good wife. Sayuki and Yasu left with a sad face, Yasu told Sayuki that there's only one more shop left, and that it's an expensive store which would cost a high price. Sayuki had no choice left but to agree with him because she thought it would take a long time to find something that would be a great gift. While picking a perfect gift, Yasu came across a 3D Crystal Glass Laser Cube with a Crystal Rose inside, it caught Yasu's attention while Sayuki was seen buying the Clive Christian No.1 Imperial Majesty perfume to give Naruto and Hinata on their wedding, she was seen decorating it with a pom pom keychain. They went to buy a present box to wrap their gifts, they bought a white wrap. They were broke after this. Sayuki was later on seen with Neji holding each other's hand attending Naruto and Hinata's wedding with their gifts.

Sasuke Shinden: Book of Sunrise

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Sayuki planned to visit Ino in the hospital, while at it she wanted to buy flowers for her and some gifts. She casually checks the internet on her computer for more information, she came across Gerberas, she then buys a basket of fruits with it. Later, Sayuki, Shikamaru, and Choji were seen visiting Ino in the hospital. To their surprise, Sai was seen watching over her whilst she sleeps as he sketches a flower that Ino's mother brought her. Sayuki puts her flowers and her fruits on the table, They start discussing conceivable motives, but at that point figure it out they shouldn't be doing this whereas Ino is recouping. Sayuki, Shikamaru and Chōji get up to take off, but Sai remains, claiming that he will take off as before long as he has completed his drawing, be that as it may Shikamaru and Sayuki takes note a few of Sai's as of now near-completed draws within the junk as he exits. Sayuki, Shikamaru and Chōji figure out that Sai did not need to take off Ino's side and start examining how much he has changed from the emotionless man they first met. Sayuki thought to herself about the time Ino said she liked Sai making her have the feeling of warmth and she thinks to herself on how Ino would react if she knew this.


Not so long later after Naruto and Hinata's wedding, Neji proposed to Sayuki for marriage, having Sayuki say yes. They got married and had their first daughter who named Sora Hyūga and after two of years, they had a son named Shou Hyūga. Sayuki was seen moving out of her home place, Neji and Sayuki bought a house together and stayed there after giving birth to Sora. Before moving out, Sayuki's mom, Hina gave Sayuki a hug including her sisters and brother too. Hina tells both of them to visit someday with her grandchildren. During the time Sayuki was pregnant with Sora, she was seen walking in the market buying food and while she's on it, she was seen bumped into Takeru and later on having a long conversation about their current circumstances.

Naruto Gaiden: The Seventh Hokage and the Scarlet Spring Month

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A couple of years after Sayuki's and Neji's marriage, Sayuki was seen to host a gathering reunion in Yukiniku Q, inviting Yasu, Takeru, and Yuuma. They talked about their past and how they were able to grow from these years. Sayuki asked when Yuuma is going to find someone he loves and marries her but Yuuma said jokingly he would never want to experience love ever again which leads Yasu, Takeru, and Sayuki into confusion on why he would never want to experience love again, Yasu whispered to Sayuki saying Yuuma probably got his heartbroken while having his first love and Yuuma overheard what they said so he told Yasu it's true but he didn't had to whisper. Everyone ended up laughing happily and they all went home after.

Boruto: Naruto the Movie

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Sayuki first appeared as the Director of Konoha Fencing Army Team, she is usually seen in her office directing on what's happening. Surprisingly Sakura was in charge of her daughter's team which made her froze for a second. Later on, on the next day, she was preparing presents for Himawari since it was her birthday, she went out and bought a sketchbook for Himawari since Hinata told her Himawari likes to draw

A few month later, She was later seen cooking food for her family, with the help of her son, Shou, and Sora too. It was Neji's birthday so they were making a medium-sized chocolate cake for him, herring, Neji's favorite food and some other food, they were planning to surprise him when he gets home. After Neji's return, they jumped all to hug him making him fall onto the ground, everyone laughed and ate after this.

During the Chunin exams, on the last round, it was her daughter's turn, Sora. She had competed with a kunoichi from Iwagakure which made her heart a bit messed up, she had thought about the time when she was competing with a shinobi from Iwagakure too, she was a bit scared that history might repeat itself but let go of her bad thoughts later on. Though when she looked at her, she felt like she saw the kunoichi before. She stood next to Konohamaru, Moegi, and Udon, while her husband and son sat in further from her. Before the match begins, she heard her son and husband cheered for Sora while she continued and added to encourage Sora to win. When it began, the shinobi made the first move, Sora did not fight back, she only avoid it. Later on, Sayuki shouted at Sora which quotes "SORA!! YOU HAVE TO WIN!! IF YOU DON'T, DON'T EXPECT DINNER FROM ME TONIGHT!" (obviously she's joking) But what she had received back was not what she expected, the kunoichi from Iwagakure purposely threw eight senbons at her, that scratch her face and told her to "Shut up" and that she was too loud because there in the middle of the battle which caused the audience, Hokages, friends, family, and everyone to be shocked and caused a bit of chaos, Her husband quickly ran to help with her son having teary eyes, she tried to heal herself but then she heard a big laugh from Sora, which made her stop a bit to look, Sora's face was black and making the hand you usually do when your mad, Sora quoted "How dare you hurt my mom...?" She had a scary face on making Sayuki worried, She lifts her head and Sayuki saw that she had awakened her Byakugan. Sora didn't know it yet, Sora used her Flower Release: Sword stabbing and saw through their chakra, she stabbed her making her bleed and faint, Sora was stopped by the observing Jōnins. Iwa-observers protests for their princess's justice. Sayuki rushed down shaking with fear, she was confused about why people are calling her "Princess" while Neji took care of Shou, Shou trembled as he saw blood, he questioned Neji what happened to the shinobi receiving just a "he's alright don't worry, mommy will take care of it." The battle was stopped immediately by Sayuki, they announced Sora had won by default. Kurotsuchi rushed from her seat without hesitation to check on her. The kunoichi from Iwagakure was sent to the hospital, Kurotsuchi badmouthed Sora afterwards and noted she will train "Seina" more while her grandfather help with "Tsukishiro". After looking directly at Sora, she mumbled "Wait...Sora?" Sora was confused but she also recognized them both, Seina and Kurotsuchi. Sayuki got flSayukibacks of Neji in the Chunin Exams. Sayuki pulled Sora's hand and into a quiet place, they both spoke in private, the conversation lasted around 10-11 minutes. Sayuki told Sora about her Byakugan and try telling her not to use it yet since she just got it. After they went and visit the kunoichi who fought with Sora apologizing and giving her some gifts including a bottle of the Shīkurettohīrā. They realized the girl is the daughter of the current Tsuchikage, the Fourth Tsuchikage Kurotsuchi and also the Princess of Iwagakure. They also met once when Sora and Seina was 7 years old. Sora asks Sayuki to leave for a moment while she stays with her, her brother and Kurotsuchi. Sayuki left. Later after Sora finished talking to her, Sayuki asked everyone what they want to eat, Shou suggested they should eat what Sayuki's favorite food is as a kid, Ramen. They all went to Ichiraku Ramen coincidentally meeting Naruto and Boruto along with Choji and Chocho. They all chit-chat a bit and then Sayuki's family decided to sit and order. Sayuki ordered a Miso ramen, which everyone agreed to do so too. Later, Shou asked to go to the playground while Sora wanted to go home, Neji took Sora home and Sayuki took Shou to the park. Shou met one of his classmates, continuously playing till dawn. It ended as seeing Sayuki's family having fun together.

New Era

Sayuki's office

Sayuki became the Director of Konoha Fencing Army Team while Neji became the head of the Hyūga clan and also a supervisor. Sayuki was seen in her office often checking on intruders in a majority of the time. She works a full time job. She only comes out to give directions to the workers, check on the army or inform the Konoha Barrier Team and fight opponents. She also have meetings with her supervisors and check on them/ Her job is to fight opponents and intruders, she is also a big help to the Konoha Barrier Team. The Konoha Barrier Team will call her to help if they detect any intruders. However she cannot sense any chakra therefore she uses a unique type of monitor that can see opponents, like example, this monitor can see intruders such as Koji KSayukii, who is the clone of Jiraiya that was created by Amado for the purpose of killing Isshiki Ōtsutsuki. When it detects an intruders, the room's alarm usually goes off and the intruder's face would load on the screen. Sayuki needs to contact the Konoha Barrier Team immediately if something like this happens, the hokage is most likely going to give directions if it's serious but if it's not, Sayuki would decided on what to do. Sayuki is in charge of 1000 Chunin-leveled shinobis and all of them are divided in the 10 groups/teams, each with a specialized supervisor. One group includes 100 shinobis. The supervisor ought to be specialized in Medical Ninjutsu too. Sayuki gets them to attack invaders while she's the director managing the situation, as stated, she smart and this allows her to think more quickly. People that can walk into her office (without permission but needs to knock) are the 10 supervisor of the 10 groups/teams. This is just based on a very serious situation. Not to mention 500+ of the people there specialize in Medical Ninjutsu. Though she works in her office most of the time, she still goes on missions assisting the new generations. At the time Naruto became a hokage, Sayuki was proud and so she smiled while watching it with her family. When leaving, a phrase came into her mind, "Your dream finally came true, Konoha's Orange Hokage." Sayuki and Neji was also seen training Sora very often in a majority of time (when they're not busy) so she can achieve her dream and surpass them one day.

In a flSayukiback, Neji was seen talking to an unborn Sora in Sayuki's stomach while patting and rubbing it gently outside in the backyard. Neji promised Sayuki that when Sora is born he would teach her all sorts of stuff so she can become the strongest Kunoichi ever surpassing both their parents. Sayuki told Neji that she is probably giving birth to Sora in a few weeks. A few days later, Sayuki was seen meeting up with Sakura in the hospital, she explained she wanted Sakura to deliver her baby because she trusts Sakura a lot and she wanted Sora to be delivered by one of strongest Kunoichi in Konoha and the greatest medical-nin in the world surpassing Tsunade. Sayuki thought it would be cool for Sora to learn after Sakura and complete the Strength of a hundred Seal, Sakura told her she can reconsider her schedule so she can do it, Sayuki told her if she's busy it doesn't have to be her but Sakura refuses and told her not to worry.

Academy Entrance Arc

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In the anime, on the day before the entrance ceremony for Sora to attend the Academy, Sayuki repeatedly told Sora to tell and inform her if someone's bullying her or she's troubled by someone. Sayuki thought of the time she regretted she didn't told any of her family about her being bullied as toddler so she tried making her daughter more open just incase since Sora is very quiet. Sora replied saying she wouldn't get bullied because she is strong enough to fight back. Sayuki told her not to cause any troubles and involve in fights. After Sayuki school ends, at home, Sayukiexcitedly question Sora on what happened at school. Sora answered saying Boruto got suspend for causing damage to the Hokage Rock. Sayuki was quick to laugh. She was a little shocked and speechless about this. She told Sora that Boruto needs to be scold after this, Sora also told her how she made friends with Denki, Shikadai, Inojin, Sarada and the class rep, Sumire. Sayuki was surprised on the amount of friends she already got in the first day.

The Lost Ring Arc

When getting ready to go to work, Yuna visited Shou. Sayuki asks if Hanabi is free and invited her over to look after Shou and Yuna. After Yuna's scream, Sayuki rushed to see what was happening. Sora and Neji came downstairs to see what was happening. Yuna shed a tear after she realized she lost her ring. The ring that gave her power. Sora told her Sayuki and Neji will help find the ring and they can go to work. Hanabi arrived on time to help them. Sayuki and Neji went to work trusting they would get back the ring as they wish them goodluck and safety.

Sarada Uchiha Arc

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As Sora's graduation exam from the Academy was approaching, Sayuki took time to train Sora after she requests to train in the Konoha Fencing Army training ground so it's easier for Sayuki to go work when being needed and Sora can unleSayuki all her strength on Sayuki without worrying for the training ground to break apart. Sora and Sayuki had a hand-to-hand combat training the whole day without rest. After training, Sayuki offered calpico to Sora to drink. After, Sayuki told her that she will go work and Sora can teleport home. Sayuki told Sora to go back home and study instead of playing games. Sayuki is later on informed by Hanabi that Sora and Shou is fighting and arguing non stop. Sayuki left work early because it is not normal for Sora and Shou to fight, Sayuki is still stressed because of work and expected the fight to end sometime she arrives, at the time she got home, Sayuki witnesses Sora trying to strangle Shou while Shou is holding a knife, the TV was broken too. Hanabi was trying to break the fight. Sayuki told Hanabi to go home and that she will take care of this. Hanabi did what Sayuki said and left. Sora and Shou looked at each other in fear. Sayuki used her Flower Release: Sway Vines and separate them both, afterwards she wrap them both up and lift them from the floor. Sayuki questions why they are both fighting, Sora told her that Shou broke her video game and used it without telling her so she got mad and started a fight with him. Sayuki is disappointed telling her that she should be more kind to her brother and that she could ask her mother for another one instead of fighting. Sayuki also told Shou he should ask for Sora's permission to use her things first and becareful with stuff he uses. Sayuki questions them who broke the TV in which both Sora and Shou blamed each other thus Sayuki checked the camera. Sayuki releases them and they both fell down to the floor. While checking, they saw Shou getting strangled and moving backwards to where the TV is, Sora kept pushing him backwards to the point the TV lost balanced, Shou found a knife near by and got it to threaten Sora. Sora goes with the flow and allows Shou to kill her in which she pushes him more. The TV fell to the ground and broke. Shou and Sora didn't care and continued fighting. Hanabi heard the loud noise and rushed to where they were trying to break the fight resulting failure. After watching it, Sayuki threatened to abandoned them if they fight because of irrelevant stuff again. Sayuki demands them both to apologize to each other. They did what she said, Neji came home with a smile expecting to see his kids hugging him and his wife greeting him home with his favorite food. After realizing what they were doing he ran up to his room in the speed of lightning. Sora and Shou was freed after getting scolded. In her room, she just realized that it wasn't right to do those things to her children at all, even though she was stressed about work. She felt really bad and continuously blamed herself for not being a good mom and good enough for her chidren, tears dropped. "Crybaby." Neji mumbled. "Idiot. Stop crying, you're not a kid anymore. Remember when you didn't sleep for 4 days just for the sake of Sora and Shou? when we would always hug Sora when she goes to school? you would always make her lunches. You'd always believe that one day, they'll reach their dream. You support them every step so don't let this one mistake ruin you." Neji said mocking her. Sayuki wipped her tears and giggled. "Thank you for always being there for me." Sayuki said.

