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Major Character
Name Senkai
Kanji 旋回
Romanji Senkai
Other Names Thunderbolt of the

Leaf (木ノ葉の落雷, Konoha no Rakurai)
Child of The Prophecy (予言の子, Yogen no Ko)
Saviour of this World (この世の救世主, Kono Yo no Kyūseishu)
God of Nature (自然の神, Shizen no Kami)
Yōkai (妖怪, lit. Phantom)

Personal Status
Birthdate Astrological Sign Leo January 05
Age 11-12 (Part I)
18-19 (Part II)
Gender File:20px-Gender Male.svg.png Male
Height 157.6 cm (Part I)
170.3 cm (Part II)
Weight 39.2 kg (Part I)
50.7 kg (Part II)
Blood Type B
Clan Hatake SymbolHatake Clan
Senju SymbolSenju Clan
Hometown Konohagakure Symbol Konohagakure
Home Country Land of Fire Symbol Land of Fire
Affiliation Zenith Zenith
Ninshu Symbol Ninshū Institute
Occupation Priest
Team Sakushū
Partner Senjō
Family Tenten (Mother)
Shin Hatake (Father)
Senjō (Adoptive Sister)
Rank Jōnin
Classification S-Rank (Pardonned)
Sensor Type
Grand Master
Ninja Registration Para-01
Academy Grad. Age 09
Chūnin Prom. Age 11
Jōnin Prom. Age 15
Kekkei Genkai Nature Icon YorimashiYorimashi
Nature Type Nature Icon WaterWater Release (Affinity)
Nature Icon EarthEarth Release
Nature Icon LightningLightning Release
Nature Icon FireFire Release
Nature Icon WindWind Release
Nature Icon YinYin Release
Nature Icon YangYang Release
Nature Icon Yin-YangYin-Yang Release
Jutsu Benzaiten
Branch of The Jewel Tree
Bringer-of-Darkness Technique
Chakra Exertion Technique
Chakra Suppression Technique
Chakra Transfer Technique
Contract Seal
Earth Release: Sandwich Technique
Eight Trigrams Sealing Style
Fire Release: Demon Lantern
Fire Release: Grand Flame Beam
Fire Release: Great Fire Annihilation
Fire Release: Great Fire Destruction
Flying Thunder God Slash
Flying Thunder God Technique
Flying Thunder God: Guiding Thunder
Four Heavenly Kings
Four Lobes
Four Red Yang Formation
Planetary Predominance (Manga Only)
Sage Art: Sunflower
Sage Art: Rain of The Goddess
Sage Mode
Shinobi Sect: August Star of Heaven
Summoning Technique (Slugs)
Uchiha Flame Formation
Volition of Gaia
Water Prison Technique
Water Release: Exploding Water Colliding Wave
Water Release: Water Dragon Bullet Technique
Tools Flying Thunder God Kunai

"In this very moment, the heavens have sent me the power which will be your demise. The will to protect the innocent flows in my blood, and grants me the sacred power to dwindle your twisted ambitions into nothing but a memory. My victory and your defeat is destiny which you cannot escape, now perish..!!"
— Senkai in Naruto Shippūden: Next Generation

Senkai (仙界, Senkai) is an elite shinobi of Konohagakure as well as the son of Tenten. Early in his adolescence, Senkai garnered a worldwide epithet as the Thunderbolt of the Leaf (木ノ葉の落雷, Konoha no Rakurai) for his incredible speeds —granted by his use of the Flying Thunder God Technique as well as his incredible natural speeds— and was acknowledged as one of the fastest shinobi in history.[1] He also became the adoptive brother of Konoha's most beautiful kunoichi, Senjō, after a fateful encounter in which the boy was noted to be the Child of The Prophecy (予言の子, Yogen no Ko) as well as the Saviour of this World (この世の救世主, Kono Yo no Kyūseishu) and would protect the world —with the aide of his comrades— from the impending darkness that threatened to destroy it. Later in his teenage years, Senkai's innate mastery and control over nature and its phenomena through natural energy —courtesy of his use of Sage Mode— granted him the epithet as the God of Nature (自然の神, Shizen no Kami), garnering him praise on a worldwide scale as one of the greatest shinobi the world had ever produced.

After the defection of his love interest and rival Tsukihime Uchiha to join the criminal organization named Zenith —as a means to find and fulfill her true purpose in life—, Senkai left Konoha to find and bring her back to the leaf, joining the treacherous organization under the guise as the Yōkai (妖怪, lit. Phantom), portraying a sinister role as a murderer in order to obtain information for the village as well as rise through the ranks of the organization. During this quest, however, he revealed his identity whilst saving an innocent woman, taking a fatal hit to the chest from Gekihen, which incapacitated him. This revelation shocked Tsukihime, who awakened her Mangekyō Sharingan and used it to distract the Zenith members whilst she escaped with Senkai and remained in hiding, honing her newfound skills whilst taking care of a comatose Senkai.


