Name: True Shadow Clone Jutsu

Rank: (Possibly A or S- Rank)

Users: Shikamaru Nara, Shikatora Nara

Type: Secret Clan Tecnique

Element: None

Description: This jutsu is a combination of the Nara clans shadow techniques and Shadow Clone Jutsu. By using a combination of Shikamaru's chakra and his own shadow he can replicate himself and all of his own jutsus. The clone is able to withstand much more damage than a regular clone as it does not disperse with one solid blow. Its also capable of performing jutsu, however it can only perform them if Shikamaru gives it a sufficent amount of chakra. The clone does have it's weaknesses though. It loses power in direct sunlight, it can only perform more difficult jutsus when Shikamaru gives it enough chakra, and has a limited amount of time until it can return to it's shadow form. If the shadow does not return within 30 minutes of it's creation Shikamaru will die. Also during the time the shadow is seperated from Shikamaru he is very limited with his shadow possesion jutsu and thus is weakened.