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Birthdate December 29
Sex Male
Species Part I: Human

Part II: Modified Human

Age Part I: 25–26
Part II: 29–31
Status Alive
Height 185.42 cm
Bloodtype Rh-null
Kekkei Genkai Nature Icon Iron.svg Iron Release
Nature Icon Blood.svg Blood Release
Nature Icon Iron.svg Nature Icon Lightning.svg Electromagnetic Release
Kekkei Tōta Nature Icon Steel.svg Steel Release
Classification Medical-nin
Occupation Traveller


Academy Grad. Age 8
Nature Type

Nature Icon Steel.svg Steel Release
Nature Icon Iron.svg Iron Release
Nature Icon Blood.svg Blood Release
Nature Icon Lightning.svg Lightning Release
Nature Icon Yin.svg Yin Release
Nature Icon Iron.svg Nature Icon Lightning.svg Electromagnetic Release


Blood Increasing Pill
Military Rations Pill

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[name] is a tall and rather fit man with pale complexion due to his unique blood type, or lack there of. He has long spiky, black hair down to his waist with shoulder-length bangs framing the sides of his face, covering most of his right eye. He has numerous scars throughout his body. His attire consist of the dark cyan Shinobi Battle Armour with dark colored pants and black, calf-length shinobi sandals along with long, black finger-less gloves.


[name] has a very relaxed, calm demeanor. He is a rather solitary individual but this does not bother him. He is generally very observant of his surroundings and has a good set of analytical skills. He is not very prone to getting too worked up about anything or anyone. He is very competitive despite being calm and collected. He is generally quiet most of the time as he would rather be perceptive and listen. As he does not like being bound by a place and so he is always traveling but helps those in need when he needs to.



Kekkei Genkai

[name] has 2 Kekkei Genkai and 2 Kekkei Tōta

Blood Release

Those who posses Blood Release have a rare genetic trait which allows them to gain control of blood cells to manipulate and control the movement of blood cells within ones own as well as an others body usually through contact. Those who posses Blood Release can use the ability to maneuver minerals within the blood. Especially with iron and by doing so can manipulate and accumulate iron through out the body but merely doing so just by manipulating blood is hardly significant and in small portions and because iron is a ferromagnetic material one who possess blood release as well as lightning release can generate an electromagnetic field by accumulating iron and generating electricity around it thus allowing the use of electromagnetic fields to further manipulate iron both internally and externally without the need for touch. This is called Iron Release a kekkei tota which derives from Blood Release. Without the use of electromagnetic fields via lightning release Blood Release is primarily used for medical ninjutsu.

Iron Release

Iron Release is a very rare kekkei tota that is the combination of both Blood Release and Electromagnetic Release via an exploit of both blood manipulation and electromagnetic fields. Those with Iron Release have the ability to manipulate and accumulate large quantity's of iron internally as well as externally. Objects and Metals in an environment which contain iron can be manipulated as well as broken down, absorbed and then stored. With very sufficient chakra It is possible to draw iron from the earths iron core and by doing so can cause changes in landscape and even earthquakes.

Electromagnetic Release

Electromagnetic Release is more of an exploit than a nature transformation but is certainly not lacking in power. It is the combination of Blood Release and Lightning Release but also can strengthened with Iron Release. It can be performed when one uses blood release to manipulate minerals within the blood accumulating iron, because iron is a ferromagnetic material it can be used to strengthen electromagnetic fields generated by electricity. This can be done when iron as well as some small portion of copper is accumulated in the palms and then electricity is then generated around it using Lightning Release thus creating a strong electromagnet. This electromagnet can then be used to accumulate more iron for generating larger magnetic fields. This can be done through a medium like ones body or weapon such as large and dense iron rods.

Steel Release

Steel Release is an extremely rare kekkei tota the combination of Iron Release and Yin Release. Steel Release can be used when Yin Release is used to alter the structure of iron with carbon thus making very durable steel.



Nature Transformation

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