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Sayuri Hatake
Loli | Hentai
Kami (神様, Kami)[1]
Beauty of the Hidden Leaf (木ノ葉の花, Konoha no Hana)[2]
Ninth Hokage (九代目火影, Kyūdaime Hokage)[3]
My Friend's Hot Mom (興起売女知人, Koukibaita no Yūjin)[4]
Pink Panther (桃豹, Touhyou)[5]
Saviour of this World (この世の救世主, Kono Yo no Kyūseishu)[6]
Child of the Prophecy (予言の子, Yogen no Ko)[7]
Biological Information
Age 7 (Part I)
9 (Part II)
11 (The Last)
39 (Fanon Canon)
Gender Female
Height 5'11
Weight 115 lb.
Blood Type O
Kekkei Genkai Sharingan Triple.svg3 Sharingan
Mangekyo Sharingan Sayuri Mangekyō Sharingan
Shikotsumyaku Symbol2 Suikinmyaku
Classification MILF
Sensor Type
Personal Information
Affiliation Nobori Keihatsu Symbol Nobori Keihatsu
Konohagakure (Daz) Symbol Konohagakure
Occupation Hokage
Caretaker of Might Guy
Head of Uchiha Clan
ANBU Captain
Team Team Konohamaru
Team Sayuri
Warring Demons
Partner Samehada
Clan 180px-Uchiha Symbol.svg Uchiha Clan
300px-Senju Symbol.svg Senju Clan
Hatake Symbol Hatake Clan
Family Kakashi Hatake (Husband)
Tsunade (Adoptive Mother)
Shinzui Uchiha (Uncle)
Shura Uchiha (Son)
Shigemi Hatake (Daughter)
Yasaki Hatake (Son)
Katoku Hatake (Son)
Samehada (Paramour)
Unique Traits Passively absorbs and transfers chakra
Can detect negative emotions
Nature Type Nature Icon Fire Fire Release
20px Lightning Release
20px Earth Release
20px Wind Release
20px Water Release
20px Yin Release
20px Yang Release
20px Yin-Yang Release
Ass Ass Nation Technique
Butt Rasengan
Creation Rebirth
Demonic Illusion: Mirror Heaven and Earth Change
Fire Release: Crimson Flame Dragon
Fire Release: Great Fireball Technique
Flying Thunder God Technique
Frog Kata
Gentle Fist
Iron Fist
Katsuyu: Immense Network Healing
Poisonous Gas Technique
Sage Mode
Silent Killing
Strength of a Hundred Seal
Tailed Beast Ball
Transcription Seal: Izanagi
Uchiha Flame Formation
Yin Seal: Release
Silver Dust
Image Gallery

"Peril defined by beauty."

Sayuri Hatake (はたけさゆり, Hatake Sayuri), renowned worldwide as the Beauty of the Hidden Leaf (木ノ葉の花, Konoha no Hana)[8], is a legendary kunoichi who served as Konohagakure's Ninth Hokage (九代目火影, Kyūdaime Hokage).[9] She is the eldest child of Sannoto Senju, the "princess" granddaughter of Tsunade, the wife of Kakashi Hatake, mother to Shigemi Hatake, twins Yasaki and Katoku Hatake, and the current reincarnate of Kiyome —the mistress of Madara Uchiha.[10] Sayuri has made appearances in several Naruto Fanon projects, and is widely considered the most popular female character on the site. She was the major antagonist of the Fanon Canon Rebirth project.[11]

Fitted for success, Sayuri would spend her early years in the confinement of nobility. As her mother had passed on from the living world upon giving birth to her very first child, Sayuri was raised as a proud Senju, completely oblivious of her Uchiha lineage. Her father took it upon himself to fulfill the dying quest of his lover, never once allowing Sayuri to leave his side, even when venturing across the globe during various high ranking ninja missions. However, learning of the growing tension around the shinobi world, of what was the emergence of the Akatsuki 一an organisation comprised of several missing-nin with the sole purpose of world domination一 Sannoto was forced to defect from the village hidden in the leaves to resolve the issue single-handedly, and thus, abandoning his daughter in the process, though not before transferring the rights of her future to his own mother, Tsunade, who had recently been inducted as the Fifth Hokage. On the night of his departure, Sayuri discovered her Uchiha lineage in full, awakening its highly coveted Kekkei Genkai, the Sharingan, upon witnessing Sannoto leave the village and being rendered unconscious by his hand.

Sayuri adopted the moniker Kami (神様, Kami-sama; lit. "deity" or "divine being") during her affiliation with the treacherous organization known as the Akatsuki. Thereafter, she seized control of the nine tailed beasts, plaguing a world war; forcibly stabilizing them into their initial state as the Shinju, she became its Jinchūriki, only to be defeated in the very end and have it extracted from her. After such events, she became the Jinchūriki of Kurama, before disappearing from the world on a fifteen year voyage to repent for her many mistakes. During this journey, she took the form of a child to conceal herself of her true identity.[12] Upon her completion of this quest, Sayuri returned to Konoha to serve as the hokage.

Her relationship with Samehada is described as an inappropriate affair of utter adultery, much to the displeasure of her beloved husband. In Sayuri's mind, Samehada comes before all else, including her village, comrades, and even her own children. The bond between the woman and the sword far exceeds the typical belittlement of chakra, with Samehada clinging to far more then just her ordinary chakra. On a daily basis, Sayuri has created alone time, away from her responsibilities as the Hokage, to spend quality time with her sword. This particular affair is not known to anyone, though is credited by Sayuri herself as her greatest flaw.

A woman whose astounding sensual physique permitted many a fancy dream, many demanded Sayuri's hand in marriage through her prime years. Over the span of her life, Sayuri learned to take advantage over her immense sexual appeal, utilizing it in order to settle debates, complete missions, and increase her popularity. She is the epitome of all kunoichi, showcasing the true depths of what it takes to be crowned the world's most powerful female. Even despite her role of Hokage, she is still in practice, further polishing her vast array of stealth skills. She is regarded as the finest assassin Konoha has ever produced, and is known to have singlehandedly altered the course of several wars solely through taking matters into her own hands. Throughout the world, several fan clubs have surfaced, all of which dedicate their primary focus towards Sayuri's beauty.



Kiyome bids farewell to her husband, just moments before his final battle at the Valley of End.

Long before there was a Sayuri, there was a Kiyome, who lived during the warring states era. Born into the noble Uchiha clan, Kiyome was of royalty, and the first cousin to Madara and Izuna Uchiha. She grew up forever under their shadow, reliant on her fellow kin members to protect her if need be. It wasn't until much later in her lifetime she adopted the sharingan, which came about after experiencing the death of her parents right before her very eyes. She bore unbearable feelings towards Madara ever since they were little, clinging to his dreams of a better world. The two would marry despite their close relations, and go on to lead the Uchiha clan as the respective Head and Headdress. Alongside her cousins, she was one of the very first members of the clan to awaken the power of the Mangekyō Sharingan. She would go on to have many children of her own, who she viewed merely as temporary happiness. Despite being a very caring and nurturing mother, in truth, the sheer drought bestowed upon the warriors of the warring states period was inevitable, and simply unsustainable. Depression was just as common as death. Kiyome experienced many more deaths down the line, including her brother in law, Izuna, and even her very own children. At some point, Madara formed an alliance with the Senju Clan, resulting in the founding of Konohagakure. Channeling her inner feelings, Kiyome acted as soundly as she could, whatever it took to offer positive support to her beloved. However, following the supposed death of her husband at the hands of Hashirama during their final battle at the Valley of End, Kiyome took her own life. Kiyome's unrivaled love would lead to her many reincarnations over the span of several decades. Each reincarnation would inherit her stunning beauty and love, though this love was interchangeable, in the sense it could be directed towards just about any family member. The most recent reincarnation of Kiyome, Sayuri Uchiha, would encompass this love at a very young age, for her father, Sannoto Senju.


The village hidden within the leaves was in utter despair. The most powerful clan within the village had been charged guilty of the village’s previous infiltration, dating 5 years back. One of the unique abilities of the highly coveted sharingan was its profound genjutsu prowess, which enabled the wielder to instantaneously cast a horrific illusion upon the victim through making mere eye contact. An exceptional member of the Uchiha Clan had mustered enough power to control the Kyuubi, the nine tailed tailed beast, wrecking havoc upon the citizens of Konohagakure. This event would forever anguish and lay upon a heavy burden on the Uchiha clan, who were never ever the same. In time, the situation grew worse in Konohagakure, leading the Uchiha clan to plan a coup against the leaf’s government. This left Itachi Uchiha as the sole member of the clan who still bore loyalty towards the village, electing its legacy over that of his own family. Forced into a corner, Itachi planned a massacre alongside Obito Uchiha, the man initially responsible for the previous infiltration. Obito’s sister, Yami Uchiha, was among many members present in the Uchiha district during the time of the massacre. Displaying utter emotionless behavior at its finest caliber, Obito beheaded his own sister, unbeknownst the latter had been pregnant, with of all, a child hybrid of both the Uchiha clan, and their long lived nemesis, the Senju Clan. He would take home with him the upper half, in the hopes of someday utilizing his sister’s eyes, incase his own vision were to ever lose its light.

The Senju clan, believed to have descended from the Sage of Six Paths’ son Asura himself, inherited the latter’s prolonged life force. This same extension would aid the furnishing embryo residing within the corpse of Yami Uchiha. The child survived long enough to be rescued by incoming ANBU, and later delivered heartily at the local Konoha hospital, before a crowd of hopeful shinobi, among whom, was the child’s father, the legendary and renowned Sannoto Senju, whose heart rested in pieces at the sight of his deceased lover. Taking in it’s first gulps of fresh air, the child revealed itself to be female, a rather large one at that. In fact, the child was so large, it was presumed by Konoha’s finest medical-nin that had Yami been alive prior to going into labor, the sheer size of the child would not have enabled her to survive afterwards, concluding in a maternal death. The child was incredibly hefty, weighing in at a whopping 50 pounds, which in reality, was due to her body having been coated in metal prior to her birth. From birth, it was determined that this child possessed a distinct level of never before seen potential, so much so, that she had already begun to harness her powers as an embryo. A hybrid of the Uchiha and Senju, this girl was gifted with extremely lethal and potent chakra, the kind that gave even practiced sensory type shinobi headaches.

The child was given the name "Sayuri", roughly translating to “water lily”. The name was symbolic in the sense that it represented her deceased mother, who unlike majority of the members of the Uchiha clan, held an affinity towards the water nature, and not fire. Sayuri was raised as an only child, by a single parent. However, there was something peculiar about this child… something very odd. Sayuri simply did not cry, nor did she ever complain. She was as lawful as a child anyone could have possibly asked for, the very definition of a perfection, largely a factor of inheriting the Senju’s Will of Fire. Under the tutelage of her father, Sayuri was exposed to fighting on a daily basis. She traveled everywhere with her father, no matter how dangerous the mission, or how inappropriate the situation. The bond of the two was undeniable. Sayuri’s thigh prints appeared as temporary tattoos on Sannoto’s shoulders, a testament as to how often he lugged her atop his head. Day in and day out, the large, muscular man tenaciously raised his daughter, refusing to let her out of his eyesight, even when in the course of a battle, a testament of his power, as he was able to win fights against several opponents without requiring full concentration.

The two were at peace for quite sometime, until danger emerged within the shinobi world, in the form of a maniacal, newly formed organization, known as the Akatsuki. This forced Sannoto to stray from the village in order to conduct his research, leaving behind everything he had ever known, including his comrades, village, and even his very own daughter.


Sayuri awakens the sharingan.

Upon his exit through the front gates of Konohagakure, Sannoto was met by Sayuri, who was wondering why he had been leaving for a mission in the middle of the night, especially without her as ‘backup’. Unable to explain the consequences behind his research, Sannoto struck his child, rendering her unconscious. He then left her in the care of his mother, the previous Hokage of the hidden leaf village, Tsunade, before proceeding with his journey. This would relocate Sayuri from her current home to the Hokage's residence, where she would receive benefits no other child quite ever received before. Sayuri was later nursed to full health by Tsunade, and awakened her Sharingan for the very first time at the age of 4, overtaken by the emotions of her father’s departure. Sannoto would never again return to the Hidden Leaf Village, shifting the responsibility of Sayuri’s future into the hands of Tsunade, who took it upon herself firmly, to help Sayuri maximize her potential. Thus began Tsunade’s training, leaving Sayuri at the brink of death at the end of each given day. Sayuri worked long and hard, mastering her sharingan at a very young age under the tutelage of Kakashi Hatake, a well known shinobi in the hidden leaf village, who bore the mangekyo sharingan in his left eye socket.


Sayuri as a chunin.

Sayuri's progress was simply off the charts, she enrolled and graduated from the academy in a single year, garnering praise around the entire village. She was claimed to possess more potential then the likes of the Uchiha brothers, Itachi and Sasuke at her age, by Kakashi Hatake, and Tsunade believed her to be capable of surpassing Madara Uchiha sometime in the foreseeable future. Despite all the praise, Sayuri remained humble, and continued to climb the ranks of the shinobi. Upon her promotion to a genin, she was placed on Team Konohamaru at the request of her grandmother, from whom she would learn to utilize the Rasengan.[13] Under further training from Konohamaru, Sayuri emerged as a once in a lifetime prodigy, quickly rising to the rank of chunin mere months after having graduated from the academy. She would also later be promoted to the rank of jonin, sometime in the coming years, before ultimately being assigned as the youngest member of the ANBU Blackops in Konohagakure history.

Being the youngest within a full fledged group of mercenaries came with it's own fair share of pros and cons. For one, Sayuri was underestimated from the second she stepped foot into that locker room, with many of her teammates stating they were not going to babysit. Unfortunately, this sort of behavior go to Sayuri, after all her age classified her as an adolescent. She meant no harm, only sough to maximize her potential, in the hopes of pleasing Tsunade, whom she now referred to as mother on a daily basis. To make matters worse, not only was she considerably younger than the rest of the masked assassins, but also, quite frankly, the only female. There was a time when the group was much more versatile, in terms of race, gender and physique, though upon Sayuri's arrival, it seemed as though the group was composed of rather large men, most of which intimidated Sayuri beyond belief. Sayuri went home to Tsunade everyday with a new list of problems, ranging from as awkward to bathing problems, to as far as dependency issues.

It would require a great deal of hard work for the likes of an eleven year old to garner the trust of these highly trained assassins. While it proved to be an incredibly hard task, the presence of her sharingan made things a lot easier for Sayuri. Because of the abilities of her renowned bloodline trait, Sayuri was not only able to memorize blueprints and such in great detail, but compose her own list of plans as well, surprising her fellow comrades. Much to the shock of those around her, Sayuri performed more than well on her very first, official, ANBU mission, showing little mercy when it came to disposing of living enemies. This was a trait she inherited from Tsunade, oddly enough. Because the latter had struggled with blood frights earlier in her lifetime, she ensured Sayuri would grow to be a polar opposite, at least in the given criteria. Sayuri may have had the physique of a little girl, but her mind resembled that of a promised war veteran. Her keen intellect in conjunction with her swift instincts earned her a permanent role of Team Torune.


Sayuri as the youngest ANBU in Konohagakure history.

As a member of Team Torune, Sayuri played the role of a sensor, utilizing her mastery of the sharingan. Torune had planned for his platoon to ensure protection of their sensor even prior to Sayuri's arrival, claiming that the girl's age did not play a factor in her reduced role of combat. This never really bothered Sayuri, however, as she only hoped to help out her village in the best way possible. Whether it have been fighting on the front lines alongside the others, or instigating from behind, to her, it simply really did not matter. Furthermore, along with her quite accomplished sensory skills, Sayuri brought her expertise in medical-ninjutsu. It was truly remarkable for such a young individual to possess such articular talents, especially when taking into consideration how much she differed from those her own age. None the less, Sayuri proved to be an important asset while functioning on Team Torune. Her excellence garnered the interest of Danzō Shimura, the leader of the ANBU Root division, who secretly planned to someday deprive Sayuri of her crimson eyes. Team Torune was disbanded after Torune's sudden death prior to the Fourth Shinboi World War. However, before becoming an eligible candidate for another squad, Sayuri's days serving as an ANBU would come to a sudden halt, when she requested an immediate leave of absence to journey to the Land of Iron alongside her grandmother, Tsunade, though not before partaking in the Fourth Shinobi World War.

