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"The past you've lost will never come back. I myself have made so many mistakes... But we can learn from the past so we don't repeat it."

Shenron Uzumaki
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Shenron Uzumaki

Kouen Ren


Kanji 神龍のうずまき
Romaji Uzumaki Shenron
Title(s) God of Fūinjutsu (封印術の神, Fūinjutsu no kami)[1]
Second Uzushiokage (二代目渦の影, Nidaime Uzushiokage)[2]
Akakuma (赤熊, Akakuma, literally meaning "Red Bear")
The Most Wanted (最重要指名手配者, Saijūyō shimei tehai)
Hero of the Whirlpools (渦潮の英雄, Uzushio no Eiyū)
Birthday Astrological Sign Gemini June 8th
Age 32
Gender Gender Male Male
Height 6'5"
Weight 232 lbs
Voice Actor
English Kaiji Tang
Japanese Yūichi Nakamura
Professional Status
Affiliation Uzushiogakure Symbol Uzushiogakure
Profession Uzushiokage
Head of the Uzumaki Clan
Partner Nisashi Uzumaki
Previous Partner Kikatake Uzumaki
Personal Status
Family Raido X (Father)
Mia Uzumaki (Mother)
Eihei Uzumaki (Sister)
Seidai Hatake (Wife)
Ichirou Akimichi (Son)
Yuutaro Uzumaki (Son)
Amago (Son)
Momoe (Daughter)
Sensei Magai
Shinzui Uchiha
Clan Uchiha Symbol Uchiha Clan
Uzumaki Symbol Uzumaki Clan
Marital Status Single
Rank Kage
Classification Gonnin
Ninja Registration KAMI-1
First Appearance
Series Debut Dreamscape
Roleplay Debut Whirlpool of Clashing Kin
Game Debut Naruto Shippuden: Next Generation
Unique Traits Can absorb Chakra
Nature Nature Icon Earth Earth Release
Nature Icon Fire Fire Release
Nature Icon Lightning Lightning Release
Nature Icon Water Water Release
Nature Icon Wind Wind Release
Nature Icon Yang Yang Release
Nature Icon Yin Yin Release
Nature Icon Yin-Yang Yin-Yang Release
Jutsu Adamantine Sealing Chains
Altering Terrain Technique
Flying Thunder God Technique
Fuinjutsu Manifesto
Gedō Arts
Pressure Points of Harm and Death
Revitalization Technique
Sage Mode
Shenron's Juinjutsu
Spirit Transformation Technique
Will Materialisation
Weapons Flying Thunder God Shuriken
Kohaku no Jōhei
Shinigami Mask

Shenron Uzumaki (神龍うずまき, Uzumaki Shenron) also known as Shenron Uchiha (神龍リュン, Uchiha Shenron) is a shinobi hailing from the Uzushiogakure's Uzumaki Clan and Uchiha Clan.[3] Son of Mia Uzumaki and Raido X, he comes from prestigious blood.[4] Shenron is also the Second Uzushiokage (二代目渦の影, Nidaime Uzushiokage), who aspires to destroy the Shinobi Union and establish Uzushiogakure as a Great Shinobi Nation. His prowess as a shinobi has been recognized as one of the most powerful within his generation, earning him the renown rank of Gonnin.[5]

Despite being a hybrid of two rare bloodlines, Shenron is the Head of the Uzumaki Clan.[6] As head, he has worked to protect his clan's hiden techniques and tools; operating under the guidance of those who ruled before. Honing his skill in the art of seals for multiple decades, he has displayed great versatility and creativity. Due to his masterful usage, he acquired the epithet God of Fūinjutsu (封印術の神, Fūinjutsu no kami).


Early Life

Shenron being born

The Family together for the first and final time.

There was great controversy surrounding Shenron's birth. His mother, Mia Uzumaki, was the head of the Uzumaki Clan and one of the key figures responsible for the rebirth of Uzushiogakure. However, while the two were best friends, Mia rejected the proposal of the First Uzushiokage, Tosen Uzumaki, which led to conflict and dispute. And to make matters worst, shortly after Mia returned back to village following a small summit with other clans, she was pregnant and still not married. She decided to keep the truth of Shenron's paternal heritage a secret from the remainder of the village due to certain animosity and baggage held towards the Uchiha Clan. As a result, Tosen advocated that Shenron was a bastard and not worthy to be head of the Uzumaki Clan as a result. After months of deliberation, the council decided and Mia agreed to allow her future son to be the next inheritor of the Curse of Knowledge and his survival would determine whether he'd be suited to one day inherit the Uzumaki throne.

On a rainy Sunday night in June, Mia gave birth to Shenron Uzumaki on the coast of the Land of Whirlpools in a secret location, intentionally outside of the village so Shenron's father could bear witness. This was the first and only time the family would be together. In the days following, preparations were made for Shenron to inherit the curse. While Mia was confident in her son's survival, Shenron would be the first to inherit the curse in several decades and there's no record of a half-blood ever surviving the curse. Nonetheless, despite the risks, Mia went ahead with it, and the Burden of the Uzumaki was given to Shenron.

Unfortunately, the worst came to fruition, Shenron grew gravely ill following the transfer of the curse. While no one obviously wished for an ill newborn, the First Uzushiokage could not help but taunt Mia for her foolish mistake; one that would cost her dearly. Quickly the village higher-ups planned on moving on and started discussing who would be the next heir to the curse. But Mia did not lose faith. Having the genes from two powerful shinobi, she was positive her son would pull through. Little did anyone in the village know, Shenron was not battling the curse of the knowledge. Neither Mia nor the village council were aware of the fact Shenron had inherited his father's unique genetic alterations. His body was simply adapting to improvements he inherited from his father; the symptoms just happened to be similar through sheer coincidence. Within three weeks time, it became abundantly clear Shenron was going to make it. And while there was some push back on whether he should truly maintain the seal, Mia put all those thoughts to bed.

Tranquility did not last long however. While his mother and the other members of the council managed to organize, fund and stabilize the village, they could not stop word from spreading about the formation of the new village. And with the council refusing the aid from the Shinobi Union, Uzushio was susceptible to infiltration. While being surrounded by whirlpools and their proficiency in fūinjutsu provided strong defenses, mercenaries and other dangerous folks managed to constantly infiltrate the village. In the months following, Uzushio transformed into a hub for criminals and other estranged folks to complete their business. While initially against this, the council did see the economic and military benefits of allowing them to reside within the village. Nonetheless, the Shinobi Union did not perceive their admittance of criminals as a means to an end but a show of opposition. As a result, before Shenron even turned one, the village was constantly under attack and Shenron received various death threats. It was at this moment, the first Uzushiokage and the village council decided to send Shenron away.

Shenron's mother had hoped Shenron could be taken in by his father. Unfortunately, Raido disappeared moments following Shenron's birth and hadn't remained in contact since. Thus, Shenron was entrusted to Mia's long-time friend and Shenron's Godfather Magai. With his alliance with Uzushiogakure kept secret and his current nomad status, Magai would serve as the perfect guardian for the heir of the clan. But beyond his relationship with Shenron's mother, Magai was an ideal teacher for Shenron as he was probably the most skilled shinobi in fūinjutsu and well-versed in the clan's hiden techniques. Magai, while accepting the task due to the favor he owed Raido, had zero interest in nursing an infant. As such, he left Shenron under the care of a group of women in a small town in the Land of Tea. Magai also left a several seals; one of which had instructions as to how to locate him when the time arrives and the others were summonings of books and tools for him to train with down the road.

The four years that followed were relatively uneventful. Shenron had a lot of questions but received little answers. The maidens were completely unaware of the situation and were simply instructed to watch over him until he became old enough to take care of himself. Early on he made multiple attempts to escape, however each time proved to be unsuccessful. By the age of five he became content with his location however he began to have odd dreams.
Kid Shenron Upset

Young Shenron upset about his situation.

