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"Peace is not absence of conflict, it is the ability to handle conflict by peaceful means."
— Seigetsu to the five Daimyō.

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Seigetsu Sōzōshin Uchiha (うちは 創作の神様 聖月, Uchiha Sōzōshin Seigetsu) formerly referred to as Sigma Uchiha (うちはΣ, Uchiha Sigma) is a shinobi born and somewhat raised in Yamagakure's, Uchiha Clan as one of the village's most profound shinobi. Son to Sannoto Senju and Amaya Uchiha, he is from noble blood. Yet father to five children; three girls and two boys. Izuru Uchiha, the eldest. Tsuyuri Uchiha, the second eldest. Ninigi Uchiha, the middle child. Ryoutai Uchiha, then Sakuya Iro as the youngest. He is the current jinchūriki of the Shinusagi, an extremely powerful being created by Sannoto Senju as a result of combining the power of all nine beasts. Since a young age, Seigetsu spouted his dream of becoming the Yamakage like none before him. Later after graduating the academy he became an active member of Team Daiki, where he was able to build a family with its members alongside the solemn swear to protect all of the members. He is recognized throughout the shinobi world as the Light Bringer (コウセイ, Kōsei) a title given to him by his way of peace.[1] Spying on women with his crimson-eye, which eared him the moniker; Perverted Copy Wheel Eye of Justice (正大のエロ写輪眼, Seidai Ero-Sharingan) a moniker which was branched from his father's. He was once hailed throughout the entire world as a "God of the Shinobi World" (忍び世の神, Shinobiyo no Kami).

His dream of becoming Yamakage hindered, after moving to Konohagakure where his mother moved in with his father. It was then that his dream transpired to being the Hokage. Following his move, Seigetsu joined the Shinsengumi as a captain of one of it's many divisions. Around this time he and a few other collective shinobi were hailed as the Generation of Miracles, pulling off something even a kage couldn't. After Naruto Uzumaki — the Sixth Hokage — stepped down from office wanting to spend more time with his family, Seigetsu took the reigns after being suggested by his mother and father. The elders also agreed, thus Seigetsu became the Eighth Hokage (八代目火影, Hachidaime Hokage, Literally meaning: "Eighth Fire Shadow").[2] A master of the village's Flying Thunder God Technique, Seigetsu's usage has gotten him acknowledged as the fastest shinobi in history. As a safety precaution, to avoid the technique falling into the wrong hands, Seigetsu has hidden it. This gave birth to a new moniker, that some say reach the heavens of Konoha's Lightning Flash (木ノ葉の雷閃, Konoha no Raisen, Literally meaning: "Lightning Flash of the Leaf").

After reigning as Hokage for a decade, Seigetsu retired went on a journey hopping to become one with himself yet again. However while on his quest to do so he ran into a child, deprived of both home and family. The child did not know his name, therefore giving Seigetsu the right to name him Ryuichi Sengoku. It was then the idea to create a home and facility for those stray kids to call home and develop into fine shinobi was formed. This facility would go on to be known as the Sengoku Dojo, in honor to Ryuichi's life sprouting this idea. Within this dojo he was referred to as the Head Grandmaster (長大師範, Chō Daishihan). After years of training Ryuichi to make him the most perfect student, Seigetsu was betrayed by that same boy. Seigetsu spent years chasing down Ryuichi, and finally after twelve years was able to defeat him. After these events Seigetsu felt he failed as a master and father. His bonds with his family were extremely loose, and he fell into a state of depression. Seigetsu disappeared from the world without a trace, and has been gone for over ten years.


"People go on and on, about the good or bad lives they lived. What does it really matter, hm? In the end, you'll die. You'll die that person that made it through the struggle, or the person who had it all until the very end."
— Seigetsu to others.

Early Life

Sigma meets Hanae

Seigetsu is shown to Hanae by his mother.

Born into the Uchiha clan of Yamagakure, Seigetsu's comes from the most noble blood there is. His father Sannoto Senju, a man stated to be the one of the best in his generation also the grandson of the famous Hashirama Senju. His mother, Ayame Uchiha granddaughter of Madara Uchiha. These two bloods mixed together gave birth to a child with astounding capabilities, which allowed Seigetsu to draw a lot of attention from the people of Yamagakure, telling his parents that he'd be walking before he'd crawl. Displaying explicit skills at such a young age, he would be meeting all if the villagers' expectations. This was filled through the happiness of his family, he was able to keep pushing forward. However, not too long later, Seigetsu's father Sannoto would later take a brief departure from his life, he'd be left in the world to only seek out the protection of his mother.
Sigma Stone

Seigetsu as he sees the stone.

With often leaves from the village, a Seigetsu found himself exploring deeper than usual. And over time, found himself traveling over to a completely torn land. Upon arriving, he took note of his surroundings, further exploring the area, where he then came in contact with a stone pole. The pole bore a symbol, with the striking resemblance of a Uzumaki Clansmen that lived within Yama. Not to interested in that, Seigetsu continued on, into the depths of the ruined area, when he came across a wall, with ancient inscriptions written into it. Activating his Sharingan, Seigetsu attempted to read the inscriptions, but found it no where easier. Scanning through, he could see an extremely small box, with four arrows pointing at it. The box was just barely the same size as his hand, and with curiosity, Seigetsu placed his hand onto it. In that same instance, the box area pushed in, and then fell downward. Looking through the whole, there sat a small orb, glowing its colors were bright. If you listened extremely close, you could hear nine different voices. Reaching deeper in, Seigetsu grasped the orb, holing it, then suddenly the light traveled along his arm, stopping at his chest – heart area – then branching of stopping at his stomach like area. The light swirled at his stomach, forming what appeared to be the crest that he'd just saw on the pole from earlier.

Filled with utter fear, Seigetsu rushed to his boat returning home. Running through the village, he destination was focused on his house and his house only. Bursting through the front doors of his home, he found him mother where he ran into her arms. Asking what happened, Seigetsu's body yet again lit up. Ayame instantly sensed something very familiar. A sensation she hadn't felt in over three decades. Explaining the situation to Ayame, she concluded that whatever the orb was, it contained the chakra of the Tailed Beast. Talking the situation over with Sannoto, the measures that should be taken were unknown. Going to sleep that same night, Seigetsu had nightmares which contained the voices that he had heard while on the island. Fearing for Seigetsu's safety, Ayame developed a seal, which locked away anything that was different from Seigetsu's original chakra signature.

Seigetsu then introduced his rivalry with his older cousin Tsuna Uchiha; a cousin that he'd been growing up with since he was three years old. Tsuna, a master of the Fire Release was challenged by his younger cousin Seigetsu, as a means to prove a point. This fight ended in a tie, leaving Seigetsu disappointed in himself. Tsuna acknowledged the Seigetsu was quite the opponent to be only five years old, while Tsuna was seven. This battle drew the attention of the villagers once again, confirming that they would be able to expect big things from him.

After graduating the academy at the age of six, Seigetsu was assigned to a three man genin squad with his cousin Tsuna, and a third member, Honey Senju. Whilst having Daiki Mazuka as their jōnin sensei. Seigetsu also showed great skill in bukijutsu – a feature adopted from his father – welding a gunbai with ease while just being within the academy, then almost mastering it during the days as a genin. His would be able to overpower any of the other members in his graduating class, but Seigetsu was told that there was another boy within Konohagakure, who'd also shown prowess equivalent to Seigetsu. Angry to compared to a Konoha-nin who didn't even come from the same blood as him. He then mourned for the day he would cross paths with him.

Months after the encounter with his cousin, while in a deep slumber, Seigetsu woke up, his head in excruciating pain. In his head, he could head nine voices, but still couldn't differentiate them. Yet, he'd heard them once before. Suddenly, Seigetsu found himself within his subconscious. The area around was clear, but as he looked to the ground, there sat a small orb – stone. Seigetsu slowly approached the stone, and the closer he got, the brighter it light, until suddenly, it cracked. Chakra was exerted from the small crack, and took a stand in nine different locations. Then finally forming into different entities of such.

Curse of Absence

Prior to joining the academy, back when his mother and father first gave him his gunbai. Seigetsu recklessly played around the house each and everyday. At times, he'd hit his parents and run around the house trying to avoid them. His parents had placed a seal on him when he was younger to keep his chakra in tact. Preventing it from spazzing and becoming uncontrollable, granted his gargantuan reserves of chakra[3] even by Senju or Uchiha standards. However, on a specific day his life would make a turn.

Up to his usual shenanigans, Seigetsu yet again found himself running from his mother and father throughout the house. His mother was hot on his trail, and as Seigetsu looked back, he saw as she got closer. Dipping off into a room, known as the guest bedroom of their house, he managed to evade her. Running out an entirely different way, he had found himself with some breathing space. Despite being so young, Seigetus was quite the tactician. Even though his parents were just playing with him. As he exited the room through the otherwise he met the wrath of his father. Upon making a cut into the hallway, his father gave Seigetsu a loud roar. One at which he never heard before, scaring him greatly, forcing an exertion of Seigetsu's chakra completely breaking the seal. Dropping to the ground, as he hands touched the soft carpet, made by the wool of a sheep, the carpet turned into wood.

Holding his hands up, he could feel the surges of chakra. Running into the bathroom, unaware of what had been going on, Seigetsu reached for the sink turning on the water, but in the process the nobs turned into wood as well. Sannoto was right there, he witnessed the entire thing, and without a doubt he'd seen it somewhere once before. It was much like when he was cursed as well.

Team Daiki

With his genin team, they completed a numerous amount of missions. Each member helping out where they would be needed, yet, Seigetsu would stand out more than the others. With this, his teammate Honey Senju, seemed to have grown a deep like for Seigetsu. On different occasions, she'd try to express her feelings to Seigetsu, yet he'd always be called to do something else.

