I have little to no skill in template creation. Remove descriptions that are stated to clarify fields when you are adding it to your page. Slight modifications are okay, such as favorite foods, etc..., but all fields listed are required for role play purposes. Things have grounded to a halt as work is done to fix up the holes in the wiki.

--Dubtiger 03:25, 1 November 2007 (UTC)

Character Template

It has finally been finished. Refer to the Infobox animanga character page.

Use of specific kekkei genkai, such as Haku's clan's control over ice, is allowed. However, realize that Haku's clan no longer exists, so the control over Hyouton (Ice) no longer appears, canonically. The first Naruto Movie's canonic inaccuracy with Ice techniques has been recognized by all professional, informational sites about Naruto.

Jutsu Template

  • Name:
    • Other names: (Japanese name version goes here)
  • Element: If applicable.
  • Rank: E all the way to S
  • Range: How wide does your technique affect its surroundings?
  • Type: Kekki genkai, supplementary (hand seal usage), etc...
  • Classification: Ninjutsu, Taijutsu, or Genjutsu
  • Hand Seals: What hand seals are required to perform this technique? If applicable

Before making a jutsu, please check whether a previously made jutsu has been made for the site already. This is partially why categories are heavily emphasized for organization. If it has been made already, notify the owner that you intend to use the jutsu before adding it to your own character(s).

If the Jutsu has already been created, but not categorized, Naruto Fanon Wiki will NOT be responsible.

Village Template

  • Name:
    • Other names: (Japanese version goes here)
  • Location: (Cannot be on another plane of existance)
  • Notable information: If your village is special, why is it so?

Other information is stated under the template stated.

Weapon Template

  • Name:
    • Other Names: (If applicable)
  • Abilities: (If applicable)
  • Owner: (If applicable)

Although the page is not protected against registered users, DO NOT edit this page! If you want to suggest an addition, go to the discussion page.