editShinko Aburame
Shinko Aburame
(シンコー油女, Shinkō Aburame)

  • The Freak
  • Splice
  • God of Insects
Appears in Anime, Manga, Game, Movie
Birthdate Astrological Sign Scorpio October 31
Gender Gender Male Male
  • Part I: 14
  • Part II: 19
  • Part I: 152.4 cm
    1.524 m
    5 ft
    60 in
  • Part II: 164.5 cm
    1.645 m
    5.397 ft
    64.764 in
  • Part I: 45.35 kg
    99.98 lb
  • Part II: 63.50 kg
    139.993 lb
Blood type O
Tailed Beast Chōmei
Occupation Entomologist
Affiliation Konohagakure Symbol Konohagakure
Clan Aburame Symbol Aburame Clan
Ninja Rank
Ninja Registration 13713
Academy Grad. Age 12
Chūnin Prom. Age 13
Nature Type
Unique Traits

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"You should realize by now that I am not an opponent to be... underestimated. If I were you... I would walk away right now. Or else, you'll have to face the wrath of my parasitic insects and my best friend.... Chomei. Why you ask? Because I'm The Freak."

Shinko Aburame is a shinobi from Konohagakure. He is undisputably the strongest member of the noble Aburame Clan, as well as it's heir and future head. One of the strongest jonin in the village, and one it's most valuable possessions, he is the Jinchuriki of the Seven-Tailed Kabutomushi, Lucky Seven Chomei!


Shinko Aburame has pale skin, straight black hair with spikes at the end, and onyx eyes. Despite his small size, he is quite muscular and fit. He typically only wears dark clothes, with his most common attire being a long dark robe that covers up pretty much all of his body except for the upper half of his face. On his robe, there is multiple small compartments for storing his ninja tools as well as other things. There is also a part of his robe that covers his mouth, dark grey lines separate it from the rest of the attire, it sports a unique skull with cross bones beneath it on it, making him look more intimidating and somewhat masking his voice when speaking.

Alongside his robe, he wears black pants, held up with a black belt. He wears black boots and keeps them tied in an unusual fashion. Beneath them he wears a dark grey sleeve shirt with many intersecting vertical lines going all over it. Interestingly, unlike most Aburame, Shinko doesn't seem to sport any type of unique eye wear such as sunglasses or goggles, making him standout among the others. Overall, Shinko appears as a very mysterious individual who would commonly be suspected of doing many nefarious things.


Shinko Aburame can be described as nothing more than a very strange and creepy person. He almost always talks in a very dark and whispering tone. As if he is trying to hide something, and can be seen watching others from afar. He shows little emotion, but when does show it, it is usually him chuckling at a dark joke. He can be brooding, threatening, and frightening. As he tends to say creepy and strange things out of nowhere, and shows little to no fear in almost all situations.

He always keeps a calm and posed exterior, no matter the scenario and is quite confident in his abilities. He is certainly not arrogant, as he knows whether he is outmatched or not and always thinks of ways of escaping beforehand just to be safe. He never underestimates his opponents and takes every single fight seriously and tends to hold a grudge. He also enjoys training alone in the dark and possess a great interest in insects and anatomy. In fact, he uses this to his advantage in battle as he can combine insect knowledge and understanding of the human body to utilize his unique insects to the fullest extent. Showing that he is quite an intelligible individual who does his research beforehand.

Overall, Shinko is not the kind of person you would like to hangout with most of the time and you'd most likely end up seeing him in your nightmares quite often if you associate with him. But despite all of this, Shinko isn't a cruel or bad person at all and actually cares very much about his friends, family, and other comrades or allies. He is a loyal shinobi from the Hidden Leaf and is willing to go as far as to sacrifice his own life for the safety of the villagers and the village itself.


Shinko Aburame was born to a currently unnamed father and mother who were both members of the Aburame Clan. His father is Shino Aburame's son and is now the current head of the clan. At birth, Shinko became a Jinchuriki after Chomei was sealed into him only moments after his birth. Afterwards, as apart of his clan's practices and customs, his body was made a nest for his clan's unique insects, the kikaichu.

For years, Shinko was instructed in many of his clan's various hiden techniques and practices. He ended up becoming one of the most skilled members in his entire clan despite his age and was considered to be a prodigy by most. This made his father incredibly happy, as his perfect experiment had finally worked, he had created the perfect Aburame. Due to this, many of his kin constantly praised Shinko and hailed him as some kind of hero for no real reason at all. This had always bothered him, but he learned how to ignore it and became increasingly anti-social with those from the clan.