On the day of the Five Kage Summit in Konoha, Neji, Hinata, Sayuki and Sayaka along with their childrens and others visited Minami Kurosawa and Miyu Arima's grave etc. Sayuki saw Sayaka cried in front of her for the first time in her life, Sayuki comforted Sayaka letting Sayaka cry on her shoulder. Sayaka told Sayuki how she regretted following Sayuki's plan. Sumi patted her mother while telling her not to cry. All Miyu wanted was to make up with her children and grandchildren. Shou was confused on what was going on and why his great-grandmother died, he teared up saying Sayuki broke their promise on letting Shou and Sora meet their great-grandmother and great-grandfather. All Sayuki said was "Sorry". Sayuki had a quick talk with Minami and they left by putting Chrysanthemum flowers (this flower represents death) and cherry blossom flower (The Saitou clan's traditional flower) on her grave and Minami's grave. Later, when Naruto and Neji is going to leave Konoha in order to investigate something with Sasuke, Hinata and Sayuki sends Boruto to deliver a lunch to him. Sora with Sarada and Chocho, decided to trail Naruto and Neji without Sayuki knowing, though unlike Sarada and Chocho whom wanted to know who their real fathers is, Sora instead wanted to know more of Neji and track his weakness, Chocho told her that Neji is probably not her dad because of their hair colour and Sora doesn't have the Byakugan but Sora told her that her hair colour is resembling her mother and she will surely unlock the Byakugan soon enough. During the time Sakura told Sayuki she is going after Sarada, Sayuki did not let her go alone and told her that she will go with her and find Sora too since Sora is no where to be found. Sakura asks about Sayuki's office work but in reply Sayuki told her she could easily teleport back if something happened. Sakura and Sayuki arrived to lend assistance and landed a fatal blow on Shin. Sayuki quickly hugs Sora in relief that she's okay. Neji told her that Sora would be safe and sound if she's under his sight. A creature then teleports Sakura and the two Shin's to his hideout. Unable to detect where Shin had taken Sakura, they continued to Orochimaru's lair. Orochimaru informed them that Shin was an old experiment of his that he since lost control of. Naruto and Sayuki noticed Sarada sneaking off with Suigetsu during Orochimaru's explanation and followed them, listening in as Suigetsu ran a DNA test that suggested Sarada's real mother was actually Karin.

Not knowing what the truth was, Sayuki is very much angry at him. She intended to punch Sasuke in her mind. Naruto and Sayuki was upset first with Sasuke for the secret he has seemingly been keeping, but also with Suigetsu for getting involved. Both of them approached Sarada to discuss it with her, but she lSayukied out at them, believing they had been a knowing participant in the lie that Sakura was her mother. Sayuki try to calm her down and comfort her. When she tried to insist that having no blood relation to Sakura meant they weren't family, Naruto took a firm stance: he wasn't related to most of Konoha's villagers, yet he still considered them his family because they were important to him. In the same way, Sakura and Sarada were family because they were important to each other. Sayuki hugged Sarada and told her everything about what Sakura said about her, Sarada realised how much she loved Sakura and decided she wanted to help rescue her. Sarada thanked Sayuki for comforting her and told her how lucky Sora is to have a mother like her. They reunited with the others and head out for Shin's hideout.

Using Sasuke's Rinnegan, they were able to reach where Shin took Sakura, only to find Sakura faring fine on her own fighting him. With the numbers against him growing, Shin called in his sons (actually his clones) to assist, but they turned against him and killed him because he always mistreated them. When the clones try attack Sora, Sayuki used her flower rope to kill them without caring if they were kids and protect Sora at all cost. Neji and Sayuki launches an attack on the other clones and this led Sora and Sarada to have time to launch theirself towards them and subdues them with their strength together. A bit after they are done fighting, Sayuki punches Sasuke for cheating on Sakura with other woman. Sakura assured her she and Sarada are biologically related. Sayuki apologized to Sasuke for punching him. Afterwards, Sayuki hugged both Neji and Sora with happiness that they were both safe and unharmed. Sarada reconciled with her parents and this led Sayuki to wanting to spend more time with her family. Then, they all returned to Konoha, with Shin's clones being delivered to the Konoha Orphanage.

Naruto Shinden: Parent and Child Day

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NOTE: In the anime, the events of this arc occur after the Mitsuki's Disappearance Arc.

During the new Konohagakure holiday, Parent and Child Day, Sayuki, Neji, Sora, and Shou spend their whole day together, they started it off trying to buy the Kurama for Sora, when they got there, they met Naruto, Himawari, and Kiba. They talked a bit and Sayuki rushed to buy the Kurama for Sora. Sayuki luckily got a Kurama for Sora and left before Naruto. They all decided to walk around a bit and saw an eating competition. When Sayuki learned that the winner of the Parent and Child Day eating competition would get unlimited free dumplings from Ankorodō for one year, she excitedly told Neji she wanted to join, Sora said she's hungry and wanted to join too. Neji responded saying they can do whatever they want but they have to leave if they feel sick of the food, Neji deeply cares for their mental health. Sayuki said they won't leave any sooner since they were both hungry and craving for food. Neji and Shou went to sit in the audience seats and watched. In the first round, the first dish is Ichiraku ramen, Sayuki and Sora's face lit up, they both ate with passion and they both finished a bit later after Choji and Chocho. In the second round, it consists of ten orders of dry-aged sirloin from Barbe-Q. Sora looked a bit full after the ichiraku ramen while Sayuki wanted to eat more. They finished in time and continued into the next round. It was the semi-finals, the dish was burgers, Sayuki and Sora looked like they would puke in seconds. They still tried to eat but Sayuki CANNOT handle the spice, she couldn't even handle normal spice so why would she handle this? Sayuki and Sora left the challenge puking like crazy. A bit later, a big fluffy white thing appeared but Choji saved everyone by turning into his multi-sized technique. Everyone congrats Choji and Chocho for winning, Sayuki and Sora felt sick after eating all those food and so Neji and Shou comforted Sayuki and Sora. They all head home after this.

At home, Sora took the opportunity to request Sayuki and Neji to tell her and Shou their love story since they have never heard about their parent's love story. Sayuki looked and Neji and smiled. Sayuki agreed but told Sora it will only take about five minutes since Sora and Shou have to sleep and so she began telling Sora and Shou their first meeting. Sayuki told them that she first met a guy under the cherry blossom trees on accident when Sayuki was around three years old. She said that at the time, Sayuki was being bullied by a group of boys, a guy defended Sayuki and told the boys that boys hurting girls isn't manly. After this they talked for a really long time, Sayuki was already attached to him platonically. They talked about their experiences they have gotten so far in life. The same guy gave her a cherry blossom hair clip and told her that he hopes he will meet her again someday. When he said this, Sayuki took it personally and made a promise to meet him again one day. Their first meeting left an impression on each other but it wasn't strong enough to create feelings between them. Not too long after, a guy came to call him back and whatsoever looks like his father perhaps. Sayuki thanked him and lastly they looked deeply at each other's eyes and finally walked away. Sayuki was confused but kept it in her drawer so she doesn't loose it. Sayuki told her it was just a random guy but she wanted to included it in since she's very grateful and still hold onto her promise. Sayuki and Neji met "again" and this was when Sayuki was five years old, under the same cherry blossom trees they met two years ago. It was windy too that day, Sayuki and Neji's hair were fluttering in the air. Sayuki told how it was awkward their "first" meeting was, they both introduced themselves and became friends not knowing they met two years ago. Though Sayuki noticed how much Neji looked like the guy she met two years ago. Same with Neji. They still did not bother to say anything about it considering it would be weird to ask someone it. Not long too until Sayuki met Hinata, they had a close relationship, Sayuki introduced them to Minami. They started school together and graduated within good scores. Neji started school a year before everyone therefore Sayuki and Neji didn't study together in the academy. Sayuki still visits Hinata and Neji's house. Sayuki told them how deeply she fell in love with Neji. Neji jokingly added how he refused to fall in love with Sayuki (for fun) because she was pretty annoying making Sayuki have a quick death stare onto him, this made Neji scared and sweat so he added a "Just kidding, I love you" at the end and never dared to make jokes again. Shou laughed and told his father it's obvious he's joking because Neji and Sayuki still sleeps with each other when other couples sleep in different rooms. Sora added that Neji is really protective of Sayuki and told her father he's bad at making jokes. Sayuki continued explaining how Neji usually comes to her aid when needed, as kid, on a mission together, Neji used his Byakugan and rushed to help fight off the enemies when they were targeting Sayuki with a sharp and harmful tool by deflecting it and Neji had always believed in Sayuki knowing she'll reach her goals some day in life because she is a strong and capable kunoichi with talent (according to Neji), the scene flSayukies back to when Sayuki was shocked and congratulating Neji when he got promoted as a Jōnin. Neji puts Sayuki as his equal. Neji has full faith in Sayuki whenever she's fighting an opponent, they usually work together when fighting the enemy because most of them time, it is always a success. Sayuki told her kids how affectionate Neji was in secret. Sayuki says that she often praise Neji for his techniques and strength making Sora blush of jealousy (she's jealous because she wanted a relationship like this). They both knew a lot of about each other's kekkei genkai and fighting style so it's useless to fight each other. Sayuki told them how Neji once helped Sayuki from being injured, Sayuki had no energy and fell onto his arms but then Neji interrupted saying how Sayuki healed and saved him from a life and death situation in the Fourth Shinobi World War so it would compare to saving him at least ten times. Neji said that Sayuki is the only reason why Sora and Shou exists. Sayuki then reminded the time Neji saved and carried her in a bridal style making Neji blush and told her how light she was. Shou asked his father if he had called his mother "cute" or "pretty", Neji assured them he did, he told Shou how he complimented Sayuki when attending Hinata and Naruto's wedding wearing a beautiful white gown. Sayuki stopped Neji and told them that it's passed their bed time so they need to sleep immediately. Sayuki send Shou and Sora to bed and went to her room. She later on was seen sitting on her work chair looking at the hair clip she talked about, Neji came in and asked her where she got it with her answering she got it from the boy she mentioned earlier, Neji was shooked to know that Sayuki, his wife was the girl he met thirty years ago. Neji smiled and thank her for keeping her promise till now, he told her they were destined to be together that's why. Sayuki was seen resting on Neji's shoulder later on with Neji's hand around her and having a quick relaxing talk about their promise.

School Trip Arc

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A day before Sora's school trip to Kirigakure, Sayuki and Shou visited Hinata's house. Himawari and Shou discussed how they would make a promise to their elder siblings so they can bring back souvenirs to them. In the anime, Sayuki saw off Sora as she joined her class for a field trip to Kirigakure, Shou repeatedly reminded Sora to bring him his souvenirs and Boruto to bring Himawari's. However, upon their return, they both had forgotten to bring Shou and Himawari's said souvenir. Shou and Himawari was upset with this and so they met up in secret and talked about it. Hinata and Sayuki initially stayed quiet about it. When Boruto visited Sora to ask if she still had the Kirigakure Water Cinnamon Sweets, Sora remembered her promise too and told Boruto how she also made a promise with Shou and ate all the Kirigakure Water Cinnamon Sweets. They both teamed up together. Upon retrieving them, they received a letter from Kagura which explained his situation. Taking from Kagura's boldness at confronting their mistakes, Boruto and Sora decided to both give their gifts and admit their mistake to Himawari and Shou, which they accepted.

Graduation Exams Arc

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In the anime, as graduation exams for the ninja classes were nearing, Sora was accompanied by Sayuki for her interview on her goals for the future. Sayuki joined her daughter to discuss her progress and future goals with Shino, while talking with Shino, Sora interrupted and told them she dreamed and wanted to be the greatest Medical-nin surpassing Sakura and become the strongest Kunoichi alive too. Sayuki and her family later celebrated Sora and her classmates' graduation from the Academy. When Sayuki and Neji looked through Sora's report card, they were happy about how Sora's doing at school.

Genin Mission Arc

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In the anime, before Sora goes on her first mission as a genin, Sayuki was seen talking to her about her past experiences and giving her advices.

Byakuya Gang Arc

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In the anime, when the Byakuya Gang acted in Konoha, Shou asked Sayuki who the Byakuya Gang was and why do they sound scary and mean. Sayuki explained to Shou that the Byakuya Gang was a group of owl-masked thieves formed by Gekkō who stole from the rich and then sold the goods, in an effort to distribute the proceeds to the poor in remote areas, leading to them being regarded as noble thieves. After hearing this, Shou told Sora that he wanted to defeat them for justice making Sayuki laughed and patted his head telling him it would not work out and it doesn't work that day. On the next day, Sayuki and Shou watched Konoha citizens protesting in front of the Kaminarimon Company over the television.

Beyond the Edges Arc

Sayuki, Mirai and Tenten was sent to protect and escort a rich businessman to his hometown.

Versus Momoshiki Arc

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In the anime, she was preparing presents for Himawari since it was her birthday, she went out and bought a sketchbook for Himawari since Hinata told her Himawari likes to draw. Sayuki and her family were invited to Himawari's birthday.

In the first Chunin exams phase, Sayuki put Sai and Shikamaru in charge as the proctor of the first phase of the Chūnin Exams. As the three Kage and their bodyguards watch the teams make their way there along with Sayuki following them, traps and obstacles overwhelm some genin, while others manage to overcome the hurdle, resulting in Tenten summoning puppets to challenge them. For the test, Sayuki watches as Sai asked the participating genin teams to answer a true or false question on a novel series about ninja strategies. Sayuki knew what Sai is going to do so she wishes goodluck to them. To everyone's surprise, Sai revealed neither answer was correct and all the teams were sent hurling into a lake of ink; those who didn't "turn black" passed. Sayuki peaked to see Sora and how's doing, as expected, she saw Sora use her Flower Release: Hanger to poke into the ground and save her teammates. Sayuki was surprised almost everyone passed especially Boruto's team, Sai explains that the purpose of the test was to test everyone's reaction in a critical situation.

On the second round of the Chunin exams, Sayuki told the Tenten to explain everything on what she said to the genins, Tenten explains that it's structured to be a game of capture the flag against another team, with whoever's flag is captured being eliminated from the exams. Sayuki wishes goodluck to the genins as they began. Sayuki, Tenten and Shino Aburame, proctor for the second phase of the exams, watching from a monitoring room as the genin try to retrieve each other's flag. Suddenly Sayuki was called in by Naruto. After talking, Sayuki returns to the room and was informed that Team 10 wins against a Kiri team, Team 15 loses to a Kumogakure team, Shinki single highhandedly defeats Denki, Iwabee and Metal of Team 5, Team 7 wins against the Three Senka Brothers, Team 4 wins against a Kusagakure team, Team 12 wins against a Sunagakure team, and Team 16 wins against an Iwagakure team. Sayuki was shocked and amazed a lot of teams had passed this phase, she constantly praises them.

