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"I will revenge my injuries"

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Tsubaki Serizawa
Tsubaki Serizawa Headshot.png
Name Tsubaki Serizawa

Tsubaki Serizawa (椿 芹沢, "Camellia-Flower Celery-Marsh")
Mujōna Majin (無情な 魔神, "Heartless Devil")
Ace of Hearts (エースの心, Ēsu no Kokoro)

Personal Status
Birthdate Astrological Sign Sagittarius.svg December 13th (Sagittarius)
Age 29
Status Alive
Gender Gender Female.svgFemale
Sexuality Straight
Height 162.57 cm (5'4")
Weight 46.26 kg (102 lbs.)
Blood Type O-
Home Country Land of Tao
Occupation Kunoichi
Previous Occupation Dominatrix
Sex Worker
Team Finest Generation
Clan Serizawa Clan
Family Chikara Kōboku (Husband)
Rank Jōnin
Classification Space-Time Ninjutsu Specialist
Melee/Brawler Fighter
Ninja Registration 660606
Academy Prom. Age 11
Chūnin Prom. Age 13
Jōnin Prom. Age 15
Disabilities & Illnesses Sexual Sadism Disorder and
Sexual Masochism Disorder
Nature Type Nature Icon Yin.svg Yin Release (Affinity)

Yin Release: Void Fist
Yin Release: Warehouse Dimension
Yin Release: Void Barrier
Yin Release: Wall Phase

Flower Petal Escape
Hell Viewing Technique
Sly Mind Affect Technique
Mist Servant Technique

Heart Ripping Technique
Choke Slam
Early Sacrifice
Medullary Cut
Serizawa Sweep

Body Flicker Technique
Body Replacement Technique (Flowers)
Transformation Technique
Summoning Technique (Black Cat)
Rope Escape Technique


Smoke Bomb
Flash Bomb
Explosive Tag

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"I wonder what it would feel like to have my heart stolen for once..."
— Tsubaki Serizawa

Nature Icon Yin.svg The Heartless Devil Nature Icon Yin.svg

Tsubaki Serizawa (椿 芹沢, "Camellia-Flower Celery-Marsh") is a kunoichi Jonin from the Land of Tao. She specializes in using Yin Release and Space–Time Ninjutsu to amplify her Taijutsu abilities and has developed her own unique, close-range, fighting style as a result. An aggressive and brutal brawler-type kunoichi, she typically prefers to get up close and personal with her opponents in order to end fights quickly and efficiently.

Listen to Tsubaki's theme while reading.


Born with an IQ of approximately 158, Tsubaki Serizawa is an incredibly intelligent young woman who holds herself in very high regard. However, her intellectual superiority has led her to develop quite the substantial ego, and she looks down on those that can't keep up with her mental prowess; very often does she talk down to others as if they were lesser beings. Not only that, but she seems to take enjoyment in the degradation of others.

Tsubaki is very critical of others whenever they make mistakes, but her pride won't allow her to admit her own faults: The act of apologizing is something she simply can't do. It's not even a consideration. Of course, those around her are turned off by her cynical and often rude comments and assumptions. They think she's a know-it-all and talk behind her back on a regular basis, something she's well-aware of.

Despite her high intelligence, Tsubaki isn't as level-headed and calm as one might think. In fact, she's usually quite the opposite, barely being able to contain her excitement. Simply put, Tsubaki is a sadist and therefore, she derives pleasure from inflicting pain on others. Whether by talking down to someone, defeating them in combat, physically, verbally, or emotionally abusing them, or even having them submit to her will, Tsubaki derives sexual pleasure from such things.

As a result of her sadistic tendencies, Tsubaki is typically the dominant lover when it comes to her intimate relationships. Being that she's straight, her submissive counterparts are typically men, however, she still enjoys making women suffer and beg before her. Not only does she take control of the situation, but she sees to it that her partners' lives are made a living hell, in the best kind of way of course.

Although she is the dominant one in her relationships and is a prominent sadist, Tsubaki is also a hard masochist and as a result, she derives sexual pleasure from being at the receiving end of pain, punishment, and torture. As odd as it may seen to many, she enjoys being hurt, being admonished, and being put in her place. As a result, she's always struggling with herself. She enjoys talking down to others, but also enjoys it when they talk back. She enjoys crushing her foes in battle, but also enjoys being taken prisoner. She feels the need to maintain her sense of superiority, but is aroused when it is stripped from her.

One of the most off-putting things about Tsubaki is her raging bloodlust. This is reflected in her horrifically brutal fighting style which revolves around her ripping her opponents' hearts out from their chests. Watching their eyes as she squeezes their heart right in front of them in their final moments sends her into a euphoric frenzy, a near indescribable ecstasy that makes her just want to fall to her knees and relieve the built up tension in-between her legs.

