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Senkai has been to many countries ever since the dawn of his shinobi life. Overtime he has made many allies and enemies respectively. This is a list of people whom Senkai has developed a relationship with, whether a friendship or dislike. The following have made a significant impact on his life or he has made a significant impact in theirs, directly or indirectly.

Friends & Family


Main article: Tenten

"Senkai, my son, you were born for a reason... You have a purpose for your existence as does everyone with the gift of life... I don't want you to live your life trudging to follow my path. No. Make yours... Forge your own legacy like I forged mine. And know that, whatever happens, I will be there beside you..."
Tenten to Senkai

Tenten is Senkai's mother and both are probably the most important people in each other's lives. Being a single mother, Tenten was fond of the boy since the dawn of his existence, and that mutual love would then resurface in Senkai. She is his inspiration and guardian, and Senkai shows the utmost respect and gratitude to her. However, in his earlier years, Senkai was apathetic and flippant about his mother's well-being. Despite this, Tenten cared about him and supported him in everything he did, which Senkai came to acknowledge, leading to him to have the greatest respect for his mother.


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"Senkai-sama... You seem to not know when to quit and I respect that... One does not see a shinobi with such a will... A will beyond the will of fire... Never abandon that will, for it is one of the many things that make you unique"
Iyasu to Senkai

Iyasu is a slug residing in Shikkotsu Forest, personal summon and guardian of Senkai. He has been with the latter ever since he was ten, and has grown to be quite fond of the boy over the course of a year. This was, according to Iyasu himself, a result of the powerful will that lies dormant deep within Senkai. As a result, Iyasu was one of the few people whom liked Senkai despite his apathy and rude nature. Throughout his adolescence, Senkai had travelled with Iyasu, keeping a small portion of him in his shirt's pocket to converse as well as learn mannerisms.

Sayuri Uchiha

Main article: Sayuri Uchiha

Juro Uchiha

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Namazu Uchiha

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Main article: Sephirot (Omojuze)

"We won't forget the shame that you've put on our abilities. You better watch your step, 'cause Sephirot will haunt you from now on"
— the Sephirot members to Senkai

The Sephirot is a group of shinobi composed of more than a hundred powerful Missing Nin. This group seeks to find seven mysterious instruments that were scattered and hidden all over the world, and are capable of releasing something truly horrific.

Main article: Quest to the Forgotten Island

Three of its members encountered Senkai in the island of Lemuria; which is situated in the Land of Water. Immediately after, a battle ensued and the three members suffered a humiliating defeat. However, the missing-nin obtained what they were looking for and retreated, leaving Senkai with a warning of revenge in future. Senkai, instead of chasing after them, fought off creatures that were awakened by the act of this group. Eventually, Senkai neutralized the threat and released the island of Lemuria from the "curse."

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