At first, Shenron could never remember what occurred in the dreams. But as the days went by they became more and more vivid. Before long, Shenron could make out the fact he was surrounded by a group of older men and women with the same colored hair as himself. Silence plagued his dreams for the first few days but eventually he could begin to hear their voices. One night, Shenron fell asleep and was greeted by those who wandered his dreams for so long. However, it was not a warm welcome. The majority of the people used words he didn't understand like "illegitimate" and "bastard". Before Shenron could even get off a sentence, one by one the men and women began to disappear with looks of disappointment on their faces. Not understanding what in the world was going on he began to cry. His gazed upwards with his blurry vision with only one woman remain, Rumi Uzumaki. She smiled and comforted young Shenron. While she herself did not know all the specifics to Shenron's situation, she explained his Uzumaki Heritage, the dreams he's been having, and the meaning behind them. She explained that Shenron was destined to become the leader of his clan and inherit great power. While at first the five-year old didn't know how to respond, a fire lit in his eyes. While he couldn't explain it at the time, he was glad he finally had a purpose.

Inspired by Shenron's determination to take on centuries of responsibility, Rumi agreed to start training Shenron. She explained the reason that she was only able to communicate within through his dreams was because unable to mold enough chakra while awake. Hence, the first thing the two did was learning how to mold chakra. Rumi explained how historically, Uzumaki have had issues with chakra control due to their incredibly large reserves. However, Shenron had no such issues. Within the days of learning what chakra was, he quickly adapted and learned how to gather his own chakra; a feat many of the other previous heads noticed. With the two now able to communicate in real time, training began to pick-up. The two discussed the basics of chakra and the three primary forms of jutsu. But Rumi explained that their primary objective will be to teach him the Uzumaki speciality in Fūinjutsu and that once they finished the basics, she'll continue to instruct him in the art of fūinjutsu, however he'll need to pick-up the rest on his own time.

In the months following, Shenron worked alongside Rumi to understand the principles of Fūinjutsu. Due to his age, nearly six at the time, she didn't expect him to retain everything taught to him. But with serious discipline and focus, she'd hope to ingrain a life-long work ethic inside the young Uzumaki. The two worked crazy hours, and Shenron inevitably learned his first technique; the Unsealing Technique. With it, Shenron was able to release the books and tools left to him by Magai. The books were primarily ones found in most Ninja Academies throughout the globe. As Shenron investigated each of the scrolls, he realized one was not from his future sensei but his mother. She left him dozens of books unique to Uzushiogakure, several pictures of her, one picture of his father, and a note that detailed why Shenron needed to live in exile for the time-being. While this message obviously made Shenron tear up, it also re-established his motivation to succeed. From this day forth, Shenron became less occupied with returning home but rather realizing the destiny and becoming the strongest he could.

Shenron releasing Magai seal

Shenron releasing Magai's seal.

Unlike most children his age, Shenron lived by a rigorous schedule that entailed different forms of training at any given point. The maidens that looked after him stressed the importance of relaxation and fun, however Shenron paid them no mind. With only one goal in mind, becoming the best version of himself, there was little time to waste. Throughout this year, Shernon mastered an array of skills with and without Rumi. Through her, Shenron discovered the Uzumaki's ability to sense others as well as their most recognizable seal. On his own, he worked on primarily Ninjutsu training, learning the clone and transformation techniques. Shenron seemed to be infatuated with the principles and theoretical elements of shinobi training such as the concepts of Hand Seals and the scripture of fūinjutsu.

One night, while training on his own, Shenron was approached by another of his predecessors, Kujo Uzuamki. Unlike Rumi, who ingrained discipline and work-ethic into Shenron, Kujo was more of a natural talent and who focused on creativity and development versus raw training. Kujo explained that during his life, as a leader, Kujo was probably the least successful of the remaining predecessors. However, he was considered a savant in fūinjutsu even among his red-hair brethren and that many techniques used by the clan can be traced back to him. The two immediately bonded and Shenron managed to convince Rumi to work Kujo in to his training regimen.

Over the next two years, Shenron underwent various unorthodox training regimens. Under Rumi's tutelage, he focused on chakra control and flow in order to maximize the usage of his incredible reserves. He quickly mastered the two basic forms of chakra control in the Tree Climbing and Water Surface Walking. Through the Chakra Induction Paper, Shenron discovered his affinity for the fire nature, basically confirming his suspicion of his Uchiha heritage. And towards the tail-end of his training with Rumi, while utilizing all the chakra control skills he acquired, Shenron would instructed to climb the only mountain in the Land of Tea during winter. Here, not only did Shenron discover that his chakra has a distinct form of chakra that burns hot and fierce but also he awakened the Adamantine Attacking Chains to save himself.

Shenron's training with Kujo was more conceptual than practical. Shenron was assigned various readings ranging from historical events to jutsu analysis. Not able to attain real-battle experience, the two assessed tactics and abilities through hypothetical situations and watching Pro Combat League on the television. Most importantly however, Shenron and Kujo discussed the technical elements of fūinjutsu.

Outside of Kujo and Rumi, Shenron began to earn the respect and praise of the other former Uzumaki-heads. While his interactions with them were limited to sleep-visits due to the schedule organized by Rumi and Kujo, they began to discuss their experiences with Shenron and offer him insight before. His distinct powerful chakra, exemplary studious habits, and outstanding aptitude for shinobi skills caused the former heads to hypothesize that Shenron may be the one to surpass all of them and become the proclaimed God of Fūinjutsu (封印術の神, Fūinjutsu no kami).

Gaining Experience

A little over decade years-old, Shenron grew weary of remaining in the town he's been raised in. While he's been treated kindly and raised like one of their own, Shenron was confident in his abilities and wished to find his Godfather. The maidens while expecting a couple more years with him, we're not surprised by his decision, especially with the way he's been maturing as both a man and a shinobi. While maintaining his regular regimen, Shenron began to make his attempts at cracking the Magai's reverse summoning seal. Shenron could have easily asked those sealed within him for aid in this endeavor. Nevertheless, Shenron believed this task needed to be accomplished by him and him alone. Easier said than done however. For weeks, Shenron assessed and made multiple attempts at decoding the seal. While it was worth noting he was not a lotting his entire day, Shenron had great confidence in his proficiency as of late. Inevitably, within five weeks time, Shenron cracked the code, told his maidens he'll be back on day to pay back his debt, and then teleported to his new sensei.

Magai was startled by Shenron's arrival; having summoned himself shortly after deciphering the technique, Shenron gave Magai little prep-time. While never vocalized to Shenron, Magai did not expect the young Uzumaki to unlock the seal so quickly; he expected at least two decades before the two would reunite. After a brief discussion, Magai suggested a spar in order to gauge Shenron's combat abilities and intellect. The duel was much shorter than Shenron expected. Although Shenron knew he'd lose, with Magai's reputation being as recognized as it is, he hoped the battle would last more than two minutes. Magai could tell his new student was disappointed but he wasn't too surprised.
Shenron physical training

Shenron beginning his physical training.

After hearing the fact that Shenron had never fought anyone before and only witnessed battles through theory and television, it was almost surprising he lasted as long as he did. With this in mind, Magai set-up a unique training regimen very different than what he underwent in the Land of Tea.

The strict training regimen was easier said than done. It was divided into four parts: physical training, combat training, independent study/recovery and finally, live battle. The first three were self-explanatory, but Shenron failed to understand how he was going to experience live battle in a time of peace and with him not being affiliated to a village. It was then Magai reveled that there were Underground Combat Leagues, similar to those Shenron used to watch on television. Due to Shenron's age and lack of affiliation to a Shinobi Union sanctioned village, he wouldn't be allowed to participate in the official league. Regardless, Magai preferred these underground battles more because of the lack of rules; making it more like a real battle situation.

The training, especially early on, was extremely difficult. His body already ached from harsh physical training, only to be beaten up by Magai shortly after was beyond physically taxing. Not to mention the fact he was nearly beaten to death every time he fought in the Combat League. Such a regimen would have been impossible for nearly anyone else due to the physical toll and chakra requirements. But Shenron was an anomaly. Inheriting his father's enhanced genetic code, injuries and soreness never lasted long. And with chakra control being the only thing he excelled in prior to meeting Magai, complemented by unreasonable large chakra reserves, he was probably the only person remotely close to his age and experience to be able to withstand it.