With regards to the things she likes to do, Tsubaki obviously is a fan of sadomasochist practices and indulges in them frequently, but she also enjoys reading (particularly history and erotica) as well as shopping for punk/goth fashion (she likes both). She likes to live life on edge and is always up for a thrill. Horror movies, rock/metal concerts, and training are also things she does during her free time.

In contrast, the things Tsubaki doesn't like includes annoying little brats, people less intelligent her, people more intelligent than her, world peace, and the sun (she hates it when her skin gets tanned). Additionally, she doesn't like it when men, or anyone else for that matter, think she's weak. Those people desperately need to be taught a lesson and must be put in their place.


Tsubaki Serizawa Fullbody NoMask.png

It's no wonder why Tsubaki is notorious for her high level of sexual activity; she's a attractive woman, at least physically speaking. At 29 years old, she around average height at 162.75 cm (5'4") tall and she weighs around 46.26 kg (102 lbs.), which is fairly light. Officially her BMI (Body Mass Index) is 17.5, thereby classifying her as "underweight." Considering her taijutsu-based fighting style, as well as her dexterous activities performed behind closed doors, it's no wonder that she is so light, skinny, and fit. Her arms, legs, and stomach are all tight and smooth; she's in excellent physical condition.

Tsubaki, like many others that identify themselves with the goth subculture, has take the necessary steps to avoid tanning her skin. Bearing a preference to work at night, she also doesn't get as much sunlight as most people, thus lightning her natural skin tone. As a result, Tsubaki has clean and pure, light-colored skin.

In contrast to her pale skin, Tsubaki typically wears black eyeliner and mascara, to accentuate her eyes, which are a beautiful natural burgundy color. They are sharp and sadistic looking, yet seemingly relaxed in an off-putting sort of way. She usually looks like she's either in a state of arousal or bloodlust, and most people feel uncomfortable by her confident eyes. They reflect her ego and her desire to seduce, dominate, and punish others.

Alongside her usual makeup, Tsubaki also touches up her plush lips by adding a little bit of dark red or burgundy lipstick. Nothing too much or too excessive, but just enough to add that delightful color contrast.

With regards to Tsubaki's hair, at first she started out with it at shoulder-length, but has since let her long, indigo-colored strands grow all the way down to her miniskirt. She takes good care of her hair, so that it stays strong and healthy. As a result, it's shiny, silky smooth, and smells faintly of honey and lavender as an added bonus. Now, aside from head-hair, Tsubaki has actually gone through great lengths to remove herself of all unwanted hair on her body. Due to the recent advances in modern science, Tsubaki has been able to completely and permanently remove all of her unwanted hair through the use of laser hair removal technology.

Out of all the things Tsubaki could choose to wear, she insists on nothing other than her iconic, punk/goth mashup look. Her signature, all-black style is very promiscuous in both appearance and intent, as it reflects and fuels her sexually-deviant nature. Most of her articles of clothing are made of latex, so they are elastic, comfortable, waterproof, slightly shock-resistant and breathable.

Tsubaki Serizawa Fullbody Mask (2).png

As her first item of clothing, Tsubaki's black bra is the only apparel shielding the modesty of her upper torso. Wearing it as one would wear a sports bra, she confidently flaunts her assets and reveals her skinny midriff. As a taijutsu fighter, the lack of upper-body coverage adds to her overall mobility while also allowing her to show off her physical body. This breathable bra is made of a special latex that offers optimal back and bust support, being both highly elastic and comfortable.

Despite the presence of a bra, Tsubaki doesn't wear undergarments. Instead, she wears her trademark body harness, which tightens around her body and simply covers her humility akin to a chastity belt. The harness is made of black, synthetic leather, and is ornate with decorative studs and functional rivets. It wraps around her breasts, travels down her midriff and back, and passes between her legs under her miniskirt. Moving causes a pleasurable, tightening sensation to occur in her pelvic region. Those close to her ask why the harness is necessary, but it's simply a form of her self-expression.

Worn over her body harness, Tsubaki's latex miniskirt exposes her upper thighs and accentuates her posterior dimensions. Its black in color and has several slits that travel up the skirt, so it reveals more of her legs while still hiding her womanhood. The slits are stitched together in some places, although these are only for decoration. Like her bra, this latex miniskirt is elastic and comfortable.