While in the Land of Iron, Sayuri began to hone her swordsmen skills under Mifune, the general of the samurai. However, over the course of five years, Tsunade's body slowly began to give way. As a result of techniques that specialized in splitting cells, Tsunade had been shortening her life span, whether she had intended to or not. Eventually, Tsunade grew worse, unable to leave the bed. She passed away shortly after, with Sayuri at her bedside. Sayuri labeled her grandmother's medical ninjutsu as kinjutsu, and swore to never use them anytime in he life. Whether she possesses the ability to use them is unknown, though it is certain that she does indeed have knowledge of them. Sayuri departed from the Land of Iron days after her grandmother's passing, lugging her bagged corpse over her shoulders. This event would prove sufficient in allowing Sayuri to awaken the Mangekyō Sharingan, becoming the only living Uchiha member to acquire such an eye power.

Returning to Konohagakure for the first time in 5 years, many citizens took notice of her various changes, the most obvious of which was her physical appearance. With the legacy of her father still lingering about the village, Sayuri's pneumatic physique earned her the moniker of Sannoto's Busty Daughter (サンノトふところぐじょ, Sannoto no futokorogujo), symbolizing that the now 16 year old had inherited Tsunade's enormous jugs in full. In reality, Sayuri's bosoms surpassed Tsunade's in both weight and circumference, and with the fact that she no longer had any legal guardian, turned her into a highly coveted figure. Sayuri would later go on to host Tsunade's funeral. With no one to look after her, Sayuri returned to Konoha, and took to living on her own. With little experience on the ways of life, she struggled greatly, unable to produce even a decent cup of tea. Never before in her life had she been required to do any house chores, or rather, any manual labor outside of training. In time, Sayuri saw past her difficulties, though the apartment she had inherited from Tsunade was constantly in utter distress. The idea of coming home to clothes everywhere finally got on Sayuri's nerves, transforming the teenager into an avid neat freak. So much as a tiny bread crumb on her kitchen table caused her to go into a comical rage. Looking beyond her temporary struggles, Sayuri realized just how truly alone she was. Never one with many friends, Sayuri resorted to summoning Katsuyu on a daily basis, just to keep herself company. A small portion of the slug was always kept hidden somewhere in Sayuri's clothing as she traveled, becoming her best friend. However, there were times where Katsuyu simply wasn't able to be there, leaving Sayuri alone once more.

At this point, what Sayuri needed in her life more than anything was happiness. Happiness was almost sure to come along with the presence of laughter, something Sayuri did not do often. While roaming the streets of Konoha, in search for a group of friends, Sayuri encountered a group of genin boys picking on another child of their age. They formed a circle around the boy, constantly teasing him. To dispel the crowd, however, the boy proved his worth, accomplishing the summoning jutsu to summon forth a small toad. What seemed to have impressed the others was in reality, an utter failure, though fate would see to it. Through this event, Sayuri speculated just how friendly the toads were, no matter their stature. There was something about these creatures that intrigued Sayuri beyond belief. Initially, Sayuri thought nothing of it, carrying on as usual.

Due to the growing popularity of the toads within the village of Konoha, inspired by arguably the villages greatest hero, Naruto Uzumaki, the toads were simply everywhere, leading to many encounters on Sayuri's behalf. Every corner she turned seemed to contain a boy or girl with a pet toad, most of which were filled with excitement, though at times their personalities varied. Afraid to approach society, Sayuri instead found an alternative method of coming out of her shell; practicing her communicative skills with the toads. However, in order to do so, Sayuri would first need to somehow acquire a summoning contract to summon one, of which she questioned Katsuyu about. Admittedly, Katsuyu explained the relation of the three-way deadlock. She spoke of the battle she had experienced against Nagato, from the first hand perspective of Naruto's clothes. In short, she revealed that the other two amphibians, the toads and the snakes, offered training in the arts of senjutsu, while those of Shikkotsu Forest did not.

For Sayuri, there seemed to be few choices. Afraid to directly approach society, at least through verbal communication outside of shinobi teamwork, Sayuri looked for a way to regain her confidence, something that seemed to have disappeared after her early graduation from the academy. On the other hand, while growing as a person, she also wanted to advance her skills as a ninja, still consciously pursuing her goal of becoming Hokage, a goal which came about in order to gain enough publicity, something she believed would reach her father, where ever he was, and give him enough motive to return to the village, even if it was for only a visit. While the choice of studying among the snakes was also a viable option, their was seemingly little to no affiliation with the snakes after the departure of Orochimaru, and any relations were frowned upon after the latter had utilized the summons to destroy a vast majority of the village once upon a time.


Sayuri training among the toads in Mount Myoboku.

With the compromise of a decision, the true question lied ahead of Sayuri. According to Katsuyu, no one had ever been able to directly access Mount Myōboku before, as far as manual transportation went. However, granted the power of her crimson eyes, Sayuri sought an alternative method. Returning to the streets of Konohagakure, she waited until she spotted a toad, carefully watching their every move through her sharingan. Eventually, one of the toads returned home, allowing Sayuri to synchronize her left eye to the reverse summoning used on the toad. Paying off in millions, Sayuri was able to manifest a portal, in which she would use several times over to appear in the land of toads.

Arriving within the Land of Toads, Sayuri was introduced to the rain forest-like climate of Mount Myōboku. Much to her surprise, the toads were immediately made aware of her arrival, through the means of an active sensing system. Sayuri was denounced as an intruder to the toads, who immediately captured her, with the intent of imprisoning her for life were it not for the presence of her hidden leaf forehead protector. Offering an explanation, the toads instead took the girl to see Gamamaru (ガマ丸), more commonly known as the Great Toad Sage (大ガマ仙人, Ōgama Sennin), who then foretold yet another prophecy, declaring Sayuri as the Child of the Prophecy (予言の子, Yogen no Ko) due to her profound ambition, believing her to someday bring upon a change to the world, wether it would be for the betterment of mankind was unknown.[14]

From then on, Sayuri lived among the toads, partaking in their various festivities and indulging herself within their unique, amphibian culture. She adapted to their traditions, to the extent of nourishing the same sort of food they consumed. She also found herself walking on all four legs, imitating the movements of the frogs that would play a focal part in her vertical leaping ability, as it led to a degree of muscle development. A distinct portion of the toad tradition was their practice of natural energy consumption. Heralded as Senjutsu (仙術; English TV "Sage Jutsu"; Literally meaning "Sage Techniques"), it was their means of utilizing natural energy to the level of mastery, in which they were then able to maintain and enter Sage Mode. What began as a trivial relationship, formed into an impressive bond. It didn't take long for the idea of Sayuri becoming a sannin to sprout up. And when it did, Sayuri took full full interest.[15]

Once it had been configured that Sayuri's chakra reserves were large enough to maintain Sage Mode, Sayuri began her training under the legendary sage master, Fukasaku. It was later revealed that the latter had considered to take Sayuri under his wing long ago, though waited until she was completely mature, so that she would possess a body that could handle the fatigue brought upon by the transformation. Credit to Tsunade's training regime, Sayuri's sported the physique of a top model combined with that of a polished warrior. Inheriting the body of the Six Paths from the side of the Senju, Sayuri was poised to accept the challenge brought upon by senjutsu training. The training consisted of stationary movement, something Sayuri was not used in her teenage years. Relying on her speed to take out her opponents in one lethal strike, learning how to remain still was the most difficult portion of the entire process. A problem signature to Sayuri, the slightest of movements caused her enormous breasts to sway and jiggle for several seconds, hindering her ability to become one with nature effectively.

The sole possessor of the Metroid Release Kekkei Tōta, Sayuri was able to draw upon the chakra from the environment with relative ease, at least when compared to most others. This was mostly due to the fact that her powers were a mutation of her father's very own hexagram, a nature spirit derived from the will of Kaguya Ōtsutsuki. While it did not grant her with an additional hexagram, it did in part contain fragmentations of his chakra, mended together with that of his partner, as that was what the Metroid Release essentially was, a power bestowed upon Sayuri from her parents. Utilizing this enhancement, Sayuri used the presence of her metallic being to call upon the natural energy existant within the atmosphere. With Fukasaku beside her, Sayuri was able to revert to his original form had she failed to balance her own chakra with that of the environment.


Sayuri as the youngest ANBU captain in Konoha history.

Donning the mask once more, Sayuri expressed her emotions through slaughtering the opposition. At the same time, she began experimenting with the powers of her mangekyō sharingan, whilst searching the remains of the accursed Uchiha district to learn more about her clan. Deep within her heart, she treasured memories of her father, believing one day that he would return for her. Days passed, leaving Sayuri on her own. She tried many times to escape the solitude, but simply could not get herself to socialize with others. Hiding behind the signature cat mask of Konohagakure, Sayuri hid her presence. Some began to question whether or not she was part of the village anymore because of this absence. Not only was she not receiving any public credit as a shinobi for completing tasks as an ANBU, but she was also missing out on the experiences that came with living in a gated community. The repetitive behavior of completing tasks on time as opposed to slacking off and taking a day to enjoy with her loved ones earned Sayuri the moniker Cold-Blooded Sayuri (冷血のカカシ, Reiketsu no Sayuri).

Receiving orders from her higher ups, Sayuri departed for a mission early one morning. Little did she no, the mission would be a meeting with fate of some sorts, revealing the location of her father to Sayuri. Whilst leaping from branch to branch through a nearby forest, the chakra signature of the ring of Sayuri's ring finger suddenly matched that of a nearby local. Confused, at first, by who may have matched her father's metal release chakra signature, Sayuri opted to halt for a brief moment to solve the issue. Much to her surprise, she spotted another living member of the Uchiha clan, with a similar ring on her ring finger. Noticing her from afar with her sharingan, Sayuri awaited the arrival of a coming presence. To her disbelief, Sayuri was reunited with her father, whether he had been aware of her existence or not. Suddenly, she broke into a triumphant rage of tears, unable to suppress her emotions despite technically being on a mission. Seeing her father with another woman brought an incredible amount of pain to Sayuri's gut, though realizing the woman possessed another chakra signature alongside her own made things worse. It was quite clear, evident by the lump on the woman's stomach, that Sannoto had formed a new family. The question of how long did not plague Sayuri's interest as much as the fact of having been replaced did. It was this moment, that Sayuri slowly began to give in to her clan's forsaken Curse of Hatred, though she would not notice at first, suppressing the curse to a certain degree with it's counterpart, the Will of Fire.

Returning home to Konohagakure after a successful mission, Sayuri opted to change her ways. It was quite clear now, that her father simply did not intend on returning home. She decided to attempt social interaction, finding it a lot easier than she may have ever imagined. In reality, Sayuri was a magnet of some sorts. Her marvelous physique was the craze of the village's hefty male population. Oddly enough, Sayuri enjoyed such company, whether or not they had actually cared for her well being. The fact that someone in the world wanted her was enough to temporarily fill the void created by her own father. For the first time since Tsunade's passing, Sayuri felt at ease. She made a reputation for herself as the village's best gambler, as well as the village's most reputed drinker. For months she took to this lifestyle, one in which she traveled from place to place gambling, drinking and spending the night with married men, who took full advantage over her. She no longer cared for her status as a shinobi, no, that was long gone. She simply enjoyed as much as she possibly could, whatever was necessary to make the pain go away. Sayuri became employed as a full time bartender at Konohagakure's most popular bar. Part of her job required sensual performances, of which she happily partook in.


Sayuri exhibits her expertise

Sayuri was forced back into reality upon becoming pregnant, a result of continuous abuse and rape. Months of sleeping around had finally taken it's toll on the woman, leaving her in an unconditioned state. During her pregnancy, she realized she would no longer be able to hide from her issues, dealing with them seemed to be the only logical choice which lead to any kind of progress. The whereabouts of the child remain unknown, whether or not she even delivered a child are also unknown. Sayuri returned the the ANBU after the events, seeking to rejoice in the comfort of her former comrades. The surreal experiences proved to be strangely beneficial for Sayuri. They had transformed Sayuri into a true kunoichi, one who could muster the talent to spill information from her victims without resorting to any form of pain. She logged two personas, both of which were complete opposites of one another. On the battlefield, she was portrayed as an emotionless assassin, who sought to kill all of those who opposed her. Off the field and in the village, Sayuri took to becoming a kind and caring individual, who cared for the sake of her village more than anything. Whether she was aware of it or not, the curse was creeping around the corner, waiting to attack at any chance it could.


Sayuri returns


Now at the very climax of her prime, Sayuri has devoted her life to creating what she believes to be the perfect world. One in which all inhabitants are happy, one in which all are free from danger. However, in order to obtain such a goal, Sayuri has become cold, utterly obsessed with her task, seeing nothing else. She no longer holds any emotional values towards others, essentially viewing the world as a cluster of corrupt beings until otherwise. In order to bring upon eternal peace to the lands of shinobi, Sayuri has first set out on a quest to gather as much power as she possibly can, aiming to create a rural dictatorship once managing to do so. She has adopted a mixture of the teachings of the Sage of Six Paths, Madara Uchiha and Nagato Uzumaki to manifest her own perspective of the world. Rising to the throne through the instruction of pain as Nagato did, Sayuri wishes to store those she has deemed as a threat within her own universe, erasing them temporarily from the face of the earth, until the time comes for them to step foot on the terrain once more. The concept of a miraculous illusion is a goal Sayuri shares with Madara, though is not comprised of her actual workings, as she plans to fulfill the dreams in actuality moving forward. Similarly as to how the Sage had given teachings of peace, creating his own religion along the way, Sayuri has done so as well, though awaits the influence of more power before directly establishing any further control.


Sayuri's calm demeanor.

A cunning kunoichi who has cut off all ties with the world of living, Sayuri is heralded as incredibly cruel, and down right oblivious. She displays absolutely no hesitance in taking the life of a loved one if she feels as though it is interfering with her own goals of achieving peace. Sayuri, surprisingly, is also rather understanding, flexible enough to comprehend the fact that there is more then one way to go about doing something, and that it is not always the right way to go about it. Sayuri is an award winning actor, a prized assassin. She can virtually take the role of anything, whether it be that of an adolescent little boy, or a fully grown, elderly woman. One of many pseudo personas Sayuri adapts is portrayed in the manner of an incredibly lustful kunoichi, who dresses in skimpy and revealing clothing to allure male targets. This allows her to hide her presence in even the most highly populated areas, while being able to conduct her own espionage, using seductive measures to obtain valuable information from her victims. There seems to be no limit as to how far she will go, usually this is dependent on a list of subjects, such as her client and health. However, true to her once forsaken kitten ANBU concealer, Sayuri puts those she has extracted information from to sleep if they have no future purpose, as the idea of her scent lingering on their bodies is enough to give off her position in the world of shinobi. A passionate lover, the act of seduction has become Sayuri's signature method of espionage, which has also otherwise translated to be her most lethal, given the idea of her sensual physical appearance.

As a child, Sayuri was spoiled beyond belief by the likes of her father, Sannoto Senju. She clung to him at all times, never once leaving his side on a day to day basis. It is theorized the imprints of her arms tied around his bicep have become permanent because of this. Growing up without the love of a mother, Sayuri was always filled with curiosity in the fields that a father simply could not teach. She hardly had anytime of her own to seek personal interests, yet happily opted to follow her father around wherever he went, no matter how great the danger. Tagging along on even A-Ranked missions would function as building blocks for Sayuri's own principles, such as being able to strategically examine her father's fighting style, and his fluency in the Metal Release. Sayuri was also quite arrogant as a child, bullying others her age while at the academy. This came from her own perspective of being better than everyone else, something which came about due to her father's growing legacy. However, all this love she would have for her father, would instead translate into hate immediately after is departure.


Sayuri's seductive charm.

Abandoned by seemingly the only person she had ever come to know, Sayuri was instead placed in the direct care of her grandmother, Tsunade Senju, who had recently returned to the village to fulfill her duties as the 5th Hokage. Initially, Sayuri was reluctant to accept Tsunade, mostly because her methods of instruction were severely harsh, especially when compared to that of her father. There was also a bit of awkwardness, as Sayuri was not familiar with the methods of a quote on quote "beauty queen". It was under the tutelage of Tsunade that Sayuri would adopt a more feministic persona, one which found itself often covered in various cosmetics. Also worthy of note was Sayuri's inheritance of her grandmothers anger, something that is evident during her later years.[16]Along with the anger of the great Tsunade came her distinctive alcohol addiction, maniacal gambling habits, and bossy attitude.