After a beyond-brutal six months, Shenron began to progress noticeably with every passing day. With his body beginning puberty, his height and muscle mass increased significantly along with many other physical traits. His physical development aided in his combat training. While not limited to Taijutsu, his biggest deficit early on was his lack of it. Magai and Shenron discussed varied approaches and implementations of techniques rather than simply instructing him in new ones. Creativity and adaptability were the name of the game. During independent study, he worked with the former Uzumaki-heads to improve his technique. In the underground league, before his first victory, Shenron suffered well over a hundred defeats with no victories. But following six month of agonizing defeats, Shenron eventually obtained his first victory and pledged he'd never lose again.

Shenron gains

Shenron's physique after two years of training.

Within the next two years, at nearly thirteen years-old, Shenron was the undisputed Champion of the underground circuit. While he obviously specialized in fūinjutsu, Shenron primarily known for his use of the Adamantine Sealing Chains. His usage usually earned him swift victory over most foes. As a result, he began to challenge himself by utilizing new strategies for every battle; allowing him to not grow dependent on one skill and enhance the others. Over the three year time-span, Shenron probably fought hundreds of battles, more than most shinobi nowadays would see in their life-time. By the end of his regimen's spans, Shenron was beyond net-positive in win-to-lose ratio and the cost to challenging him, which still remains today, 1,000,000 ryō.

Due to Shenron's unaffiliated status and unprecedented amount of skill, the Shinobi Union flagged Shenron as a potential threat. While they never launched a formal attack against him, Shenron could tell his matches were being watched and many attempted to follow him afterwards. For these reasons, Shenron dyed the tips of his hair blonde and used the alias Akakuma (赤熊, Akakuma, literally meaning "Red Bear").

With Shenron's undeniable success in the underground circuit as well as the progress he's made as a shinobi, Magai believed Shenron was easily Jōnin-level, if not even higher. After nearly three years of training, Shenron was finally prepared to learn some of Magai's advanced seals. Throughout their time together, Shenron had never learned a single technique from his sensei. Shenron never understood why this was the case until they had begun their training. Magai elaborated on the potential of fūinjutsu, declaring it to be the strongest of the ninja art due to its versatility and compatibility with other forms; which is why so many sought Uzushiogakure's destruction. And in order for Shenron to understand Magai's techniques and one day develop his own, he needs to stop thinking of seals as a subset of Ninjutsu but as the fourth basic ninja art.

Over the next three years Magai would introduce Shenron to a brand of fighting limited to only a handful of people. The first concept introduced was the Fūinjutsu Transfer Medium. And through this technique, Shenron was taught that there's more than one way to mould chakra. By utilizing the transcription as the medium and pooling chakra into it, a user can conjure techniques without the use of hand-seals. The concept itself was not difficult to grasp for the young shinobi as some of his predecessors hinted at that fact a while ago. Shortly after, the next concept the two discussed were Transcription Seals. Magai elaborated on the fact that not every seal needs to be released by the user. By offering the seal a parameter or condition, and supplying it with enough chakra for the inevitable release, the seal can work autonomously. With these two concepts as a base, Shenron's ability to use fūinjutsu in battle in varied manner would expand drastically.

After practicing and mastering the concepts mentioned previously, Magai instructed Shenron in dozens of his own unique techniques. Due to the fact each technique had its own formula and conditions tied to it, some seals took more time than others. While Shenron was mastering dozens of technique under Magai, the two travelled the world. Beyond infiltration and espionage missions, the two really witnessed dozens of sights and secret passages that the history books do not cover. They travelled to nearly every country, embracing different cultures and habits. It was throughout this time Shenron developed a taste for delicious dishes. It became a habit of his to test the local cuisine of every town, village or country that they visited. Shenron was not one to follow the Shinobi Rules either as he began drinking and smoking at the age of fifteen; a habit he picked up from his teacher. He also seemed to have a sexual desire for women, one that he could capitalize on due to his confidence and good-looks.

Shenron and Magai part way

Shenron and Magai parting ways.

At the age of sixteen, Magai and Shenron decided to go their separate ways. While there were still plenty of techniques he could've learned from his Godfather, it was time that Shenron follow his own path. While not just ready to return home, he needed to perfect his craft on his own and become feared throughout the shinobi nations; beyond the underground combat league capacity. Before their respective departures, Shenron challenged his sensei to one final fight to see if he had surpassed him. However, Magai turned him down stating that the two of them fought all out, one of them would die; hinting at the fact it wouldn't be him. Leaving on that joyous note, the two would never see each other again.

Untravelled Road

With a newfound understanding of fūinjutsu and shinobi combat as a whole, Shenron reconvened with his predecessors. Unlike last time however, Shenron had the attention of all his predecessors rather than a selected few. Rumi and Kujo explained that Shenron had slowly earned the respect of each and every one of them due to his success in battle and training with Magai. With newfound confidence in his abilities, Shenron first turned down anymore guidance from those within. But after much debate and convincing, he was later decided to take in all they had to offer. In the following months, Shenron mastered many useful techniques that would continue to aid him in his mission. However, the primary purpose of learning new techniques was to broaden his scope when developing his own. While he was pleased with the arsenal he has acquired, Shenron sought to develop techniques he could one-day pass-on as well. Thus while traveling and acquiring new techniques, Shenron began to develop his own seals.


Shenron fighting endlessly.

Shenron's time following his divorce from Magai was not limited to training and research. Interested in returning home as a hero, he needed to come back with both power and riches. While earning quite the lucrative payout during his time as an underworld combatant, his spoils need to go beyond money. Originally taking up Bounty Hunting as a way to earn cash and loot quickly and effectively, Shenron spent several months hunting down infamous ninja and stealing their tools and weapons. But living life as a bounty hunter eventually led Shenron to realize the beauties of living as a criminal. While bounty hunting was effective, stealing from Great Shinobi Nations would have an even greater upside. As such, Shenron began to target villages instead of specific people; utilizing his proficiency in fūinjutsu to steal, kill and escape.

Despite many of his predecessor's objections, Shenron decided to invade Konohagakure and steal various assets the village accumulated following Uzushiogakure's original destruction; including the feared Shinigami Masks. The operation itself was not too hard to complete. With the village embracing a time of peace and being recognized as the strongest village in the world, defenses were somewhat lax. Utilizing his fūinjutsu to easily obtain the stolen assets and then escape, Shenron actually considered this to be one of his easier operations. Within the day following, Shenron was branded as an S-rank criminal and was hunted down. Shinobi such as Yasaki and Kiyoshi Hatake as well as Juro Uchiha made attempts to capture him but to no avail.

Konoha was not the only village to suffer from Shenron's conquest. In an attempt to steal the Treasured Tools of the Sage of Six Paths, which Shenron hypothesized Kumogakure stole from Uzushiogakure, the Red-hair bandit infiltrated Kumogakure. This mission ended up being a failure due to the fact, Kumogakure was expecting the Red-Haired criminal and developed numerous counter-measures. During this brawl, Shenron fought against Kei Yotsuki, a battle that shook the very world itself. While ending in a stalemate due to further interruption from the Kumogakure military, Shenron pledged that one day they'd settle their feud. While Kumogakure considers halting Shenron assault a victory, Shenron did manage to steal the Kohaku no Jōhei during this infiltration so it was not a total lost.

Shenron's bingo book

Shenron's image in the Shinobi Union's bingo book.

Due to his notoriety, no large scale infiltrations followed the battle in the Land of Clouds. However, following his creation of a powerful seal, he began stealing advanced nature transformations from the many villages. During his battle with Raiden Narukami, he managed to acquire the the Explosion Release. In his victory against Kazaragi, he attain Ice Release. He even managed to steal the black flames of the Uchiha from Shiguma. As a result of his mastery over fūinjutsu, Shenron's overall capabilities were increasing at a rate that caused the Shinobi Union to discuss how'd they manage him as a potential world threat.

As a provision, a massive bounty was placed on Shenron's head and the Shinobi Union sent out dozens of affiliates to hunt him down. For sometime, Shenron was considered to be the The Most Wanted (最重要指名手配者, Saijūyō shimei tehai) criminal in the world. During this time period, Shenron fought battles left and right. Early on, he welcomed the challenge; taking down the high-leveled shinobi sent his way. But after weeks and months of constant battling and exposure he realized not even he could sustain the constant fighting for much longer. Then, almost like a closeted blessing, Shenron was tracked down and challenged by Shinzui Uchiha; an ally of the Shinobi Union. The two clashed briefly but then Shinzui revealed his lifelong relationship with Shenron's father and the two immediately befriended each other.