At some point, the team was given a A-ranked mission, which the team were assigned to return a very worthy item to Kumogakure. A opposing party knew of this, and set out to obtain the tool for themselves. As Team Daiki went on their way, the were stopped by a group of men, telling them to hand over the tool, and they could walk away alive. Denying the offer, team Daiki found themselves engaged in battle with the men. One of the men took on Daiki alone, fighting him toe to toe, and somehow teleported the two of them away. The three remaining members of team Daiki faced off against the four members of what appeared to be the Land of Demons. Seigetsu took on two of the members, while Tsuna and Honey managed their own against one. At some point in time, Seigetsu managed to kill one of his opponents, through the sheer force of his bukijutsu.

Crippling his second opponent, Seigetsu quickly turned to help Honey, who'd been running out of chakra. However, was caught off guard, allowing them to be countered. Pushing them up against Tsuna who'd also been having a hard time. Now back to back the group had no where to run, Daiki occupied with a battle of his own, they were don't for. Or so it seemed. This changed when Tsuna stated: "I never thought I'd have to resort to this again. At least not so early." Seigetsu and Honey looked at him, and when he reopened his eyes, they'd taken a new form. In the next instance, the three opponents would have fallen prey to a genjutsu, knocking them all out. As well as knocking Tsuna out. Daiki would then appear, coming to his team's side, aiding them. During the entire trip back home, Seigetsu has a type of smug towards Tsuna, yet no one was able to figure out why. From here the Seigetsu made one solemn vow, and it would be to surpass Tsuna by all means.

Washing a Curse

Team Daiki preformed countless missions together, being famed for their outstanding results of each mission. It was the rarest sight ever, where genin squad could complete one B-rank mission, as well as two C-rank missions, all in one day. The group quickly became renowned as the Legendary Quad. Each member of the genin squad, on different occasions, where asked to participate with higher ups of the village on separate missions.

A powerful team like this one deserved a much greater task. Much like the other task, these would be cleared easily as well, until one day. Team Daiki were assigned a mission to retrieve one of Yama's most sacred tools from Takigakure. A tool capable of completely destroying the Land of Mountains. After gaining the needed details, the team dispatched, and headed towards Takigakure.

After the long journey they finally reached Takigakure, however upon their appearance they weren't warm welcomed. The instance they stepped within Taki's borders, they were attacked yet Daiki was able to protect them. The attacker surprised that Daiki easily deflected his attack, was surprised stabbed by Tsuna, flopping down to the ground. Laying face down in a puddle of his own blood. Attempting to continue on, the four man team found themselves corner by a swarm of Taki-nin. With ease, Daiki took down a portion of them, and Seigetsu and Tsuna and what they could to protect Honey.

It seemed the enemy continued to multiply, and as Daiki jumped to protect Tsuna, was completely robbed of his chakra. While Daiki was nearly out of chakra, he fell down to the ground, while Tsuna on the other hand was wounded and low on chakra. Honey was basically left to be defended by Seigetsu. There were still seven of the enemy left, and only Seigetsu and Honey stood.

Two of the men lunged forward, while Seigetsu was left out of options. In that moment he snapped, he lashed out and his hands began to sparkle and light up. Jumping up to meet the two enemy, Seigetsu punched at both of them, and they both blocked his fist. Falling to the ground, the two made a thump sound, and as Honey looked closer, the men were turned into wood constructs. What was this power?

It seemed that question wasn't the priority, Seigetsu instead jumped forward to reach for the other men. One seemed to have slipped under the radar, sneaking behind Seigetsu and grabbed Honey. Taking care of the four men like he did the other two, Seigetsu turned to attend to Honey. With his mind focused solely on saving Honey, it was his only intention. Nothing more, nothing less. His mind was lost, and as he tried to reach for the man, accidentally touched Honey, and she slowly turned into a wooden construction. The man jumped back, and Seigetsu now held Homey in his hands.

His eyes filled with tears, he looked at Honey, then Tsuna, then Daiki. "I'm sorry, Daiki-sensei!" Seigetsu cried out. Was this the curse from before? It didn't matter, Seigetsu knew not having control over an ability wasn't the shinobi way. It wasn't how a Yamakage would be. He cried louder, and upon that instance his body became engulfed by an aura. "Dance of the Oak Tree" with this quote the man found himself stabbed.

Konohagakure's New Resident

After the death of Tsuna Uchiha, Seigetsu and his mother moved to Konohagakure with his father. Seigetsu would move there as a foreign exchange student. Even though he wasn't initially from Konoha, the people there treated him as if he were. Through his veins coursed the blood of the most renowned shinobi of the village, as well at the two creators of the village. Officials of the village had high expectations from the boy, those at which he lived up to. Seigetsu quickly climbed the ranks from chūnin to jōnin within just one short year. He met with the Seventh Hokage during this time, and the two would not only become great friends as well as siblings of no blood, but also become partners to each other.

Shortly after being ranked as a jōnin, Seigetsu received a letter from his mother that was signed by her as well as the other four Daimyō. The letter read that he was recruited to join the Shinsengumi, as a captain of one of it's many divisions. It also state that the role of the Shinsengumi was to protect not just the village, but the shinobi world as an entirety. Seigetsu's squad was tasked with protecting the smaller nations from threats, which they did flawlessly.

Student and Teacher

Seig Short Hair

Seigetsu as he awakens his Rinnegan for the first time.

After the conclusion of the Fourth Shinobi War, Yamagakure and it's lands found themselves in their second civil war. During this time Yama adopted various different elders or for this case "masters" to teach and guide the younger shinobi down the right path. These masters were supposed to teach their students of peace. 'Amongst these elders, was the one known as Sarutobi Yamamoto, or from what Seigetsu referred to him was "Old Man Yama". But Seigetsu's master's ideals were far more treacherous than Seigetsu might have bargained for. Old Man Yama was a follower of Satsujinken (the fist/blade that takes life; in other words, the "murder fist/blade"), as opposed to the Katsujinken (the fist/blade that gives life; the "protecting fist/blade"), and plans to show Seigetsu that the truth of finding inner peace comes from devoting one's self to the act of destruction. By throwing away morality and ideals, and devoting one's self completely to kill or be killed, one can find a peace within themselves. This is attributed to the idea that "when a man's will is set, his vision encompasses all things, and the tranquillity of his heart is undisturbed."

And little by little, Seigetsu, out of desperation for peace, slowly begins to believe that this is the right way. He follows his master's Satsujinken and little by little, becomes a fifteen-year-old child murderer. But it isn't so clear-cut. Deep down, there is a conflict within him that is being weakened each day by his murders. It isn't until something completely tragic happens, that Seigetsu finally snaps out of his descent into the Path of Asura.

At this village, where he and his master have decided to engage the people here in order to acquire food, Seigetsu is confronted at a household by a father and mother attempting to protect their child. Their five year old child. Seigetsu kills the both of them, and goes to ransack the hut for supplies, when the young child fetches one of his father's weapons and tries to kill Seigetsu from behind. Of course, Seigetsu, still in killing mode, strikes the boy down without remorse. It is only after he accomplishes the act that he realizes two things. One, that the boy he murdered was a young child. An innocent child who shouldn't have ever seen the crimes of war. But Seigetsu would not have noticed at the start because he was devoting himself to kill or be killed and simply did not discriminate between child and adult. The second, was that the mother was actually pregnant. In the bloody mess of the parents and child he slain, the stomach ripped apart by Seigetsu's attack, he sees the small shapen arm of an unborn child. An unborn child, not even given the right to be born, let alone be allowed to live, killed by Seigetsu simply for the sake of killing.

And the fifteen year old Uchiha finally snaps. He confronts his teacher, who taught him to kill without discrimination and questions the entire purpose behind Satsujinken. The master then shocks him by simply stating that Satsujinken "has no point." There is no higher purpose nor a higher meaning to all this. It's about survival. The strong live and the weak die. The weak are food for the strong. Seigetsu can't accept this answer. The bottled up conflict that had been raging within him finally bursts and he attacks his master. But his master, both older and more experienced, bests each and every one of Seigetsu's attempted assaults. But Seigetsu fights through. He can't allow this to happen. If he doesn't stop this Satsujinken now, more innocents will die for nothing. A damaged mess of muscle and blood spewing from his open wounds, Seigetsu keeps attacking, but is finally struck down. He screams out and begs for someone to help. Anybody. Seigetsu's will is set. He is no longer at war with him. He has chosen the Katsujinken. And just as the master prepares to make a final blow to kill him and continue the cycle of Satsujinken, Seigetsu's eyes glow bright and reveal the Rinnegan, blasting apart the master with Shinra Tensei.


Winged Mirages Arc


"People can disguise themselves as anything. "Evil" or "Good", "Friend" or "Foe". A personality can be written yet, within the split second that it is, can be instantly changed. We do things to fit the role that needs to be played. Our life itself is a mission, and it seems people forget that. It's ludachris, yet we sit back, and look blind to the fact. Just completely pathetic."
— Seigetsu at Sasuke's grave site.

In his youth, Seigetsu was shown to be quite reserved, and he always wanted to get his point across. This was greatly shown throughout his battles with his elder cousin, Tsuna Uchiha, at which he endlessly wanted to prove to him that he was on equal grounds. This was more of a side to his arrogance, but it seems it was only shown towards Tsuna, one who'd respected Seigetsu as a rival. At a young age, he, much like his own mother and father, wanted to preach and spread peace onto the world. He thought that every man was equal, and no other was superior to the other. This would be the main reason behind why he wanted to show Tsuna he'd reached the same level that he did. However for each one way we as humans act, we also have another.

