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editSora Umiyo

  • One Man Army
  • The Magnetic Assassin
Appears in Anime, Manga
Gender Gender Male Male
Age 17
Blood type A
Kekkei Genkai Nature Icon Magnet Magnet Release
Classification Sensor
  • Assassin
  • Informant
  • Spy
  • Mercenary
Nature Type

Sora Umiyo is a mercenary for hire that travels around taking assassination and espionage contracts for monetary reward. He is well-known but incredibly difficult to find or track down and has a high bounty in 3 of the major nations. Not much is known about him, but he is the assassin that was secretly hired by the Leader of the Land of Snow to take out Wei Uchiha.


Sora wears a long striped cloak that extends from head to toe and has his hair tied up. He has a strange mask that cover his eyes in that he is actually blind.


Sora is considered to be very picky when it comes to the missions he takes on and only accepts missions of interest and pay handsomely. He enjoys fighting strong opponents to analyze their strengths an weaknesses and is usually very ecstatic during battle. He also seems to be skilled in setting traps and is an accomplished tactician.


Not much is known about Sora or where he comes from, but he is suspected to have been from the Nara Clan because he is able to utilize shadow-based techniques. He travels from place to place in order to acquire his fortune by taking assassination contracts that pay handsomely. During his travels he was contacted by the Leader of the Land of Snow to take on and assassination member of Wei Uchiha. Due to the 2nd persecution of the Uchiha the leader didn't want to bring war or chaos to his country and by having Wei be killed seemingly on a mission his death could be considered a tragic accident and the leader could bear the burden of going against his word to protect Wei. Sora was the one who took on this mission. More to come...


Sora has a very distinct fighting style in which most of his clones do the fighting and he hides his presence to wait and watch until he can bind them with his shadows or deal a death blow as he lacks in taijutsu, however his skills in trapping and assassination should not be taken lightly.

Shadow Clone Technique

Sora is tremendously skilled in the use of the Shadow Clone Technique and Transformation Technique. He is able to create over 400 clones without becoming exhausted and typically uses his clones bombs to kill his opponents, as such he has been able to use this technique without any handsigns and can create clones in a blink of an eye. His transformation technique is also flawless in that he can take on the exact likeness of anyone he transforms into and can even match their voice

Sora's Shadow Clones

perfectly as well as their mannerisms. His technique also extends to transforming his clone into objects to hide and ambush his targets. He also utilizes his clones for reconnaissance to gather information.

Also by transferring chakra into his shadows clones he is able to sustain them longer than normal even after taking a lot of damage to confuse the enemy.

Magnet Release

Sora has the kekkei genkai ability to utilize Magnet Release and is highly proficient in its use especially when used in conjunction with his shurikenjutsu.

Sensory Perception

Sora is also a very accomplished sensory shinobi and is able to put up a full sensory barrier on his own effortlessly as well as bypass other sensory barriers. He is able to seamlessly sense other people's chakra thorugh his Mind's Eye of the Kagura and as such has trained to sense chakra signature over tremendous distances. He has done this to make up for his blindness giving him a different form of vision. He sensory abilities do not just extend to chakra though, through training he has learned how to pick up vibrations through the ground to locate his enemies exact location as well as being able to actually sense even the tiniest muscle movements with his Detect technique.

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