The two of them drank and talked for days; discussing Shenron's goals and desires. Eventually, Shinzui convinced Shenron to stop his reckless behavior before he's killed and can't return home. Shinzui eventually took Shenron on as an apprentice. Unlike Magai and his predecessors, who focused on developing Shenron as a shinobi, Shinzui primarily worked with Shenron to develop as a person and living being on this planet. The two discussed what it meant to a Kage and if Shenron was ready for that level of responsibility. Usually a confident person, for the first time in years, Shenron actually doubted himself. The two worked together and travelled for nearly a year; Shenron now living two decades on this planet. During that time, Shinzui instructed Shenron in the art of Sage Mode as a method to connect him with others through Natural Energy.

His time with Shinzui was brief yet impactful. More than qualified as shinobi and now mature enough as a leader, Shenron decided it was time to go home. Shinzui vouched for red-haired ninja to the Shinobi Union, causing a temporary cease fire - at least until he returns to his ways or demonstrates actual change.

Living Legend

Sometime after parting ways with Shinzui, Shenron returned back to Uzushiogakure. To say he wasn't nervous would be a blatant lie. However, despite the time it took and the many questionable actions he's taken, Shenron held his head high because everything he did was for this village. Despite alerting the village council of his arrival, Shenron was not welcomed with open arms. In actuality, the village was in chaos. The situation that caused Shenron to leave had actually gotten worst. While the Shinobi Union never declared war against Uzushiogakure, they allowed the nation to become entrenched in the crime they endorsed. Crime syndicates rules the streets and children lived in fear. With most of the military, as scarce as it was, sent to protect the borders or the corrupt Daimyō, homeland security was virtually non-existent. And to make matters worst, the First Uzushiokage was killed and the remainder of the village council was ill with symptoms of poisoning. A dire situation indeed, nevertheless, Shenron was in his element.

Shenron Declaration

Shenron giving his speech after being sworn-in.

In one fell swoop Shenron planned on rebooting this entire nation. Firstly, Shenron located his mother and the council and healed them by transferring his chakra which contains healing properties. After verifying their wellness, he made way to the Daimyō's estate. While he was intercepted by many shinobi, he warned them not to interfere. With ease, he entered the estate and executed the pompous man who ruled the land; effectively making him Daimyō of the Land of Whirlpools. He instructed the shinobi to return to the village and take back their nation. While unsure about Shenron intentions originally, the shinobi recalled the prophecy the council preached in the years before. Upon realizing Shenron was the man illustrated in said prophecy, they listened and journeyed back to the village. Be that as it may, Shenron made it back first and with relative ease apprehended the majority of the criminals within the village.

With the Daimyō executed, the council recovering and the shinobi returned to protect the citizens, half the battle had been won. Using the criminal he apprehended, Shenron sent them to Shinobi Union as a gesture of good faith. By doing so, not only would Shenron mend the bridge he broke during his expeditions in the past but also earn money for every single one of their bounties; utilizing that and his earnings over the years to sustain the economy of the village until it develops on its own. Children and adults alike spoke of Shenron as a hero. And with the public and the military on his side, Shenron quickly to control of the village and the entire land. Within weeks, Shenron cleaned up the village, helped start up various businesses and had introduced plans to set-up schools, hospitals and other amenities to foster growth. It became abundantly clear that Shenron was the leader and within a month of his arrival, Shenron was named the Second Uzushiokage (二代目渦の影, Nidaime Uzushiokage).

Within a year, the village had new life. With a small population and an abundance of land, work was easy to find. With no Daimyō, the village had expanded all throughout the Land of Whirlpools, providing the village with various sources of revenue. Starting up academies that demonstrated how to use fūinjutsu for battle and civilians purposes, the military and the work force was bound to grow at an alarming rate. On the diplomatic front, Shenron was able to completely mend the relationship with the Shinobi Union without having to affiliate with them; a fact that even the village council was surprised he achieved. Even more surprising, Shenron began to develop allies with other small villages; promising them military aid and support when needed.
Uzushio rebirth

Uzushiogakure after one year under Shenron's leadership.

Under the advise of his mother and the council, Shenron also opened his border to clans with no current village affiliations, allowing for further expansion. The village was on track to becoming one of the most prosperous small villages around.

However, peace and prosperity was not what Shenron sought. His time with Shinzui was well spent and provided him with new perspective; not all things can be achieved immediately. Challenging the Shinobi Union and becoming a world super power without preparing would lead to his inevitable defeat. As such, he needed a long-term plan. And the immediate rebirth of Uzushiogakure was only the start. Behind the scenes Shenron was devising a plan that would allow him to challenge even Konohagakure. In due time, he would once again broadcast his might to the world.


Shenron Arrogance

Shenron speaking down towards Shiguma.

Imagine carrying the weight of a whole clan, a village, the dreams of those both alive and dead since birth. With expectations set that high, it's understandable for someone to fall under the pressure and fail. However this is not the case with Shenron Uzumaki. Despite every blasphemous expectation set, Shenron managed to go above and beyond. These feats were obviously accomplished through prodigal natural skill but also unfathomable work ethic. As a result, Shenron has been blessed or cursed with over-confidence. Whether it be in battle, intellect or trivial tasks such as counting leaves on a tree, he believes he will be victorious. Most opponents would attribute this unnatural amount of confidence in one's self as arrogance, however, Shenron's confidence originates from a long history of success. With praise and awe given to him in every facet of his life, there's nothing he feels he cannot overcome. This attribute alone is why many have put this faith in him. Without fail, Shenron has always managed to overcome challenges, hence his overconfidence.

Due to his overconfidence, Shenron has a tendency to diminish or belittle others. Excellence and success are all Shenron has ever known, and because of that fact, he expects the same from others. But after years of being disappointed and let down by those who are not able to excel in the same manner he does, Shenron naturally expects little for his teammates, opponents, allies; really anyone who has yet to earn his respect. However, unlike those who secretly judge others in the shadows or behind their backs, Shenron has no fear in vocalizing his disgust. Especially in battle, Shenron will insult his opponents when they fail. Even against other shinobi who have been recognized as monster or deities, he's quick to call out their failures and verbally abuse them. Prior to become Uzushiokage, Shenron had a tendency to call those inferior "Mongrels", however, per the recommendation of his mother and the village council, he's broken that habit. Even among those he does respect, Shenron will not hesitate to call-out their misgivings as well.

Shenron Shogi

Shenron enjoying a game of shogi.

Considered a genius amongst geniuses, Shenron is indisputably intelligent. However, his intellect far exceeds his incredible feats in battle. The Second Uzushiokage loves a challenge, especially those that can be perceived as mentally taxing. Following his coronation as Uzushiokage, Shenron picked up shogi in order to stimulate his mind in the absence of battle. During summits or discussions with other world leaders, he'll often propose a duel of the mind through the shogi. Beyond the fighting and games, Shenron has always been a scholar. During his early years, prior to his formal training with Magai, Shenron spent time understanding the theoretical components of chakra and ninja arts. His interest in shinobi theory, is probably what has allowed him to become very proficient in fūinjutsu and develop hundred of new seals. Shenron enjoys reading and learning in order to improve himself and his abilities.

Shenron does not display the usual characteristics of someone who leads others. His overconfidence, lack of faith in others and tendency to belittle those same people are actually qualities not befitting of a leader. Nonetheless, charisma takes shapes in many forms and Shenron has earned the respect and admiration of the people within Uzushiogakure as their leader. Shenron takes the saying "lead by example" to the utmost degree. Striving towards excellence, Shenron expects the same from everyone else, especially from those within his village. While this expectation may be difficult to achieve, those within his village understand the goals he's aspiring to attain and feel inspired when they see their leader doing the same. The people living in the Land of Whirlpools are also confident in Shenron's strength, which has yet to fail to date. Finally, as stated, Shenron is undeniably intelligent, a characteristic that many would consider to be an important one for a leader to have.

