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While the Kage met to discuss the state of the world, there was a disturbance in the world once again. The Rebels were setting their sights on Saiken, the Six-Tails. After losing the Three-Tails to Kirigakure, Nisshou Fuyutama was determined to not fail this time.

The Clouds roared in great length much to respond to the mourning of the people of lightning. A great figure died that day, all because of the selfish greed of a few. It was rather a dull moment for the hotheaded personas of the Land. In summary of the long tale that would weep the nations for centuries to come, Killer Bee had been killed by a group of rebels due to him housing the Tailed Beast. The beast had been extracted from him.

To this end, Kumo was in the face of a critical mission. Darui had sent word for a special team to retrieve the Tailed Beast back, but Kumo knew what they were up against. In order to defeat the Rebels, they needed more military power than they currently could offer. They needed the power of another Tailed Beast and they had none. Also according to the treaty signed by the Shinobi Union, capturing the Free Beasts for the sake of a Nations power was deemed illegal. But they needed one, and they had to act discreetly and independently.

Yasui, lazied around on top of Island Turtle, he and his comrades were in search of Free-Tailed Beast whilst avoiding the eyes of the other Great Nations.

"Yasui san, we have received reports that Saiken, the Six-Tails Slug formerly of Kirigakure as been found in the Land of Swamps.", was a young feminine voice that brought the young bloke back to his senses. " Raikage-sama as asked me to inform you to assemble a team and hunt for the Tailed Beast." the voice continued, as she gathered a map of the region and laid it out for Yasuke.

Yasuke pondered a bit over the map, " Can you gather X, L and O for me ?" he requested the lady," Also arrange North Avia for our travel." The Lady soon flickered off from is presence. In a bit of thought, Yasui raised his pen towards the sun and glanced at it.

Following his meeting with Honrui, Nisshō had Hiru open her Water Release: Gate of Wonder, In order to have Honrui and himself transport to the Land of Marshes, while returning Yue, Amaji and herself to the Devil's Ruin so they could return home to keep up appearances that Nisshō was not involved in the raids.

Arriving on the coast of the Land of Marshes, Nisshō restored his Genjutsu: Self-Concealment, to appear in the same form he took when he tried to attack the Three-Tails. His white hair turned black and grew out some and his eye patch vanished, while his uniform was replaced by an illusion of black armour. He smirked as he used his special sensing to project his will into the air. "The beast is near the centre of the island Honrui," he said as he prepared to engage.

Honrui began observing her surroundings. The first step to a battle is getting the lay of the land, figure out vital points of interest to be used for chokepoints to bottleneck the foe. A constant obsession to everything in detail, Honrui peers through the Land of Swamps with a steeled gaze. Her mind was already running through a hundred different confrontations with each new bit of land she observed as she and Nisshō ventured forward.

" Saiken is gentle, but also headstrong. She won't give up without a fight. Her corrosive nature will make it difficult to close the distance." Gyūki spoke out. A passive observer, Gyūki wasn't going to get himself involved in another Tailed Beast battle, but he will make sure to keep an eye on Honrui to see if she keeps her promise. While they steadily approached the centre, Honrui removed a scroll from one of her pockets. As she opened it, she revealed a pair of wristguards. Locking them onto her wrists, she coursed chakra through them, creating blades that lined the edges of the wristguards. Another one of her inventions while she was recovering. It took less time than it would have taken her to recreate her scythe, and she needed a weapon to keep herself armed and protected.

Crouching down, Nisshō began gathering Natural Energy within his body. He knew that he may need to use Sage Mode at some point in this upcoming battle. Due to his training, he knew how to effectively gather the energy and store it within his Shinobi-Ware so that he could call upon it when he needed to invoke the transformation. "I set up a sensing grid around the island, every animal, plant or thing that gives off a life-force is accounted for, we should be alone to pursue the beast," Nisshō said to Honrui.

Blissfully unaware of beings around it, the Six-Tails glided through the swampy waters. Lowering its massive, slimy body, the beast moved along with swamp bed, push aside the muck of the water and other braches. The creatures of the area knew to keep their distance. Saiken was a friendly, gentle beast, but its incredible size could cause it to crush the alligators, crocodiles, snapping turtles, and other predators. It was the apex of the region without even trying.

However, Saiken was no fool. Something... seemed off today. The massive beast shrunk its head down to the water. The creature was wary, like all its brethren, of humans trying to capture it again. Naruto was no longer around to protect the beasts, to slow the humans from turning them into tools once more. The beast began to make its way towards the deepest parts of the swamp, set the submerge itself deep within the muck before it could be attacked.

Loud roars echoed from one of the rooms on gargantuan reptile's shell. Not out of the ordinary as the gliding paradise holds some of the world's most ferocious creatures. However, these roars did originate from some animal. No, this beast is a being of different proportions. Fear runs through the hearts of her opponents when they see her. She is legendary. She is fierce. She is...

"Asleep on the job again?" Himari reprimanded, finding Momoe sleeping on scouting duty once again.

"What?!?!" Falling off the tree she rested on, the carefree girl fell right on her head. "I'm awake!" she declared, whipping the drool off her face before rubbing her noggin.

Letting out a deep sigh, Himari didn't have time for X's games. She still had to find L and O before making it back to Yasui. "Look just-"

"That was a lie!" Momoe admitted, falling to her knees and asking for sympathy. "I was asleep on the job and am ready to accept any punishment you'll give."