Following the passing of Tsunade, Sayuri was left alone once more. Part of her refused to accept the world for what it was, always clinging to the belief that her father would one day return home for her. However, as more and more time passed, Sayuri came under the impression that he no longer bore any feelings for her, and opted to release her feelings for him as well. Though this would prove to be a rather hard task for the likes of the teenager, as Sannoto, accounting Tsunade, was one of two people Sayuri had ever known through her lifetime. Growing up as prodigy, Sayuri excelled in school, climbing the ranks. As such, she was never able to make friends her own age, and those older than her despised her, simply for being much younger in age, and her possession of the sharingan, which allowed her many more benefits then the others. In short, the other children found it unfair that she had a tool under her disposal, something that helped her instantly memorize the criteria subjected by the academy. They believed she did not deserve anything she was receiving, especially not the luxury of residing within the Hokage's Residence. Longing for some sort of relationship, with just about anybody, Sayuri was once more inducted into the ranks of Konoha's ANBU Black ops. Here, she would kill off her emotions entirely, allowing her to excel during missions and whilst on the battlefield. She found pleasure in the blood spill of her victims, and took even the lives of her own nakama had the situation called for it.

Years after her defeat, Sayuri has become a polar opposite of her former self. Now taking the form of an innocent child; her personality reflects her newly inducted appearance almost perfectly. She is incredibly playful, often pulling pranks on those around her. While her lust for battle remains, there remain very few shinobi capable of matching her combat prowess, and thus, she is very rarely seen placing any meaningful effort in battle thereafter. Instead, she mocks her opponents, teasing them with her movements and tormenting them with insults. Sayuri is also quite energetic in this form —something she garnered herself to better fit her miniature stature— resembling a minor in more ways than none. She loves to irritate the opposition all for the sake of her own personal enjoyment. Akin to her bodily transformation, her voice also appears much more feeble and high pitched.[17]



Sayuri as she appears in the manga.

Heralded as the Beauty of the Hidden Leaf; Sayuri, to most people, appears as an incredibly attractive female. A testament of her beauty was the fact that she inherited her grandmother’s title of “the worlds prettiest kunoichi”. Furthermore, it was concluded by shinobi alike that she was far more beautiful than she was powerful, which goes on to say a lot, as she had also inherited her grandmothers title as "the worlds most powerful woman".


Sayuri's full appearance after the timeskip.

Her hair is a dominating trait of her overall physical appearance. As the quote on quote, "child" of Tsunade, Sayuri experimented with several of the world's hair care products throughout the course of her lifetime. An avid caretaker, Sayuri exemplifies her finesse and skills in cosmetology through the the direct appearance of her hair. Long and lustrous, it is bears the resemblance of maple sugar in color, with a crisp and gingery shine, classifying her as a full fledged brunette. Sayuri's hair was the utterance of a crowning moment, strong and bouncy in texture. One would find it is also incredibly straight, while at the same time expressing a degree of strength on it's own accord. Sayuri's hair is quite lengthy in size, almost like smooth honey dripping over her shoulders and down her back. Flowing gently and luxuriously, with no disruptions, no faults. Her hair finds itself split just above her forehead, with two lengthy bangs flowing down smoothly, framing the sides of her elegant facial structure.


Sayuri's full body appearance.

Two almond shaped eyes rest on either side of her face. Eyes that seemingly commanded the attention of the outsiders, eyes that sought attention and settled for nothing less. Sayuri's irises are a lightish brown, a milk chocolate of some sort, with dark onyx black bulging pupils that convey trust. Her eyes are often wide, displaying their magnificence in full context. Her eyelashes are thick and long, drenched in the finest of mascaras. A dark, brilliant black outlines the outsides of her eyes, making it seemingly impossible for others not to take notice of their beauty. These same eyes hold the multitude of her power, taking on a dark red crimsonic persona, complete with three tomoe to take the form of her fully matured Sharingan. Due to her incredibly large chakra reserves and pain tolerance, combined with the degree of mastery she holds over the bloodline limit of the Uchiha clan, the Sharingan is seemingly always active within Sayuri's eyes. When the going gets tough, Sayuri's eyes also take the unique shape of her Mangekyō Sharingan, representative of water lily plastered beneath a four winged butterfly.

The most distinctive part of Sayuri's incredible sexual appeal are her enormous melon sized breasts, which during her teenage years, earned her the moniker as Sannoto's Busty Daughter (サンノトふところぐじょ, Sannoto no futokorogujo). It is speculated by critics that large breasts run in the family, as seen with both Tsunade Senju and Yami Uchiha. According to several sources, her bust is said to have since surpassed that of Tsunade's, with an estimation of a full span of 127 cm, or 50 inches in circumference. Sayuri sports a top model physique, evident of that of a top tier body builder. This is most likely due to the vigorous training sessions put on her by Tsunade, which to this day she has been seen conducting, though on a much larger scale, for further enhanced results. She possesses incredibly shapely thighs and a large, plump gluteus, reminiscent to two bowling balls victoriously resting beside on another. Highly pneumatic and immensely voluptuous, Sayuri is very curvaceous but at the same time thin. This is evident in her waist, almost begging to be grasped with a tight grip.


Sayuri's disguise

Concealing her identity for the sake of her own plans, Sayuri has adopted a uniform reminiscent of the one her uncle, Obito Uchiha, was bore. Donning the trademark cloak of the Uchiha clan, Sayuri also now covers her face with a rather peculiar, vanilla colored mask. The mask was constructed by Sayuri herself, through pretentious usage of her Metroid Release, and akin to her prowess, is quite durable, noted to have taken grand shinobi several strikes to even manage so much as a scratch upon. The mask has two gaping holes on either side, measured to attribute to Sayuri's sharingan. The design of the mask plays tribute to the Strength of a Hundred Seal, Tsunade's signature technique.

Over the course of her lifetime, Sayuri has been seen sporting several different outfits on various occasions. As a loyal shinobi of Konohagakure, her outfit consisted of a pair of tight, jet-black leggings, topped with a plain, jet-black shirt with long sleeves, the collar of which is worn quite low, revealing the sizable cleavage of her extravagantly large, melon sized breasts. A protective Flak jacket was worn atop her revealing black shirt, though the zipper was only zipped half way, to ensure maximum exposure. Sayuri's Forehead Protector was at times, worn around her waist as an additional belt, complementing her light-brown colored tool belt, which holds together her various ninja tools, such as Shuriken, Kunai, and Senbon, with her two blades tucked safely at her sides. Finally, Sayuri's choice of footwear lied in agile, but comfortable, shinobi sandals, navy blue in color.

As a member of Konohagakure's Root Division (根, Ne; Literally meaning "Root" or "Foundation"), Sayuri's outfit consisted of black clothing, a grey flak jacket, metal arm guards and gloves, ninja sandals with spikes for travelling into mountainous regions, three ninja pouches on her back-waist and a signature spiral tattoo on her left shoulder. She also donned a cat-like face mask on several occasions, if not at all times, to conceal her identity from enemy and even the village's shinobi alike. She also lugged around a Tantō, which was carried around in a blade holder strapped to her backside. The mask had two openings for her eyes, complimentary for her to utilize the sharingan to her liking, whilst also covering up her Strength of a Hundred Seal.

Years after her defeat, Sayuri is seen taking the form of a mere child. Akin to the ever lasting transformation of Tsunade, Sayuri too, exhibits the ability to maintain the transformation for extended periods of time. It is more than capable of sustaining even the greatest output of damage, as Sayuri's true form has never quite been revealed to anyone but herself. Sayuri's new form is referred to by herself as her "child form". While she rarely exposes the secret behind herself, Sayuri's true intentions of taking such a form is to symbolize her change of heart. As a child, she had witnessed several traumatizing experiences, many of which were a result of her taking up the position of ANBU captain at a very young age. The woman was never truly able to live her life as a child, and has now decided to fulfill the void that remains in her heart by doing so. Additionally, she is jealous of children, in the sense that they were oblivious to the truths of the cold shinobi world. Children are entities who have not yet been exposed to the corruption of the world, and thus, are only able to formulate their own opinions and ideals. With Sayuri's infamy lingering about the world, she found it important to disguise herself if she were to be accepted by the same generation without causing havoc. For better or for worse, Sayuri is still able to revert to her true form at will if need be. The form itself places a noticeable restriction on Sayuri in terms of power.[18]


Growing up, Sayuri was considered a prodigy amongst prodigies; a genius even amongst the Uchiha and Senju alike. She frequently performed at a high level during her academy days, finishing at the top of her class without much effort. She was described as being "light years ahead of the rest of her peers". Honing her skills under the tutelage of the Fifth Hokage, Sayuri graduated from the academy and became a chūnin by the age of 5, mastered her clan's kekkei genkai, the sharingan, by the age of 6, and became an ANBU officer at the age of 7. Sayuri was able to defeat two members of Higure on her own, despite the duo having been regarded as the organizations most powerful.[19] The busty kunoichi also managed to singlehandedly defeat Uzushiogakure's most respected forces in Chieko and Kaito.[20] She has been shown to have been able to compete and hold her own against some of the most fearsome opponents the world has ever known, most notably Ryun Uchiha, Seireitou Hyūga, Raido X and Sannoto Senju.[21][22][23] Sayuri has proven herself more than capable of fighting against even Kage level shinobi, having slain the Fifth Kazekage and the Sixth Raikage.[24] She also proved successful in taming the nine tailed-beasts on her own after slaughtering their respective jinchūrikis, sealing the beasts into her metallic Shinju container to become the Ten-Tails' jinchūriki. Her many feats include killing a Rinnegan-user with a single Shuriken,[25], defeating an opponent with mere eye contact,[26] and defeating an enemy with so much as the utmost minimum physical contact.[27] Years after the conclusion of the Fifth Shinobi World War, Sayuri took the position as the Ninth Hokage, a testament to her legacy and otherwise successful shinobi career.[28]

Life Force and Chakra Control


Sayuri releasing the Strength of a Hundred Seal.

As a member of both the Senju Clan and Uzumaki Clan, both of which inherited the spiritual energies and physical attributes of Asura and the Sage of Six Paths, Sayuri has an incredibly tremendous life force. In fact, she was able to survive while still only an embryo within her mother's body, despite her mother having been beheaded by her uncle. Sayuri has also displayed superb pain tolerance on multiple instances, such as being able to withstand the brute force of powerful enemy lunges, and to a greater extent, the susanoo, as she shows little to no setbacks from the side effects of the technique, despite it having been popularly theorized that the avatar drains the very spiritual life force of it's user, penetrating every living blood cell within their body in the process. Either way, Sayuri has proven to be more than sufficient enough to sustain the likes of Susanoo, including the additional stress the mangekyō sharingan brings to her eyes. Furthermore, the trauma and setbacks that normally plague sharingan users seem to disperse in her presence, atleast for her own sake.

Hailing from three prestigious clans, all of which were heralded atop the shinobi world at their own respective times, Sayuri possesses an incredible amount of chakra, so much so that even the world's most experienced sensors claim to never have ever felt such a surging blaze. Just the idea of Sayuri's chakra emits vibrations throughout the bodies of her foes, delivering headaches and brain freezes to those trying to decode her chakra pattern. When manifesting her chakra, craters often form under her feet, and small boulders rise to the occasion. It is also quite normal for small earthquakes to commence while she powers up.

Above all else, is Sayuri's profound chakra control. Trained under the watchful guidance of her grandmother Tsunade, Sayuri is currently, without a doubt, one of the world's greatest chakra controllers, if not the greatest. Her control manifested at a tender age, partially due to her ability to see chakra through her sharingan, which also allowed her to mimic the same fluctuations of patterns within her own body. The peak of her chakra control, is her ability to form the Strength of a Hundred Seal, which allows her to store massive amounts of chakra on a point on her forehead and then release it; a feat that only her predecessors, Tsunade, Sakura and herself have ever accomplished.[29]

Her control over her own chakra is so precise, that she can transfer it to overs via the Chakra Transfer Technique. This can be used for both offensive and supplementary purposes. With her degree of mastery, Sayuri is able to transfer her own chakra to an individual with the up most minimal physical contact. The absolute testament of Sayuri Uchiha's chakra control prowess comes in the form of the Transcription Seal: Chakra Transfer Technique. This technique allows Sayuri to transfer her chakra to others while never being physically present. The mechanics behind this technique are very simple. First, Sayuri must come into physical contact with a person (A). That is all that is required for her to transfer her chakra to that person (A), and now that person (A) can then unintentionally transfer Sayuri's chakra to another person (B). The nature of this technique extends to Sayuri's vast creations through her Metroid Release, as in, all metallic objects constructed by Sayuri also possess the transcription of sharing her chakra with anyone and everyone they come into physical contact with.

Sayuri's transformation technique is noted to be even more fearsome than that of her grandmother, Tsunade. Much like the latter, Sayuri is able to maintain a constant transformed state for extended periods of time, though she differs in the sense that she does not have to garner its power to appear more attractive; instead, Sayuri utilizes the transformation technique to take the characteristics of various structures, so as to improve her own efficiency in battle. For example, she is quite literally capable of forming an extra pair of arms sprouting from any portion of her body through the use of the transformation technique, and then keeping it solid and stable so as to garner those additional limbs in battle as if they were truly hers to begin with. Furthermore, she has been seen weaving wings, or even entire constructs out of the mere transformation technique, as well as taking the forms of animals to meet her situation.


After her father's departure, Tsunade was given sole custody of her granddaughter, Sayuri. After witnessing the latter awaken the sharingan at the age of 4, Tsunade took it upon herself to ensure Sayuri reached her maximum potential, by taking her under her wing. This training regimen included several horrendous training sessions, leaving Sayuri at the brink of death at the end of each given day. However, after enduring the vigorous exercises, Sayuri emerged with a heightened physique similar to Tsunade. Because of her training under the fifth hokage, Sayuri is capable of holding her own against anyone in a hand to hand competition. This proves true even against users of the eight gates.[30]

Credit to her sharingan, Sayuri is able to effectively counter virtually any incoming attack, by thoroughly spacing herself as needed, and timing the projection of the attack through accurate estimations. Her sharingan has also allowed her to replicate many fighting styles over the last few years, such as the famed Gentle Fist of the Hyuga Clan. Sayuri is also knowledgeable of the eight inner gates, having acquired the knowledge from her former teammate, Kanatoko Hyūga. She is able to open the first gate, though does not make use of the technique very frequently, if ever, due to the tremendous stress it places on her body.


Following the events of the Fourth Shinobi World War, Sayuri's grandmother and primary caretaker, Tsunade, relocated to the Land of Iron to provide her medical expertise to the samurai. Accompanying the former hokage was none other than Sayuri, who would continue her studies under the tutelage of the fifth. At this point, despite being only 11 years old, Sayuri's prowess had enabled her to reach the rank of an ANBU captain. Throughout the divisions, the primary weapon of choice for every member of the ANBU was the Tantō, a short longsword which was seemingly created to provide ease in assassinations. Arriving in the land of the samurai, Sayuri was introduced to their signature fighting style, known as Iaidō (居合道).

At first, the samurai resented Sayuri, most especially their leader, Mifune, who had been the subject of a previous sharingan assault at the hands of Danzō Shimura, and later, the same day, partook in a vigorous fight against Sasuke Uchiha. However, with some encouragement from Tsunade, as well as the fact that she had sacrificed her own life to come all this way, Mifune agreed to tutor Sayuri in the ways of the Samurai (侍), beginning with their unique dress code, which was composed of heavy, segmented plate-armour that covered the shouders, chest, upper back, lower sides, and thighs. Using her metal release kekkei genkai, Sayuri adjusted her metals to take the appearance of their armor, resembling it to the degree of perfection, almost as if one were to look in the mirror. Additionally, because the armor had been crafted from incredibly durable metals, it enabled her to fight for prolonged hours, without sustaining nearly as much damage as the others.

Under Mifune, Sayuri focused primarily on the aspect of Shape Transformation, an advanced form of chakra control and a technique that is pivotal for the manipulation of chakra and the creation of new techniques. It involves changing the form and movement of chakra, determining the size, range, and purpose of a technique. Here, Sayuri encompassed the ability to utilize the Samurai Sabre Technique, an incredibly beneficial means of flowing chakra through a certain material. By simply concentrating her chakra through her blade, Sayuri can almost mimic the functions of Hiramekarei (ヒラメカレイ). Sayuri's version of the sabre technique is deployed through a chinese chakra dragon, which is emitted through the tip of her blade, which is controlled by Sayuri's own chakra. This same concept of chakra Shape Transformation later allowed her to further enhance her Rasengan, as well as incorporate the level of chakra control into her own metal release kekkei genkai.




