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Scroll of Death
Snake Scroll 2
Kanji 死の書
Rōmaji Shi no sho
Literal English Book of Death
English anime Book of Secrets
Appears in Anime, Manga, Game, Movie

The Scroll of Death (死の書,Shi no Sho) is a massive black scroll which equals average human size. Using his Earth Release: Ultralight-Weight Rock Technique technique, The Scroll of Death weighs next to nothing. The Scroll of Death is completely black on it's outside, while remaining red on it's tips. Once open, the scroll holds a century of jutsu and information. Koshiro often tells his questioners that his scroll is key to all of his study. The scroll holds many different purposes. However, it's greatest use is that it links Koshiro to all of his laboratories, which easily ranges into hundreds across multiple lands. In each of his labs are thousands of test subjects awaiting summoning. He can also send future experiments to his lab through it. Koshiro's scroll of death also holds his knowledge of his strongest resurrection Jutsu, including Edo Tensai. Koshiro uses his Scroll of Death linking ability to summon his Corpses when he wishes to bring them back to life in massive numbers, creating an army of undead followers.

This Scroll holds secrets between life and death long forgotten by many. Secrets stolen and gifted from clans. And so, he protects his most precious item through a special Fuinjutsu which will steal ones soul if not done correctly.