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Taifūgakure (颱風隠れの里, Taifuugakure no Sato; Literally meaning "Village Hidden by Typhoon"; also known as "Village Hidden in the Hurricane" or "Hidden Typhoon Village") is a Hidden Village in the Land of Cyclones. It has a Kage as it's leader known has Taifūkage. The Current Kage Ryu Namikaze is the First Taifuukage of the Village. Thanks to its recent formation there is no history available for it and it was known to go to war only once against Kumogakure which resulted in the Treaty of Thunder, the content of this Treaty is considered a secret and no one know has come to know of it.



Taifūgakure Symbol

Village's symbol

Taifūgakure was founded by Ryu Namikaze after the Fourth Shinobi War ended. Sensing that the Five Great Shinobi Countries would go on an all out war, Ryu lead others who wanted to avoid war settle in an area north-west of Kumogakure. With the help of clans native to the area, and settled their permanently.Soon Taifūgakure was through the hard work of multiple shinobi's. Somewhere in past Taifūgakure has made an alliance with Keikokugakure and both are willing enough to protect each other.

Attack from the Land of Lightning

Kumogakure was certainly angry about the formation of the new village so they launched an attack on Taifūgakure at mid night and managed to kill about 1,043 shinobi's and brutally injure 1,200 shinobi's which is why Taifūgakure grew furious and attacked Kumogakure. Ryu was victorious in the battle against Fourth Raikage, owing to which Kumogakure was forced to sign the Treaty of Thunder.



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