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Leaf Village Logo solid Shichi Shizuken Leaf Village Logo solid
Name Shichi Shizuken
Kanji 眥柔菅 茨値
Romanji Shizuken Shichi
Personal Status
Birthdate Astrological Sign ScorpioOctober 28 (Scorpio)
Age 19
Status Alive
Gender Gender FemaleFemale
Sexuality Bisexual
Height 154.94 cm (5'1")
Weight 41.17 kg (90.76 lbs.)
Blood Type O-
Home Country 70px-Land of Iron Symbol.svg Land of Iron
Current Residence Konohagakure Symbol Konohagakure
Affiliation Konohagakure Symbol Konohagakure

Spider Silk Forest Silk Servant's Forest

Occupation Kunoichi
Team Ito
Lover(s) Shibara
Saki Shiroshinku
(Polygamic Relationship)
Clan Kinudoreiclan3 Kinudorei (Naturalized)
Family Shibara (Lover)

Saki Shiroshinku (Lover)
Manjushage (Mother-In-Law)
Emica (Aunt-In-Law)

Rank Special Jonin
Classification Kenjutsu Specialist
Sensory Type
Kinudorei (Naturalized)
Academy Prom. Age 12
Chūnin Prom. Age 13
Special Jōnin Prom. Age 17
Unique Trait Low Chakra Reserves
Perfect Chakra Control

Flying Swallow
Circumlunar Slash
Reverse Mist Beheading
Dance of the Crescent Moon
Hilt Thrust


Sage Art: Web Clone Technique
Sage Art: Binding Silk Technique
Sage Art: Binding Silk Paralysis
Grounded Chain Paralysis
Summoning Technique (Shibara)
Silent Killing
Clone Technique
Body Flicker Technique
Transformation Technique
Body Replacement Technique


Sword (Chakra Absorption Seal)
Wire Strings
Smoke Bomb

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Shichi [Seven] Shizuken is an Anbu-level Special Jonin of Konohagakure (as of the epilogue). Unlike most Jonin, she excels in certain areas of the shinobi arts, but lacks the well roundedness of a normal Jonin. Specifically, Shichi specializes in kenjutsu and paralysis techniques, particular that of Spider Senjutsu. However, she might not be the best choice for every mission.


Shichi was abandoned at a young age by her renegade parents. For a time, she held no identifiable surname. She was placed in the children's orphanage and was eventually enrolled in the ninja academy. Her classmates and teachers would soon notice how soft-spoken and quiet she was, and while not necessarily shy, she didn't speak all too much. Shichi excelled in her academics, receiving high marks particularly in mathematics. During ninja training, her classmates and instructors noticed how well she used a bokken and they took interest in her acquired love for kenjutsu. The nickname "Shizuken" started floating around; a mixture between shizuka for "quiet" and ken for "sword." It wasn't long after the creation of her nickname that academy instructors officially used it as her surname.

During her time at the academy, Shichi honed her kenjutsu skills and focused on her strengths instead of her weaknesses. She realized that, while she wasn't all that strong, she was quite fast and could end duels quickly. She also began to notice that, unlike most of her classmates, she couldn't keep up with them in terms of stamina or endurance; whenever she had to run laps in the field or participate in a duel, she knew it was wise to finish quickly before she became too fatigued. Additionally, during basic ninjutsu training, Shichi's instructors noted that she had abnormally low chakra reserves and therefore would be severely limited in the number of jutsu she could perform and the magnitude of her jutsu as well. One instructor even lent her a book to read on chakra control in the hopes that she could make the most of the little chakra she had.

For the remainder of her time at the academy, while other children would play with their friends or family, Shichi would practice her kenjutsu and chakra control skills, becoming able to fine-tune them to a point of such efficiency that her instructors considered her true chakra reserves to be around that of her peers, so long as they were within the realm of smaller jutsu. Shichi would also dedicate hours a week simply watching Genin and other ninja train in the Konohagakure training grounds. There, she learned many things through simple observation and her own mimicry of others' skills and styles.

She enjoyed watching Rock Lee and Tenten train. She found Tenten's fluency in the weapon arts to be fascinating and Rock Lee's work ethic to be inspiring.