A blank expression emerged on Himari's face. Every day she wondered how a dumb seventeen-year-old girl like X managed to become a member of the Kinkaku Force. Rubbing her temple in frustration, she carried on with her original statement. "Just go meet Y on Genbu's neck alright. He's waiting for you."

With blitzing speed, Momoe dashed right passed her superior. "Yes ma'aaaaaaaaam!" her voice slowly faded as the distance between the two widened.

"That's the...." Himari rolled her eyes as Momoe ran back to her.

"Wroooong wayyyyyy!" X proclaimed before heading to Yasui.

Yasui had just finished setting up his small naval carrier, North Avia. A small ship that was known for its speed in the Kokubu Ocean. After his crew gathered around, he formed a ritual by gathering his team in a circle and left for the Land of Vegetables. Once there, he docked the ship in a place where he knew the Shinobi Union wouldn't find out. Luckily for him, the sea was a part of Lightning Maritime Trade Region. After leaving L and O to guard the ship. Yasui and Momoe made their way to the Land of Marshes through the Northern Lands of vegetable borders. According to the Map given to them, they had almost reached the last known sighting of the Tailed Beast.

Waiting on Honrui's signal, Nisshō prepared a few Jutsu in his arsenal to assist them, since he had shown off his flames, he knew that as this persona, using anything else would draw suspicion to him. creating a red bow, he prepared to fire his Azure Flame Catastrophe in a widespread berth, in order to flush out the Six-Tails but also cut off certain points of escape. "I am ready when you are," he said drawing back three arrows made of blue flames.

In a pocket on her carrying pouch, Honrui pulled out a variety of scrolls. Each of them had a specialized seal with a different trap. She wanted to take advantage of the surrounding tall grass to hide them. Carefully moving around the grass, she began setting up seals where she believed any potential threats could be arriving from, before resetting to her original position. With that setup, Honrui formed a hand seal, making a cross with her index and middle fingers, creating a clone that begins to scout out the outer horizons to watch for threats. As her clone scouts out, Honrui focused chakra into her wrist blades, ready for whatever comes their way. She gives the signal to Nisshō as the two began to close the distance towards Saiken.

Just as the beast had thought, chakra signatures foreign to the region grew close and active. Saiken shuddered, remember its life as a weapon. Sure, the Jinchūriki were not always bad. In fact, Saiken got along well with Utakata. However, the beast was finally free again to do as it please, instead of sleeping inside the mental plane of some pesky human being.

Saiken began to split a smaller version of itself off of its being. This allows the beast to interact with the world without destroying it as much, letting it remain hidden. A slimy, bumbling version of Saiken moved on to the land, no larger than the average upper arm of a human. That allowed the slug to see the beings coming. Silently, the beast lowered its head to the ground. Water poured from it and onto the field, coating the feeding of the intruders. The water proved to be sticky, meaning to trap them in place as to give Saiken the chance to escape. The smaller version of Saiken scrambled away after this, returning to its larger host as it prepared to use a larger attack to defend itself.

Nodding at Honrui, Nisshō fired his arrows into the air, once they broke the cloud line, the arrows burst, releasing several smaller arrows which rained down on the battlefield. These would be different than his normal shots as he used his Yang Release to ramp down the temperature, and create a tight bubble around each. This would create a series of trip mines, each about equal-distant from each other in a grid. If one were to get to close or accidentally touch one they would explode.

The goal was to create an area where they would hold the control, and as such the advantage, unlike with the Three-Tails, Nisshō wasn't taking any chances. Dispersing his bow, he would follow Honrui towards the Six-Tails, monitoring his own sensing grid as he did.

As the duo navigated through the marsh, Momoe couldn't settle her eyes on one thing in particular. The land was so weird in comparison to the Land of Lightning; she hadn't made up her mind on whether she likes it or not but the place seemed co-. Her mouth opened and eyes glared downward as she noticed her foot had stepped in some...some..she didn't wanna smell it but she had to confirm her suspicion.

Sniff Sniff

"It's just mud..." she signed in relief, but this place officially sucks. Wanting to stop to wash off her muddy appendage, she peeked over at her partner who clearly wanted to keep moving forward. FINE. With Yasui on her mind, she recalled the speech he gave her once the two met up on the Genbu. "Stay diligent..." she falsely recalled, scrambling his words up in her mind.

While the specifics of his message escaped her mind at the moment, she recalled that she needed to be the team's eyes as they progressed onward. Sealing her lids and holding her breath, because for some reason she felt the needed to do that as she utilized her weird sensing technique, she began to survey the area. The plane for several dozens of kilometers became apparent to her, but needn't look that far. Within two kilometers she saw chakra induced flames scattered across the land. A little further than that three...four? "Agh, there are so many!" she thought, but she calmed her self down and focused.

With her sensing powers, she'd be able to discern the true nature of her opponents. The many, oddly potent, signatures were lining with antenna, not human. She remembered what Yasui told her what the Six-tails look like. "I found the Saiken." she exclaimed gasping for breath, "He's multiplied somehow but also got smaller???" she relayed to Yasui before continuing her search. She took note of the beast spewed some fluid as well. With the slugs accounted for, there was only one signature remaining. "There's one other person here, a wom-" she paused as she noticed something peculiar in this person's chakra. As she studied her distinct chakra, Momoe noticed another's chakra something she recognized well. "GYŪKI IS HERE TOO!" Momoe joyously relayed, before taking a more serious tone. "He's sealed inside that that..." words weren't her greatest weapon but Yasui knew Momoe was trying to say something mean yet clever.