While Seigetsu is known to be reserved and arrogant. Much like his father, he can be labelled as "childish". This display was greatly shown in when he first met[4] Metsumi Hanabara, showed up with more energy than ever. Instead of blankly stopping a steak thrown at him, he instead reversed it, and shouted it would take more than that. This is usually not overlooked, seeing as to how Seigetsu is indeed only sixteen years old. Ayame, his mother, stated that his level of childishness would never end. Even if he were to become the Yamakage, a never ending dream of his. On occasions around age of twelve, he pulled one of his most childish and regretful pranks ever. He wrote a letter the the uppers in the Land of Mountains, directly stating "We of the Land of Moons will wage war if we do not receive a portion of your land. We must hear your decision by tomorrow." However the note was said to be sent the day before, meaning they were preparing for their attack that day the Land of Mountains received the letter. The land readied their forces, and were about to set out. Ayame at the time, who'd been a peace officer for Yamagakure was given permission to read the note, and noticed that the hand writing belonged to Seigetsu, returned home and scolded him.

Again, from his father after being born with his parallel childish ways, is also quite the pervert. His first display would be shown towards his teammate Honey Senju many times attempting to grab ahold of her breast. On numerous occasion's, he would be found snooping around the bathing area of the kunoichi. Using his Sharingan to get a better view of what was going on, Honey came up with the moniker, Perverted Copy Wheel Eye of Justice (正大のエロ写輪眼, Seidai Ero-Sharingan), referring to his perverted ways when using his Sharingan in conjunction. Even though a pervert, he stated to have a more direct liking towards older women. When asked why, he would answer that young women are dumb, while older women are aware and have "experience". His perversion led his mother to tell him that he would never get a woman acting the way he acts. Seigetsu however doesn't believe this seeing how his father, a master pervert, got and married her.

The Perverted Copy Wheel Eye of Justice also bears a second meaning many people are unaware of. It's actual meaning is; the pervert who sees peace with his Sharingan. The word justice, to Seigetsu at least, means peace. Seigetsu tells people that justice and/or peace starts with equality. He also explains shinobi will forever stand at where they are. Hence why the Sage of Six Paths started off with ninshū. The point of Seigetsu's All Seeing Fate Technique is to show someone the forever flow of ignorance if they were to consistently fight on. Even to those that tell him his ideals are trivial, Seigetsu Seigetsu always responds "I will make a way out of no way." Peace in his eyes, is a world not without conflict, but where everyone understands one another by connecting. Being the reason that ninshū was created.

Seigetsu believes that faith will lead to peace. He didn't ride along the road of "sense" nor "logic", but of faith. Believing that he was the faith the world could believe in. Giving a speech to Yamagakure, containing a quote that stood out. "If you believe in peace, believe in me.". Often he'd throw laws out of the window, when peace or justice was used in the same instance. His understanding of people comes from his Philosopher's Stone. Where the essence of thirteen other beings reside with a piece of their conscious. This includes that of the Nine Tailed Beast, as well as the Uzumaki man's family. Often he listen's to stories from K'un about the previous cases at which Tailed Beast were in. Seigetsu feels Tailed Beast shouldn't have to be kept hostage against their will, nor should they have to be hunted. Giving him new ideals, that he doesn't discriminate between: human, animal, or beast. This later led to the creation of Aokigahara Forest, where people, animals, and beast can live in harmony.

After further observation, Seigetsu finally came to understand what true peace is. During his Hokage Ceremony, Seigetsu gave a speech to the villagers. During this speech he told the villagers of Konoha, that he made a interesting discovery. He shared with them; "Peace is not absence of conflict, it is the ability to handle conflict by peaceful means." He learned that it is okay to battle, and fight, even if it is for fun, though he absolutely can not kill by any means possible.

By the time he reemerges, Seigetsu's personality is a bit more different. Much of what he says could appear dark, but if fully comprehended has no harm at all. His jokes become bland, and he is no longer as funny as he used to be. He often finds himself laughing at his own jokes.


Uchiha Sigma

Seigetsu back as a Yama-nin.

Seigetsu's skin tone is light, close to what we call "white". Even from when he was a child he's always had long black spiky hair which he's inherited the length from his father and mother, but the color from his mother. It's also seemingly filled with numerous of red streaks in different places through out his hair. While young he wore a long sleeved navy blue sweater like shirt with the crest of the Uchiha on the back and basic Yamagakure pants with bandages around his shin. Around his waist sat a red colored ninja tool pouch, which held numerous amounts of kunai and shuriken, and a set of wire strings.

By the time he participated in the second stage of the chūnin exams, he wore a full fledge battle armor suit. This armor is crimson in color with numerous amount of metal plates that clack up against each other with every step he takes. The armor covers his shoulders, chest, waist, and his thighs. His physical appearance was nearly the same, however his hair had gotten even longer, and is in perfect sync with his forehead protector. Underneath the armor sits a special made navy blue shirt with three fourths quarter length sleeves. Also with a pair of navy blue pants reaching his calfs to compliment his shirt. Through the back of his armor reveals the crest of the Uchiha. His hands were covered by a pair of blue gloves. After becoming a teen that nearly always found himself in danger, he began to carry his gunbai around more, despite being the first tool that was given to him way back when he was a small child. Like his grandfather, it's connected by a chain, that can extend out, and connects at his wrist. His while young was a red in color, but as he grew older, it somehow has become purple.


Seigetsu's New Attire.

After becoming Hokage, Seigetsu's once Madara equivalent appearance changes drastically. His hair is, instead of spiky is now laid down. It flows in the wind like the main on a majestic steed, with each current the blows by him. Silk straight, one's hand would never get tangled. He wears two side bangs that rest on the side of his face, while the back of his hair is pinned up in a ponytail, held by a white cloth of sorts. His hair reaches to about his thigh when not held in this ponytail style, and when it is reaches to his leg. Seigetsu's fiancee, Kiyasui Iro, cut his hair so that it now rests on his mid back. Ayame has told Seigetsu that it appears that his hair is longer because he has now actually combed it out, rather than let it stay naturally nappy and spiked. His golden eyes reside in their pupils, refleting the sun's rays off the surface. Around his eyes are a sort of red eyeliner, which may be a detail left behind by the Sage Mode.

Just as his face and hair have changed, so did his attire. His once crimson armor that he wore in reflection to the former Hokage and founder of the village, Hashirama Senju. As well as the same attire worn by his forefather — Madara Uchiha — is no more. Instead, Seigetsu's new attire rather than crimson is all black. Sannoto refers to this term as "All black everything." Seigetsu switches back to a kimono/haori style attire that he and Zenjou wore back in their youth. One the outside of his actual clothing, there is an all black haori with a golden seal in the middle. It is revealed later in the series that this seal is what was used to seal the Matatabi[5]. Underneath his black haori, which is discovered to be his Hokage's cloak, is a red weighted armor like shirt that only as a plated stomach and back. On his lower arms as well as his shoulders are black armoring plates with gold trimming, made of his father's precious metals. His pants are also black, which are home to his sword.

During the battle with Kazuhide, Seigetsu suffered a blow to his eye where he is now forced to cover it by an eye patch.[6]


With shinobi capable of removing one's use of ninjutsu and genjutsu, Seigetsu was taught taijutsu by K'un. K'un focused on teaching Seigetsu external hardcore attacks. Resembling that of the Strong Fist. Even at a young age, Seigetsu showed above average skills in taijutsu. After learning the basic skill set of taijutsu, K'un went on to teach him s unique form of taijutsu know as Muay Thai, a form of kick boxing which is rarely seen throughout the shinobi world. Muay that focuses on straight forward punches and kicks, however one must be able to move quickly to adapt to the situation at hand.

His skills in taijutsu were enough to not only hold off Isamu, but also ultimately defeat him up until the awakening of his Mangekyō. In another instance, Seigetsu used taijutsu yet again in the fight against Old Man Yama which was enough to fend him off. With a single punch, he was able to help a demolition team knock down a house. Seigetsu prefers quick punches, so he can get more that one in. Rather than bone breaking ones making him unique on his own.

Chakra, Stamina, and Life Force

Seigetsu was born with extremely high chakra reserves, which led to the expectations set for him. This is due to being the grandson of Madara – one born with the chakra of Indra – holding quite the chakra himself. As well as the grandson of Hashirama – born with the chakra of Asura – as well as a Senju clansmen. These two lines of ancestry would be the possible reasoning of why he has off the chart reserves. His presence alone, is enough to make people second guess battling him. His stamina is on the exact same level, as he is able to hold fights for hours. As noted by the Sai Inuzuka, Seigetsu could possibly hold his own against a tailed-beast in a straight forward battle, as long as he had the capabilities to back his chakra. He sometimes suppresses his chakra to a certain level so that he can match his opponents' for an equal battle.

People tend to scold him because of his reserves. Telling him the chakra he inherited from his parents was nothing more but a curse of uncontrollable power. From his parents, he inherited gargantuan reserves of chakra from both of his parents. Each parent gave him a large amount on their own. From his mother, it's possible that he has possibly gained jōnin-level reserves of chakra. Being able to combat even the ANBU of Yamagakure on his own, despite being at the youngest of age. This was predetermined from his yang, which his mother has quite a bit of. Due to the yang of his mother, he has an extended life force, greatly exceed that of even the most splendid Uzumaki.

What he gained from his father was what Sannoto calls, "a blessing". It's true he gain a huge amount of his chakra from Ayame, but what he got from Sannoto completely exceeds her limits. Jōnin-like reserves from his mother, but after a full scale analysis, he got literal tailed beast level chakra from him. Literally. So much, that even the orb he got from his youth, reacts to it perfectly.

He was able to fight with his reserves for a total of eight days and seven nights during the second civil war within the land of mountains. There are only three he can thank for reserves of this level. Ayame, his mother, who's reserves as a female were said to surpass even the Second Hokage[7]. Next is Sannoto, his father, who reserves are thought to be folded thirty seven times of his own. Then the chakra given unto him by Naidō, his spirit guide, born from his Rinnegan's Inner Path. Despite these chakra inheritance, Seigetsu was stated that he'd still have been born with large reserves of chakra. With the training from his mother and father, both masters of chakra flow, Seigetsu was able to finally reach a point to where he could control his chakra freely. Even stop it for a set of time, nullifying genjutsu, and using shape transformation like a pro. His reserves, with no doubt, surpassed the expectations of both of the noble clans of the shinobi world.

