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Kanji 神龍呪印術
Rōmaji Shenron no Juinjutsu
Literal English Shenron's Curse Seal Techniques
Alternative names Jinchūriki Cursed Seal
Tailed Beast Cursed Seal
Appears in Anime, Manga, Game
Classification Juinjutsu, Kinjutsu, Fūinjutsu
Rank A-rank
Class Supplementary
Range Short-range

Shenron's Juinjutsu is a transformation based cursed seal that Shenron can apply for various purposes.


Throughout his tenure as Uzushiokage, Shenron has been attempting to develop a technique to heighten the power of the Uzushiogakure military. Originally planning on utilizing the power of Shinigami Mask to develop a Juinjutsu, early experiments lead to great disaster. Forced to closed down his project by the village council, Shenron set his sights on a new and safer source, Tailed Beasts. While well aware of the existence of Jinchūriki, Shenron decided to pursue this avenue upon reading the stories of legendary shinobi Naruto Uzumaki transferring his Tailed beast chakra to his allies during the Fourth Great Shinobi World War.

After securing DNA and chakra from the Matatabi, Shenron used the decades of Jinchūriki research to guide him. Unlike Orochimaru's Juinjutsu, which required a host with a compatible body to survive, the main obstacle for him was finding recipients who had unique chakra or a special compatibility; as the Kage of a village of people with distinct chakra, this obstacle was easily overcome. As to increase the probability of the two chakra adapting to one another, Shenron began his tests with children, most notably orphans. By staying true to the conditions set by Jinchūriki research, Shenron manage to establish a 92% comparability rate with kids under the age of three.

With indisputable success with the population tested, Shenron was given the okay to move on test on his own military. Himari, a kunoichi of considerable talent and unique chakra, offered herself to the study. After weeks of chakra disflucation, Himari managed to overcome the side-effects of the seal and gain access to the curse's power boost.


Unlike most cursed seals, which usually act without the user's control and require extensive training to master, the God of Fūinjutsu developed the seal in a manner to ease the recipient into the the cursed seal's power. Before the recipient can even draw upon the power, the seal has a loading period in which the seals gradually connects the recipient's chakra with that of the Cursed seal; a feat that can only be achieved if the two are compatible.

Stage One

Following this grace period, the recipient can call upon the power and activate the cursed seal's first level better known as Version One. Similar to a Jinchūriki's version one transformation, a dense cloak of chakra forms around the user. The cloak, a translucent red with bubbles of chakra (much more prominent than that of the normal Jinchūriki) provides a degree of physical protection to the recipient. However too much exposure to the energy can have adverse affects. The cloak somewhat resembles the corresponding tailed beast's DNA and chakra used to form the seal.

Th recipient gains numerous abilities from this first form. Most notably, the user gains a boost to speed, strength, and chakra. The chakra cloak is malleable, as such it can extend beyond the reach of the user, often used to create chakra-arms that allow them to interact with their environment. Also, another advantage of the form is that the cloak can act on its own, responding to threats the user may not be aware of. Unlike Jinchūriki's who haven't befriended or controlled their Tailed Beasts, the user gain can call upon this seal whenever necessary versus Jinchūriki who can only use it states of anger or distress.

Unlike the Version One Jinchūriki possess, it seems the user is limited to the number of tails the corresponding tailed beast possesses; Himari has only been able to conjure two tails, no more no less. However, as a result of having to only possessing a finite amount chakra of the Matatabi, Shenron has not entirely given up on the idea; he wishes for the cursed seal to be as similar to the Jinchūriki forms as possible. Much like the technique's predecessor, overuse of the technique will cause the suffer an increasing amount of corrosion to their body that can eventually damage body parts beyond the point of use.

Stage Two

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