As of Part I of Naruto, Shichi Shizuken is still an academy student of Konohagakure.


Shichi Shizuken is usually an honest and cynical, yet sweet girl who is soft-spoken, and doesn't talk too much. She's very intelligent and creative with regards to how she must overcome obstacles that stand in her way. She might not be the easiest person to talk to, but she means well and gets along adequately with the people she meets, however, when on missions, she can be quite merciless.

On missions, when it comes to her enemies, she takes no second chances. If she has been assigned a target to assassinate, the target in question will be taken care of. Often, her teammates will be taken aback by Shichi's efficiency and unforgiving ability to end the life of someone in the way of progress, but she assures them its for the sake of the mission, the village, and most importantly, herself.

It's not that Shichi loves killing, or adventure, or even the thrill of a mission. She simply can't afford to take chances. In her eyes, the world of ninja is built on deceit, lies, and manipulation, and if she is distracted or loses focus for even a moment, then her adversaries will seize any opportunity to betray her (like her parents). She dislikes inefficiency. If she hesitates before a kill, or defies the orders given to her, it could very easily turn the situation into a life-threatening one.

Shichi enjoys inventing her own chakra cost-efficient jutsu that work well with her preferred style of combat and assassination. She enjoys reading about sealing techniques, and seeking out help and advice from her peers, mentors, and occasionally the Hokage in order to learn and discover new techniques and more efficient ways to perform them. She also loves researching and experimenting with many types of paralysis techniques, as they can be used in conjunction with her blade to increase the likelihood of a successful assassination.

Personally, Shichi believes that any obstacle can be overcome if it is met with creativity and fortitude.

Shichi often proves to be quite the coward when faced with death. Though she wouldn't sell out a comrade (all too often), she clearly displays her fear and desperation through facial expressions, voice changes (tone), shaking, crying, pleading, and begging to be spared. She often exhibits these behaviors when faced with death, pain, torture, embarrassment, or when she has been captured or defeated in battle. She's quick to backstab.

Intimately, Shichi would like a guy or girl (bisexual) who is more dominant and can rein her in if she takes things to far on a mission or loses her cool in public, etc. She likes men who respect her combat skills, surpass her intelligence, and treat her like a lady. She likes women who are are similar to her taste in men, though she would prefer if the woman was a little bit more feminine and submissive like herself. Shichi has been known to use her visual appeal on missions to gain information, seduce and poison targets, or to bribe her way out of a tricky situation involving an opponent she cannot defeat.


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Shichi Shizuken is a relatively short girl with crimson colored eyes similar to that of an Uchiha's Sharingan or Kurenai Yuhi/Sarutobi. She usually wears her black, navel-length hair either loose, or in a ponytail and her bangs frame her face similar to Hinata Hyuga's hair. Shichi has pale skin and fine features all across her body. She is a beautiful young woman enjoying the prime of her life.

Shichi Shizuken's outfit is mostly made from spider silk and consists of a revealing top that comes together near the breast area and exposes a fair amount of her back; her ninja headband is wrapped around her lower ribs through a loop in the back of her top, keeping the top from moving around too much. Under the exposed area of the back of the top, there is a red black widow symbol. She sports a short, but flexible skirt that reveals her legs; a few support bandages can be seen wrapping around the right side of her waist. On her upper left thigh, Shichi has a strap equipped with senbon and on her lower right leg, she wears a utility pouch which also sheathes a small dagger (Tantō. She often wears revealing, slightly heeled sandals on her feet although it's not too uncommon to see her in simple "flip-flop" sandals. On her right arm, Shichi wears a long fingerless glove that extends past the elbow.

Shichi Shizuken carries her special chokuto (a single-edged straight sword) usually on her back or waist (although the picture does not show it). The chokuto, however, is no ordinary sword. Shichi used her skills in fuinjutsu to place a chakra absorption seal on the blade, so whenever it cuts, Shichi replenishes her chakra reserves. Additionally, the blade stores chakra and because the chakra itself is still and unmoving, it can be converted into sage chakra and be consumed by Shichi in order for her to enter Spider Sage Mode (Rather than needing to use shadow clones or sit still).