Instead of continuing her failed attempt at a diss, she continues to survey the area. She noticed that same woman had left a trial of chakra on the ground. Did she shit? Maybe that's what Momoe stepped in earlier. No no no, they came from different routes, them south us north. Upon completing her scan of the land she communicated all her findings to Yasui, which had surprising detail. "Also, we're going to be greeted by flames soon..."

But then it hit her. Where was the chakra that summoned the flames? It wasn't the woman, her chakra was different. She focused in on the woman's direct vicinity and noticed a bow with the same chakra as the flames hovering. "Someone else is also here...a man.," she noted, piercing through the illusion he was hosting, in the same manner, she broke through the woman's seal to find Gyūki. Her sensing was better than most dōjustu, she could discern genjutsu, lies and other anomalies with relative ease; his attempt to mask himself was no exception especially now that she knew what she was looking for. "Yeah, that woman who's hosting Gyūki is here with a man as well. He summoned the flames."

Keenly listening to his partner's descriptions of the situation ordeal. Yasui gnarled his teeth when she mentioned the Eight-Tails. Knowing the threat nearby and how close he was to the Target, Yasui disguised his chakra to almost absolute zero, in hopes of throwing away his presence from them. " There are a lot of things we do not know, " Yasui monologues in his head, " The man is sly, but I guess the woman is no different if she was able to tame Gyūki, a feat only Bee had achieved in Kumo's history, she was a worthy opponent."

Yasui's eyes gazed at Momoe, " For now, we need a way to tackle to traps, instead of planning a way to neutralize the traps," Yasui knew he had to trigger them all at once. Keeping his distance far away from Momoe, in order to confuse the enemy Yasui summoned a creature from the sleeves of his hand nearest to Momoe, the electrified Panther grabbed hold of Momoe and flung her above the trap-ladden area and towards the enemy. Yasui waited, behind observing the reaction, hidden from plain sight via presence and chakra-wise.


Peering her eyes above, she could see a large figure being hurled towards hers and Nisshō's location, above the traps Honrui had set. "They must have a sensory-nin among them. Detected my traps." Honrui thought to herself. She jumped back as the large figure makes her landing.

"That's Momoe, better known as X. Part of Darui's secret squad of powerful shinobi. She's slow on the upkeep, but very strong." Gyūki spoke to Honrui. Kumo-nin, looking for Saiken? Seems losing Gyūki had made them desperate to keep their edge. Hoping to take advantage of Momoe's landing, Honrui attempts an attack towards Momoe, but finds herself frozen in place as she stops her attack. In that moment, she jumped back.

"Guess Gyūki wasn't kidding when he said he'd intervene if I tried to attack." Honrui thought to herself. She looks towards Nisshō. "Gyūki's not going to let me go on the offensive. If you do so, you'll have to do so without causing grievous harm, otherwise Gyūki will just force me to intervene, no doubt." She spoke up. Knowing she wouldn't be able to help in the fight, Honrui hands Nisshō a set of scrolls with traps in them, something he could take advantage of to try and catch Momoe off guard. Honrui was going to try and capture Saiken. Meanwhile, the clone she sent out to scout around dispersed, giving her the information it gathered; Her clone had spotted Momoe peering over the tall grass due to her stature, and a panther that hurled her towards the battlefield. She also detected some other movement, but couldn't find the source of the movement. Honrui's suspects that there's another out there, no doubt providing long range support, something she'll have to keep in mind. "Nisshō, my clone's reconnaissance says there may be another one out there, lurking in the tall grass. Make sure to keep your guard up." Honrui spoke out once again. She began to close the distance towards Saiken, steadily cutting away at the sticky substance the beast had left behind.

Understanding that the Eight-tails wasn't going to allow Honrui to attack members of its home nation, Nisshō took the scrolls and clipped them to his belt while he looked towards his target. Nisshō went on the offensive using non-lethal force, crafting his classic azure flames into slivers between his fingers. Throwing his Azure Flame Senbon at Momoe, he followed up with another layer of senbon while gathering chakra in his legs to assist his Chakra Enhanced Speed, in order to stay on the move. He tried to push her towards one of his hidden arrows in the field, and in doing so, cause her to be caught in the explosion so he could regroup with Honrui.

"So what's the plan?" Momoe questioned, leaving the strategy to her superior; not that it'd be any different if their positions were reversed. She couldn't help but notice an odd look in Yasui's eye. "What? Do I smell like shit?" Still not one-hundred percent certain it was mud she stepped. From his sleeve, one of her partner's signature moves emerged. "Hi Panda!" she welcomed the panther of darkness as it grabbed a hold of her. "Oh aren't you friendly to-"

Before she could even finish her sentence, Momoe was soaring through the skies. "AHHHH" she yelled, seemingly forgetting the fact that there are opponents, including two tailed beasts, who could hear her screams. "Why would you do that!" she cried out, but her voice couldn't reach her partner.

Hurdling through blue and white, Momoe tried to regain her composure. "This wind ain't got nothing on me." But the wind indeed had something on her. Due to rate at which Yasui launched her, she couldn't simply adjust her body. This was a problem especially since. "Are those chakra senbon?!?!?!" Momoe detected, her sensing powers alerting her to the incoming danger. Ok now she had to act. The idea of her just landing, albeit an unpleasant one, was something she was originally going to accept; she had confidence her partner would at least send her to an ideal landing spot; she was probably mistaken.