Prior to the dawn of Senkai's existence was Tenten, whom spent years grieving the death of his comrade, Neji Hyūga during the Fourth Great Ninja War. Eventually, an unknown man managed to shake her out of her stupor as she fell inlove with him and soon after fell pregnant. However, her happiness was cut short by the man's sudden death along with the fact that she would not be able to concieve the child through traditional means due to his weight; a whopping five kilograms. Upon birth, Tenten cherished her child, seeing it as a reminder of both Neji and her deceased lover, and gave the young infant, named Senkai, her utmost care and time. Tenten began to train the boy at an early age in weaponry, something which the toddler did not have much skill nor interest in. Senkai, as a result, would often escape from his mother's sight to play with others whom were particularly stronger and fiercer than him. As a result, Senkai was constantly bullied, but never detered from attempting to play with them. As he reached seven years, he had enough, and one day incapacitated six of his older older peers, thereinafter instructing them to never dare bully him again. This encounter served as a catalyst to Senkai's personality, as his innocence and curiousity as a child became obscured by apathy and indifference towards the world itself and it's current state. Through this, Senkai had an epiphany that only power and eminence were the true methods to establishing peace in the world.

Consequently, Senkai began to train solely, barely taking time to socialize with others. He eventually entered the academy at the age of eight, and within this educational facilities regarding the ways of a shinobi, he made a laughing stock out of prodigies, excelling beyond belief in each and every single aspect of his studies. Senkai read every single detail of instruction and trained whenever he had the chance, and never bonded with others. Namazu Uchiha, a young boy who was the younger son of the Human Torch; Densetsu Uchiha, approached Senkai and declared his desire to surpass the young boy, referring himself as Senkai's rival. However, Senkai, due to his apathy and lack of knowledge for the true meaning of bonds shared between comrades, ignored the young boy's one-sided rivalry and dismissed it to be immature behaviour.

Upon his graduation at the age of eleven, he was enrolled in a team along with Namazu, led by Namazu's older brother Juro Uchiha. Due to his analytical nature, Senkai quickly perceived that his sensei had a deep issue in his mind, which was then revealed to be the defection of and crimes caused by his old friend as well as his greatest failure, Gekihen.[1] However, Senkai ignored this as he simply did not care, and was indifferent about the feelings of others. The team would perform multiple missions for Konoha, and all three would be shortly promoted to chūnin rank. A while after his promotion, Senkai encountered a strange old woman in Konoha, who requested to tell the boy what lies in his future. However, after she did, Senkai remained skeptic and apathetic, and his profanity led to him being expelled from the woman's place.

Soon after this encounter, Senkai met one of Konoha's prettiest shinobi, Senjō, with whom he did not make a good impression, due to the boy's attitude and personality. ~in progress~


During his childhood, Senkai showed innocence and a laid back attitude, and would often attempt to befriend others. Despite his attempts being usually in vain, he would not give up trying to forge friendships with others. However, this personality changed when the young man fought and incapacitated his older pears —an action which proved as a catalyst to his personality and perspective— and deemed bonds and friendships to be nothing but a hindrance in his quest for peace. Soon, Senkai's persona took a drastic change, as he would begin to seclude himself from his peers and thus would never attempt to socialize nor form bonds with them. His reclusive behaviour went to greater lengths as he began to grow older, and as such, he never formed any relationships with others, his only friend was himself and himself only. Senkai's behaviour led to him being stoic and apathetic, bearing little or no care for others around him. This apathy and nonchalant behaviour was evident in his lack of manners and formalities when speaking to anyone. As he did not have any care for others around him, Senkai showed no respect for anyone no matter the power or influence they hold, and would often use profanity towards anyone he is acquainted with. Despite knowing that profanity was frowned upon by society, Senkai simply did not care because —as far as he knew— he was not harming anyone with his own words.

Senkai's behaviour led to him garnering spite from the rest of the villagers, and often many of the other shinobi would cringe at the thought of being teamed up with the young man. His reclusive behaviour was also evident in his brutal fighting methods, as he simply fought to kill and did not care of the consequences as he deemed it to be in the interests of the village. This attitude, however, soon began to crumble upon the young man meeting Senjō, as the woman had unknowingly planted a seed of doubt in his mind concerning the path he had chosen in life. Upon meeting and conversing with Yoshiro in Kusagakure, the latter's words were embedded within Senkai's mind, and it drove him to further question the path he had chosen to take. This had a powerful effect on Senkai, as he could barely sleep for weeks, and his mission record had begun to suffer. It was only after Senkai began to talk to Sayuri Uchiha —a kunoichi whom had similar struggles in her younger years— that Senkai's personality and attitude began to improve. Senkai began to include himself with others and started to socialize. He remained quiet amongst others, something misconcepted to be shyness. In truth, Senkai merely remained quiet around other people because he was trying to observe and learn social mannerisms. Gradually, the young man began to open up to others and showed a much kinder and caring side, slowly removing the dark and mysterious persona he had before.