Sayuri's "Awakening"

Even after having lost her sharingan, Sayuri found that she was still able to utilize Susanoo, much like Madara Uchiha had done in the past. She normally uses this ability in tandem with her metal prowess to clad her avatar in armor, dramatically increasing both its offensive and defensive capabilities. In its fully stabilized form, Sayuri's Susanoo is comparable to a tailed beast in size, and takes the form of a samurai, much like any other complete Susanoo would.


Kurama battles against Sayuri's Awakening

Medical Ninjutsu

Credit to the Fifth Hokage, Sayuri was trained religiously first and foremost in medical ninjutsu. Throughout this training, Sayuri gained knowledge of the various systems and functions of the human body, taking particular interest in the unique system possessed by all shinobi, known as the Chakra Pathway System (経絡系, Keirakukei; English TV "Chakra Network"; Literally meaning "Meridian System"). Her expertise in the subject allowed for her to craft together a unique fighting style, similar to the Gentle Fist of Konohagakure's famed Hyuga Clan, where by the user targets the victim's tenketsu to negate chakra consumption.

A devoted scientist, Sayuri's knowledge of the shinobi world spans beyond most, and may be comparable to the likes of Orochimaru. Her interest in others since childhood led Sayuri to collect DNA samples from various individuals, most notably those from the Kaguya Clan and the Hyuga Clan. The interesting concepts behind the two clans was the manner in which their bodies were crafted. With the Kaguya Clan, Sayuri found that their body was unlike the rest of the world's, so special that Kimimaro, who was thought to have been the last of his kind, succumbed to a terminal illness, because the world did not possess enough information about his body. Sayuri, however, in the safety of her own dimension, had the opportunity to study the make up of such a specimen to her liking.

Her particular interest in medical ninjutsu led her to utilize it in conjunction with her metal release. Throughout Sayuri's bloodstream reside additional blood cells, both red and white, produced through the Yin-Yang Release and enhanced through the Metroid Release. What began as artificial blood cells have since trans-mutated into the legitimate argument. The presence of the additional red blood cells allows Sayuri more oxygen than any other human. The white blood cells arguably play a much greater role than the red blood cells, defending Sayuri's body against both infectious disease and foreign invaders. Akin to her supreme chakra prowess, the metal in these white blood cells aid in the battle against bacteria and other viruses that attempt to consume Sayuri. They immediately begin to fight away any and all terrestrial beings without Sayuri's command, forming an automatic defense. This was seen during Sayuri's invasion of Uzushiogakure when Sayuri's chakra prowess was able to subdue Chieko's attempt at conquering her body.[31]

There exists an additional organ in Sayuri's stomach, just below the pancreas entitled the Chakra Filter (濾過器チャクラ, Rokaki chakura). Similarly to all of Sayuri's inventions and gadgets, this object was also created through extensive usage of the Metroid Release. The primary function of the filter, as it's name suggests, is to filter the chakra that enters Sayuri's body. All chakra Sayuri absorbs is immediately transferred towards the location of the filter in the hopes of being cleansed immediately. The invading chakra is met by several hundreds of metallic ions which help to purify the chakra along the way. After the chakra has been properly prepared, Sayuri can then utilize it in a manner of her own.

Sayuri has also developed a medicine in which she drinks everyday, which thoroughly nourishes her bloodstream, providing extra nutrients that it would otherwise not have. These nutrients allow her to subdue all forms of poison. She also produces a vast supply of lysosome in her mammary glands, thanks to another jutsu she had created earlier in her career. This technique allows her to concentrate chakra and mix it with her milk, thus creating a substance which can heal her patient in a matter of seconds. This technique is transferred to that patient through the act of breast feeding. However, as spectacular of a technique as it is, Sayuri prefers to restrain herself from this technique, as it appears quite sexual to others, making them feel uncomfortable, as well as the fact that her husband has prohibited direct usage of it as well. Instead, Sayuri produces small vials containing her enriched milk, though this procedure must be performed on a day to day basis, as the milk has a timley expiration date, and will spoil within a twenty-four hour time limit. When in supply, the vial is attached to a loose string and worn around her neck, in the style of a necklace.

The process in which it takes Sayuri to produce even a single vial of her chakra empowered milk is viewed as a tedious task. Retaining an overwhelming level of libido, Sayuri is often under heavy sexual frustration throughout the day, as a result of her husband's increased absences. Unable to endure the overwhelming level of libido and sexual frustration, Sayuri spends every morning pleasuring herself, through the acts of sexual stimulation, forcing herself to produce the milk. The level of concentration this activity requires is underestimated based on the nature of the technique, but should be understood that it is not a simple task to perform. An hour's worth of time fills only a fourth of the vial. A possible solution towards Sayuri's current status may have to do with general human maturing. Women are known to produce a large amount of hormones beginning at the age of thirty, causing such issues, where as men experience this growth during and between their teenage years. The vials themselves are not easy to come by, and would be estimated at a hefty price if they were to be sold.

Space-Time Ninjutsu

Granted by the powers of her Mangekyō Sharingan, Sayuri has access to a marvelous Space-Time Ninjutsu, which goes by the name of Kamui. When compared to similar versions of space-time ninjutsu, most notably the Flying Thunder God Technique, one will find Kamui not just to be incredibly more versatile, but also incredibly more efficient, as it requires no such markings beforehand. In fact, the Fourth Hokage openly acknowledged Kamui to exceed the transportation prowess of both he and the Second Hokage. On an even more prestigious note, the power of Kamui allows Sayuri to transport any given mass without so much as physical contact. The true ultimate defense, Kamui does not tank incoming attacks, but rather erases them from existence, by sending them to Sayuri's Dimension.

Sayuri's Dimension (神威の時空間, Sayuri no Jikūkan; Literally meaning "Sayuri's time–space dimension") is an alternate space that is linked to Sayuri Uchiha's Mangekyō Sharingan. Due to the two eyes being the only known pathways into and out of this dimension, there seems to be no other way of escaping it. The dimension is composed of millions of rectangular prisms made by Sayuri herself through the use of her Metroid Release kekkei genkai, over an endless dark black canvas. The prisms stretch throughout the horizon, covering the dimension as a whole. If one were to fall off one of these prisms, they would fall into a void of nothingness and forever be lost. Sayuri's dimension is a living genjutsu, where as she possesses the ability to manifest creations out of anything. Her very thought and imagination allows her to pedestrianize her targets. When arriving within the dimension, the victim is automatically placed under the genjutsu.

With her mastery over the space-time element Kamui, Sayuri is able to manifest ripples in thin air, taking the form of portals. These portals are as versatile as her transportation technique, similarly to Kamui, can be opened anywhere across the face of the planet. This allows Sayuri to direct projectiles elsewhere on the planet, instead of directly transporting it to her own dimension, similarly to the Space-Time Barrier technique utilized by the Fourth Hokage. A similar method can be initiated backwards, meaning she can open portals anywhere on the current plane to launch objects from her own dimension. This allows Sayuri to utilize the tailed beasts stored within her dimension in a unique matter, most notably Kurama, whose hands, feet and tails she uses to deliver a quick, devastating strike to her opponent. Creating portals is somewhat stressful for Sayuri, though this is dependent on how far away the dimension she is transporting from is.

Another useful, but more uncommonly seen trait of Kamui is it's ability to synchronize with other dimensions. This is done in several ways, the most efficient of which is connecting the chakra signature of her own dimension to another, through simple means of eye contact. Even those who are intangible are susceptible to being synchronized, as with Sayuri's immense chakra sensing skills, she is able to link her own dimension with another based off solely this. In other words, whether or not her opponent is on the same given plane as her, Sayuri can trace her opponent's chakra signature through memory alone, then executing a portal to open before her within a timespan of a few seconds. Similarly to the previous method, visiting other people's dimensions is incredibly gruesome for Sayuri, though this is dependent on two things, how familiar she is with the chakra signature of her opponent, and how far away the said dimension is. Because Sayuri has visited both the Soul Plane and 'Hell', there seems to be no limit as to how far Sayuri can go using Kamui's portals.

Sayuri is able to be synchronized with up to two dimensions at a time, one dimension for each eye. This allows her to utilize Kamui's intangibility factor so long as she is still synchronized with her own dimension, giving her a great advantage when fighting against those who possess dimensions she is already linked to. In simpler terms, once linked, Sayuri is still able to become intangible, allowing objects and such to phase through her, while prohibiting her opponent from doing so. This is because once Sayuri has synched with another dimension, she is able to channel her own body parts between the two dimensions instantaneously, something which according to her, comprising a lot of her chakra. However, the more time Sayuri spends in a newer dimension, the more she adapts to it's environment, allowing for this method to become more efficient overtime, as once she is used to the newer dimension, it no longer requires as much chakra as before. This was proven true even against a masterful user of the Flying Thunder God Technique.[32]

Despite claiming to have a dimension for each eye, Sayuri is able to transport objects and such to either dimension using either eye. For example, though her left eye is synchronized with dimension A, she can still utilize her right eye to transport objects to dimension B. This is a practiced trait unlocked through continuous usage of Kamui over the years, spanning over the course of 30 years. Initially, something which was incredibly stressful for her eyes has become natural, a testimony to her mastery of not explicitly the sharingan, but the Kamui technique itself. In other words, her eyes no longer express any cultivated veins or emit blood at the over usage of Kamui. Just as a body builder would no longer feel the same burn from lifting a five pound dumbbell, Sayuri has surpassed the preliminary stages of Space-Time Ninjutsu, allowing her to utilize Kamui several times on a daily basis.

A subject of high tier nobility, Sayuri spent much of her childhood in the Hokage Residence where she was raised by her grandmother, the legendary Tsunade Senju. Among other privileges, Sayuri was granted access to the mansion's hidden library which housed scrolls encompassing many forbidden techniques, including those developed by the previous Hokage. One such Hokage --the second to be exact-- was responsible for producing a Space-Time Ninjutsu with a degree of efficiency that was never quite seen in previous generations. In time, it became regarded as the Flying Thunder God Technique, and was written down by Tobirama Senju himself and thereafter kept away in the secret chambers of the residential library, where it would later be found by Minato Namikaze, a prodigious shinobi who would eventually claim the title of Hokage for himself. The same value was applied to the granddaughter of the Fifth Hokage, who, utilizing the mimicry factor of her sharingan, memorized the containments of the seal, calling upon her memory to more thoroughly refer to it when in battle. As the technique itself relied on the corner stone of Fuinjutsu, Sayuri was able to master the technique rather easily, despite its considerable ranking.

Fire Release


Sayuri using the Fire Release: Crimson Flame Dragon Technique.

As the head of the Uchiha Clan, Sayuri holds a natural affinity towards the fire nature and is well versed in all of her clan's techniques, including others such as the Fire Release: Phoenix Sage Fire Technique and the Fire Release: Great Dragon Fire Technique. Raised, at one time, as the last remaining member of the Uchiha clan, Sayuri visited the Naka Shrine on a daily basis to configure and interpret her clan's historical techniques through the use of the information left behind, such as textbooks, diaries, and scrolls. Her prowess with the fire release is such that she is able to utilize any given Uchiha flame based technique with little to no hand signs, at times, even simply weaving hand signs with a single hand. The sheer power of her fire related techniques is incredible, with the intensity of her flames almost reaching the prehistoric heated temperatures of the sun. When caught within her fire techniques, the opponents' blood is boiled to the absolute maximum, causing them to burst into a blooded explosion. The very temperature of these techniques sustains permanent burns to whatever it encompasses. With her level of experience over the fire release element, it normally requires several experienced water type users to fend off against her attacks.

All of Sayuri's fire techniques were self taught. The last of the Uchiha clan, Sayuri never had an Uchiha mentor to learn from. It took her several years in fact, to learn of her natural affinity towards the fire nature, something that peeked her interest after craving to mix her own chakra with the Rasengan. During her teen years, while venturing in the Uchiha district, Sayuri came upon the Naka Shrine, though failed to express entrance after dialing the wrong passcode. However, using Kamui, the lethal space-time ninjutsu given to her by the power of her mangekyō sharingan, Sayuri was able to phase through the ground and enter the basement. Arriving in the basement proved to be greatly beneficial. Along with stories of the past were scrolls containing her clan's most treasured techniques. Here she would indulge herself in various Uchiha culture to help her through her early depression.

Much later in her life, Sayuri also came upon the Uchiha Clan Sanctum, purposed to be Madara's secret hideout prior to his final clash against Hashirama. Among other things were more books and scrolls, of which Sayuri took the up most courtesy of learning. Techniques dating as far as to the war torn era, Sayuri began to learn of her clan's legacy, leading to a prideful remorse on one end. Because she was battling a depression during this time, she was easily influenced by the Uchiha's ancient traditions. She took the responsibility of reverting her surname to Uchiha from Senju and began wearing the Uchiha Clan crest on the back of her various outfits, expressing her loyalty to the now extinct clan.


Proclaimed as a gift bestowed upon her by celestial spirits, in truth, Sayuri’s metallic abilities were inherited directly from her father, Sannoto Senju, rendering her as one of the select few to possess such an extraterrestrial phenomenon; it would later also appear within her own child, Yasaki. Initially, Sayuri referred to her powers as a curse, not because she had any particular difficulties in harnessing its power —in direct contrast to Sannoto— but rather because it brought upon the demise of her biological mother, Yami Uchiha. The sheer power of a child inheriting the metal release is unforgiving; so much so that Yami was unable to endure it. It was theorized Tsunade, Sayuri’s grandmother, had been able to endure the festivities of child birth due to the essence of her prolonged life force. This was later proven true by Sayuri herself, during her own moment of childbirth, where she survived the breeding of two children, one of which inherited her metallic powers. As a result of losing her mother before her own existence, Sayuri refers to her metallic powers not by its more accustomed alias, but rather an alternative name: Suikinmyaku (粋金脈, Literally meaning: "Refined Metal Pulse"). Though the two possess no known differences —as metroid is quite literally metal release but with another name— it suggests the difference between those children who kept their mother upon birth and those who were not as fortunate enough to.

From the dawn of her existence, Sayuri was adept in the manifestation of metals, a skill she acquired even before awakening the sharingan. This was in part due to her having been able to examine it up close and on a personal level; known for never leaving her father’s side, she accompanied the large Senju to every one of his missions, perceiving in full the vast capabilities of the metal release. Due to such an early exposure, the creativity and imaginative prowess she had as a child would reappear in her metallic structures throughout the course of her shinobi career. If this had not been the case, the chances her techniques would have been nearly as unpredictable would surely not have been plausible. Naturally, her proficiency would allow the child with a clearcut advantage in comparison to the rest of her generation; she became especially intrigued by her gift, that she used it uncharacteristically as a child. While other children utilized equipment made available to them by the academy, Sayuri instead manifested her own metallic replications of the respective objects, considering them unworthy to be used by the likes of herself. In time, she became reliant on her powers to unmeasurable extents and missed out on any formal training due to her father’s untimely departure; as such, her metallic prowess, —while based intuitively off the observations of her father— were mostly self developed.

Sayuri is a true master of Metroid Release, a Kekkei Tōta formed through simultaneous use of Magnet Release, Yin Release, and Earth Release chakras respectively. By converting her chakra into the source of life, Sayuri is able to create iron and steel structures out of the metallic particles found all around the environment. Sayuri, using her exquisite expertise over her chakra control, is able to almost instantly forge objects through thin air. Combined with her creative and imaginative will power, she is able to craft the steel into several forms, such as a metallic dragon, or even a large building. Similarly to the First Hokage, Hashirama's Wood Release, all of Sayuri's creations have the ability to detonate, producing a large explosion, greatly surpassing that of an explosive tag.

Furthermore, by processing her chakra through her metals, Sayuri is able to control and reanimate objects, as seen with the corpse of Takehiko. This is also proven true when her metal has disintegrated through her victim's blood stream. Likewise, she is able to cling the metal to the small portions of iron provided in every blood cell, generating more of her metal inside of her opponent. By sending her chakra through these cells, she is able to gain control over them as well, with the power to forcibly maneuver them around and about throughout her victim's body, including towards the heart, brain, and lungs. Each and every one of her creations is imbued with Kamui, transporting any given object to Sayuri's Dimension upon contact. Any and all structures created through the use of this kekkei tota also have the ability to levitate to some degree, with some more than others, varying strictly on the size, shape, and weight of the creation. This is all done through chakra control, with every fragment of metal acting as a chakra receiver of some form, allowing itself to be freely manipulated.

