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[nil edit]Stone Crossing Technique 15px
Kanji 石過渡の術
Rōmaji Ishigato no Jutsu
English anime Crossing of Stepping Stones Technique
Appears in Anime, Manga, Game, Movie
Classification Ninjutsu, Space–Time Ninjutsu
Rank A-rank
Class Supplementary
Range All ranges
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The Stone Crossing Technique is a derivative of the Flying Thunder God Technique and is a Space–Time Ninjutsu that achieves relatively the same result. However, its mechanics reduce the speed of the technique, whereas heightening the practicality of application.


This technique was devised by Danzō Shimura some time after witnessing Tobirama Senju's use of the Flying Thunder God, albeit, he was never able to complete the technique nor mimic the original technique until much later. The Stone Crossing Technique is a highly potent Space-Time Ninjutsu that holds several applications if used correctly. This technique, much like others, utilizes a sealing formula in order to transport from one point to another instantly. The sealing formula in this technique is employed as a means to allow the body's chakra to have a place to stop, attracting towards it at high velocities in a similar vein to its parent technique. The seal for the technique that Shizuku uses is the kanji for Bridge (橋 Hashi), and is engraved primarily on both of his palms, as well as his own weaponry. After the seal has been developed and engaged, Shizuku may instantly transport to any destination he likes.

This transportation speed is achieved through unique chakra control. By exuding Chakra Threads from the seals, he is able to immediately compress the actual distance between two points by warping the space-time continuum within the two end points defined by the chakra threads. Because of the manner in which the technique's mechanics are, the overall speed of the technique is lower than the Flying Thunder God Technique. However, it consumes less chakra, and needs less time to completely master, thanks to the technique's mechanics not requiring manipulation of spacetime for absolute speed.


  • The naming scheme of the technique came from the legend that lies behind Adam's Bridge, primarily in the fact that two monkeys: Nal and Neel, wrote the sanskrit of a specific word in order to allow the stones which made up the bridge to float, thereby allowing them to cross the distance.