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Well Hiiii, <insert name here>! I'm Lxtuspetxls or you could call me Athanasia/Athy, it's not my nickname or anything I just prefer being called that way (no one calls me that but ok-) but anyways feel free to correct me if I did anything wrong in my articles because my grammar is bad, that goes to my wording too and sometimes I mess up something like: "Sayuki loves flower but then I fell off a cliff" I usually confuse her with myself for some reason, Yasu too I confuse him with Sayuki as a "she" xD. I really love Naruto and my favorite character is Neji <33. I'm not planning to make any arts sooner, I don't know how to draw and I can only draw basic stuff (probably because I have shaky hands and a bad imagination, if you want to draw my OC for free please do- I really need help haha). If you want to do anything to my articles please message me first, I'm not famous or anything but I'm just going to note that right there. I'm usually kind, I kin my own OC (is that even possible lmao) and for my pronouns I go by She/Her. I'm not good in English since it's not my first language. I hope we can be friends, <insert name here> thanks for reading this!

Article I have finished

Sayuki Saitou (kinda?)

Articles that are under construction

Yasu Koizumi

Sora Hyuga

Hina Seika

Minami Kurosawa

Sayaka Saitou

Characters (No links ^^)

PS: Some character did not appear in articles.

Main characters

Sayuki Saitou - Main (I'm using her name to let everyone who other characters are)

Yasu Koizumi - Sayuki and Takeru's teammate

Takeru Akiyama - Yasu and Sayuki's teammate

Sayaka Saitou - Sayuki's younger sister

Saburo Saitou - Sayuki's older brother

Minami Kurosawa - Sayuki's dead childhood friend/Sayuki's first friend

Kiyoshi Nishimura - Sayaka's teammate

Arata Ueno - Sayaka's teammate

Yoshi Hirose - Arata's wife

Seira Takahashi - Takeru's wife and the Eleven Tailed Wolf Junchuriki

Okami - The Eleven Tailed Wolf

Yurei - Seira's ghost companion

Kita Matsuzaki - Minami's teammate

Kazuki Shiraki - Minami's teammate

Hitomi Saitou - The main antagonist (I'm sorry but sometimes I don't even consider her a Saitou)

Boruto minor characters

Sora Hyūga - Sayuki and Neji's oldest daughter

Shou Hyūga - Sayuki and Neji's youngest son

Saki Saitou - Saburo and Mina's oldest daughter

Seiho Saitou - Saburo and Mina's youngest son (unborn in the anime)

Saori Nishimura - Sayaka and Kiyoshi's oldest daughter

Sumi Nishimura - Sayaka and Kiyoshi's youngest daughter

Fuji Koizumi - Yasu and Tenten's oldest son

Naomi Koizumi - Yasu and Tenten's youngest daughter

Yukamo Akiyama - Takeru and Seira's only son

Mitsuri Hiragi - Kaori and Hiro's oldest daughter

Fuyu Hiragi - Kaori and Hiro's youngest son

Sayori Matsuo (Inari) - Sawako and Takeo's only daughter

Shion Yoshida - Sakoya and Sota's youngest son

Sakuya Yoshida - Sakoya and Sota's oldest son

Ryu Tanaka - Ayumi and Haiiro's only son

Takumi Ueno - Arata and Yoshi's only son

Nanami Mizutora - Haru and Kazuna's youngest daughter

Akio Mizutora - Haru and Kazuna's oldest son

Yuna Minase - Shou's best friend and future wife

Kane Minase - Yuna's sister

Seina Kamizuru - Kurotsuchi's daughter and Sora's best friend

Tsukishiro Kamizuru - The fifth Tsuchikage (unsure), Kurotsuchi's son, Head of the Kamizuru clan

Taiyō Jōryū - Tsukishiro's teammate, Head of the Jōryū clan

Hoshi Noborizaka - Tsukishiro's teammate, Head of the Noborizaka clan

Suna Harada - Salita and Yukio's only son

Side characters

Suijin Saitou - Sayuki's father

Hina Seika - Sayuki's mother

Satara Saitou - Sayuki's aunt

Sachiro Saitou - Sayuki's uncle

Yui Koeda - Sayuki's aunt

Sawako Saitou - Sayuki's oldest cousin

Sakoya Saitou - Sayuki's younger cousin

Salita Saitou - Sayuki's youngest cousin

Kureno Nakamura - Kiyoshi's father

Ayumi Mikan - Sayuki's bodyguard

Lady Nami - Antagonist

Ichika - Maid and an antagonist

Sumiko - Hitomi's most trusted person and the antagonist

Kaori Mizutora - Sayaka's personal bodyguard

Hiro Hiragi - Saburo's personal bodyguard

Nishi Shio - Saburo's dead girlfriend

Shoko Senju - Minami's teacher and Tsunade's daughter

Yuuma - Sayuki's teacher

Ayato - Sayaka's teacher

Background characters

Sano Saitou - Sayuki's grandfather

Miyu Arima - Sayuki's grandmother

Yin - Miyu's bestfriend

Kami Matsuzaki (Ume) - Kita's sister

Yuki Kimura - Leader of team 12 that includes Shou, Yuna, and Shion

Rena - Hina's best friend

Rina Shimada - Saburo's teammate and leader of team 22 includes Sakuya, Takumi, and Saori