This excluded his last source of his chakra. His other two, are natural to his body, however, through his hexagram he has gained the chakra of four other shinobi. Two at which had large reserves of their own, then other two with the reserves of basic shinobi. This seemed to be born from the hexagram of his father, but wasn't quite done. Giving a scale on the label of chakra from 0-100, the average shinobi is sixty five, but as a baby maybe twenty. Seigetsu as a baby was at thirty, while at age twelve was at forty five. By fifteen, was at fifty five, then sixteen eighty. Adding on the chakra of the two, above average, seventy based chakra shinobi, then the two sixty based chakra shinobi he was already unique. Possibly known as a chakra mutant. A powerful Yaksha like, Shikaru Nara, had to praise his reserves.

In his youth when he traveled across the waters and appeared in Uzushiogakure, he came across an orb. The orb manifested inside of his body, and as it did he heard the distinct voice of fourteen different entities. Nine spoke louder than five, yet Seigetsu had no idea of what was going only. All he could feel was a power surge. These nine voices would be but an agonizing pain in his dreams.

This orb, was created by a man of the Uzumaki clan, exceeding in fūinjutsu, when compared the expectation of his clansmen. Which would also complement his reserves of chakra. After getting the chakra and essence of the nine tailed beast, the man would seal the chakra into a orb-based seal holding it for use later. His wife and children died sometime before the destruction of their village and he'd seal their essence and chakra into the orb as well. Later during the destruction of Uzushio, the man sealed the stone away with his last dying strength then sealed his own essence into the orb which later Seigetsu would find.

At sixteen all of his reserves came open to him, at which he can use to his liking effectively and efficiently. Has chakra that is fearsome. Too fearsome as a man of peace. Despite having such large reserves, Seigetsu never thinks you can be too sure. Using the creation of all things, he's created a void, or pocket dimension in his body, at which he holds a stock times two of his chakra in. What he does, when just sitting around, is dump a large amount (nearly all) into it and waits for his original to rebuild on its own.

By this time, Seigetsu's chakra control was past its limits. Through training with K'un he was able to stop the flow of his chakra, making him the ultimate tank to any genjutsu. While Seigetsu is a source for his chakra control, he's actually the secondary person controlling its flow. His flow is actually guided by K'un. Control of this level is the reasoning of his ability to perform a perfectly executed Rasengan.

There is no shinobi alive that matches Seigetsu's speed. Not since the Seventh Hokage stepped down nad passed the reigns over to him. Though, he utilizes his various chakra modes to increase his speed, Seigetsu was always known for his speed and reflexes. He moves to fast and elegantly, that he was able to slip in the middle of a battle between jōnin, retrieve his genin partner, and slip back out completely unscathed. Seigetsu's reflexes are on a league of their own, being able to react to attcks that are meant to be surprises without the need of a single warning. During his short battle with Mukūrō, he was seen reacting to many attacks when the average shinobi wouldn't have been able to.[8]

On a chakra levels chart, written by fanfiction author, User:Berserkchart486, Seigetsu ranked number three on the list, falling short behind Seika Uchiha and Takeko Nakano.[9]

Collaboration Techniques

Flying Thunder God Arrows: Although Zenjou is not a practitioner of Konohagakure's ancient space time ninjutsu, Zenjou possesses an entire quiver of specially marked arrows. These arrows are actually meant for his youngest sibling, Seigetsu Uchiha. When used in tandem with Zenjou's bow, the Kazekage is able to give Seigetsu an unimaginable increase in accessible range.

Hexagram and Alchemy

The hexagram is known from different means, and was born through faith and finding. Way back when the formation of Konoha was just on its feet, a man living within Uzushiogakure would forge a stone. Hashirama Senju, one who has close ties to Uzushio would grant them a portion of the chakra from the tailed beast. Hashirama would then hold a meeting for the distribution of the tailed beast to each of the major lands. During this time, a fūinjutsu expert, the man who created this "stone", of the Uzumaki clan, sealed the chakra into a type of orb, this orb would be a comparison to a philosopher's stone. This seal however took a long time to devise, and around the time it was actually done, the time of the Uzushiogakure destruction would have taken place. Before nearly dying, the man sealed the stone into an ancient stone totem, and dying when he did so, and his very own essence was absorbed by the stone, and implemented into it.

Hexagram Two: Kun, the hexagram of understanding, is half of Hexagram Eleven: Tai, which belongs to his father, Sannoto. It seems as if destiny made the second hexagram appear to him. Despite being half of Tai, Kun is nothing short of its capabilities and of what it grants. Kun, is the hexagram knows as; The Receptive, The Symbol of Earth, Submission, The Passive Principle, Field, The Flow, Responsive Service, Yin, Natural Response, The Bearer. In short, all these names sum of to the base of hexagram of understanding. Every hexagram stands as a type of method one's life follows.

Blessed with the second hexagram, Seigetsu has a base affinity to the Yin. He picked up Yang from his mother, and as he was born, they merged together giving him a Yin-Yang affinity. Kun grants Seigetsu the ability the control over all things earth, and metals as well. His metal use however, has been merged with his Creation of All Things, that way, he doesn't have to forge it into a release, like his father. It also grants him mastery over magnetism, which he hasn't displayed completely usage of. His only known unique grant of the hexagram is the "force over the wood and tree fields of the earth". Being able to create various wooden structures, or blue prints.

Kun was given its base form of life by Kaguya Ōtsutsuki's will. However, because of the influence of the nine aggregated beast, Kun reached a pinnacle of its power. An intangible spirit, that shared its chakra with that of its host. Hexagram 2 was never wielded by anyone other than Seigetsu, besides being split from his fathers, but the creator of the stone, placed four shinobi's spirits and chakras into it.

As the holder of a hexagram, Seigetsu was placed through few crazy experiences. While the experiences are indeed unique and extravagant, they coincide with what is supposed to take place in the holder's life. These incidents aren't as charitable as we want them to be, however, they hold should know. "It doesn't just happen, things happen for a reason."

Alchemy refers to both an early form of the investigation of nature and an early philosophical and spiritual discipline, both combining elements of chemistry, metallurgy, physics, medicine, astrology, semiotics, mysticism, spiritualism, and art all as parts of one greater force. Alchemy is indeed what we refer to as "magic". Alchemy is centered on the transmutation of base metals into noble metals.

Born with a hexagram, and philosopher's stone of his own, Seigetsu is able to turn base metal into noble ones as well. A feature plainly inherited from his father. Seigetsu from his birth,always possessed the ability to turn an object into something completely new, and different than what it was before. Already aware of this, Seigetsu's father — Sannoto — used a special seal on him immediately after his birth, to keep his ability in check.

While Sannoto managed to keep Seigetsu's alchemy under control, Seigetsu's always found that he had a affinity for something different. On many outings when his father would teach him of the metal transmutation, Seigetsu's mind would drift off into something else. It would be when he finally gained control over his curse, that he wanted to stray from the way of the metal, and instead use wood.

The Chinese believed that there were five elements, wood, fire, earth, metal and water, and these were linked to five colors, five directions (the center counts as a direction) and to five metals, gold, silver, leads, copper and iron. As a result, every Chinese alchemical technique involved repeating stages five. It was clear what Seigetsu's inherited, it was the wood of the five elements. Additionally because of his alchemy, Seigetsu's had also inherited the yin-yang nature, giving him a natural affinity towards the Onmyodo.

Due to his alchemy, Seigetsu's is has reached the pinnacle of its main purpose. That purpose, is the way of life, which he has reached immortality. Again, Seigetsu's thinks of this ability is as a curse much like his wood, but this one is much more worse. Living forever can take you through numerous of things, and is sometime of pain and suffering. Yet, Seigetsu is unaware of the immoralities fullest and capabilities.

"Humankind cannot gain anything without first giving something in return. To obtain, something of equal value must be lost. That is alchemy 's First Law of Equivalent Exchange. In those days, we really believed that to be the world's one, and only, truth."

Alchemy's law of Equivalent Exchange: To obtain any object, thing, whatever it may be, something of equal value must be exchanged, given up or lost. Seigetsu can use this exact law, in his precise fighting style, however instead of just objects, Seigetsu can do that same for techniques. By gathering the Energy Matter Currency (EMC), Seigetsu can change the currency into any object, or technique at which he desires, making him nearly the most ultimate walking machine.

With this ability, Seigetsu has become nearly indestructible. He becomes virtually immune to all of his enemies attacks, other than physical melee techniques. While in his younger years, prior to his sister become Hokage, Seigetsu would have to hold his stone out in front of himself, in order to successfully get EMC. He has merged the stone with his own body, and turns every single technique that is thrown at him into EMC, stores it, then using it for his very own techniques.

To be able to properly absorb a technique and break it down into EMC, one must first be able to set themselves up to be able to condense it within themselves. One could think of this step as the human body's digestive system. Condensing the techniques allow him to use them to his very own liking, against his opponent exploiting its weaknesses.

Six Paths and Tailed Beast Power

Ninshū is what was taught to Seigetsu by his mother. After hearing more about the reasoning of Ninshū, Seigetsu was able to "weaponize" it. His use of ninshū isn't damaging the opponent, but it allows him to connect a large group of people, or achieve similar feats. In one instance, he is able to completely remove ones chakra and insert it into himself. Additionally, he is capable of linking multiples minds together. With the way of ninshū he was able to literally stop a war, and possibly the chain of them to follow.

  • Shinobi Sect: Connection of All Things (忍宗・連の万物, Ninshū: Ren no Sōbutsu):
  • Shinobi Sect: Extensive Help (忍宗・伸救, Ninshū: Shinkyū):

After gaining the essence of Hagoromo[10], Seigetsu gained access to the powers of the Sage. This power would be known as Six Paths Chakra, however because Seigetsu already possessed the Rinnegan, had obtained the chakra of him instead. Boosting many of his attributes to extreme levels.