On her legs, Tsubaki wears a pair of black, thigh-high fishnets, which are held up by her black garter-belt. The garter-belt has small, metal buckles that clip onto the fishnets to keep them from sagging; a small area of her upper thigh is left completely exposed. On her feet, Tsubaki wears a pair of open-toe high heels. The 4 inch heels are black in color and give her a height boost: While wearing the heels, she appears to be around 5'8". Although one might assume that using taijutsu in heels would be impractical, Tsubaki takes advantage of both the style and its benefits. The "heel" portion of the high heels makes for a devastating weapon if used to kick in the right places. The heels can also be used to lock or trap an item; there have been instances where Tsubaki has been able to step on a weapon to prevent her opponent from using it. Additionally, her heels (and the the rest of her outfit) are custom-tailored to fit perfectly and offer maximum comfort. As such, she can go long periods of time without experiencing discomfort. For maximum effectiveness, the "heel" portion of her heels is made of a very tough metal alloy.

As for some of the other accessories that Tsubaki wears, on her right arm she wears a long, black, latex glove. This glove protects the hand she primarily uses to rip out her opponents' hearts; blood doesn't soak into the glove and washes off easily. It's also highly-shock resistant, so she always wears it when dealing with electricity or lightning release users. A black armband and a black wristband can be found on her left arm. They are made of synthetic leather and are decorated with small, metal studs. One of her favorite accessories, Tsubaki wears a black choker around her neck. It's a studded belt design with a silver-colored belt buckle at the front which can tighten or loosen the item. Tsubaki prefers the choker wrapped tightly around her neck, so that it slightly restricts her air flow, but isn't too uncomfortable as to have a noticeable, negative effect. Finally, on occasion she'll wear a mask to hide parts of her face. The mask is gray is color and made of a light, breathable fabric which tightly clings to her face. It covers her mouth, but doesn't' cover her nose, so as not to limit air flow.

Many who know Tsubaki questions what she wears, asking if it's "practical" or "effective." First off, it serves as an excellent distraction, especially when her missions are more espionage-based or Intel-gathering related. However, this can also come in handy during a fight. Second, she has another job besides that of a shinobi. During her spare time, she performs adult work to make a little extra cash on the side. Money aside, she also loves her work and is willing to get down and dirty any time. Finally, and most importantly, her outfit is simply what she wants to wear and part of her self-expression. Nobody can tell her what she can and can't wear, so she wears whatever she wants whenever she wants.

Finally, unlike many women her age, Tsubaki isn't one to shy away from body piercings. In fact, she has a total of eight. On the tip of her right ear, she has a small, metal ring piercing. On the sides of her left ear, she has two identical ring piercings as well. They're usually covered by her hair, but it's not too difficult to find. Hidden from sight, she also has two nipple piercings. The piercings are identical, metal rings which heighten the sensations and level of sensitivity in her nipples. Usually, one can make out these piercings' outlines under her latex bra. Farther down her torso, she has a small navel piercing which can be seen through one of the rivets of her body harness. Lastly, she has two clitoral piercings: a vertical clitoral hood (VCH) piercing and a triangle piercing, both of which increase sexual stimulation when touched. When wearing her body harness, the strap that passes between her legs constantly rubs against these piercings, stimulating her constantly.


With regards to her abilities as a kunoichi, Tsubaki is a close-range brawler-type and thus utilizes taijutsu to damage her enemies, cleverly supplementing her abilities with space-time Yin Release techniques that allow her to create and bypass barriers via portals. She's also possesses some skill in genjutsu, which she mostly uses to confuse her opponents.


Overall, Tsubaki's physical capabilities are excellent and she's considered to be a very proficient taijutsu user. While her strength and stamina are only average, she possesses above-average speed and taijutsu. Her style of fighting greatly resembles kickboxing, therefore she incorporates plenty of kicks into her barrage of punches and jabs.

Tsubaki's signature taijutsu move, the Heart Ripping Technique is a brutal physical ability that rips her opponents' hearts out of their bodies. While she is capable of simply plunging her fist into her opponent's chest, Tsubaki actually supplements this technique with her iconic Yin Release: Void Fist, allowing her to snatch her target's heart much easier. It's is for this reason that she is often personified as a inhumane monster, being dubbed the "Heartless Devil."

Another one of Tsubaki's iconic taijutsu feats, Choke Slam is used to grab her target by their throat, choking them, before slamming them into the ground with great enough force to cause significant trauma to the head.

An evasive grappling technique, Early Sacrifice allows Tsubaki to jump over her opponent by balancing on their shoulder, effectively enabling her to dodge an oncoming attack. Immediately afterwards, she counterattacks by landing and, still grabbing her opponent's shoulder, throws her opponents over herself so that they land on the ground. It's a quick and nimble technique requiring precise timing to execute, but when done correctly, it serves as a good way to end a fight or to catch an opponent off-guard.