Due to this anti-social behavior, he became a loner and didn't really have much friends. Except for one, Chomei, who was always there for him. Initially, Chomei hated being sealed away and despised humans for the way they treated him and wanted to break free from Shinko's body. However, he remembered the man known as Naruto Uzumaki and all the things he and the other Jinchuriki went through. This made Chomei realize that if he perhaps formed a friendship with the boy he could end up having a better relationship and the boy could maybe end up being more like Naruto.

Eventually, Shinko and Chomei came to understand one another and ended up becoming friends and partners. Shinko learned how to use Chomei's power correctly and the two learned how to fight together in unison against any threat. However, since Shinko was still so young his body wasn't strong enough to handle all of Chomei's power. But that didn't stop him from becoming incredibly strong.

Over the years, Shinko had easily flew through the ranks of shinobi. He graduated from the academy at age 10, becoming a genin at 10. Two years later he had become a chunin, and three years after that he had become a jonin at only the age of 15. Having now mastered Chomei's power and hosting all known Aburame insects. He surpassed all other members of his clan and became a well-known gifted prodigy who was among the strongest shinobi in the entire village.

Shortly afterwards he became an official entomologist, allowing him to gain even more knowledge about all kinds of bugs and their relatives. Thus, he expanded his horizons to new heights and obtained an obsessive interest in bugs and their anatomy like his father did before him. This made him kind of a creep and made people fear him a little bit. Some people even called him "The Freak" to further that reputation he had earned. However, that was only the beginning of what you might call "creepy".

As more time passed Shinko had discovered and learned how to use the chimera technique, he used it to assimilate the abilities of other bugs into his own body to grant him all kind of unique traits and abilities. He ended up becoming some kind of freaky abomination, but only on the inside, and he gave himself the nickname "Splice".

As of now, he is determined to continue conducting research on various types of bugs to further increase his knowledge and satisfy his interest in them. As he wants to make himself the perfect specimen.


As a member of the noble Aburame Clan, and a fully realized Jinchuriki, Shinko is undoubtedly a powerful shinobi. He has always been hailed as a prodigy for as long as he has lived and has been stated to have surpassed all other members of the clan before him. His prodigious skill and understanding of insects was something only seen once every several generations and his ability to master the power of a tailed beast so quickly was incredibly rare.

With his own innate abilities and Chomei's cooperation, Shinko quickly progressed at an astonishing rate and ended up quickly passing through all shinobi ranks. Becoming a jonin at age 15, and as of currently, at the age of 19, he is considered to be on the same level of power as a Kage. He has been called a jack-of-all trades, known to possess great skill in multiple areas of combat.

Chakra Reserves and Prowess

As a Jinchuriki, Shinko naturally possess a large amount of chakra reserves. This allows him to host all five kinds of insects from his clan. Something that has never been done before, which makes him unique from the rest. His mastery over Chomei's power and his insects grants him incredible mastery over chakra itself.

He is able to effortlessly utilize the chakra transfer technique to it's fullest via his insects. You see, Shinko is able to use his body as a kind of factory for chakra. Ever since he mastered Chomei's power and they started working together. Shinko made his insects not only eat some of his chakra, but Chomei's chakra too. Allowing all of his insects to rapidly evolve and mutate, making them much stronger than the average ones. This goes for all five of them, the kikaichu, kidaichu, rinkaichu, shokaichu, and bikochu.

Passively, his insects live in symbiosis with his chakra and Chomei's chakra. This means that all of his insects are pseudo-Jinchuriki and whenever they reproduce, their children are born as pseudo-Jinchuriki, creating a never ending chain of thousands upon thousands of pseudo-Jinchuriki insects within his body. So even if Chomei is extracted, the chakra that his insects provide will save him from death, and he would simply live on as a pseudo-Jinchuriki from that point on.

So not only does he have an almost never ending supply of chakra, he can also fully control it and utilize it to it's full potential due to his great cooperative insects. He can transfer chakra to others, steal it from them, or even do both at the same time. He is capable of harnessing chakra from any point on his body and can channel it accordingly for whatever purpose.

When he absorbs chakra from others, the chakra quickly becomes compatible and merges with his own. Due to absorbing countless amounts of chakra from others over the years, Shinko's own chakra reserves have significantly increased and strengthened. Granting him massive reserves of powerful chakra even without the aid of Chomei's own chakra. When he releases his chakra, it affects the environment itself, making the air dense, creating strong gusts of wind, can create small earthquakes within the vicinity, and can even completely uproot the ground itself. His own chakra is now comparable to that of a Tailed Beast. Overall, Shinko's mastery over chakra is unrivaled to most and he has acquired the ability to drain and absorb chakra himself without using his insects.