As Sayuri's strength with metal release grew, she adapted better, and become a whole lot more comfortable with herself. While serving under Tsunade, Sayuri sought to better herself in the medical field in order to please her grandmother. This led Sayuri to study the human body immensely, to the point where she can determine tenketsu points without the Byakugan. With months of research, Sayuri was able to develop a magnetized pull, a technique where she aims for the iron molecules within her opponent's blood cells to force him of her towards her metallic body. With this new found mechanic, Sayuri is able to attract and repel her victims similarly to the Shinra Tensei and Banshō Ten'in techniques. Off of the battle field, she uses this technique to attract metallic objects towards her, such as, television remotes, metal pop cans, and keys. Sayuri can also expel mercury through her mouth in the shape of a gas.

Another unique trait of Sayuri's metal is it's ability to conduct several elements. By following magnetic and elemental properties, Sayuri can produce a unique, and special type of metal that functions as a Hiraishin (ひらいしん, Lightning Rod). Sayuri can literally balance her chakra into a given substance, and every single lightning elemental based technique is immediately shunned towards the given object, rather than it's initial projectery. With Metal Release, Sayuri is also able to control preexisting metals, such as those of kunai, shuriken, senbon, and other ninja tools. This feat allows Sayuri to use her opponent's tools against them. Sayuri's metal also possesses the ability to absorb chakra, similar to the metal used to create the Konoha Chakra Blades. Each and every one of her creations contains her unique Flying Thunder God Technique formula, allowing the woman to transport instantly towards them.

Sayuri's metal is exceptionally durable, and has never been melted. In fact, the metal on multiple occasions has survived lethal attacks composed of black flames, which are said to be as hot as the sun itself. As such, Sayuri often covers her entire figure within flames whilst donning her metallic armor to further enhance her defensive capabilities.

Iron, by mass the most common element on Earth, forming much of Earth's outer and inner core. An adept gatherer of natural energy, and well rounded in senjutsu, Sayuri can draw bits of iron from the very environment, negating the need to use her own chakra to create metallic structures. This works with all other metals as well, though with iron being the most common metal on earth, it is often the easiest and most proficient to gather.

Above all else, Suikinmyaku grants Sayuri the ability to produce different types of metals,[33] with the most common being iron.[34] Although stated to be her most essential metal, bullets made of the iron caliber were easily able to penetrate several Rashōmon gates,[35] while a suit of armor of the same type was enough to sustain damage from a user of the eight inner gates without any noticeable damage.[36] The level of speed at which these metals are created from her body are quick enough to pierce a shinobi renown for his speed through the chest, and take his life before he could utter another word.[37]

Sayuri can further shape her creations to essentially take up any physical form she pleases, whether it be a katana,[38] fan,[39] or tsunami of grounded metals.[40] In several instances, Sayuri has been shown to be able to unleash a barrage of senbon from her being reminiscent of a machine gun, resulting in an endless storm of projectiles.[41][42][43] She has also shown the capability of incorporating the element within her rasengan to enhance its sheer offensive power.[44]

Despite being classified as a Kekkei Genkai, the use of this ability has only directly been seen being utilized by Sayuri. While many similar variants exist, there are several abilities that she alone has displayed, such as the power to control preexisting metals. This was seen during the invasion of Uzushiogakure, when she referred to it in order to alter the trajectory of a large metallic meteorite.[45] This was seen again during her battle with Raido X, when she reflected a flurry of rockets fired by the man's Asura Path back towards him,[46] and again in her battle with Akihiko Yamanaka, when she altered the trajectory of his incoming kunai strapped with explosive tags.[47]

Sayuri has also demonstrated the ability to imbue her metals with Kamui, a special space-time ninjutsu made available to her through the powers of her Mangekyō Sharingan. In an encounter with Yoshida Uchiha, Sayuri used this feature to defeat the fellow Uchiha clansmen with a single shuriken.[48] She once more showcased her prowess against her father, Sannoto Senju, by flowing the aforementioned energy through her Iron Fist and coming into physical contact with his face.[49] Those who are exposed to this aura are warped immediately to Sayuri's Dimension, where a patronizing genjutsu awaits them.[50] Each ounce of metal that is forged by Sayuri is said to possess the formula of her Flying Thunder God formula. This allows her to warp to and from any number of her creations instantly.[51] Much like the renown sword, Kubikiribōchō, Sayuri is able to regenerate from any otherwise grievous injuries she has received from harvesting the blood of others.


Sayuri is also well-versed in fūinjutsu, capable of using an S-rank seal developed by her grandmother that continuously stores up chakra for various reasons, including using the high-level techniques such as the Creation Rebirth and Strength of a Hundred Technique. Sayuri is also incredibly knowledgable when it comes to any form of sealing, possessing the ability to seal even tailed beasts into someone, or separate portions of their chakra to seal into her own Strength of a Hundred Seal. She can also simply transfer a tailed beast from it's jinchuuriki into another person. Sayuri is also adept in using Barrier Ninjutsu, able to create her clan's signature, but lost, barrier technique, known as the Uchiha Flame Battle Encampment, which expressed enough durability to properly guard the Ten-Tails from other tailed beasts. From her days as a root member, Sayuri picked up on Danzo's Root Paralysis Technique.

Sayuri has also taken the time to create her own signature sealing technique, initiated through the usage of her meta release Kekkei Genaki. A technique entitled Kurohitsugi (黒棺, Black Coffin) a formidable sealing technique encompassed by the current head of the Uchiha Clan, Sayuri Uchiha. The technique is comprised of first targeting the moisture around the target. The moisture is then concentrated through the use of chakra, which begins to gather particles of iron from the earth's environment as well as metallic fragmentation from the earth's atmosphere itself, using the intended victim as the center of attention. The iron containing cells of the victim allow for the iron particles to stick to their skin like some sort of magnet, merging with their respective chakra systems and nullifying any attempts at breaking free. A highly chakra taxing technique, the user commonly encases the chosen victim within several layers of metal to prevent any attempts at escape. When properly nourished, the end result is foreseen as an enormous metallic cube, which hovers in the air.

In greater context, specks of iron sprout instantaneously from the ground upon completion of the user's hand signs, which are then attracted like magnets towards the iron containing blood cells of the victim. The iron particles then proceed to stick to the victim, synchronizing themselves with the target's chakra, and thus, quickly depleting the user, replacing them instead with Sayuri's own chakra. The iron particles also slowly turn the body of the victim into metal itself, in the hopes of making it extremely difficult for him or her to move under those given conditions.

The same can be expressed for Sayuri's usage of the Puppet-Master Seal. Because Sayuri's chakra contains portions of metal itself, these ions are transferred to the receiver through simple means of contact, attaching themselves to the iron in the blood cells once inside their body. These bits of iron then fuse completely, so that Sayuri's own chakra signature becomes mixed with that of her victim, to the point where it is completely undetectable, by both the world's greatest medics and sensors. The body of the individual finds itself reproducing cells through the process of mitosis, until all the cells of his or her body contain Sayuri's own chakra. Overtime, this results in the puppet master seal, birthed at the very core of the human body, the heart. When used on tailed beasts, the puppet master seal prevents them from being directly sealed within a jinchūriki, while also allowing Sayuri to synch with them telepathically.[52] An additional feature allows almost complete manipulation over the given beast, allowing Sayuri to forcefully tap into both it's power and memories, however, doing so seems to bring upon a certain degree of fatigue on the user.

Summoning Technique

Credit to to her grandmother, Sayuri is capable of summoning the Slugs (蛞蝓, Namekuji) of Shikkotsu Forest (湿骨林, Shikkotsurin; English TV "Shikkotsu Woods"; Literally meaning "Damp Bone Forest"), most notably Katsuyu (カツユ, Katsuyu). Akin to her Strength of a Hundred Seal, Sayuri shares a telepathic link with Katsuyu, enabling her to communicate back and forth with the large slug without so much as being within it's presence. Sayuri can also encompass the latter's remote healing, where as she first concentrates her chakra throughout her body, giving off avid fluctuations that are then accepted by Katsuyu in order manifest healing ornaments to each and every single individual piece. As briefly mentioned, Katsuyu is a rather large slug, so large that only small portions can be summoned at a time, which normally adds up to the size of tailed beasts, when summoned by Sayuri, due to her impressive chakra reserves. Katsuyu can also split into several minuscule portions, allowing her to heal more than one person at a time with ease. However, because of Sayuri's run and gun fighting style, she is often reluctant to call upon Katsuyu's power in battle directly.



Sayuri at work.

Irokejutsu (色気術, Art of Romance) is simply a branch of stealth operative techniques under the guidance of ninjutsu that were said to have been established sometime during the Warring States Period. However, they were believed to have been lost to time thereafter, only to be reintroduced by Danzō Shimura of Konohagakure. A legendary shinobi reputed for his unrivaled darkness and usage of the underground, Danzō kept Konohagakure afloat from behind the scenes through the process of taking necessary procedures; missions deemed so vile, they would never escape the vicinity of the ANBU unit directly appointed to him, known as ROOT, for the sake of protecting Konoha's reputation. These tasks often included assassinations of various political figures in order to better increase Konoha's own rating, or simply ones involving espionage of rivaling hidden villages to ensure they were behaving within their own terms. For his female assassins, however, Danzō specified a completely different training regime.

Danzō referred to his female subordinates as "the privileged ones", due to their possession of lewd criteria that could be taken advantage of in order to invoke happiness within important male figures throughout the world. According to him, there were certain weaknesses a man simply could not abandon no matter the amount of training he underwent; there happened to be a certain muscle of their body that could not grow, and could be exploited to grasp a clear advantage in battle. For this reason, Danzō sought to evolve a certain platoon of kunoichi into full fledged assassins. While they achieved well rounded attributes in fields of stealth, stamina and precision, Danzō stressed the most importance in regards to their sexual appeal. Under his tutelage, Tsunade of the eventual Sannin emerged as the most "powerful" kunoichi in the world, and served her village diligently, obeying Danzō's every command without question.

This portion of Tsunade's career was erased upon her defection from the hidden leaf. Danzō himself no longer speaks of them, not even to his most trustworthy of subordinates, most nearly because he had come to the conclusion that, while Tsunade had done proved to be a success, she possessed a grueling weakness that in itself was enough to overlook the entirety of those accomplishments. The woman had fallen in love with another man, which took away greatly from her overall prowess. With such petty emotions uncharacteristic of an assassin, Danzō explained, Tsunade had grown weak in mind. She could no longer get herself to undergo missions of the nature any longer, as her heart was sung with an insurmountable amount of guilt each and every time she undressed herself before another man. She could no longer provide her services to the ANBU without hesitation, therefore rendering her a failure within Danzō's eyes. Tsunade, however, would hold on to this skill set for the future.

The passing of her loved ones brought Tsunade to realize the mistakes she had made in her own lifetime. Danzō had been right along, that relationships were not everlasting and only for a shinobi, only brought sorrow in the end. When she was tasked with raising her granddaughter, Sayuri, Tsunade ensured to correct her past wrongdoings and repent for her sins by establishing Sayuri into a full fledged kunoichi that could serve Konohagakure. For hours on end, she demonstrated the glorified arts of romance to Sayuri, instructing her on how to properly pleasure a man so as to savor a special place in his heart, so that his body would have been kept longing for more whenever she was absent. Through a physical trail and error basis, Sayuri learned from Tsunade first hand, many methods on how to go about behaving in a seductive manner so that she could break down her targets with one measly gesture. Tsunade stressed the importance of several forms and stances Sayuri would have to take during each and everyone of her missions, and trained Sayuri to most importantly, endure. Endure the horrid stenches that she would encounter, endure the scorching pains she would experience, endure the vile behavior she would be promoting, endure for the sake of the village.



Sayuri releasing the Yin Seal to enter Sage Mode.

Sayuri's chakra reserves are immense; great enough that she could train in the art of senjutsu and master its highest level: Sage Mode, a feat she can perform near instantaneously, by releasing the seal located on her forehead. In this mode, Sayuri gains orange markings over her eyelids. Her pupils also turn yellow, though this is hidden when her sharingan is active. Sage Mode greatly increases the strength and scale of her techniques. For one to push Sayuri to invoke Sage Mode is truly a rarity. Additionally, Sayuri is adept at gathering natural energy from her surroundings, most distinctively the environment, in order to replenish her chakra reserves. Furthermore, by relying on the chakra of the environment in contrast to that of her own, she can entirely negate the effect of utilizing her own reserves, in a sense giving her an infinite supply of chakra.


Sayuri activating Sage Mode while in Child Form.

While in Sage Mode, Sayuri can manipulate the energy around her, turning it into an extension of her own body, allowing for her to deliver a blow towards her opponent which they cannot visually perceive. This technique is known as the Frog Kata technique. When combined with her sharingan, her physical movements are refined to their up most level, allowing for her to virtually evade and thoroughly counter any form of attack. Sayuri’s registered strength levels are also increased dramatically, especially when aided further through Iron Fist. She can also add another stack of power towards her strength, by utilizing her grandmother’s patent Chakra Enhanced Strength technique. When all three layers are encompassed, her strength is entirely unrivaled, capable of killing victims in mere flicks.


Blessed with the refined powers of her profound ocular prowess, of what was entitled the sharingan by legacy itself, Sayuri possesses a natural affinity for genjutsu. While considered subpar without access to such a tool, the sharingan allows Sayuri to fight on the level of the world's most horrific genjutsu users. With a single glance, Sayuri is able to confine her target within his or her tracks. Just the mere reflection of the beaming red glow of her crimson eyes is enough to entrap the enemy within her genjutsu, and once caught, the illusion has proven more than difficult to escape from. With no partner, one may find themselves defeated the second they take notice of those forsaken eyes. Sayuri's mastery of the sharingan is on full display during each and everyone of her optical illusions. With seemingly full control over her opponents senses, yet another power was awakened within her eyes sometime later, which came to be known as the Mangekyō Sharingan.


Sayuri casting an illusionary technique through hand signs.

With the power of the Mangekyō came yet another level of fearsome genjutsu prowess, the Genjutsu: Mangekyō Sharingan. Is the advanced version of Genjutsu: Sharingan, in which it it considered to be 10x more powerful than it's previous stature, instead deployed through the usage of the Mangekyō Sharingan. Similarly to it's predecessor, this genjutsu requires direct eye contact to properly initiate and provides a handful of prestigious effects towards the victim, such as possessing enough power to render them unconscious instantaneously, as well as the ability to manipulate the target's physical and mental actions to a certain extent. She also garners a technique much like Ephermal which allows her to cast a genjutsu through the use of hand signs.

Classified as a dojutsu of the highest caliber, it is not beyond the likes of others to confuse such a technique for the signature power of a Mangekyō Sharingan, such as Amaterasu or Tsukuyomi. However, because it is considerably more powerful than the original version, the technique does indeed place a degree of stress upon the eyes of the user, though not nearly enough to cause them to bleed like Amaterasu. Continuous and exaggerated usage of this technique may ultimately result in blindness. Once caught, it is increasingly difficult for the victim to break free from the genjutsu, following similar properties as Tsukuyomi, in which that only incredibly close relatives, such as blood transfused siblings, are able to effectively break through, though this would most likely require great proficiency, and atleast the caliber of a standard three tomoe sharingan. The genjutsu causes excruciating brain damage, causing the intended target to lose all memory of up to 3 days. Furthermore, the victim is left severely paralyzed, to the point where he or she can no longer tremble in fear, let alone blink. Unlike the prowess of Tsukuyomi, this technique does not possess the ability to manipulate the boundaries of space and time. However long the victim and user spend in the technique is equivalent to the real world, drastically lessening the capabilities of this technique when compared to the more adverse mangekyō powers.



Sayuri's sharingan

Simply a master of the sharingan, Sayuri first awakened the sharingan at the age of 4, several years prior to any other member of her kin.[53] She became well known in Konoha after the defection of Sasuke Uchiha, which left her as the village's last Uchiha member. She later awakened all three tomoe of her sharingan, and mastered her clan's highly coveted kekkei genkai by the age of 6.

