Basic Information

  • Name: Village Hidden in the Coal Mines
    • Other names: Tankougakure
  • Location: Within the borders of the Land of Fire. It is located several hundred feet underground in abandoned coal mines. Villagers rely on ninja to go out once a week to the city that is above the surface and near the border, to bring back food that will last for the week. They have plenty of water becuase of a underground river that runs through one of the mines.


In the past, the village was a part of the territory controlled by Konohagakure, which meant the villiage was controlled by the Hokage directly. In recent years, Tankougakure has gained it's independence, although the Hokage ensured it's ability to stand on it's own two feet by helping to create a military police and ANBU division. In the modern era of the village, it has come to be ruled by the Kanekage (metal shadow.)


The ninja academy for Tankougakure is fairly new since the village has not needed its own branch of ninja until its independence. The only reason the village has ninja in the first place is to protect large convoys of diamonds coming from their mines. Ninja from the villiage are required to take the Chunin Exams in Konohagakure, and all requests for Jonin promotion get a second opinion from Konohagakure as well although they do not have the final say unless it is deemed neccissary.

Special Jutsu

Ninja of Tankougakure are usually taught how to manipulate metal chakra (a combination of fire and earth.) All ninja from Tankougakure are required to be trained to wield swords of some kind, although once training is complete it is optional to use the sword afterwards. It should be noted that they are the first village to have a program that makes one genin from each squad know basic medic jutsu in case of emergencies.

A special jutsu is taught to all ninja when they reach the rank of genin. It is called Earth Style: Rock Fist.When using this jutsu the user will smash their hands to the ground and draw their chakra to absorb the rocks on the ground to make the user have rock fists.

Village Strength

Genin: 9

Chunnin: 12



Medic Nin: 6

Hunter Nin: 2

Notible Ninja and Clans

Gobi Clan: ninja who's body can camouflage into any surrounding.

Nanomi Clan: Ninja who can fluently use medic jutsu in and out of battle

Village History

The land of Gravel and the Hidden Coal Mines village were under the control of the land of fire even though they were no were near each other. Once the country and the village got its freedom they decided to make themselves known by all, so when the dragonfly village was recovering from a war with the leaf village, they decided to strike and ended up wiping out the entire village and its people. While it didn't give them the high status like they hoped for, it still made other villages want to be in alliances and peace treaties. The country borders the Demon country and becuase of that they often have missions there. As of now there are 200 civilians living in the village.