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Roleplaying Information
Senkai: Role-playing Information

Senkai (仙界, Senkai) is one of the main characters of the user, as well as one of the user's best work on the Naruto Fanon. This article is constantly growing and establishing itself to be one of the site's premier articles. Due to the eminence that Senkai continues to garner within the site, it is presumed that other authors may request to collaborate with the user and the character for story progression. For convenience and efficiency in terms of story progression, he has been separated into various timelines, which authors may choose for their story. However, as Senkai is the user's favourate character as well as his main, he will not be used to cure boredom nor nourish another author's character and ego. Co-operation as well as proper thought from both parties is neccessary to achieve a proper story which both authors will be satisfied with, and not merely a one-sided effort with the other gaining the fruits of the other's labour. Hence forth, full participation is expected from an author willing to engage in a story which includes the character.


Senkai has been separated into various timelines to add efficiency for those wishing to partake in a story with him. An author may choose a particular timeline in order to make a relevant story for their character(s) along with Senkai.

Next Generation Saga


Senkai's appearance in theNext Generation Saga.

Age: 11-17
Era: 28-34 Years after Fourth War
: In this Saga, Senkai is at the beginning of adolescence, and still portrays a persona of an apathetic shinobi who does as necessary to grow stronger. This saga mainly covers the many adventures that the young boy went in alongside Konoha's finest shinobi such as the intelligent high-calibre jōnin; Juro Uchiha, Senkai's fearsome teammate; Namazu Uchiha as well as one of Konoha's prettiest kunoichi; Senjō amongst a vast repetoire of comrades. In this saga, Senkai displays a cold and uncaring demeanour, and does not have mercy towards the other shinobi. However, through experiences with Yoshiro, Senkai began to doubt the path which he has chosen, and after conversing with Sayuri Uchiha, he began to learn and understand social behaviour as well as proper mannerisms and bonds with others. However, despite being gradually erased, his apathetic nature is sometimes evident within his actions.

Zenith Saga


Senkai's appearance .

Age: 19-19
Era: 35-36 Years after The Fourth War
In this Saga, Senkai has grown into a praiseworthy shinobi and has accumulated renown for his power as well as his newfound love and kindness to the world around him. After the defection of his love interest, Tsukihime Uchiha, Senkai departs from Konoha to investigate the organization that she had joined: Zenith. Senkai's search led to him joining the organization under the guise of Yōkai (妖怪, lit. Phantom) and slowly rising through the ranks to gather information of the organization for the leaf village, including it's weaknesses as well as records of it's activity.

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