With the distance between her and the twenty needles closing, Momoe realized she didn't have a lot of options. "I can take this!" she proclaimed proudly, but Yasui's dull voice, acting as her guardian angel on her shoulder, made her consider otherwise. "You can't just tank everything..." or something like that; she was recalling a flashback to their spar. "Well you're the one who put me in this situation." she tried to argue but realized it was just a memory.

Seconds before connecting with the attack, Momoe realized something, "Wait, I CAN FLY!" Not fly exactly but maneuver in the air. Shrouding herself in lightning chakra, Momoe seemingly disappeared; the senbon effectively missing her as a result. Remerging higher up, Momoe carried onward, using the combination of the three techniques to cover the incredible distance in a short period which appeared like teleporting to anyone watching. "Yasui probably knew I could do this..." she giggled, heading in the direction of the Saiken.

More beings began to appear, began to come closer. Saiken attempted to warn them with the small version of itself leaving sticky fields, but it proved to do nothing to the dense humans who came into its territory and its home. I will not be used again!, thought the Six-Tails as the fragments of itself remerged into its being.

As if a volcano of murky water and slime, the beast burst out of the water. The creatures of the marsh that accepted Saiken as the apex dove into the deeps, as to avoid the wrath of the massive slug. Pointing itself towards the direction of Honrui and Nisshō, it felt as though there was tapping in its head. The distant chakra of another tailed beast. "You have one of my kindred!" shouted the beast, though the humans would only hear a high-pitched squealing roar. Lowering its head, Saiken released a cloud of pink gas. The acidic gas destroyed trees within moments of contact as it spread throughout the marsh.

Hiding in plain sight, under the cover of the long grass, Yasui pondered a bit, " Traps, she said were being laid, but none of them actually went off when Momoe jumped across the area."

Creating three shadow clones made from his black storm technique, he had them move across away from his original. Having the three of them set apart, Yasui and his clones simultaneously weaved hand signs and slammed the ground, creating an intricate web of black chakra across his ground, covering up until the estimated region of traps as delivered by Momoe. These Web like networks would not only electrocute the traps if they found them, but it would trigger them as if they had encountered a physical being which would release the traps into thinking it had caught something. The main intention of Yasui here was to launch a large break of traps while also hiding his location from the other guests.

As Honrui approached Saiken, she could hear the beast roaring, it sounded as though it was directed towards her. But she had no time to ponder upon that as the acidic gas began to close in on her and Nisshō. Quickly removing a scroll, she activated it, creating a barrier around her and Nisshō to protect them from the gas as they began to push forward.

"There is something you must know while the time is appropriate; Saiken is saying they will not be used again." Gyūki spoke to Honrui. It was in that moment that the realization hit her like a tidal wave; how these Tailed Beasts don't want to be used for another war, especially one they're not part of. This was not something she had even put into mind, but hearing the plight of the Tailed Beasts began to put what she's doing into new perspective. Regardless, she continued to push forward, braving through the acidic gas as it chewed away at everything around them. She looks towards Nisshō as she begins to tell him the realization. "Saiken doesn't want to be used. Saiken wants to be free. If we capture him, we'll be doing exactly what the Shinobi Union wanted to do. But if we don't capture Saiken, the Shinobi Union will. So if we capture Saiken, we're going to find somewhere to release him, somewhere the Shinobi Union won't be able to find him. We'll lose our advantage, but I'm sure Isobu is feeling the same way. If that's the case, he won't listen to the Shinobi Union, just as Saiken wouldn't listen to us. I'm not going to let these Tailed Beasts suffer anymore. They've suffered enough." Honrui spoke up, clenching her hands into tight fists as her teeth gritted in anger and sorrow.

As the wave of acid rushed towards them, Nisshō saw the barrier Honrui erected. Thinking quickly he created a platform to lift them off the marsh floor. "Chakra Suspension Technique," he said as they were lifted from the ground and away from the acid. "I understand that the creatures do not want to be used in another war, but this is the only way to improve the status quo, and it won't suffer, we can ensure that it will not be sealed within another Jinchūriki unless that is the only option available," Nisshō assured his partner as he weaved a few hand seals. "Great Azure Flame Ball!" he said as he released a large fireball towards the acid to attempt to stall its progression. The Acid, however, had triggered the trip mine arrow and caused several explosions around the island and the surrounding marsh area.

High up in the clouds, Momoe tried to make out what Saiken was trying to vocalize. "Music Friend? Winded?" she wondered. Maybe the beast needed a music friend but she was too winded to find one. No, that didn't seem right. While she contemplated moving in, Momoe was suddenly captivated by the beast's smaller size from this distance. "See you're too bad. You're so small I can fit ya between my fingers..." she giggled playfully, closing one eye as she squinted the other. But unfortunately, it dawned on her that it wasn't super easy to breathe this high up. Panicking, she began to gasp for air erratically; losing her control and thus restarting her uncontrolled descent.

"Not again!!!!" she thought to herself, before noticing that the target was directly below her. Saiken looked so soft and squishy, there was no way she was going to miss this opportunity. Tumbling down from the skies at incredible speed, she plead to the tailed beast. "Catch Me Saiken!!!!" she yelled at the top of her lungs. Unsure if the beast heard her the first time. She repeated. "CATCH ME..CATCH ME...CATCH ME!" hoping at least one of her continued cries make to the slug's....ears?