As stated, Shenron has a distinct interest in
Shenron's love for battle

Shenron's love for battle.

things that are challenging, both physically and mentally. And in the eyes of the Uzushiokage, there is only one thing that requires both of these elements: intense battle. Many people share his love for combat, but each for a different reason. Shenron's loves for fighting extends far beyond a sense of justice or duty. His mother hypothesized that his love for battle comes from a sense of self-worth. Beyond rank and accolades, there's only one way to test the decades of training and studying he's accomplished; to defeat the strongest opponents possible. While Shenron has never heard or acknowledged this theory himself, his loves for battle is irrefutable and it is a reasonably constructed theory. Shenron has stated on numerous occasions that once his village's status has reached Great Nation level, he'd step down and once again travel around the world as he did with Magai.

In his youth, Shenron soft-spoken and quiet. While surrounded by dozens of maidens during early years, he never had the true love of his mother nor the influence of his father. Due to the Curse of Knowledge he inherited and the burden of Uzushio left on his shoulders, he spent most of time studying and training with the previous Uzumaki-heads. While each of these shinobi had a distinct influence on Shenron, two influenced him the most: Rumi and Kujo Uzumaki. Rumi instilled a sense of discipline in Shenron that would allow him to maximize his raw talent. While Kujo was instrumental in developing his creativity and pursuit to do better. These two figures along with the remainder of the former heads, are the main reason Shenron developed into the man he is.

In battle, Shenron Uzumaki fears no one or thing. However, there is one thing that seems too burdens the red-haired shinobi since his adolescent years, commitment. Possibly inheriting it his father, Shenron seems to lack any sense of commitment whatsoever in regards to relationships — in particular with women. Raised without parents, Shenron never really witnessed any healthy relationships growing up. As a matter of fact, Magai influenced him negatively as well due to nomadic tendencies. Shenron is quite the ladies man and with his stellar appearance, most women fall succumb to his charm. Little do they know, Shenron plans to smash and dash. The Village council actually made Shenron take a blood binding pledge that if he were to impregnate a women during his reign, he'd be forced to marry the women and raise the child.

Shenron smoking

Teenage Shenron starting a lifelong bad habit.

During his years with Magai, Shenron discovered there are things that interest him beyond completing his directive and fighting. Outside of his lustful habits, Shenron considers himself to be a gourmet. Traveling around the world, he got to try hundred of different dishes from different lands and cultures. He isn't usually the most patient man, however when it comes to culinary delicacies, Shenron has been capable of waiting hours, even days. However, similar to tendencies in battle, Shenron has no shame in insulting the chef if their food is not up to par with what he is accustomed to eating.

While the Uzumaki-heads influenced him greatly over early life, Magai and Shinzui played a pivotal part in his development in and outside of battle. From Magai, Shenron developed the nasty life-long habit of smoking. From Shinzui, he's become somewhat of a closeted alcoholic. However, neither of these two hinder on his health due to his father's genes.

While not confirmed, many believe that Shenron inherited the Curse of Hatred from his Uchiha bloodline. Despite not returning home for over two decades, Shenron holds a strong love and admiration for his clan and village. Amplified by the fact that he bears the souls of previous leaders within him, Shenron loves for Uzushiokage seems to have no bounds. However, his love turns to hate when it comes to those who oppose the village or his dreams. Throughout his time as a criminal, Shenron did not hesitate to kill those the Shinobi Union sent after him. Shinzui, however, does not believe Shenron's bares the burden of the Uchiha. While his love for his village is undeniable and his ruthlessness knows no bounds, Shinzui believes that the Shinobi Union has simply decided to categorize Shenron due to his raw shinobi nature in a time of peace. Shinzui actually believes that Shenron is simply a war hero in a time of peace.


Shenron Appearance

Shenron Uzumaki

Just as his father, the Second Uzushiokage is quite massive in height. Towering over most at six-feet-five-inches, he usually looks down on people both literally and figuratively. Outside of his massive stature, Shenron is well built. He possesses almost no percent body fat; weighing in at nearly two hundred and thirty two pounds. He seemed to inherit his flawless pale skin from both of his parents. However, oddly enough, Shenron was born with with golden eyes, which neither of his parents possess. Despite his constant flirting and sometimes inappropriate comments, most women find Shenron very attractive. Pulling from best characteristics from both of his clans, he can usually be seen charming women with his good looks. Just as both his mother and father, Shenron possess a unique ability to keep a youthful appearance. Since turning twenty four, he hasn't seemed to age.

Spending the first decade of his life under the umbrella of an all woman town, Shenron was treated like a prince. With all his caretakers in love with his red-hot hair, Shenron's hair was very long; which to this date is a habit he's yet to lose. As the only kid within town, there was no shortage of clothes, food, or love. As such, rarely did Shenron ever wear the same outfit. While he was fed and treated well, it was worth noting that Shenron was noticeable frail during his youth. After his training, Shenron would be found bruised or hurt, however would quickly heal within minutes due to his father's genes.

During the years of training with Magai, Shenron's appearance changed dramatically. Firstly, as an aging adolescent, Shenron's body became more mature; increasing in height and body mass. Due to the fact Magai wasn't simply training him in fūinjutsu but other all forms of shinobi combat, his frail body turned into a lean well-built machine. Shenron continued to grow out his hair all the way up to his behind and on many occasions tied it up in a pony tail. During the first few years, Shenron opted to wear a primarily black and white outfit that consisted a long-sleeved coat, black scar and pants. However, towards the tail end of his training with his Godfather, his outfit changed dramatically. Shenron wore light leather armor and around his waist he is also has four thick leather belts, each with lots of little pouches.

The years following Shenron's appearance drastically changed once more. After his training brief training with his father and Shinzui, Shenron became little more muscular; matching his incredible height. He cut his hair significantly, however he still maintains a youthful set of neck-length hair which makes him look more youthful. While his mother and many women are not a fan, Shenron has decided to grow a small goatee below his chin. In regards to his clothes, Shenron wears a black cape with red-outlines, along with with a primarily white kimono but there are certain spots such as collar, belt, armor that are red. Due to his Shinkan seal, Shenron’s eyes have gone from golden to red and within the cornea, small black inscriptions. Keeping his katana and most of his other weapons sealed within scrolls or within himself, he usually doesn't carry anything along with his attire. During times of conflict and war, it is worth noting, Shenron shifts into his battle armor.


Battle scars kouen ren x reader by laracaldin-d96y5rx
Even before birth, Shenron was expected to do extraordinary things. Son of the Redhead Goddess Mia Uzumaki and Legendary Raido X, he possesses the endurance, life force, and chakra of an Uzumaki along with the natural skill, talent, and intellect of an Uchiha.[7] Considered a genius amongst prodigies, Shenron displayed skills that outshined some of the most promising young shinobi in Gakuinkisai.[8] Training under renowned shinobi such as Shinzui Uchiha and Magai, Shenron is masterful in many forms of jutsu and possesses a large arsenal of techniques.[9] Defeating countless foes including Itami Sarutobi, Shiguma, Juro Uchiha and Nisashi Uzumaki, his name sprouts fear in the hearts of his enemies.[10] Earning the epithet God of Fūinjutsu, Shenron's combat prowess rivals other shinobi gods in Seika Uchiha and Kei Yotsuki.[11][12] Considered the most fearsome Uzumaki of his geenration, Shenron serves as the current Head of the Uzumaki Clan. His skills as a shinobi and outstanding leadership have earned him the rank of Uzushiokage and he later acquired the title of Gonnin considered to be one of the strongest shinobi since the Fourth Great Shinobi War.[13][14]

Chakra and Physical Prowess

As a descendant of both the Uchiha and Uzumaki, Shenron has incredible reserves of powerful chakra, enough to fight an entire battle against the Human Torch Densetsu then fight a war against the entire village Konohagakure.[15][16] Shenron possesses a rare and distinct form of chakra that has been described as "hot" and "fierce" by many Uzumaki.[17] Similar to a Tailed Beast, Shenron can quickly replenish his reserves even after using them all.[18] Shenron has masterful chakra control which can attributed to his heavenly usage of fūinjutsu and renowned skill in nature transformation. [19] His refined control has allowed to him to achieve perfect shape manipulation, transfer chakra to others and perform jutsu without the use of handsigns.
Shenron's Chakra

Shenron releasing his distinct chakra.