Jinchuriki Transformations

As a Jinchuriki, Shinko possess great stamina and endurance. Unlike most, he has obtained full control over his tailed beast, making him a perfect Jinchuriki. His tailed beast is Chomei, the Seven-Tailed Kabutomushi. Since he has full control, he can utilize all of Chomei's power and abilities to their fullest extent. His "full control" is more of a partnership than actual control, as him and Chomei consider themselves best friends and will gladly do whatever they can to assist each other. Chomei possess the ability to dispel any genjutsu cast on Shinko by restoring his chakra flow back to normal with his own, and Shinko can do the same for Chomei, and if both of them are trapped in a genjutsu, Shinko's army of pseudo-Jinchuriki insects in his body can dispel genjutsu cast on both him and Chomei at once. Effectively making Shinko immune to almost all genjutsu. This is possible because although the insects aren't conscious, Chomei's chakra within them are, and it can easily take over them at a moment's notice to suite any situation.

He is able to tap into his Tailed Beast's incredible chakra reserves. When using Chomei's chakra, his chakra levels increase significantly. His physical strength, speed, durability, and other abilities are all increased drastically. He can use the initial, Version 1, Version 2, partial, and Tailed Beast Mode transformations with ease. He can freely alternate between all of them and can even focus all of their power into a single part of his body to tremendously enhance it.

In Version 1, not only does all of his abilities increase greatly of course. But he is capable of producing tailed beast chakra arms that can be used to attack the opponent with great speed and power. They lack any form of joints and are usually clawed, granting them great versatility and mobility. On top of that, the chakra can naturally be made toxic, capable of causing fatal burns to the touch. The wounds caused by the chakra arms take longer to heal than regular wounds and tends to sting and burn even after sometime passes. Making them incredibly useful and formidable.

In Version 2, all of his abilities are increased significantly. He can still use tailed beast chakra arms, although to an even greater extent, and his body now possess the ability to bend and move in all kinds of irregular ways. As the chakra is attached directly to each part of his body. He can fly directly at his opponent and bite them with his strong jaws and he is capable of creating and using the tailed beast ball, firing it as a long continuous beam, or even even firing multiple smaller tailed beast balls in rapid succession. It's greatest ability however, is that if he is capable of accessing all of Chomei's power and condensing it in this form without actually using tailed beast mode.

He can also partially transform any part of his body into Chomei's. For example, he can grow Chomei's wings. Allowing him to easily fly through the sky at great speeds in almost any environment.

Finally, he is capable of using Tailed Beast Mode. Allowing him to fully transform into Chomei, a massive winged beast that towers over entire villages and landscapes. Possessing more than enough power to easily one-shot a large mountain or even the largest villages in the world. Once fully transformed, Shinko can fly through the sky at incredible speeds and even spin around so fast that he can create a deadly tornado around himself to either suck everything in and slice it to shreds, or make it dense enough with his chakra to make it act as a shield to repel any incoming attacks. Overall, once he transforms into Chomei he becomes a formidable foe, his ultimate attack being the Luminous Tailed Beast Ball.

Sensory Perception

Shinko is also a Sensor Type, meaning that he possess the ability to detect the presence of others via their chakra. He is able to detect multiple targets over large distances and can even differentiate people based specifically on their individual chakra signatures. Which allows him to distinguish and find a certain person in a large crowd of people.

He can sense when other sensors are using their abilities, can tell which clan someone comes from based on their chakra signature, and can even sense the changes and tell what kind of personality the person has based on fluctuations in their chakra flow. While his range itself is only a measly two kilometers, it can extended significantly through the use of his insects. Who can also use his sensory abilities, granting him a massive field of sensory perception.

On top of this, by slamming his hand on the ground, he can create a large invisible spider-like web of chakra that can expand over a large area. Allowing him to sense any targets that come into direct contact with it, even if their chakra is suppressed.


Despite his primary usage of his insects and clan's hiden techniques. Shinko possess a very high level of skill in taijutsu. He possess acute senses and reflexes, on top of great agility and flexibility. He has trained with the legendary Rock Lee and his son, allowing him to significantly improve his taijutsu skills. Although he doesn't actually use any strong fist techniques, preferring to develop and use his own, their training has still helped him nonetheless. For example, even if he is knocked unconscious, his body can still keep fighting under the will of his insects.