Senkai, however, also resorted to learning ninshū; a religious method created by the Sage of Six Paths as a means to connect people together, allowing them to understand each other without the need for communication. It was a tedious task, but Senkai began to connect to others, and through those connections, he learnt about their unique personalities, virtues and emotions, adopting such traits to himself as well as getting a better understanding of human beings. Through this connection, Senkai was also able to tap into his own true colors, and his true persona easily became evident in his actions. He became a pacifist and rarely wanted to harm a soul. Through these thousands of connections with others as well as his own persona, he began to cherish and value human life, and thus would not want to kill anyone, no matter what they have done. The mere thought —let alone the sight— of the innocent being killed and slaughtered caused shivers to his heart, and he would go to great lengths to ensure that he protected others with all his might. Senkai also remained an optimist and naïve person, as he would always hope for the best in the most dire of situations. This naïve attitude as well as his optimism led to him facing the toughest of challenges and threats with his head held high. As such, he was fearless and not scared of death nor the gravity of the situation. However, through this fearless and brave stature lied arrogance, and Senkai slowly became extremely overconfident in his own power and limits, and thus was never scared of any opponent, deeming them to be equal or inferior to his own might.

Indominable Will


Through the experiences in his lifetime, spanning from the teachings of his mother up to the experiences of the thousands of people with whom he had acquired a mental connection with, Senkai had grown spiritually, and attained a higher state of mind. Through this, he would make his own "nindō" (忍道, Ninja Way) evident; which would be always standing up against injustice, even at the cost of his own life. This nindō served as the foundation of Senkai's personality as well as his ideals, stemming from the voices of a thousand people, whom had also possessed similar ideals. In fact, some of these people were the inspiration of his nindō, and served as his own source of strength to never give in even when all hope seems lost. Due to it being the main foundation of his ideals and disposition, he holds great value to his nindō, and would go to great lengths to preserve his ninja way, even pushing himself beyond his own limits and thus subsequently awakening the power he needs to save the world from the evil that seeks to destroy it as well as preserving and protecting his own ninja way. Due to this disposition, he is not afraid of death and remains courageous at the face of any threat that is imposed on him, his village as well as the world at large.


Having inherited his mother and father's good looks, Senkai was a man who possessed astounding beauty. He has a smooth jawline and chiselled features in his light-skinned body. He had luscious brown hair neatly combed, with every strand having perfect length to accentuate his perfected facial features, also finely matching with his hazel eyes. In his younger years, his attire was more casual, and consisted of a white shirt with the upper buttons unbuttoned, black trousers and boots. His forehead protecter rested in his left leg and it's metal plate was placed in black-coloured cotton.

Nearing the end of his adolescence, his attire changed drastically. He was now clad in a black leather jacket with a grey undershirt, latter of which was neatly tucked into his black trousers. He had a black sash around his left shoulder stretching to the right side of his waist, containing multiple small scrolls which kept his equipment. Finishing off his attire were calf-length black boots. His body had always been perfectly toned and had the right amount of, if any, body fat due to the frequent training adapted by Senkai.

During his time within the ranks of Zenith, he retained his appearance, but discarded his belt and signature weapon, the Kamiken, as well as his entire weaponry and sash, due to it risking him being detected by Tsukihime. His face was altered due to his use of a transformation technique similar to that of Tsunade's, and he was percieved as a man with a large scar in his face, diagonally stretching from his left eye up to the right-hand-side end of his lips. He also discarded his boots for special sandals, which were popularly worn during the Warring States Era.


The true measure of Senkai's potential and power has been the subject of debate for many whom have witnessed the young man in action. Wielding an endless repertoire of abilities, his vast array of skills garnered the attention of the entire shinobi world. Fitting for his eminence and power, he was heralded with the title as the current God of Shinobi (忍の神, Shinobi no Kami) in his later years. The true extent of his power remains a mystery even for his closest friends, as he has achieved, and still continues to achieve the peak of power that the other shinobi can only hope to attain. A testament to his prowess in battle is the mere fact that some villages ordered their shinobi to flee if they were to ever face him in combat.

Due to his accumulated expertise, experience as well as his noteworthy accomplishments during his life, despite his young age, he has become renowned as one of the strongest shinobi alive, and procured an immeasurable number of titles and epithets in his lifetime. His power undisputably rivalled that of the kage and his fearsome stature was well-earned. As a result of Senkai being the wielder of such power, he was literally a thrump card for the leaf village, and his postulated “defection” filled the unknowing civilans as well as the shinobi of Konoha, as well as that of the world, with immense fear upon the destructive prowess of Senkai that would be brought upon them. Small village leaders strengthened their security to mantain a false sense of safety for their civilians, despite knowing quite will that the young man's notoriety was enough to invoke endless fear within their hearts.