At birth, Seigetsu had the chakra of the Matatabi within him. After being exposed to the Philosopher's stone in Uzushiogakure, Seigetsu had gained the chakra of the other eight Tailed Beast as well, making him a full fledge jinchūriki. At fifteen he had begun his tailed beast training, to help him gain control over the Matatabi's chakra even though the beast was lenient and giving him it's chakra. His mother thought it would be appropriate for him to undergo proper training to master the beast's chakra rather than use it recklessly. After only two short months of training, Seigetsu reached a new heighten transformation of the Matatabi's chakra known as the Two-Tails Chakra Mode.

Seigetsu Tailed Beast

Seigetsu Tailed Beast Mode.

As he grew older and gained access to the Creation of All Things, he merged the chakra of the tailed beast and drew out the Ten-Tails' chakra from the essence of Hagoromo to create a beast known as Shinusagi, the Rabbit God. Controlling the power of a unstable minded beast proved difficult on the body of a eighteen year old, though he was able to achieve a state that surpassed the Matatabi's chakra mode. It was initially given no name, until the application of natural energy.

After mastering Sage Mode, and after fully harmonizing it with his Rinnegan, Seigetsu after studying Ryun, had enhanced his tailed-beast chakra mode, to the point where he has fused the power of the Shinusagi, with his natural energy. Despite studying Ryun, Seigetsu hadn't gained a normal haori. Instead, his haori is one with his body, and takes a more "fur-like appearance. A tail from his rear extends out, which is a signifies of his strength. Around his eyes, is a shadow-like trim, and his hair isn't as long as it is in war time, but could be close to matching. After training futher in this state, it begins to look exactly like his Two-Tails Chakra Mode, but instead is purple with significant changes, the most noticeable being his chakra levels. On the front side of his left and right hand, is a moon-like marking. This form, is debatable if it is known as Senninjutsu, but since it uses the same requirements, most say so.

While taking on a tailed beast transformation, all of Seigetsu's stats and attributes rise drastically. Despite being a speedy cascade in his base form, most believe there is no way one could get any faster. This however, is wrong. And with the help of his transformations such as, Two-Tailed Chakra Mode, it becomes possible. Seigetsu's speed increases ten fold, being able to cover Konoha's length in a total of thirty seconds, as seen when he heard his mother had been in trouble. Another instance of his legendary speed, is when he ran to Kumogakure and made there in a day because he had heard Izuru and Kiyasui were being attacked. Most the don't know of Seigetsu state that someone that fast is nothing more than a legend in a myth, but after seeing it in person, they rethink their opinions. His agility and reflexes pick up as well, being able to react to things that would otherwise prove to be impossible.

Sigma Six Paths Mode

Seigetsu , inheritor of Six Paths Senjutsu.

Strength also gets an upgrade, up to the point he is able to smash though buildings without showing any recoil damage and even land a basic Rasengan into Sannoto and send him a far distance. While using the Tailed Beast Power, Seigetsu gains access to various different techniques. The Tailed Beast Ball.

Sensory Capabilities

His sensory perception are off the chart, even despite not being one of his main skills. He shows the ability to sense through just touching the ground. During the second civil war, Seigetsu was able to detect exactly how many shinobi were in the line of force while only using this feature. He even displayed the ability to sense people from a extended distance. During many battles he could pinpoint his opponent's natures, and if they displayed something he'd never seen before, he could conclude it was a kekkei genkai, and scope outs it's elemental make up. Seigetsu can even defend himself without the need to see what is going on, being able to effectively dodge attacks with his eyes closed. His reflexes are also capitalized by this, making it nearly impossible to catch him off guard.

As a dhammic, Seigetsu was taught by his mother to be able to sense people through their dukkha. A feature later further enhanced by Raido. This allows him to instantly look within someone and scope out their suffering. The suffering ranges from three main points: anxiety, stress and unsatisfactoriness. No human or living being in the world can erase these things, which makes him an adept sensor, even when compared up to the standards of the Uzumaki. His use is much more unique because if one where to erase their chakra signature, they still wouldn't be oblivious to Seigetsu. It's the perfect alternative counter, if one lacks the Byakugan, to the hiding in mist technique used by Kiri-nin.


Seigetsu in his youth, started off with the basic mechanisms of ninjutsu. Being able to preform basic fūinjutsu but getting the max of its potential out. Using the yin-yang, Seigetsu can preform a number of techniques. One which focuses energy into a single punch to easily take down opponents. Another which uses the forces of gravity against the opponent. Needless to say, Seigetsu was well verse in ninjutsu prior to his new ways.


One of Seigetsu's personal summon.

Demonstrating the ability to utilize the Summoning Technique, and has shown to be quite the master, even despite not being exceptionally skilled in fūinjutsu. Seigetsu's summoning contract is with Satoshi, a entity made of K'un, and stands as Seigetsu's personal summoning. He is able to instantly summon Satoshi without the appearance of smoke filling the area. He is even able to enhance Satoshi's capabilities by giving him a Rinnegan. While Satoshi, is his ground friend, Seigetsu has a specific bond with his first summoning Hayabusa. Summoning Hayabusa became second nature, as seen in his battle with Iori where Seigetsu was able to summon the beast with a prepared attack ready.[11] Seigetsu's skill reach ten fold when using the Rinnegan's Animal Path.


Clone Techniques (分身術, Bunshinjutsu) are techniques that create a copy of the user or objects used by them. The standard Clone Technique is considered the most basic of basic ninjutsu. Despite this, clone techniques are very versatile and useful, and are often used to distract or fool enemies into thinking that they have delivered a critical or fatal hit to the user, leaving the enemy vulnerable. The various villages have created their own characteristic forms of clone techniques. Besides these, there are a dozens of other clone techniques in existence, some of which are extraordinarily difficult to use.

There are various methods of creating clones. The most commonly used clone techniques use only chakra to create the clone. After these, clone techniques that use a medium seem to be most common. These clone techniques use various elements to give the clone form and substance. There are also clone techniques that transform another person or animal into a clone of the user. Finally, there are clone techniques that make use of genjutsu to create illusionary clones.

The need to even use clones was originally so that the user could create some type of diversion. Which would allow them to buy time for the user to set up whatever tactics are needed. For Seigetsu however, he Hax many different uses for clones, and each usage varies depending on the set situation. Due to his use, Seigetsu is renowned for his use, and sometimes even praised.

Born with extraordinary reserves of chakra, Seigetsu was easily capable of utilizing the second Hokage's Shadow Clone Technique. A technique which allows Seigetsu to create exact replicas of himself, which would aide him in battle. These shadow clones, alongside his Sharingan, became his trademark by the time of the chūnin exams. His tactics with shadow clones were so phenomenal that other teams were warned about them. He'd summon four shadow clones which would surround him, watching out for the opponents that would hide, using their Sharingan to scope them out.

  • Malleable Chakra:

Nature Transformation

Being born into the Uchiha clan, Seigetsu has a natural affinity in the Fire Release, at which he was able to master near instantly.
Shape Fireimage

Seigetsu applying shape transformation to basic fire.

By Daiki, he stated that Seigetsu could possibly defeat a powerful opponent with just his sheer abilities with fire release. Being able to create flames instantly, and even control pre-existing flames. He can melt nearly all ice-based techniques without much effort, and basic water techniques don't stand a chance. By simply gathering chakra in his stomach, he is capable of creating a tsunami of flames, engulfing and covering a large area. He uses a fire technique which allows him to hide, and burn his opponents in the process granted the ember-like ashes. Applying shape transformation with his fire, he is able to make it take many different forms: arrows, bows, bombs, bullets. Like most members of the Uchiha Clan, he is able to utilize the fireball technique, without any problems what so ever. Most of his fire techniques are amplified compared to other's who use fire-based techniques. Most of his techniques are able to burn through the toughest of metals. Seigetsu has a special ability, where he is able to wear his flames as an armor. Seigetsu wraps his body in a layer of fire chakra that, instead of being used offensively, is used to enhance Seigetsu's flesh and muscles by increasing their body heat. In doing so, their body's ability to move and deal with injury is increased by a significant degree. These flames can be used to heal Seigetsu and prevent him from being exposed to genjutsu.

After "mastery" the fire element, Seigetsu moved on to his Lightning Release, where he'd come across many techniques. However, before so, he created his own technique, known as the Raiketsu: This technique was created by Seigetsu, as a gift to himself, and moving forward to master the lightning release. It is achieved by focusing a vast amount of lightning chakra in the palm of the hand — hence the literal meaning "lightning carried in the hand" — and is like it's resting place, but so powerful that it becomes visible even without a dōjutsu. This technique has the loud sound of sparking, which with the longer the technique is held, begins to sound like ticking. Seigetsu however, can not extend the usage of the technique pasted just the palm of his hand. This technique is far beyond the capabilities of the Chidori, and is in development in passing the Lightning Cutter. Apparently Seigetsu can also utilize the Kiri technique. This technique allows Seigetsu to draw natural lightning from the sky above through the thunder and storm clouds. In some instances he has used his own chakra to create the Kirin, though he likes to go the intentional route for utilizing the technique. In the battle against the Magician — Kazuhide — Seigetsu took advantage of both the forecast and Kazuhide's fire technique, to fire off a full overpowered Kirin.[12]

Shortly after the awakening of his Mangekyõ, he was able to freely control the fiery forces of Amaterasu, which would be known as the Blaze Release. Using his ability to apply shape transformation, Seigetsu is able to freely control and/or manipulate Amaterasu to his liking. If his opponents are too close, or even trying to create some space, he is able to make the black flames spike out like a porcupine to extend outwards. His straight line of black flames, or the Blaze Release: Kagutsuchi — Flamethrower Stream, is one of his lightest tactics, that is perfect for setting up its variation. He can also turn a surrounding area around him into black flames with ease, then create a thin sword which shoots out forward.