This works because although his insects are not conscious and only act based on instinct. The chakra that they possess, Chomei's chakra, has a small portion of Chomei's consciousness in it. So if Shinko is rendered unconscious in any situation, Chomei can take control of his insects who spread throughout every part of his body, and thus he may take control of Shinko's body. Giving off the allusion that Shinko's body is fighting purely based on muscle memory by itself. He and Chomei developed this on their own after watching Rock Lee perform his Drunken Fist fighting style.

This grants Shinko great versatility in pure taijutsu combat, as not only does he naturally possess great physical abilities through much hard work and training for many years, but if he is unconscious his body can continue to fight on it's own. When he uses his clan's techniques and the abilities he has gained from the chimera technique in utilization with his taijutsu, it is dramatically augmented and making any form of physical contact with him lethal.


Shinko has a very large variety of techniques, capable of exhaling sparkling insect scales from his mouth that shine so intensely that they blind his targets, creating an opening for him to attack. He can create webs that can heal his allies without any movement or handseals, and he can create a cocoon made entirely of super fine chakra threads that can significantly slow down or even completely halt chakra absorption techniques.

Aburame Clan Techniques

As a member of the Aburame Clan, Shinko was infused with parasitic insects at birth, that feed on his chakra and use his body as a host, living in complete symbiosis with him. You see, he currently has five types of insects in his body. These insects are known as kikaichu, kidaichu, rinkaichu, shokaichu, and bikochu. Since they live right underneath his skin and feed on his chakra, in exchange they work for him and do whatever he wants them to do, which is primarily to fight for him in battle. Therefore, his insects makeup his main fighting style and are incredible versatile in almost all situations.

However, thanks to being the Jinchuriki of Chomei, his insects take a natural liking to him and even without using chakra, they will still listen to him and work for him for a long period of time unless they're about to starve and die without chakra. Which never happens due to his massive supply of it.

With the usage of the chimera technique, Shinko was able to assimilate the abilities of various other insects into his own. Allowing them to not only use their standard abilities, but much more as well.


The kikaichu are small beetle-like insects that can transfer chakra to others, steal it from others, and form themselves into all kinds of shapes and sizes by forming their bodies together. They can easily attack their opponent from any direction and consume not only their chakra but their flesh, even capable of embedding themselves into their flesh and eating them from the inside out. They can also be used as scouts, able to disperse over large areas and relay things back to Shinko at all times, as he can communicate with them, practically granting him eyes and ears in multiple locations at once. Granting him great sensory abilities over a large range that can be adjusted according to the scenario.

They're able to pick him and his allies up and fly them away to wherever they need to go quickly or can be used as a kind of smokescreen to disguise Shinko and his allies movements. They can easily move in the way of enemy attacks to protect Shinko and his allies from them and wont hesitate to do so. Basically, the insects possess many offensive and defensive abilities.

As for their more unique abilities, since the insects consume his chakra, they emit it, and therefore can disperse over large areas and emit his chakra to confuse sensors greatly and even some dojutsu users. The insects lack consciousness, and therefore aren't affected by genjutsu and don't notice it, as they act based only on instinct and sensory signals.

The insects also have incredibly short lifespans that only last for a few hours, making them easily expendable. Therefore, they're constantly reproducing within Shinko's body nonstop, granting him an almost unlimited number of them, and if too many are wiped out at once. He can easily greatly accelerate their growth to just make a whole new batch of them within his body. Aside from that, the insects are also immune to poison and can extract it from Shinko and others, or implant it into others. They can even be bred to specifically counter certain things after being exposed to it, allowing their characteristics to be changed to combat any opponent. As they naturally evolve and mutate very quickly and continue to naturally get better over time. Further proving their versatility and usefulness, making the kikaichu very powerful allies to have.

With the chimera technique, the kikaichu can produce honey, beeswax, and even grow and fire poisonous stingers just like the bees of from the Kamizuru Clan. They have also developed a superior ability, the ability to coat their bodies in a very thin yet durable layer of rich honey. The honey is very moist, and thus gives them good resistance to heat, and it can be taken even further if water release chakra is applied. They can even produce spider webs, allowing them to fire webs to restrain and bind opponents. Afterwards, they can drain the opponent's chakra via the tiny webs, allowing them to drain the opponent's chakra without direct physical contact.


