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editSouma Nara

  • Kageoni
  • Kuroinu
Appears in Anime, Manga
Birthdate Astrological Sign Aries March 27
Gender Gender Male Male
Age 43
Blood type B
Kekkei Genkai
  • Traveler
  • Painter
  • Writer
Clan Nara Symbol Nara Clan
Academy Grad. Age 9
Nature Type

Souma Nara is considered to be a legendary shinobi of Konohagakure and is known as one of the three Pups, a small team of genin that were trained by the legendary White Fang of Konoha, Sakumo Hatake before his passing. Each member of the Pups were young genin that were highly skilled and had the best interests for the future of Konoha. The only surviving member of this team is Souma Nara a traveling artist/writer who sells his paintings across the shinobi world and writes poetry. After the attack on Konoha by the revived Akatsuki, Souma quickly made haste to the village only to return to rubble and debris of a burning village, it was then that he discovered a rebel alliance had formed by Boruto Uzumaki to take back Konoha and joined up becoming one of its leaders.





The most feared characteristic aside his unpredictability is his use of Shadow Techniques. He is exceptionally skilled in the use of all of the Nara Clan's techniques including some of is very own that he has created. His skill and knowledge of his shadow techniques has granted him the moniker "Kageoni".


Even before possessing the Sharingan, Souma was considered to be a highly accomplished genjutsu user. He is able to high caliber genjutsu seamlessly and with little to no effort. He is able to activate a genjutsu so fast and discreetly that his opponents usually aren't aware they are in a genjutsu until it is to late. With the aid of his Sharingan his genjutsu have become even more easy to use and have been augmented greatly in power. His resistance to genjutsu is equally high.


Thanks to the training given to Souma by his first sensei, Sakumo Hatake, Souma has become a highly proficient practitioner of kenjutsu and the Leaf-Style sword art. He is quick and nimble with his strikes and has deadly accuracy and precision. Souma also uses an unique dual-handed style and wields the deadly blades known as Shadow Reaper.


Souma is skilled in the use of various ninjutsu and is able to use almost all basic chakra natures. His most prevalent used nature is his Earth Release chakra nature which is said to be beyond a kage level. He has also learned a great deal from his sensei Jiraiya who taught him various ninjutsu as well as basic Fire Release techniques.


Souma has the ability to utilize the Sharingan and its powers. He obtained the dojutsu from his lover Hanoko Uchiha who died during a mission and gave it to him as a parting gift so that they could continue to see the world together. Due to the immense amount of emotions felt right before Hanoko's death she awoke her MS thus allowing Souma to wield it as well. To honor his departed love, Souma has trained fiercely in his Sharingan's use, so much so that he is able to use it with minimal chakra use as well as constantly keep it activated with showing signs of exhaustion. His skill in the use of the Sharingan has also be compared to a natural Uchiha Clansmen. It would seem that Souma MS has the ability to greatly influence and manipulate the emotions of others, a feat that has allowed him to become feared.

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