• Name: Sora Chinoike

    Rank: Baishin; as it's much more lowkey and a better fit for him.

    Summary of History: Sora is a former member of Kumogakure's STATIC organization and a member of its Chinoike Clan. Alongside various other members, he has completed plenty of missions. However, due to his lacking skills and how much he relied on technology, he slowed the group down. Because of this the Sixth Raikage removed Gerardo from the group and placed him into an extracurricular skills enhancement course. Enraged by the words and actions of the Raikage, Gerardo fled the village where he would come into contact with Sadame.

    Abilities: Aside from being able to utilize Yin Release and Lightning Release, he's also acquired his clan's Ketsuryūgan. While he has access to its handful of techniques, he seems to try an combine his ocular powers with his technological abilities. Just approve me Ash.

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