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"The village isn't all they left us. We're still here."

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Umarekawari Property

Ashen One Symbol Umarekawari Ashen One Symbol
Umarekawari 1
Kanji 生まれ変わり
Title(s) Invoker of Pain (痛呼び, Itamiyobi)
The Ashen One (灰の方, Hai no Kata)
Konoha's Ash Scythe (木ノ葉の灰鎌, Konoha no Haigama)
Age 19
Gender Male
Height 175.26 cm
Professional Status
Umarekawari Bones 2
Hometown Kirigakure Symbol Kirigakure
Affiliation Konohagakure Symbol Konohagakure
Partner Kameko Kurama
Team Team Maya
Personal Status
Umarekawari Bones 2
Family Honehime (Younger Sister)
Clan Kaguya Symbol Kaguya Clan

Ōtsutsuki Symbol Ōtsutsuki Clan (Descendant)

Umarekawari Bones 2
Rank Jonin
Classification Kirawa
Academy Graduation 12
Chūnin Prom. Age 13
Jōnin Prom. Age 15
Umarekawari Bones 2
Umarekawari Stats
Kekkei Genkai Nature Icon Shikotsumyaku Shikotsumyaku
Unique Traits Pseudo-Immortal

Can see Souls


All-Killing Ash Bones
Will Materialisation
Yomotsu Hirasaka



"All are from dust, to dust we return. If I must, to ashes I'll burn.
Like a phoenix, from the ashes I'll rise, for as they say: hope never dies."
From my failures I am sure to learn, in repentance from iniquity I turn.
Ashes to ashes, dust to dust. Chaos is all, listen to its call."
-The Ashen One

Umarekawari (生まれ変わり, Reincarnation) is one of the last surviving members of the Kaguya Clan; a master of their envied bloodline Shikotsumyaku. With his origins being in Kirigakure, he was originally raised to become a shinobi among the ranks of his hometown's ninja. However, with his mother disowning him, he was forced to transfer somewhere else; Konohagakure. There, he would begin a new life. It was also within the Leaf village that he would discover his Kekkei Genkai, and would become a full-fledged shinobi by the age of twelve - average in most places. What wasn't average was the rate at which he grew; the sheer amount of potential that he showed. It wouldn't be long before Umarekawari would be promoted to chūnin and ultimately accepted into the ANBU Black Ops; a sect of Konoha shinobi tasked with the darkest missions in the village - something the bloodthirsty Kaguya clan member had no trouble with. This trait, combined with his nature made him quite the killer; perfect for the ANBU.

Umarekawari has gained an infamous reputation as the Invoker of Pain (痛呼び, Itamiyobi); a title he gained for being excessively violent. Like all members of his clan, he retains the war-loving persona bred into the clan's young. This often conflicted with the code he had made an oath to follow as a shinobi of Konoha; he'd more often than not kill the vermin they needed alive in order to interrogate, or simply beat up anyone associated with the target. Eventually, Umarekawari would grow tired of living within Konoha, and received permission to operate independently as one of their shinobi. Now, he is sent on only the most dangerous and violent missions, allowing him to both enjoy the bloodshed and help his village.


Early Life

Severed Ties

A New Beginning: Konoha

Into the Dark

Umarekawari Cradling Gekko's Dead Body

His best friend Gekko; stolen away by death's call.

A Demon Amongst Us

Invoker of Pain

From the Ashes...

...we Rise

Till We Meet Again: Leaf No More


A Family at Last

Konoha's Kin-Killing Agenda


Umarekawari Crying

With unbearable sorrow weighing down on his soul, Umarekawari strikes him down.



Konoha's Invoker of Pain; Umarekawari.

Umarekawari 8

Underneath his bloodstained garb; a handsome young man.


Umarekawari 2

A goofy expression of unnecessary smugness.

A man of many, many, many words, Umarekawari likes to talk. Always feeling as though his opinion must be heard, he is satisfied to ramble on and on about what he thinks of differing subjects - usually ones that are totally unrelated to the current topic. Of course, as fate would have it, he was born with a naturally smug attitude; the worst combination. He will go on about his own issues and outlooks while simultaneously cutting the one he is conversing with down for disagreeing or differing in opinions. Though he doesn't mean to be, he often unintentionally offends those around him with his smugness; usually resulting in the other party deeming him an egotistical jerk. In reality, he's actually a very nice person, and takes genuine interest in others. Yet, he feels the need to prove himself - how smart he is - to those he meets. This state of mind stems from his mother disowning him after she learned of her pregnancy; keeping a failure without their clan's bloodline - having yet to manifest it, she believed he didn't have Shikotsumyaku - when she needed to focus on this new child was outlandish to her. Simply put, he just wants to be accepted by someone; accepted for who he is.