When using Medullary Cut, Tsubaki kicks her opponent in the side of their body, hooking them with her foot before spinning around with her other foot and sending her opponent flying in a spinning-like motion. It's very effective against lighter opponents, but larger and heavier opponents are typically able to resist the kick and make a successful counterattack. However, when properly executed, Tsubaki can disorient her opponents and leave them open for a falling axe kick to the stomach, as they are on the ground and wide open for attack.

Tsubaki's Serizawa Sweep is a spinning low kick delivered from behind, throwing her target off balance. Because of her kick's speed and how it's delivered, her targets are unlikely to be able to defend against it. Because it involves turning her back to her opponent for a brief period of time, a fast or skilled opponent may be able to dodge or counterattack, however, those not well-versed in taijutsu typically will get caught by this technique.

Finally, while more of a bukijutsu than a taijutsu, Tsubaki is quite proficient in using a Kusari-fundo. During times of need, she incorporates the chain into her taijutsu maneuvers, aiming to entangle her opponent and restrict their movements, allowing her to land a decisive blow. She can use it equally well for entanglement and combat, but also is capable of tying up her victim in chains in order to completely subdue them. On certain occasions, she's used her kusari-fundo to get herself out of tricky situations.

Yin Release: Space-Time Ninjutsu

Using Yin Release, Tsubaki can use space-time ninjutsu by manifesting portals and pockets of dimensional space with the power of her mind. These ninjutsu are quite often supplementary in nature and are typically used to boost her taijutsu combat effectiveness, however, they sometimes have more offensive or defensive capabilities.

Used in conjunction with Tsubaki's Heart Ripping Technique, her Yin Release: Void Fist nintaijutsu technique allows her to create a space-time portal wherever her hand touches, allowing her to slip her arm into her opponent's chest, bypass the ribs and tissue, and simply pull out their heart with no resistance or friction, killing them almost instantly. It's because of this technique that she is so powerful and feared amongst shinobi; it forms the core of her fighting style: Stealing hearts. Additionally, not only can she rip out her opponents' hearts, but she can also do the same to any other vital (or nonvital) organs of her choosing. Tying into her overall deadliness in close-quarters combat, she can even grab onto the actual bones of her adversaries, using their own bodies as leverage, or gateways to more complex maneuvers. Sometimes, she uses the Void Fist technique to paste Explosive Tags to the inside of her victims' bodies, somewhere they can't reach. If she so chooses to, she can also place smoke bombs in people's lungs.

Another supplementary technique, Yin Release: Warehouse Dimension allows Tsubaki to store a large summoning scroll's worth of volume within a pocket dimension via a portal that she can activate in the center of her chest. She mostly uses this technique to store food, water, clothes, rope, and traveling supplies, but also uses it to store secret missives, important documents, scrolls, and even weapons such as shuriken. If used offensively, she can even open the portal and shoot out a barrage of shuriken projectiles at her target. Sometimes she likes to shoot out kunai with Flash Bombs attached to them.

Tsubaki's most defensive technique in her entire arsenal, her Yin Release: Void Barrier technique manifests a 3 meter wide void bubble that protects whoever is inside of it, the caster being a the center of the bubble. As a bubble of it's own space and time, the dome is nearly impervious to all forms of elemental ninjutsu and is completely invulnerable to sound-based ninjutsu; sound cannot pass through the dome in either direction. Advanced elemental natures and blunt force damage can crack or shatter the dome, potentially breaking it into fragments in a similar manner to glass or ice breaking. Because the dome is it's own pocket of time and space, using ninjutsu such as the Hiding in Surface Technique doesn't allow one to go under the bubble and emerge from within the dome. Likewise, one cannot leave the dome using this type of jutsu either. Additionally, unless the barrier is broken, individuals outside the dome cannot enter it and individuals inside the dome cannot exit. As a result, it may work both as a shield or a prison depending on the user's needs. Of course, the user can return the barrier to its space-time at any given point, should they so choose to. The Yin Release: Wall Phase technique allows one to phase both in and out of this barrier.

The last space-time ninjutsu that Tsubaki uses is her Yin Release: Wall Phase technique, which is a technique that allows her to touch a surface and open up a space-time pocket dimension that she can slip into in order to walk through an object and emerge from the other side. Only the user of this technique can move through the desired obstruction and the user themselves does not become non-tangible. This technique is excellent for allowing Tsubaki to infiltrate into compounds and buildings or to phase right through walls and even barriers. She also uses this technique to phase in and out of her Yin Release: Void Barrier.