While in sage mode, Shichi undergoes a few transformations. Her hair becomes more course and rough and her ribbon usually comes undone. The whites of her eyes turn black, her red eyes become more constricted, and sharp, crimson colored eyeliner appears around both eyes. Her cheeks flush full of color, a sign of the vitality of the nature energy. With regards to her teeth, her upper canines also become pointier and sharper. The effects of the spider senjutsu isn't just physical though, and consequently, Shichi's personality becomes a bit more sadistic and irritable. If she is wearing her "flip flop" sandals, she'll usually kick them off in order to expose her bare feet to surfaces. This allows her to stand on and run up walls without consuming chakra or needing to control it at the base of her feet. Additionally, she can now easily feel vibrations and chakra tremors in the ground thus effectively granting her sensory type abilities.

Shichi's apparel is black with crimson trim.


Shichi Shizuken specializes in kenjutsu; her skill in the sword art is her strongest capability, however her most useful assets are her paralysis techniques. Shichi is also quite proficient in Spider Senjutsu. Additionally, while she has very low chakra reserves, Shichi has an abnormal aptitude for chakra control. She has no kekkei genkei, but her chakra control is an abnormal talent. However, she doesn't have the chakra pool to draw from in order to learn medical ninjutsu.

Strategical Preference: Shichi will attempt to incapacitate or bind her target in some way with senjutsu or fuinjutsu before striking in order to execute the victim quickly. She is quiet and efficient with her work. If drawn into open combat, she must end the fight quickly and will resort to using more powerful—yet draining—jutsu. Her assassinations are quick, her torture is effective, and her kidnapping skills are high-end. She is a master in the binding arts and she often uses these skills during her missions.


Shichi's favorite method of combat is kenjutsu; ever since she was a little girl, it had been the skill she was most proficient in. Because of her weak physical capabilities, Shichi's taijutsu had always been sub-par, however her skill with a blade compensated for such a debilitation. Shichi no longer requires the use of taijutsu, so long as her swordsmanship is true and her blade stays sharp. Regardless, Shichi does know a few good spin kicks and flying kicks as they can be interwoven into her acrobatic fighting style.

Over the years of her training to become an able kunoichi, Shichi has mastered several techniques including the reknowned Leaf Style: Dance of the Crescent Moon and the infamous Reverse Mist Beheading technique. Both techniques are quite proficient against both sword-users and non-sword users; few opponents expect Shichi to have mastered both techniques. It's not too uncommon for the last thing her opponent sees in life is an able swordswoman driving her straight-sword into their shoulder-blade.

Smart opponents will keep their distance from Shichi, as she is a close to mid range fighter. Either that or they'll be super aggressive, up-close and personal, in order to take advantage of her poor durability. However, Shichi has invented a kenjutsu technique of her own to deal with such situations. Circumlunar Slash is the technique that she uses to maintain the distance between close-range fighters and to strike long-range ninjutsu users. Upon slashing, she sends out a chakra disc that can sever even the thickest of trees with the cleanest of cuts. This kenjutsu technique was inspired by the Samurai and their trademark Flash ability, however, it's much more powerful at the cost of some speed and delivery time. Despite this drawback, Shichi's proficiency in Iaido helps to keep the build up time of the jutsu hidden from enemy perception.

As a kunoichi with an incredulously pathetic chakra pool, Shichi's preference for kenjutsu relieves her of any strong reliance on ninjutsu or chakra. That being said, in order to force a duel into her favor, she often uses her skills in Iaido to prevent ninjutsu-centric shinobi from weaving signs. Quickly blitzing an opponent with the Body Flicker Technique, leaves then very little time to adapt to the situation; a perfect opportunity for Shichi to engage their hands, or even lop them off. Such an occurrence is also the perfect opportunity for her to use techniques like Reverse Mist Beheading.

