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editShikari Nara

  • Kari
  • Cold-Blooded Snake Sage
Gender Gender Male.svg Male
  • Part I: 29
  • Part II: 32
Height 221cm2.21 m <br />7.251 ft <br />87.008 in <br />
Blood type AB
Kekkei Genkai Nature Icon Ice.svg Ice Release
Classification Sage
Occupation Body-Guard
Team Team Fue
Clan Nara Symbol.svg Nara
Ninja Rank Anbu"Anbu" is not in the list (Academy Student, Genin, Chūnin, Tokubetsu Jōnin, Jōnin, Taichō, Butaichō, Rentaichō, Kage, Head Ninja, ...) of allowed values for the "Ninja Rank" property.
Nature Type
Unique Traits
  • Can create ice from the moisture in the air

Shikari Nara, formely codenamed Kari, is a former member of Konohagakure's disbanded ANBU faction Root and former member of Fuyugakure ANBU. He is a member of Team Fue and renowned in the continent of Méihuā as the "Cold-Blooded Snake Sage". Currently, Shikari serves as the 2nd in command of Otogakure's ANBU.


Early Life

Shikari and his mother.

Shikari was born in the Land of Snow to a Yukigakure kunoichi and Kirigakure shinobi. His father would later die in the line of duty. At some point after that, Shikari's mother left Yukigakure and Kirigakure-she didnt want Shikari to be corrupted by the Hidden Mist's dark practices. This was in the hopes that they would not suffer because of Shikari's skill to not only manipulatie pre-existing ice, but to create ice from thin air. They would come to settle in the Konoha. Shikari's mother marries a member of the Nara clan and enjoys happiness for a time.

But one day, while Shikari was playing in the woods with his mother, the two were attacked by a team of Hunter-nin looking to bring them back to Kirigakure. Shikari used the Ice Release he'd inherited from his mother's Yukigakure lineage to save them but killing his own mother and step-father in the process.

With no other close family members left, he was taken in by members of the Nara Clan. Due to the lack of control over his ice release, Shikari could not attend the Academy without risking the well-being of his peers. One day, Danzō Shimura approached Shikari with the desire to recruit another young member of secret technique-using clan for Root. He is given the code name "Kari".

ANBU Career

Early ANBU Years

In the events to follow the Third Great Shinobi War, Kari accompanied Danzō Shimura to a meeting with Orochimaru after the latter had been passed over for the position as Hokage. With nine other Root members, Kari received a mission to assassinate Hiruzen Sarutobi before he could be reinstated as Hokage. Disguised as a foreign shinobi, he fought the ANBU accompanying his target, who turned out to be a disguised Kakashi.

At some point, Shikari and Hayate trained together in kenjutsu, often times sparring. The time the two spent training together eventually led to long lasting friendship.

Shikari and Arikurin attack Shisui

In Itachi Shinden Book: Light and Darkness, Arikurin and several other Root members are sent to find a Konoha ANBU in possession of a scroll containing information about a traitor. During this mission, Arikurin is teamed up with Sekkei Inuzuka, Shikari Nara, and Shimora Aburame. While on there mission, the team was intercepted by Shisui and Itachi Uchiha, who intervened and attacked Arikurin and his teammates. Shisui and Itachi fought the three Root members, proving to be quite the challenge for the seasoned ANBU veterans; Itachi even managed to turn a trap one of the Root ANBU had placed, causing the Root kunoichi to ensnare herself instead of her opponent. Using his Body Flicker technique, Shisui defeated all of the other Root members. Not having the authorization to kill members of the Uchiha clan, Arikurin, Sekkei, Shimora, and Shikari were forced to retreat.

Team Fue

Prologue: Team Fue

Not soon after, Kari officially joins the trio of Puppy-masked, Arikurin and Shimora; Team Fue. Some time after this, Team Fue is tasked with infiltrating the land of grass to track the remaining members of the Prajna Group and eliminate them. The team infiltrated Kusagakure by posing as hired workers to rebuild Kannabi Bridge. Team Fue stays in a small village near the Kannabi Bridge, where other construction workers are staying for the duration of the repair works. 2 shinobi arrive in the village. One of the chūnin is carrying a dead body on his shoulder. Arikurin notices this and using his super hearing for intel gathering, hears the chief worker tell the 2 shinobi from Kusagakure the legend of the spirit that inhabits the forests. A spirit named Muchitsujo, also known as The Well Spirit, is causing disappearances in the nearby forests one-by-one. Later that night when Team Fue investigates in the forest, Arikurin uses his Byakugan to look for anything suspicious or out of the ordinary and notices strange chakra trail and follows it. They find themselves near a dead end in the middle of the forest, with a well built in the middle of some sort of circle. Team Fue approaches the well, only to have 5 Prajna Group members attempt an attack from behind. This is a failure, and the prajna group members are easily defeated. With their mission complete, Team Fue returns to Konoha.