On the last Chunin exams round, Sayuki put Rock Lee and Yasu on serving as the proctor for the third and final round of the Chūnin Exams, On the last round it was her daughter's turn, Sora. She had competed with a kunoichi from Iwagakure which made her heart a bit messed up, she had thought about the time when she was competing with a kunoichi from Iwagakure too, she was a bit scared that history might repeat itself but let go of her bad thoughts later on. Though when she looked at her, she felt like she saw the kunoichi before. She stood next to Konohamaru, Moegi, and Udon, while her husband and son sat in further from her. Before the match begins, she heard her son and husband cheered for Sora while she continued and added to encourage Sora to win. When it began, the shinobi made the first move, Sora did not fight back, she only avoid it. Later on, Sayuki shouted at Sora which quotes "SORA!! YOU HAVE TO WIN!! IF YOU DON'T, DON'T EXPECT DINNER FROM ME TONIGHT!" (obviously she's joking) But what she had received back was not what she expected, the kunoici from Iwagakure purposely threw approximately eight senbons that contain poison at her, that scratched her face and told her "Shut up, you're annoying" and that she was too loud because they're in the middle of the battle which caused the audience, Hokages, friends, family, and everyone to be shocked and caused a bit of chaos, her husband quickly ran to help with her son having teary eyes, she tried to heal herself and told everyone she's used to poison and she's perfectly fine but then she heard a big laugh from Sora, which made her stop a bit to look, Sora's face was black and making the hand you usually do when your mad, Sora quoted "How dare you hurt my mom...?" She had a scary face on making Sayuki worried, She lifts her head and Sayuki saw that she had awakened her Byakugan. Sora didn't know it yet, Sora used her Flower Release: Sword stabbing and saw through their chakra, she stabbed her making her bleed and faint. Sora was stopped by the observing Jōnins. Sayuki rushed down shaking with fear, while Neji took care of Shou, Shou trembled as he saw blood, he questioned Neji what happened to the shinobi receiving just a "he's alright don't worry, mommy will take care of it." , Iwa-observers protests for their princess's justice. Sayuki rushed down shaking with fear, she was confused about why people are calling her "Princess". The battle was stopped immediately by Sayuki, they announced Sora had won by default. Kurotsuchi rushed from her seat without hesitation to check on her. Kurotsuchi badmouthed Sora afterwards and noted she will train "Seina" more while her grandfather help with "Tsukishiro". After looking directly at Sora, she mumbled "'Wait...Sora?'' Sora was confused but she also recognized them both, Seina and Kurotsuchi. The kunoichi from Iwagakure was sent to the hospital while Sayuki gives her a bottle of the Shīkurettohīrā. Sayuki had flSayukibacks of Neji's match in the Chunin Exams. Sayuki pulled Sora's hand and into a quiet place, they both spoke in private, the conversation lasted around 10-11 minutes. Sayuki told and educate Sora about her Byakugan and her behaviour. Sayuki continues to watch the match later on, During the seventh match between Boruto Uzumaki and Shikadai Nara, Boruto seemingly wins but Naruto discovers that Boruto used a Kote to cheat, When Sayuki learns what he did, She immediately disqualified Boruto for using this prohibited tool and declares Shikadai as the winner. The stadium is then immediately attacked by Kinshiki and Momoshiki Ōtsutsuki, Sayuki and Temari helped Sakura protect people in the arena from the falling debris. Sayuki used almost all of her chakra into the Flower Release: Buddha Lotus Shield technique assuring people would be safe. Though she still did not waste that much chakra on it as shown with her using more chakra to convert what she absorbed into flowers and carrying people to safety.

After Kinshiki and Momoshiki kidnap Naruto, Sakura asked her if she is alright and with response, she begged Sakura to let her help heal Hinata and other injured people. Sakura stuttered while answering her she would do it herself and Sayuki's chakra isn't enough after using the Flower Release: Buddha Lotus Shield technique. Sayuki explained how she still has a lot of chakra left because she did not waste much chakra on the technique. Sayuki kept begging until Sakura finally agreed. Sakura told Sayuki she can heal badly injured patients while she heals Hinata, who was badly injured in her failed attempt to save Naruto. Sayuki surprising has a lot of chakra left just as she said. She was busy with the process since a lot of people were injured. Sayuki did what Sakura told her and then Naruto is successfully rescued and life returns to normal when he gets back to Konoha. Sora asks Sayuki if they can visit the kunoichi Sora fought, Neji told her they better go apologize because of what happened. They visited her and realized she is the daughter of the current Tsuchikage, the Fourth Tsuchikage Kurotsuchi and the Princess of Iwagakure. They also met once when Sora and Seina was 7 years old. Sora asks everyone to leave while she talk to them. Later when everything ended, Sayuki was seen with her family while asking what they wanted to eat, Shou suggested they should eat what Sayuki's favorite food is as a kid, Ramen. They all went to Ichiraku Ramen coincidentally meeting Naruto and Boruto along with Choji and Cho Cho. They all chit-chat a bit and then Sayuki's family decided to sit and order. Sayuki ordered a Miso ramen, which everyone agreed to do so too. Later, Shou asked to go to the playground while Sora wanted to go home, Neji took Sora home and Sayuki took Shou to the park. Shou met one of his classmates, continuously playing till dawn. After this, when Sayuki returned home, Sayuki witnessed Neji and Sora training which she sat with Shou to watch how they are doing since Sora just awakened her Byakugan, Sora on the other hand had a hard time using her Byakugan. Sayuki later on reminds them it's late at night and told them to go shower and sleep. It ended as seeing Sayuki's family having fun together.

Chōchō Arc

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In the anime, when the two lead actors of a popular TV drama received a death threat, Naruto assigned Team 4, Team 7 and Team 10 to protect them and later on Sayuki to assist them because Team 4 went missing.

Mitsuki's Disappearance Arc

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In the anime, when Mitsuki seemingly betrayed the village by attacking two gate guards, the village was put on lockdown. Sayuki and Ino was helping treat injured men and Sakura incharge of it. Once one of the guards was stabilised, Ino probed his mind for answers, Ino told Sayuki how she is shocked to discover that Mitsuki willingly left with the attackers. Meanwhile, Boruto, Sarada and Team 4, left the village without authorisation to find Mitsuki. While Hinata, Tenten, Seira and Sayuki was worried about the consequences of their children's' actions, Sakura insisted that they knew what their actions could lead to but still had faith they would be okay. Sayuki trusted Sora would be safe and believe in her strength of defending herself and her friends.

After learning everyone is safe, Sayuki was relieved. The victory however came at the personal sacrifice of the Third Tsuchikage. While the Konoha-nin wanted to attend the funeral, Naruto sent them all back to Konohagakure. Sora was still with Naruto attending the Third Tsuchikage's funeral.

After returning to home, Sora was hugged by an disappointed and relieved Sayuki. Team 4, Boruto and Sarada later had their shinobi status revoked for their technical desertion. Boruto, Sarada and Team 4 then found Mitsuki, who also had his shinobi status revoked. Mitsuki apologised for his recent actions and admitted to the shameless curiosity of wanting to connect with people more like him. Boruto however quickly accepted his apology and admitted he was glad that he got the chance to better understand Mitsuki as a person, hoping to learn more about each other, much to Mitsuki's delight. Later, due to Kurotsuchi's gratitude and recommendation, it was decided to restore Team 4 and Team 7 genin's shinobi status. Sayuki scolded the 6 genins afterwards.

Konohamaru's Love Arc

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In the anime, Konohamaru and Boruto saw a woman running away from several men in the village, prompting Konohamaru to rescue her from them. Introducing herself as Remon Yoimura and a sightseer, Boruto showed her around the village, during which she and Konohamaru became fond of each other. During the time Boruto showed her around, Sayuki met them while outside of her office. Sayuki talked to them for a while and went back to her office.

One-Tail Escort Arc

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When Boruto returned to the village along with Naruto and the kettle-sealed Shukaku, they bump into Sayuki and Shou. When Shou saw Shukaku, he immediately took interest in him. Shou begged Sayuki to buy one for him to play. Sayuki told him it's not a toy and it's very dangerous. Sayuki asks Naruto about Shukaku, Naruto told her it was decided that Naruto would safeguard Shukaku. Shou ran off crying because he didn't get what he wanted, Sayuki and the others chased and found him in a dark ally. Naruto told him that he would ask Hinata if she'll allow them to watch over the tailed beast and if she does, Shou can visit him anytime he wanted. During which, Hinata allowed the children to watch over the tailed beast while she was happy to have extra time with her entire family. Sayuki watches as Shou and Himawari treats him like a toy. Though Sayuki saw right through on what Shukaku thinks of the children, Shukaku found them annoying but Shukaku decided to play nice with Himawari and Shou. Ultimately however, when learning that Himawari and Shou had no knowledge of the incident, Shukaku quickly turned cold again and told them to leave it alone, much to their sadness. Sayuki was frustated that she has to deal with them. Himawari and Shou asked her to help them find Shukaku with them which left Sayuki no choice but to follow along. However, she told them that if something happened in her office, she has to leave them both right away. Boruto also came along.

When later returning to look for it, Shou, Himawari and Boruto were horrified to discover that it was mistaken for trSayuki and sent to the scrapyard. Sayuki felt bad and told them to save it. When they grew desperate to save the tanuki before it get crushed by the machinery, Himawari's despair activated her Byakugan again while Shou used his gentle fist and they both quickly saved Shukaku. Sayuki was amazed on Himawari, a kid this age was able to do this. Shou jumped around because of joy that they can finally play together again. Amazed at how genuinely concerned Himawari and Shou was for it, Shukaku became kinder to them leaving Sayuki relieved and went back to her office. Later Shou informed her that Shukaku would be moved to a new safehouse, Shou and Himawari was sad when they learned this. Sayuki told them not to worry and maybe there would be more "toys" to play with in the future.

Time Slip Arc

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In the anime, when the grown-up Sasuke and Boruto Uzumaki were sent back in time to shortly after Sasuke's defection, the two pretended to be travelling performers and were put under watch by Naruto. Past-Sayuki was first seen with Past-Minami talking, Past-Sakura walked into their conversation giving them drinks. When Past-Sayuki saw Boruto, she immediately befriends him because she felt like they had a connection somehow. She told Boruto how much he resembled her friend, Naruto. Boruto denied the fact making Past-Sayuki feel embarrassed of her just bluntly saying these stuff. Sasuke told Boruto they need to do something and excuses himself, Sayuki was shocked and asks if he was Sasuke Uchiha because he looks incredibly similar to him, Sasuke sweat and denies it. Sayuki coldly stares at him and walk away allowing them to go. Boruto accidentally told her how her personality is still mature even in the past making Sayuki believe that he was somehow related to Naruto and come from the future. Later, past-Sayuki and her friends helped Boruto and Naruto clean up a bathhouse after the commotion Naruto and Jiraiya caused. Days later, when past-Sayuki training with past-Saburo, Boruto came across them training and asked if he can train with them, Boruto wanted to know how strong past-Sayuki was and how she got to be one of Konohagakure's most strongest kunoichi. In the process, Boruto was shocked seeing how past-Sayuki's abilities were far from being average. Boruto won over past-Sayuki making her amazed. Later, Konohamar Sarutobiu, Moegi Kazamatsuri, and Udon Ise approached Sayuki and her friends for help, telling how Naruto and Boruto were battling a dangerous foe. They quickly agreed to help. By the time they arrived however, the battle was already over. The group then escorted their injured friends to the hospital. Days later, after, the others were discharged from the hospital, Sasuke and Boruto were ready to leave. Just like everyone else, Sasuke used his Sharingan to erase the memories of everyone.

Back in the present, HiSayukii's birthday was fast approaching, and it was suggested by Hanabi to throw a party for him. Hanabi invited both Hinata and Neji's family to join. Sayuki and Neji picked out new clothes for him. At the party, Sayuki joined her family in a group photo as suggested by Boruto.

Sayuki Saitou Arc

Sayuki, Temari and Sakura and were assigned to on an S-ranked mission to destroy the stone of God and assassinating VIPs.

Sasuke Shinden: The Teacher's Star Pupil

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Sayuki appears in this novel.

Kara Actuation Arc

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In the anime, when Team 7 was defeated by Deepa, the genin were brought back to the village for emergency care. Sayuki was tasked help Sakura and Shizune do an emergency care. Sakura displayed her apprehensions well about negative component with disappointment across both genin after just a successful operation on the both. Sayuki was tasked to escort both Sarada and Boruto. Three days later, Sarada and Boruto disappeared from their respective rooms in the hospital when Sayuki went to the bathroom, Sayuki felt frustated on their behaviour but though However, Sakura told Sayuki However, the two quickly ascentained that they could still encounter Konohamaru as well as Mugino, who have been trying to prepare for something like a mission to analyze Kara. With their respite, the children simply chose to express their faith and confidence mostly in older ninja to manage the mission whereas they decided to stay behind it and decided to commit to growing stronger through intense training. At the time, Sora was still training with her father in the backyard.

Back home later, Sayuki rushed to their backyard to see what is happening, Shou was seen sitting on the chair watching his sister and father train. When Neji and Sora stopped when seeing Sayuki, Neji questions Sayuki how Boruto and Sarada were and she told him that they were fine. Sora asked her mom to train with her so she can show-off her new skills, Sayuki wanted to see it and so she agreed. Sayuki told Sayuki she would only use her physical strength against her while Sora felt that her mother is underestimating her, Sora told her mother to use her full strength and her flower rope, her father stood aside and sat with Shou observing them. Sayuki used her flower rope and started off with her Flower Release: Sway Vines to try and whip Sora, Sora saw through it straight away and escaped it. Sayuki then used her Flower Release: Ground strike and while at it, Sora jumped on the rocks that had been broken down and used her Flower Release: Sword Stab, Sayuki ran and grabbed her wrist making her Flower Rope go back inside, Sora had still not back down yet, with her determination on winning, Sora forcefully kicked Sayuki's stomach making her fall back and added with the Gentle Fist. Sayuki blocked it but it was a bit late, Sayuki quickly shield herself and used her Flower Release: Rose Of Thorns, Sora saw through it and tried fighting it but got stabbed by one. Sayuki trained Sora just like how Shoko trained her and Minami. "I'll end this battle quickly." Sayuki said while preparing to use her One Foot Tap technique. "I'm doomed, no the 5 nations are." Sora said. She later forfeit with a disgraceful face, Sayuki told her not to worry because there would be no way a Genin could beat a Jōnin. The half of the village got destroyed. "It would be the 5 nations if Sayuki didn't master the technique." Neji followed him and told Sora this is above a Genin's average strength considering she even touched his wife. Neji was proud of his own daughter. "It's still only 3% of your mom's power." Neji said laughing.

Later on after Hanabi told Sora and Shou she would be going to Iwa, Sora seemed delighted by this and asks to come along, Hanabi told her she couldn't come along considering it's dangerous and she's still a Genin. Sora kept quiet. Sayuki heard the conversation and asks why she wanted to go with Hanabi when she heard Hanabi's gooing to Iwa. Sora stuttered and didn't know what to answer, she lied and said she wanted to just go with Hanabi for fun to see other villages. Sayuki knew she was lying because she knows Sora never had interests in traveling or going out of Konoha but didn't care and went up stairs to continue working. A few hours later Neji went inside her room asking where Sora is and that he wanted to talk to her. Sayuki told him she's probably in her room or out with friends or even training alone. Neji told her he had already asked all of her friends and checked everywhere but didn't find her, Sayuki panicked and made a theory that Sora was kidnapped but then remembered she wanted to go with Hanabi to Iwa. Sayuki called Hanabi and asks if Sora is with her, Hanabi confirms Sora had secretly followed her making Sayuki relieved. After Sora returned home, Sora was bright red and cannot stop smiling, Sayuki confronts Sora on why she followed Hanabi since it's the 2nd time she had done something without authorisation, Sora apologized. Sayuki told her that she should tell her first before doing anything dangerous, Sora nodded in agreement.

Later that night, Sayuki, Tenten, Ino and Hinata decided to take Sakura out on a girl's night to talk. They tried to insist that, as mothers, they, excessively, distrusted for one‘s children's possibly the best, and yet that they've had to start believing in their very own strength and stamina. Sayuki told her Sakura that Neji, too, has been making Sora under an intense training while Sora motivates herself so she can beat Sayuki and Neji just once, with no one backing down and forfeiting. Ino continued to insist that Sakura had to have an initiative which thus attempted to push her forward as a young girl, and Sarada passed down through generations that much from Sakura just like she did from Sasuke. Sakura has been brightened up by Ino's sayings.