Saiken heard the cries of the girl as she fell. Catch her? Saiken didn't even know her. Her face, her stature, even her headband were too small to make out. Saiken could only presume the girl was out for it, just as the other ninja were. As the girl got closer, Saiken did reach its tail out to catch her... shortly before slamming the tail and the girl into the murky water of the marsh.

Saiken saw the incoming fireball and put up a defense to counter it: the Tailed Beast Ball. The beast rapidly forming the sphere and blocked the fireball with the mass of chakra as it continued to grow. One of the several holes that made up its mouth stretched and brought the mass of chakra into itself. It then released the attack, fire a destructive beam. However, due to the unique structure of the beast's mouth, the attack came from its several "mini-mouths", making a fanning attack with beams targeted at all those incoming.

Nisshō's eyes widened as he saw the Tailed Beast Ball, however, unlike that of the Three-Tails, this was spread out and thus harder to dodge or counter for that matter. Having to think quickly he had no other option but to trigger Sage Mode. Removing his seal, he underwent the transformation quickly before he held out his hands. "Sage Art: Kamui Tensei!" he said as he released a massive wave of Natural Energy to repel the blast back towards the beast. Noticing that the acid had triggered his arrow trip mines he had fired previously he braced himself on his chakra platform as dust, dirt, and mud was thrown into the air. Closing his eyes he used a mixture of his Sage Sensing and sensing network to gain a better feel for his surroundings as everything had changed. "My bad Honrui," he said as the explosions died down. Moving his left hand behind his back he prepared to launch another technique just in case he needed it.

Following behind, Yasui kept a safe distance from the rebels and kept his eye on his partner Momoe, as soon as the creature slapped the living hell out of her. Noting that the ground was filled with unpleasantry acid and the Beast would go for a Tailed Beast Ball, Yasui and his clones still hiding, created a giant chain, similar to the Adamantine Sealing Chains with the same black chakra as before and utilized it to grab hold of Momoe within the abyss and put her down in the place safe from the explosions and acidic soil, although this wouldn't save her from the aftermath of the explosions as dust, dirt, and mud was thrown into the air.

The dust began to clear from the series of explosions. From the dust was standing a silhouette. As it cleared it revealed Honrui, whose body was covered with metal, emerging unscathed from the explosions. "No worries." She replied, as her body returned to its normal state. Quick action on her part with little time to think, it gave Gyūki some impressed remark. However, Nisshō was right. "I'm not a big supporter of it, but he's right about it; if we don't capture Saiken, he will continue to be hunted after. Capturing him now would mean being able to keep him safe from other capture attempts." Gyūki spoke to Honrui. He didn't like the idea of having to see another Tailed Beast captured, but it's the better alternative, all things considered. Letting out an exasperated sigh, she had no choice but to agree. Once again covering her body with metal, she slowly began to approach Saiken.

"Saiken, I'm sure you can hear me. I'm Honrui. I know you don't want to be captured. You don't want to be used again. You've been able to live in peace, and it's something you're accustomed to, now. I don't blame you at all for feeling the way you do right now. I wouldn't be doing this if my back wasn't against the wall. But know this; I promise that I will keep you safe. You don't have to be connected to a host. And you will still be able to move freely. I will find a safe place for you to stay if it's the last thing I do. I don't want to hurt you. Too many have been getting hurt, and if I can change at least one event from that, it would be this." She spoke, her eyes becoming heavy with sorrow. "I've been hurt all my life, so I know the feeling all too well. I don't want the pain I've endured put upon anyone, and I certainly don't want it put upon someone caught in the crossfire of a foolish war. But it's a foolish war I've been forced into, and it's one I want to see put to an end. And I want to end it with noble intentions, without having to resort to hurting the innocent." Honrui continued, wiping the metallic tears from her eyes. "I have a daughter I want to protect with everything I have, and rule over a city that looks to me to protect them. If I don't protect them, what am I to them? I'd just be another brick in the wall, among the hundreds of others who tried to rule the city since its inception so long ago. So please, all I ask is you help me just this once. And once this is all over, you'll be free. You have my promise. And if you choose to say no, that's okay, too. We'll do our best to make sure no one else tries to capture you." She finished struggling to breathe from the crying and the noxious fumes. But she was going to endure until she got her answer.

Having the tailed beast ball's energy pressing against his wall of Natural Energy Nisshō found himself dispelling his Adamantine Attacking Chains, in order to return his focus to maintaining Sage Art: Kamui Tensei. He noticed that Honrui was walking towards the giant beast slug and he waited to see if he needed to intervene. Being of the Uzumaki, he had the power to restrain the beast, but he'd rather not. Noticing a blip on his sensor grid, he pinpointed Yasui's location due to his usage of the Tool Creation. "Got you," he said quietly, directing a portion of his attack in Yasui's direction. "Kamui Tensei" he called out sending a blast of natural energy with his right hand.

As the Slug caught Momoe from her uncontrolled descent, a look of pleasure and glee emerged. "I knew you'd cat-"


Her body launched into the abyss with unimaginable force and intent; damn that slug's strong. It took Momoe a moment to realize but the impact broke several bones and her body stung like a bitch. Damn her body hurt. She tried to let out a scream but realized the water would fill up her lungs and that would do her no good. She fell deeper and deeper into the abyss. Damn her body hurt. "Remember what Lord Raikage taught you!" she reminder. DAMN HER BODY HURT!

