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Seven Swords of the Mist
Seven Swords of the Mist.jpg
Kanji 霧の七剣
Rōmaji Kiri no Nanaken
Literal English Seven Swords of the Mist
Appears in Anime, Manga

The Seven Swords of the Mist (霧の七剣, Kiri no Nanaken) are the general collection of all seven swords utilized by the Seven Ninja Swordsmen of the Mist. This encompasses all past blades, which were destroyed in the Fourth Shinobi World War, and the current generation of blades.

Previous Generation

Previous Generation of Swords
Sword Name Description

Kubikiribōchō (首斬り包丁, Viz: Executioner's Blade, Literally meaning: Decapitating Carving Knife)

A giant sword with a butcher-knife-like appearance, the wielder can use the semi-circle on the blade to decapitate an opponent's head, hence the name. The sword has an ability to regenerate using the iron absorbed from the blood of those it cuts down. It is also called a "Seversword" (断刀, Dantō).

Samehada (鮫肌, Literally meaning: Shark Skin)

The most terrifying of the seven blades, it has the appearance of a giant knife covered in shark scales. It is a sentient, living weapon and has the ability to "eat" chakra. It is also called a "Greatsword" (大刀, Daitō).

Nuibari (縫い針, Literally meaning: Sewing Needle)

A sword in the shape of a needle with a long thin wire that resembles thread attached to it, which can be used to pierce enemies and "sew" them together in human bundles. It is also called a "Longsword" (長刀, Chōtō).

Kabutowari (兜割, Literally meaning: Helmet Splitter)

A sword consisting of a single sided axe and a hammer joined by a length of chain. Said to be capable of crushing any and all defences. It is also called a "Bluntsword" (鈍刀, Dontō).

Shibuki (飛沫, Literally meaning: Splash)

A sword that has a scroll full of explosive tags incorporated into it, lined up behind the blade, combining swordsmanship and explosions. It is also called a "Blastsword" (爆刀, Bakutō).

Kiba (牙, Literally meaning: Fangs)

Twin swords that are imbued with lightning which increases their cutting power. They are said to be the sharpest swords ever forged. They are also called "Thunderswords" (雷刀, Raitō).

Hiramekarei (ヒラメカレイ, Flat Fish)

A bandaged double-handled sword that is capable of storing and emitting the user's chakra which can then take on various forms. It is also called a "Twinsword" (双刀, Sōtō).

Current Generation

Current Generation of Swords
Sword Name Description

Mizushini (水死)

A large, single sided sword with a white bandaged handle. It has a large blue piece of metal that is set Into the back of the blade that allows it to absorb water. The water can either be absorbed from a preexisting source or from vapor in the atmosphere. The water that is absorbed can then either be given directly to the wielder as chakra or can be stored and used for high pressured attacks. It is also called the "Torrentsword" (急流刀, Kyūryūtō).

Jiseki (磁石, lit "Magnet")

A Slender Sword found by Matsu Maeda, It's Unique ability to attract and Repel object's within range. Matsu has crystallized the Sword to give it a more sharpening edge.

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