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[nil edit]Typhoon Release: Call of the Gods Camera font awesome
Call of the Gods
Kanji 颱遁: 神々の呼び声
Rōmaji Taiton: Kamigami no yobigoe
Literal English Typhoon Kamigami Call of the Gods
English anime Typhoon Style: Crying Gods
Appears in Anime
Classification Nature Icon Typhoon Kekkei Genkai, Ninjutsu
Class Offensive
Range Long-range
Other jutsu
Parent jutsu

This technique is one of Panya's most powerful typhoon techniques in her arsenal that it rivals chakra avatars or other Celestial Beast's who can either counter or create a storm similar to Panya's storm manipulation.

  • Stage 1: Cumulonimbus calvus

Panya will fly up to the clouds and generates a mass amount of electricity in the sky while manipulating the clouds by her powerful wings, this results in a 80mph winds strong enough and while emitting heat to create a Cumulonimbus calvus that picks up heavy destructive winds that slices up anything from forest to villages like wind blades. the sky will darken and thundering storms will growl across the sky which will sound like the angered tiger inside the clouds, this will sound the coming of stage two.

  • Stage 2: cumulonimbus incus

The storm will evolve further stretching across half a country which will progress to a thundering hail storm with ice shards as the size of a regular person's head, heavy snow burying and destroying power lines for miles and winds kicking up to 95mph with such force causing trees to crumble and homes to flatten from tsunami's brought to land from the strong current drowning everything and killing Shinobi and civilians alike. Upon the three strikes of Lightning

  • Stage 3: Cumulus congestus & cumulonimbus

Once Panya complete the second stage of this technique she'll let out her roar-like chime ceasing the sky of everything that is happening even the waves in the sea will calm and return to the ocean after flooding the surrounding area, this silence will last for as long she desires it necessary before letting out a long louder roar-like chime that it could be heard across the Entire Shinobi Nation and with that clouds around the world will gather where the beast is surrounding her body in a dark cloud of crackling thunder and lightning.

Once the new storm clouds are completely covering the sky Panya will use her Sensing Technique to target the enemy(s) in the vicinity that survived and strike em with powerful bolts by simply manipulating the lightning but this only been speculated by Kanashimi who witnessed only the third state before escaping, panya is a celestial beast that manipulate natural disasters can cause the very fabric of nature to twist upon her power, creating a level 4 lightning storm, 104mph winds to wreck and destroy everything. Panya would then simultaneously manipulate phenomena involved in this technique include: earthquakes, floods, thunderstorms, and tornadoes similar to the Ten-Tails Tenpechii.

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