Team Fue cleans up the Uchiha district

When word reached Konoha's leadership of a planned coup d'état by the Uchiha clan, Shisui Uchiha, acknowledged for his unquestionable loyalty to Konohagakure, presented his plan of ceasing the Uchiha's coup by casting Kotoamatsukami on his clansmen to the Council, Hiruzen agreed. Danzō, however, determined to protect the village in his own way and, believing that Shisui may try to manipulate him as well. Shikari and other ANBU helped Danzo steal the Shisuis right eye, implanting it into his socket. Shisui would later escape, give his left eye to Itachi, and commit suicide. Danzō told everyone that Itachi had done this out of his own will, having grown to despise his clan and even sought greater power by stealing Shisui's eyes. Shortly afterwards, Team Fue was sent to the Uchiha Clan's compound with orders to pacify a brewing rebellion, only to find the entire clan was already dead. When news emerged that Itachi was responsible, Itachi was added to Arikurin's bingo book.


In his tender years, Kari was a very cheerful child who greatly admired having fun. After losing his parents Kari is a rather mellow individual and is very mature for his age. Like all other members of the ANBU faction, Root, Kari lacked a personality due to the gruelling training regimen Danzō had them undergo at a young age. As such, he acted merely as a tool that carries out Danzō's orders. The only discernible trait that he and the other members had shown was fierce loyalty towards Danzō and some degree of level-headedness. He was still loyal to Root's founder Danzō Shimura until his death and was apparently trustworthy enough to be given the task of delivering top-secret information for him.


Prologue: Shikari ANBU Appearance

Kari has two scars on his nose which is probably his most noticeable feature. Like his step-father he has his dark hair tied up into a spiky ponytail. Kari wears a white ANBU mask with purple coloring. He carries a large broad word and his ears were also pierced. His attire consists of black clothing, a grey flak jacket, metal arm guards and gloves, ninja sandals with spikes for traveling into mountainous regions, three ninja pouches on their back-waist and a signature spiral tattoo on their shoulder. Shikari also wears a black forehead protector with the Konoha's symbol upon it.

Kari's Ice Release

During the time between Prologue and Part I, he became able to use his Ice Release to temporarily give himself a much more muscular and well-defined in build, further enhancing his already incredible taijutsu.

By the New Era, Kari's hair has turned completely grey. His right eye was lost in battle during the Fourth Great Ninja War leaving scars around it. He wears a large black winter jack with brown fur on the hood.


Kari's nature transformations include Yin Release, which he commonly uses to perform his hiden techniques, as well as Water and Wind Release. Kari has traing in Kenjutsu and uses a sword that he can harden with ice.

Ice Release

Ice Release: Ice Wall

Kari's combines water with wind nature transformation to create his ice release. His ice release is dependent on moisture in the air, preventing him from forming ice in dry conditions. He can plant ice particles on targets, causing them to freeze to death if they don't constantly use their chakra to keep themselves warm and can lower his own body temperature so that his movements will not activate thermal sensors. By focusing his chakra to condense moisture particles in the air, he can form thin and transparent disks of ice. These disks have several uses. They can be hurled with tremendous blunt force at a target, which will be hard to dodge because of their transparency. They can also be strung together to spy on areas both far and hidden from a distance. They also have a defensive purpose of creating highly durable shields or disks to stand on to "float". By forming the ice into a large lens, he can hover in the sky to focus the rays of the sun, which can focus into a powerful beam capable of melting and exploding the pinpointed area.


Kari encases his hands with ice, strengthening his taijutsu strikes and making it easier for him to block opponents' taijutsu. He can also shoot shards of ice at targets.

Iceberg Mode

Part I-II: Iceberg Mode

Using the Water in his body, Shikari flows ice-natured chakra through all or parts of their body, causing it to become noticeably bigger, all while increasing their defensive power to become as hard as diamond.


Shikari flows ice chakra into his sword

Kari uses a sword that he can harden with ice. Even with a heavier blade due to the ice, Shikari still has keen reflexes. He is able to draw a kunai just in time to block an attack despite being inches away from his opponent and, is fast enough to use his sword to deflect kunai thrown at him, while he was in mid-air. Shikari displays great physical strength and precision in his sword attacks, slicing through and shattering several boulders with only a single strike.

