editSotaru Uzumaki
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Appears in Manga, Anime
Voice Actors
English Jeff Brown
Birthdate Astrological Sign Cancer July 7
Gender Gender Male Male
Age 12
Height 154 cm
1.54 m
5.052 ft
60.63 in
Blood type B
Kekkei Genkai
Affiliation Konohagakure Symbol Konohagakure
Team Team Shin
Clan Uzumaki Symbol Uzumaki
Ninja Rank Genin
Ninja Registration 33-372
Academy Grad. Age 12
Nature Type

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Sotaru Uzumaki is a shinobi from Konohagakure's Uzumaki clan and a descendant of the Uchiha clan through his mother.


Sotaru Uzumaki, the son of Sarada Uchiha and Boruto Uzumaki. Sotaru Uzumaki born in a time where the five great nations are once again arguing over power! He is looked at as a ray of hope for the future.

Part I

Academy Arc

In the anime it shows him starting his first day at the academy and he ended it beating Akagi Nura in a spar. Sotaru is shown being late to the academy barely making it on time. During class they get to talk to there friends to know more about each other, and Sotaru was talked about amongst all the girls! After class they left to go home but a shinobi named Akagi waited on Sotaru. Akagi challenged Sotaru to a fight and got beat up very fast he ended up getting embarrassed. Later on that day his mother went home to speak with him but he ingnored her and left. Hatoro and Sarada's Clone left to bring Akagi back but Sarada's Clone got blown up leaving Hatoro vs Akagi right when he was about to get stabbed Sotaru jumped in to save him and now it was a match of Sotaru vs Akakgi! During this match Sotaru and Akagi found out something that could be fate, Akagi turns out to be Kawaki's son and he has the Karma Mark and Sotaru unlocked his mark showing that the Mark get some passed down. As the battle continues they both get fatigued and the mask man watching Akagi decides to retreat because Sarada is coming and Sotaru passes out!

Fuma Gang Arc

Sotaru gets put on Team 7 a known, Historically passed down Team and his teamates are Hatoro and Yui. They had there first group meeting where Sotaru was late they met there sensei Shin Hatake he explain to them there First Mission will be a B-Rank to the border of Konohagakure and Kumogakure to stop rogue thieves. The next day they head out and they make it to the border, they split into two Man cells Sotaru and Yui capture the first two and then Shin and Hatoro capture the other two! They completed there mission very quickly and returned back home.

Chunin-Exam Arc

The day before the exams begin and word has spread about Sotaru Uzumaki being a young prodigy in the making. All the Genin from other villages want to fight him and test his strength.


Sotaru is not an energetic person. He is driven to gain power, so he can surpass his father and mother!


Sato wears a brown undershirt and a green white and brown long sleeve coat with green pants and grey hightop shinobi sandals and a Shuriken holdster on his left thigh.


Sotaru Like his father Boruto, Sotaru is recognised as a natural prodigy of the Uzumaki clan, graduating at the top of his class in the Academy.



It is uknown when Sotaru awakened his Sharingan, Sotaru's Sharingan is especially poten. Even with one tomoe he can cast powerful Genjutsu!


Sotaru awakens his Byakugan while trying to rescue Akagi and bring him back.


its uknown when but Sotaru actually learned the Chidori!

Nature Transformation

Sotaru's nature transformations included Fire, Water, Earth, Lightning, and Yang Release. As part Uchiha, he had a natural affinity for Fire Release, mastering the clan's Great Fireball Technique!

Chakra and Physical Prowess

As an Uzumaki and Uchiha, Sotaru's chakra was naturally strong, but his actual reserves are below average so he gets tired in the long run.


His illusions like Itachi Uchiha often involved crows and could be initiated after only the briefest moment of eye contact. They were so seamless that even targets that knew to expect genjutsu might not immediately realise that they'd fallen prey to him.


Sotaru was a highly intelligent individual, having the third highest scores in the history of the Academy behind Minato Namikaze and Itachi Uchiha.


Story Ninjutsu Taijutsu Genjutsu Intelligence Strength Speed Stamina Hand seals Total
Sotaru Pt.1


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