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The Final Mountain is the area in which Sigma Uchiha, and Raido X has almost all of their battles. The terrian is extremely sturdy, but because of the power of both Sigma's and Raido's techniques, the terrain is always ripped to shreds.


The terrian, was created and structure by the whole Sigma family, for his fight against Sigma. He thought that since Raido was one to look up to, Sigma wanted to have a special meeting grounds. This is in high speculations, because Sigma has also brought Itsuki here for his last battle.


The area is surrounded, by a grassy terrian, with two large mountains, so tall you can see it from miles away, hence the name. It is located on the border of the Southern Frontier, facing towards Yamagakure. It appears, that after the destruction caused by both Sigma and Raido, the location found itself rebuilt by Honey Senju, and the help if her Wood Release. In the center of the two mountains, is a tall tree like figure, whose center is made from the steel of the Hagane Clan, and surrounded by the Wood of Honey. Sigma used this location, to hold his second historical battle.

Battles Fought Here

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