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    Hello people, it is I, Sig! For those who don't know me, you're gonna' fully acquainted if you join this project! I already know what you're sayin', "OMG, another Naruto story that probably won't succeed! Ew, Sigma, just die." Normally, a phrase and ritual like that would work... on a normal person. I am not normal, whether you take it in a godly way, or if you'd like to classify me as a complete retard.


    Now, let's dive into what Naruto: Revolution is! Around one hundred years after Boruto and friends have long passed, the world seemed to have plunged into a very "cold" place. The industrialization that once plagued the world and changed it for what was seen as the better, has become it's worst enemy. Technology is no longer as abundant as it once was due to what is being called the "Revolution". After living over 100 years with tech the world has become spoiled by it and it's demand became insane. Nations turned against each other, stealing from one another all the way until the disappearance of this "tech" destroyed the world. Because of this, the once peaceful land was thrown into chaos. Currently, Nations are looking for innovators that can help aid their villages in recreating this technology so that they can gain the edge over the rest of the world!

    You, the USER!

    The insert above is nothing more than a general idea, there are no antagonist and there are no "head hunchos". Why? Well, that's where you lot come in. The World and idea of this is so vague because you guys are the ones who will craft this new era of Shinobi and prevail or fail in this "Revolution".

    More things will come, as the story continues to unfold! But it's not dependant on how I, the guy who came up with this brilliant (not really) idea. No, it's up to you all and will solely be treated as an open world, where your decisions may or may not affect everyone!

    I know what you're saying now, "Sigma! The idea might be cool or whatever, but we've been here once before! We've had plenty of Fanon Canons that have failed miserably!"

    And you know what you, yeah you who just read it! You're correct! Fanon Canons on Naruto have been KNOWN to fail! But do you want to know why? Well it's simple, it's because as a unit we sit around and wait for something to happen. We don't take it upon our selves or anything of the sorts, to try and see if we can make something happen when things are still.

    So how do we fix this? We fix it by having this be an OPEN WORLD, where you make decisions, not me as the create of the series, but you all as the editors! Let me give you all a quick example of what I mean.

    Let's say we finish Kage meeting or something, right? Obviously, after a roleplay of such scale, there will be a stalemate of me, the moderator, trying to take a break. Normally, the series would be on hold and that very moment is when it dies. How about, instead of waiting for the next major arc... you instead hold something, you start an event? How about, you come through after the Kage meeting or even in another village while the Kage are away.. and you know.. maybe LAUNCH AND ATTACK? That could lead to some more story.... riiiiiight? Do you all see what I'm getting at here?

    The reason fanon canons fail is becoming we wait on the moderator to begin another arc, rather than us, as editors, come up with something ourselves!

    I'll give a straightforward example, for my simple-minded geeks in the back. Let's say since you aren't a kage you can't partake in the big meeting or whatever, but you have an urge to be in the story. Then maybe you could go out and try and capture a Shinobi? Capture someone in the bingo book? Destroy a village? Conqueror a land? I'm sure we all understand at this point and because I'm getting lost in what the hell I'm saying, I'll move on...

    Well, what if someone disappears, Sigma? Omg, what if they post *I say in my very soft dweeb voice*

    It's SIMPLE, we SKIP over that person and that person's character is not going to be controlled by the community that is "Naruto: Revolution". If you have to disappear for 5 months for whatever reason, we GOT YOU BRO. But there's no way in the hell, I'm gonna let you stop this series.

    This series will prevail and I am willing to put my life on the line to see this through! Things can be obtained in the middle of rps, it's preferrably, by that I mean. Land, trades, or even jutsu. I'd love to see someone end up making a village in the middle of an RP: "I claim this land to be STUPIDGAKURE!" But obviously you can apply if you don't wanna do it in RP.

    It should be noted this series is a bit of a "branch" of Tenmou, mostly because I didn't want to intrude on a currently existing story.

    Please note that applications do not need to be VERY detailed. But I will need some basic info please check: Board:Naruto:_Revolution_Review_Board to apply.


