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Tools of the Nine Divines
Kanji 九神の衆具
Rōmaji Kyūshin no Shugu
Viz print media Tailed Beast Tools
English anime Tools of the Nine Divine
Appears in Movie

The Tools of the Nine Divines (九神の衆具, Kyūshin no Shugu) is a set of unique tools created by Ameno Hitotsu, at the request on Kaname Soga and the Tailed Beast. Using his Forge Release, Ameno forged charka of the tailed beast along with natural energy from Shinkairen into nine unique weapons. Which upon creation were given to the tailed beast to give to those they feel worthy. Once given the weapon will consume the wielders chakra forming a link between the two.


Like the tailed beast, each weapon is unique and possess and ability born from its parent. Which is useable to the wielder, in addition to this, due to the link if the weapon is stolen. It will call to its wielders chakra, acting as a homing beacon.


  • Endless Hilt:
  • Dread Scythe:
  • Armor Shell:
  • Tectonic Boots:
  • Shield
  • Khakkhara
  • Spear
  • Helmet
  • Fox Mask:


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