She needed to get out of this water fast. And as if her thoughts were capable of conjuring her desires, she sensed her partner's chakra coming to grab her. "Thank goodness..." she thought, before a horrendous image emerged into her head. "Yasui's gonna be upset!!!! Yasui is going to be UPSET!" If there was one thing in the world that Momoe was fearful of it was her partner being angry at her; how a man managed to remain so calm while harbouring such raw emotion was terrifying.

Kicking in her fight or flight response, Momoe ignored the pain and quickly summoned a clone of herself to prevent Yasui from catching her. As the chain retracted, pulling her double out of the water, Momoe continued to push through and released an explosive amount of chakra from her feet and arms. "Gotta blast!"

Resembling a geyser, water shot up with incredible force, with Momoe at its peak. The eruption caused the acidic air that managed to make its way to the area away from her and sent her just high enough to avoid the explosions. Gasping for fresh air, her agony caused by both the Saiken and her own explosion, seemingly faded as her body recuperated. "I did it!!!" she cheered, keeping herself airborne using the same technique as earlier; her feet letting off small little bursts.

At eye level and only a few dozen meters away from the beast, she yelled out. "Why would you do that!??!?!" she panted, taking another large breath before continuing. "I'm here to protect ya Dontcha know!" While hoping illicit response from the beast, she reached into her ninja pouch, retrieving something peculiar. Her unnaturally large hand would cover the nature of the item from any onlooker, however.

The clone who had been apprehended by her partner spoke to Yasui as the real Momoe cried out to the Six-Tails. Revealing a piece of valuable information, the clone awaited a response before vanishing; giving the real Momoe a message and the remainder of her chakra.

Saiken heard the words of Honrui, her plea that she was there to help the beast. The capture of itself was to protect it from being captured. Saiken knew of the beasts, it was not particularly the most intelligent, but even it could see the paradoxical statement. Then is other kunoichi, Momoe, was claiming to be here to protect the Six-Tails. Saiken didn't buy it from anyone. All the beast wanted was its isolation in its corner of the world. How many good humans did the beast even know? Hagoromo, Utakata, and Naruto were amongst the few, but Saiken remembered its capture and being controlled by far more. Humans to protect it? Saiken was confident enough to protect itself and live peacefully away from the world of humans and shinobi.

Saiken didn't want to continue such long-range attacks, the humans proved resilient. No, they had to come closer. They had to come to it. With that, as if sweating, Saiken began to split into multiple smaller versions of itself. The tiny slugs dropped into the water, disappearing beneath the muck of the water as the Six-Tails shrank more and more. With that, the hundreds of small versions of Saiken awaited the arrival of its supposed saviors.

Yasui got up from his hiding place, as he noticed, the unknown shinobi had noticed him. Despite being far away, he could hear bits and pieces of what Honrui had to say to the beast, and this became more clear due to the additional information given to him by Momoe's clone, before Momoe's clone dispersed, he came up with a piece of advice for Momoe to be passed on. He had to do it quickly because he knew what was coming, a surge of a burst of natural energy heading towards his path launch forward by the unknown assailant. " A Shinobi who can harness Natural Energy ?" Yasui pondered a bit, Natural energy was a topic that was beyond the reasoning of an average shinobi, this, assessed the threat of the unknown duo. One was a jinchuuriki and another a Shinobi who could harness Natural Energy. He himself was no different, Yasui though was a Sage himself, he had a knack of sensing natural energy even without going into Sage Mode himself. By placing his hands on the thick and high grass in front of him, "Wood Release: Grass Growth Bind Technique" Yasui blabbered loudly, He wasn't a wood Style Expert, hell, he didn't even have a single base element to incorporate wood in his fighting style. Why did he blabber such nonsense though ? was it to confuse his enemy? But anyway, all he did was sabotage the internal structure of the thick grass in front of him, increasing their length and crystalizing their structure making them thick enough to take the blow of the energy burst. the defensive structure wouldn't withstand the blast, but none the less contain it. Using the defensive structure as a cover from Nisshou, Yasui fled from his initial point, trying to catch up against the now multiplied beast.

Battle of Wits

Noticing that his attack was blocked, Nisshō deduced that Yasui also could sense and use Natural Energy, which concerned him a bit. "If he is able to block my most powerful attack then this battle will be difficult," he thought as he released his attack in the direction of the Six-Tails as it split apart. Standing on his platform, he created a pathway above the acid and marsh, allowing him to bypass the hazards and follow a potion of Saiken's mini-clones. Trying to formulate a plan to catch Saiken, he figures he could use Sage Art: Inorganic Reincarnation to control the marsh to trap it, using it on a wide scale. However, this will drain the remaining two-thirds of his Senjutsu chakra, which would then lead to him not being able to combat the Sage Art user on the other side if they choose to use Sage Mode. Having a mental debate, resulted in Nisshō deciding to end Sage Mode prematurely, shelving the remainder of his Senjutsu chakra to use his own chakra instead, which takes extreme chakra control. Once out of Sage Mode, he released a large scale version of his Temple of Nirvana Technique, in order to attempt to put everyone and everything to sleep.

