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Just call me Nohkan. I'm a new naruto/boruto fan (started during the 2020 pandemic). I like writing down different ideas for sound based jutsu/characters and I'm archiving them here! My knowledge of Naruto grows each day. Therefore if any information doesn't seem to work or make sense, let me know. I love to revise and improve. If your art work is used and credit is not enough, please let me know so I can have it removed ASAP. Feel free to PM me or comment on my pages IN A RESPECTFUL MANNER (no insults or belittling), positive feedback and CONSTRUCTIVE criticism keeps me going. I encourage you to check out some of my ideas below.




Aoide Shiin

Shimora Aburame

Shikari Nara

Shem Aburame



Team Fue

Otogakure Anbu


Feel free to PM me or comment on my pages if you have any ideas to make these jutsu better, or (by some miracle) you want to use my jutsu.

Sound Release: Twelve-Tone Technique

Sound Release: Twin Roaring Lions

Sound Release: Vacuum Palm

Never-Ending Shuriken Symphony

Thunderous Timpani

Orchestral Stab

Sealing Technique: Resonating Chains

Swiftlet Sensing Technique

Weapons and Items

Shindo Tanto

Arikurin's Bingo Book




The Sound of Fireworks w/ Holly Winter

Jomae Village: A Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing w/ Vauge855

Spirit Sister's Mission w/

Nohkan Gaiden

"Nohkan Gaiden" is a light Manga Styled fanon fiction covering the side journey of my character, Arikurin. It closely mirrors the actual series from his point of view. These are title ideas that i may or may never use.

  • Nohkan Gaiden: Prolouge
  • Nohkan Gaiden: Root's Soloist
  • Nohkan Gaiden: Book of Melody
  • Nohkan Gaiden: Arikurin's Infinite Tsukuyomi dream
  • Nohkan Gaiden: Otogakure's ANBU