Mina Suzuki (changed her last name to Suzuki because she is a desendent from the Chinoike Clan and a missing-nin) - Saburo's wife

Takeo Matsuo - Sawako's husband

Sota Yoshida - Sakoya's husband

Haiiro Tanaka - Ayumi's husband, Suijin's personal bodyguard/Suijin's childhood friend, Descended from a duke bloodline

Yukio Harada - Salita's husband (Manga)

Haru Mizutora - Saburo's teammate

Mai Fujihara - Haru's wife

Aika - Sayuki's "student" in Academy Student Lead Mission episode

Ezum - Sayuki's "student" in Academy Student Lead Mission episode

Hajime - Sayuki's "student" in Academy Student Lead Mission episode

Rika - Sayaka's "student" in Academy Student Lead Mission episode

Mana - Sayaka's "student" in Academy Student Lead Mission episode

Akira - Sayaka's "student" in Academy Student Lead Mission episode

Asahi Aikawa - Sawako's teammate

Tsubasa Ageda - Sawako's teammate

Hanako - Minami's father

Makima - Minami's mother

Yuuto Kurosawa - Minami's grandfather

Zankaku Koizumi - Yasu's father

Akuma Hatsu - Yasu's mother

Tenshi Giishi - Yasu's step-mother

Yuri Koizumi - Yasu's step-sister

Collaboration/Friend's OC

Akemi Uchiha - Creator of Jiyū no Tori (an organization), Itachi and Sasuke's cousin

Yua Koeda - Yui's sister, member of the Jiyū no Tori, Akemi's childhood friend

Ame Uzumaki - Naruto's distant relative, member of the Jiyū no Tori

Megumi Sarutobi - A member of the Sarutobi clan, member of the Jiyū no Tori

Kotaru Akiyama - Takeru's older brother, member of the Jiyū no Tori

Kousuke Hyūga - A member of the Hyūga, member of the Jiyū no Tori

Meiji Takahashi - Seira's Sister

Yukiko Hatake - Kakashi's Wife

Itsuki Hatake - Kakashi and Itsuki's Daughter

Hayami Homura - TBA

Asuka Nakano - TBA

Anzu Yamazaki - TBA

Kiyomi Fuyuzuki - TBA


Nino - TBA

Saeko - TBA

Kokoro - Saeko's Bestfriend

Mitsuha - Shiori's Bestfriend

Shiori Saitou - Sora and Tsukishiro's daughter

Shirayuki Saitou - TBA

Miku - TBA

Hime - Shirayuki's Bestfriend

Koemi - TBA

Yukina Kimura - Yuki's daughter

Haruka - TBA

Yuzuki - TBA


Fenghuang (sometimes called Hou-ou) - Sayuki’s summoning animal

Shinjitai - Yasu’s summoning animal

Tora - Takeru’s summoning animal

Genbu - Yuuma and Kita’s summoning animal

Suzaku - Shoko and Kazuki’s summoning animal

Seiyu - Ayato and Kiyoshi’s summoning animal

Byakko - Sayaka and Arata’s summoning animal

(Note: Suzaku often mistaken for the Fenghuang due to similarities in appearance, but the two are different creatures. The Fenghuang is a legendary ruler of birds who is associated with the Chinese Empress in the same way the dragon is associated with the Emperor, while Suzaku is a mythological spirit creature of the Chinese constellations. Byakko and Tora are different too, one's a white tiger while the other is basically just a tiger. Seiyu and Shinjitai are also often mistaken as one another. Seiyu is one of the Dragon Gods who represent the mount or chthonic forces of the Five Forms of the Highest Deity while Shinjitai is basically a Japanese Dragon in General.)

Teams (No links ^^)

OG Naruto-Naruto Shippuden

Team Yuuma/Team 4

Leader: Yuuma

Members: Sayuki, Yasu, and Takeru

Team Ayato/Team 16

Leader: Ayato

Members: Sayaka, Kiyoshi, and Arata

Team Shoko/Team 12

Leader: Shoko Senju

Members: Kita, Minami, and Kazuki

(more coming soon)