Umarekawari Smile

A surprisingly silly individual.

To accompany his smugness is a wittiness that has yet to be rivaled. The king of sarcasm and slander, he is without peer in the science of insults. More often than not, they aren't meant to actually hurt anyone, though he usually ends up offending someone. Ironically, the only people he insults are the ones he loves. The more he likes an individual, the more comfortable he is with making goofy, yet offensive remarks about them. Those who understand this usually ignore it, but the ones who don't - like people he's just met - consider him to be antagonistic; the primary reason he has very few friends. Despite this, he's a people-person and loves socializing. Although he may seem weird, scary, and even repulsive, at the end of the day, he just wants friends; people to talk with. He enjoys the company of children and, surprisingly, is quite good at caring for and entertaining them. Actually, he likes playing games with and doting on kids. Having been denied such affection as a boy, he does his best to be kind to the children he comes into contact with. During his frequent stops at the Yasuraka Orphanage - when he isn't flirting with the caretakers there - he's inseparable from the children; their favorite playmate.

Umarekawari Shocked

Dramatic as ever.

He is quite the character; very animated with his mannerisms. Umarekawari tends to use not only his mouth to talk, but his body as well. In conversation - whenever he feels as though he needs to make a point - he makes different, and often spastic gestures with his hands. If really excited, he'll simply throw both arms high above his head; quite childish. He's also very touchy, and isn't afraid to randomly pull unwary victims into an awkward side hug. Most consider him a goober, to which he will usually respond with a "whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat? Naaaaaaaaaaaaaah". He's a fun-loving, happy-go-lucky, annoying young man. And at the same time, there's just some sort of unruly charm about him. No one can put it into words, but something about Umarekawari makes him someone people can easily grow attached to, whether they like it or not. His comical demeanor and witty remarks have a way of growing on others. Perhaps it is for the best.

Umarekawari Disinterested

Ignorance in the form of oblivion; totally unaware of Gekko's love for him.

Growing up in an orphanage, - he was an outcast among the orphan outcasts - Umarekawari had trouble making friends with other village children. He did, however, meet a girl his age at his new home. A short, blonde-haired girl named Gekko. For her, it was love at first sight, yet her smug attitude got in the way of her love; never able to look vulnerable in front of her crush. Umarekawari, as oblivious as he is, had no idea she liked him that way. Branding her his "best friend", she would be stuck in the torturous realm of the friend zone. This goes to show how dense and ignorant the boy can really be. Unless information is offered up on a silver platter, he'll overlook it. Umarekawari is simply awful at taking hints, and when on missions with his squad, the team leader - Maya Hyuga - made sure to be very exact with her orders for the lad's sake. Furthermore, he's quite forgetful. On several occasions he forgot Gekko's birthday and didn't buy her a present until the next week, resulting in her growing cold. To him, he still delivered, as he did buy her a present. He isn't one to understand the sentimental value of things, and only sees the basic picture.

"Don't're not as handsome when you...cry..."
— Gekko's parting words; confessing her love in death

Umarekawari Holding Gekko

The darkest time in his life.

One thing that affected him more than anything else - maybe the only time the ridiculously optimistic boy has ever been down - would be when Gekko was assumed to have died. A few days later, she was resurrected, but Umarekawari would not see her again until many years had passed. With her being his best - first - friend; the only person he really ever opened up to; his wing man, her dying left him empty. On top of that, he hadn't been able to find out about her love for him until he heard her last words. He was devastated; he felt guilty for not acknowledging her feelings earlier. Now it was too late; he'd never see her again. The thought made him sick. For a while, he was out of it; moping around for the most part. Yet, he got to thinking two or three days into it. If Gekko had really loved him, she'd want him to be happy - to do the things he loved. With this renewed outlook on life, he would discard his depression and go back to being his normal self. Whenever he would go out and have fun, he would often think of Gekko, watching over him from heaven. She was his motivation. Upon learning that she was alive, Umarekawari was ecstatic. And once again, - thanks to his sheer joy and excitement combined with his already forgetful nature - he completely forgot about her feelings for him. Thus, once again, she was to be forever friend zoned.


Konkaku and Physical Prowess


Konoha's Invoker of Pain

Come to daddy.

Umarekawari's Ashen Scythe

His ashen scythe; a new weapon.

