editSetsuna Yuki
(雪 セツナ, Yuki Setsuna)

  • Frigid Master Setsuna
Appears in Anime, Manga, Game
Voice Actors
English Jensen Ackles Icon - Search
Japanese Tomoyuki Dan Icon - Search
Birthdate Astrological Sign Scorpio November 21
Gender Gender Male Male
Age 56 (Deceased)
Height 180 cm
1.8 m
5.906 ft
70.866 in
Weight 65 kg
143.3 lb
Blood type A
Kekkei Genkai Nature Icon Ice Ice Release
Occupation Treasurer of the Brotherhood
Team The Brotherhood
Clan Yuki Symbol Yuki Clan
Ninja Rank Jōnin
Nature Type

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"I can promise you that your death will be quick, but it shall be anything but painless."

—Setsuna to Kaoru Shin'ya


Setsuna made his first full appearance in the final stage of the search for the artefact. After the site of the artefact had come under attack from Kaoru Shin'ya, Densetsu Uchiha and Akuhei Iwao and the lower ranked members if the Brotherhood were overpowered by the trio, the higher ranked members of the Brotherhood led the counterattack against the trio while Katsuro Mimoru navigated the mines to obtain the artefact.

Dodging the specialised kunai from the Uchiha, Setsuna was shocked when the man appeared behind him with the Flying Thunder God Technique, lashing a vicious kick at him from behind and sending him toppling into the dirt. As the Uchiha rushed after Mimoru, Setsuna held off his two companions, who quickly gained the upper hand.

Setsuna eventually pitted himself against the taijutsu master, Kaoru Shin'ya together with one of his fellow members of the Brotherhood. While he started off strongly against Shin'ya, Setsuna was blitzed by the young Hyūga boy as he opened the First Gate. Disabling Setsuna's cardinal tenketsu points, he quickly wiped the older Setsuna on the ground. Determined, Setsuna used his Ice Release mastery on Shin'ya, who countered again. After an intense battle in which Setsuna valiantly held him off, the Yuki was eventually distracted when Akuhei Iwao killed the other three members of the Brotherhood. This momentary distraction enabled Shin'ya to rush forward and smash Setsuna's main tenketsu point—his heart.

Setsuna dropped dead immediately after a valiant fight, as Iwao and Shin'ya rejoined Uchiha in taking on Mimoru.


Setsuna wore a flowing white robe with a hood and had cool blue eyes. He was a bald man, with a silver stubble and also with a lean build. Setsuna rarely cursed and like the rest of the Brotherhood, carried himself in aristocratic manner.


Setsuna was known to have been one of the most powerful Yuki Clan members. He possessed incredible speeds, being able to keep up with high speed shinobi such as Kaoru Shin'ya who was using 2 of the Eight Gates. Setsuna was also fairly intelligent and calculative. He managed the finances of the Brotherhood very shrewdly and was also a skilled tactician. Capable of using both Wind and Water Releases, Setsuna was versatile in his battle strategies, usually navigating around his enemies defences and overloading them with attacks which covered wide surface areas. Setsuna's great prowess in ninjutsu led to him becoming Katsuro Minoru's right hand man and personal bodyguard. The middle aged man also was known for having defeated an entire team of Kirigakure's ANBU black ops, with only one Ice Release technique.

Kekkei Genkai

Having the Ice Release as a Yuki Clan member, Setsuna was highly capable with his Kekkei Genkai. He could generate senbon like projectiles made of icein his hands by manipulating the moisture in the air and adding his chakra to it. Besides that he could use the Certain-Kill Ice Spears technique to imprison and kill enemies. He could also trap enemies in sturdy blocks of ice and freeze them to death or shield himself in a block of ice. He could also generate spiked projectiles from rain clouds, impaling large groups of enemies or trapping lone opponents in an insane storm of icy, killer hail. Setsuna's usage of the Ice Release was fearsome, to the extent of his moniker, "Frigid Master Setsuna".


Stage Ninjutsu Taijutsu Genjutsu Intelligence Strength Speed Stamina Hand seals Total
Part II 4.5 4 3 3.5 4 4 3.5 5 31.5


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