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Taiyōkami Clan
Taiyokami Symbol
(太陽神一族, Taiyōkami Ichizoku)
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Clan Data
Kekkei Genkai

The Taiyokami Clan (太陽神一族, Taiyōkami Ichizoku; literally meaning Sun God Clan) is a Clan of Yoshigakure within the Land of Plasma. They are known to produce members whom utilize the Scorch Release kekkei genkai, some of which are extraordinarily skilled in it. They rival the Tsukikami Clan, down to symbolism and various abilities.


Being around during the time of the Sage of Six Paths, this clan was once part of the Helixian Clan. After the introduction of Chakra into the world, due to their affiliation with the Sun, they gained the ability to combine Fire Release and Wind Release, resulting in the Scorch Release kekkei genkai. Shinobi from this clan typically have orange hair.


The Taiyokami Clan was one of the first clans to ever possess the ability to utilize Natural Energy for their Curse Mark of the Sun God, a unique, natural juinjutsu appearing on various clan members within days of birth. It allowed the to using the constant, ambient energy of the Sun itself to allow them to manipulate its solar energy to form devastating radiation and heat based attacks. While most present day members of the clan have a talent for Scorch Release, it was a rarity to be born with both the Curse Mark of the Sun God and Scorch Release. Several clan members are so skilled with its usage that they are capable of manipulating even magnetism and electromagnetism. Exceptional members who happened to possess Scorch Release and the Curse Mark of the Sun God could combine the two to gain access to the Sun God Method, the Taiyōkami Clan's most powerful and sacred technique. Members have, over time, developed the ability to literally burn away illusions cast on them, regardless of the illusion of strength. The history behind the development of this ability is due to their rivals impeccable genjutsu prowess, which some believe to surpass the genjutsu skills of the Uchiha. This was evident early on with their survival of the Infinite Tsukuyomi during Kaguya's reign of terror.

Hiden Abilities

Several members of the clan have developed unique abilities.

Notable Members

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