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Suzume Miyamoto
Present - Demon - Past
GA - Suzume M - Pro
Name Suzume Miyamoto
Kanji 宮本雀
Romaji Miyamoto Suzume
Personal Status
Gender Gender Female Female
Clan Uchiha Symbol Uchiha Clan
Family Raido Σ (Grandfather)
Eihei Miyamoto (Mother)
Ninja Rank
Classification Mercenary Ninja
Sensor Type
Kekkei Genkai Sharingan Triple Sharingan
Unique Trait(s) Possesses Dark Chakra
Can sense negative emotions
Nature Type Nature Icon Fire Fire Release
Jutsu Genjutsu: Sharingan
Coercion Sharingan
Revitalization Technique
Shin Uchiha's Space–Time Dōjutsu
Flames of Naraka
Tools Claymore

Suzume Miyamoto (宮本雀, Miyamoto Suzume) is an unaffiliated kunoichi currently serving as a ninja-for-hire. The only child of Eihei Miyamoto, her existence is unknown to the latter, who believed she miscarried her child. In truth, the baby was born premature, a tightly woven genjutsu convincing Miya that her child had died. Instead, one sibling would spirit away the baby before dropping it off in Sea Country. There, she'd grow up largely ignorant of her heritage, until a situation forced her family's skill to the surface. Since then, Suzu has been gradually tracking the origin of her ability. It would be this which led her to uncover one of the house's secrets. A trail of breadcrumbs would lead Suzume to her mother's doorstep, yet she turned away, even as she adopted the surname which was rightfully hers.


GA - Suzume M - Hellfire Form

And a demon was born.


GA - Suzume M - The Regret

The pangs of regret.


GA - Suzume Miyamoto - App

The vigilante turned road-warrior.

GA - Suzume M - DC Form

The devil within.



Nature Transformation

GA - Suzume M - Flames of Naraka

Unholy fire for an unpaid vengeance.

Evil Intent

GA - Suzume M - Chakra Prowess

You fucked up.


Moriyaku Full Appearance (Plus Weapon)

The two weapons by her side through thick and thin.

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