Ao Arc

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In the anime, Sayuki attended the memorial service for the fallen people of the Fourth Shinobi World War, holding a portrait of Minami in her honour. After, Sayuki was seen talking to Hinata about the memories they had with Minami.

Kawaki Arc

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Sayuki was first seen with Ino helping her in the Yamanaka Flowers because Sayuki wanted to repay Ino's help. While they were working, Naruto, Sarada and Kawaki entered the store to pick out a replacement for Himawari Uzumaki's broken vase. Ino greeted them, and recognised Kawaki from earlier talks with Naruto. Naruto discreetly informed her that the enemy will come for Kawaki, and that they will require the continued support from the sensing division. Sayuki walked away when they were talking because she is not in the sensing division. Following Kawaki picking a vase, Ino offered to add some flowers, Sayuki told him that she suggested a sunflower because it resembles Himawari's name, but while he looked at the stems, it triggered Kawaki, reminding him of his childhood and causing him to drop the vase. This caused Sayuki to flinch, Sayuki did not blame him as he is still a kid. Sayuki told them that she will clean the mess because if she doesn't it might make them bleed. Sayuki tried calming him down so he doesn't cause more chaos, After he calmed down, the three left the shop, with Ino telling Kawaki that a handsome boy like him is always welcomed at the store. Sayuki laughed and reminded her that she has a husband and a son, and of course Ino wasn't taking it seriously.

Sayuki was then seen watching over Kawaki and Boruto with Himawari and Sora. Later, as Ino finished helping another customer, Ino detected an intruder entering the village. Ino quickly called Sayuki to contact the Barrier Team, who perceived the chakra shortly afterwards and noted that it was an unknown chakra signature. Sayuki temporary teleported to her office to check. They both warned Naruto about the intruder. Following the dangers associated with Kawaki and enemies after him. Naruto told Sayuki to take Boruto and Himawari away. Sayuki did what he said. Delta arrived before them. As Delta and Naruto exchanged words, Naruto instructed her to watch over Himawari, Boruto and Sora before fighting Delta. When Boruto fear for his father's safety, Boruto recklessly launched his Vanishing Rasengan at her, who quickly absorbed the attack to reenergise herself. Sayuki got worried and scolded him for being reckless. Going for a new tactic, Delta then launched her beam at Himawari, knowing that she would inevitably hit someone, whether it be her target or the Hokage acting as a human shield for his daughter. To everyone's surprise however, it was Kawaki who blocked the blast, at the cost of his right arm which shocked Boruto. Sayuki healed Kawak's arm though she didn't hear it to the point his arm recovered. After Naruto defeated Delta, Sayuki swears she will protect everyone and kill of Delta.

Quiet a while after Delta is defeated, Boruto called for Sayuki for her help. Boruto closes the phone without a proper explanation. Sayuki got worried because Sora is there too. Neji asked what happened with Sayuki explaining how Boruto is asking for help. Neji told Sayuki to teleport them both to Naruto's house. When Boruto saw Sayuki, he was relieved mumbling about how Sayuki is the only person who can help them because she can teleport to them fast. Neji asks them for an explanation of what happened. Boruto told them that first, his Kāma inadvertently activated, he was feeling something bad happened to Kawaki. So after he grew even more concerned when his mark suddenly receded again, he, Sora and Mitsuki arrived to the house, asking what happened, Kawaki added that after that Jigen appeared and took Naruto. Kawaki was then suddenly subdued by Shikamaru's Shadow Imitation Technique. Openly noting his distrust of Kawaki, Shikamaru had a team of ninja use a barrier to lock down the area while he interrogated Kawaki. While Boruto vouched for him, Kawaki did not fight Shikamaru's growing distrust. Sayuki told Shikamaru to trust Kaaki for once, Shikamaru told her that he won't listen to her, Neji put a hand on Sayuki telling her not to trust Kawaki too much. Kawaki then noticed his prosthetic arm reacting, leading him to realise Naruto was alive. Synchronising his Kāma with Boruto's, they were able to produce a rift. While Shikamaru refused to let anyone enter it, Kawaki used his Kāma to escape Shikamaru's technique while he, Sayuki dragging Neji with her and the genins entered the rift to Naruto's location. On the other side, they met Boro, who was guarding a pot with Naruto sealed inside. As they engaged him in battle, Boro endured Sayuki, Neji, Team 4 and Team 7's by quickly regenerating and exposed them to his Dark Cloud which sapped away their strength. While planning to take Boruto back to Kara along with Kawaki, the combined effort of Team 7 (minus Boruto), Sayuki, Neji and Team 4 gave the team an opening to retreat. Sayuki attacked Boro to the point he injured himself, when Boro became a bit unconscious after absorbing Sayuki's poison, Neji took the opportunity to attack him resulting failure. Sayuki was afraid to unleSayuki at least 20% of her powers because of how the genins were awfully close to her and it might cause harm. After Mitsuki, Sora and Fuji had Sarada analyse Boro's mist with her Sharingan, which revealed its viral nature, Sarada was picked as team leader and led their counterattack. When she was able to create an opening, Boruto and Kawaki attacked together, having recovered from the virus, destroying Boro's head and much of his upper body. Team 4 continued to attack Boro. Sayuki was able to strike Boro down and made him bleed. Boro flwe and hit the gorund, Sayuki destroyed his legs, broke bones and rupture his organs.

After regenerating, Sayuki and Neji helped MItsuki and Boruto battled off Boro to help Kawaki, only for the foe to repeatedly regenerate. As Kawaki and Team 4 joined in the assault, weathering Boro's counter assault against the tiring children, Sarada finally made her move. Having learned from Kawaki about Boro's limitless regeneration requiring a special core in his body, she struck with her Chidori. Successfully removing the core, Boro's body began mutating without its stabiliser. With Kawaki and Team 4's help, Boruto was able to use their Kāma to create a rift in the seal and free the unconscious Naruto. While the kids checked on the Hokage, Boro composed himself enough to attack, striking down Mitsuki. Sayuki and Yakumo whom helped protect Mitsuki made a shield for him. As the others were quickly overwhelmed by Boro's massive form, Boruto's mark evolved further, manifesting Momoshiki's will and persona while exhibiting a massive boost in power to beat Boro about. Taking complete control of Boruto's body, Momoshiki obliterated Boro with a gigantic Rasengan. As the Kāma deactivated, Momoshiki warned Boruto that it was not yet time for him to lose everything, leaving Boruto unconscious and falling from the sky. He was caught by Mitsuki and checked on, and upon awakening remembered nothing of Momoshiki's manifestation.

Sayuki temporary healed everyone before the team returned to Konoha with Naruto, After the team returned to Konoha with Naruto, they were all taken to the hospital for treatment. Although, Sayuki wasn't hurt so she helped look after the kids who did. In the anime, Kawaki informed Boruto about his involuntary metamorphosis against Boro, noting that he too underwent a similar episode against Jiren. In the anime, they discussed the recent events. Kawaki informed them that each member of Kara was modified with Shinobi-Ware, granting them abilities besides ninjutsu. Upon learning of Boro's cult, Naruto assigned Sai, Neji and Konohamaru to investigate, hoping to discover new information on the new whereabouts of Kara's Ten-Tails. They returned and reported Boro's scheme for getting new cultists and using them as subjects for Kara's Vessel experiments, as well as that despite her defeat to Naruto, Delta was somehow still active, having destroyed the cult's base. At home Neji and Sayuki discussed about this while he goes in full details of the people there and Delta.

Later, Sayuki and the others were informed by Ino of Shikadai being taken hostage by Amado. Though he wished to speak to Shikamaru, Amado revealed he wished to defect to Konoha, offering intel on Kara, Jigen, their Ten-Tails, and the Ōtsutsuki. In the anime, Yasu, Sayuki and Kazuki were assigned to help Inojin and Chōchō to watch over Shikadai in the meantime incase anything happens. Arata, Kita, Shikamaru, Sasuke, Takeru, Sai and Naruto was in the room with Amado. Before Kita went into the room, Sayuki noted they should gather the original Team 4, Team 12 and Team 16 to discuss about this more clearly in a restaurant (Yakiniku Q). Later, when Sayuki got closer to Shikadai observing the bomb, Sayuki noticed something was off and realized everyone was fooled, the bomb was fake. Sayuki was about to teleport to Naruto and inform him about this but was contacted by one of her co-workers, she teleported back to her office and saw the arrival of Isshiki Ōtsutsuki on the monitor, whose improper resurrection required him to rebrand Kawaki with his Kāma. Sayuki contacted Ino and told her to inform Naruto about this while she sent some of her people to go against Isshiki and buy some time so they can evacute people. Sayuki knew that if she went out to battle him, she would get killed or would get seriously injured so she instead helped and guided people in the village to a safer place.

Post-Kawaki Arc

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When it is the day of Kagura ceremony again, Sayuki went to the Saitou clan's shrine with her family. Sayuki reunites with her Father and Mother alongside with cousins and siblings. Sayuki sat aside while the shrine maidens (Miko) dance. Once it's finished, everyone in the Saitou clan (including Neji, Hina, Yui, Mina, Kiyoshi, Takeo and Sota) was given a cup of tea to drink as it symbolizes harmony, peace, spiritual enlightenment, spiritual awakening, spiritual connection, rejuvenation, refreshment, change and contentment. After this, Sayuki and the others went out to pray from goodluck, a long life and a stable mental health. Afterwards Sayuki went back inside to get blessed by the blessing water from the clan's heiress, Sawako Saitou. When the ceremony is finished, everyone received fruits and later on parted ways with their families. Sayuki suggested to look around because it has been five years since the last time she had seen this shrine. After wondering around they head back home.

The Unheard Voices of Truth Arc

Sayuki was assigned on a solo mission to transport highly classified documents.


In the wake of Konoha's destruction four years after the Ōtsutsuki attack on the village, Sayuki spotted unconscious under the remnants of the obliterated Hokage Rock bleeding while being held by a sixteen-year-old Sora.

Naruto Highschool Modern Shoujo AU

In this AU, everything is modern from the Naruto world. Everyone goes to a highschool normally without being ninjas and worrying about war or being attacked, Sayuki is a first year like everyone else at the start of the series. This AU lasted for 62 episodes. In this AU, Sayuki is quiet and easy-going very much similar to her Shippuden personality. Sayuki has the same hair style as her times in Shippuden, at school, just like other girls she wears a navy sailor sweater suit with pink trimmings, a short navy skirt with pink trimmings and long black stockings. Sayuki also wears a pair of black Japanese school shoes. KakSayukii is her homeroom teacher while other teachers teach one specific subject each (eight in total), the class cosists of Naruto Uzumaki, Sasuke Uchiha, Sakura Haruno, Hinata Hyūga, Kiba Inuzuka, Shino Aburame, Shikamaru Nara, Choji Akimichi, Ino Yamanaka, Rock Lee, Neji Hyūga, Tenten, Yasu Koizumi, Takeru Akiyama, Minami Kurosawa, Kita Matsuzaki, Sayaka Saitou, Kiyoshi Nishimura and Arata Ueno. There are two known plays that Sayuki took apart of, the Cinderella play and the Romeo and Juliet play. Sayuki is apart of a martial arts club in this AU.

First Year Arc

Romeo and Juliet Play

Summer Vacation

Project Day

First Semester

Second Year Arc

Cinderella Play

Field Trip

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Naruto Shippūden the Movie

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Sayuki appeared with other shinobis protecting the village, she was later seen fighting alongside with Tenten being led by KakSayukii and Guy in making a counter-attack against Mōryō and his stone soldiers to buy time for Naruto and Shion to defeat Mōryō.

Naruto Shippūden the Movie: Bonds

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When a mysterious group of ninja from the Land of the Sky made a surprise attack on Konoha, Sayuki heard about her father getting captured and her mother was in charge of saving him which made her worried. Sayuki later was seen saving and saving innocent people and children. Sayuki made a shield and trapped the children so they can be safe temporary while she deals with Sora-nins, Sayuki was later sent as part of a force to provide backup for Shikamaru's team, but the Land of the Sky's base was already in the process of being destroyed when they arrived. Shinnō saves Amaru, but is apparently badly wounded and seemingly dies, which Hinata confirms with her Byakugan, Sayuki offered to heal the wound. The rest of them split up to investigate the area and Hinata is captured, imprisoned with the rest of the villagers. Sayuki helped Amaru later finds them, frees them, and evacuates them to safety. She release the kids from the shield after this, a kid hugged and thank her refering her to "ヒーローお姉さん/Hero Sister" making Sayuki lit up. After her father's return, Sayuki was very much relief. She helped clean up the blood on her mother.

Naruto Shippūden the Movie: Circus of the Glamorous Clowns

Sayuki, Sakura, and Shikamaru is assigned to capture and track a missing-nin who had been kidnapping kids.

Naruto Shippūden the Movie: The Will of Fire

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Sayuki was first seen with the rest of Konoha 11 eating barbecue to celebrate Naruto and Sai's recovery. After Naruto and Sai arrive, Naruto exclaims that Shikamaru is paying for everyone. She and the others quickly thank Shikamaru before he can protest. After Hiruko announced a fourth ninja war will occur, she was one of Konoha 11, except Naruto, assigned by Tsunade to secure the village. She and the others were ordered to go after them and bring them back. When they encountered them they all got ambushed by Ichi. Sayuki was released from Ichi's tentacles by Tenten with some exploding kunai and they started to battle them. Neji told Shikamaru that Team Guy will handle the battle and sends the rest of the team after Naruto and Sakura. When Naruto and Sakura go searching for the apparently missing-nin KakSayukii, Sayuki is part of a team organised to stop them and bring them back to Konoha. Although they do manage to find Naruto and Sakura, they are attacked by Hiruko's henchmen; Sayuki and her teammates assists the members of Team 8 and end up fighting Ni and her chimera-dogs. Although the teams defeated her, Ni fuses with her teammates, Ichi and San, into a massive flying beast. Sayuki was seen fighting alongside with Konoha 11 to distract the beast, Sayuki uses her Flower Release: Ground strike making the beast lose balance and this led Hinata and Neji to use their Gentle Fist to destroy it. Hiruko repairs the beast, forcing the Konoha 11 to pool their attacks against it; Hinata and Neji's contribution is the Eight Trigrams Sixty-Four Palms. The beast and Hiruko are ultimately destroyed.

Naruto Shippūden the Movie: Betrayal

Sayuki and the rest of Konoha 11 is brought into a genjutsu for a whole year (a day in reality) where she and everyone has to kill and assasinate their powerful-like teachers before the year ends or they would be stuck in the genjutsu forever.

Naruto the Movie: Blood Prison

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Sayuki is part of the team sent to the Blood Prison to rescue Naruto, who was wrongly imprisoned there. Sayuki and Hinata becomes worried when he is impaled, and is accordingly relieved when he is rescued by Ryūzetsu.