Seeing as she was safe upon the platform alongside Nisshō, she followed close by, unveiling a basic looking scroll. She could see he was having trouble formulating a proper strategy to both capture Saiken and deal with the oncoming Kumo-Nin. But Honrui had an idea. As she unsealed the contents within the scroll, it's revealed to be a bunch of metal pieces. But these were unique; they were very chakra sensitive, created by Honrui for a very specific technique, and could change shape and size depending on how much chakra was used. She was going to have to do this right, as she had to get as many of the Saiken slugs as possible. Taking a deep breath, she scattered them all upon the ground. "Alright, Gyūki, I know you don't want to help out, but I need just one favor from you. All I need is a sliver of your chakra. If I'm right, combining my chakra with yours will allow my metal to transmute in a way where it can latch onto Saiken. After this, you're free to do whatever." Honrui thought to Gyūki. Initially hesitant to do so, he could see what she was planning; rather than try to rely on luck to catch Saiken, she'd use the Tailed Beast chakra as a magnet, have the metal go to Saiken instead of the other way around. Impressed with the idea, he agreed to give a portion of his chakra to her. "Use it wisely. I'm only letting you use my chakra this once." Gyūki replied. Nodding her head, She formed three handseals; Rat, Hare, and Serpent. As she slammed her hands to the ground, the metal she threw below began to resonate. "Steel Release: Ten Ton Funeral!" She yelled out. As her chakra and Gyūki's combined into the metal, the pieces began to glow bright purple. All she could do now is see what they do.

Watching Honrui put her plan in motion, Nisshō grinned as this was the opening he was waiting for. "Honrui, I'll cover you and go after our friends here on the island. No need to have them interfering any longer." he said as he raced along his platform road towards Momoe and Yasui's location, tracking them using his Sensing Technique and sensing grid. As he ran, he split himself into two beings before splitting up, with one going after Yasui and the other going after Momoe.

The half going towards Momoe, crafted a bow in order to keep his distance from her strength as his own strength was cut in half. Nisshō (1) fired a volley of arrows into the air once again, having a massive amount of them rain down on the island once again, however, these were not modified and carried their full destructive might.

The half going towards Yasui, would be unable to use his Sage Mode but he had gathered a large amount of fire chakra in his right hand before releasing it. "Azure Flame Saber," he said as he crafted a sword of flames.

"AGH!" Momoe exclaimed as Saiken didn't even give her the time of day; she fell silent as the beast split up into dozens, no hundreds of itself. "So that's how he does it!" She watched in awe, not realizing the she was letting the beast get away. Suddenly a sleepy feeling dawned on her. "Genjutsu?" she noticed, her suspicions validated by her advanced sensory skills; probably wasn't the most clever illusion to cast on a natural energetic sensor; she fluctuated her chakra in response.

"Crap...crap, crap, crap crap..." she repeated, puzzled as to what to do next. She knew where to find the slugs but she couldn't capture all of them, not in the water. Stuck in her own head, Momoe didn't realize that a new problem was coming right for her. "Wait did he split himself too? Does everybody have that technique?!?! Should I have that technique?" Bunch of questions came to mind causing her to only react to the array of arrows heading her way. "Oh crap..."

The arrows seemingly hit their mark; well they were accurate at the very least. "New technique...acquired..." Momoe joyously announced as a small barrier, reminiscent to a ball, of chains protected her from the assault. "Clementine Chains: Ball.." She stood there for a moment, allowing her opponent to take in her greatness. "And now..." she arched her arms backward as a massive release of explosion chakra was released from her palms. "Blast Off!" she announced, rocketing towards her opponent like a meteor. If he chose to move, Momoe would conjure chains to follow the man and try to restrain him. "Once I beat this guy, we can capture Saiken and Gyūki at the same time!"

The depths of the marsh and metal began attacking the massive slug in the depths of the water. Saiken could sense the chakra more clearly now, it was that of the Eight-Tails. Why do you help this human, Gyūki? It is not B or Naruto, we were meant to be left alone after the war! Saiken attempted to deliver this message to Gyūki on the mental plane the tailed beasts shared.

Regardless of the Eight-Tails reasoning, Saiken began to secrete a strong acid from its body. This began to corrode the metal rapidly, as well as burn the now living marsh. Saiken's many parts began to charge small tailed beast balls, bringing the hundreds of spheres into the hordes mouth. All the splits of Saiken then let the spheres lose, releasing them all as black bubbles. The orbs floated up and our of the marsh, spreading out. The spheres all detonated in a chain of explosions, causing the immediate area to all fall under danger as the explosions burst in the air. Saiken began to reform in the depths as this happened.

Yasui was momentarily shocked, as Nisshou split up into two and one was heading right towards him, with what he saw as a flaming sword. As Yasui prepared a counter-attack, slowly amassing Natural Energy from his surroundings to enter Sage Mode, he was intercepted, by a voice in his head, "C?" Yasui responded the voice in his head spoke, "Glad that you can hear me, Darui is taken ill and he wants you and Momoe to return back immediately."

"But,... I am in the middle of a mission" Yasui relayed telepathically to this newcomer.

"Orders are Orders" Shi said, and he sounded furious. Yasui wasted no time, to scan towards Momoe's location, hoping even she got the same message from C. Enhancing the chakra in his foot, Yasui took a U-Turn, immediately rising away from the scene avoiding any further conflict with Nisshou.

Giving chase, Nisshō (2) went after Yasui, but after sensing that he was gathering Natural Energy, he stopped before using his Azure Flame Ball to fire several fireballs in Yasui's direction. There were thirteen or so fireballs flying through the air, each a bright shade of Cerulean blue. While this was occurring, the explosions took hold and Nisshō (2) had lept back, away from the blast before shaping his Azure Flame Barrier around his body in order to protect himself.