Shichi's style of combat is neither too linear nor is it too predictably unpredictable. It resides in a happy medium in-between the two, and alternates between the two regularly. She fights acrobatically (not to be confused with Acrobat), keeping her opponents on their toes and guessing, as well as concealing the movements of her hands and blade. Spins, flips, slides, and even the occasion flying kick is incorporated into her physically demanding, yet artistic fighting style. Her acrobatic finesse is the closest thing she has to real taijutsu and in that regard, she is quite the gymnast.


Because she was born with a naturally low chakra pool, Shichi is unable to use most ninjutsu effectively. At the most, she can use the basic Clone Technique or the simple Transformation Technique, but other than that, ninjutsu is much too taxing.

For the most part, Shichi is very careful with her ninjutsu use; it's easy for her to waste chakra needlessly when she has her blade. Most of her "ninjutsu" comes in the form of "Spider Senjutsu.


Even though Shichi is best at Kenjutsu, and her Spider Senjutsu poses a major threat, it is her Fuinjutsu that is truly the glue to all her techniques. Her fuinjutsu allows her to set up easy kills and incapacitations with minimal effort and loss of stamina. Should she choose not to eliminate her target, these fuinjutsu also helps Shichi to capture her targets alive for kidnapping and interrogation. Such would be required if her target had a bounty on their head, but the bounty issuer wanted them alive.

Caught in her own jutsu

Shichi trapped in her own Grounded Chain Paralysis

Shichi's most common, and favorite, sealing technique is Grounded Chain Paralysis, where chains of chakra and titanium spring up from a sealing circle and ensnare her foe(s), completely sealing their movements, and chakra. From there, her opponents are a quick slash away from decapitation or a single hand sign away from being choked to death by her chains. This jutsu is very easy for Shichi to use as she has fine tuned it to the point where her chakra control has reduced the chakra cost significantly. The one drawback to this technique is that if Genjutsu, Genjutsu: Sharingan, or Rinnegan jutsu are used when Shichi performs Grounded Chain Paralysis, she runs the risk of unknowingly performing it on herself. She'll then be forced to maintain the jutsu, draining her chakra, whilst sealing her own jutsu and rendering her unable to release herself; she will be in this state until she lacks the chakra to maintain the jutsu any longer. She'll then be weak, weary, and may fall unconscious leaving herself vulnerable to attack or capture. For this reason, it's also considered a Kinjutsu.

Shichi's second fuinjutsu is an integral part of her fighting style. A Chakra Draining Seal is placed on Shichi's sword, so every time she cuts, she absorbs the target's chakra and replenishes some of her own. She came up with this idea, in order to mitigate the drawbacks of her low chakra reserves. If she's able to even scratch an opponent, she'll be able to stay in the battle for a slightly longer period of time. The chakra is stored in the blade itself and can be consumed by Shichi, or, because the chakra is still and unmoving, she can convert it into Sage chakra, allowing her to enter Spider Sage Mode. Shichi personally believes that were it not for this seal, it would've been impossible for her to become a kunoichi.

Shichi's final, and most powerful fuinjutsu; her most powerful jutsu altogether; is Sage Art: Binding Silk Paralysis. This technique can only be used when Shichi has entered Spider Sage Mode and has mummified a target in spider silk threads using Sage Art: Binding Silk Technique. She seals the spider silk that the target is trapped in and this technique can be used to seal reanimations. Though it's unlikely she'll ever get the opportunity to seal such a high level target, or that they'd ever give her an opening to do so, this jutsu is capable of sealing a Kage-level shinobi, thus making it the most powerful technique in her arsenal. Shichi prefers not to use this ability too often as it drains a lot of what little chakra she has.


When Shichi absorbs the stagnant chakra from her sword, she gains access to Spider Senjutsu abilities, one of which is her fuinjutsu: Sage Art: Binding Silk Paralysis that can only be used after Sage Art: Binding Silk Technique has mummified her target.

