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A view of the Village

Suishogakure Symbol

The village symbol

Suishōgakure (水晶隠れの里, Suishōgakure no Sato; also known as the Crystal Village or "Village Hidden in the Crystals") is a hidden village in the Land of Fire and an ally village of Konohagakure. Suishōgakure has a Kage as its leader known as the Hyōkage (氷影, literally meaning "Ice Shadow"). There has been only one known Hyōkage, Kameyo, whom has been its leader for around a hundred years. While Suishōgakure is small in size, they have great military power, even though they are quite peaceful. The shinobi of this village wear attire reflecting coldness, usually crystal white shirts and such, alongwith matching pants and a black flak jacket. Shinobi from this village specialize in Ice Release.


Suishōgakure was originally a frozen wasteland with few people residing there. However, after the shunning of the Yuki Clan, several members of the Clan migrated to Suishōgakure, seeking safety from the slaughtering of their fellow clan members.

It was then that Kameyō was selected as their leader, because of her wise personality and her Kage-level abilities. She and Kei helped the clan members in gathering resources, by undoing the freezing of one of the rivers within Suishōgakure and undoing the freezing of several trees, buildings, and such.

Within a short amount of time, Suishōgakure became a village known for its military power. It was then that Hashirama Senju sought out an alliance with Suishōgakure, visiting the village and meeting with Kameyō. The two quickly became good friends, perhaps because of their will to protect their villages.

However, the village struggled to survive as the economy began to decline, the result of the burning of several trees. A drought then struck the village, and in order to save the village, Kameyō undid the freezing of a second river and successfully saved the village.


Guide to Suishōgakure
Ichiraku Ramen Kei apartment Suishogakure street Suishogakure Hill
The Ichiraku Ramen of Suishōgakure The home of Kei and Kameyō A view of the main street of Suishōgakure Suishōgakure Hill
Kameyo ski resort view Suishogakure apartments Library suishougakure School suishogakure
The ski resort ran by Kameyō Apartments in the village The library and records department in Suishōgakure The Ninja Academy in Suishōgakure


The Yuki Clan: This clan specializes in Ice Release and is the majority of the village. Kameyō comes from this clan as well as her daughter, Kei. While this clan typically hails from Kirigakure, after the civil war that began the shunning of the Yuki Clan, several members of the clan migrated to Suishōgakure for peace, as it was well-known for being a haven. This explains the large amount of Yuki Clan members in Suishōgakure, whereas the Ice Release is considered rare.


The Hyōkage is the Kage of the village, being considered the strongest of the village. In the history of the village, there has been only one Hyōkage.


Kameyo 1

Kameyō, the first and only Hyōkage

Kameyō is the one and only Hyōkage so far, in the history of the village. She possesses an extreme amount of ability in the use of Ice Release, being able to undo the effects of said release, as she unfroze a river that had been frozen using an Ice Release technique. She formed an alliance with Hashirama Senju in the early beginnings of the village, thus forming an alliance with Konohagakure that was important during the Invasion of Konoha and is currently important during the Fourth Shinobi World War, as several of shinobi from Suishōgakure are participating in the war.


Kei Part 2

Kei, the "future" Hyōkage

Though there is only one Hyōkage and that the Hyōkage is typically elected as a candidate through elections, Kei is considered the Second Hyōkage. This may be because of her own Ice Release capabilities or because of Kameyō being her mother; this relation being similar to Hasirama Senju and Tobirama Senju, whereas the latter became Hokage after Hashirama's death.

Kei has demonstrated herself as a capable leader, having managed the village in her mother's absence during the Kage Summit and even the events of Pain's Invasion. Therefore, it is believed that after Kameyō's death, the position of Hyōkage will be passed onto Kei, although there have been several candidates that have risen.


  • Suishōgakure is known for a ski resort ran by Kameyō
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