editTatsumaki Yūrai
Appears in Anime, Manga
Age 14
Height 156.2 cm
1.562 m
5.125 ft
61.496 in
Weight 54.6 kg
120.372 lb
Kekkei Genkai Nature Icon Storm Storm Release
Classification Samurai
Occupation Ryūkage's Bodygaurd Leader
Affiliation Ryūgakure Symbol Ryūgakure
Team Ryūkage's Bodyguards Symbol Ryūkage's Bodyguards
Nature Type

Tatsumaki renowned as the Lightning Storm hailing from Ryūgakure. He was born to a pair of unnamed Ryūgakure shinobi.


Tatsumaki a shinobi from Ryūgakure, and another addition to the Storm Release also the inventor of the Red Lightning (S's). He was a very strong shinobi from the very start. This is, and his ability to use the Storm Release is what led him to become Darui's apprentice and teaching him the Black Lightning. Though as he got older he knew Black Lightning wasn't going to be enough, so he went on to create the Red Lightning. As a young boy "Tatsu" as his friends like to call him, was highly respected by everyone of the Ryū Dojo.

Tatsu following line after baiting them in.

When people would coming looking to challenge his farther, Tatsu was the one they'd have to pass first (no one ever passed him). Challengers took it as some kind of joke being challenge by a Nine year old kid with no idea of what he was getting himself into. His bad attitude, pointed towards the opponents is what go them to fight them or as Darui calls it "baiting them in".


Simple "Tatsu" loves to train and will do anything in his training to become the Ryūkage. Tatsu has a deep hate for others picking on the weak, he'll even go about to fight for them. As he even did so when a small town was being attacked by

Tatsu to Otogakure Ninja

Otogakure ninja he and his bestfriend step in instantly. This show's his caring heart Ryūgakure people suggest. Others outside of the village may say he's careless because of the way he looks, but he will truly not let anyone take him for granted under no curcumstances. Though he does at times become very childish, but doesn't allow anyone call him childish.



Nature Transformation

Lightning Release

Tatsu has a the Lightning Release because it mostly affinity in his family members. Though he channels his in different ways, he doesn't really reveal how strong he is or even that he can use the Lightning Chakra he'd prefer to stay with his sword.

Storm Release

Tatsu gained the Storm Release after mastery of both Water Release and Lightning Release. His Storm Release is also what grabbed Omega's attention into making him his apprentice.

Red Lightning

Tatsu created this style while infusing the Black Lightning with the prowess of his Storm Release. And essentially turning the lightning red making all his attacks 10 times stronger. He can even surround his self in the lightning similar to Lightning Release Armour.

Tatsu in using the Red Lightning Armor


As you read Tatsu is intelligent, one example is his method of his "baiting" the foe into fighting him. Also him being able to predict things similar to Shikamaru Nara.

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