[20][21] It is said the only time Shenron has ever been pushed to his limits are during fights against Seika.[22]

Even among his Uzumaki brethren, Shenron possesses an unnaturally powerful life-force. While the exact cause of this unique ability is unknown, Shenron has been able to consistently avoid death due to this incredible ability.[23] Understanding he possesses a rather rare skill, Shenron has learned to weaponize his soul. Acquiring various techniques throughout the years, Shenron's life force has been a tool to overcome some of his strongest opponent. A true testament to his powerful life force is his ability to consistently use the power of the Shinigami Masks with no drawbacks. [24] Shenron has also been able to travel freely between the land of the living and the Pure Land.[25] And when utilizing Pressure Points of Harm and Death technique, his chakra is compared to the Eight Gate of Death rather than the usual Sixth Gate of Joy.[26] In recent year, Shenron has learned to utilize Kishū an advance fighting style weaponizes the life force. [27]

Shenron's strength

Shenron's colossal strength.

While not globally renowned for his physical capabilities, Shenron is able to keep up with some of the most proficient taijutsu experts.[28] Since an early age, Shenron has developed his physique for all form of combat including hand-to-hand combat. To master formidable taijutsu fighting styles such as Capoeira, Shenron has spent decades enhancing his strength, speed, and other physical attributes.[29] Throughout his adulthood, Shenron has utilized his masterful chakra control in order to further enhance his refine physical powers.[30] On the battlefield, Shenron rarely ever displays any fatigue or pain. Through his genetic enhancements, Shenron is able to regenerate wounds near instantly and is immune to poisons and diseases.[31]

Sensory Perception

Shenny senses

Shenron using Mind's Eye of the Kagura to sense his enemies.

As a result of his unique heritage, Shenron has been blessed with various abilities that have widened his perception of the world. Thanks to his mother, Shenron possesses the ability Mind's Eye of the Kagura, which grants him the ability to sense the chakra signature of others.[32] Even compared to others who posses this technique, Shenron's ability has no compare. Not only is he granted the usual sensory enhancements which include; sensing without conscious effort, detecting a target's chakra potency and reserves, telescope vision, and deduce whether a target is a clone, an illusion.[33][34] But also, Shenron has a range of other skills that other users do not possess such as; the ability to see beings that are not in same realm including spirits and shadows[35][36] and even see the life force or dukkha of a target.[37] This ability is further enhanced when he enters Sage Mode, increasing the extent of his the previously stated abilities tremendously and also allowing him to see nature energy.[38] His enhanced perception is one of his greatest strengths which has divided him from other shinobi.

Over the years, Shenron developed a unique seal that would increase his perception and reflexes known as Shinkan. Through the use of three chakra natures, Shenron is granted a wide range of abilities that include foresight to the same extent as the Sharingan, outstanding analytical skills, and reflexes the exceed the speed of lightning.[39][40]


Tumblr nqztsa4tZT1sqbbypo3 500

Teenage Shenron utilizing Capoeira to avoid his opponents.

Despite his natural talent for ninjutsu, Shenron was heavily instructed in the art of taijutsu by his father, Raido.[41] Stressing the importance of being able to fight opponents in close range combat, Raido taught Shenron his own personal fighting style — Capoeira. In battle, Shenron has displayed a strong aptitude for using all parts of his body to out-maneuver his opponents. During his fights against Nisashi Uzumaki and Yoshiro Kaguya, Shenron was able to adjust his technique and target particular areas in order to overcome his foes.[42][43] During his battles, Shenron has learned to apply other forms of combat alongside his taijutsu making him even more fearsome. When fighting Densetsu, he utilized a particular seal to grant a unique variation of nintaijutsu.[44] Most make an attempt to keep their distance in a fight due to his heavenly skills in the fūinjutsu and his ability to place seals.

Recently, Shenron has begun to develop a new form of taijutsu that works hand-in-hand with his studies of the Character Bind Technique. While he has yet to use this fighting style in battle, he has named this technique — Sakanade.


Throughout the years, Shenron has displayed great proficiency in the art of ninjutsu. His natural talent and years of unorthodox training has allowed him to acquire a variety of different forms and styles of ninjutsu. Years of travelling across the globe has allowed him to acquire a well-rounded arsenal of techniques. In battle he has broadcasted great skill in Bukijutsu[45] and even in some situations Reincarnation Ninjutsu[46]. His mastery over the general style is superior to any of the other major jutsu classes.

Nature Transformation

Shenron, as a testament to his pristine chakra control, possesses all five basic nature transformations; a feat few have achieved especially without the use of some uncanny dōjutsu. Of the five, Shenron's natural affinity is Fire Release. From a young age, he displayed great chakra control and mastered various techniques including the Uchiha Clan's Great Fireball Technique and the Phoenix Sage Fire Technique. Under the tutelage of Magai, Shenron mastered the opposite nature to his affinity, Water Release. And within the time span of five years, Shenron acquired the use of the remaining three in quick succession. Understanding the relationship between these natures, Shenron knows how to amplify his attack by combining elements while countering his opponents by utilizing their natural weaknesses.

Dedicating all his time to his craft, one of the first techniques Shenron developed was the Element Inscription Seal. By funneling chakra through the seal, Shenron is able to conjure the elements from any place in his body without the use of hand seals. With it, he can perform feats similar to Great Fire Annihilation and Great Exploding Water Colliding Wave with relative ease. When used in conjunction with his Shape Transformation Seal, imbuing any nature into a spiraling ball for example requires minimal effort. With these two techniques, Shenron has been able to combat against those who specialize in nature transformation including Seika Amamoto and Itami Sarutobi. In recent years, Shenron has acquired numerous Kekkei Genkai including but not limited to ice, storm, lava and blaze. Through the Element Inscription Seal, Shenron can make use the elements he procured over the years as well.

Shenron understands the concepts behind Yin and Yang Release and has developed multiple techniques based on this understanding. Shenron primarily utilizes the Yin nature for mental augmentation and illusions, while utilizing Yang for physical augmentation or enhancement. Both have been utilized separately and in unison for Medical Ninjutsu as well.

Space-Time Ninjutsu

Shenron Ftg Manga

Shenron using the Flying Thunder God Technique.

Through his studies of various fūinjutsu, Shenron would eventually become a masterful practitioner of the Flying Thunder God Technique. His usage of the technique is considered superior to many of his predecessors.[47] As a testament to his Gonnin rank, Shenron has been praised as one of the fastest shinobi in the world. Through the Flying Thunder God Technique, Shenron can teleport instantaneously to any objects, person, or place he has marked his seal with.[48] By incorporating fūinjutsu placement into his mode of combat, Shenron can place seals both effectively and efficiently. After years of usage, Shenron has developed multiple variations of the technique.

With several decades of usage on his belt, Shenron has developed multiple derived techniques that has allowed him to become more versatile. Through the Flying Thunder God seals, he is able to switch any two marked area instantaneously,[49] transport certain attacks within his vicinity,[50] and deceive his opponent to believing he is present in one location when he's not.[51] Later on. he'd develop a technique that would unite each of these abilities, creating one powerful jutsu.[52] These techniques have allowed him to transcend others, making himself probably the most proficient user of all time.

The former is not the only Space-Time Technique within the Kage's arsenal. Shenron can produce small realms which freeze both time and space.[53]

Barrier Ninjutsu

Gyokuen Bolg

Shenron's highly chakra condensed shield.

After becoming Kage, Shenron made it his goal to learn barrier ninjutsu to protect his village. Only knowing a few barriers from his days as a Pirate Captain, Shenron needed to expand his knowledge on the topic. During his training, he would acquire techniques allowing him to create small barriers to capture opponents, continuously respawning barriers and much more.[54] Shenron has also mastered his clan's hiden techniques for both offensive and defensive usage.[55]

After studying barrier ninjutsu for quite sometime, Shenron started developing his own techniques. Using his chakra absorbing seal, along with a small barrier that can be made intangible and tangible at certain point, Shenron created a powerful defense.[56] Shenron has even developed offensive barrier in relation to his fūinjutsu in order to completely restrain his targets.[57] Shenron would later develop a powerful barrier that would work in correlation to his space-time abilities.[58]



Throughout his tenure as Uzushiokage, Shenron has been attempting to develop a technique to heighten the power of the Uzushiogakure military. Originally planning on utilizing the power of Shinigami Mask to develop a Juinjutsu, early experiments lead to great disaster. Forced to closed down his project by the village council, Shenron set his sights on a new and safer source, Tailed Beasts. Upon hearing the stories of legendary shinobi Naruto Uzumaki transferring his chakra to his allies during the Fourth Great Shinobi World War and tales of the Gold and Silver Brothers of Kumogakure, he knew this plan was more than feasible.