With the sharingan, Sayuri is able to literally see the flow of chakra, with this feature of hers having been entitled as the Eye of Insight (洞察眼, Dōsatsugan). Because she possesses the exceedingly rare Straight Tomoe, Sayuri's vision is further refined, to the point where she can differentiate even a shadow clone from the original, and see through the mist created by several Kirigakure shinobi, a feat only believed to have been accomplished by the likes of Itachi Uchiha. Further more, with her profound ocular prowess, Sayuri can examine movements with spectacular precaution, and in return, plan and time her counter attacks accordingly. To Sayuri, it appears as though her opponents are moving in slow motion, even by the likes of incredibly fast opponents, such as eight gates users, and those who have enhanced their speed temporarily by superficial means.

Sayuri's legendary mastery over the sharingan dates back to the likes of Madara in order to garner any form of comparisons. Her skill is such, that the names of other prodigies, such as Itachi and Shisui Uchiha, are often never pronounced in the same breath as Sayuri's as a sign of respect and honor towards her. Complementary of her incredible chakra reserves, the sharingan always remains activated within Sayuri's eyes, with no apparent irritation in her ocular veins. It also has no residual effect on her attitude, a testament towards her mastery, as most Uchiha clan members appear to be under a degree of emotional stress while keeping them active.

Sayuri has displayed both incredible proficiency and skill with sharingan-based Genjutsu, classified as Eye of Hypnotism (催眠眼, Saimingan) easily considered one of the clan's most powerful users. Her skill is such, that just by having her opponent notice her eyes, as opposed to even direct eye contact, the victim is put under a horrific illusion immediately. She also apparently has the ability to utilize two of her clan's kinjutsu, Izanagi and Izanami, both of which are labeled as incredibly hard feats to pull off in their own rights.[54][55][56] With a single glance of an eye, Sayuri is able to control the tailed beasts, by suppressing their power and honing their chakra. This is also true for jinchuuriki, as by making eye contact, she can then appear within the given target's inner subconscious to 'manually' suppress the power of the tailed beast sealed within.

With the sharingan, Sayuri is literally able to read through the hand signs of her opponent and counterattack with the same given technique. In simpler terms, Sayuri is effectively able to micmic, or copy, rather, any technique of her opponent's, so long as it is not based off of or ties along with any bloodline limits, known more commonly as Kekkei Genkai. Because the sharingan allows the user to capture even moving images, and replay it within their own mind an infinite amount of times, Sayuri can repeat even the fighting patterns of her opponents, as proven true by her copying of the Gentle Fist, Lariat and Fang Rotating Fang.

Original Mangekyō Sharingan


Sayuri's Mangekyō Sharingan.

Sayuri awakened the power of the Mangekyō Sharingan upon witnessing the passing of her grandmother, Tsunade Senju. Unlike most of her fellow kin members, Sayuri possesses the exceedingly rare and unique Straight Tomoe (直巴, Choku Tomoe), a specific pattern of the mangekyo sharingan which grants the user with enhanced fluidity with each given step throughout the course of a battle. Uniquely, Sayuri does not appear to suffer nearly as much from deteriorating eyesight, strained physical health, or even exhaustion despite her extensive use of its power throughout the years, in contrast to other Uchiha. This may have something to do with the presence of Hashirama's cells flowing constantly throughout her body, as well as her supreme medical prowess.

Through the power of her mangekyo sharingan, Sayuri possesses a form of space-time ninjutsu, which has come to be known as Kamui. Because the technique and eyes are originally hers, and because she has awakened Kamui in not one, but both of her eyes, only she can utilize it to it's full potential. Kamui enables Sayuri to achieve two very distinct, yet closely associated feats — teleportation and intangibility. Both eyes are linked to Sayuri's Dimension, an empty, blank canvas filled with nothing but metallic prisms. Anything and everything transported through the use of Kamui is transferred to this dimension. The dimension is composed of millions of rectangular prisms made by Sayuri herself through the use of her Metroid Release Kekkei Tōta, over an endless dark black canvas. The prisms stretch throughout the horizon, covering the dimension as a whole. If one were to fall off one of these prisms, they would fall into a void of nothingness and be lost in an eternal time lapse, similar to Izanami.


Sayuri's Eternal Mangekyō Sharingan.

With her right eye, Sayuri possesses Kamui's long range function. By focusing her line of sight upon anything she desires, Sayuri can then emit an instantaneous barrier through her right eye towards her target, sending them to her dimension. Contrary to belief, this version of kamui does not require even the slightest bit of physical contact, as it is initiated solely through the eyes. Presumably, there is also no limitation given to Kamui in terms of distance, as if the selected idea is on display, and can be seen through the eyes, Sayuri is able to warp it into her dimension. There is also no limit as to the size of the object she can transfer, as in the past, a less experienced user was able to teleport things as large as tailed beasts back and forth from the said dimension.

With her left eye, Sayuri has access to Kamui's short-range ability. This allows Sayuri to transport her entire being to any given part of the entire planet instantaneously. The same goes for all objects and persons, however, doing so requires physical contact, unlike the power of the previous eye. The left eye also has the unique ability of transferring any given part of Sayuri's body to her dimension, including her entire body at once, rewarding her with a form of perfect intangibility in the real world. This allows Sayuri to directly phase through anything in the real world, whether it be a powerful barrier prohibiting enemy shinobi from entering a village, a powerful blast of chakra coming in the form of ninjutsu, or simply an attempt at eliminating Sayuri through otherworldly effects, such as through the use of toxic gas, acidic rain, and or explosives. While intangible, Sayuri is virtually undetectable, as technically, she is no longer present in the real world, rendering her chakra and life force inexistent, even to the world's most practiced sensors. However, there is, unfortunately, a set time as to how long Sayuri can remain intangible, at an estimated length of 5 minutes.

With only a single eye, Kamui's prowess was compared to that of the Flying Thunder God Technique, in both terms of speed, and efficiency. It was noted on several occasions, by of all people, Minato Namikaze, the fourth hokage, as well as the world's greatest user of the Flying Thunder God Technique, that not only did the single eye Kamui rival his technique in speed, but was ultimately much more creative, as it allowed it's user to travel to any given location on the face of the earth, instead of being limited to seals and formulas. With both eyes, the power and speed of Kamui was believed to have been doubled, allowing Sayuri to travel at blinding rates of speed somehow purposed to be even quicker than that of instantaneous transportation.[57] Because of Kamui, it is theorized that Sayuri is currently the world's fastest shinobi, with her powers having been misunderstood and confused with the Body Flicker Technique.


Sayuri manifesting Susanoo's rib cage.

With both eyes, the power of Kamui is doubled, dramatically enhancing the effects and overall efficiency of the technique, as well as allowing Sayuri to remain intangible for more then 10 minutes. Through both eyes, Sayuri can create two distortions at the same time and connect them, resulting in a temporary portal. Sayuri can also one sidedly synchronize her Kamui with the space-time technique of her opponent, allowing her to access places ordinary shinobi could only dream of going, such as Mount Myoboku, by synching Kamui with a fleeing shinobi, through the use of the Reverse Summoning Technique.


Sayuri's stabilized perfect susanoo.

Upon awakening the respective powers of both of her Mangekyō Sharingan, known as the Double Mangekyō (ダブル万華鏡, Daburu Mangekyō), Sayuri was blessed with the ability to garner her eye's most powerful asset, Susanoo, a gigantic, humanoid being that surrounds her and fights on her behalf. Nevertheless, for a Sharingan user to activate Susanoo, according to Obito Uchiha, Sayuri's uncle, is a rarity. Since it is formed through the materialization of the user's chakra, its abilities, appearance and color vary among individuals, with Sayuri's Susanoo appearing dark black.

In its stabilized form, Sayuri's Susanoo is clad in armor akin to a samurai, wearing robes, thick boots and body armor on its shoulders and waist. It has a long tengu nose, two spikes over each eye, a slit stretching across its mouth and three gaps on each of its cheeks as well as one on its chin. Sayuri's susanoo is unique for possessing three sets of arms, with a total number of six arms. It wields two katanas through it's first set of arms. The secondary arms of Sayuri's Susanoo become wings, making it capable of flight, while retaining small fingers used to hold its blades when not in use. The third and final set of arms are always kept away at the sides, until additional support is required. While fully manifested, it is able to fly and despite its immense size, has enough dexterity to carefully hold someone in its hand and move about extremely fast. When needed, Sayuri's Susanoo can manifest several large katanas for battle. Sayuri can also use Kamui in unison with Susanoo, able to produce multiple giant shuriken that will warp whatever targets they hit to Sayuri's Dimension.


Kurama clad in Sayuri's Susanoo

An ancient combination thought to have been lost and forgotten prior to the Fourth Shinobi World War, Sayuri has renewed the legacy of her ancestors by gaining control over the Nine-Tailed (九尾, Kyūbi) phenom, Kurama (九喇嘛, Kurama). With her mastery over shape transformation and chakra control, Sayuri possesses the ceremonial power of encasing the entirety of the nine tailed fox within her Susanoo. This greatly improves the power of not only Kurama, but Sayuri's Susanoo as well. By manipulating Kurama into her avatar, Sayuri relies on the beast's chakra instead of her own. Furthermore, with the power of such a foul creature at her fingertips, Sayuri virtually has an infinite source of chakra in a sense, so long as Kurama abides to her ever command. Such a tremendous output of charka allows Sayuri to utilize large scale techniques like never before, so much so that she can encase Kurama, along with her susanoo, in a durable sheet of metal for further protection. According to herself, this makes Sayuri's defenses virtually impenetrable. While under her control, Sayuri manipulates Kurama similar to a puppet. Due to this reason, Kurama can be seen utilizing the weapons of Sayuri's susanoo, as well as creating tailed beast balls upon her request.

It is in Sayuri's best belief that these set of eyes unleash her inner demon; they reawaken her profound bloodlust, and for that very reason, she had casted them aside, so as to more properly be able to focus on her family life. However, she reclaimed them during her battle with Yamanaka Akihiko.[58]


From an early age, Sayuri has proven to be quite the lightbulb. Her natural instincts, when combined with her motive to excel, have since led Sayuri to acquire as much knowledge as possible. From an early age, Sayuri was tutored in medicine by the legendary Tsunade, believed to have been the greatest medical-nin in all of shinobi history. This led to mastery in her skills as a medical practitioner, where even as a child, she would aid in healing wounded patients. According to Sakura Haruno, by the age of 17, Sayuri's medical prowess began to resemble Tsunade's in her prime. Sakura also later openly admitted Sayuri's skills to have exceeded her own when she was of her age, and, upon comparing test scores from the academy up until the chunin exams, Sayuri's grade point average earned a slight edge over the latter. Sayuri's estimated IQ score is around the 200 mark.

Encompassing her sharingan at the age of 4, and later, mastering it by the age of 7, Sayuri was able to harness it's photographic capabilities during her childhood. This allowed for her to memorize entire textbooks word for word after going through them only once, and thus, utilize the time others spent studying on physical training. She would later go on to qualify for the Konohagakure Intelligence Division, based almost solely on test scores, though gracefully declined the offer. Her intelligence would also later prove itself upon her promotion to ANBU Captain, becoming the youngest to achieve such a milestone in the process. Her years as an ANBU proved greatly beneficial for the village as a whole, as it was under her leadership that Konohagakure's ANBU began to exceed exceptionally, something that garnered the praise of the hokage.

Under further tutelage from Tsunade, and at times, her entrusted companion, Shizune, Sayuri came to learn of the secrets behind seal orientated techniques, classified as Fuinjutsu. The ability to memorize hand gestures and scripts has allowed Sayuri to utilize many different types of seals over the course of her lifetime. A witness of the Fourth Shinobi World War, the event would later give way to another level of determination for Sayuri. After the conclusions of the war, which had been started by her own fellow brethren in the name of Uchiha, Sayuri began to search for proper knowledge. Her years of research took her to places such as the Uchiha Clan Sanctum and many of Orochimaru's Hideouts. Sayuri has knowledge of many Kekkei Genkai, fighting styles and techniques, making her a match for seemingly any opponent.

Raised by Tsunade, Sayuri had the luxury of residing within the Hokage's Residence as a child, a large monastery like building complex constructed during the founding of Konohagakure and eventually inhabited by all it's kage. This proved extremely beneficial with the presence of her sharingan during her childhood, as deep inside were some of the village's most treasured secrets, such as the Scroll of Seals, which contained a list of forbidden techniques, known more formally as kinjutsu. The curiosity of a growing child brought Sayuri upon the scroll several times, in which she utilized her profound ocular prowess to simply memorize the contents of the scroll, enabling her to replicate the scroll in her later years. Another scroll, previously utilized by Minato Namikaze, enabled Sayuri to gain knowledge of the Flying Thunder God Technique and the Summoning: Impure World Reincarnation, two very prestigious techniques created by the Second Hokage, Tobirama Senju.

Body Modifications


Several Sharingan on Sayuri's arm.

Throughout her career as a shinobi, Sayuri has undergone several physical changes, several of which were done surgically. Renown as the apprentice of the legendary Tsunade, Sayuri is more enough a capable medical-nin whose vast array of skills span wide enough to perform procedures on herself. Such talent has enabled the busty woman to make enhancements to certain areas of her body. Having obtained Hashirama's Artificial Body (柱間の人造体, Hashirama no Jinzōtai) from Tsunade after the latter had used it to recuperate the arm's of Naruto and Sasuke respectively; Sayuri, in her later years, underwent the same procedure, replacing several of her internal and external organs with the cells of her forefather. In return, Sayuri was bestowed with the strength of the first hokage, his chakra flowing and encasing the entirety of her voluptuous body, granting her enhancements across the board, and more importantly, a body that would sustain war. The true purpose of the cells was the fact that with it, Sayuri could thereafter maintain composure whilst housing several sharingan, taken from the various Uchiha kinsmen she so mercilessly slaughtered. With the sharingan came the surplus of new powers and abilities, many of which Sayuri had already grown accustomed to, having researched upon them thoroughly and combated herself against them whilst in battle. The eyes were no more than sacrifices for the sacred ritual of the Uchiha in the eyes of Sayuri; her intentions to use them to revive herself if need be.



Under the tutelage of the ANBU Black Ops, Sayuri weaponized her body. By no means is she to be considered a puppet, but rather, an articulate mistress. Indeed, the most formidable of Sayuri's powers are the many assets comprising her body, from the various inflated flurries of flesh sprouting from her stem and rear to the glistening of her luscious brown hair. All have been enhanced to their utmost levels and beyond, so as to transform Sayuri into the most alluring deity the blanket of the world has ever derived. Her raw sexual appeal is all but distracting; it is soothing to all five senses, invoking pleasures of unprecedented heights within her targets, rendering seduction akin to second nature. Garnering such methods, she has acquired the many desires of her heart without failure, basking in glory thereafter.


Sayuri first met Samehada at the age of eighteen, when requests for her hand in marriage surfaced at insurmountable amounts. From their first meeting, Samehada took a quick liking to not only Sayuri's chakra, but its exact taste, losing itself in her. Sayuri accepted Samehada’s invitation as its new master. The sword had been shifted greatly in personality ever since its tenure with Killer B, whose very conscience was continuously fantasizing about attractive females. After his death, Samehada began his quest for the perfect female partner, finding his new home with Sayuri. From the very beginning, Samehada expressed its love for Sayuri. However, at first, Sayuri rejected the sword's many attempts at passionate love, concealing the shark-skinned phenom within a hefty set of bandages to prevent it from revealing itself. Eventually, Sayuri began to rely on Samehada more and more during the course of battle, thanks to its unique ability to absorb chakra, all taking place around the same time she had gotten married. However, Sayuri remained loyal to her spouse, refusing to partake in an awkward affair, with, of all things, her own sword.

Samehada refused to give up without so much as a fight. Sayuri even attempted to get rid of the sword, by leaving it behind several times, but thanks to Samehada's unique ability to sense the chakra of others, it found Sayuri within minutes, returning to her side once again. Eventually, Sayuri's partnership with Samehada grew, with the two becoming famous tag team partners in Konohagakure. However, Sayuri remained loyal to her husband, preventing anything serious from taking place. However, the more time Kakashi spent in his office, the more she felt alone. The only one to comfort her in this situation was Samehada. Surrounded by nothing but his cruel desires, Sayuri slowly gave in to the temptation of what was Samehada's chakra. The sword pleasured her in several different ways, introducing her to levels of chakra she had never before felt. Guilt shrouded her conscience the more and more her relationship with the sword developed, leading to an eventual act of adultery against her husband, which was kept as a secret between her and her beloved lover, Samehada.

Former Abilities



Sayuri's Tenshōgan.