Chakra and Control

From a young age, Senkai possessed high levels of chakra. Additionally, his chakra was relatively strong and potent. As he grew up, he was taught by his mother to control the chakra he wields in order to make proper use of it. Gradually, his control began to developed to the point where he was close to match his mother's own; a highly admirable feat considering Senkai's age as well as Tenten's vast experience in comparison with his young son. After entering the academy, Senkai had high expectations due to his incredible prodigious talent, and was the centre of attention for the experienced instructors, whom had began to aide Senkai to properly control his chakra and not waste it. As expected, he was a fast learner and easily mastered his control to match and surpass his teachers, being compared to —though not close to matching— Tsunade. As his control was almost close to perfection, he was instructed to slowly meditate to match his strong vitality and, upon doing so, garnered large reserves of chakra, and difficulty to control it began to show. However, he still slowly adapted until he could properly manage his abundant reserves of chakra.

Senkai, upon his own realization that power was the true key to peace, began to train in solitude, and gradually honed his skill in chakra control. Eventually, his control far surpassed most jonin-level shinobi in the village, and was noted by Senkai himself to surpass Tsunade. Through his training, he managed to control the chakra with absolutely no effort, easily controlling his flow of chakra with merely his mind to release and —when expecting it— negate genjutsu without the need for manual dissipation of the aforementioned ability. He had the capability to exert and absorb the chakra around him to a certain range, latter of which requires extremely close proximity. Additionally, he could transfer chakra to a person with the briefest of contact, and could use it whilst it flows within their system for a variety of purposes including paralysis and genjutsu inducement. His incredible chakra control skills allowed him to learn a vast array of difficult techniques with less effort than other shinobi.


Senkai's most prominent skill, despite his tremendous overall skill in a vast array of criterias, is Ninjutsu. His mastery over the use of ninja techniques is incredible, as a result of training with shinobi such as Tenten, Juro Uchiha and even Yukimura Senju, all of which have carved their names in the history of shinobi. His abilities vary from different components of ninjutsu, allowing him to adapt to any form of ninjutsu combat and thus increase his unpredictability.

Nature Transformation

Senkai possessed limitless potential, even at a young age, evident by his prodigious talent during the academy. Upon his promotion to genin level, he was enlisted to Team Juro under the leadership of Juro Uchiha: one of the finest shinobi Konoha had ever produced. During this time, he had discovered his natural affinity to be Water Release, and thus a lot of focus was put into the nature. Senkai quickly adapted and learnt a variety of water-based techniques from his sensei, and —courtesy of his prodigious skill and analytical nature— he began to analyse various water-based techniques from other shinobi including allies and opponents, gradually replicating their process through sheer skill and photographic memory. His control of water also allowed him to control another person's water —which is highly abundant within almost every single human being— and control their movements, such as inflicting a pull or push from a distance. However, this feat requires the target to have Senkai's chakra within their chakra network, which is used as the medium to control their water.

Upon mastering water release, he began to show interest in other natures. Juro, being a powerful user of the fire release as well as wind release, became the centre of attention for Senkai, whom observed with scrutiny every single technique performed by him, and was able to perform the Uchiha Clan's signature Fire Release: Great Fireball Technique after watching it's use countless times during missions. Due to his solitary training, he had a lot of free time to improve his skills, and began to alter the shape and nature of his chakra. This granted him the ability to wield other natures as well as improve the fire and water natures.

Through keen studying and analysis, he was able to note some of the village's top-tier shinobi as well as grasp their vast array of nature techniques. Senkai also learned what would be a catalyst to his skill in the use of nature manipulation. Each nature had a certain handseal which is used to trigger it, such as the Fire Release being the tiger and Earth Release being the Snake. Through the use of these handseals, he was able to slightly have an effect with pre-existing earth as well as his own fire-based techniques. Upon further studying of this technique, he managed to control the natures through applying his perfect chakra control in addition to the single handseal. Through his chakra control, he was able to shape water, fire and earth into various techniques instead of manouvering through thousands of hanseals, and thus could perform it with merely a single one. Additionally, he was able to learn the basics of the wind release from his sensei, whom had mastered the nature himself. He began to use that information in synchronization with his chakra control, gradually learning to apply the peak of shape transformation to the nature. The last nature, which was the most difficult for Senkai, was the lightning release. Despite his perfect chakra control and skill within other natures, he was failing to properly wield lightning release, especially for offensive purposes. However, Senkai was able to gradually learn the basics of lightning release until he began to flourish within its use, however he was still unable to control it and inaccurate in his offensive attempts. Through his ingenouity, he devised the idea to transform his weakness into a strength through forming a defensive manouvure of the nature, and created Charge, which allows him to manipulate lightning release chakra to shroud him before releasing it in an omni-directional sphere-like manner, electrocuting and repelling anyone within a certain range.