Nara Clan Techniques

Nara clan Techniques

Kari is very skilled with his clan's secret techniques, able to use the Shadow Imitation Shadow Bind Technique to attach their shadow to a target to extend its range and catch its actual target. Unlike the original technique, Kari can freely manipulate the degree of control he has and choose to make his target imitate his movements. He is also capable of using the Shadow Sewing Technique.

Summoning Technique

Yukibi is summoned

Shikari can summon a large snake named Yukibi from Ryuchi cave. Yukibi is a very powerful snake, able to fend off multiple shinobi and even a fellow giant snake all at once. Due to his size and strength, Yubiki can coil himself around his target, immobilising them. He also spits chemicals that are able to freeze victims moments after contact. Yubiki can also encase his tongue in ice, using it like a sword.

At his largest, he towers over an entire forest and his body's size is comparable to Kurama's torso before he was split between Yin and Yang, but at his smallest he was shorter than three-story buildings in Konohagakure. He is coloured white with a light blue underbelly. Additionally, he could open his jaws wide enough to swallow Aoda whole.


Shikari Nara enters Sage Mode

Shikari eventually tracked down the power source at the Ryūchi Cave and mastered senjutsu during the blank period. He was taught how to use senjutsu by White Snake Sage, which he can use to increase his speed, durability, and physical strength. He can also use it to empower his other ninjutsu. Shikari is also able to achieve Sage Mode. Unique to him, he gains a subzero shroud of mist that forms into snakes with ice fangs around his body to aid in his attack range allowing him to grab and bite opponents. Because he learned Senjutsu later in life, after prolonged usage he is forced to rest days at a time.


Databook Ninjutsu Taijutsu Genjutsu Intelligence Strength Speed Stamina Hand Seals Total
Statistics 4.5 4 1 2 4.5 3 3.5 4 26.5

Part I

Chunin Exam

Shortly after the second stage gets underway, Anko Mitarashi is alerted to the discovery of three dead Kusa-nin, among them Shiore. From examining the bodies it becomes clear to her that they've been dead for some time and, because they're all missing their faces, she concludes that Orochimaru has infiltrated the Chūnin Exams. She orders that the Third Hokage be informed of what's happened. Then, two teams of ANBU, including Team Fue sent by Danzo, are deployed into the forest to find Orochimaru. Ankois the first to find Orochimaru but she is easily defeated. Orochimaru reactivated her dormant Cursed Seal of Heaven, and warned her not to cancel the Chūnin Exams before departing. Later, Arikurin arrives to find Anko cornered by 3 tigers and plays a paralyzing melody on his Shinto Tanto in order to save her.

Hayate's corpse is discovered

Later, after Kabuto Yakushi killed the Anbu stationed at Konoha Hospital which were guarding Sasuke Uchiha, Arikurin assembles Team Fue at Root HQ and met with Danzo. Afterwards, Team Fue was assigned the task of tracking down Kabuto. The following morning, he was one of the first ANBU that discovered Hayate's corpse after he was killed.

Search for Tsunade

Kisame accompanied Itachi to Konohagakure to help kidnap Naruto. After the two gained attention due to their unusual clothing, they were stopped by Kakashi, Asuma Sarutobi and Kurenai Yūhi. Itachi and Kakashi duel with their Sharingan but Itachi quickly proves to be the superior and uses Tsukuyomi to render Kakashi helpless. When Kakashi is about to be captured by Akatsuki member Kisame Hoshigaki on the instructions of his partner, Itachi Uchiha, Guy arrives in time to repel Kisame. He instructs Kurenai to take Kakashi to a medic and Asuma to assist him in keeping Itachi and Kisame busy until the ANBU reinforcements he's requested arrive.

When Kakashi is about to be captured by Akatsuki member Kisame Hoshigaki on the instructions of his partner, Itachi Uchiha, Arikurin arrives ahead of the ANBU reinforcements Guy's requested after he repels Kisame.Team Fue is tasked with tracking Itachi and Kisame when they withdraw rather than fight.

Spirit Sisters Mission

Main Articles: Spirit Sisters Mission and Nohkan Gaiden: Kusagakure Sisters Capturing Mission

Kazuno's barrier

Short on manpower, Tsunade is forced to use Danzo's root operatives. Arikurin accepts the mission to back-up Team 4 and assembles Team Fue. Upon arriving at Kusagakure, they are stopped by what seems to be a barrier. Shikari is the first to try to break through the barrier with his Ice blade but the barrier seems unphased. Arikurin attempts to break through the barrier with his Orchestral Stab, his strongest taijutsu attack. But it still doesn't seem to drop the barrier. Sheer force alone wouldn't be enough to break through.