Yin Release: Genjutsu

Although she primarily uses Yin Release to create space-time dimensions, Tsubaki is still quite adept at genjutsu and thus, has several that she uses from time to time. Mostly, these genjutsu techniques are meant to distract or confuse her opponents, allowing her to launch a surprise attack or to escape from an otherwise tricky situation.

One of Tsubaki's most used genjutsu, the Mist Servant Technique serves as her own version of the basic Clone Technique. Although they are slow, for each attack these intangible clones sustain, they individually multiply. This allows Tsubaki to overwhelm, confuse, and tire out her opponents while she prepares to silently snatch their heart.

Flower Petal Escape2.gif

Another one of Tsubaki's favorite genjutsu, Flower Petal Escape allows her to dissolve her body into a storm of burgundy camellia flower petals. She can use this technique to escape from most genjutsu if she's been trapped in one. She can also cause her opponent to simply see a hallucination of her dissolving into these petals when in actuality, she's still present and most likely following through with an attack. She can also swarm her opponent with these petals, completely covering them in them, potentially blinding them, immobilizing them, or leading them to believe that they are being suffocated upon which they may pass out if they fail to break the genjutsu.

As an incredibly sadistic woman who likes to demoralize and crush her adversaries, Tsubaki is a huge fan of the Demonic Illusion: Hell Viewing Technique, which forces her targets to see a vision of their greatest fear. It can work on even the strongest opponents, if even only for a moment, but often that fraction of a second is enough to halt them in their tracks long enough for Tsubaki to land a decisive blow.

When Tsubaki uses her Sly Mind Affect Technique, she does it partially to confuse her victims and partially to torment them. It forces the target to walk in circles when they think they've been walking to their destination. It's a handy technique to fool individuals of subpar intellect or combat experience and is quite useful when stalling for time. Wearing out her opponents with technique makes it that much easier to steal their heart.

General Skills

Despite her skill in taijutsu and Yin Release, Tsubaki's greatest asset is her high intellect. She's so smart to the point where she looks down on those who she deems to be less intelligent (almost everyone) and it's her genius that has built up her monstrous ego. She's more creative than her opponents, and can mentally outmaneuver most of them with relative ease. Her IQ is approximated to be around 185. She's a great strategist and tactician, and is a fierce opponent when playing psychological "games" in the heat of battle. She knows how to get into her opponent's head; she knows the perfect thing to say. However, her ego sometimes prevents her from taking the best course of action, as she's such a sadistic fighter, that having fun and inflicting pain is much more important to her than efficiency,

As one of the most basic ninjutsu that shinobi can perform, Tsubaki is very much capable of performing the Transformation Technique to change her appearance into that of another person or object. She doesn't use this technique too often, because of her skills in genjutsu, however, this technique has come in handy in one or more occasions.

Another technique that Tsubaki uses, the Body Replacement Technique, has saved her life on more than a dozen accounts. After weaving the required handsigns, she swaps her body out with another object the instant the next attack hits her. A sign of her intellect, she prefers to swap herself out with a whirlwind of burgundy camellia petals. This not only confuses her opponent, but the petals don't actually stop the incoming attack's momentum and thus, a taijutsu attack may overextend and leave the attacker open to Tsubaki's counterattack.

Like most Jōnin, Tsubaki is capable of performing the Summoning Technique, allowing her to call on the assistance of a small, black cat that she uses for reconnaissance and intel-gathering. She can send the cat into a building to scout and look for clues, and then have it report back to her explaining the situation inside. Its small size, dark color, deftness and night-vision capabilities make it perfect for operations requiring secrecy. It doesn't possess significant combat ability and fulfills a more supplementary role. It's also quite good at hearing and tracking.

Because of Tsubaki's sadomasochist tendencies, she regularly engages in recreational activities that involve being tied up and tying up others. Though she usually is the one doing the tying, there have been plenty of instances where she's been on the receiving end of punishment. Whether on a mission and having been captured, or allowing a lover to take control, Tsubaki has had tons of experience with trying to escape her bindings. As a result, she is considered an expert in the Rope Escape Technique; she knows all the ins and outs of every knot and tie in the book.

With such an extensive knowledge of rope ties, Tsubaki is also an expert of the binding arts, being able to keep most people properly tied up with little chance of escape. These skills come in handy when taking prisoners, in the rare instance that she does take prisoners...


Databook Ninjutsu Taijutsu Genjutsu Intelligence Strength Speed Stamina Hand seals Total
Stats 4 4 4 5 3 4 3 4 31

Tsubaki Serizawa Stats.png



Born into the secluded Serizawa Clan, Tsubaki grew up in the southern region of the Land of Tao. There, she lived with her mother and fellow clansmen—her father had deserted the clan when she was very young and she had no memories of him. With few friends, let alone girls her age in the clan, Tsubaki grew up under the care of her mother and the clan elders.