Medical Ninjutsu

From his tutelage under Yukimaru Senju and Iyasu, he managed to grasp the concept of healing techniques, incorporating them with senjutsu to gain tremendous results. He also became one of a few medical-nin allowed to go into battle, though this was done after extensive thought and discussion from the council due to his immense healing abilities making him a major asset of the leaf. Being a skilled medic, he was deemed to be able to learn the Strength of a Hundred Seal, which allows the user to store chakra within a specific point in their body, most prominently being the forehead. However, despite his great chakra control, he was not able to learn it due to Katsuyu's lack of complete knowledge of the technique as well as the fact that Senkai's body began to reject a certain amount of chakra, thus preventing him from storing any formidably high amount of chakra, and therefore he resorted to senjutsu as an alternative to attain immense healing powers.

Through his training along with Iyasu, he obtained immense skill within the art of healing techniques whilst incorporating senjutsu, and could recreate cells to regrow lost limbs of people through natural energy, his knowledge of the human anatomy as well as concentration. Through using medical ninjutsu with senjutsu, he created a name for himself as one of Konoha's best medics, as well as being a major asset of the village.

Space-Time Ninjutsu

Space-Time Ninjutsu was another sub-category of ninjutsu which Senkai mastered. From the tender age of eleven, Senkai's prodigious talent and natural speed garnered the attention of Iwashi Tatami a retired former member of the Hokage Guard Platoon, whom had been looking for someone talented enough to pass down the secrets of the Flying Thunder God Technique, which Senkai responded with apathy upon being chosen. However, Iwashi did not take it into concern due to Senkai's young nature, and taught the boy the basics and principles of the technique, leaving him to figure other aspects on his own. Senkai became fond of the technique —or rather, the power it can grant him— and arduously trained to master it with merely its conception as well as his own intuition. Senkai mastered it to an incredible extent, and formed his own derivatives through the technique in unison with his Kenjutsu, Taijutsu as well as Barrier Ninjutsu.


Senkai Teleporting

Upon mastering Sage Mode, Senkai began to study about the natural energy, unlocking it's various secrets. One of these unknown secrets was the fact that natural energy was the most abundant source, existing even in the space-time continuum. Through self-training and constant studying of this form of energy, he began to manipulate nature through his sage form, and created an ability named the Shirakurai—due to the color it produces when initiated—which allows him to instantaneously teleport himself nearly anywhere via the natural energy, thus allowing him to teleport nearly anywhere in the universe. However, this ability came at the cost of de-activation of Senkai's Sage Mode, due to it exhausting all of his natural energy despite the amount, and thus could only be used in dire situations.


Senkai's Space-Time Boundary

Senkai began to add his own creativity through the manipulation of the space-time continuum through the use of natural energy, and would then create the ability to form an impenetrable space-time barrier through portals that are interconnected with each side of the barrier, and would vaccuum an attack from one side and release it from the opposite, rendering the strongest attacks useless.

Barrier Ninjutsu

Senkai had spawned curiosity in the use of barriers from a young age, presumed to be influenced by his uneering desire to protect the innocent. In his adolescence, that inquisitiveness and thirst for knowledge led to him learning more about the use of barriers from the veteran shinobi in Konoha. In his quest, he was able to acquire knowledge about the Four Red Yang Formation, which the First, Second, Third and Fourth Hokage had previously wielded. Due to his prodigious talent and change in attitude, the older shinobi of Konoha were able to acquire knowledge of the barrier and it's requirements. Senkai was able to gradually learn how to form the barrier through the help of corporeal clones of himself, however, each time he would be exhausted in it's use, due to the amount of chakra it consumes. After months of training, Senkai mastered the barrier, and executed it in a manner that detached him from the typical users of the technique: he displayed the ability to form all four coners of the barrier from a single point without the aid of a clone nor a partner. This made it more efficient for him in battle, as his clones or other users of the barrier could perform other tasks with minimum constraints that they would be subjected to if they assisted him in keeping the barrier active.

As he learnt and mastered Senjutsu, Senkai's interest in barriers led him to using them in tandem with natural energy, thus strengthening them to massive proportions. Using the natural energy, which was abundant in all of nature, he was able to control the space-time continuum to an extent, and formed a Space-Time Boundary barrier through the use of interconnected portals. By connecting space, which is distant from each other, through a portal, Senkai was able to make anything passing through that portal to reach the other space without ever contacting the occupied space in-between them. This allowed the barrier to be literally nigh-invincible, as anything contacting it would exit through the opposite end, never contacting the space in-between, which Senkai was in. However, he was not satisfied as the barrier was only large enough to protect himself only, and resorted to further studies of it's use.


Hand-to-hand combat, from a young age, wasn't one of his best skills, and he would always attempt to win with sly tactics in combat sparring match in the academy. As he grew older, he managed to learn the Strong Fist from his godfather; Rock Lee whom was previously Tenten's teammate. His skill with taijutsu afterwards flourished, and soon he developed his own taijutsu style, which incorporates ninjutsu to put the opponent in compromising positions, then capitalizing on it.