Kekkei Mōra

As a member of the Kaguya Clan and a direct descendant of its matriarch, Umarekawari was able to inherit two distinct abilities in the form of a pair of Kekkei Mōra. One serves as the ultimate offense, while the other serves supplementary value. Over the years, he has spent a great deal of time mastering his use of his skillset; showing an absolute tenacity through the simultaneous employments of these abilities. He makes the best of what he has, and although the amount of techniques he possess is limited, the applications he has discovered are nearly limitless.


During his time in Kirigakure, Umarekawari showed no signs of possessing his clan's infamous Shikotsumyaku. For the first twelve years of his life he was unable to use this power; relying on his taijutsu prowess to carry him through his early shinobi career. At the age of thirteen, however, he bore a single technique; All-Killing Ash Bones. Being a technique that gained fame for being a Kekkei Mōra, very few in all of history have been known to wield its power. Umarekawari is seemingly the only user in his generation. It is his only technique that originates from his Kekkei Genkai, and is his most powerful, as well. It allows him to manifest ashen bones from any given point of his body. The size, diameter, and overall shape of the bones generated by this technique is completely up to him. Umarekawari has been seen to create enough bones to make a sort of impenetrable defense; boney spikes protruding outward from all angles. As if the sharpness of the bones wasn't enough of a reason to avoid them, they possess the ability to reduce whatever they pierce to a lowly heap of ashen waste. A testament to the Kaguya Clan's merciless attitude, the All-Killing Ash Bones are, in fact, capable of killing any foe regardless of their life force or regenerative abilities. The destructive process instigated by the breaking of the skin is outside of even Umarekawari's control. With power unthinkable, nothing can stand in his way lest it be turned to dust.

Umarekawari's Ash Projection

The horrendous results of his ashen projection; total destruction.

His bones can be fired from his body at all angles, allowing him to begin a widespread ruin of the area and anyone nearby. Furthermore, the range at which he can fire them is quite astounding; up to one-hundred and twenty meters. He is a very precise and accurate shot, able to hit a moving target from such a distance and do it consistently. The rate at which they are fired, combined with the speed they travel at is, in most cases, enough to completely overwhelm an opponent. In some instances, he has been seen to release a barrage of thin, senbon-esque projectiles that travel at blinding speeds. The multitude of tiny weapons pierce the skin with ease, allowing the degenerative process to begin. Also, he has developed a usage of this technique that serves as a much more subtle use of this technique - one which Umarekawari hates using, as he likes to fight his opponents head on. By transferring the destructive energy of the All-Killing Ash Bones through Konkaku, he can transmit the plague-like phenomenon throughout an entire area. Since he uses Konkaku rather than chakra, the attack is impossible to sense without the abilities of a Kirawa or the Rinnegan. The only hint towards the employment of this application is the telltale ashy flakes in the air; the disintegration of anything it touches in its wake. Corrupting the very space around him with his Kekkei Mōra, his abilities have a foul effect on the environment; seemingly cursing the area around him.

By the time he was made a member of the ANBU, Umarekawari had learned to use the Will Materialisation technique; one he discovered he could use in conjunction with his bones. Through an advanced use of both techniques, he has shown the ability to telepathically manipulate his ashen bones; guiding them to their targets. This incredible feat is accomplished through him imbuing his bones with his will. Essentially causing them to wholly succumb to his influence. He can control their path with as little as a thought. Knowing only him as their master, they respond accordingly. This allows Umarekawari to surprise his opponents by causing an attack that had missed just prior to be their demise. Not bound by the laws of physics, his bones have been seen to simply float around him, awaiting commands. But on the other hand, they have been seen to attack targets on their own; independent of Umarekawari. This is due to the bones having become literal incarnations of his will. Once his ambitions have filled them, they act as extensions of his own body. They fight for him, defend him against attacks, and accomplish a wide variety of other feats; all for the wellbeing of Umarekawari.

Despite him only possessing the All-Killing Ash Bones, it is in actuality an accumulation of a multitude of Kaguya Clan techniques in one. Through the ashen constructs birthed from his own body he can - essentially - utilize all of the Kaguya Clan's techniques through these bones. For example, by creating an abundance of sharp spikes all over his body and dancing about in chaotic, hypnotic patterns, he utilizes a formation similar to that of the Dance of the Larch used by most wielders of Shikotsumyaku. With this, he can not only effectively increase the lethality of his attack by covering large amounts of ground with his moves, but also gains a means by which he can trap an opponent's blows within the grasp of the ashen spikes. Anyone foolish enough to engage in close range combat with Umarekawari will receive an unpleasant surprise; ashen bones protruding from their chest. The element of surprise that comes along with the sudden generation of these bones works in Umarekawari's favor, as he can catch the enemy off guard and deliver the finishing blow. Matching the speed of his attack is difficult enough, but to surpass the speed of his attack and prepare a countermeasure is extremely difficult. Even for users of the Sharingan, as his teammate Kameko Kurama noted, it becomes difficult to read his moves due to the sheer speed and unpredictable nature of his ashen bones.