    Let me list the things currently up for grabs!

    KAGE/Daimyo POSITIONS The application will go as follows!

    1. Which village are you applying this Kage/Village Head for?

    2. What is the name of the candidate you are applying for this position?

    3. How did your candidate become recommended for the position? (Be extremely detailed in this section, as it is quite important for the outcome of the application)

    4. Upon attaining the position, what has your candidate done within the position for the village? (In terms of economical, political and militant advantages or progress for the village)

    5. From this point in the Fanon Canon Revolution timeline onward, what plans does your Kage/Village Head have in order to improve the state of the village on the international stage? (Alliances, investing in further technology, investing in strengthening the military, etc)

    6. FOR FANON VILLAGES ONLY. How did your village become a nation? What events led up to it?

    MOST TAILED BEASTS (Two, Three, Four, Five, Six, Seven, Eight-Tails are available) The questions are as follows

    1. Indicate which character will obtain the beast.

    2. Please indicate which of the tailed beasts you are applying for.

    3. How will your character obtain this tailed beast? If your character is part of a village at the time of the sealing, why would they have been chosen over other candidates to receive the Tailed Beast? If they were not part of a village, how did they manage to seal the beast?

    4. Bonus question: What kind of seal was used for the sealing of the beast? What are it’s strengths and weaknesses?

    5. What is the relationship between the tailed beast and your character? If they are on good terms, why? If they are on bad terms, what plans does your character have to improve this relationship?

    6. What are the powers of the Tailed Beast? How do they work? How do these powers fit in with the identity of the beast itself? Roughly how much chakra/natural energy/whatever does your beast have? What of these powers are accessible with the Jinchuuriki?

    7. What is the relationship between the beast and it’s jin? How proficient are they with it’s power?

    8. Briefly detail what your plans are, at the moment, for your character if he/she is approved for the selected tailed beast? What will they do with it? How will they improve or utilize it in a fashion that is unique to them, rather than a rehash of canon character usage or maybe even other fanon characters?

    Mangekyo Sharingan/Eternal MS/Rinnegan : You guys are going to go "why do I have to apply for Mangekyo, everyone seems to have one!" Well, technically, technically... you can gain Mangekyo Sharingan through roleplay. That's an easy way to do it, or you can apply over at this link. Now listen people, I'm a dojutsu fan-fuckin'-boy, so I don't give care about having eyes, but please be reasonable in the universe, okay? Remember, what you do, effects EVERYONE! Also, you DON'T NEED TO APPLY, you can always try and achieve this through roleplay.

    1. Please indicate which of the following dōjutsu you are applying for.

    A) Mangekyō Sharingan B) Eternal Mangekyō Sharingan C) Rinnegan

    2. How will your character awaken this dōjutsu? Do they meet all the canon requirements? How so?

    3. Briefly detail what your plans are, at the moment, for your character if he/she is approved for the selected dōjutsu? What will they do with it? How will they improve or utilize it in a fashion that is unique to them, rather than a rehash of canon character usage or maybe even other fanon characters?

    Rember to apply on the Review Board Titles the application something like Raikage: Tee or Matatabi: Rock Lee.


    Right now, the only thing I'm banning off the bat are Otsutsuki Clan members and canon intimiate canon character relations. Please remember this, it's a fanon universe people... TRY TO BE UNIQUE AND CREATIVE!

    If you haven't noticed, UCHIHA ARE NOT BANNED. In fact, they clan has been restored and will be headed by Hisashi Uchiha which is still running well in Konoha, lore on its restoration will come later and will involve hella fanon characters!


    Right now, that's all I can think of. Just remember, a story like this should not be able to die because its so open world and left up to you. You guys' decisions make the heroes and the villains!

    Currently, I'm looking for maybe two or three moderators. I'd like to elect User:Benknightprime if he wouldn't mind and maybe two others. If you are interested, then please leave a message down below. Also, if you are down to join, PLEASE LEAVE A MESSAGE DOWN BELOW responding to what you'd like to change, see, or even do!