IMG 5528

With regards to more techniques that play to her strengths, the Sage Art: Binding Silk Technique immobilizes her target with thin, yet strong, spider silk threads that Shichi can produce from her hands, feet, and mouth. Used to line up a swift kill with her sword, or to slowly suffocate her target to death, this jutsu can be incredibly dangerous. Because of the strength of her silk, Shichi tends to stab her sword through openings and holes in the webbing, similar to an iron maiden device. It's not uncommon to see Shichi use Grounded Chain Paralysis first, then bind the target with her webs, perhaps even sealing them with Sage Art: Binding Silk Paralysis]]. Because of the simplicity of the Binding Silk Technique, it also consumes a fairly small amount of chakra and isn't too draining to use. Binding Silk also can simply be used to quickly tie up a target for interrogation and capture without running the risk of having to get too close with rope to bind her target. Additionally, Shichi's acrobatic and kenjutsu skill are greatly enhanced as shooting out webs allows for more mobility and angles of attack.

Shichi can also use her sticky webs to create tangible Web Clones of herself. Hard to destroy and flexible, these clones can ensnare a target or a target's weapon/tool upon contact, once again allowing Shichi another option for lining up a clean assassination. Additionally, if the clone sustains a minor injury, it may use its threads to sew itself back together. The drawback of this jutsu is that it consumes a large amount of chakra and should be used by Shichi very sparingly.


Although Shichi's fighting style of trap then attack is suitable for a solo approach to situations, her binding jutsu, fuinjutsu, and immobilization ninjutsu work very well in tandem with teammates.

If Shichi is able to halt the movements of her target, a teammate can combo their jutsu with her's, often leading to devastating and concise victories. One such example: after Shichi has used Sage Art: Binding Silk Technique, another Shinobi can use a fire release ninjutsu to burn through the webs and incinerate the immobilized foe.

Another example: if Shichi uses Grounded Chain Paralysis on a target and thereby preventing them from moving, Shibara can use Poison Mist. The target would be unable to escape the poison and will eventually have to breath it in.

Kunoichi Stats

Kenjutsu is an additional category, so its stats are added at the end of the original Total.

Databook Ninjutsu Taijutsu Kenjutsu Genjutsu Intelligence Strength Speed Stamina Hand seals Total
First 2 2 [3] 0.5 3 1 3 0.5 1 13 + [3]
Second 3 2.5 [4] 0.5 3.5 1.5 3.5 1 2 17.5 + [4]
Third 4 3.5 [5] 0.5 4 2 4 1.5 3.5 23 + [5]

Part I

For the entirety of Naruto Part I, Shichi Shizuken is a student at the Konohagakure ninja academy. During this time, she usually spends her days studying hard in school and training her shinobi skills when she has time to spare. Shichi rarely speaks and doesn't have many friends.


Shichi in Her Academy Uniform

With regards to the ninja academy, Shichi consistently seeks advice from her teachers and inquires about techniques that she shouldn't learn until much older. For instance, she learns to run up walls using chakra from a very young age only because she simply asks an instructor for skills pertaining to chakra control.

With regards to Shichi's free time, she often spends it reading various books and novels, as well as documentaries for jutsu research. She also trains considerably more than most of her peers, as she finds little entertainment in socializing with classmates. Shichi focuses most of her training on kenjutsu and general acrobatics, as well as chakra control, however, she also practices various ninjutsu in the hopes of one day having the chakra reserves to use them.

During the finals of the chunnin exams, Shichi is a spectator in the bleachers of the leaf coliseum. When Kabuto Yakushi uses the Temple of Nirvana Technique to put everyone asleep during the chunnin exams, Shichi also falls asleep. She awakens when the conflict is resolved.

For the remainder of Part I, Shichi continues to progress as an academy student. By the end of Part I, she begins to study fuinjutsu through books.

Part II

During the time period between Part I and Part II, Shichi Shizuken graduates from the Konohagakure ninja academy and participates in the chūnin exams, successfully completing the exams with high marks. Unlike most of her genin peers, Shichi is promoted to chūnin alongside other shinobi such as Rock Lee and Hinata Hyuga. Even though Shichi loses her duel in the semi-finals, she is still granted the title of chūnin due to her chakra control skills and her kenjutsu finesse being the best seen throughout the exams.

