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Kanji 影真似の術
Rōmaji Kagemane no Jutsu
English anime Shadow Possession Jutsu
Alternative names Shadow Bind Technique (影縛りの術, Kageshibari no Jutsu), Leaf Secret: Shadow Bind Technique (木ノ葉秘伝・影縛りの術, Konoha Hiden: Kageshibari no Jutsu, Literally meaning: Tree Leaf Secret: Shadow Bind Technique), Shadow Imitation Shadow Bind (影真似影縛り, Kagemane Kage Shibari)
Appears in Anime, Manga, Game, Movie
Classification Nara Symbol.svg Hiden, Ninjutsu
Class Supplementary
Range Short to Mid range
Hand seals Rat
Derived jutsu

The Shadow Imitation Technique allows the user to extend their shadow on any surface (even water) and as far as they want as long as there is a sufficient area. Once it comes into contact with a target's shadow, the two merge and the target is forced to imitate the user's movements. Therefore, the two can throw shuriken at each other at the same time if the user desires that (of course, to prevent hurting themselves, the user just has to have the shuriken holster in a place where you don't normally have it, like the back, so that the opponent draws nothing when the user draws a shuriken). If the target is out of range, the user can produce a better light source to increase their shadow's size or rely on pre-existing shadows for their shadow to freely travel through. It's also possible to split one's shadow, either to trap more opponents at once, or to create a distraction. The shadow can also be attached to people without binding them, letting the "victim" move freely. Doing that has the purpose that the person, the shadow was attached to, makes contact with a third person, to bind the latter one with the shadow.

The major downside of the Shadow Imitation is that it is tiring to use repeatedly; Hidan notes that the ability is subject to some form of diminishing return and decreases in potency after repeated use (Shikamaru can only maintain it for 5 minutes per use). If the user is low on chakra, the performance rate of the technique also deteriorates. Insufficient lighting will make the technique less effective. A particularly strong opponent can also resist the shadow's forced imitation.

Shadow Release

Mako Nara refers to Shadow Release (影遁, Eiton, English TV: Shadow Style), as a technique composed of shadows (影, Kage), produced by a specialized form of Yin Release and is considered the highest-level of the Nara Clan's Shadow Imitation Technique. It is a combination of both high-level nature transformation and shape transformation.

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