    If you want to partake and apply for a position, please head over to; the Review Board.

    Let's make this awesome guys! I know we can do it.

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    • I'd like to propose the first story arc, though we discussed this over discord already:

      • Due to the setting taking place in an era where technology and anti-technology factions no doubt exist. While villages are trying to use technology as a means to gain an edge over one another, their pursuit of such technology so rampantly has allowed unfavorable factions to grab a hold of various deadly technologies, such as powerful explosives, biological weapons, and the like.
      • This first arc revolves around a smaller terrorist faction named Sadame (定め, Karma). This faction comprises of anti-technology extremists who have stolen dangerous weaponry from (currently unknown) villages and caused considerable damage to minor villages in order to demonstrate the consequence of possessing this unwarranted, unnecessary, and easy power.
      • Due to the majority of higher-level Shinobi being occupied in conflicts across the globe, genin teams have been chosen to deal with small outposts of this terrorist organization in a bid to reclaim the technology that was stolen and take down key members of the organization. Of course, these are somewhat elite Shinobi on-par with experienced Jonin, and as such, multiple teams are necessary from each village to temporary ally in order to prevent an outside source from completely destroying any semblance of peace.

      The overall arc structure I have envisioned is:

      1. Introduction of the antagonists through their targeted attacks against key locations.
      2. Reaction of the villages and temporary alliance to find their location, the technology stolen and how the issue will be dealt with.
      3. Assigning multiple Genin teams to deal with key identified members and retrieving specific technologies. (Either experienced Chunin or Jonin are to be these individual's sensei's.)
      4. Genin teams scour and obtain information, eventually find Sadame members and base of operations, attempt to reclaim technology and also suppress the core members of the organization.
      5. Success??? And following the operation, a "bigger threat" can be foreshadowed to.
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    • Okay, Ash, check you the hell out! While others feel it’s still “lacking” I feel, as an introductory arc, it works just fine. This is Naruto Fanon we are talking about here, we need to start off with something small of this scale. And since quite a few showed interest in a Chuunin Exams, this can be a great way to lead up to them. Usually when we have Chuunin Wxams we create people who’ve never once worked together, here’s a chance to actually have our genin get to mold, etc. Regardless, I approve of this!

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    • Oh shieeeet.

      Sig, I'm liking this idea. Alright, time to finally get off my ass and do something on this godforsaken wiki. No, I'm kidding. I love NF.

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    • I like this idea , idk if i should join in still nervous and developing characters of my own.

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    • It’s fine is you’re still nervous or new. You can develop a character in this new Universe!

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    • Thanks sigma right now I'm editing Yuigon Fukyuu with Queen helping out

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    • But i volunteer putting Kyoukou Uzumaki in this series

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    • Could you link him if possible?

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    • Sure

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    • There's a few inconsistencies with this character that we would have to talk about. One like Madara being his father and Mito being his mother--which is not only beyond me-- but completely impossible in this current timeline.

      Maybe you could jump on discord and we could discuss potential fixes there?

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    • Okay

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    • Heres a link if oyu need one.

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    • @Kaguya Ōtsutsuki#5888

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    • I sent a request.

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    • I accepted it

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    • This looks great! Once I have time to read through the instructions, I'd love to apply to be a part of this. It reminds me of the "good old days." Thank you for putting this together.

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    • No, thank you for considering to join!

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    • I am nervous and scared to even piece a character together for this. Let alone, I have no idea how to make a likable one.

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    • That's not what I'm worried about fam, as a your friends we will help you and guide you down the dark- er I mean, we will help you as much as you need.

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    • yeah i would like to help ya in anyway syno so don't hesitate to ask

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    • hey excuse guys i'm here to ask of you guys what is really, and i mean REALLY necessary that i must keep or don't keep for it.


      i wanna hear what you guys have to say about these.
      Kyoukou Uzumaki
      Uchiha Clan (Branch Family)
      Harikein Uzumaki

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    • A FANDOM user
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