Road to Ninja: Naruto the Movie

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Sayuki and the rest of the Konoha 11 fought off an attack by what seemed to be the entire Akatsuki roster, but what were actually disguised parts of the White Zetsu Army. When Naruto and Sakura were sent to the Genjutsu World, In the alternate world, Sayuki is very hot-headed and mean to others. She's not friendly at all, she likes to talk back to those who oppose her. She is more open and honest about how she feels about people in her surroundings which Neji is also taking advantages of it. She is legit the meaning of a pick me girl and was seen defending Neji for his actions (peeping girls in the Konoha bathhouse) stating he never meant to do it. She's timid-awkward which makes it hard to talk to her. She never takes responsibility and instead, she likes to blame it on others. Sayuki is very much disrespectful and shows no mercy to others, She's arrogant too. Her personality is far from her real personality, which is the opposite of her Kind, calm, and caring personality. Her appearance is more revealing and more inappropriate for her age, she was overweighted too. She was raised with her family hating her, with Minami and Nishi as her sisters, they all hate each other. Which opposed to the real world where she's raised with a love able family, Minami and Nishi as her friends but later on died, and they all love each other uncontrollably. Sayuki first appears with her friends battling several Zetsu clones disguised as deceased Akatsuki members. Later, in the alternate world, a different Sayuki.

Video games

Sayuki Saitou is a playable character in the following video games:

Game name Japanese release English release
Jump Ultimate Stars 23 November 1106
Naruto Mobile 1116 1116
Naruto RPG 2: Chidori vs. Rasengan 14 July 1105
Naruto Shippūden: ClSayuki of Ninja Revolution 3 17 November 1109
Naruto Shippūden: Gekitō Ninja Taisen! EX 22 February 1107
Naruto Shippūden: Gekitō Ninja Taisen! EX 2 29 November 1107
Naruto Shippūden: Gekitō Ninja Taisen! EX 3 27 November 1108
Naruto Shippūden: Gekitō Ninja Taisen! Special 2 December 1110
Naruto Shippūden: Kizuna Drive 15 July 1110 22 March 1111
Naruto Shippūden: Legends: Akatsuki Rising 6 October 1109
Naruto Shippūden: Naruto vs. Sasuke 4 July 1108 6 November 1110
Naruto Shippūden: Ninja Council 4 19 July 1107 2 June 1109
Naruto Shippūden: Ninja Destiny 2 24 April 1108 15 September 1109
Naruto Shippūden: Ninja Destiny 3 28 April 1109
Naruto Shippūden: Shinobi Rumble 22 April 1110 8 February 1111
Naruto Shippūden: Ultimate Ninja 4 5 April 1107 24 March 1109
Naruto Shippūden: Ultimate Ninja 5 11 December 1107 27 November 1109
Naruto Shippūden: Ultimate Ninja Blazing 14 July 1116 24 August 1116
Naruto Shippūden: Ultimate Ninja Heroes 3 10 December 1109 11 May 1110
Naruto Shippūden: Ultimate Ninja Impact 11 October 1111 18 October 1111
Naruto Shippūden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 2 21 October 1110 19 October 1110
Naruto Shippūden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 18 April 1113 5 March 1113
Naruto Shippūden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 4 February 1116 9 February 1116
Naruto Shippūden: Ultimate Ninja Storm Generations 23 February 1112 13 March 1112
Naruto Shippūden: Ultimate Ninja Storm Revolution 11 September 1114 16 September 1114
Naruto to Boruto: Shinobi Striker 30 August 1118 31 August 1118
Naruto x Boruto: Ninja Tribes June 1119 June 1119
Naruto x Boruto: Ninja Voltage 22 November 1117 22 November 1117
Naruto: ClSayuki of Ninja 11 April 1103 7 March 1106
Naruto: ClSayuki of Ninja 2 4 December 1103 26 September 1106
Naruto: ClSayuki of Ninja Revolution 23 October 1107
Naruto: ClSayuki of Ninja Revolution 2 21 October 1108
Naruto: Gekitō Ninja Taisen! 3 11 November 1104
Naruto: Gekitō Ninja Taisen! 4 21 November 1105
Naruto: Konoha Ninpōchō 27 March 1103
Naruto: Konoha Senki 12 September 1103
Naruto: Ninja Council 2 29 April 1104 10 October 1106
Naruto: Ninja Council 2 European Version 21 April 1105 3 October 1108
Naruto: Ninja Council 3 27 April 1106 22 May 1107
Naruto: Ninja Destiny 14 December 1106 11 March 1108
Naruto: Path of the Ninja 22 July 1104 23 October 1107
Naruto: Path of the Ninja 2 13 July 1106 14 October 1108
Naruto: Rise of a Ninja 30 October 1107
Naruto: Shinobi Collection 1114
Naruto: Shinobi Collection Shippū Ranbu 27 July 1115
Naruto: Shinobi no Sato no Jintori Kassen 26 June 1103
Naruto: The Broken Bond 18 November 1108
Naruto: Ultimate Ninja 23 October 1103 26 June 1106
Naruto: Ultimate Ninja 2 30 September 1104 12 June 1107
Naruto: Ultimate Ninja 3 22 December 1105 25 March 1108
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In several of the Ultimate Ninja Storm games, the team combination of Sayuki and Neji is titled "Childhood Lover". Sayuki typically uses acrobatic physical attacks similar to the Muay Thai style of fighting.

Live Action

Live Spectacle Naruto

Main article: Live Spectacle Naruto

Suzu Hirose plays as Sayuki in this stage play adaption.

Creation and Conception

(Cringe Alert)

I (as Sayuki's creator) never really got an idea of what Sayuki would look like but then...I came across an ilustration so I decided to change a bit of the illustration (the bangs, the braids, the clothes etc) so it can become my OC. Her clothes were inspired by some fanarts (I changed a bit of the details ^^) since I don't have a big imagination. Sayuki was supposed to have a dojutsu called Akumagan AND the Flower Rope but I decided it would be sue-ish. I originally planned for Minami to die because of suicide because her mother died and due to family problems but no, I want her death to be more sad so I can cry at night xD Sayuki was supposed to be healthy too but though I thought it would be weird because like example: You got bullied and locked up yourself. Wouldn't you be underweighted?- I also used to base Sayuki a lot on me but decide to change 90% of it keeping her split personality (till Shippuden only not Boruto) considering I have a split personality. Her clothes are a bit revealing because I thought it would be cool if she has revealing clothes so she can move around easily. I'm trying to prevent trying to make her too revealing because if she is real, I undoubtedly think alot of people would call her a sl*t or h*e. Fun fact: I originally planned for her to be on Team 7 but then I figured out it wouldn't work since all teams MUST have a Jōnin and 3 genins :D. I was about to put her in Team Guy because of Neji but changed to Team 4. Off topic but I didn't really planned for Yasu to marry Tenten but it hurts me seeing Tenten single and not have a happy life with someone :(( Sora Hyūga too, she was originally supposed to have a shy and timid personality like Hinata but then again, Hinata isn't her mother and she can't inherit Hinata's personality. So I settled on Neji's personality with a tiny tiny tinyyyy bit of Sayuki's. Sayuki was originally supposed to marry Yasu but I thought it would be too toxic since she has no feelings toward Yasu and just forcing herself to like him. To be honest...her strength and moments aren't shown in the anime a lot lol- it's only like 30% shown. I'm only writing on what's showing in the anime, fun fact, in the manga she got an A on her ninjutsu which is different from the anime itself. The only thing that remained as it is was her name in English- in Japanese her name used to be spelled 桜雪 and 桜 means "cherry blossoms". 雪 means "snow" mainly and just now, looking back her backstory is similar to Hinata and Sasuke (a bit of Naruto too) :// which is disappointing that I came up with that for nothing. Her growth is also similar to Sakura AHHHH!! like she went from useless to powerful???? -.- her kekkei genkai is similar to Shikamaru's Shadow Imitation Technique for some reason, her job is extremely similar to the Konoha Barrier Team for some reason, I did not take inspiration from anyone of those. This job was originally supposed to be only hers wihtout assisting anyone but I just decided to connect them lol. Sayuki was also supposed to use the Shadow Clone Technique, Chidori, Rasengan, All Fire Release techniques (yes even the famous Fireball technique from the Uchiha clan), All Wind Release techniques, All Lightning Release techiques etc. She was originally going to blame herself her Minami's death but then "Mary sue af-" came across my mind since it's clearly not all her fault as Minami made the choice herself. Her background was supposed to be something like "Sayuki helped Naruto from the bullies blah blah blah" but I just used up the idea of her defending him in secret since she was told to stay away from Naruto. In the Saitou clan, people who usually have it's blood have silver hair and a name starting with "S" right? this rule was more extreme from the time I first thought about this, I used to plan them to have silver hair, name starting with "Sa" AND for everyone in the clan to ONLY marry guys/girls who names start with "Sa" but I decided to change LMAO- I was also gonna put something like " This clan is very weird..example even though your parents have blue eyes, you also have a chance to have diffrent eye colors from them." the clan's leader was originally supposed to be Sano Saitou (he was a hokage too -.-) and actually... Sayuki was supposed to have an unbreakable relationship with Miyu Arima, her grandmother, her grandfather too. Sawako was originally supposed to have her sister's name while Sakoya was supposed to have her name. Sayuki was also close to the originally "Sakoya" which is Sawako currently. The Saitou clan's special fighting style was Genjutsu and Ninjutsu too but got changed to Taijutsu. Here's the originally history, you can skip if you don't want to read, scroll down and i'll mark a "here": "The Saitou Clan was once a proud and powerful clan next to the Uchiha and Senju Clans During the Era of Warring States. The Clan is actually the Uchiha's sibling clan and descendants of Hagoromo Otsutsuki. the Saitou clan's physical strength and chakra compared to the Uchiha's is greater by half. During the First and Second Great Ninja Wars the Saitou Clan suffered many loses trying to defend their home, the clan's population was cut by half. Some of the clan members scattered to some of the Five Great Villages. The bulk of the Clan was invited by the Third Hokage Hiruzen Sarutobi to live in Konohagakure. The leader of the clan accepted the offer. Upon arriving in Konohagakure they were greeted by the villagers and other ninja clans including their distant sibling clan the Uchiha. Years after the Saitou Clan settled in Konohagakure The Third Great Ninja War began and the Saitou clan along with the rest of the Konaha Shinobi participated in the great conflict. During the great conflict Suijin Saitou and Sachiro Saitou would fight alongside his best friend Fugaku Uchiha in many battles earning themselves titles, Fugaku Wicked Eye, Suijin Silent Blade and Sachiro Dark Path. After the war, Suijin and his wife Hina had a child named Saburo, who would enter the academy six years before Naruto and Sasuke, After six years, Hina gave birth to twins named Sayaka and Sayuki they later on enter the academy with Sasuke and Naruto and finally after 4 years their last child was borned and they named her Sayoko. Many years have passed and the Uchiha were on the brink of revolt Fugaku asked Suijin to join them, but Suijin refused and sided with the village. After Itachi massacred the Uchiha Clan he begged Suijin Saitou and Sachiro Saitou not to tell the truth of the Uchiha Clan, they both agreed. After that, Itachi left the village. Years have passed and the clan prospered well in the village. During the time Naruto left to train under Jiraiya, A distant member of the Saitou clan named Sadakata left his home of Sunagakure to live with his relative in Konohagakure. Sadakata was greeted by his clan as he entered the village. When the Fourth Great Ninja War began, The Five Great Nations united under an Alliance. The war took its toll on all including the Saitou clan. It was during war that Saburo, Sayaka, and Sayoko met Naruto and Sasuke while fighting alongside Sakura and the other Shinobi. After the war everyone decided to call Sano and Miyu to live with us." Here. I originally planned for Sora to have Elaina's look ( from Wandering Witch: The Journey of Elaina) but decided to change so she can assemble Sayuki and Neji. Shou's name was Senzo before but I changed it because it doesn't sound Japanese even it is Japanese and because I can't remember his name at all.