Space-Time Ninjutsu

K'un, the spirit of his hexagram mentioned to Seigetsu , a basic ideal of his very own. This ideal, was that if Seigetsu wanted to be the prominent of peace, then he'd have to be able to get to the set troubles no matter where they'd been. Basic shinobi traveling wouldn't work with reaching a set destination within a certain time period. It was then, that Seigetsu looked to K'un for the answer. K'un suggested something on the level of his predecessors.

During one of Seigetsu's many travels, during his time within near the Land of Fire, he came across a specific item. K'un had seen this item multiple times, and instantly, he knew exactly what it was. It was the unique kunai of the Fourth Hokage, Minato Namikaze. K'un figured that there was an angel watching over Seigetsu. It had been just months ago that K'un gave advice of traveling, and they answer was right there. The kunai was rusted, just as if it had been there for over fifty decades. Taking the kunai for himself, Seigetsu returned home. Studying the kunai, Seigetsu noticed the formula markings on it. He was unaware of what they meant, but K'un had a different hypothesis. He thought that the formula, was actually a guideline to how to utilize the technique known as the Flying Thunder God Technique. Especially seeing how it was written out in kanji. To prove his theory to Seigetsu, he reminded Seigetsu about the seals of Tobirama. Hexagrams were born way back when Kaguya ate from the tree, verifying K'un had been around a long time. Further telling Seigetsu that he'd seen the original creator of the technique in action.

The original creator, Tobirama, utilized a different formula, telling Seigetsu that their uses may be different. After months of studying the kanji, Seigetsu and K'un were able to finally decode it. Finding that it did indeed have to secrets of the technique. Training none stop to utilize the technique, Seigetsu was finally at his pinnacle. Seigetsu has the ability to not only change the seals, but connect to other seals that other users may set up.

Much like Minato during the Fourth Great Ninja War, Seigetsu too was able to transport a large group of people through the use of the Flying Thunder God Technique. During his battle against the Black Zetsu (GD), Seigetsu transported the entire village of Konohagakure into his dimension by linking his chakra, to everyone. While he supposedly was low on chakra, though Matatabi later confirmed that Seigetsu had actually use his chakra to support the outside of the village for unknown means.[13] Because hexagrams are symbols and symbols are fūinjutsu, Seigetsu can make way of any Flying Thunder God seal and use someone else's seal to his hearts content.

Seigetsu's space-time goes beyond that of just the utilizing the Flying Thunder God Technique. The Uchiha is able to alter the spatial realm giving him complete access of displacing all of space as we know it. By transitioning between the various dimensions of the world, Seigetsu is able to time travel, by entering the dimension known as time and landing into another timeline. Seigetsu can create distortions within the space-time continuum, the very fabrics of which the world exists in, allowing giving him a plethora of effects throughout time and space. This very feature allows him to rip through the fabrics of time and space and get into dimensions with ease. By rewinding time erasing the damages from existence, he can heal nearly any and every wound.


Seigetsu showed extensive talent in weaponry since he was a young child. Seigetsu always grew up with the though of "As long as you have a tool at you disposal, for a means of self-defense, then justice would most surely be served." Seigetsu also noticed, even while a youngin', that the use of weaponry wouldn't effect that of his chakra. That way, he'd be able to reserve it for later on in his battles. This trait was mind other than inherited from his father, a man who can defeat an entire company with a sword alone.

Almighty Sword Forged

Seigetsu hold his new blade, the Omnipotent.

His very first sword was crafted from the metal of his father. His set of shuriken and kunai were also crafted from this as well. With the training of Sannoto, Seigetsu's kenjutsu and shurikenjutsu skills are next to nearly none. This is through the help of his crimson-eyes. He tends to strike his opponents down the lines of their chakra stream and network, rendering them nearly useless in a fight. Ending a battle quickly without him having to kill them, ultimately allowing him to achieve justice. The Omnipotent is one of the twenty two imperial weapons crafted and forged by Seigetsu himself. Utilizing the chakra that rested in the core of himself, then applying the assistance of yin and yang manipulation, the war veteran was able to forge a tool that only he could wield himself. In terms of appearance the actual blade of the sword is a black steel, with a thick trimming of light silver along the side. The tip is sharp with a bit of a curve, that shifts off into another extremely small tip. The handle of the blade is long, bearing an eagle-shaped cross guard.

Before Seigetsu was given the sword made by his father, the shuriken, or even the kunai, his mother had already given him a gunbai. At the literal age of two Seigetsu had already been swinging his gunbai around, despite its large size. He was indeed still young, and his swings were extremely reckless. At times it would get so bad that it would fly from his hands, and break things in the house. Both Ayame and Sannoto kept his gunbai hidden away so he couldn't get to it. Somehow, someway, no matter what Seigetsu would always get to it. Ayame knew she couldn't keep it hidden from him forever, so to fix the problem at where it would fly from his grasp, she wrapped a chain around his wrist and connected it to the handle. Seigetsu could now swing it around to his liking without breaking things in the house.

By the time he'd become a chūnin, Seigetsu had literally been able to perform different features with his gunbai. His gunbai was rock tough, it could with standing taking a direct contact hit from someone who'd entered the third of the Eight Gates. We was clearing the area with a simple swing, letting loose a fist of natural wind, not composed of the Wind Release. Utilizing it in a particular manner Seigetsu could not only block an attack but completely nullify it, and send it back down its original course. During an encounter with a kunoichi by the name of Akemi, Seigetsu enter a handstand form, leaving himself wide open to attacks. However, he was able to, despite being upside down, pull his gunbai down[14], and create a protective barrier.

A master with a sword, Seigetsu is considered a natural born veteran in the art of kenjutsu. He's gained head nods from samurai throughout every nation on his skill. Every swing is life threatening, most explain that Seigetsu places his soul in his blade. With simple swings he is able to cut through the thickest of metal. During a very brief swords battle with Mukūrō, Seigetsu explained that the man had talent, but it would take him a few years to be able to properly defeat him.[15] It appears to most that Seigetsu's skills in kenjutsu are a complete slop, when in actuality, they are not. Seigetsu likes to overpower his opponent's with his swings, rather than using tactics to get around them for successful blows. Using his brute strength, Seigetsu likes to clash with his opponents and take them down.



Tai is not a creation of Kaguya but rather a materialization of her will. Infusing her will into nature, Kaguya spontaneously generated him with the intent to watch over mankind and establish peace. Because of this, Tai is simply a living form of nature just as the Shinju once was. This natural energy, though latent, only flows through him, completely separated from the human body. However, when one wishes to utilize the power of Tai, only a perfected user of their abilities can do so, they can call upon his natural energy to empower their abilities. Though it results in a form of sage mode, they call directly on natural energy from a nature spirit itself, not relying on an external source for it and focuses on an internal source.

Because of this, those with Tai can bypass the need to passively absorb natural energy, instead having it supplied to them via their own individual nature spirit dwelling within them. Only masters of their abilities and those whom are conscious of Tai can consciously enter this empowered state, as for those who are not masters they find themselves incapable of accessing such power unless their life is endangered, then it activates instinctively. Those whom instinctively activate this ability, find themselves in this state where Tai completely takes over. However, those who consciously activate this ability gets pigments around their eyes, a light blue pigment, indicating that they and the hexagram are working in a perfect unison with one another.

With each individual methods of activating this Sage Mode, each encompasses their own individual weaknesses and risk. Normally, the hexagram does not forcefully possess their host continuously, for the natural energy is too much for the human body to handle and causes berserk behavior and random spontaneous shape shifting, just as it does to a specific group of people. Eventually, if the person sustains this state for too long, the body will implode after their berserk behavior has caused devastation. As such, this is very dangerous for the user, as by instinct, they attack everyone, destroying everything including themselves. However, those who have mastered this state does not face this same risk. Because the hexagram is working in unison, mixing the natural energy with the master's chakra rather than fully possessing them, forcing the natural energy into their body, they do not risk the berserk behavior and imploding body.

Rather than the imploding body and berserk behavior, although they are able to stay in Sage Mode indefinitely because of the natural energy coming from within. Though it initially seems like a benefit, in which it is in most cases, the biggest disadvantage is tagged along with it. The longer the user is in this empowered state, the more it depletes ones chakra. While the source of natural energy is indeed indefinite, the chakra is not infinite, and thus can run out. The chakra itself, though immense, is not infinite and because most of the sage techniques require more chakra than ordinary techniques, though the chakra is empowered, the reserves it depleted at a quicker speed. Due to the immense size in addition, the chakra pool takes almost as twice as long to recharge as an ordinary person's. As a result, the longer the person is in Sage mode, the more exhausted they become, and the longer it takes for them to return to battle. As such, many tend to activate this mode for a brief moment to retrieve the amount of natural energy necessary for the desired feat then activates the technique after exiting the empowered state to preserve their energy, exhibiting a more masterful and willful control.

Because of his fusion with the hexagram rather than just a clinging of chakra, as the two have become one in the same, Seigetsu is simply a manifestation of this energy and physiology consist of being a portion of natural energy. With this, his spirit naturally produces the natural energy, gifting him with a naturally enhanced condition beyond his very own. In truth, Seigetsu's senjutsu enhancement is typically passive, which grants him a large array of powers that make him borderline supernatural.

Chakra Augmentation: Because the natural energy interacts directly with his physical and spiritual energies—the general makeup of chakra—Seigetsu finds several of his bodily features augmented. This includes the mystical energies that every shinobi find themselves using: chakra. Several aspects of his chakra are augmented as a result of the interaction with natural energy. His chakra reserves are typically always increasing, giving him chakra levels surpassing Kurama with both halves fused together along with naruto’s own chakra reserves added onto it. For most sensors, attempting to gauge his power is often a challenge that supplies migraines to anyone who extensively participates in the game. His chakra becomes nearly six times as potent as the average shinobi’s reserves resulting in the amount of chakra he uses per technique so minuscule that it’s almost as if he is using none at all.