These kidaichu are almost exactly the same to kikaichu, however, they cannot fly and if they're fed the incorrect amount of chakra within their host. They will quickly devour the flesh of their host and undergo a massive transformation into a much larger and fiercer version of themselves. This makes them incredibly effective at damaging and killing enemies, however, they lack mobility. But this can be made up for if their relatives, the kikaichu simply pick them up and drop them on top of enemies in small numbers that can hardly be seen and noticed. Making the teamwork between the two incredibly lethal.

The insects are usually difficult to host within the body because if they're fed insufficient amounts of chakra, they will quickly devour the host's entire body. But due to Shinko being a Jinchuriki, his body naturally possess very large chakra reserves that are easily sufficient for the kidaichu. Allowing him to host much more than usual and making him the perfect match for all of them.

With the chimera technique, the kidaichu can produce honey, beeswax, and even grow and fire poisonous stingers. They can coat their bodies in durable honey that is rich in water content, making it resistant to heat, and if water release chakra is applied it becomes even stronger. They can also produce spider webs too and one of their greatest abilities is that they host kikaichu in their bodies after they grow to a certain size.


The rinkaichu are very different from the others, as not only are they much smaller, being exactly nanoscopic in size, they're very venomous and poisonous to the touch. They cannot fly and can only be transferred through physical contact, something as simple as the touch of skin or clothing for just a second allows them all to rapidly spread and reproduce within the host. As they spread, they thrive on the living cells and begin to rapidly devour and consume all of the cells. Causing excruciating pain, paralysis, and eventually death if they aren't stopped before they reach vital organs.

Since Shinko's kikaichu have been bred to be immune to the rinkaichu, they're able to pick up the rinkaichu and drop them off ontop of enemies. Allowing the insects to quickly invade their body and devour their cells. Making the teamwork between the two incredibly effective and deadly in all situations. Especially since the rinkaichu are so small that they cannot be noticed be the normal human eye or even sensed for that matter unless they're in large groups.


The shokaichu are small worm-like insects that dig underground and scout for chakra signatures that can be reported back to Shinko. They're incredible scouts, even better than the kikaichu and possess much greater sensory abilities. Aside from that, Shinko's shokaichu have developed the ability to create silk that can be used to restrain and bind opponents.


The bikochu are small horned beetle-like insects that are excellent trackers. As they have an incredible sense of smell that surpasses that of almost all other species of insects. If they can smell just a small portion of a scent, they will try to track down and find the original source of it. Making them great at tracking and locating specific targets. Although they were initially endangered, ever since Shinko allowed some of them to live in his body, they quickly reproduced within him and were no longer endangered.

Chimera Technique Abilities

Aside from his other various abilities, Shinko Aburame is a practitioner of the infamous chimera technique. A deadly kinjutsu, that allows one to assimilate the genetic abilities of other organisms into their body. This ability can be used to even steal kekkei genkai from others, however, it can only five of them at a time under special conditions. Unlike those who wish to use it to steal kekkei genkai, Shinko only uses it to steal unique traits from other insects.

He has obtained eyes beyond even compound ones, has large clusters of durable nerve cells in his body, and even ganglions. His eyes are so powerful that they surpass compound eyes, as each one of his eyes has over a million individual lenses, allowing him to see even the smallest of objects. Granting him both telescopic and microscopic vision, capable of seeing both very far away and very close up. He can even see a little bit of the electromagnetic waves emitted from everything.

His ganglions allow him to move his limbs even after they're severed from his body, and his insects can easily reattach them without difficulty. Through his study of insects and ethnoentomology, he specifically targeted and assimilated the ability of insects who's bodies naturally produce certain chemicals and bacteria that can be used for medicinal purposes. He applied these ability to his own insects, allowing them to not only reattach limbs safely, but also apply medicines to them that help them heal much further and alleviate pain. Greatly increasing his survival rate in battle in most circumstances. Despite this, his mutations extend beyond his body and not only affect him, but affect his insects as well as stated above.

He has also assimilated the abilities of the Kamizuru Clan's bees, spiders, and others. He has acquired an inhuman lung capacity, allowing him to hold his breath for extended periods of time, up to a whole hour. It can even be taken further, allowing him to fire barrels of air like a machine gun, suck in people and other objects to pull them close, and even project himself around the battlefield to a certain extent only by inhaling and exhaling at certain angles at the right time. On top of this, the inside of his body works as it's own filtration system even without the assistance of his insects.