Nisshō (1) threw his hands out before clenching his fist tightly. Behind him, small distortions opened appearing as golden pools from nowhere. "Adamantine Attacking Chains," he said with a smirk before sending the chains to block Momoe's incoming attack. His chains clashed with hers and others blocked her Chain ball, suspending it in the air. "An Uzumaki, I couldn't be sure before but I am certain, you and I are kin, but no matter you are an enemy right now, now go!" he said before forcing his chains to throw Momoe's ball into the air, away from Nisshō (1), towards the incoming explosions caused by the Tailed Beast Balls.

"I'm sorry, Gyūki. I failed this time. But not again." Honrui communicated to Gyūki, having used her Impervious Armour to withstand the blast. "That last attack no doubt would force Saiken to reform to regain lost chakra. This is it." Honrui thought to herself. Closing her eyes, she compared Gyūki's chakra with Saiken's to try and find him hiding in the depths. It was difficult, but she found Saiken's chakra fairly deep in the water. Revealing another scroll, she took out another set of metal pieces. Throwing them with an enormous level of force, the pieces of metal seemed to fly through the water. Once again forming the necessary handseals, Honrui slammed her hands to the ground. "Steel Release: Ten Ton Funeral!" She yelled. She was putting everything behind this technique.

It was her last shot, and she was not going to let it go to waste. She was going to capture Saiken to make sure the Shinobi Union didn't. Because she knows if the Shinobi Union got hold of Saiken, he'd be tortured, his powers reverse-engineered and put into some form of weapon. It sickened Honrui to even think of that possibility. She'd have to find somewhere safe to keep Saiken, where he can roam freely without the Shinobi Union hunting him down, but she had plenty of time to think of that afterwards. The present needs to be put to task before the future can be written. As she pours nearly every bit of chakra into this final technique, the water below begins to glow bright purple as the shards of metal react to the chakra being sent to them. The pieces of metal begin rushing towards Saiken at a breakneck pace. If this didn't do it, Honrui will not have enough chakra to do it again. This was make or break.

Saiken began to be coated in metal and it struggled. Unfortunately, the act of splitting up and firing such an attack drained a good bit of its chakra. It didn't help the metal began clinging to the beast as it was reforming, sending metal with sealing capability throughout its body. Saiken struggled as it surfaced and squirmed, sends waves of water as a result. In a last ditch effort to save itself from being captured by Honrui, Saiken again let out a thick cloud of acidic gas, spraying it all around. Alas, the beast knew it was captured. Saiken's freedom was now being removed, it's carefree and generally kind spirit was crushed by this. Why couldn't humanity solve their own issues without turning to the tailed beasts. Why were the humans so hellbent on peace for themselves, but refused to allow the tailed beasts the same luxury? Saiken let out a final blood chilling shriek as the metal sealed it. The humans would react in fear, perhaps even hurt by the pitch. However, the Eight-Tails within Honrui should be able to decipher Saiken's cry. That of a creature simply longing to be autonomous and free.

As Momoe charged down like a wrecking ball, her descent was seemingly halted by what seemed to be her own chains?!?! "Why?!?!" a confused looked emerged on her face before it dawned on her that twas her opponent's chains and they are of the same clan. "Why don't you have red-hair?" she questioned, before being launched back into the skies. Letting out another loud scream, she noticed that the she was heading towards the explosion caused by the Tailed beast's attack. Through the chains she was going to track Nisshou with, she latched had them piece the ground to rock her like a pendulum.

Flung to the ground, a voice echoed in her head as she prepared to return back to the battle. "What were retreating?? But whyyyyyyy.." she sadly responded. Letting out a deep sigh, she flicked off her opponent before turning towards the direction of Genbu.

Sensing that they were leaving the area, the two Nisshō fission merged together, to reform as one. Cracking his neck, he dispelled his chains and flames before heading towards the massive metal construct holding Saiken. As he had begun to dispel his Genjutsu: Self-Concealment, revealing his standard appearance, and white hair. Once he was next to Honrui, he prepared his genjutsu in order to place the beast into a calming trance.

"Honrui, I will place the Six-Tails into a calming dream trance, using my special genjutsu. If that is alright with the Eight-Tails within you," he said breathing heavily as he was still not at full power due to usage of Sage Mode and splitting with fission.

"He's been silent since I used the technique. But do it. The sooner we capture Saiken, the better. The genjutsu may calm Saiken enough to capture him properly in the device." Honrui replied. She could feel a sense of dread and deep sadness in Gyūki, no doubt from hearing the shrieks and cries of Saiken as he was captured. It was an intense, throbbing feeling in her head, as though she could feel Gyūki's anguish. As much as she wants to earn Gyūki's trust, she knows she'll be doing many things that strain that trust, but they have to be done.

Walking up to the trapped beast, Nisshō created a platform to raise him to eye level with Saiken. The beast's eye stalks weren't traditional ones but were susceptible to Genjutsu all the same. "Night Parade of One-Hundred Demons!" he said forcefully to release the two-fold technique, inducing sleep but also controlling the dreams of the victim. However, unlike normally, he gave Saiken a peaceful dream to settle it down and attempt to calm its anger.

As the Sun began to set, the Six-Tails was transferred into a device that would store its power for the time being. And the mysterious group was one step closer to its end goal.


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