As a member of the Uchiha Clan, he was able to unlock the clan's kekkei genkai. Seigetsu found himself wondering off east of the Land of Mountains, where he'd been towards the borders of the lands. After noting what he'd done in a small notebook of his, he began to make his way back towards the village. However, along the way, he found himself faced against the terrors of a beast. Seigetsu however, was afraid not one bit, and instead of panicking, resorted to his clans famed Fire Release: Great Fireball Technique. The technique was too overwhelming, and he managed to take down the beast, and continued to his home. Yet again, Seigetsu found himself in a confrontation with a new beast, yet this time, there were three in total. Using his fireball technique again, this time it was nothing. The beasts pushed it aside, and closed in on Seigetsu , who was seemingly low on chakra from fending off the first beast. Seigetsu now "faced with a difficult circumstance", watched helplessly, as the beast made its jump at Seigetsu . In complete fear, Seigetsu snapped, and as beast got closer to Seigetsu, he was able to anticipate its moves. Dodging the beast effectively, while gathering chakra at the same time. This time Seigetsu unleashed another fireball, but this time it was extremely larger compared to the ones he'd been using before. Which allowed him to take down the three beast. Then later falling to his back, revealing his Sharingan.

Over time, Seigetsu became exceptionally skilled with his Sharingan, often referring to it as the crimson-eye. Granted his reserves, he can hold his Sharingan for as long as he can fight. Being able to ever predict techniques, time before it's even used, or even thought of being able to use. With just it's base, he is able to use sharingan genjutsu, as seen when it was awoken. With the help of it, he was able to create an extremely powerful lightning technique, using the mechanisms of his evolved form's technique.

Mangekyō Sharingan

Sigma MS

Seigetsu's Mangekyō Sharingan.

For nearly each great shinobi that lived, there was also at least one person who sought their death, and this would be the case for Seigetsu . A shinobi within Yamagakure, would wish to see the death of Seigetsu, however he'd wish it not be done by himself. Why would he want to see the death of the boy? It was simple, Seigetsu's noble blood would get him recognized by nearly all members of the village, and seeing how a family member had been the leader of the village it would be possible that Seigetsu could be next in line for the position. Especially when this man wanted to take lead over the village. Seigetsu's mother hired a private mentor for Seigetsu , who'd be able to pick up in sections that Seigetsu would lack in. However, what she didn't know, was that the man she'd hired, would be secretly working for the Shinobi that wished for Seigetsu's death. The hired man was named Isame Soga, quite renowned throughout the village. Isamu would get so close with Seigetsu, that Ayame - Seigetsu's mother - would begin to call Isamu her son, and Seigetsu would call him "big brother". A few years past, and Isamu's employer - the man that wanted Seigetsu dead - decided that Isamu needed to hurry. And it would need to be done that exact night. Isamu was stricken, but he thought he'd be doing the right thing, by protecting the village, from a possible Madara remake. So that night, he took baited Seigetsu into coming along by telling him they'd be going on a stroll. A hobby Seigetsu loved, and it would be better to do with his mentor. Seigetsu grabbed his gunbai, a tool he always had at his side. After walking through the night for what seemed to be half an hour, Seigetsu looked up at Isamu who's eyes were filled with tears. He had his sword in hand, and quickly swung at Seigetsu, cutting him along the shoulder.

Seigetsu looked at Isamu, who'd by this time wiped his tears, and lunged at Seigetsu with his sword in hand. Seigetsu however, was trained by this very man, and already, with his opposing arm drew his gunbai and blocked Seigetsu. Summoning a shadow clone, Isamu proceeded to attack Seigetsu , while the boy would half-way stand a chance. Seigetsu called out and asked Isamu what was going on, Isamu however continued his lethal assault. Isamu cornered Seigetsu for the last time, and Seigetsu asked why. Isamu responded telling him, all the time they were together was fake. From the very beginning it was all a mission. Upon these words, Seigetsu's conscious was lost. His Sharingan activated all on its own, it's red scalera became black, and it's tomoe became red. Spinning rapidly, it turned into a triple bladed shuriken, then it sat and rested. As Isamu continued to land a final blow, Seigetsu's left eye began to bleed, and Isamu's entire body became engulfed by black flames. Listening to the screeches of his mentor, Seigetsu was able to come back to his senses, and with his eyes, he was able to quell the flames. Which would result in sparing Isamu's life. He would be spared because of the relation between him and Seigetsu, and Seigetsu not wanting become a victim of the of his clan's curse.

The tomoe of Seigetsu's Mangekyō Sharingan is filled with three enlarged tomoe, with circles towards the top, connected at the outside rim of the eye. Each tomoe respectively appears as if they are circling inside the eye. The pattern of Seigetsu's Mangekyō is known as the "Straight Tomoe" (直巴, Choku Tomoe), which gives Seigetsu an even higher capability of reading his opponents movements and to fluidly act upon. Most Mangekyō Sharingan, prolonged and regular usage upon its ocular powers can deteriorate the wielder's vision, however for Seigetsu this case is non existent. "Well, it is possible to argue that it is because emotions arise from the mind. The mind produces spiritual energy, necessary for chakra, and it is a form of spiritual energy tied into that degree of hatred that gives birth to the Sharingan and even the Mangekyō Sharingan. However, it is at this point that the spiritual energy becomes so strong that an imbalance between yin and yang occurs within the body of the Uchiha; which leads to blindness. They must acquire the "physical energy", which is present in a living being's cells, of a fellow Uchiha that bears a similar degree of chakra to them. In other words, a close family member. How do that get that? By stealing their eyes. Physical energy exists in a living being's cells, including the cells of their eyes. Acquiring that physical energy and implanting it returns the Uchiha to a state of equilibrium, offsetting the incoming blindness.

With his left eye, Seigetsu can cast the renowned and feared Amaterasu, the black flames. With his right eye, he is able to manipulate the black flames, shaping them so that he could control the flames freely. Seigetsu has applied the Amaterasu to his bukijutsu, taijutsu, and etc. Giving to use of it more variety, and as stated by his mother, he's most likely the last to live with such capabilities past Sasuke Uchiha. So much, the Seigetsu has developed a technique which allows him to handle a straight line of foes with the Amaterasu. He also has a technique which deals with opponents that have dodging capabilities of his own, which uses the black flames then burst out like a porcupine.

Sigmas Rinnegan

Seigetsu utilizing Susanoo's ribcage.

After the activation of both his Mangekyō techniques, Seigetsu was able to unlock the Susanoo. Seigetsu unlike the other users of the Susanoo, relies on partial parts of the structure. This being, ribs, hands, legs, and it's tools. Using the upper portion of it, he basically gets the Susanoo's torso and head, along with its tools. Seigetsu's Susanoo, wields two different tools. Ajax, otherwise known as the Hero's Shield: the shield grants Seigetsu's Susanoo the ability to absorb, not only any technique, but use the technique to his own extent. It also works as a functions, to absorbs the souls of the opponents, otherwise known as sealing them away. Seigetsu commonly refers to the shield as the "Hero Shield" — the only shield he ever used capable of saving him. In his Susanoo's right hand sits a sword, which is known as Nemesis. The blade is extremely powerful, as it seems to get more destructive the more angrier he gets. Nemesis can shift into different weapons as well, however, from what Seigetsu has exhibited, the sword has only transformed into a gunbai.

The special chakra is in the brain, which allows the evolution of an Uchiha's Mangekyō. If Seigetsu absorbs this "special chakra" he can achieve, Eternal Mangekyō Sharingan. A person, is given/absorbs a portion of tailed beast chakra. They turn into a pseudo tailed beast. At first the eyes emit a special chakra, to get from Sharingan to Mangekyō Sharingan, however, if you were to absorb that special chakra, an Eternal Mangekyō Sharingan will be born. One can absorb that "special energy" to gain an Eternal Mangekyō Sharingan, and as they absorb the energy from a host, they gain their abilities.


"Seigetsu after gaining the Rinnegan"
— Even with these eyes, I am still no different from who I was once before. I still want to save everyone, I still want to hold everyone. I mourn to see the day the world is rid of evil, and when the earth can finally dance and rejoice after being freed of its agony.

"These eyes in the past have been seen as pure destruction. A force which has caused chaos throught the ninja lands. Most would consider it as a curse, making those who weild it destroyers of the world. But, you are the living proof that this myth is what it is, a myth. You are not a destroyer, you're a peace bringer."
— A Soga clansmen

The Rinnegan (輪廻眼, Literally meaning: Saṃsāra Eye) is reputed as the most exalted eyes amongst the Three Great Dōjutsu (三大瞳術, San Daidōjutsu, Literally meaning: Three Great Eye Techniques), along with the Byakugan and the Sharingan. While its progenitor was first seen in Kaguya Ōtsutsuki as the Rinne Sharingan, its true form first manifested in her son, the Sage of the Six Paths. It is characterised by a ripple-like pattern which spreads over the eyeball, with light purple sclerae and irides, and also has another variant containing a pattern of six tomoe.

Being forced to kill for what he always believed was the right reason, became concerned. Confronting his master about the way of the Satsujinken, learned that it had no point and that he should continue to kill the weak. Without being able to hold back he attacks Sarutobi, but is easily pushed to a corner. Readying his final attack to lay Seigetsu out, Sarutobi strikes, and with a sudden glow of his eyes, Sarutobi would be nothing but smithereens, and remains of what could be his corpse.