Senkai, from a very early age, possessed mighty strength, and would usually arm-wrestle with his mother. He had always lost, causing his childish persona for that time to desire victory even more. He began to train by lifting weights, increasing them by two kilograms every day. Once more he attempted, and his mother was aware of the determination of his little boy and let him win, despite his still lower strength in comparison to her. Senkai, due to his incredible chakra control, managed to learn the chakra-enhanced strength, which increased his already gruesome strength to tremendous levels. He could easily create huge craters by simply slamming the ground.

By incorporating this strength with Senjutsu and his overall speed, he became a force to be reckoned with, matching the eight gates in terms of power. Using his special fighting style, he could trip opponents and then give them absolutely little-to-no time to react by capitalizing on their state.


Senkai possessed a natural affinity towards speed as well as great reflexes and agility. As he grew older, his speed naturally grew on it's own without the need for advanced training. Due to the training regime he put himself through whilst training in solitary, the growth of his overall speed accelerate tremendously. Due to speed being one of his best criterias, he put a lot of focus with it in order to master it to it's peak. Having learnt the rudementary Body Flicker Technique in the academy, Senkai made proper use within the skill, and advanced to a higher level of mastery in terms of speed through this technique. It became a natural instinct to him; a reflex instantaneously occuring within his own movements. His feet and hands became incredibly fast through a "natural" occurence, having been influence by his own speed. Through this, even wielders of blessed eyes had difficulty percieving his blows.

Due to his mastery of Sage Mode, his physical power —which included strength, speed and reflexes— was bolstered to another level, and as such, the speed of Senkai was greatly enhanced. His reaction time was also improved, and the speed of his blows was at an even faster rate than before. This made him a formidable combatant in hand-to-hand combat, as even Taijutsu experts had difficulty with his pace.

Upon mastering the Four Lobes, his speed reached an incredible state, far transcending normal shinobi, including those highly trained in taijutsu. Through his use of the second and third lobe, his speed is incredible, nearly matching the Eigth of the Eight Gates, the former being closer to the aforementioned technique's level, if not matching it. In addition with Senjutsu in either stages, Senkai's speed is incredible, and speed transcends the Eight Gates. However, the drawback is that fatigue is higher once both techniques are ceased, and the second stage with Sage Mode can even cause the user to faint. The fourth lobe is the pinnacle of Senkai's speed, far surpassing the second and third, even when either are used in addition to senjutsu. During this stage, Senkai's speed is at an unprecedented and unmatched level, far exceeding the eight gates and matching short-range teleportation, however it does also possess a drawback in which Senkai's body —specifically his nerves and muscles— begins to shut down and disintegrate until eventual death if there isn't any advanced medical help. Senkai also suffers tunnel vision which increases with the duration of the stage being active. In the use of this stage along with senjutsu, Senkai's speed surpasses even that of a ten-tails host, and is regarded as outright insane. Through this, Senkai is able to wield god-like speed, though suffering the same effects of the fourth stage at a faster rate.


Being a natural pacifist —even in his younger years— it seemed reasonable that Senkai showed interest in the use of illusions, as they did not employ physical harm towards his opponents. During multiple adventures with his teams accross other lands and nations, he was able to observe the various genjutsu performed by shinobi, whether friend or foe. Through his intuition and prodigious skill, he was able to mimic these illusions down to the last detail. His natural intelligence served as a key factor in the use of such illusions, as he was able to learn these illusions from pure observation alone. Upon grasping the mechanisms behind these illusions, he was able to form his own, using his knowledge of the functions of genjutsu as a medium. His application was in a different manner, as it involved time-wasting as well as strategy to swiftly disarm the opponent and thus defeat them. Through employing genjutsu to others, he would make the illusion itself to blend in with the current scenario, and the victim would not suspect a thing. Through this, he is able to put his illusions into effect slowly so as not to give off their existence. Once this is initiated, Senkai swiftly takes less than a few seconds to subdue the opponent in reality, whilst his senses are manipulated to make it seem as if nothing happened. This allows Senkai to easily dispatch opponents without physical harm.

As he grew older, his skill in the application of genjutsu reached a broader level, as he could easily cast it on multiple targets without them noticing. This, however, requires much more focus, as he must keep each target from suspecting anything by replicating the personalities and quirks of others separately, with each victim witnessing a different action simultaneously without doubting that particular person of doing the action visualized by Senkai in the illusion. This complex skill was tedious, but he slowly managed to learn to perform it with nigh-perfection. However, he was not able to delve into a shinobi's mind and had to use the informationhe already had to decipher a person's personality, which was not always correct, and thus Senkai resorted to learning mind-reading to further refine his skill and repetoire in the art of illusions.

Senkai, however, was unable to read a person's mind, due to the intense rarity and difficulty of doing so. Notably the Yamanaka Clan were the only one's capable of delving into a person's thoughts, however, they would not let an outsider of the clan know of their secrets. Senkai was at a stalemate once again, and was unable to progress with mastering the art of Genjutsu. However, a silver lining formed with Senkai's dead-end. Instead of delving into the mind of countless shinobi to learn of their personalities and quirks of others which they know, he simply learned to trick the mind into believing that they were actually true. By planting a seed of belief in the target's mind in tandem with the actions occuring within the illusion, he was able to make the target think it was real and normal, thus erasing his flaw when casting illusions. Through this mastery, Senkai's skill with genjutsu was one of the best ever seen within the shinobi world, matching the level of shinobi such as Kurenai Yuhi and Itachi Uchiha.