Therefore, even if his insects are somehow poisoned by something. His body can analyze the makeup of the poison, quickly creating antibodies to it to create a cure for it, that will then be transferred to his insects. This effectively makes Shinko immune to almost all poisons, making things such as paralysis and hallucinogenics useless. On top of this, he can even go as far to grow four extra arms. Similar to that of spiders, granting him extra appendages to fight with in battle. He can produce spider webs as well, and even the special golden metal that Kidomaru could produce, but to an even greater extent. Infact, he purposely acquired the same abilities as Kidomaru. He has also assimilated the ant's famous ability to lift things many times their own size, granting him incredible physical strength, enough to effortlessly slice off someone's head using only his own hands. If combined with his clan's techniques and the abilities he borrows from Chomei, he can use his wings, extra arms, insects, armour of sticky gold, physical prowess, and even just wind release chakra mode in conjunction at once. Making close-range combat with him complete suicide.

Finally, Shinko has also assimilated the fascinating abilities of the cockroach into his own body. Although unable to use them to their fullest extent, since he is still human, he is capable of using many of their abilities greatly. If his head is severed from his body, he wont die immediately, as long as it is reattached before the day is over. His body is capable of surviving incredible injuries, and can heal from them quickly in short amounts of time. It can also adapt to multiple environments with the ability to withstand both very high and very low temperatures.

Nature Transformation

Despite his prodigious skill and mastery over his clan's signature techniques and insects in general. Shinko is also incredibly skilled in the use of nature transformation. Possessing great mastery and ability over three chakra natures. Through the utilization of his primary element, earth release, Shinko is capable of easily warping the battlefield itself to his liking.

He can submerge himself underground to attack his opponents from below in various ways, pull them underground to incapacitate them, and even completely encase them in formations of earth to trap them and limit their mobility. He typically uses it to disguise himself so that his opponent will be unable to find him, and then attack them from afar. Although this is not always the case, as he can easily go from a defensive long-range fighting style to an offensive close-range one in the blink of an eye. Basically, his use of earth release combined with his clan's techniques grants phenomenal versatility on the battlefield and makes his movements rather unpredictable.

With water release, Shinko is capable of overwhelming his opponents with large bodies of water. Capable of flooding the entire area with enough water to drown the opponent if they aren't careful. He can create a special type of sticky water that can be used to restrain his opponent, create flammable oily water that can be set off with the smallest spark, or even incase his opponent in a dome of water to both drown them, crush them, and restrain their movements entirely. He can flood the water with his insects, allowing him not only to push back opponents and overwhelm them with tidal waves of water, but also quickly have them be devoured by insects floating in the water. Or better yet, infuse the water with the poison from his rinkaichu insects, making it even deadlier.

Although not as skilled in it's use as the other two, Shinko is able to use wind release very well. He commonly uses it to generate strong gust of winds to propel his airborne insects or weapons at his targets much faster than before. He can do this with the poison cloud his rinkaichu produce as well, capable of flooding the area with poison gases very easily to take down any opponents in the vicinity. He's even learned how to generate wind release chakra across his entire body, able to enter wind release chakra mode. Greatly augmenting his physical speed, power, agility, and the power of his wind release jutsu.

He can imbue the special mode into his wings, allowing him to fly at tremendous speed to rapidly attack his opponent or avoid their attacks. Making this very helpful when utilized with his insect-based techniques, whether they be because of Chomei, his clan, or even the chimera technique. Overall, Shinko possess extraordinary skill in nature transformation.


Shinko Aburame also possesses skill in genjutsu, capable of inducing his opponents in genjutsu via his scale powder technique. Once they're in the genjutsu, he can make them see virtually anything that he wants them to see in order to distract them and leave them vulnerable.


Through the utilization of his sticky gold spit, Shinko has trained himself in the ways of bukijutsu. Capable of forming the spit into various weapons and projectiles, and in order to use them proficiently, he had sought the tutelage of Tenten. Training him for a while and helping him to hone and master the usage of his golden weapons. He can apply the flying swallow technique to his golden weapons, capable of greatly augmenting their abilities, especially if used in conjunction with wind release. Nowadays, Shinko is capable of using his bukijutsu prowess in perfect conjunction with not only his taijutsu skills, but his unique insects as well.



  • Shinko is a pun on Shino, his grandfather's name. It literally means "Of Faith", the same meaning as his father's name. While "Aburame" means "Oil Woman" and could possibly be a pun on "Aburamushi" which means "Cockroach", a reference to his clan's use of insects in battle.
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