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The Spetsnaz logo.

  • Name: Spetsnaz S.E. (特殊軍兵 (忍者精兵); Literally meaning "Special Armed Forces (Ninja Elite Soldiers)")
  • Leader: Tenko Juusei
  • Members: Okita Sōjirō, Yumi Murakami, Gohan Shiromura
  • Unofficial Members: Fuyuko
  • Affiliation: None
  • Status: Active

A few years after his exile from the Kitsune Realm, Tenko Juusei sought vengeance against his former home for their ignorance. He began to rally other missing-nin to his cause, in order to have a more expansive approach to his plans. Their base of operations seem to be in Konohagakure, as both Okita and Yumi are regularly seen there. Under a low profile, they are able to move freely through the world with their criminal records hidden.[1]


The offical members of the Spetsnaz undergo intense, rigorous, and torturing training, courtesy of Tenko himself. Okita, Gohan and Yumi were forced to undergo several methods of what seemed like torture daily, including near-breaking of limbs, cold-weather swimming, and submission to wildlife bites. Tenko's goal was to make his subordinates immune to fear of torture and death, as well as resistant to the psychological effects of battle, thus making the effective "killing machine" soldier.

Spetsnaz S.E. ninja are noted to have better durability and resistance to physical blows thanks to their training as well. A physical blow to the stomach or face that would stun or bring down a normal opponent would have little to no effect on a Spetsnaz S.E. ninja, as such in Okita's first encounter with Ahatake Tenno.[2] As such, they were able to recover quickly and deliver a lethal counter-attack of their own.

In addition, Spetsnaz are trained to think logically, rationally, and reflexively, even under times of severe pressure. In times of battle, they are required to give their opponent only a few moves before bringing them down. Anything else is considered to be failure of their mission. Each member is not limited to one trait or ability, but rather two or more. It would be normal for a Spetsnaz S.E. member to have at least some extent of knowledge in all the shinobi skills (taijutsu, ninjutsu, etc.)


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