  • The name "Sayuki" in Japanese means "Cherry blossom" and "Snow" (桜雪), which is referring to how she usually sit and have a picnic under the cherry blossom trees (Sakura) in spring. While the Snow (Yuki) symbolizes her love for snowy weathers. Another meaning of her name means "Help someone" and "Fortune" which is referring to Neji since his fate resembles with a caged bird and Sayuki is helping him. Her family name "Saitou" means "adjusted, alike, equal, similar variety of" and "Wisteria" (さいとう).
  • She's actually very innocent compared to everyone else.
  • She's very passionate about cooking and is a very good cook as shown in Boruto.
  • She's amazing at drawing mangas and had been complimented by Sai.
  • Her favorite season is winter.
  • Sayuki and Neji trains together more then being seen doing it.
  • Yui taught Sayuki and Sayaka embroidery because she is the world's best embroidery maker, she could make them and turn them into techniques such as the Cloak of Invisibility. Yui is also specialized in Genjutsu because of this.
  • As shown, Sayuki is mostly calld Saya-chan/Sayu-chan by girls her age because they thought it is appropriate for her but though In the Naruto Highschool Modern Shoujo AU, Yasu calls Sayuki, Sayuki-senpai because Yasu thinks Sayuki has more experience than him even though they are the same age.
  • Everyone who has is in the Saitou bloodline is usually silvered-headed, which goes for both her son and daughter.
  • In Naruto Shippuden: Legends: Akatsuki Rising, Itachi accidentally mistakes Neji and Sayuki as a couple by saying "Oh that's miserable, your weddings aren't going to happen any sooner if you know who I am."
  • In Spring, she usually has picnics under the cherry blossom trees.
  • Sayuki's headband is not inspired by Sakura.
  • Before Neji x Sayuki (NejiSayu) becomes canon, it was hinted that it is parallel to other couples such as Suijin x Hina, long hair man with brown hair marrying a long hair girl with silver/white hair and bangs. Suijin and Neji both have seals on their forehead. Though after it became canon, it is seen that this ship also parallels to Shikamaru x Temari (ShikaTema), two genius marrying a princess. Both Neji and Sayuki's zodiac signs are ranked on the most compatible zodiac couples.
  • Sayuki likes to go on missions alone as a Jōnin.
  • She has more than one personality as a kid.
  • According to the databook(s)
    • Sayuki's hobbies are reading, predicting the future, and training. She usually reads peotry.
    • Sayuki's a morning person.
    • Her favorite foods are Ramen, Dango, and mochi. Her least favorite foods are sushi, salmon and overall every seafood excluding crabs and octopuses.
    • Her kekkei genkai and birth represents and is associated with a dragon.
    • She is obsessed with nature and cares for them deeply, in Boruto she also has a huge garden/backyard full of trees, waterfall, leaves where she and her family could train freely.
    • When Sora and Shou secretly reads through Neji's childhood/teen diary, they saw Neji mentioning that the thing he wanted most was for Sayuki to be truly happy since she's been stressing out and depressed because of how weak she is too the point she had scars when training, he would do anything for her to be happy which he also drew pictures of Sayuki smiling, this is also stated in Naruto Retsuden novel.
    • Sayuki has completed 59 official missions in total: 21 D-ranks, 18 C-ranks, 11 B-ranks, 6 A-ranks, 3 S-ranks.
    • Sayuki likes ending her sentences with "Desu yo" or "Desu ne?" to the point it became her catchphrase.
    • Sayuki's most used words are usually swear words such as "Kusa ga" and slangs such as "ne/ano/oi", "ah souka", "Ja" and "eto".
    • Sayuki's favourite phrase according to the first databook is "A fascinating person with a relentless heart." (容赦ない心を持った魅惑的な人。, Yōshanai kokoro o motta miwaku-tekina hito.), and her favourite word according to the second and third databooks is "bond" (絆, kizuna)
    • Investigating and minding people's business is what she does at home when she's free with Ayumi, her bodyguard, she also plays an instrument called Koto and she like to sing in her freetime when not training (as she gets older she is usually bored because her brother is not home a lot and Ayumi always refuses to fight her own mistress, Yuuma and her teammates aren't always free too, so it's hard to train on her own).
    • Sayuki wishes to fight with Suijin Saitou and Sawako Saitou.
  • According to character trivia from Boruto: Naruto Next Generations:
    • Her attributes are: 182 in strength, 160 in negotiation, 165 in chakra, 205 in intelligence, 155 in perception, and 140 in dexterity.
    • Medical Ninjutsu: ★★★★★
    • Hand-to-hand Combat: ★★★★★
    • Ninjutsu: ★★★★☆
  • She is pretty sensitive. (As seen in the Akatsuki Suppression Mission arc and war arcs)
  • She can cry on demand.
  • NejiSayu is hinted in 28 endings and 9 openings with them being together frequently.
  • Her character is inspired by an illustration.
  • As a kid, she frequently get sick.
  • When Neji was lying exhausted after battling Kidomaru, he was imagining Sayuki with his family together.
  • In the Fourth Shinobi World War, Sayuki took down 100,000 zetsus in total.
  • The Saitou clan is on of the richest can in the whole world, as shown, Sayuki spend a lot on Hinata and Naruto's wedding (1.3 million dollars in real life).
  • Only 30% of Sayuki's abilities/kekkei genkai, capability, and strength is shown in the anime meaning the other 70% of her strength and abilities are already shown in the manga but has not been animated.
  • The Saitou clan has the most members, with 28 members and 19 members that officially have the Saitou bloodline. (Currently in the anime)
  • Sometimes, it is extremely hard to tell whether she is joking or being serious.
  • Sayuki Saitou scored 12 points in the Mary Sue Test.
  • Sayuki doesn't use Senjutsu, she failed in using it.
  • Sayuki and Hinata have the same theme in the anime, but Sayuki's has a slower beat.
  • Sayuki's original birthday date is June 20th which is a Gemini.
  • Sayuki's motovation is to protect her love ones, to discover and show her real strength to people who underestimate her, and show her worth.
  • Sayuki often confuse Hinata with Minami after her death because of their personality and hair color.
  • The creator originally planned a mission where Team 4, Team 16, and Team Guy would solve Konohagakure's muder mystery but half way through (16,000 words....), the creator changed her mind because it looks like the story would equal to this whole article. The creator also took away a lot of arcs for her appearance since she's just a side character.
  • Since I (the creator of Sayuki Saitou) is half Chinese-Teochew, I found a song of my favorite Chinese drama and I think it would fit Sayuki and Neji a lot. I'll put it as their theme song. The song name is 红尘辗.
  • Sayuki treats Sumire Kakei like her own daughter because she reminds her of Minami and she 100% knows Minami would adopt her if she's alive.
  • According to Hyō no Sho, while in the Academy, she had an A in Taijutsu, a B in cooperation, positivity, classroom attitude a C in Genjutsu, and a D in Ninjutsu. While in the manga she had an A in Taijutsu, positivity, cooperation, classroom attitude, a B in Genjutsu, and a C in Ninjutsu.


  • (To Yasu while fighting an enemy) "Yuuma-sensei said that fate isn't decided by heavens... Fate is something that we can change with our own hands! So, not believe in fate or destiny. I only believe in myself! I only believe in myself... No one can dominate me. I am Sayuki Saitou!"
  • (To Minami as a kid) "No, You're wrong, death is something we will meet someday, no one can avoid it. It's our destiny!"
  • (To Naruto when he tries to prank Sayuki ) "I personally think it’s hard to believe everything coming from someone who falsely accuses others."
  • (To Neji during her pregancy) "Jealous of Sora?! She's still in my belly!- You don't need to be jealous of anyone cause you know you'll always be my number one."
  • (To herself while in a mission) "Before I question god, there are questions I should ask myself first!"
  • (To Hinata during their training) “Take it, that courage you have locked in your heart. Awaken it, wipe your tears, be strong and use that courage.
  • (To herself when Sora is under her father's care) "Sora's birth was such a blessing to us but the pressure I put on myself to be a good mother keep me from being able to experience happiness or joy."
  • (To herself when preparing to sleep) "Neji was right, there was no need for me to be perfect or do everything myself. He saw me that I truly need a break and like a comma in a sentence, He gave me that rest...he gave me that breathe of fresh air..."
  • (To Sayaka while talking to her in the Chunin exam) "Kindness is not a crime. But sometimes it awakens the weakness and greed in others, So, therefore, I understand you do not worry."
  • (To Kita when he told her about the rumors) "If you can't stop a rumor, play along with the flow and hit it back at them."
  • (To Saburo after Suijin got kidnap) “Hurt me with the truth. But never comfort me with a lie.
  • (To herself when talking about Nishi) "Drawing a sword means taking and losing lives. Nishi-neesan hated pain. But Nishi-neesan, If I do not take lives, I cannot live."
  • (To Minami talking about Nishi) “Moving on doesn't mean you forget about things. It just means you have to accept what's happened and continue living.
  • (To herself getting motivations) "I always wanted to become stronger. At first it was to protect myself. Next, it was to protect Minami, who gave up everything for me. Now, it's to repay my friends, who enabled me to live."
  • (To Neji talking about Hinata) "When you protect someone you want to keep safe, Do you always weigh your own life against theirs?"
  • (To Sakura in the Fourth Ninja War) "A world without weaponry and war, where no one gets hurt, is a pipe dream."
  • (To Hinata as a kid) "If people scruwtinize you, just ignore them and do whatever you want to do."
  • (To Takeru when he is helping an old lady) "If you're helping someone and expecting something in return, you're doing business not kindness."
  • (To Hinata at Sayuki's office) "I was once weak, I was always afraid, I hidden my tears, but I kept on going, I kept on believing, I followed my heart, I found my courage, and I realised if I hadn't believed in myself, then I wouldn't have become the person I am today.
  • (To Neji in the Fourth Shinobi World War) "Neji! You said no one determine another's destiny, so why? why are you determining mine!?"
  • (To Yasu as a kid) "I know that I have no strengths to offer. It irritates me how weak I am. But let me protect them!"
  • (To Himawari after Hinata told her about Himawari) "The only one who should decide which path to follow is yourself."
  • (To Ino as a kid) "We're coming to school to study not to model."
  • (To Neji when Sayuki is preparing to go to work) "W-what do you mean Sora is already stealing me from you?! I'm just going to work! "
  • (To herself when she struggled fighting an enemy) "I was lonely and suffering, so I was ran from everything. I think that's probably why I failed at every turn."
  • (To Neji while holding his hand after hearing about his experiences with his curse and the history of it) “Your hand is very warm. I don't know anything about your curse. But if that is the hand of a cursed man, then I don't care, even if you do bear a horrific curse.
  • (To Sayaka in the New Chunin exams) "Awesome! See this is why I love my bullies. They're simple and stupid."
  • (To her teammates after attempting to leave them) "Don't get me wrong, I trust you guys. But I'll still come for you. Tomorrow, the day after, and forever."
  • (To her comrades while being trapped in a circle) "I don't trust anyone aside from people in this circle."
  • (To herself talking about Sora) "Sora, you're strong, you're stronger than when I was a child, your above average for your age, From my predictions I suppose you would surpass me, no both me and your father...or even further."
  • (To Sayaka's team in the Boruto series) "The difference between the novice and the master is that the master has failed more times than the novice trying, so you have a choice, either to be the novice or the master."
  • (To Tenten preparing to save a friend) "Backup plans are the cornerstone of confidence."
  • (To Yasu when he tells her he likes someone) "Whatever you decide, think it through first. Feelings are difficult to kill, but they're a lot harder to resurect.
  • (To Tenten at her shop joking about her status) "Oh me? A princess? Are you sure or did you just heard it from Ayumi? Because I'm not looking for my knights to save me, I'm looking for my sword."
  • (To Rock Lee while talking about Hinata as a kid) "I'm immoral. Actually, I can't afford to die. I have a troublesome lady to look after."
  • (To Neji in The Last: Naruto the Movie) "We did it to save Hanabi. To fool the enemy, you must fool your allies first."
  • (To Shoko and Tsunade talking about her split personality) "There are times when I think I have another “true self”. But in the end, it feels like both of them are me."



Naruto Uzumaki:

They are only close because of their interests and parents, before becoming friends, as a kid, Sayuki was forbidden to talk or interact with Naruto. They both are obsessed with Ramen and frequently visits Ichiraku ramen together when they are both free from work. They both share understanding of each other, they joke around with each other a lot. Sayuki fulfilled Kushina and Mikoto's request of her and Sayaka becoming friends with Naruto and Sasuke. Sayuki and Naruto loves each other whole heartly (platonically). She was glad she didn't listen to the villagers and talked to Naruto as a kid. Naruto asks why Sayuki doesn't want to become a Hokage and want to be a Jōnin, Sayuki told him she doesn't want to be a hokage because she wants freedom and not stuck with too much work and rather get average work per day since she has a family to take care of too plus she wanted Naruto to become a Hokage so much. Just like her opinion on Gaara and Seira, Sayuki never saw Naruo as a monster, she felt bad for him.

Sasuke Uchiha:

They don't get along well through-out their childhoods, Sayuki tends to avoid him since he always look gloomy and all the fan girls would attack her if possible too. In Part II, their friendship doesn't get anywhere still, but Sayuki still respects hm as a person. In war, after he came back, Sayuki called him a pathetic for trying to say he wanted to become a Hokage. "The place is reserved for the Hero of the Hidden Leaf, Naruto Uzumaki. Sorry Sasuke." she said. Though in Boruto: Naruto Next Generations, Sayuki was seen talking to him about Sarada and how Sakura and Sarada had been doing. That being said, their friendship actually improves. Sayuki fulfilled Kushina and Mikoto's request of her and Sayaka becoming friends with Naruto and Sasuke.

Sakura Haruno:

As a kid, they both barely talk together, Sayuki sees Sakura as weird fangirling over Sasuke but they both shares almost the same strength as a kid, Sayuki still did not judge her based on her likings because she liked Neji too and this is how she understands what Sakura is feeling. Though their friendship improves in Part II, they later on, become really close friends especially in the New Era. They becomes best friends to the point Sakura takes most of her time training Sora for Sayuki.


In their first meeting, everyone was talking about how much Sai looked like Sasuke but she was confused about how they were similar especially their personality, Sai is just blunt in her opinion, it's nothing alike and she thought it was hilarious to see girls simp for him but after knowing him for a longer time both Sai and Sayuki started becoming great friends.

Shikamaru Nara:

Shikamaru and Sayuki gets along well. They almost have the same IQ basically, Shikamaru offered Sayuki to play Shogi with him a few time and she once agreed but lost, after playing with each other for a long time, she knew exactly how Shikamaru's plot amour works. She didn't really care but after that happened, whenever Shikamaru asked her to play Shogi with him again she usually refuses, not because of her lost that one time, it's because she doesn't have interests in Shogi but aside from that, they both have a great friendship nothing more then that. She is also a big fan of ShikaTema and their relationship together, her daughter and son are great friends too.

Chōji Akimichi:

Sayuki was just mind-blown on how nice Choji can be, she takes his kindness personally. She appreciates it and not judge his weight, She thinks it's cute to be chubby. They ironically compares their weight and makes jokes together. Sayuki tries stealing Choji's food occasionally too. They both get along well, as a kid, they met each other a few times too (along with Shikamaru, Naruto and Minami). Sayuki is one of the few who doesn't judge Choji based on his lack of athletic ability, nor does she make fun of him for eating as much as he does, as there is no judgment between either one of them, only support.

Ino Yamanaka:

As a kid, they both don't talk a lot, Sayuki tends to stay away from Ino thinking she's a "brat". She was also confused about how she likes Sasuke but then again, she understand and respects her liking. Sayuki was surprised on how smart she is being the class highest ranked student. This motivates Sayuki to learn more. As they get older, Sayuki and Ino had a regular friendship but not too close, they respect each other and Sayuki took more of a liking of Ino. In the New Era Sayuki was seen to visit Ino's flower shop frequently to buy flower for her children's room. They have a nice and long coversation when they meet in public.

Kiba Inuzuka:

Sayuki loves dogs but she has Zoophobia and this led them both to have a distant friendship throughout the show. Sayuki avoids him whenever they met. By Part II, Sayuki was a little more confident staying near Akamaru but still, they had a distant friendship overall. Kiba educates Sayuki about dogs and how to deal with them. Sayuki can pet and hug Akamaru since.

Shino Aburame:

She is scared of Shino and his bugs, Again, she has Zoophobia. She barely talks to him in the show. She usually runs away when seeing him with bugs.


Sayuki and Tenten shares a close friendship, they have long coversations when they both meet each other, Sayuki is also interested in weapons making Tenten exited. They both admire Tsunade and wanting to be like her, Sayuki was very much upset that Tenten lacks chakra control for Medical Ninjutsu. Sayuki is also seen visiting Tenten's weapon shop when she's free. Sayuki is fully aware of her feelings for Neji though didn't think much of it as shown of her thinking he's "Yasu" she was separated from.

Rock Lee:

Sayuki doesn't share a close relationship with Rock Lee but they do share the same interests in Taijutsu, she goes to Lee or Guy for help when she wants to train, They both have excellent in Taijutsu. Rock Lee respects Sayuki a lot too, Lee doesn't go easy on Sayuki when they train because he knows she is capable of fighting back.


From the first time Sayuki met him, Sayuki thought he was really cool and strong. She was surprised how strong he was in the Chunin Exams, unlike others, She wasn't afraid of him at all. She tries talking to him for company because of how he is always seen lonely. They have a great friendship overall and was seen walking and talking with each other in the last. She doesn't see a monster in him, she hangs out with Seira a lot so she knows how Gaara feels as a Junchuriki (even though Seira was not hated).


Before getting to know her, Sayuki described Temari as a "Tomboy" and strong too. They both generally get along pretty well and seen to talk to each other a lot when meeting with each other. They question each other why they would get a long considering they pretty much have different personalities most of the time. Temari and Sayuki are really close friends too and was seen going to café shops together often in the next generation. They meet up with each other a lot too when Sayuki is off from work.