From a young age, Tsubaki was instructed in the arts of infiltration and assassination by her mother, who was one of the clan's strongest kunoichi. When her mother was away on missions, the clan elders looked after her, taking up the responsibly of her training and discipline. With the lessons from her mother and the guidance of the clan elders, Tsubaki grew to be quite the capable child, quickly grasping the fundamentals of ninjutsu, genjutsu, and taijutsu. The elders hoped that she would follow in her mother's footsteps and she aimed to fulfill that desire.

At the age of 7, Tsubaki was taught her first Serizawa clan hiden ninjutsu: Yin Release: Wall Phase—one of the clan's signature ninjutsu. It was an ability that allowed Tsubaki to project her will onto reality, making the constructs of her mind take form in the real world and to create a pocket of space-time that allowed her to pass through nearly any surface, even barrier ninjutsu. Like all of her clan's hiden ninjutsu, wall phase uses the power of a Serizawa's mind to bring imagination into the real world in the form of distorted space-time. This utilitarian ninjutsu was simply her first step at grasping the more complex jutsu yet to come.

Over the course of the next few years, Tsubaki continued to hone her skills, successfully learning and mastering some of her clan's other hiden ninjutsu. By the age of 8, she was able to store things within her body; by the age of 9, she had learned her clan's signature barrier ninjutsu. After she turned 10 years old, she occasionally accompanied her mother while the latter was out on dangerous missions. Of course, the missions she tagged along for weren't all too dangerous, but her mother saw them as good opportunities to gain experience, especially because Tsubaki had never joined a ninja academy.

While on missions with her mother, Tsubaki had to put her combat skills to the test. She copied her mother's style of taijutsu—kickboxing—and used it to defend herself and fight; she had undergone daily training in karate for most of her youth, so it was easy to pick up on the similarities between the two styles and integrate her mom's boxing skills. Additionally, she was able to put some of the genjutsu she'd learned to good use. Though she had only mastered the Mist Servant Technique, it aided her mother greatly while in combat and helped Tsubaki remove herself from dangerous situations.

Unnatural Behavior

Throughout the entirety of Tsubaki's upbringing, her mother noticed that her daughter—though an intellectual genius—exhibited some very peculiar behaviors. At the age of 6, she started acting differently from the other girls in the clan; she got a kick out of seeing people suffer and would giggle if someone was in pain. As she matured, this tendency never went away, rather, it became much more pronounced. During a funeral for one of the clansmen killed in battle, she couldn't help but smile at the situation. Seeing the young man's wife in despair and agony sent exciting shivers coursing through her body. Embarrassed, Tsubaki's mother removed her daughter from the ceremony and disciplined her later that evening.

Tsubaki also exhibited another unnatural behavior: Unlike the other children her age who hated being punished when they did something bad, she relished in the idea of being tortured and reprimanded. Sometimes, she'd go out of her way to cause trouble just so she could be punished later. The Serizawa clan was notorious for their strict disciplinary actions; types of punishment Tsubaki eagerly looked forward to included:

  • Seiza (正座): Formed by kneeling on the floor and then resting the buttocks on the heels, Tsubaki was instructed to keep her legs folded under her thighs and to keep the top side of her feet flat on the ground. If she refused to comply, she would be subject to ishidaki.
  • Ishidaki (石抱): Tsubaki would be bound with rope and placed in a kneeling position (Seiza), on top of a ridged board, with weighted stone slabs placed on her lap. Typical loads placed on her legs were significantly less than that of normal corporeal punishment and seemed to be in the range of 50kg (~110lbs).
  • Wooden Horse (三角木馬): A wooden horse is a large upturned wedge. When subjected to this device, Tsubaki straddled the wedge like a horse (hence the name) and experienced pain from her weight forcing the edge up into her crotch. She would often be bound atop the horse to keep her from falling off. She could use her thigh muscles to prevent her crotch from sliding down the wedge, but eventually she would lose the strength in her legs and succumb to her weakness. After a wooden horse session, it becomes painful to walk for a period of time.

On occasion, Tsubaki would try to frame others for her misdeeds and then watch as they were punished in her stead. Sometimes the truth would come out and she'd receive the framee's punishment three-fold. She enjoyed the humiliation of begging for forgiveness and being admonished, just as much as she enjoyed putting others through pain and suffering. Her mother tried disciplinary action for years, but felt that it had only made her daughter's symptoms worse.