Further applications of his bones resembling the various dances of the Kaguya Clan would be his ability to form them into various sword-like weapons; similar to the Dance of the Camellia. He tends to use these blades as pivot points; in order to break his momentum and redirect his own path. To Umarekawari personally, there would be no point to use a sword when he could simply use a standard application of his All-Killing Ash Bones. However, the blades can serve as vessels for his will; allowing them to operate on their own and engage foes on his behalf. It should be further noted that the swords he forms from this technique can be scaled to his liking; conforming to the design of the maker. He can also manipulate the length and width of the swords he creates in the middle of combat. The sudden widening or extension of his blade builds upon the element of surprise, and gives him another way to throw off his opponent's rhythm.

In order to trap or restrain opponents, Umarekawari can shape his ashen bones to take on the form of chains. Like the Kaguya Clan's Dance of the Clematis: Vine, his bones will serve as a means to restrict and limit the target's mobility. This usage of his skeleton is rarely employed, as he dislikes using such "cheap tactics", and would much rather fight an opponent fairly. So rather than using them in such a manner, he tends to swing them about like whips - at the end of each ashen chain is a spike that functions much the same way any of his bones do. They are another means of long-range attack, and allow him to stab targets from afar. The chains can be retracted back into his body - unlike most of his bones, as they crumble away - but they can also be extended as far as he wishes. In addition, he can create dozens of chains from his body; each infused with his will. This allows him to create complex scenarios his opponent will have trouble working themselves out of, and lets him attack from all sides.

Yet, perhaps his most dangerous ability stems from his clan's Dance of the Seedling Fern. An offensive ability that seemingly has no peer, Umarekawari has only been seen to use it once; in order to kill a large group of shinobi threatening the peace of the Yasuraka Orphanage. By slamming his palms into the ground, he can send a Konkaku signal through the ground beneath him. This results in an attack of inconceivable magnitude. From the ground will rise countless blades of ashen bone; massive in both diameter and length. The radius of this attack varies, but has never been seen to be smaller than a mile in every direction. A square mile of chaotic destruction; everything within that area reduced to nothing but ash. The forest of darkened bones cannot be evaded by those on the ground. The only way to escape from such an attack is to rise above it, or simply evacuate the area. Within this ashen kingdom, Umarekawari is its ruler. He can become one with his bones and transmit his awareness throughout the entire area covered by this attack. Furthermore, he can physically manifest himself at any given point within the ashy forest, and can deliver a blow to a sly enemy if need be.

The principle utilized in this application - specifically, the ability to "see" through his bones - is often used in conjunction with his regular attacks. By strategically placing bones, or by simply covering himself in a series of spikes that protrude from his body at all angles, Umarekawari can see everything that is going on in a given area. This allows him to have a type of control over what goes on; keeping his opponent in check at all times. By not allowing the target to elude his vision, he can keep tabs on their every move and prevent any surprise counterattacks they may try to set up.

The other side to the makeshift Seedling Fern's abilities is the ability to become one with his bones. Umarekawari has taken this to another level. Outside of the aforementioned application use, he can literally become one of his bones. This allows him to not only disguise himself as a weapon, but also keep foes away. With the enemy under the guise that he is simply another one of his ashen projectiles. The foe will try to avoid it, - under normal circumstances - as by this point in the fight, they should have realized that they're detrimental to their health. This adds to the surprise factor many of his abilities possess, and allows him to catch them off guard when an arm comes from the surface of the bone; creating a second one to stab them.


Yomotsu Hirasaka

The only other ability Umarekawari has inherited was the progenitor of all Space–Time Ninjutsu; a power called Yomotsu Hirasaka. With it, he can create portals to any destination - regardless of whether he's been there or not. This power is not limited to the dimension of the caster, as he can even infiltrate the dimensions of others. Thus, practitioners of techniques such as Kamui are not outside of his grasp. WIP

Kirawa Abilities

  • Soul Visage:
    Umarekawari Soul Visage

    Umarekawari's Soul Visage.

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