While she no longer possesses her previous abilities made available to her by the sharingan —most namely Kamui and Susanoo— the Tenshōgan instead provides Sayuri with unrivaled foreseeing abilities, combining several elements into one. Among various other powers, it grants her the ability to see chakra over long distances, differentiating types by color. Because it was molded utilizing the Rinnegan as a base, it has inherited the chakra of the six paths and allows Sayuri to visually decipher techniques of that nature. The eyes are able to cast a potent genjutsu the likes of Tsukuyomi as well as enable the wielder to witness the world around with the utmost clarity, to the point where it seems as though all else is moving within slow motion. This level of comprehension far exceeds the ordinary sharingan. The Tenshōgan was initially incredibly stress inducing on the bearer, leading the user's eyes to bleed after mere minutes of usage. When the user exceeded a usage cap, their eyes were made temporarily blind until the power was restored through natural premises. This however, is no longer the case for a kunoichi of Sayuri's caliber.

Much like its counterparts, the Tenshōgan grants each individual with a unique ability, linking directly to the heart's ambition when deciding this factor. This most nearly means that if the eyes were to be taken from Sayuri's sockets and implanted within another worthy shinobi, they would instead transcribe a separately alternate ability, with it varying from each individual user. This factor has come to be referred to as "Safe Guard" by Sayuri, who witnessed it during her battle with Shura Uchiha. In Sayuri's case, she is granted the fathomable ability to provoke ripples in essentially any medium, even space and time. When encompassing this power, the surrounding terrain takes the form of a capillary wave, which is then treated like a portal, opening pathways to and from separate dimensions or simply the very same universal frame. While these ripples can induce monstrous vibrations, their main function resides within their ability to negate enemy usage of space-time ninjutsu by sealing off any waning ripples not opened by the user. In simpler terms, this can be perceived as closing the ensuing connection between two dimensions before it is truly established.

With her degree of mastery, Sayuri can imbue any number of these ripples upon any given substance, causing the medium in question to be transported wherever she sees fit upon physical contact. Retaining a similar property of her Mangekyō Sharingan, Sayuri can synchronize her Tenshōgan with other dimensions in order to gain access to them. With the loss of Kamui, Sayuri must now travel through one of these ripples to visit her own dimension. While she can no longer illuminate herself with an intangible factor, she can instead travel through these ripples to replicate teleportation by opening a receiving ripple in any given location. Because these ripples are fabrications of her own chakra, they are only visible to those with Dōjutsu corresponding to the ability.

Contrary to popular belief, the Tenshōgan does indeed have its own unique chakra and allows Sayuri access to its chakra mode. The chakra is red in color and unlike Sayuri's signature ripple manipulation, this chakra is visible to all, even those that cannot directly see chakra, due to the sheer magnitude of its intensity. Those who are exposed to it will find that it is incredibly difficult to control on its own —especially without the aid of the Tenshōgan— and can threaten the life of whoever attempts to absorb it. In the past, those who had tried to do so succumbed to berserk rampages and lost control of their own bodies. Some outright detonated, due to their body being unable to handle the potent chakra coursing through their veins.

Second Mangekyō Sharingan


Sayuri's new Mangekyō Sharingan

After losing her original set of eyes to blindness, Sayuri transplanted the eyes of another deceased Uchiha clansmen into her sockets. However, because they differed greatly in blood, she was unable to acquire an Eternal Mangekyō Sharingan. The design of her newer Mangekyō Sharingan is quite different from her first. It takes the shape of a lotus flower with three pedals over a dark canvas. With her left eye, Sayuri is able to utilize Tsukuyomi, and with her right, Kotoamatsukami, pairing her with two potent genjutsu abilities.



Sayuri's Byakugan.

Years after losing her sharingan, the powers of the accursed Ōtsutsuki tribe manifested within the sockets of Sayuri. This delay of inheritance is likened to the situation of Himawari Uzumaki, more commonly known as the daughter of the Seventh Hokage, only on a much larger scale. It was the sudden emergence of an entirely separate kekkei genkai that initially led Sayuri to question her lineage. She was described as being a "Rainbow Woman", for the mishap of constantly disdaining her beliefs as to what clan she truly belonged to --having claimed to have been a Senju upon one instance, before taking her place as an Uchiha-- until the eventual discovery of being a descendant of the Sage. This fact has been kept a secret from all else, though many shinobi have come upon this conclusion all on their own. When activating the Byakugan, Sayuri's once blue eyes are overtaken by a blank persona, though will revert to their traditional coloring once it has been deactivated. Furthermore, several veins sprout around her eyes, emphasizing the level of stress a wielder of the magic eye experiences.



Sayuri with her tomoe rinnegan.

Sayuri obtained her own set of Rinnegan eyes upon becoming the Jinchuuriki of the Shinju. As the progenitor of chakra, the ten-tails possessed a potent chakra that was responsible for the creation of the rinnegan in the first place. Having already acquired the highly coveted blood line limit of her forsaken kin, the sharingan, the chakra of the ten-tails was thereafter able to successfully fuse with her sharingan —which in truth, was a deformed state of the rinnegan itself— and thus restore the eye to its initial state. Those who are fortunate enough to cradle the power of the rinnegan are said to possess the chakra of the sage of the six paths. In the past, a certain Uchiha clan member had upgraded his sharingan in the same manner, by receiving the chakra of the sage. Similarly, Sayuri underwent the same process —albeit her method was much more forceful— and as a result, she too was gifted with the tomoe variant in contrast to the more traditional rippled version utilized by the sage and his infamous successor, Madara. However, unlike Sasuke, who obtained only a single tomoe rinnegan, Sayuri awakened a pair of tomoe rinnegan in both her eyes. This difference existed mostly because, while Sasuke's improvement occurred through the help of the sage, an inheritor of chakra, Sayuri's enhancement transpired from the aid of the ten-tails, the originator of chakra.

Sayuri's tomoe rinnegan pays homage and bears striking resemblance to the blessed eyes of the Shinju and subsequently, to the third eye located on the forehead of Kaguya Ōtsutsuki, regarded as the Rinne Sharingan, in the sense that each possesses a varying number of tomoe. Akin to the properties of the tomoe, Sayuri is able to utilize the power of her mangekyō through her rinnegan, voluntarily negating the purpose behind once more manifesting the traditional crimson eyes, though she is still noted to be harnessing the power of the initial state out of sheer preferability and perhaps due to her loyalty; while the rinnegan is considered to descend from the Ōtsutsuki tribe —a group of which Sayuri does not affiliate herself with— it is precisely the sharingan that is of actual Uchiha lineage, and thereby utilizing it in battle would mean praising the likes of her ancestors. Much like with her sharingan in the past, Sayuri is able harness the power of the rinnegan for extended periods of time with little to no impairment on her chakra reserves, having kept the shade of purple reminiscent in her eyes for the duration of even an entire war in the past.


Sayuri with her tomoe rinnegan while in Child Form.

The Rinnegan, while it was generally uncommon and relatively unknown, has since established itself as one of the more renown dōjutsu. Sayuri herself refrains from using the eyes often, deeming it as a reward for opponents she deems truly worthy. The power of the rinnegan is more precisely present in the form of the Six Paths Technique —the signature ability of the Sage of Six paths, described to be godly in terms of their power. This in itself is the eye's greatest asset, as it extends Sayuri's proficiency in better nearly ten fold; the woman is thereafter granted with what appears to be a plausible trait to essentially be able to counter and outmaneuver the incoming projectiles and such of her opponents. The sharingan, which functions primarily by reducing the velocity of perceived motion, emphasizes its abilities on the possession of tomoe. With three tomoe, the eye is able to track incredibly quick movements; with the enhancement of six tomoe present in her rinnegan, Sayuri can dispel twice the speed of the traditional eyes using her rippled purple pair. This allows her to remain precarious against the likes of enemies who utilize blinding rates of speed; the eyes are known to enable her to track even the movements of masterful Eight Gates users such as her very own husband.

The abilities of the rinnegan transpired into Sayuri's arsenal immediately after she gained possession of the power. While in the past, her Mangekyō required a degree of training and otherwise extensive use in order to initiate fundamentally, the six paths of the rinnegan came about almost as if they were second nature. This in fact, can be said for all known users of the great dōjutsu, as the chakra of the sage is bestowed upon those select few, perhaps orchestrating the use of their abilities despite no previous knowledge. However, in Sayuri's case —having been the partner of Raido X for years— she had known the powers of the rinnegan far too well even prior to her ascent. [59]Her knowledge of past events was also further refined by the presence of Kurama within her womb; the spirit fox was responsible for mentoring Sayuri in the arts and histories of the shinobi world, many lessons of which contained information in direct attendance to the sage, and more thoroughly, his works and findings.

Jinchūriki Transformations


Sayuri's jinchūriki transformation.

Of what was a rather tedious process; Sayuri scanned the globe in search of the nine tailed beasts, successfully capturing each one and proceeding to seal them into a new demonic statue, created from the chakra of each individual beast, supplied by the bloodshed of the better part of humanity, and anguished by the cells of her forefathers. Upon doing so, Sayuri first partook in several vigorous battles, all of which she endured single-handedly at that. At the wake of a tremendous, bone rattling war, Sayuri resorted to sealing the Ten-Tails inside of herself, thus, becoming it's jinchūriki. Accomplishing such a feat brought upon horrendous amounts of power to Sayuri, all of which she failed to control at once. As a result, she was prone to severe stupidity; she was unable to differentiate man from animal, and male from female. However, as the battle drew on, Sayuri once more underwent a drastic transformation, completing the process of becoming what she referred to as the Third Six Paths (二人目の六道, Futarime no Rikudō). The sudden change recuperated Sayuri's body every which way, essentially making her immortal in her given state. Any injury she was dealt was automatically rejuvenated, almost as if it had never before occurred. Furthermore, all previous markings, such as the Flying Thunder God Technique inscription on the meat of her left buttock disappeared, however, previous seals, such as the Strength of a Hundred Seal that were formed by choice were still visibly present, along with the additional sharingan on her left arm. Despite transcending beyond the limitations of the shinobi, Sayuri was unable to garner the eye prowess of her Mangekyō Sharingan. In this state, Sayuri was noted to have a chakra signature far more treacherous than the Ten-Tails itself. Likewise, she gained a multitude of new abilities, such as being able to mold chakra arms, and utilize the ultimate attack of the tailed beast, the Tailed Beast Ball.

Six Paths Sage Mode


Sayuri's Six Paths Sage Mode.

Following her defeat, the Ten-Tails was extracted from Sayuri. Many believed such a feat would have, without a doubt, brought an end to the woman's existence, though the presence of the newly formed Demonic Statue allowed more than just survival, however, she was momentarily paralyzed thereafter. Upon recovering, Sayuri's change of heart enabled her to play an instrumental role towards the climax of the war. During the war, however, Sayuri became the sole jinchūriki of Kurama, the tailed beast she had spent the better part of the last decade with. Over the span of ten years, the two learned to accept one another, despite the relationship they originally shared, as a result of the fox's capture at Sayuri's hands. Allowing Sayuri access to his chakra, Sayuri was able to gain enter the heightened state known as the Nine-Tails Chakra Mode, and by mixing the chakra of all nine tailed beasts that she had acquired earlier by becoming the jinchūuriki of the Ten-Tails, Sayuri was able to utilize the Six Paths Sage Technique, the customary technique of Naruto Uzumaki. After the completion of the war, Kurama remained within Sayuri by choice.

The enhanced form blesses Sayuri with a multitude of abilities, though she has noted that it is considerably weaker in comparison to her previous jinchūriki form where she directly played host to the Ten-Tails. In this state, Sayuri is able to again, utilize many features of the tailed beasts, such as their chakra arms, and gains the additional ability to fly. All her previous limitations are drastically stretched, with improvements to her strength, speed, reflexes and otherwise all five basic senses respectively. She also gains the ability to garner a massive chakra avatar of Kurama, which she can thereafter combine with her perfect stabilized Susanoo to reach new heights of power, which Kurama claims to be on par with the legendary Kaguya Ōtsutsuki, taking into consideration the factor of the chakra from each individual tailed beast, as well as the power granted to her by her Rinnegan.

Truth-Seeking Ball


Sayuri manifesting several Truth-Seeking Balls.

As the Ten Tails' jinchūriki, Sayuri is able to use Truth-Seeking Balls, ten black orbs comprised of all five elemental nature transformations, Yin–Yang Release, and the Six Paths Chakra. The balls become Sayuri's primary weapon, floating around her at all times. She can then use them in a variety of ways, such as for defensive purposes. At what usually appears to be the last moment, a ball will come to protect Sayuri from harm, not unlike Gaara's sand. The black chakra comprising each and everyone of these orbs is highly malleable, able to be shaped into various forms for different uses, such as high speed projectiles, protective barriers, explosives, and various weapons, including a shakujō reminiscent of the Sage of the Six Paths'. Similarly to Naruto, Sayuri can apply her own chakra to each of these orbs in a manner that functions similar to the rasengan; this trait is further amplified by the presence of the various kekkei genkais bestowed upon her by the nine tailed beasts chakra, allowing her to shape various rasengans of various kinds and elements.


Story Ninjutsu Taijutsu Genjutsu Intelligence Strength Speed Stamina Hand seals Total
5 5 3 3 4 5 3 5 30
5 5 4.5 5 4 5 4 5 37.5
5 5 4.5 5 3 5 4 5 36.5
New Era
5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 40


The following is an organized summary of several legitimate role-plays affiliated with the character "Sayuri Uchiha". They have been separated into four distinct categories to more thoroughly define her timeline and are measured in accordance to the Fourth Shinobi World War.

Sayuri Gaiden Saga

Akatsuki Saga


Sayuri makes her debut alongside Raido X.

Sayuri is first seen waking up from her beauty nap, after having been interrupted and forcefully awakened by the disruptions of Kurama. Stepping foot out of the bedroom, Sayuri discovers the apartment to be an utter mess, before ultimately destroying the bathroom with her tremendous strength, after realizing her partner, Raido X, had left the toilet seat up. She then later met up with Raido at their signature team meeting spot, comically punching him into the sky after his continuous remarks about her appearance. The two later discussed future plans, before looking over the top of the mountain and agreeing that a new era was beginning in the shinobi world.[60]

Sayuri later departed for Konoha, paying a timely visit to her hometown. There, she came across Sōkō Uchiha, a man she had been keeping an eye on for the last few years. The man's immortality combined with his sharingan had plagued her interest to a certain degree, resulting in a brief questioning session. Aggravated by Sōkō's take of money over the legacy of the Uchiha Clan, Sayuri successfully abducted the man, stealing his sharingan from both eye sockets, before ultimately sealing his body away within her own parallel universe. [61][62]

After acquiring the power of Sōkō's sharingan, Sayuri set out for Kumogakure, though much to her surprise, she came into contact with another Uchiha, by the name of Kimi Uchiha. Deceiving the young woman, who had used the mysterious powers of her Mangekyō Sharingan to arrive within the future, Sayuri shared some of her power with the girl, before moving forward, seemingly in some sort of rush.[63] Shortly afterwards, while further surveying the outskirts of Kumogakure, Sayuri was followed by the shinobi known as Ace Korimachi. The rather curious individual explained he was looking for her partner, Raido X. Seeing as though she had been in enemy territory all along, and the fact that Kumogakure had placed a hefty bounty against Raido, Sayuri took the courtesy of eliminating the wandering shinobi, mostly out of irritation over the latter's ignorance. Extracting the man's DNA, Sayuri crippled the body through the use of the Chakra Scalpel and stored it away within one of her dimension's several prisms.[64][65]


Sayuri resorts to Sage Mode against Sanka.