Around the age of 9, Tsubaki started to go through puberty and became sexually aware. It became clear that her sadomasochistic tendencies were forms of sexual stimulation and, desperate, Tsubaki's mother took her to a doctor. To her mother's dismay, Tsubaki was diagnosed with sexual sadism disorder, as well as sexual masochism disorder, thereby classifying her as a sexual sadomasochist; there was no cure.

Though she warned her daughter against promiscuous behavior, Tsubaki's mother could do little to control the young girl. She could threaten to punish Tsubaki all day for not listening, but that would just make the symptoms worse. Feeling utterly helpless, her mother gave up entirely on trying to change her daughter, and instead focused on what she could do: Train her daughter in the kunoichi arts. This became the beginning of Tsubaki helping her mother during missions at the age of 10.


At the age of 11, Tsubaki accompanied her mother far up up north to the City of Yin, where she would be tested and graded to see if she was fit to earn the title of genin. Ordinarily, children would attend a ninja academy and graduate around the age of 12, however, since Tsubaki's clan was located so far down south, their custom was to personally see to their own shinobi's training and tutorship. Due to most of Tsubaki's childhood consisting of training, as well as her internship-like experience with her mother on missions, the young girl demonstrated skills surpassing those of her 12 year old peers, who grew up under far less strict upbringings.

Passing her tests with with far less difficulty than her fellow tryouts, Tsubaki graduated to the official rank of genin. Her mother wasn't worried; after all, Tsubaki was just as capable as she once was (Tsubaki's mother had become a genin at the age of 10, one younger than Tsubaki herself). A custom of her clan, Tsubaki refused to wear or receive a shinobi headband, as per her mother's instructions. However, she was still given an official ninja registration number: 660606.

After returning home, there was little ceremony to be had for Tsubaki's achievement. Instead, she was immediately assigned to a 3-man team which consisted of herself, her jōnin mother, and another chūnin clanswoman: A one genin, one chūnin, one jōnin combo. The three of them would take on missions together for the next few years and Tsubaki would continue to learn and perfect her mother's jutsu.

Flower Petal Escape.gif

Having already assisted her mother during missions before, Tsubaki was immediately able to jump into carrying out C and occasionally B-Rank missions. During this time, she took to studying her mother's genjutsu skills, as well as learning more advanced taijutsu techniques. Before her promotion to chūnin at the age of 13, Tsubaki mastered techniques such as Genjutsu: Flower Petal Escape, Medullary Cut, and Early Sacrifice; she even had begun to train in learning her clan's most infamous technique: Yin Release: Void Fist.


Shortly after turning 13, Tsubaki was recognized as a kunoichi skilled enough to consistently compete at a chūnin level. The higher-ups back at the shinobi HQ took great notice of her contributions during missions, as were outlined during her mother's filed reports. Knowing what to expect from a Serizawa clan member her age and taking into account the fact that she was regularly completing B-Rank missions, the higher-ups summoned Tsubaki once again to the City of Yin, this time to take one final test.

A rite of passage for most Serizawa clan-members and an indicator that a Serizawa is indeed of significant skill level, Tsubaki was asked to perform the Yin Release: Void Fist technique. Having learned it at the age of 12, she demonstrated the use of the technique by ripping the seed out of a peach without making a hole in the fruit. Impressed with her mastery of the jutsu, her proctor promoted her to the rank of chūnin.

Never having been one for the outdated traditions of her clan, Tsubaki left her home shortly after her promotion. She hadn't deserted the clan like her father and she occasionally came to visit her mother, but she no longer directly served her clan. While the clan elders were upset with her decision to leave, they thought it for the best—her tendencies were unfitting of the clan image and they'd rather have her record kept at a distance. Her mother cried profusely, but eventually decided that Tsubaki was old enough to make her own decisions and supported her daughter. That spring, Tsubaki moved to the City of Yin, attracted to the contemporary and cosmopolitan city lifestyle. She rented a small apartment to stay in for the time being.

Over the course of the next year, Tsubaki joined up with other ninja teams for various missions, all the while perfecting her application of the void fist technique. Her role usually consisted of spying and espionage, but also encompassed the responsibilities of an important front-line fighter in combat engagements. Fittingly, she was regarded by those she worked with as a ruthless and sadistic killer, frequently ripping out her opponents' hearts, and talking down to others as if they were lesser than her in intelligence and skill. Having not grown up in the company of many other children and having never had to exercise her teamwork skills with other young adults before, it's no wonder her peers often found her to be disagreeable.

As a chūnin living in the City of Yin, Tsubaki focused almost exclusively on nighttime missions, so much so to the point where she began to live a nocturnal lifestyle. As a result, shinobi who operated during the day typically didn't know who she was, as they'd never seen much of her. However, as time passed, she began to make quite the name for herself: It was unheard of for Serizawa clan members to operate so far up North in the country, so Tsubaki's achievements distinguished herself from her peers. Though she wasn't part of the police force herself, she was hired regularly as a private contractor to handle missions they legally had no authority to complete.

