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Kanji 恒星仙人モード
Rōmaji Kōsei Sennin Mōdo
Alternative names Star Sage Mode
Classification Ninjutsu, Chakra Flow
Rank S-rank
Class Supplementary

Stellar Sage Mode was first expressed in Reiko. It combines aspects of Sage Mode and Star Chakra Mode.


Attaining Stellar Sage Mode

Since Reiko is the first user, nothing is known on how to gain it. Sumaru, Reiko's father, may or may not have been able to use it. Reiko states that it is similar to Naruto Uzumaki's Nine-Tails Chakra Mode enhanced with sage chakra although fundamentally different.

As for Aki, she was able to synchronize Sage Mode with her Star Chakra Mode. Her appearance is normal except for the halo. Unlike Reiko, Aki doesn't have two-toned eyes, proving that it is unique to Reiko.


Reiko's clothes change into a haori with five-pointed stars around the collar. On the back, the kanji for Sage of the Heavens is inscribed. It is unknown if the halo around Reiko's head is unique or normal and it is also unknown whether two-toned eyes are unique or normal.

Aki's appearance is the same except there is no kanji on the back of her haori.


Level 1

Unlike Star Chakra Mode, Stellar Sage Mode gives the user angelic wings which are permanent. Reiko prefers to keep her wings folded since it interferes with her style of fighting. It grants the user all five basic nature transformations including Yin, Yang and Yin-Yang Releases. It is powerful enough to go toe-to-toe with the Yochigan's Clairvoyance Burst Mode.

This heightened form grants the user Yin-Yang Release: Intangibility. With this active, the user will practically be like Obito and his Kamui. Any attack will not touch them. One major drawback, however, is the fact that attacks that utilize star chakra will affect the user. The user can counteract this weakness by turning Yin-Yang Release into Solar-Lunar Release, combining aspects of both Solar Release and Lunar Release.

Level 2: Universal Stellar Sage Mode

After discovering her true lineage as the Princess of the Seven Pillars' sister, Reiko awakened a second level of Stellar Sage Mode, called Universal Stellar Sage Mode (普遍恒星仙人モード, Zenpan Kōsei Sennin Mōdo). All noticeable signs of Stellar Sage Mode is now gone, except for the clothing and Reiko's two-toned eyes. Reiko has access to nine Truth-Seeking Balls, but she almost never uses them.

When Aki awakened Universal Stellar Sage Mode, Aki gained 12 Truthseeker Orbs. Her abilities were augmented with the Solar and Lunar Releases. Working together, Teizen, Fuyuki and Reiko managed to vanquish Astral Trinity with Fuyuki dealing the final blow.

Fuyuki already has Clairvoyance Burst Mode, which granted her 15 Truthseeker Orbs. When she attained Universal Stellar Sage Mode, she totaled 23 Truthseeker Orbs. She likes to use the twin staff variant more than the shakujō.


  • Although I labeled it as free use, the character will have to be able to naturally generate star chakra and know how to enter Sage Mode. Other than that, you're free to go!
  • As for Universal Stellar Sage Mode, no one can use except for the characters listed: Fuyuki Haru, Aki Yamanaka and Reiko.
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