Fūinjutsu (封印術, Literally meaning: Sealing Techniques) is a specialised field of techniques which involve sealing living beings, chakra or objects. These techniques are incredibly dangerous and feared by all nations due to the potency they possess, to the point whereby a village was destroyed due to the fear of such prowess. However, remnants of fūinjutsu of this village were abundant in Konohagakure, whom had an alliance with the village. Senkai, in a mission, stumbled upon a temple of a nigh-extinct clan that was the pinnacle of fūinjutsu. Curious with the information that dwells within the temple, he slowly learnt various techniques in it in every single detail, slowly mastering every aspect of each jutsu he learnt. It took him months, but he returned to Konoha, and spoke about his months missing in action, much to their displeasure. Senkai, upon attaining knowledge of this, became a powerful master of fūinjutsu, forming fatal techniques of his own which incorporate the use of sealing.


Senjutsu (仙術, English TV: Sage Jutsu, Literally meaning: Sage Techniques) are techniques which incorporate the use of natural energy blended with a shinobi's own chakra to bolster their abilities and techniques. This, in comparison to Senkai's usage, is a rudementary form of senjutsu. Senkai's usage of senjutsu differs in a way that he actually manipulates nature, giving him a vast array of ways to use it to his advantage. Nature literally becomes a part of him, and he can use various aspects of nature to turn the tides of battle. Since every being inhabits nature in co-existence, it is difficult to outmanouvre the area one abides in itself. The universe itself is a part of nature, and every essence of it's being is that of natural energy. The weather, climate, landscape; it is all in Senkai's grasp. He can even chanell his chakra to the natural energy above the earth to pull nearby meteors into the atmosphere. This power and skill in terms of his usage of senjutsu and nature manipulation itself has granted him the epithet as the God of Nature (自然の神, Shizen no Kami) and led to his astounding reputation as a powerful force in the shinobi world.

Through the use of Senjutsu, his physical attributes are bolstered to another level, and his Ninjutsu and Genjutsu are also significantly increased in terms of raw power. His natural energy also serves as an additional foundation for Senkai to spread his ninshu, as he could communicate with nature itself, including animals and plants. It has been noted that it was in Sage Mode whereby Senkai was most dangerous, evident by his indominable will to achieve whatever is necessary to achieve peace within the shinobi world, even eliminating opponents whom are too much of a risk to be given mercy.


Ninshū (忍宗, Shinobi Sect) is a religion formed by the great Sage of Six Paths, and the progenitor of modern-day ninjutsu. Senkai learnt ninshū in an attempt to connect with others and remove his lack of understanding humanity. He began to show his own emotions as well as understanding the lives of others. However, his passion for the teachings of ninshū caused him to go beyond simply knowing it. Every single being he connected with using ninshū increased his desire to protect others, and gradually those ideals manifested in a golden spectral humanoid avatar.

Majin great's movment in Great the Hand

Senkai's Bishamonten

. This avatar proved to be an incredible power by one's measure of willingness to achieve change, protecting what they care about most. Driven by his own will, Senkai mastered this technique and managed to form an evolved version incorporating Sage Mode.

The evolved form of Bishamonten: the Tenchu.

This form was transparent with a radiant golden glow, taking a more human form and growing larger in size. Due to it incorporating sage mode, it became invisible to the naked eye and sensors, as it was not chakra, and only one's life force and natural energy. As such, detecting the existence of this behemoth was unlikely for those untrained in the use of Senjutsu.

Senkai using the Four Lobes.

Ninshū allows a user to connect energies as well as separate them, akin to ninjutsu combining spiritual and physical energy to form chakra. However, ninshū, due to being the progenitor of ninjutsu, is at a greater scale than the rudementary use of chakra. Through the teachings of ninshū, the user gains a higher state of mind and understanding of the world around them as well as better comprehension of themselves. Through this, the person whom has perfectly understood ninshū is able to completely control themselves to their pinnacle, spanning from god-like intelligence to incredible raw physical power. These abilities were then established to form part of the Four Lobes: an ability which grants users the power to push their mind and body to it's utmost limits, achieved through higher understanding of the world and themselves through the connections attained by the use of ninshū. It has been speculated that the Bishamonten might have been derived from the four lobes, as the person's spirit and life-force is pushed to it's pinnacle to achieve incredible feats just like how the spectral avatar is derived through sheer use of the user's life force. In the fourth stage of the technique, Senkai is noted to wield god-like powers, albeit for a short period of time before the lethal repercussions begin.