It is said that in times when the world is in disorder, a person is sent down from the heavens to become either a "God of Creation" who will calm the world, or a "Destroyer" who will reduce everything to nothingness. The Rinnegan originated from Kaguya Ōtsutsuki's Rinne Sharingan, and was first truly manifested by her son, Hagoromo Ōtsutsuki, who came to be revered as the Sage of the Six Paths by using his dōjutsu to create the groundwork that brought forth all modern ninjutsu. The world is now in chaos, those known as the Black Crown are on the active move, with addition to "masters" and fakers just like Old Man Yama before them. Seigetsu, who'd acquired the Creation of All Things, and through his activity and trails had literally been worshiped, would be the new vessel, sitting not on the side of the "Destroyer", but on the side of the "Creator".

Seigetsu believes, that instead of starting fights, that he should connect people through the strong will of his spiritual energy, or what we know of it as, ninshū. With some people however, they don't care about the world, nor the people other than themselves, and try, instead of picking themselves up, want to bring others down so that they can feel superior. Thus these people do not want to be understood, and are threats to the world therefore forging Seigetsu to resort to the defensive capabilities of his physical energy. Where the birth of the Rinnegan came forth. The physical energy, that stood for the spiritual energy to connect humans manifested as the heavenly dōjutsu, the Rinnegan. Which the Rinnegan, is his way of defensive, representing his physical energy. While his ninshū, offensive or his way of connection people represented his spiritual energy.

Seig Rinnegan

Seigetsu's unique Rinnegan activates.

Seigetsu wields the sacred eyes known as the Rinnegan, an eye held by only a handful within his clan. His Rinnegan is much more natural than others of his clan, and unlike others didn't receiver it through the chakra of a predecessor, but instead after reaching a level of enlightenment with himself. This would be known as his form of inner peace. Seigetsu is able to switch between where his Rinnegan lies; making it appear in his left eye, right eye, or both eyes. He has stated, that this is for more versatility. In addition to his ability to switch eyes, his Rinnegan takes on various different colors, with a more darken colored purple being its main color. When his Rinnegan was first awakened he had only three tomoe on it. After his training with his godfather, Raido X, he was able to grow three more tomoe totaling six. His Rinnegan grants him mastery over all of the basic natures, or so they say, but he is only seen utilizing the lightning and fire releases. The eye also grants him the ability to see chakra in its purest form. Being able to detect if someone is in a genjutsu with ease. It seems that with his Rinnegan active he becomes nearly immune to genjutsu techniques. Also being able to cast a Rinnegan-based genjutsu. His ninjutsu and Taijutsu become nearly unparalleled to even masters in the fields. Things that are stated to be "invisible" become visible to his eyes, allowing nearly nothing to hide from his eyes. He can also create chakra rods, which allow him to immobilize his opponents, and speak with them. Due to the extensive features granted by the Rinnegan, Seigetsu calls the Samasara Eye the Eyes of Justice (瞳の正大, Dōseidai).

First displayed we he awakened the Rinnegan, Seigetsu showed the ability to use the Shinra Tensei to pushing back Sarutobi. This indeed would confirm that Seigetsu's Rinnegan gave him access to the Six Paths Technique. Raido's intense training forged Seigetsu to unlock the rest of the paths. As each path unfolded, Seigetsu began to give a purpose to each one. Seigetsu had unlocked each path within the span of one year. With this ability, he is able to simultaneously mix each and every path together, and use then coordinately to fit the situation. This makes it hard to fight Seigetsu on any scale. After the training of each path, Seigetsu throughout his very own journey, was able to find a hidden path, known as the Inner Path.

  • Animal Path (畜生道, Chikushōdō): This path grants a Rinnegan user the ability of summoning various animals and creatures to aid it in battle. These creatures appear to be immortal, as they were killed and later summoned again. Worthy of note, summoning creatures through the Animal Path require no blood sacrifice or hand seals. The Animal Path can also summon people; that of which requires hand signs, and his only displayed summon, was Metsumi Hanabara (Rebirth). Tactics wise, the Animal Path's primary role in battle appears to consist on overwhelming multiple opponents with a barrage of summons.
This path is the aggregate of all summonings, it extensively gives one the ability to move past that of regular summonings. One could summon any of the beast that are primary contracted to the Rinnegan. However, Seigetsu's way doesn't influence him to summon the mindless creatures displayed by Nagato, or by his paths using the Six Paths of Pain. Instead, Seigetsu summons natural animals, like those of regular the summoning technique, yet not as basic. For each beast that Nagato used, Seigetsu has a perfect replacement. Despite this, Seigetsu still have the ability to summon the mindless beasts, but isn't his preference.
His first summoning, is the falcon. However, this is no ordinary falcon, it is the Peregrine Falcon, a large crow-sized falcon, varying blue in color with a mix of gray on its back. Seigetsu uses the peregrine because of its tenacity, but more so it's speed. The Peregrine Falcon is stated to be the fastest animal of the bird species. Which works well with Seigetsu who is a wanderer and is usually trying to get to dad distances in a short period of time. As for a replacement of the chameleon, Seigetsu instead calls forth a large Gecko. This Gecko has pretty much the same capabilities as a normal one. However, it's camouflage ability is next to nothing in comparison. It can blend in with all of its surrounds, even partially. In size it's comparable to Hanzo'a salamanders.
  • Deva Path (天道, Tendō): The Deva grants the user the ability to manipulate attractive and repulsive forces with objects and people. These gravity manipulating techniques, however, cannot be performed in rapid succession; the amount of time required to recharge after use varies depending on the scale of the technique used, five seconds being the basic minimum. The Deva Path also grants another ability: Chibaku Tensei which allows the user to create a huge makeshift terrestrial body from all the surrounding matter that is attracted to a black sphere released by this technique.

Seigetsu's Shinra Tensei through simply snapping his fingers.

Almighty Push (神羅天征, Shinra Tensei): Depending on the amount of chakra the user puts into this technique, its strength and area of effect can be greatly increased. By using this technique as a defensive measure, all attacks directed at the user will be deflected, spiritual or physical, no matter the size, nature, power or mass, it can easily shatter wood, bones, metal, or stone walls. It was also seen capable of repelling flames caught on the user's body. Shinra Tensei can be used on a larger scale for massive destruction. A massive amount of repulsive force is placed above the target, crushing everything beneath in an enormous explosion.
  • Inner Path (内道, Naidō): The Seventh Path unlocked by Seigetsu and unique only to his Rinnegan.



Strategy and Deception


Sigma Stats

Former Abilities

Creation and Concept

Seigetsu went under the former name, Shobi Uchiha, which was deleted. Then there was Sigma Uchiha. The Sigma Uchiha I am speaking off, is one you guys don't know about. Shobi was the jinchūriki of the nonexistent Eleven Tailed Beast. Yeah, you can see when I first came, I sucked. Straight like that. Shobi was just a no. I revamped him after his deletion, then started on Sigma Uchiha, whom was better than Shobi, but still sucked. After hearing about the information of the Ten Tails, I instantly made Sigma the Ten-Tails' jin. After Naruto gained control over the Nine-Tails, that new transformation peaked my interest and I created: Ten-Tails Chakra Mode. The application system was formed and I was forced to apply for everything he had. After being barely approved for the things I had, I took a shot at applied Rinnegan, which I luckily got.

Sigma Uchiha sucked as well. He went through a taijutsu phase and a Kaguya Ootsutsuki evil phase. It was then, Sigma had scored number 6 on User:Silver-Haired Seireitou's Top 10 blog. Since the start of Fanon Canon rebirth, I decided to take a more peaceful route with Seigetsu. It was something I hadn't seen done properly among any Uchiha on the site, or any character at all. I transformed Seigetsu into a dhammic who couldn't fight and would only protect. After a while though, Seigetsu learned that it is okay to battle and fight around with the Shinobi of the World, but he is also weary of doing no evil.


  • Seigetsu's original intended name was always Seigetsu, but was made as "Sigma Uchiha". After a translation from User:Silver-Haired Seireitou, EmperorSigma, went with the orignal name, Seigetsu Uchiha.
  • Seireitou also discoverred that "Seigetsu" and his moniker "Light Bringer" worked hand and hand.
  • His first name is Seigetsu and his last name Uchiha, his full name is "Seigetsu Sōzōshin Uchiha". Sōzōshin means "God of Creation".


  • (Seigetsu) "I am the hope of the Universe. I am the answer to all living things who cry out for peace. I am protector of the innocent. I am the light in the darkness. I am truth... ally to good, nightmare to you. I am justice!"
  • (Seigetsu to the villagers of Kirigakure) "What's outwards peace, without inner peace?"

  • (To Konoha during ceremony) "After the betrayal of Madara Uchiha, the trust that people held for the Uchiha began to wither away into thin air. Yet, the Second Hokage gave us a second chance at, and tried to trust us. He place is in charge of the Konoha Military Police Force and gave us a responsibility. Though, still then, we as Uchiha, tried to overthrow the system yet again. An Uchiha by the name of Itachi made a sacrifice that none of you wouldn't dare to make. He killed his own family..His brethren, for the sake of the village, and acted out as if it were his very own betrayal.. All for the sake of the village. Sasuke Uchiha, historical figure in all of the history books went rouge and attacked a jinchūriki. He extended his hatred out, so much that he interrupted an international summit held by the Five Kage, just to seek vengeance. What I'm saying is, I know the Uchiha are not to be trusted. Even after the fact that Sasuke helped defeat the biggest treat known to man. But, what I'm here to justify, is that I may be an Uchiha, but I reap a whole different cloth. I, just like the Seventh, know the pain of being hunted down for what people only classified as "beasts". I have shared the same pain as some of you, yet I too am of the tainted Uchiha clan..Though, even while tainted it is my origin! Each member, because of the past, shouldn't be held up just because we are to simple as humans, to give a second chance. I am too young, in fact the youngest Kage ever. Am I ask, is for you support. Your shoulders to lean on. Trust in believe, in my way of peace the way I have carved my own path to justice. Accept me, as an Uchiha. As a human, just like you. Accept me, as an equal, to be your Hokage!"


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