[nil edit]Summoning: Claw of the Reaper 15px
Viz print media Summning: Claw of Darkness
English anime Summoning: Dark Claw
Classification Ninjutsu, Summoning
Rank S-rank
Class Offensive
Hand seals Unknown
Other jutsu
Parent jutsu

This summoning technique is a Kinjutsu developed by the Founder of Kazangakure and used solely by Sakuzen of Kazangakure. With it, he summons a large and foreboding skeletal hand from a given surface (ground, walls, water, trees, etc.), which then ensnares the opponent and pulls them back into the portal it came from. The initial summoning tends to happen at a very fast speed, and the opponent generally does not know they've been caught until the hand closes around them. It is not known what happens to the victims who are dragged back into the portal, but it can be assumed that they die, as the hand is said to belong to the reaper itself.

To even use this technique in the first place, the user must set up an "applicable zone" in advance where the summoning can be used. To mark the zone, special stakes, with unique symbols on them, are placed at regular intervals around the zone, marking its boundaries. After the zone is set up, Sakuzen can use the jutsu within the boundaries. The larger the "applicable zone", the more chakra this technique uses. Sakuzen currently has the "applicable zone" cover all of Kazangakure.