• Name: Kamisei no Jutsu ( Literally meaning "Soul Resurrection Technique", English TV "Soul Reanimation Jutsu")
  • Type: Kinjutsu, Genjutsu, S-Rank, Supplementary
  • Hand Seals: Ram, Dog, Rabbit, Monkey, Ram, Tiger, Ox, Snake, Ox, Monkey, Tiger, Boar, Horse, Rat
  • Users: Kamirou

Soul Resurrection Technique is a Kinjutsu, only used by Kamirou, due to his special powers. This Kinjutsu, makes use of all of Kamirou's souls (except for his own (if he has one!)). The souls will be send out of him, and fly around the target for two seconds. The target will then be sended into a world of dead souls, and then they will all attack him and drag all of his bones out. This also happens outside of the so-called Genjutsu, will also happen in the real, only that the victim will by him/herself drag them out while screaming. When the victim is dead, his soul will fly out of him/her and into Kamirou's mouth, and be one of his thousand souls.