Team Fue easily defeats the barrier team

Still on the outside of the barrier, Shikari freezes the ground beneath them, in order to create a tunnel as a way of getting in. The barrier, however, went as far underneath as it did above. Shimora then uses her insects to scout the area and finds members of the Kusagakure Barrier team nearby. She relays their location to Arikurin and Shikari who head towards them immediately. Activating his Byakugan, Arikurin uses his Shindo Tanto and swipes his Kunai by his opponents ear-attempting to place the Kusagakure ninja under a genjutsu and force him reveal the barrier codes. When this fails, he realizes that they were already under a genjutsu. After finally breaking through the barrier, Arikurin could sense two very powerful chakra's in two seperate locations. He orders Team Fue to split up. Shimora heads toward the direction of Yasu and Takeru, while Arikurin and Shikari head to aid Sayuki.

When Sayuki when back to help Shimora and Team 4, Shikari and Arikurin continue attack Kazuno. Shikari immediately froze Kazuno's feet to the floor, activating his Iceberg mode and bagn to attack Kazuno. Arikurin forms another Orchestral Stab and has his shadow clones corner Kazuno While Kazuno deals with the clones and Shikari, the real Arikuin manages to sneak up on Kazuno and lands an Orchestral Stab. Knocked into the wall, Kazuno falls to the ground, seemingly defeated. This however is just a ploy. When Shikari gets in close he realizes Kazuno is still conscious. Shikari is forced to fight alone while Arikuin replenishes his chakra. In the end, Biwako came in time to save her and ended the fight. Shikari was badly poisened in this fight.

Konoha Plans Recapture Mission

Arkurin leads Team Fue to stop a suspected invasion by Takigakure on suspicion that they were attempting to take back stolen Hero Water. They later discover, however, that the Taki-nin are just having a training exercise.


Infiltrate the Land of Lightning vs. Shou Hyoki

(Work in progress)

Infiltrate The Hidden Rain: vs. Kimagura

Main Article: In Naruto's Footsteps: The Friends' Paths

When Arikurin is sent to Amegakure to invite its ninja to participate, a mere pretext for him to investigate rumours about the Akatsuki surrounding the village. Danzo sends him on a second mission to confirm the death of Hanzo because he stopped receiving letters from Hazno. Upon reaching the village, Arikurin and Shikari are stopped at the entrance, but Arikurin is able to arrange a meeting with Hanzō (who is actually Konan in disguise) and delivers the invitation. Although he appears to leave Ame afterwards, Arikurin sneaks back in to see what he can find out while Shikari returns to Konoha.

Infiltrate the Land of Water: vs. Arashi Monogatari

The intruder is captured and brought in for questioning

(work in progress)

Shikari and Arikurin capture a spy from Kirigakure.

Team Fue is sent on a mission in the Land of Water. Arikurin puts the guards under a Genjutsu and is easily able to sneak in. Later, Arashi Monogatari of the hidden mist attacks Arikurin and Shikari.

Part II

Twelve Guardian Ninja

Shikari Nara Blackout.png

During the black out, when the tomb robbers emerged again to attack Konoha, Kari was one of the few jōnin still available to defend the village. He was then sent out to stop one of the resurrected Ninja Guardians from completing the Limelight technique. When Kazuma's initial plan to destroy Konoha by using four resurrected Ninja Guardian members to perform Limelight failed, he decided to rely on unleashing the full force of Sora's demonic chakra, knowing full well that Sora's body would not be able to handle it and that he would ultimately destroy everything around him.

Three Tails' Appearance

The rest of Team Fue assembled to help with the sealing of Three-Tails. One to way to meet up with Shimora later that night, Rinji sets out on patrol and orders the bat to relay a message for him. In the woods, Arikurin hears the ultrasonic frequency and heads to the location with Team Fue. After activating his Byakugan, Arikurin notices chakra signatures of enemies up ahead of them. Team Fue battled alongside Tenten against Guren and Rinji on the lake while Team Three tried to seal the Three-Tails. After the beast went berserk, he and the others retreated, carrying a critically injured Arikurin to shore. Arikurin senses a dark chakra due to the enemies' cursed seals being activated but is unable to move until fully healed by Shimora.