Yasu Koizumi:

When in the academy, Sayuki thought Yasu was weird because of how he's always staring creepily whenever he's free, who wouldn't be creeped out? Sayuki was rather annoyed by the amount of girls he is surrounded by, this goes to Sasuke and Takeru too. After being assigned to Team 4, Sayuki was not alright with her team but still got with the flow, since they are teammates, they later on, get long really well as shown when Yasu had risked his life saving Sayuki. Yasu is one of Sayuki's best friend and partner. It was shown that he found Sayuki beautiful, describing her face as "so beautiful it was scary." He later revealed to Sayuki that he reminded him of an angel on a Christmas card Naomi had sent him, and described Sayuki's laugh as "child like and totally angelic". Sayuki describes Yasu as having "always regarded me as a human being with a real heart, not some sort of tool." Yasu is shown to be very protective and concerned about Sayuki's relationship with Neji Hyūga. They were seen walking together and talking with each other in Boruto showing their friendship is still the same as then, they pretty much gossip jokingly about their family, teacher and Takeru. Even though Yasu confessed that he messed her up with Tenten, she is still fully aware of his feelings towards her. She knew Yasu and Tenten were destined together and he only liked her because of his misunderstanding of Sayuki and Tenten. They were soulmates and meant to be, not to mention, they're perfect for each other. Sayuki doesn't want butt into their relationship.

Takeru Akiyama:

When introduced to Takeru, Sayuki did not seem to like him at all, his bold personality made Sayuki avoid him but it's impossible since they are teammates. After a while, Takeru become more caring towards Sayuki and Takeru now get along really well, Takeru became more protective of Sayuki overtime. They make the best duo when fighting against opponents. Takeru and Sayuki are basically eternal rivals.

Minami Kurosawa:

Minami was Sayuki's first friend, Sayuki was grateful she had a friend by her side as a kid, Minami was really shy and quiet at the beginning of their friendship. Minami and Sayuki were really closed friends, Minami cares for Sayuki deeply. Minami tries overcoming her shyness by helping Sayuki from bullies. When they got to know each other better, Minami is more open to her. Minami is Sayuki's most cherished friend among everyone she'd ever met, Minami is still her number one best friend in Sayuki's adulthood. Sayuki and Minami shared a love for fighting and growing stronger, they were always training with one another since Shoko picked Sayuki as her personal student too, they share a desire to get stronger. Their matching work ethic helped push them further as ninja and create a relationship similar to being very good work friends. They both share a mutual respect for one another, there was a loyalty between the two that could rival any of the great nations, both knowing the strengths and weaknesses of each other and compensating for them. They help push each other to greater heights, Sayuki helped Minami discover the purpose of life because Minami once thought that protecting Sayuki was her only duty in life. Minami and Sayuki helped balance each other's flaws, they support each other no matter the dicision they make. Minami knows every Japanese superstition at a young age. At 4, she was able to realize that spiders appearing at night brings badluck which became true, Nishi jumped off the hospital building but survived. It's rumored that it's probably because Minami killed the spider. She also told Sayuki about crows and how something bad would happen if they caw. When Nishi died on Sayuki's 9th birthday, she also explained that "9" is an unlucky number. Sayuki was unusually lenient with Minami, going as far as letting Minami hold her hairclip, the one the unknown boy gave it to her when Minami asked mannerly for Sayuki's permission to do so. As Hinata explained to Minami later on, Sayuki has never let anybody touch her hairclip before, one man had attempted to do so without Sayuki's permission and got his fingers blown off. As several people point out, Sayuki's refreshing innocence and honesty has a calming effect on those around her, especially to Minami who was able to find joy in his grief as Sayuki loved her unconditionally. They have several intimate moments and share a deep and unique connection, which is often interpreted as romantic. In the short story of OG Naruto ending, Kita stated that their relationship may not have been sexual but that they truly loved each other and were soul mates. Minami loved Sayuki to the point she is willing to die for her, Sayuki visits Minami occasionally with Neji and Hinata.

Nishi Shio:

When Saburo introduced Nishi to Sayuki, Sayuki was shy about it and thinks of Nishi as really sweet and kind, Sayuki and Nishi likes to talk about Sayuki's times in the academy. Nishi usually spoils Sayuki with gifts in each visit making Sayuki feel better about school. Sayuki becomes a little talkative when it comes to talking with Nishi. Sayuki described Nishi as elegant and graceful which it's true. Nishi normally ends up in the hopsital too so Sayuki likes to visit her after school. One time, when Sayuki was 4 (Nishi and Saburo are just friends that time), she brought Minami and introduced her to Nishi receiving a good impression, even though Nishi is still 8, Nishi is really mature and thinks like a well-developed adult. At night, a spider was seen, Sayuki got scared and hid. Minami killed it explaining it's a sign of badluck. Nishi excused herself explaining she's going to the bathroom, though in reality, she was heading towards the roof. When Sayuki realized this, she and Minami chased after Nishi, Sayuki asks Nishi to come back while lending a hand reaching out for her. Nishi ignored them and jumped off the building. The whole hospital was chaotic, Sayuki saw blood and scars over Nishi as she got taken to an emergancy room. "If I can't even help a single person from dying, being a shinobi is impossible for me." Though it's a miracle that Nishi survived. When Nishi really died, Sayuki was very much truamatized, after finding out Hitomi manipulated Nishi, she swore to avenge Nishi.

Ayumi Mikan:

Ayumi was assigned to be Sayuki's bodyguard when Sayuki was little. Indicating that Sayuki opens to Ayumi a lot, Ayumi helps guard Sayuki as she's a noble and weak. As a kid Ayumi would describe Sayuki as energectic but as she gets older, Ayumi had believed Sayuki would grow to be one strong and independent kunoichi. Ayumi retired her job after Sayuki married Neji. Though she is still seen bowing to Sayuki when meeting her since it's her habit. The moment she became and is assigned as Sayuki's bodyguard, she becomes a very dedicated and loyal maid to her mistress. Ayumi s a highly materialistic person, often known for her acquiescence when presented with a raise in her pay. She is highly motivated to do any task assigned by Sayuki if money is even remotely involved.

Hitomi Saitou:

Sayuki hates Hitomi with passion. Hitomi ruins almost everything in her life and tried to kill Sayaka and Hina along with Sayuki multiple times. She even pushed her father down the stairs just to make Sayaka's reputation look bad. Hitomi plotted to kill Sayuki by kidnapping her once and also manipulated Nishi to kill herself so it would make Saburo suffer. In other eyes, Hitomi is an angel from heaven. Hitomi is great in hiding her true self. Sayuki was truly relieved she was executed. She never thought of Hitomi as her sister nor a Saitou. She spent the rest of her childhood in the shadows of her sister, who was described as the perfect noble lady and, despite not saying so openly, strongly resented both Sayuki and Sayaka, plotting to ruin Sayuki’s life. At some point, Hitomi started sending her maids to accompany Sayuki and encourage her to engage in bad behavior, specifically setting up the narrative of a gentle and elegant noble lady being victimized by her evil stepsister. Sayuki begins to plot revenge against Hitomi for trying to kill her and her sister along with her mother too, using her knowledge and increase her influence. Thanks to her help, Sumiko (whose head, Sumiko, is Hitomi’s key benefactor) loses influence to Sayuki and Sayaka, leading Hitomi to attempt various schemes to weaken Sayuki, all of which end up backfiring. Following her involvement in a conspiracy to overthrow the Konoha village, Hitomi is deprived of her noble status and, thanks to Sayuki’s efforts, not executed, but instead sentenced to 50 years of prison, only being allowed to leave when accompanying Ayumi, who bullies and abuses her. At last, Sayuki executes the final stage of her plan by encouraging Hitomi to poison the tea of Sayaka, leading to Hitomi’s execution. Sayuki knew Sayaka was highly resistance to poison (since she's a full Saitou unlike Hina) so she told Sayaka to fake her death when drinking the tea and after Hitomi got her execution, Sayuki would pretend to heal Sayaka back. During her pregnancy, Hitomi also stabbed Sayuki leaving her in a coma for quite a few days but thanks to her stamina and health, she was able to survive. After that Hitomi was taken to a mental hospital. Neji told Lady Nami "What she did was undeniable attempted murder. She almost ended the lives of two people that day. My wife is strong enough to survive that but I don't want her to be in danger no more."

Seira TakahSayukii:

Sayuki go along since the Chunin Exams, though she is still confused on how Takeru won against a Junchuriki. At first glance, Seira appears to be a quirky and cheerful young lady. She appreciates pranking people and despises sitting around and doing nothing, as she wishes to live her life to the fullest. Her unpredictable and off-the-wall personality frequently leaves people with a negative impression of her, especially Takeru, who states that she features a "punchable face" and ought to be put away within the fridge. In contrast, Yasu likes her humor, finding it irritating but interesting. On the other hand, when taking care of funerals and final rites, she becomes more solemn and constantly reminds her employees to never go astray from the client's demands. Due to the importance and traditions of the parlor's duties, she too expresses a distaste towards people treating her or her employees with doubt whenever they go to work at night. Despite her negative impressions, she knows almost Konoha's covered up secrets and past, acknowledges death as a natural part of life and and tells others to appreciate their short lives. She also severely dislikes those who attempt to prolong their common lifespan, such as Sayuki (at first glance). She moreover appears to appear a need of interest in Takeru's kekkei genkai. Sayuki envies Seira, explaining that it's really rare to tame and control Okami since no one in history had been able to do it, even the creator it self. Seira explains that Okami is a gentle wolf and well-respected by everyone in Amegakure along with the 5 nations deeming it as their "god". Sayuki saw Okami a couple of times. Sayuki also visits Okami's sacred temple a few time with Team 4. Seira knows Sayuki very well that she hates ghosts, Seira likes to scare Sayuki with Yurei (Seira's ghost pet/companion).

Yoshi Hirose:

Rina Shimada:

Sayuki complemented on Rina's slender/perfect body and long black hair telling Saburo how he's lucky to have such pretty women on his team. She often explained how Team 22 was doing in their Genin days.

Haru Iwasaki:

Haru likes to tease Sayuki as a kid by stealing her stuff and hiding them making her dislike him (not seriously).

Kiyoshi Nishimura:

Sayuki praise Kiyoshi on how he still values and respect women even though he goes crazy for them. Kiyoshi was once manipulated by Sayaka but later on knew Sayuki's true self. Kiyoshi and Sayuki get along just fine, when it comes to Hitomi, they can get freaky manipulating Hitomi together along with Sayaka.

Arata Ueno:

Sayuki often gets frustated when she got teamed up with him for a mission, Sayuki though how Arata was always useless on missions and standing there watching people fight. Sayuki described him as lazy too, Arata would only fight if he's been told too. Sayuki thinks he is really childish and reckless like Yasu. Though after seeing him fight with Kita, Sayuki starts understanding why he doesn't like using his Earth Release. He once trained with Sayuki and from the moment he started manipulating his 5 colored stones, and threw it to Sayuki, Sayuki was officially numbed and had no energy. Sakura was skilled enough to heal it. Though Arata said Sayuki is mentally strong enough to resist the genjutsu effects of it. Sayuki onced stated that no matter how powerful she'll get, if Arata uses the Nuwa Stone in battle, she would be done for.

Kita Matsuzaki:

Kita is chill around Sayuki so they are fine around each other. Sometime they use Kita's smoke release to prank on Sayaka and Minami for fun. Kita is also seen covering up Sayuki's mistakes and awkward situations for her which Sayuki is and always will be greatful of. Kita is like an older brother figure to Sayuki. Basically they have a sibling friendship, he was heartbroken when Minami died.

Kazuki Shiraki:

Kazuki was praised by Sayuki for his maturity. When she's in a team with him for missions, Kazuki leads often and Sayuki have a lot of respect for Kazuki. Sayuki says that Minami is lucky that she is teamed with mature guys and also respectful ones. Not to mention Sayuki finds their teacher, Shoko hot. At some point, Kazuki taught Sayuki and Minami how to manipulate chakra. After Minami's death, he was depressed for a whole month in which Sayuki helped him recover. Sayuki does suspect that there's a romantic relation between Minami and Kazuki.

Asahi Aikawa:

As a kid, Sayuki often runs away from him when he visits Sawako due to his height, it is like comparing an ant to a giant. Sayuki misunderstood Asahi a lot like when he trained and fought with Sawako. Sayuki later learns he is actually very kind.

Tsubasa Ageda:

Due to Tsubasa's love for violence, Sayuki often stays away from him in order to be safe herself. He often breaks stuff showing off on how strong he is.


Sano Saitou:

Sayuki did not get a lot of imformation about her grandfather considering how she never really remembered him from birth but she had heard how he lived through the Second Shinobi World War. Sayuki's father refuses to tell why everyone can't see him so the story of Sano Saitou and Miyu Arima redeemed unknown. Coincidentally after the Fourth Shinobi World War, Sayuki's father offered Sano Saitou and Miyu Arima to stay in their house making Sayuki confused. Sayuki refuses to talk to her grandfather and grandmother because of their behavior. After a while of her grandparents living with her, Sayuki got married and moved.

Miyu Arima:

Sayuki did not get a lot of imformation about her grandmother considering how she never really remembered her from birth too but she had heard how she lived through the Second Shinobi World War with Sano Saitou. Sayuki's father refuses to tell why everyone can't see her and Sano Saitou so the story of Sano Saitou and Miyu Arima redeemed unknown. Coincidentally after the Fourth Shinobi World War, Sayuki's father offered Sano Saitou and Miyu Arima to stay in their house making Sayuki confused. Sayuki refuses to talk to her grandfather and grandmother because of their behavior. After a while of her grandparents living with her, Sayuki got married and moved.

Suijin Saitou:

Sayuki doesn't interact with her father a lot. As a kid, Suijin pushes Sayuki to be a "better" person since she's weak and needs to be the clan's heiress. With her father being her motivation to work harder, instead Suijin pays more attention to Sayaka (as seen with them spending a lot of time together). Suijin never understood why Sayuki wanted to become a Jōnin and pushed her to become a Hokage instead thus being cold to her. Suijin initially blames Sayuki for Satara's death, since she died in order for Sayuki to survive. This is a source of great conflict for him at first as he can't bear to see Sayuki but can't bear to part with her either. During her times as a genin, he has come to love as time passed and the two of them bonded after spending enough time with her. At first, he has almost no emotional bond with Sayuki, even going as far as saying he "never thought of her as his daughter" before. This hatred is attributed to the fact that Satara, the sister who Suijin loved deeply, died while saving her blood to Sayuki. The Saitou Clan's blood is unique just like the Matsuzaki clan, Sayuki didn't have enough Saitou blood (She's still a pure Saitou), The only female and adult Saitou alive with pure Saitou blood is Satara. Suijin treats his daughter with indifference at first but comes to treasure her as time passes. At first, Sayuki views Suijin as a tyrant capable of murdering anyone at his will. She believes that in order to survive, she must be on his good side. However, as time passes by, she views him as the father she never had and comes to enjoy his company so much that she even asks him for favors such as being her partner during her first dance at her debutante just like how he is with Sayaka (it is not shown in the anime nor manga), or to have a painting of the two of them. Her influence over him is so great that Sayuki is capable of calming Suijin down when he's in a foul mood, like the time when at her debutante, Sayuki is tired and wanted to head back to her room to rest. Suijin believed that she wanted to leave because someone had been rude to her, so Sayuki clung onto his arm and told him that she missed her father and that's why she had left the debutante. Once Suijin was calmed and decided to head back home with his daughter. Another time when Suijin got mad was when Haiiro and Sayaka started to talk about how Sayuki eventually would get married and he wouldn't be able to spend time with the adorable Princess. Suijin demands Haiiro to leave and never show up again. Sayuki calms Suijin when she comments that she wanted to be with Suijin forever, and that even if she ended up getting married, Suijin would still be her favourite person. Though Suijin retorts about how she tends to say cheesy things, Sayuki can see he's no longer upset. In the Fourth Shinobi World War, Suijin attempted to risk his life to save her multiple times. Even if he's sometime neglectful towards Sayuki, the feeling of care toward his daughter still remained as shown when he said that he was worried that she would not be able to get even a bowl of porridge and wanting to make sure all the evil flowers were taken out of the lake. After Sayuki the Fourth Shinobi World War, Suijin opens to Sayuki more after seeing her feats in war, trying to make up to his mistakes in the past.