As ninshū allows the user to attain a higher state of mind, it has gradually increased Senkai's natural visual perception as well as his reactive impulse, allowing him to percieve his environment and all that is happening quicker than the average person, and thus allowing him to react faster in combat. His nigh-perfect control over his own thoughts also allows him to react faster to illusions, and it allows him to dissipate even the toughest with minimal effort and resistance. It has also allowed him to control his body perfectly, thus granting him greater mobility as well as enhanced reflexes and agility. He is able to contort various parts of his body to his every whim without the slightest of physical strain.

One of the greatest ability granted by his teachings of ninshū was being able to percieve reality at a far greater scale than any human can imagine. He is able to view the boundaries that are within the world and is able to sense when reality is being altered. This allows him to be in a chronolock-like state in which he is always apart of reality and is able to percieve yin and yang to the core, allowing him to see such disruptions. Through use of ninshū, he is able to connect and separate said energies externally, allowing him to separate techniques using these energies with merely a touch, creating an imbalance in which the technique will merely dissipate. His skill in the control of such energies, especially natural energy, led to him being able to wield and manipulate them at will. His use of natural energy also seemingly connected to his other natures permanently, allowing him to manipulate nature and it's phenomena in his every whim with little-to-no effort. He can bend nature to his every whim, allowing him to have a vast array of effects.

Other Skills


From a young age, Senkai heralded himself as a boy of immeasurable intelligence. He frequently absorbed vast amounts of knowledge to fuel his mind, becoming experienced with various forms of combat prior to even entering the academy. As he grew older, his intelligence flourished to the point of where it was compared to the Nara clan's natural intellect. With this astounding intelligence, he was incredibly analytical and possessed knowledge over a vast array of techniques within the shinobi world; experience surpassing even older shinobi.

Through his connection with thousands of people via the use of Ninshū, he has attained fragments of their knowledge unwillingly, and that helped further enhance his intelligence and wisdom. Senkai is regarded as one of the most intelligent people in Konohagakure, even praised by the Nara Clan itself, which is known for it's inhumane intelligence and analytical prowess. That intelligence is applied by Senkai during battles, whereby he will instinctually deduce a solution to a problem he faces, his ideas varying from reasonable ones to outright insane. This allows him to quickly determine an opponent's attack pattern and issue a perfect counter to it. With his intelligence was creativity; he was naturally unpredictable, and would show it on multiple occasions. He would easily deduce a perfect way to defeat his opponent(s) through his own power, their flaws and insecurities, or even tricking them to an infavourable environment to get the upper hand.

Sensory Perception

Senkai was blessed with the ability to sense chakra from a distance and distinguish between the chakra of people. Through this, he could get a glimpse of their persona by analysing how dark or light their chakra is. He also had the ability to give color to chakra in order to distinguish it from different people. Due to this, it has been noted to be incredibly difficult to ambush Senkai.

Phantom Sensory Skills : Senkai had been one of a few handful shinobi possessing the ability to sense beyond the rudimentary concept of chakra. He had the ability to sense atomic levels of movement from a certain radius around him, along with detecting anything occupying space in an area, whether it is physical or abstract. Due to this, even people possessing the ability to enter the fourth dimension-which allows them to occupy space without form-are detected as long as they are in range.


Story Ninjutsu Taijutsu Genjutsu Intelligence Strength Speed Stamina Hand seals Total
Part I 4 3 3.5 4 3.5 5 4 3.5 30.5
Part II 5 4 4 5 4.5 5 5 4.5 37

Part I

Event Horizon Saga

The following events occured in the The Dawn of Change, Beyond The Call of Duty and A Day With The Beauty of The Leaf.


Part II


Video Game

Game Name Japanese Release English Release
Naruto Shippūden: Genesis
Naruto Shippūden: Next Generation
11 June 2015
22 June 2015
11 June 2015
22 June 2015


  • Senkai can be translated as "Hermit World" (仙界), in reference to him being a social recluse in his younger years.
  • Senkai shares the same birthday as the author's best friend.
  • If Senkai had a databook, it would say:
    • He has completed 131 missions: 40 D-Rank, 50 C-Rank, 20 B-Rank, 16 A-Rank and 5 S-Rank.
    • His hobbies include sparring with Namazu, gardening and reading.
    • Senkai's favourite food is mochi, and his least favourate is steak.


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"Meh... Each has their opinion towards the true meaning of respect. Is it some honorific? Or bowing down? Or how you truly feel towards a person for their achievements? For me, the answer is quite simple. I don't care. I have no respect for anyone because I do not feel oblidged to do so. No matter what you or anyone else is for that matter. I just. Dont. Care.."
— to Namazu Uchiha[1]

"Of course you realize... This means war."
— To Namazu Uchiha after losing a fight to him

""In this very moment, the heavens have sent me the power which will be your demise. The will to protect the innocent flows in my blood, and grants me the sacred power to dwindle your twisted ambitions into nothing but a memory. My victory and your defeat is destiny which you cannot escape, now perish..!!"
— Senkai in Naruto Shippūden: Next Generation


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