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Shinkyō (神橋, Sacred Bridge) is a mountainous region that contains the bones of many giant creatures, nearby Tobi's Mountains' Graveyard secret base of operations, and the holy location of the fox summons. Seireitou Hyūga once called this location the Fox Realm (狐国土, Kitsune Kudoku; also known as the "Kitsune Realm") The area is a large, lush, ravine, flanked by mountains, cliffs and canyons, and whose ultimate authority seems to be the Great Fox Sage. While he is well known here, Kurama, the Nine-Tailed Demon Fox, is not an authority at Shinkyō. Ever since Ryun Uchiha captured the fox, it resides in a remote area here.

For a human to get to Shinkyō, one must travel through treacherous mountains and hidden wooden pathways in the Land of Fire. However, if they have a summoning contract with the foxes, they can be summoned here by the foxes themselves utilizing the Reverse Summoning Technique. During the Second Shinobi World War, Seireitou and Ryun used this location as a base of operations. It was so cut off from the outside world that Seireitou mistook it for a separate dimension.

At a secret shrine in Shinkyō, there exists a scroll that contains the secret techniques of the foxes; including their near unbreakable genjutsu as well as the secrets of their Sage Techniques. Because of this, Shinkyō is also where one learns to master the Sage Mode of the foxes.