The Sensōkajiya Clan (戦争鍛冶一族, Sensōkajiya Ichizoku) is a small clan, though it was once larger, but with significant authority, in Getsugakure, in the Land of the Moon. It was among the first immigrants to arrive there, long before the wave of immigration that makes up the significant majority of the families of Getsugakure, but still far after the natives' arrival. They were amongst the inhabitants of the first village on that site, which predated Getsugakure. They were known for their skills as ninja, and in later times renowned and feared in battle due to their rare Obsidian Release kekkei genkai, though as the clan shrank they remained known for it and feared as ninja, but had few users of their bloodline limit, leaving Murōga Sensōkajiya, the last known head of the clan, as its only known user, though his son Kojimaru, in Konoha, had inherited it. They were also renowned, and easily recognizable, for their bright red hair, which was hereditary and appeared in every member of the clan shown. After Murōga's conviction of genocide and execution, it is unknown who has taken over leadership of the clan, or whether it has retained its status in the village and position as the attendants of the village leader.


  • The name Sensōkajiya means Smith of War or War Smith.
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