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The Taifūkage (台風影; Literally meaning "Hurricane Shadow") is the leader of Taifūgakure and is the strongest shinobi in the whole village. Like most other ninja villages, the new kage is usually elected by the old kage once he retires. However, if the old one was to die or be incapacitated before choosing his successor, the Daimyō would appoint a shinobi as the kage upon recommendation by the village's jōnin council. Afterwards, the candidate will need the approval of the village jōnin to become the official Taifūkage.

List of Taifūkage

First Keikage

Main article: Ryu Namikaze

Ryu namikaze

Ryu Namikaze, the first Taifūkage.

Ryu Namikaze (波風龍, Namikaze Ryu) was a ledgendary Shinobi who established the village of Taifūgakure. He would soon afterwards become the village's First Taifūkage (初代台風影, Shodai Taifūkage; Literally meaning "First of Founding Hurricane Shadow").

Second Keikage

Main article: Seiji Namikaze

Seiji nami

Seiji Namikaze, the second Taifūkage.

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