At the start of Part II, Shichi is a chūnin taking on ordinary chūnin missions, although some might prove to be slightly more demanding than that of the average chūnin. Most of the time, Shichi either goes on missions, trains, or develops new jutsu that would specifically benefit her own style of combat. During this time she experiments with fuinjutsu and other sealing techniques.

During the destruction of Konoha by Pain, Shichi is killed by the Preta Path (the one that absorbs ninjutsu). When the Preta Path breaks Shichi's sword, she is left with no viable way of defending herself. She is slowly suffocated to death by the Preta Path's grip as he interrogates her.

Shichi Shizuken is revived when Nagato used Rinne Rebirth. She often has occurring nightmares of her death.

When Shichi uses the Summoning Technique for the first time, she discovers Spider Senjutsu, almost dying in the process and surviving by sheer luck. She spends the rest of Part II honing her skills.

Shichi does not participate in 4th shinobi war due to her age. Instead, she remains in the village alongside other shinobi such as Konohamaru Sarutobi.

After Part II, Shichi improves her skills to the point that she is promoted to the rank of special jonin.

Shibara of the Spider-Sage Art

Shichi eventually learns the techniques of spider-sage jutsu from Manjushage (official fan-fiction has yet to be written). While she learns under Manjushage, the spider-mistress, and Shibara, the spider-servant, Shichi becomes well acquainted with the two, especially Shibara, her future companion.

Shibara is Shichi's summon, however, she serves under her knew mistress: Shichi Shizuken. Rather than a simple pact agreement, the contract beteen the two is more similar to a life-oath of servitude and companionship to Shichi; such was the decree of the spider-mistress Manjushage. Thus, Shibara actually lives with Shichi and they share a home. The terms are simple: Shichi cares for Shibara and Shibara cares for Shichi.

Shibara can take the form a human-sized black widow spider, and can transform into a beautiful young woman of pale white skin, long and beautiful silver-white hair, and deep red eyes similar to Shichi. In her human state, she proves to be an able woman with expert kunoichi skills in long range spider jutsu and poison use. She can easily climb or walk up walls without the need to control chakra, and therefore never even wears a pair of sandals. She also carries a small tanto in the event she needs to fight close quarters; the tanto is usually poisoned. She wears a small, short, red dress with black trim. She is significantly shorter than Shichi and her personality is usually lighthearted, joking, teasing, and filled with dark humor and sexual innuendo. She can shoot webs and spider silk from her mouth and wrists.

In her spider form, Shibara looks like a massive half-human/half-black widow with a red insignia on her behind. She can leap incredible distances, ensnare her foes, shoot spider webs, lay traps, and bite her prey. Her upper body will still remain in human form, but her lower body takes the form of a spider and more legs are present.


  • Shichi Shizuken is roughly translated to "Seven Quietsword" with Shichi meaning "Seven" and Shizu coming from Shizuka to mean quiet. Ken means sword. Her friends thought of nicknaming her "Shi-chan", but decided to opt for "Chi-chan" as "Shi" literally means "death."
  • It's likely that Shichi struggles with fear and cowardice due to her living alone and lack of proper parenting or socialization hen she was younger.
  • Shichi strives to be the deadliest kenjutsu master while she serves as a kunoichi.
  • It is rumored that her parents were renegades from the land of iron and that Shichi is the heiress of a powerful Samurai Clan.
  • Shichi's favorite things to do are: reading, studying, developing new techniques, honing her kenjutsu skills, shibari activities, and taking cold baths in the river on moonlit nights.
  • Shichi is surprisingly a very intimate and venereal person and likes to make time for herself or her significant others.
  • Shichi has always been physically attracted to both girls and boys, and does not find any preference in a monogamous or polygamic relationship.
  • Shichi wishes to get married and (hopefully) start a family (adoption/Orochimaru is an option) after she finishes her work as an active kunoichi. She also wants to create a clan of Kenjutsu Specialists within konohagakure.
  • Shichi is in a polygamic relationship with Shibara and her teammate Saki Shiroshinku. All three live together on a nice, secluded property they bought together with their combined funds. It's a traditional Japanese styled complex.
  • Shichi's favorite foods are pork buns and pomegranate juice. Her least favorite food is brussel sprouts.


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