Preferring the night due to the nature of her missions (as well as due to her own personal preferences), Tsubaki became a specialist in Intel-gathering, spying, kidnapping and assassination. Her services were frequently requested in order to snuff out underground gang operations, provide dirt on organized crime syndicates, set-up business arrangements, and to dismantle the illegal slave economy: In the Land of Tao, slavery was legal, but slaves had to be registered and their owners had to pay property tax on them. Additionally, slaves did have some rights, people couldn't be just kidnapped off the streets, and the sex slavery of minors (but not adults) was strictly prohibited. Slave-trading operations that did not follow these laws were deemed illegal and it was part of Tsubaki's job to put an end to these trafficking operations.

While working in tandem with the City of Yin's police force, Tsubaki became quite skilled in tracking and intimidation tactics. She developed an eye for clues and could pick out nitty-gritty details, allowing her to assess and analyze situations and thus, make logic-based predictions. Her became adept in the understanding of human psychology and well-versed in psychological warfare, knowing how, when, and what to say in order to elicit the most preferable reaction or outcome. Aligning well with her naturally sadistic character, intimidation became a skill she was very proficient in; with only a few words, a certain gesture, and the correct timing, Tsubaki could throw an opponent off-balance psychologically, potentially turning the tide of a battle or conflict in her favor. Having considered her skills and reputable resume, Tsubaki's superiors were intending to promote her to the rank of Special Jōnin.

After months of consistent work in trying to derail one of the biggest, illegal, slave-dealing operations in the Land of Tao, Tsubaki was tasked with infiltrating the syndicate's headquarters, killing its leaders, and extracting any information pertaining to ongoing practices. Despite her being only a chūnin, the higher ups deemed her most suited for the job considering her track record. After infiltrating the towering estate of the syndicate, Tsubaki emerged covered in blood, but with barely a scratch on her. The following morning, news headlines ran wild; overnight, Tsubaki had transformed from a largely esoteric character into a national heroine. She was subsequently promoted to the rank of full Jōnin at a public ceremony at the age of 15.


After being promoted to Jōnin, Tsubaki traveled home to see her mother. When she arrived, her actions were celebrated by all except for the most stern elders. He mother was proud of her daughter and the two women recounted the events that had unfolded during their time apart: They hadn't seen each other in two years. When it was time to leave, the mother and daughter held one another in a long embrace before Tsubaki left for the City of Yin.

As a Jōnin, Tsubaki was now entrusted with missions and information previously not made available to her. At only 15, she was far younger than most of the other Jōnin, save for a few rare exceptions. During this time of her life, she continued to aid the police force in the City of Yin, as well as dealing with both internal and external affairs regarding the Land of Tao. Every-so-often, she was tasked with accompanying a small detachment of Jōnin to the Land of Zen where she would aid in the retrieval of information that would give their country the upper-hand.

During this time, Tsubaki lived a very promiscuous lifestyle. Her Jōnin and Chūnin peers looked down on her for her decisions and her behaviors, but they learned to deal with her tendencies. They became her comrades, despite her disagreeable personality, and she grew to respect them (though she'd never admit it).

The Finest Generation

Soon after she turned 16, Tsubaki was approached...


Tsubaki's Combat Theme: Game Changer

Tsubaki's Sensual Theme: Beggin For Thread (Instrumental) - Banks

Tsubaki's Romance/Compassion Theme: Beggin For Thread (Acoustic Karaoke) - Banks


"To me, you're nothing but a maggot to be stepped on: a speck of dust on the sole of my heel. Your very presence is insulting—who said you had permission to even look at me? Talking to you is suffocating. You're annoying, insufferable and completely incompetent. It's infuriating how I have to do everything myself: I'd be better off working at a brothel for the rest of my life than being paired up with you!"
— Tsubaki Serizawa

"Do you like what you see? I'm I someone—no—something that you want? Do you want to hold me? Touch me? Take me? Am I simply an object in your eyes, sir? Do I exist to satisfy your needs? Will you take what you want regardless of my answer, my willingness to comply? Will you pin me down and shackle my wrists and ankles, stripping away all the freedom I had been wrongfully allowed to enjoy? Will you mold me and break me into serving you and only you, just as you would break in a new pair of boots or shape a stone into a shiv? Well sir, guess what? You might be able to take my body, my pride, my spirit, my defiance, my freedom, or even my life, but of all the things that you could ever possibly hope to take, you will never be able to take my heart."
— Tsubaki Serizawa


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