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"I will revenge my injuries"

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Treasured Tessen of Onmyōdō
Fan5 (2)
Kanji 陰陽道の宝扇
Literal English Treasured Fan of the Way of Yin-Yang
Classification Ninja Tools
Nature Nature Icon Yin-Yang Yin-Yang Release
Class Defensive
Range Short-Mid Range
Other Info
Related Tool/Jutsu Truth-Seeking Ball
Tessen (Tool)
Users Manjushage

Tool Description

Long ago, the ancient religious monks of the
Land of Tao mastered the unification of meditation and the lost art of sorcery. By attaining harmony between their physical and spiritual chakras, they were able to manifest the product of such energy: Yin-Yang Release. Using the mystical powers of Taoist sorcery, the monks poured their Yin-Yang energy into objects in order to imbue them with special, unnatural properties. One such artifact of considerable power became known as the famed Treasured Tessen of Onmyōdō.

The Treasured Tessen of Onmyōdō is a small, black, Tessen (War Fan) made of an enchanted and mysterious metal that's said to be nearly indestructible through normal means. The edges are razor-sharp and, if used with Tessenjutsu, can be an effective weapon. The tessen is renowned to possess—what many consider to be—a supernatural power of sorts. Utilizing the property of Yin-Yang Release, the fan is able to completely nullify elemental ninjutsu, though it's susceptible to both Senjutsu and most Genjutsu. Using Yin-Yang Release, the user may wave the tessen, creating a nearly-invisible protective barrier that negates any and all elemental ninjutsu that come's into contact with it. If, in the event the wielder of the fan doesn't want to risk a ninjutsu closing the distance, or wishes to dispel a ninjutsu from a distance, they may also wave their fan to create a near-invisible projectile wave of Yin-Yang Release chakra.

The Treasured Tessen of Onmyōdō requires a moderate amount of chakra in order to nullify ninjutsu. Because the fan acts as a focus, the user doesn't need to shape of mold chakra, rather just funnel it into the fan to provide it's power. It should be noted that the fan does not absorb ninjutsu, but instead nullifies it. Essentially, the user isn't replenishing their own chakra, nor are they harnessing the power to reuse their opponents jutsu. The user is simply negating their opponent's technique.

Currently, this tessen belongs to the infamous Jorōgumo Manjushage: The Empress of the Silk Servant's Forest. Manjushage acquired this artifact after she stole it from the Land of Tao.


  • After she stole the Treasured Tessen of Onmyōdō from the Land of Tao, Manjushage became the most infamous wielder of the fan.
  • The character depicted using the fan is Arachne Gorgon from Soul Eater.


Holly Winter's original character, Manjushage, is the only OC allowed to use this tool!

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