Returning home that evening, Sayuri was surprised to find her former subordinate, Akihiko Yamanaka awaiting her arrival, having prepared quite the feast in preparation.[66] Hours later, a warrant was instructed upon Sayuri, declaring her a traitor of Amegakure. Donning a mask, Sayuri took precaution, carefully preparing a trap which led to a confrontation against Higure's most powerful tag team, consisting of Tsuna Uchiha and Sanka Hyūga. Striking from the shadows, Sayuri was quite effortlessly able to take the life of her fellow Uchiha brethren, the latter unbeknownst of her strategy even in death. Tsuna's corpse was obliterated in a vicious explosion, though Sayuri was able to transport his head into her dimension. With one member of Higure out of the way, Sayuri prepared to deal with Sanka next. Utilizing Higure's signature technique in the Hiding in Mist Technique, the latter forced Sayuri to emerge from within the ground, only to witness the masked woman clear the mist using a set of metallic fans crafted from her Metroid Release. Standing beside her clone, Sayuri unleashed a volley of flaming shuriken his way, only for that particular body to poof away, revealing it to be a shadow clone. Taking precaution, Sayuri was quick to take to desperate measures, extending her intangibility for a final use. To her luck, the Hyūga had planned to deal a crucial blow from behind, only for it to be intercepted by her clone, before pulling the trigger with a hand seal, resulting in a large explosion that transformed the better part of the forest into a barren wasteland. As the dust and smoke cleared slowly, a heavily wounded Sanka Hyūga lay beaten, with over half his bones shattered throughout his body. Showing no mercy, Sayuri looked to finish off the dying man with a combination of a senjutsu empowered Susanoo, skydiving at full speed towards where the Hyūga lied to splatter him. In a final attempt to prolong the battle, Sanka released several chakra darts from his tenketsu, whilst utilizing chakra arms inside his body to rearrange his fractured bones. However, the darts were easily fended off by an otherwise invisible force and Sayuri continued to charge forth with great power.[67][68][69][70][71]

Excursion Saga

New Beginning Saga

Other Appearances

Sayuri made an appearance in the President's Day spoof, Hokage's Day.[72]


Sannoto Senju

Main article: Sannoto Senju

For the preliminary stages of her infancy, Sayuri was raised singlehandedly by her father, Sannoto Senju, due to the passing of her mother, Yami Uchiha, who had suffered a maternal death as a result of giving birth to such an enormous child. (Sayuri had inherited her father's stature, a man who is heralded for his gruesome size, standing over seven feet tall) Early on, Sayuri was incredibly dependent on her father, often clinging to his leg affectionately and never once leaving his side. This rendered the the little girl perhaps more prepared for battle than she should have been, even by shinobi standards. Sayuri had all the confidence in the world when she was beside her father, and enjoyed perching on his large shoulders as opposed to walking around by herself. Despite her adolescence, the man expressed his desire for bringing upon a change to the shinobi world to his daughter, believing her to have been able to properly conceive it. Sayuri would later adopt aspects of his dream and take it upon herself to fulfill them in the future.

Sayuri's relationship with her father came to pieces following the latter's defection from the hidden leaf. Sannoto, who had been presented with a secretive mission by his mother, Tsunade, was to carefully denote the whereabouts of the Akatsuki, and thereby abandon his own daughter, as such a task deemed far too dangerous for her. Unable to harvest the proper emotions, Sannoto was forced to knock Sayuri unconscious in order to stop her from following him. Such an event allowed Sayuri to awaken the Sharingan shortly after waking up and realizing he had elected to leave her, finally realizing the presence of the Uchiha within her DNA. Sayuri would thereafter be raised by her grandmother, Tsunade, the same person who had assigned Sannoto to leave the village. However, Sayuri still clung to the hope of Sannoto's return and believed he would one day come to take her with him.

Tsunade prohibited herself from revealing the true nature of Sannoto's departure, mostly to avoid Sayuri from defecting on her own to look for him. Sayuri dazzled as a genius under Tsunade's tutelage and devoted her efforts for the sake of earning worldwide recognition, in the hopes that, wherever Sannoto may have been, he would hear of her success. However, this only enabled the now sensually attractive teenager to pinpoint her whereabouts to the many enemies Sannoto had defeated during his journey. To extract their revenge on Sannoto, his enemies viciously raped his daughter. Though she may have been able to defeat these enemies without much effort, succumbing to the abuse was Sayuri's way of protecting her father's pride, as by defeating them, she would have only been adding to their frustration, which would have led them to follow a path of evil; a direct contradiction of her father's dream of a peaceful world.

The hope from earlier which she had so desperately clung to was shattered during one of Sayuri's ANBU missions. During this mission, which had brought the kunoichi to a forest near Iwagakure, Sayuri caught a glimpse of her father coincidently. However, before she could have moved to meet him —willing to forgo even the success of the mission— he was greeted by members of his new family, most especially a new lover and a new child. Such a sight invoked Sayuri's inner hatred and proved to her that he no longer cared for her, seeing as though he had coincidently found himself a replacement. Sayuri returned to the village and vowed to never trust another soul, with her love for her father turning to a bitter hatred.

Years following the conclusion of the Fifth Shinobi World War, Sayuri found the resolve to forgive her father and purify her own heart. The two are now on quite fair terms with one another, enough to function together as teammates and display impressive feats of collaborative techniques against two shinobi deities. Sannoto also attended Sayuri's wedding and she now relies on his efforts heavily as the newly inducted Hokage, though she is careful to protect the freedom he has with his own family, and never send him out of the village for that purpose.


Main article: Kurama (Daz)


Sayuri capturing Kurama

Kurama, the nine-tailed demon fox, was captured by Sayuri following the death of the great Naruto Uzumaki. Through the use of her accursed Dōjutsu Kekkei Genkai, the sharingan, Sayuri was able to effortlessly subdue the beast and tame it within the solitude of her parallel universe. Throughout the duration of Fanon Canon Rebirth, Kurama spoke to Sayuri through the telepathic connection between her dimension and chakra in an attempt to interrupt her thought process and hopefully instigate her defeat, so that she would not have been able to utilize his own raw power to cause harm to the world. Despite their differences, the two were able to come to consensus on multiple occasions, though Kurama never once agreed with Sayuri's morales willingly. To torment the tailed-beast, Sayuri would take naps for extended periods of time within the fox's fur, knowing he could not have done anything to counter against it, seeing as though he had been constricted by large cuffs and chains crafted by the woman herself through the use of her Metroid Release.

At some point, Kurama used his Negative Emotions Sensing technique to better understand Sayuri. He then claimed her chakra and resolve to be the most treacherous he had ever felt, even in comparison to Madara Uchiha. Similarly to how Naruto had commended Kurama for his hatred in the past, Kurama worked to purify Sayuri through the same verbal process. At first, Sayuri simply shrugged off his attempts, often laughing and mocking his efforts. However, in time, she soon came to realize them, though resented them as signs of weakness, in rebuttal, stating that shinobi were "not supposed to have feelings". Throughout her reign atop Akatsuki, Sayuri utilized Kurama to destroy several villages. She would also later seal the beast into her self constructed metallic shinju container, before sealing it inside of herself to become the jinchūriki of the metallic Ten-Tails.


Sayuri and Kurama

Upon her defeat at the hand of her father's forces, Kurama, along with the other tailed-beasts, was extracted from Sayuri. Unlike in previous instances, where the life-force of the Ten-Tails' husk had been enough to secure the life of the host, Sayuri was not granted the same benefit, as she herself had crafted a metallic container as a substitution of the husk that had been sealed elsewhere by Naruto Uzumaki and Sasuke Uchiha. Kurama, realizing his words had finally reached Sayuri, took to quick maneuvers, allowing the Uchiha woman to become his jinchūriki on his own accord, in an effort to save and prolong her life. This event was a testament of their bond, and marked the beginning a new adventure. Sayuri thereafter disappeared from the world, becoming Kurama's "disciple" and taking the form of a child. Kurama was responsible for Sayuri's compassionate alteration in personality and faith.

Years removed from the events of the war, Sayuri and Kurama have become avid teammates, relying on one another during battles. Kurama now spends most of his time sleeping inside Sayuri, and she is careful to never wake him unless it is extremely necessary. His efforts to save Sayuri were somewhat ironic, seeing as though he had been in her shoes sometime in the past. Kurama's resolve to protect Sayuri can better be translated to his understanding of hatred; he is more than familiar with her level of resentment, and considering he had been given the same principles to undergo a change of heart by Naruto, he too offered Sayuri the same, almost in a way to return Naruto's favor, despite him never having an immediate or noticeable relationship with Sayuri.

Raido X

Main article: Raido X


Sayuri and Raido X

Sayuri first met Raido while on a mission, mistaking him for an enemy. She confronted him in a short battle, before believing to have killed him in a bamboo forest fire. Much to her surprise, the two were reacquainted at the Naka Shrine, where after a fierce battle, Sayuri accepted defeat. The two became friends thereafter, and met with one another to discuss future movement. At the dawn of Fanon Canon Rebirth, however, the two are seen living with one another in an abandoned building complex in Amegakure. The bond the two shared ran to the extent of a married couple, though the two themselves considered it no more than a friendship. Together as a tag-team, they became revered as the Warring Demons. The two became arguably the world's most wanted mercenaries following their defection from Amegakure, where heft bounties were placed for both their heads. The two also worked together to bring upon the destruction of Kumogakure. Following Sayuri's massacre of Higure's most renown duo, the two spoke of relocating to another hideout.

Akihiko Yamanaka

Main article: Yamanaka Akihiko

During her time serving as Konohagakure's ANBU commander, Sayuri was requested to take Akihiko under her wing. The boy had exhibited an array of skills the likes of the village had quite never seen before, and Sayuri was ordered by the Hokage to help him fulfill his potential. They were first introduced to one another during Akihiko's tour of the ANBU facilities. Upon entering the locker room, Akihiko ran into an unclothed Sayuri, who had only come out from the showers moments earlier. The two were more formerly acquainted hours later, when Akihiko was tardy while Sayuri was taking attendance of all present ANBU members on the roster. The boy tested her patience with his shrewd jokes, causing Sayuri to plunge a crater into the ground with only her left heel. However, through experience as teammates, the two eventually became formidable allies. Many years later, their bond proved able enough to result in an inappropriate affair.[73]

Kakashi Hatake

Main article: Kakashi Hatake (Sayuri)

Might Guy

Main article: Might Guy



The cover of Sayuri Hiden: Beauty and Beyond.

Sayuri Hiden: Beauty and Beyond (小百合秘伝書美貌筆舌に尽くし難, Sayuri Hiden — Reijin no Kanata) is an original story written and illustrated by User:DazzlingEmerald, based on the series Naruto created by Masashi Kishimoto. It was the first book within the Sayuri Hiden series to be released.

A crossbreed between the Uchiha and Senju, it would not have been a stretch for one to assume that Sayuri's life was destined for greatness. However, she lost both her parents at a very young age, and was resented by the world at large for her Uchiha lineage. Her incredible sexual appeal allowed for her to become romantically involved with a high ranking ANBU officer, and just when the busty kunoichi thought she finally had things under control, another series of dramatic events occurred, pitting her into yet another corner.

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The cover of Sayuri Gaiden.

Sayuri Gaiden (小百合外伝, Sayuri Gaiden; Literally meaning: Sayuri Side Story) is an original ongoing story written and illustrated by User:DazzlingEmerald, based on the series Naruto created by Masashi Kishimoto.

A large breasted teenager of Uchiha lineage has become the captain commander of Konohagakure's ANBU forces. Utilizing her irresistible sexual appeal, she specializes in undercover assassinations, showcasing the depths of what it truly means to be a full fledged kunoichi.

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Video Games

Game Name Japanese Release English Release
Naruto Shippūden: World's Strongest
6 September 2014
6 September 2014
Naruto Shippuden: Final Bout
5 September 2015
5 September 2015

Trading Card Game

Behind the Scenes


An example of Fan service, as seen through Sayuri.

Sayuri is widely considered a sex symbol on the Naruto Fanon Wiki, one of the most common types of Fan Service (ファンサービス, fan sābisu) present within shounen manga (少年漫画, shōnen manga) —a style of manga most especially targeting an all male audience. As such, there exists a fair amount of textual evidence of Sayuri the can be described as sexual in nature; such as is her representation over the reality of a kunoichi, which actually translates to "ten holes", a reference to women having one more hole than men. In ancient times, Kunoichi were meant to sleep with their enemies and try to bring out their secrets so as to control them by obsessing them with sex.[74] As such, Sayuri can more thoroughly be defined as a classical kunoichi who specializes in Irokejutsu.

It is a popular running gag amongst the users of the site to expose Sayuri of one of her more bizarre hobbies: "eye collecting". With the abundant supply of characters possessing Dōjutsu on Naruto Fanon, Sayuri became infamous for stealing the eyes of others, which led to her out of character moniker as the Eye Collector (アイコレクタ, Aikorekuta). A testament to this was the fact that she had managed to steal the eyes of an Uchiha clansmen the day of the release of the Fanon Canon Rebirth project.[75] A popular example of this gag is the now non-existent role-play, Against His Will, which combined both well known traits of Sayuri —in her lust and desire to collect eyes— to steal the eyes of a married man by the name of Aoi Uchiha.[76]



Sayuri as she would appear within the Springtime of Youth. This is also used as Sayuri's emoticon.

  • "Sayuri" is Japanese for "lily" (小百合).
  • Interestingly enough, Sayuri's moniker as the "Beauty of the Hidden Leaf" is actually derived from Emerald's very first character, Kuresento Kappukēki.
  • Sayuri was the subject of fimfiction's very first "Mary Sues From Naruto Fanon" blog series.[77]
    • Furthermore, her influence has expanded to various other roleplaying communities, with several authors creating similar adaptations of the character.[78]
  • Sayuri is featured on the cover of the fan made video game Naruto Shippuden: World's Strongest.[79]
  • All images on this page were drawn by the author, User:DazzlingEmerald.
  • Sayuri was the very first Uchiha character in Rebirth.[81]
  • Sayuri was also the first character with the Sharingan and Mangekyō Sharingan in Rebirth.[82]
  • Sayuri has a known weakness to the Gentle Groping Technique.
  • Sayuri's Mangekyō Sharingan and Eternal Mangekyō Sharingan were designed by User:Doom149.
  • Sayuri was created on July 9, 2014‎.[83]
  • Two versions of this character exist, with the previous version having been used in the earlier Fanon Canon.
  • While the initial prerogative of Sayuri was to have been the Hokage, Emerald later settled for a more villainous role, which later led to Sayuri becoming the major antagonist of the Fanon Canon Rebirth story-line.
    • Though Sayuri eventually became regarded as the Hokage, Emerald again eventually abandoned the title, settling with pairing her with Kakashi Hatake instead.
  • While earlier representations of Sayuri's sharingan with Sage Mode active corresponded to a golden colored sharingan as opposed to its ordinary crimson shading, more modern illustrations display an orange sharingan; this is most likely due to orange being the combination of red and yellow. Likewise, the appearance of the eye retains the sharingan's three tomoe —assuming the Mangekyō is not activated— and the additional horizontal design unique to the toads can be seen overlapping the design.
  • On chat, users can access the Sayuri emoticon by registering the coding (Sayuri). Sayuri was the first character to have her own emoticon.
  • According to the databook(s):
    • Sayuri enjoys men at sea, or "sea men".
    • Sayuri's hobby is spending time with Samehada and cannot otherwise be explicitly stated.
    • Sayuri wishes to fight Kei Yotsuki, Shenron Uzumaki and Densetsu Uchiha.
    • Sayuri's favorite food is Kitsune Soba.
    • Sayuri has completed 1,011 official missions in total: 203 D-rank, 186 C-rank, 397 B-rank, 178 A-rank, 47 S-rank.
    • Sayuri's most used phrase is "Ohh..!" (哀号, Aigou).


  • (To Sannoto) "How ironic.... I spent my entire life chasing after you, yet now here you are, chasing after me. I've never abandoned your dreams of eternal peace, father... only enhanced them. You've shown me better than anyone that humanity will fail to make any real progress on it's own... it is for that reason I stand before you here at this very instant. A world where all of humanity is happy no matter what... a world where dreams come true... a world where man can do no evil! I will create such a world!"
  • (To Sōkō) "To settle for money over your own clan... whether it be a momentary tenure or not... Your loyalty to the clan has already been expressed. Now... fall like the rest."[84]
  • (To Chieko) "Which one will it be, hero? Transport this meteor here now, and I will strike you down in an instant. Save yourself, and say goodbye to your people..!"[86]
  • (To Ace Korimachi) "A man who sought our blood... why I have chosen to spare your life is beyond me. Consider yourself worthy to enter paradise for the time being. Until then, good riddance."[87]
  • (To Ryun Uchiha) "It seems I'm more than just qualified to fight fire with fire... Is this truly all the legendary Ryun Uchiha is capable of? Well now, I must admit I'm thoroughly disappointed.. much like your face, those flames weren't very hot at all."[88]
  • (To Shigemi Hatake) "What the hell were you just doing? I have absolutely no idea where you inherited all of these lustful ideas of yours, but you've crossed the line!" [90]

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