"I don't use genjutsu to make illusions. Yes for that is mere childs play. For I use physical jutsu, to ensure you this is "REALITY"."

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Alternative names Purple Haze,
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Tsuyosa is a large sword wielded by Asura Uzumaki. The sword it self can break through the ground leaving craters. When enhanced with chakra the blade can easily slice through a opponent. Once the blade and it's wielder have become one, the wielder can control it, with out it being in his hand. Asura has increased it's use, to whenever he slices the blade, it can open up the Shadow Realm.


Tsuyosa, is a "Grim Reaper" sword, that has a golden handled, and a strip that rides down the top of it. On the back side of the blade, is a engrave that says "Grim Reaper".

Creation and Concept

It's creation is based off of Raido X's blade the Yorukaze. The blade allowed Raido to study the Sharingan Dimension.

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