[nil edit]The Way of the Evil Path: Indestructible Dominion 15px
Kanji 魔道な流: 不滅の主権
Rōmaji Madō na Ryū: Fumetsu no Shuken
Literal English Invincible Domin of the Abyss
Viz print media Demonic Surge
English anime Strength from Afar
Appears in Anime, Manga, Game
Classification Hiden, Taijutsu, Ninjutsu
Rank S-rank
Class Offensive, Defensive, Supplementary
Range Short-range
Other jutsu
Parent jutsu

This is one of the most versatile and the most feared technique branched from The Way of the Evil Path techniques which are crafted by malevolent entity, Asu Rashoujin. The The Way of the Evil Path: Indestructible Dominion (魔道な流: 不滅の主権, Madō na Ryū: Fumetsu no Shuken) as basic understanding, this draws upon the flow of hate throughout the world which is then combined with Asu’s dark corruptive chakra along with astral existential energy to create physically, metaphysically and pataphysically immutable layer of energy that covers the entirety of Asu’s physical and astral form. The reason of this highly dense energy is due to the compression of nearly the entire astral plane into a layer that is by all definitions immutable.


When it is activated, Asu’s endurance, strength and speed are increased several magnitudes in comparison to his normal abilities. When he releases this power, he can cause a burst of energy which sends his opponents flying away similar in respect to a vastly empowered Shinra Tensei as even enemies who are far away must brace themselves for impact. His terrifying power dominates the battle as if he energy was making the statement that he is the true master of the battlefield. This technique is not to be confused with his The Way of the Evil Path: Sacred Armor of the Flagitious Abyss technique as it can be used as separate ability. As mentioned above, this technique allows Asu’s physical form, mental form and astral form to become immutable and it allows him to change the boundaries of interaction between his forms and other forms. His strength while using this technique increases to a level that is incomprehensible among shinobi and alien entities alike.

His punches are capable of piercing through the densest chakra based constructs as if he was punching through the air and is even powerful enough to crush diamond as if it was merely glass. This unfathomable increase in strength coupled with his abilities as the Sage of the Astral Plane grants Asu the title of “indestructible”. Using his Indestructible Dominion, the speed of his punches are increased to their highest, so much so he is capable of performing hundreds of afterimages. This technique can be combined with the other techniques that stem from The Way of the Evil Path such as The Way of the Evil Path: Emerging Tendrils to further increase the piercing potential to penetrate materials of unimaginable densities. Akin to his sacred armor, every point of Asu's body is immutable. Attacks that attempt to affect his physical form on a monomolecular scale will find that his atoms are immutable from this technique as well if they were somehow able to survive Asu's absolute spiritual corruption.

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