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editTakashi Kagome
Takashi Kagome
(Kagome, Takashi)

  • Takashi of the Storm
Appears in Anime, Manga, Game
Voice Actors
English Newton Pittman Icon - Search
Japanese Eri Kitamura Icon - Search
Birthdate 5 July
Gender Gender Male Male
  • Part I: 155
    15,500 cm
    155 m
    508.53 ft
    6,102.362 in
  • Part II: 167
    16,700 cm
    167 m
    547.9 ft
    6,574.803 in
  • Part I: 68
    68 kg
    149.914 lb
  • Part II: 85
    85 kg
    187.393 lb
Blood type O
Kekkei Genkai Nature Icon Storm Storm Release
Occupation Shinobi
Clan Kagome Clan
Ninja Registration 575872
Nature Type

Takashi Kagome, also known as Takashi of the Storm for his usage of his Storm Release kekkai genkai, is a shinobi of the Kagome Clan.


Early Life


Takashi has short dark brown hair and dark, stormy blue eyes that are respective of the Kagome Clan. He is slightly above average height, and his build suggests one that has high muscle density, as oppose to volume. He is rather well toned, and has a few scars across his body from some of his more hostile encounters, the most prominent of which lies across his chest. He typically dons clothing of dark grey colouration, like his unique kekkai genkai colouration. He wears a dark grey hooded jacket and t-shirt.


Takashi is fairly quiet when around other people. Despite this he is not that hostile towards others and is often caring and romantic. He will do what needs to be done, albeit with great reluctance if it involves inflicting pain upon those who he does not think deserve it. When stirred to anger however, he has a quiet menace that makes many people think twice about provoking him. He is notably scornful of those who believe in things without evidence, an is often skeptical of things until enough evidence has presented itself.


Storm Release

Takashi, like all members of the Kagome Clan, is incredibly skilled in wielding his uniquely coloured Storm Release kekkai genkai. He is capable of creating dark grey beams of energy and even shaping Storm chakra into weapons by applying shape transformation to it. He has mastered the Storm Release to such an extent, he is even capable of using most of its techniques without so much as a single handsign. He can also channel his Storm Release chakra into weapons to vastly increase their cutting power.

Storm Release: Thunder Katana: A technique used to increase the typically long-range Kagome Clan's close-range capabilites. Storm Release chakra is shaped into a sword which resembles a katana. This sword is incredibly sharp, retaining the laser-like nature of Storm Release. It is also possible to fire a thin laser beam out of the tip, to extend its range.


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