Receiving a sample of the Son Gokū's DNA and chakra during a covert operation, Shenron tested his theory on an orphaned child in Uzushiogakure. The results were extraordinary. Not only did the young girl obtain increased chakra reserves but also the Son's sage chakra and Lava Release Kekkei Genkai. With incredible success in the first attempt, Shenron now the DNA and chakra of all the Tailed Beasts in order to truly augment his village's military strength.


Shenron's Sage Mode

Shenron's Sage Mode.

Attributed to his incredible chakra reserves, Shenron was trained in the art of senjutsu.[59] Though unlike those who mastered a specific style within a certain region, Shenron was trained by Shinzui Uchiha. The way in which he trained was only a small setback on the road to master Sage Mode; an enhanced transforming in which Shenron balances natural energy with his chakra. Upon entering the former, Shenron's physical abilities are enhanced along with his jutsu.[60][61] Very much like the Seventh Hokage, who came up with his own way to increase the duration of the transformation, Shenron developed a unique seal based on Nisashi Uzumaki's ability to passively absorb natural energy.[62] With it, Shenron can take on said state at any moment and maintain the transformation indefinitely; a feat very few have achieved. Unlike many other users, Shenron usually saves this technique for certain circumstances.[63]

As stated, entering Sage Mode augments Shenron's technique's capabilities. Aware of this fact, Shenron has developed various techniques that incorporates both his increased technique output and his ability to manipulate his surroundings. In unison with his ink prowess, Shenron can take any location and make his playground, a power that only deities are said to possess.[64]


Kouen Reading

Shenron Studying.

Unlike so many others of his generations, Shenron can be a strategic genius in combat. His natural ability to pick up and understand concepts has allowed him strive beyond his peers and progress as a shinobi. His diverse and well developed skill is a testament to this fact.[65] Traveling around the globe and fighting various opponents of different clans and vilages, Shenron has a great understanding of most jutsu types and how he'd counter them. Even when faced with abilities he does not completely understand, Shenron can effectively dissect techniques and figure out ways to counter them.[66] His understanding of chakra has allowed him to become a powerful shinobi.

Outside of his natural proficiency as a shinobi, Shenron is brilliant. With an intelligence quotient far beyond the norm along with his incredible work ethic, Shenron is considered one of the smartest shinobi. Diagnosed with low latent inhibition at a young age, Shenron notices every small detail which makes him extremely perceptive and cautious. This "disease" has allowed him to create some of the most complex techniques due to his effort to cover every detail.

Other Skills

1440652057 11vrevt 7v7yt

Shenron's skill in Shurikenjutsu.

As stated, Shenron possesses quite the versatile and broad shinobi skill set, which grants him many options in battle. Since an early age, Shenron has displayed great proficiency in Shurikenjutsu, even when blind.[67] Shenron has also been seen being quite skilled in the art of Kenjutsu, facing off against renowned swordsmen.[68] While not often seen, the Golden Boy is supposedly masterful in his Genjutsu usage, even developing a unique technique in conjunction with his fūinjutsu.[69] Outside of these skills, Shenron is stated to have some knowlegde in Medical Ninjutsu and Reincarnation Ninjutsu.


Note: Shenron's background, skillset, and abilities have been modified to better fit the Kaimetsu storyline. These modifications include but may not be limited to the inability to seal advance nature transformation through the Element Inscription Seal, the inability to use Kishū, a decrease in potency through his Pressure Points of Harm and Death ability, limiting his use of Space–Time Ninjutsu to the Flying Thunder God Technique along with its canon variants, decreasing his chakra reserves to "shinobi tailed beast levels" and the inability to use of the Shinigami Masks as power-ups. Please discuss with User:SoloStar2 or User:KamiGuru if there are any other ability-related modifications you suggest shouldn't be allowed.

Story-wise, Shenron is significantly older in this timeline; being in his late thirties and having multiple kids around the world. His deeds in the past are not as renowned as described in his background and all actions that involved apprehending canon tools or abilities have been voided - except for the Shinigami Masks. Any illegal actions were done under his alias thus doesn't affect his relationship with the Shinobi Union. Although, Uzushiogakure's relationship with the Shinobi Union is dubious in this storyline as well. (See More: Uzushiogakure)

Outside of the Element Inscription Seal, which doesn't technically break the rules of the Kaimetsu storyline, all adjustments have been made to make him less powerful for the benefit of other users as well as the storyline advancement; not because Kami was asked to by a moderator. Please be advised that if the world manages to scale, Shenron will scale along with it.

Concept and Creation

When originally designing Shenron, the author KamiGuru wanted to come up with a legitimate reason to give him the Rinnegan for the site wide Fanon Canon: Dreamscape Project. After receiving permission from SixpathsofSamoa to create a son of the iconic Raido X, the author made his babymomma and Shenron X was born. It didn't take long for the author to notice how difficult it'd be to attain the Rinnegan in the storyline, as such he decided to give Shenron the Sharingan, Mangekyō Sharingan and Lava Release. Determined to keep up with the strongest characters on the site, the user also applied for and acquired Son Gokū; effectively making Shenron the Jinchūriki of the Four Tails.

With the outline for his abilities now complete, the author needed a prominent position to give him. With Hokage and Tsuchikage both taken, the author realized the perfect position for him: Uzushiokage. Hence forth, Shenron X was no more and Shenron Uzumaki was his name. With his new position, a clever title was given to him in order to match those he was trying to compete against: God of Fūinjutsu. While his aptitude in fūinjutsu was nowhere as powerful as some other characters, with his father playing a key role in the storyline, Shenron got a lot of attention early on. After several months and multiple role-plays, under the advisement of multiple users, the author decided to remove Mangekyo Sharingan and focus on his seals instead. At the end of the project, Shenron faced some of the strongest characters on the site in the role-play Meeting History and earned even more popularity.

With the Dreamscape Project coming to an uneventful end, the user began to completely rework Shenron. Removing both Son Gokū and the Sharingan, the user decided to solely focus on the character's fūinjutsu prowess. After plenty of role-plays to test out his abilities - mostly against High-kage level or God-tier Fanon characters, the user was confident enough in his roleplaying powers to transform Shenron into the main antagonist of his own site-wide Fanon Canon: Chaos Labyrinth. With some of the most notable characters participating and not as many regulations as previous project, Shenron was given plenty of buffs from this storyline. Some of the buffs included (albeit not all of them being simultaneously): Artificial Chakra Fruit, a Shinigami, a chakra tree spirit and fūinjutsu turned magic. After two long years, He was voted one of the top five strongest active characters.

After a two year hiatus, the user returned to the Fanon with new eyes. Upon witnessing his creation — a Shinobi-mage with two gods sealed within and ink manipulating powers — he felt like he was a mad scientist who created an abomination. Completely clearing Shenron's page, over 150k bytes worth of content, he decided to start fresh. Rather than focusing on his abilities, he decided to start on Shenron's backstory, adding substance and history to his powers. Getting permission from Con and East, characters Magai and Shinzui Uchiha had a heavy influence on his upbringing. Before long a completely new character came into existence.

The character you see above is this new creation...



  • (To Shiguma)"Your reflexes are slow, you can't multitask, and you just lack knowledge and wisdom. And understand this, I got you in a set up that is beyond what you can come up with on your own."
  • (Referring to Seika)"Wow, this guy is truly something else, now whether that is a good thing or a bad thing is a matter of opinion."
  • (To Juro)"Well I was just enjoying the night, was thinking about heading to Konoha to talk to some girls and have some sake but you just made my night ten times better."
  • (Referring to Shiguma teaming up with Kisui)"So a team has already been decided eh, of course the weakling would team up with a God, its natural for weak to attach themselves to the a rank they could never reach."
  • (To Bourei)"Leaf-scum, you better watch your tone around me mongrel, you might get it worst than death if you continue to talk in such a way."