Mission: Eliminate Yuichi Uchiha

Main Article: Mission: Eliminate Yuichi Uchiha

Shikari aids in the capture and intel gathering of Yuichi Uchiha

Fourth Shinobi World War: Confrontation

Shikari vs Jinin

During the Fourth Shinobi World War, Shikari is originally of the Allied Shinobi Forces' Third Division. While seeking out an Akatsuki force, they notice and heads towards one of the Surprise Attack Division's distress flares. The Third Division arrives in time to save them from the reincarnated Gari, Pakura, Haku, and Zabuza Momochi. Soon after, Zabuza uses the Hiding in Mist Technique to hide his and the others' movements, putting the Third Division on the defensive. As the battle gets under-way, Zabuza covers the battlefield in a thick mist under the cover of which the reincarnated shinobi attack. Cautioning his troops before they attack, Kakashi tells them to get into the Manji Formation in order to protect each others' backs.  As dawn broke the next day, the division is set upon by Gari, Pakura, Jinpachi Munashi, Kushimaru Kuriarare, Ameyuri Ringo, and Jinin Akebino — all of whom take to guerilla tactics to divide the division's forces and take them down individually, and upon realising this, Kakashi sends word to his division to stay together. Jinin is eventually sealed by Arikurin. With Jinin sealed, the other reincarnated shinobi retreat and they are ordered not to pursue them individually.

Birth of the Ten-Tails' Jinchūriki

To move ahead with his plans, Obito created a replica of the God Tree, the first step in performing the Infinite Tsukuyomi. The tree started absorbing chakra from those nearby. Shikari activates his ice berg mode and is able to fend off the vines. He later freezes the vines that have Arikurin trapped.

Blank Period

Shikamaru Hiden: A Cloud Drifting in Silent Darkness

Blank Period: Team Fue

Shikari continued his work with Konoha ANBU with Arikurin but refused to work as a Ninja for hire for various organizations. The 2 would only have a few missions together during this time.

During an investigation about the missing shinobi in the land of silence, Sai sends a message using his super beast imitating drawing to Kakashi. Kakashi and Shikamaru are concerned by a number of things in Sai's message: the clear haste it was written with, not having Sai's characteristically clear handwriting. He also reports that his entire team has gone missing, including Shikari.

Land of Winter

Shikari's wife and daughter.

Peace was established between the Five Great Nations and many other smaller shinobi nations, but there were still much conflict in other nations that sparked smaller wars. Shikari was assigned as part of a team to pacify these uprisings. The first mission took him to the Land of Winter in continent of Méihuā. Small towns and villages are scattered throughout the Land of Winter and many cottages and inns can be found along the roads and trails. He would eventually settle with a jonin and retire for a short time once his mission was completed. The two later had a daughter.

For years Shikari splits his training time for years between Fuyugakure and Ryuchi Cave training in Senjutsu. After his wife's death due to sickness, his daughter awakened her Ice Release. She uncontrollably freezes anything she touches for weeks. She is soon placed in the Fuyu-ANBU training division. Worried for her, he begins active duty once again with Fuyu-ANBU where he would earn his nickname "Cold-Blood Snake Sage".

After some time, Shikari worries that his daughter is becoming like him in back his Root days Konoha.

Fuyugakure & Ryuchi Cave

Shikari splits his training time for years between the Land of Winter at Ryuchi Cave where he would earn his nickname "Cold-Blood Snake Sage" while working with Fuyu-ANBU. After his wife's death due to sickness, he and his daughter returned to the Land of Fire .

Otogakure ANBU

New Era

Byakuya Gang Arc

After Otogakure dealt with series of thefts in smaller nearby villages thanks to thieves, Otogakure ANBU were dispatched to gain any intel possible. They concluded the presence of an Ice Kekkei Genkei.

Ao Arc

In the anime, Kari and Shi attended the memorial service for the fallen people of the Fourth Shinobi World War.

Kawaki Arc

Shikari intercepts Isshiki before Naruto arrives.

Kari participated in the coordination efforts lead by Shikamaru in preparation for Isshiki's invasion. Deciding not to waste any time as his body would fail in two or three days, Isshiki immediately teleported to Konohagakure to rebrand Kawaki with a Kāma. Upon casually entering the village, he paid no concern to other shinobi. Meeting Isshiki on the roof, Shikari activated his Sage Mode and caused the temperature in the surroundings to drop and freeze. He was among the first to fight Isshiki upon his arrival, but before they were able to fight, he was quickly intercepted by Naruto. Shocked, the Hokage escaped from his seal, he demanded for Kawaki. When Naruto refused, Isshiki began shrinking various structure to destroy the village-forcing Shikari to help protect the civilians.

Chūnin Re-Examination Arc

Kari has his daughter watch the chunin exam held in Konoha.

Code Arc