Hina Seika:

Sayuki has a great relationship with her, Hina is just like Nishi to her. They have similar looks and personalities. Hina usually teaches Sayuki how to cook food when Sayuki is free, to get her out of her room. Sayuki is comfortable around Hina as she loves and cares everyone equally. Hina somtimes take Sayuki to have picnic under the cherry blossom trees when Sayuki's free from school, they both loves to talk about Hina's history and how she got to where she is today.

Sachiro Saitou:

Sayuki thinks of Sachiro as one of those cool uncles, Sachiro loves to joke around. Completely different from her father. Sayuki is polite towards him making him really awkward to talk to her because Sachiro had to respect Sayuki and obey her since he is in the Branch Family. Sayuki acts pretty calm around Sachiro while Sachiro has an awkward panicking personality around Sayuki unable to express anything at all.

Yui Koeda:

Sayuki and her aunt doesn't talk a lot in the anime, they are still close in the manga but as much as it shows, Yui does care for Sayuki and respect her a lot as it's her duty to. In the manga, Yui and Sayuki was seen to help prepare for Saburo's wedding together laughing happily. This shows their close relationship but sadly it's not animated. Sayuki occasionally borrows her invisible cloak too.

Yua Koeda:

Sayuki had only seen and talked to Yua once as a toddler since she is Yui's sister and they live far apart.

Saburo Saitou:

Saburo and Sayuki has a really close relationship because of their trainings. It has been shown that 70% of the time, Sayuki is training with Saburo when they both get on screen. Saburo's power level is almost at KakSayukii's level making Sayuki have more potential. Aside from training Sayuki goes to Saburo's room to either read books or talk together. Honestly Saburo doesn't love his little sisters equally, he usually takes Sayuki as his favorite for some reason. Sayaka somehow tries to cling to Saburo so he can help her with her practice too but he rarely agrees. Saburo and Sayuki is usually calm and not so talkative around each other since Saburo literally has no energy at all.

Sayaka Saitou:

Sayuki and Sayaka shares a hatred relationship. From growth, Sayaka and Sayuki would always make trouble if they met, this is usually why Sayuki barely gets out of her room. Sayaka has the closest relationship to her father only, Suijin. Sayaka has a cocky and arrogant personality towards Sayuki most of the time but Sayaka did this to only give herself confident as she stated. Sayuki didn't know this, not until the Chunin exams. After this, Sayuki loves Sayaka wholeheartly, Sayuki wants Sayaka to let everything out and reveal her true identity. Sayuki helped her along the way, supporting her no matter what. Sayaka loves Sayuki more than anything but never shows this and acts tough.

Sawako Saitou:

Sayuki is polite to Sawako, she admires her a lot and tries to talk to Sawako for tips since her power is as strong as her father or somewhere near a low hokage. Sawako and Sayuki battled a few times before leaving Sayuki injured multiple times as she has no expirence on dealing with her strength. Sawako has no intentions of going easy on Sayuki either. Sawako in secret, hates the Main family because she didn't want to respect them and wanted to be treated equally instead. This is pretty obvious after Sawako tried killing Sayuki in training.

Sakoya Saitou:

They get along pretty well, they don't come across each other a lot at home but if they do, they have short converations about random stuff. Sakoya inherit most of her personality from her mother which makes it easier for them too have a conversation. Sakoya, unlike Sawako respects the main family and Sayuki. Sakoya usually scolds Sakuya for being rude to Sayuki.

Salita Saitou:

When she is first introduced, Salita had sealed her words away since she was harassed and ostracized by her classmates. Salita had retired her dreams of becoming a ninja because of this. Sayuki, who understands Salita's distress because she was once bullied herself, helps her to come out of her shell. Salita then becomes very attached to Sayuki, viewing her as her own mother. Sayuki doesn't mind at all and stated that she is lucky to have Salita view her as her own sister. Salita is also meek, shy, withdrawn, and reserved, and is initially seen to not be very good to make her own decisions. Sayuki encourage Salia to be more confident in conversations and etc. After Salita got the courage to face of her bullies, she became an independent ninja. And so the next time, she is able to greet Sayuki directly when meeting her instead of relying on her older sister, Sakoya to speak for her, Salita feels it is a major accomplishment and is proud over herself. Salita becomes obssesive on protecting Sayuki as seen threatening to kill Neji with a blade after hearing about their relationship. (like Mikasa to Eren and Kisa to Tohru) With this, she has a lot of respect for the main family, admiring them. In Boruto, Sayuki met Salita in a restaurant, shockingly Salita was seen to have a relationship with a boy named Yukio Harada making Sayuki happy seeing her finally abled to have someone in her life who cares about her.

Neji Hyūga:

Sayuki would die for Neji if she had too, Neji too. During the time Sayuki was kidnapped and they threatened to kill her, Neji was offered to kill himself with a gun by the kidnappers and told him if he did so, they would let Sayuki go and let her live her life. Neji took the gun and shoot himself with it without hesitation, people there were surprise and called him stupid for doing it. Neji learned there were no bullets in the gun. Sayuki and Neji is really close, Sayuki basically have close relationships to Hyūgas. She has a crush on Neji since they were kids (around six years old, a year after getting to know each other more so that means Sayuki isn't the type of people who fall in love in first sight since she wants to get know the person first), Hinata and Minami also knows this (Sakura later on) but kept it a secret. Sayuki admires and respect Neji a lot, Sayuki believes he is genius. NShe is surprised how strong he is and tries to learn after him. Neji acknowledges Sayuki, Sayuki is the only one who can keep him calm when he's angry. Neji and Sayuki get along well but sometimes Neji and Sayuki talk a lot together when hanging out, their relationship is very realistic, like Neji getting annoyed at Sayuki a minority of time, though it doesn't happen often this also goes for Sayuki, she gets mad easily if Neji hurted someone, it is shown in the Chunin Exam Arc that Sayuki shouted at Neji when he said mean words to Hinata making her cry. Neji didn't say anything to her. Aside from that they trust each other a lot and trust each other more than anything as seen with Neji praising Sayuki's skills in the Fourth Shinobi World War. Neji is always worried about Sayuki whenever she is down trying to comfort her, Neji would give his life to save Sayuki. Neji lived his dream of changing the Hyūga clan and Sayuki stayed by his side during that. Neji give personal experiences to Sora a lot. Sayuki was able to bring Neji's softer side without even trying at all. Sayuki is willing to be the person that is supporting him mentally by silently being there for him. Sayuki enjoys the fact that her family is quiet but a loving family that keeps to themselves without isolation too much. They train a lot together, it might not be on screen but it is more than you would think. Neji puts Sayuki as his equal for obvious reasons. Sayuki appreciates Neji for making and spending time with his family even though he's both busy with his missions. They both knows about each other's mood in every situation. During Neji’s cruel and arrogant days, Sayuki was always by his side knowing what kind of a person he was. She knows everything about him perfectly because of them growing up together and spending time together everyday, she knows his techniques, how he feels and they are often seen together throughout the series. Even during Neji’s battle against Naruto, Sayuki was commenting on Neji’s actions. She perfectly knew all his strengths and weaknesses which is why she could beat Neji in fight. Whenever Sayuki and Neji is seen together, cherry blossom trees are often shown bigger each than the last one where it symbolizes their relationship and how their love for each other grows every day. He got used to matching her mood swings during her pregnancy, he's endlessly patient with her too.

Shou Hyūga:

Shou has appeared to help Sayuki a lot with her chores at home, but after he saw his sister "play" with her flower rope, he started to train more often with his father. trying to surpass his sister. Sayuki described Shou as innocent and a bit playful with his family. Shou refers Sayuki as Kaa-san. Shou likes to cling to Sayuki and often seen hugging her, holding her hand, and generally initiating plenty of physical contact with her. But their relationship is no more than mother and son. It is stated by the creator that he does this because Sayuki pays more attention to Sora.

Sora Hyūga:

Sayuki favores Sora more, she is seen to help train Sora with her Flower Rope while Neji sometimes help her with her Byakugan (after the Chunin exams). Sora inherit her father's personality, Sayuki and Sora has a great mother and daughter relationship, Sayuki likes to head pat Sora, Sora likes to talk to Sayuki about her friends and how she's doing at school, Sora once told her how chaotic Boruto is making Sayuki laugh and having flSayukiback to when Sayuki was in Sora's age thinking how Naruto was chaotic too. Aside from training and stuff, Sora spends time in her room playing games, study, and meditate or go outside to hang out with her friends. Beside Saki and Saori as her friend, Sora is extremely close with Boruto and Himawari, Hinata often visit them as it if her hobby. In some time, we see Hinata taking care of Sora and Shou when Sayuki and Neji's not home.

Saki Saitou:

Sayuki stated Saki has inherited Saburo's personality but then again Sora, Saki, and Saori are best friends since childhood considering how Sayaka bought a house in Sayuki's neighborhood. Sora told a lot about both of them and how they are doing at school. Saki and Saori occasionally visits Sayuki and Sora, to play with Shou and have a group training to see how much they improved.

Seiho Saitou:

In the anime, Sayuki was seen talking to Mina when she sees her, Sayuki asks Mina about her pregnancy and how she's doing.

In the manga, Saki usually comes to Sayuki's house visiting Sora along with Seiho.

Sumi Nishimura:

Sayuki stated how similar Sumi and Hinata is and how Sumi did NOT even inherit her mother's personality a bit. Sumi is also like a mini version of Salita. Sumi usually gets shy and awkward around Sayuki, hiding behind Sayaka's back. Sayuki thought it was really cute seeing her like that.

Saori Nishimura:

Due to her daughter's close friendship with Saori, She often sees Saori and Saki. Soari usually acts polite, respectful and engaging around Sayuki but chaotic and protective around Sora. Sayuki usally praise Saori for her fSayukiion style of her ninja way. Sayuki's glad, Saori is her niece. Saori is a fun-loving, cool, and tough person who always tries to get some fun out of something, even when things seem to get rough. She's also agressive but jokingly. She's just like her mother. With Sayuki knowing what her real personality she often burst out laughing when she acts polite in front of Sayuki. Saori and Sora basically grew up with each other since their mansions are connected by a huge bridge.

Sayori Matsuo (Inari):

Sayori is more commanly known as Inari and therefore, Sayuki refers Sayori as Inari most of the time, Sayori has the personality of her mother. In this case Sayori also has Temari's strength, potential, and attitude too. Sayuki and Sayori don't talk much as shown as they are first removed cousins.

Shion Yoshida:

Sayuki described Shion as cute from when he was introduced in the story with Shion hugging her legs.

Sakuya Yoshida:

Sakuya is a very sarcastic person, this is a personality trait that he inherit from father. Sayuki is usually roasted by him making her avoid bumping into him. Sakuya often refer Sayuki as "Old hag" making Sayuki overwhelmed and hit his head everytime.

Mina Suzuki:

In their first meeting, Sayuki did not take a liking of Mina quickly instead she sarcastically bSayukied her. This led Saburo to be mad but Mina told him it's fine since they both just met. Sayuki still wasn't over Nishi at all, Nishi hold a special place in her heart. After some time Sayuki tried reconsider her opinion on Mina. When Mina was pregnant with Seiho, Sayuki likes to ask about her experience.

Takeo Matsuo:

Takeo is a manly guy, Sayuki doesn't really have much thoughts of him.

Sota Yoshida:

Sota and Sayuki get along just as well as her and Sakoya. They have quick talks everytime they meet.

Hinata Hyūga:

Hinata is Sayuki's best friend. As a kid, they share an inseparatable friendship, Sayuki usually encourage Hinata to be more confident, Hinata tried but it never works, Sayuki usually talk to Hinata a lot about this comforting her when she is sad about something, Sayuki cherish Hinata like her own sister. In public, Hinata is a bit shy around Sayuki in public but Sayuki did not took it too personally. Sayuki loves Hinata with all her heart (as a friend of course), being overprotective over her. They have a strong bond within each other and would sacrfices their lives for each other. Hinata trusts Sayuki a lot, she has the confident to tell Sayuki that she likes Naruto too which makes Sayuki happy. Sayuki doesn't talk to Hinata when her teammate's around (Team 8), Hinata giggles when Sayuki talk about how she's scared of Kiba and Shino. At the time Sayuki's pregnant with Sora and Boruto's still an infant, Hinata and Sayuki would often talk about Neji and the way he lived, laughing and crying about how he almost got killed. Hinata reminded her the way Sayuki cried so much when this happened. Hinata and Sayuki would go out for shopping occasionally and meanwhile Naruto and Neji would be going out and spend time with each other. Sayuki is usually strict to Boruto making Hinata scared of her too.

Hanabi Hyūga:

Sayuki is often amazed thinking about the time Hanabi was still a kid and grown so much. Hanabi and Sayuki is a comedy duo in other eyes, when they meet, they are both energetic and they both usually say what they come in mind when meeting other people. This made them full of themselves as if they are sisters with telepathic powers. They laugh at their own jokes. When Sayuki think of the strength between Hanabi and Hinata, Sayuki often feels like Hanabi is much more powerful. Hanabi plays a big part of Sora and Shou's life because she had been looking after them a lot since Neji often goes out on missions and Sayuki's busy with work.

HizSayukii Hyūga:

Neji told Sayuki about his father and Sayuki very much respects him a lot.

HiSayukii Hyūga:

Due to Sayuki always visiting the Hyūga clan, HiSayukii doesn't mind Sayuki at all. HiSayukii counts Sayuki as his own daughter. Hina and Suijin or sometimes HiSayukii and Hinata, offered to watch over Shou while they go work.

Hyūga Elder:

Not much of Sayuki was shown with Hyūga Elder.

Boruto Uzumaki:

Sayuki is extremely strict with Boruto because of his behaviour. When Sayuki does anything bad, she often influence him and tell the consequence. She tells him what's wrong and what's right, Boruto is considered one of Sora's close friends due to them being friends since both of them are born. Boruto is scared of Sayuki because Sayuki usually chase him down the street when he does bad things. Sayuki told Hinata how she is always easy on Boruto and this would lead him to have bad influence and be bad-mannered. Boruto refers Sayuki to his aunt calling her "Oba-san" when they aren't even blood related.

Himawari Uzumaki:

Sayuki adores Himawari a lot, she finds Himawari cute. Like other people, Sayuki refers Himawari to "Hima-chan" while Himawari refers her to her aunt like Boruto does. Shou likes playing Himawari and Hinata stated that they would be the next HanaSayu duo. Unlike Himawari, Shou unlocks his Byakugan at 4 because of witnessing the death of his big sister which turned out she was actually alive. Himawari likes giving sunflowers to Sayuki and Neji. Sayuki constantly spoils Himawari like her own daughter. She hopes Himawari would become a person she would dream of instead of being forced to be a kunoichi.

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