  • "Shenron" is Japanese for "Spirit Dragon" or "Dragon of Spirit". (神龍)
  • Shenron's epithet "God of Fūinjutsu" comes from the user's desire to create one of the "Gods" on the wikia. Heavily inspired by Ryun Uchiha and Seireitou Hyūga, the user designed the character to match them in power.
    • As noted in the Concept and Creation Section, Shenron has undergone numerous updates and changes. Over the years, the user has nerfed the character in good taste.
  • Shenron's favorite word is "Mongrel" (雑種, Zasshu)
  • Although Shenron's not a full-blooded Uzumaki, many have regarded him as one of the the, if not the, most popular Uzumaki on the wikia.
  • Shenron has numerous image sources but is primarily depicted as Red Kouen from Magi.
  • Shenron was the first Uzumaki and first minor village leader to be accepted into the Dreamscape Project.
    • Shenron was also the first minor village leader to host a Tailed Beast in the project.
  • Shenron was created March 2015 under the name "Shenron X".
  • In almost every project he's participated in, Shenron has played a major role. In the Dreamscape Project, Shenron was the son of one of the Main Antagonists, drawing the attention from some of the story's most prominent characters. In Chaos Labyrinth, Shenron served as the main Antagonist, leading the charge against the shinobi world, specifically Konoha.
  • Very similar to his father, Shenron is a renowned man-whore who managed to woo dozen of women across the globe. While Shenron hasn't populated the wikia with his children yet, there's still time.
  • Unlike most character on the Fanon, Shenron doesn't have a summoning contract with a particular species. Instead Shenron specializes in summoning the Shinigami through the Shinigami Masks.
  • According to the databook(s):


  1. History
  2. Uzushiokage Application
  3. The Golden Boy of Uzushio:Shenron is born in Uzushiogakure.
  4. House of X: As son of Raido and Mia, he is of both the Uchiha and Uzuamki.
  5. Gonnin: Shenron is the first to be nominated into the organization.
  6. The Uzumaki Siblings: Shenron is the Head of the Uzumaki Clan of Uzushiogakure
  7. House of X: Shenron is a descendant of both the Uchiha and the Uzumaki displaying characteristics of both.
  8. History: Shenron was valedictorian of his class and was wanted by almost every nation.
  9. History: Shenron studied under two teachers who are both considered renowned shinobi.
  10. Battle Record: Shenron defeated all listed opponents in battle.
  11. Star Wars: Dragon and Reaper: Shenron and Kei fighting on even terms.
  12. Naruto: Kakumei: Seika and Shenron have been rivals even before earning their fearsome reputations.
  13. Uzushiokage: Shenron is the Second Uzushiokage.
  14. Gonnin: Shenron is one of the five shinobi gods.
  15. Wolves in Wonderland: Shenron fights Densetsu who had been spying on his army, leading to a draw.
  16. Blowing Out the Fire: Shenron and the Jashinist army launch a full assault on Konohagakure.
  17. Beauty and the Beast: Senjō initially describes Shenron's chakra as bright and fierce.
  18. Blowing Out the Fire: Shenron was able to recuperate completely after his long battle with Densetsu without any aid.
  19. Fūinjutsu: Shenron's masterful chakra control has earned him the title of God of Fūinjutsu.
  20. Meeting History: Shenron transfers chakra to his village.
  21. Start of a Rivalry: Shenron performs Inemuri without the need of handsigns.
  22. Attack on Titan: Shenron is forced to go all out against Seika Uchiha.
  23. History: Shenron avoids death countless times throughout his past.
  24. Equipment: Shenron utilizes these masks for various purposes with little drawback.
  25. History: Shenron travels to the Pure Land to learn about his clan's long history.
  26. Wolves in Wonderland: Densetsu questions whether Shenron has unlocked the Eighth Gate upon activating the Pressure Points of Harm and Death technique.
  27. History: Shenron studies his clan's forbidden art of Kishū.
  28. Student or Master, Nisashi's Invitation: Shenron is able to overpower taijutsu specialist Nisashi Uzumaki.
  29. History: Training under Raido and during his time in Gakuinkisai, Shenron maintained his physical composure.
  30. Wolves in Wonderland: Shenron utilizes his chakra to enhance his physical capabilities.
  31. House of X: As a descendant of Raido, Shenron is granted his father's rare ability to heal spontaneously.
  32. Mind's Eye of the Kagura: Is an ability unique to those of Uzumaki Heritage.
  33. Wolves in Wonderland: Shenron displayed all these abilities against his fight against Densetsu.
  34. Mind's Eye of the Kagura: Shenron is a user of this technique, thus he is granted these abilities.
  35. King's Fall: Rise of the Second Crown: Shenron sees his father's shadow.
  36. History: Shenron sense the soul of the Uzumaki Clan ancestor
  37. A Heated Battle: Shenron senses the life-force of Shiguma to continuously track him.
  38. Attack on Titan: When Shenron uses Sage Mode his senses increase exponentially.
  39. It's Just Business: Shenron uses Shinkan to fight against Nisshou.
  40. Wolves in Wonderland: Shenron's reflexes were praised as god-like.
  41. History: Shenron studied Capoeira from his father.
  42. Student or Master, Nisashi's Invitation: Shenron utilizes his taijutsu to take Nisashi's eye.
  43. Blood Bone and Soul: Shenron uses his taijutsu to completely restrain Yoshiro.
  44. Wolves in Wonderland: Shenron uses the Element Inscription Seal alongside his taijutsu.
  45. Better Safe Than Sorry: Shenron utilized fearsome bukijutsu abilities against Yasaki and his brother.
  46. Blowing Out the FireShenron revived some of his commarades through an unknown method of ninjutsu
  47. King's Fall: Rise of the Second Crown: Raido states that Shenron has surpassed all previous users of the Flying Thunder Technique.
  48. Start of a Rivalry: Shenron uses the Flying Thunder God technique to not only teleport to his custom designed kunai but also to Juro and a branded region on the battlefield.
  49. Droplets of Fate: Shenron switches places with one of his opponent's men in order to not only avoid the attack but also deal damage to the army.
  50. Duel between the Wicked: Shenron teleport several kunai that were targeting his gut away from himself and continued on with his attack.
  51. Sons of Legends: Shenron teleports between locations multiple times to confuse Juro of his presence.
  52. Wolves in Wonderland: Shenron utilized the Whirlwind Blitz which incorporated all previously stated Flying Thunder God techniques.
  53. It's Just Business: Shenron attempted to capture Nishou with the two techniques which were capable of freezing both space and time within a certain region.
  54. Whirlpool of Clashing Kin: Shenron catches Ikido in a continuously responding barrier
  55. A Heated Battle: Shenron uses his clan's signature chakra chains to not only attacks Shiguma but eventually restrain and defeat him.
  56. Wolves in Wonderland: Shenron absorbs Densetsu's fireball jutsu through his unique barrier.
  57. Sons of Legends: Shenron leaves his opponent, Juro Uchiha, completely restrained in the woods for him to be eventually found.
  58. Wolves in Wonderland: Shenron creates a space-time barrier through his Flying Thunder God Seals which allows him to teleport instantaneously anywhere within the region.
  59. Senjutsu: In order to master Senjutsu, it requires an incredible large chakra reserve, which Shenron possesses.
  60. Attack on Titan: Upon entering sage mode versus Seika, Shenron gained fearsome physical abilities.
  61. Wolves in Wonderland: Shenron's jutsu become even more powerful than they naturally are.
  62. Student or Master, Nisashi's Invitation: Shenron states towards the end of the battle that Nisashi's ability to absorb Natural Energy with no effort is something he'd like to mimic. And later on it is revealed he does.
  63. Personality: Shenron possesses a superiority complex which makes him not want to display all his skills unless he has deemed his opponent as worthy.
  64. Wolves in Wonderland: Creating distance from Densetsu, Shenron entered his Sage state and began to manipulate the battlefield with little to no effort.
  65. Abilities: Shenron possesses a powerful yet diverse skillset that very few can mimic.
  66. Droplets of Fate: When confronted with a unique form of hypnosis, Shenron quickly yet effectively analyzed the technique and her skill set and deduced the technique.
  67. History: Even when blind, Shenron was still adept in the art of Shurikenjutsu; hitting his targets almost every time.
  68. Star Wars: Dragon and Reaper: Shenron faces off against Kei in a quick swordsman ship battle.
  69. Start of a Rivalry: Shenron traps Kazaragi in a fuinjutsu enhanced illusion, ending the battle before it even started.
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