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"The village isn't all they left us. We're still here."

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Susumu Hisakawa
久川ススム Hisakawa Susumu
Birthdate Astrological Sign Virgo September 19
Gender Gender Male Male
  • Part I: 21–22
  • Part II: 25–26
  • Gaiden: 40
Blood type A
Occupation Heir of the Hisakawa Clan (Former)
Clan Hisakawa Hisakawa Clan
Ninja Rank
Academy Grad. Age 12
Chūnin Prom. Age 17
Nature Type

Susumu Hisakawa (久川ススム, Hisakawa Susumu) is a shinobi from Konohagakure's Hisakawa clan and the grandson of its founder. His mother saved his life by allowing Makigumo Kurama to succeed him as clan chief.


Susumu and Makigumo

Susumu and his wife

Ridiculed for his meek composure and horrific potential as a shinobi, Susumu was a failure of the Hisakawa clan. Many of his clan members wanted him to be expelled, or even killed, but his direct lineage to the clan's founder stopped any revolt from occurring. As the only known descendant of the founder's prestigious bloodline, he was married and fathered a child, much to the clan's dismay. When his father was murdered by his daughter, he was proposed to become the Hisakawa's next leader. Just about every member of the clan thought that he was the worst possible person for the job, even Makigumo Hisakawa, his own wife. Some claimed that the clan head should not have to be related to the founder, while others argued that Makigumo would be better suited for the job. Either way, no one wanted the weakling that was Susumu Hisakawa to be the head of the almighty Hisakawa clan. Inspired by her followers, Makigumo attempted to kill her husband. However, his mother stopped her and offered a solution. Susumu would be proclaimed dead, and Makigumo would become the head of the Hisakawa clan, but he would still live, hidden from the world. Both sides agreed. Susumu currently lives in secrecy with everyone, besides his immediate family, believing he was killed by Makigumo.


Susumu is a shy and timid individual, unfit for the ruthlessness of the Hisakawa and life as a shinobi.


Susumu is a fair skinned, thin man with little muscle. He has dark hair and handsome features that he inherited from his father but has his mother's blue-green eyes.


In his Academy days, Susumu was average at best. He struggled to keep up with his teammates and was often picked last for games. As he grew older, Susumu improved just enough to become a chūnin.